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Tale of a Scribe Who Retires to the Countryside Chapter 45

After storm

The terrible things that happened in parts of Yunnan did not get the world’s attention because of their significance.

This is because few people were interested in the rumors of Yunnan, which is still a far-reaching country and still a land of foreign peoples, and the word “regeneration of blood horses” itself caused a preconceived notion that it was a false rumor.

The fact that it is no longer happening also played a big part in helping the rumors abate.

It was something else that Yunnan’s work caught people’s attention, especially the Gangnam Moorims, which encompassed several provinces south of the Yangtze River.

There were rumors that a major change might have taken place in the leadership of Yunnan’s Blood Dragon Gate.

Especially in Moorim, Gangnam, where the Blood Dragon Gate was secretly expanding its power in recent years, it was a rumor that could not help but receive a lot of attention.

Gangnam’s famous Sega and clan members immediately went all out to confirm the facts. But despite all their efforts, they couldn’t figure out what had happened.

However, one thing was certain: the upper layers of the Blood Dragon Gate were blocking all contact with the outside and keeping silence.

It’s clear what happened, but I can’t confirm the contents. In fact, little was known about the Blood Dragon Gate from the beginning.

It’s just the fact that they dominate all of Yunnan based on their indigenous religion. Because Yunnan was still a region shrouded in a thick veil that was mysterious and incomprehensible.

Gangnam Moorim paid attention to the Blood Dragon Gate. However, the upper levels of the Blood Dragon Gate were still silent for many days.

sabak, sabak.

A young nobleman wrapped in white silk was climbing the snowy mountain alone.

The young man with a beautiful appearance, as if drawn from a painting, moved as if taking a walk, not paying attention to the cold wind and the accumulated snow.

His youthful appearance, who seemed to have just gotten out of the boy’s t-shirt, seemed to show off his charm even more.


I wondered if there was a gust of wind, and a woman appeared in front of him.

Her long black hair fluttered in the wind, and a white sword she held dearly in her chest. It was Geomhee.

“He is dead.”

Looking straight into Swordsman’s eyes, the young nobleman, Soryong, spoke in a calm voice.

“I confirmed the inheritance of blood a while ago. Now I am the new Jade Dragon.”


Geom-hee quietly knelt down on one of her knees and bowed her head. It was the same attitude she had towards her predecessor, Jade Dragon.

The new, young Jade Dragon smiled.

“With this, the prohibition that bound us is over. And the silence of the Blood Dragon Gate ends.”

While his soft and beautiful voice flowed out, Geomhee didn’t even move.

“Stand up.”

The young Jade Dragon reached out to Geom-hee. As if it were a woman’s, white and thin hands are revealed.

“Let’s go together, Geomhee. I will make you the most noble woman in the world.”


Geomhee stood up. Her supremely transparent eyes blinked a few times, and then she quietly opened her mouth.



The young Jade Dragon, who did not understand her answer, asked involuntarily. At that moment, the figure of the swordsman disappeared from his sight.



The young Jade Dragon hurriedly looked around. There was nowhere to hide in the snowy field spread out in all directions, but the figure of the swordsman could not be found anywhere.

“Come out, Geomhee! You dare to hide from the new Jade Dragon?”

The young jade dragon shouted.

“I was promised freedom.”

Geomhee’s voice was heard. However, the young Jade Dragon could not find her.

Her voice from all directions was very small, but she could be heard clearly as if speaking in his ear.

“Because he said so.”

The young jade dragon bit his lip.

‘no way.’

No matter how much he inherited the power of blood, if he couldn’t see him, there was nothing he could do about it.

The fact that the swordsman knew the secret of this ability, which no one knew and only now knew, meant that he had already spoken to him from the previous generation Jade Dragon.

It also means that Geom-hee has decided to leave this place and herself. Because he could never make the hidden swordsman appear with his powers now.


The young Jade Dragon had a sad expression on his face. She looked like any woman would shake her heart.

“Do not leave me. Without you I… … .”

“I have work to do.”

