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Tale of a Scribe Who Retires to the Countryside Chapter 44

And the road continues

In a quiet and serene tone, Son Bin roughly told Sa Soo-yeon what had happened.

After she was stabbed by Geom-hee’s ice sword, Sa-hyeok was put into bondage.

And even after Saja-hyeok, who was freed from bondage, defeated the Jade Dragon with his Jade Dragon Rebellion, defeated the Jade Dragon with the Powol 3-style, So-ryong appeared and the snowfield collapsed and swept away.

“My father… … .”

Suddenly feeling a choking in his throat, Sonbin managed to speak.

She said, “You said you’re asking me to buy a sorcerer.”

Sa Su-yeon, who sat right next to her bed, silently listened to Son Bin.

She neither cried out loud nor shed her tears, but the white hands that held her tight enough to tear the hem of her clothes were telling her how she felt.

“After that, did I meet Confucius?”

Her voice trembles thinly. Sonbin nodded her head.

How long did she keep her so she was silent? Suddenly, Sa Su-yeon got up from her seat.



Was it because she had an unusual look on her complexion? Her hand-bin unwittingly reached out and grabbed her.

“I want to go see.”

Without looking back, Sonbin said Sasuyeon.

“It may still be waiting somewhere. Even if I dig up all the snowdrifts of her… … No, we have to find it, even if it means overturning all the snowy mountains. Dad must be alive. He can’t go that way. Surely somewhere… … .”

Mumbling, Sa Su-yeon tried to get out of her recklessness.

Her Son Bin grabbed her arm with her two hands to stop her, but she couldn’t stop her.

“Sozer! Calm… … . Ouch!”

Kudang Tang.

Sonbin, who was holding Sasuyeon, rolled over from the bed.

Her pain, which had been silenced by her, runs through her body again, and her moan unwittingly flows out of her.



The shooter Yan turned to her surprised face and she knelt down to support Sonbin who had fallen.

“You must not go, Sozer.”

With only her upper body raised from the floor, Son Bin, who had distorted her face with her pain, grabbed Sa Su-yeon and said:

“Now Sozer’s body is not normal. If you climb the snowy mountain like this… … .”

“It doesn’t matter what I am! Dad… … .”


Sonbin looked straight into Sa Soo-yeon’s eyes and said.

“You were the last person I was worried about. And yet, will the cow go to seek him even at the cost of her own life?”

She couldn’t say that it was useless to look for her. That was something she could never accept even Sonbin herself. Even if it is a reasonable and correct conclusion.

“Your life is at risk right now. I can never let you go.”

Son Bin’s hand gripped Sa Soo-yeon’s hem strongly. As if she could never let go.

“However… … .”

Shooter Yeon’s big eyes filled with her tears.

“I will definitely save you, so I made up my mind… … . After this life-and-death decision is over, I will do anything to save my life. But, but like this… … .”


Drop by drop, her tears rolled down her cheeks.

“like this… … .”

Sonbin reached out her hand and hugged her head.

“I know.”

Sonbin said. Her voice was filled with sadness that seemed to burst out of her voice.

“I know.”

In the conversation between Sa-hyeok and Ok-ryong, Son Bin finally found out what kind of situation he was in.

And I could understand why Sa Su-yeon acted that way to Sa Sa-hyuk.

Sa Su-yeon was something she knew from the beginning. The fact that her father, Saja-hyuk, chose to die.

And she decided. When life and death are over, no matter what happens, I will definitely save Sa-hyuk.

But the result turned out like this.

Sonbin pulled her head up and held it to her chest.

Sa Su-yeon rested her head on her chest helplessly as her Son Bin led her. And she began to sob low.


Sonbin closed her eyes and raised her head. She still can’t believe herself.

If she waits like this, Saja-hyuk will suddenly appear one day and she will say, ‘Let’s leave’ casually.

Even Son Bin is like that, so she’s Sa Su-yeon.

Swallowing her sorrow, Sonbin quietly stroked her hair. Sa Soo-yeon’s crying did not stop for a long time after that.

* * *

“I will go first.”

The shooter Yeon, who was getting on her carriage, said to Son Bin in a lonely voice.

“Go with caution.”

Sonbin smiled hard and said to her.

Son Bin, who had not yet been able to control her body, stood leaning on her thick wooden cane.

“I would like to go with you, but it will be later than that. Please go to the doctor as soon as possible to receive treatment. Do you know?”

She said she needed a senator with excellent skills to save the shooter Yan’s life. Son Bin was at a loss, but luckily she had a member of the legislature that Sasu Yeon knew.

She was an unknown lawmaker, but since she was recognized by Saja-hyuk, she seemed to be at least certain of her skills.

She was worried that Son Bin could not stand it. She looks fine on the outside, but in reality she is in a very dangerous condition.