Geomhee’s voice interrupted the young Jade Dragon.

“There are people I want to meet.”

‘Who do you want to meet?’

The young Jade Dragon was bewildered. As far as he knew, there was no such person for Geomhee.

No, it was Geom-hee who showed absolute indifference to everything except the sword as well as others in the first place.

“Who is that?”

The young jade dragon shouted.

“I’ll let you meet. Even if you’re an emperor, I’ll make you kneel before me. So… … !”

No one answered his voice. Only the blowing wind leaves a faint sound.

The young Jade Dragon could see that Geom-Hee had already left this place.


“Geom-hee… … .”

The sad expression disappeared, and the beautiful face of the young Jade Dragon was distorted.

“now… … I will send you.”


The young Jade Dragon said with eerie eyes.

“But next time, you will be mine. forever.”

His voice was lost in the wind. However, his sharp eyes gleamed with a gleam that seemed to freeze the empty space without anything.

* * *

“Blood Dragon Gate?”


The young warrior bowed his back and responded with a sincere courtesy.

“Based on the circumstances, it is clear that there has been a major change in the leadership.”

“It’s a big change in the leadership… … .”

The young woman who seemed indifferent to the samurai’s sincere courtesy, the snow sword Dang Hwa-ryun, repeated with her red lips a little.

“How did the investigation into the rumor go?”

“It is certain that the massacre took place, but there are no direct eyewitnesses and no evidence. Moreover, with the addition of speculative rumors, it is becoming almost a ghost story in Yunnan. However, it seems that it is true that the main force of the Blood Dragon Gate was severely damaged by this incident.”

“It was a blow to the main power of the Blood Dragon Gate… … . Bad news.”

Tang Hualien frowned slightly. Her beautiful eyebrows are distorted as if painted. The warrior tilted her head.

“Yunnan is not far from Sichuan. If their power is weakened, it’s good for us… … .”


Hualien Dang Xuan shook her head. And she said as she looked down at the warrior with cold eyes.

“When this fact becomes known, Gangnam Moorim will be able to relax. Then, the vigilance of our advance into Gangnam will also be strengthened. There is no excuse for cooperating to stop the Blood Dragon Moon from advancing into Gangnam. So is that good news or bad news?”

The warrior’s expression hardened.

“sorry. Soin’s insight is short… … .”

“You are the executive director of our information organization. Of course, I am in charge, but there are never a lot of things that need to be judged and dealt with in your line. But should even this basic judgment be violated? If you know who put you there, shouldn’t you be a little more capable?”

The young warrior bowed her head deeply.

“I will keep that in mind.”

Dang Hwa-ryeon, who looked down at the warrior with a cool gaze, asked again.

“The thing that I ordered an investigation into?”

“I could not find any details about the person using the giant black sword, nor could I find any traces of his companions.”

“Have you traced the people around your grandfather?”

“Yes. However, he also had many secrets in his deeds… … .”

“Yes, I did.”

Dang Hua-ryeon thought for a moment. I didn’t expect it anyway. And it’s not necessary right now.

“Continue with the investigation, but for now, let’s focus all our capabilities on entering Gangnam. Moorim in Gangbuk is currently saturated. Long-time famous families have established their base, and these days, the movement of the court is not unusual. In order for our party to develop strength, we have no choice but to advance to Gangnam. Do you understand what I mean?”


The samurai answered briefly. Rather, I liked the snow sword Danghwaryeon.

I don’t like to exaggerate or make a fuss. Efficiency, and practicality. This was what Seolgeom Danghwaryun was pursuing.



Seolgeom Dang Hwa-ryeon turned around and walked out again and again.

‘Yeah, it looks like you’re doing well.’

Hualien smiled faintly as her luxurious silk clothes fluttered lightly.

The image of a man with a black sword and a man in a cloak appeared naturally in her mind.

‘Hang in there.’

Her red lips, drawing faint arcs, gleamed under the light.

‘It won’t take long, never.’