Maybe even now she didn’t know she was overdoing it. In her mind, she wanted to accompany her, but her senator waved her hand, saying no.

She told her she wouldn’t move for at least a few days. In the end, Son Bin had to wait for her body to recover in this village, and she had to leave Sa Su-yeon and her hall.

“Are you going to write a book?”

Shooter Yeon, who was looking at her son Bin, suddenly asks. Sonbin smiled bitterly at her.

“Well, I don’t know now. She lost all the booklets she had written so far… … .”

I can’t afford to take my luggage or even find it.

Thanks to this, she lost all the books she had written and the few belongings she originally had, and all that was left was the handle of the Hoa Sword and the White Egret.

‘Only other people’s things are left.’

Sonbin smiled sadly.

The handle of the Hoa sword belongs to Danghwaryun, the snow sword, and the white sword, the white sword, should be given to a young master named Seorin.

So, in the end, it could be said that nothing of Son Bin was left.

“I’ll think about it slowly later.”

Sa Su-yeon nodded her head slightly. After hesitating for a moment, Son Bin, she gathered up the courage to ask.

“again… … Can I meet you?”

With her lonely eyes, Sa Su-yeon looked down at Son Bin. And after a while she answered in a low voice.

“I do not know.”

Sonbin was disappointed. After all, is she a person from a different world from her seosaeng like herself?

“Now, I don’t know.”

Sonbin shook her head.

“Then, later… … .”


Sa Su-yeon shook her head.

“I can’t think of anything right now. But one day, when the waves subside and there is a quiet dawn… … .”

Recalling her lonely smile, the shooter Yeon said.

“Sometimes there is a quiet mist that rises beneath the river.”

Sonbin nodded her head without saying a word.

“Go with caution.”

Sonbin said. She had already said what she had said, but now she had nothing to say but these words.


Sasuyeon replied. Then he got into her wagon and closed the door.

Click, as she climbed up, her coachman drove her wagon without delay.


Tick, tick.

A small carriage pulled by two large horses immediately began to run.

Seeing her wagon moving away, Sonbin prayed in her heart that she arrived safely at the lawmaker.

The carriage got smaller and smaller and finally disappeared. Sonbin, who had been standing and looking at her until then, slowly moved her body and went down to the side of her path.

It’s as hard as her whole body creaking when she’s just walking. She found a chaise longue made of wood, and Sonbin leaned her body against her.


She took a deep breath, and as she sat still, she heard the slow chirping of birds in the distance.


Sonbin closed her eyes and quietly savored her sunlight. A gentle breeze brushes your cheeks.

She was a little dazzling, but as she sat in the warm sun she seemed to feel a little brighter.


Sonbin slowly recalled the past.

Her long life of vows, which was exhausting and difficult, the times she was happy when she passed the exam, the despair she felt after being rejected from the meeting, and the anger she felt when she found out that she was actually pushed out seemed like a very old thing.

‘If you think about it, it’s not really that long… … .’

Sonbin smiled sadly.

‘Now it feels like a very long time ago.’

It’s not like it’s a thing of the past, but it seems like it’s someone else’s distant business that has nothing to do with him. On the way home with anger and sorrow, Son Bin met Sa Sa-hyuk.

While running away from him, she was helped by Sa Soo-yeon at Hwanghak-ru, and eventually came to accompany Sa-hyuk.

‘Water fog under the river… … .’

The name Kang Ha Suyeon really suited her.

On the journey that started like that, she happened to stop by Gaekzan and saw the secret dance of Saja-hyuk and Wii Ga-in, and she also saw the unknown beauty of her who suggested the best in the world.

And she met Nodo Sawa, his young disciple Seorin, who was the first life-and-death opponent of Sa-Hyeok, who was easygoing yet she was somewhat empty.

‘I entrusted him with a white heron, but… … .’

Sonbin picked up her egret and placed it on her lap. With her sheath alone, she’s so modest that she doesn’t even know it’s a sword.

‘It doesn’t seem like it will be easy to deliver this sword.’

Now that I think about it, it seems that something is wrong. A young man named Serin didn’t seem unusual either.

‘If it wasn’t for this sword anyway.’

She wouldn’t have been alive.

Sonbin shook her head and gently stroked her egret in her hand. Her soft, gentle warmth seemed to be felt under her hand.

‘and… … .’

In Xi’an, she carried a craftsman (藝人), who could be called Cain (佳人), and a chilhyungeum (七絃琴) from Nanhyang.

She met the fierce tiger of Sichuan, her second life-and-death opponent, and met her daring and sharp woman, her serpent sword Dang Hualien. She and she were forced to take the handle of Hoa Gum.

‘It’s probably not what she meant.’

Sonbin laughed involuntarily. She remembered the figure of Tang Hualien, as if she was holding a pointed thorn.

Despite her intentions, Hoa Gum saved her Son Bin’s life anyway. So maybe I should thank her too.

She said, ‘She met Confucius Moyong at Yuyanglu.’

The gentleman’s sword with the spirit of a gentleman and his son, the iron sword, Mo Yong-jin, whom he had asked him to visit someday, were comfortable people unlike the people he had ever met.

And just as the Gentleman Sword feared, the Jade Dragon was unlike any other.

‘Jade Dragon.’

Sonbin shook her head unconsciously. She still couldn’t understand or grasp the Jade Dragon at all.

She seemed to be tenacious and meticulous, but she also showed an incomprehensible amount of leisure and laid-back.

But one thing was clear to her. He was stronger than anyone, and more lonely than anyone else. Just like Sa-Hyeok.

‘In the end, it just disappeared… … .’

After losing to Sa-Hyeok’s Powell Ceremony, Jade Dragon disappeared among the collapsing snowfields.

He may not have seen the last, but he will not be alive. Because Powell’s three-sik, unknown had sentenced him to his last.

‘Do Eun Moo-myeong… … .’

Sonbin shook her body slightly without her realizing it. What should she say what she saw? She still shudders when she thinks of that third herbivore.

She can neither explain nor understand in words. She is only in awe and astonishment in front of her.

“I think you are great too.”

Sonbin muttered like that and raised her head. The sun is dazzling in the endless blue sky.

Even though she raised her hand to block the sunlight, she continued to stare at the sky.


For some reason, she let out a sigh. There is no Sa-hyuk and there is no Sa-su-yeon. No more watching and recording.

Sonbin knew for sure.

“Now, it’s over.”

Now it’s over. She had a short and long journey with Saja-hyuk.

* * *

Three days later, when Son Bin was no longer uncomfortable with her movements, the lawmaker handed Son Bin two small pockets of her.

“What is this?”

When asked Son Bin, the lawmaker said it was nothing.

“Your lady. Yes, she left it with her wife. And this too… … .”


There were a few gold and silver coins in the pocket, which was absolutely not a small amount for Sonbin.

“It’s the money left after subtracting the cost of medicinal herbs. They gave too much in the first place.”

Noah said in a grunt.

“I didn’t give it to you, so I can’t receive it like this. Besides, you saved our lives… … .”

“Then you can take it and give it to your wife.”

At Noh’s words, Son Bin was speechless.

“The price of the herb is enough. Because life has no value. Or, since you said it was a life saver, would you be my servant for the rest of your life?”

At Noh’s words, Son Bin was speechless.

“all right. So if there’s anything I can do to help… … .”

“okay? Then I’ll sell my horses to you. It’s hard to walk these days because I’m old.”

What the lawmaker was referring to was the word that brought Son Bin. Since he was going to leave this place anyway, Sonbin gladly passed the word on to the lawmaker.

He said that the legislator offered to pay, but Son Bin struggled to decline it.

Sonbin packed his bags and left the House of Representatives. In fact, there was almost nothing to carry.

It wasn’t difficult to find a wagon going from the village to the big city. Seeing off from the lawmaker who came out on a small horse, Sonbin got into the wagon.


‘long time no see. Even this wagon.’

When he was traveling with Sa-Hyeok, he seldom rode a carriage with other people.

It was a daily life with Sa-hyuk in a rather luxurious and fast carriage that ran without hesitation on the stretched Kwan-do.

However, Son Bin originally rode in such a slow and shabby carriage. He sometimes cared for Lao-tzu and did not hesitate to walk far for a meal.

rumble, jumble.

As Son Bin got on, the carriage began to move slowly.

Sonbin waved to the lawmaker. With a smile on his face, he saw Son Bin off until the very end.


Feeling the rattling movement of the wagon with his whole body, Sonbin crouched in a corner of the wagon and closed his eyes.

In the past, I was able to fall asleep easily in this kind of situation, but now, strangely, I couldn’t sleep at all. It just fills with the feeling that there is something empty in the corner of my heart.

rumble, jumble.

Eventually, Sonbin gave up on falling asleep and opened his eyes. The peaks of the white snowy mountains that looked down on her were slowly moving away.

Tale of a Scribe Who Retires to The Countryside

Tale of a Scribe Who Retires to The Countryside

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A scholar who failed the national exam was picked up by a martial arts master and given the task of recording his life into a book. Through their journey, Son Bin meets many great people and soon finds himself following the same path as the master, as the King of Martial Arts. Different from other novels that tell the story of reincarnation and revenge. It's fun to read as it progresses like a Northern Sword novel. The rating on Naver is very high at 9.94 (4 million bookmarks & 2.8 million downloads). So i try to translate this novel because there is a lot of  traffic search come to my site from this keyword, hope you can enjoy this novel and dont forget to comment and share to your friends. ENJOY!!!


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