Dang Hualien, the youngest new general of the party, and the rising star of Moorim, the epitome of a new master, took her steps.

She is the supreme decision-making body of the party, and is already in her hands as a representative agency.

* * *



The old servant bowed her head and answered.

Nanhyang Yein, a beautiful woman dressed in gorgeous and luxurious silk clothes, let out a low sigh as she leaned against her shackles.

“Today is a sad day for the Jade Dragon to go away.”

Her mournful voice seemed to make even the listeners mourn.

Nanhyang, who had been weeping for a moment, asked her old servant.

“The Untitled?”

The servant shook his head.

“I don’t know.”

If he says he can’t know, no one in the world can find out.

“I see.”

Nanhyang let out a small sigh of hers.

“As before, it would be nice if you could take a break.”

The servant didn’t say anything. After looking at the sky for a moment, Nanhyang spoke to the old servant again.

“Find one.”

Nanhyang looked intently at the old servant and said.

“The man who was said to be his companion.”

“He said he wasn’t a figure in Moorim Foreign Affairs.”

“okay. But is it really?”

Nanyang smiled slightly.

“The owner of the egret has changed, but no one knows the whereabouts of the old sword egret? Even the shaman doesn’t know. So, who is the new owner of the egret? Who knows?”

Her eyes twinkled slightly.

“I was stupid. He would have no reason for him to lie, but even less a reason for him to tell him everything. He told the truth, but he wasn’t all that.”

The old servant said nothing. Seeing him like that, Nanhyang smiled lightly.


After a moment of silence, the servant finally nodded his head.

“all right.”

“Can you prepare my seven cash coins?”

Nanyang said.

“Because today I want to ride gold for him.”

Even a servant could not know who the “he” she was talking about was. The old servant bowed his head and withdrew.

Nanhyang lifted her head and looked up at the sky. The high sky of the ancient city of Xian stretched out endlessly.

* * *


The old old man with a long white beard let out a long lament.

“Is that serene kid still not allowing anyone?”

“That’s right.”

Another old man answered in a low voice.

The appearance of two people sitting in a small pavilion with all four sides was enough to create the illusion that the gods were sitting facing each other.

“He is the only one who kept the last of the previous investigation, but he doesn’t want to meet anyone, so how can he know the whereabouts of the Great Egret?”

“They are very aggressive towards anyone who visits them. Besides, he is guarding his fire.”

“You mean Hong Jin-man-ri?”

Nodosa nodded his head. The old man sitting opposite him closes his eyes.

“It must be a lot of trouble for the Jangmunin.”

“In terms of distribution, it will be even more so because you can’t be reckless with Seorin, that child. Although he was not formally adopted by the shaman, he was the last child he took.”

“But what? Now that he’s not there, there’s no one to even control the child. It’s fortunate that he didn’t leave his place and stayed still.”

“Originally, he was a child with excellent uneducated qualities, but the level he has shown recently is astonishing to me. Perhaps something happened while keeping his last.”


The old man sighed once more. He said after being silent for a while.

“Maybe that child is the last homework that our ancestors left us.”

With a bitter expression on his face, the old man continued.

“I wonder if our attitude towards the child is perhaps revealing our shameful side. No, it certainly will. Therefore, you should never act rashly, nor should you make hasty judgments.”

“Then what should I do?”

“You have to wait.”

The old man said with mixed lament.

“For the long writers, please refrain from all discussions on this matter, and tell them not to mention the swordsmanship or the Buddhahood. Although it is an object that is like his symbol, it is not an urgent matter since it is not a shaman’s first lady.”

“However, the significance of his swordsmanship and immortality is by no means small. Some say he should clarify the facts and hold him accountable.”

The master lowered his voice.

“Besides, considering his influence in Moorim Foreign Affairs… … .”

“okay. It is never small.”

The old man nodded his head.

“But what? There must be a reason for this, as it was arranged by him. We just wait.”

“all right.”

The priest sitting opposite him quietly bowed his head.

“And one more.”

said the old man.

“If the incense burner comes to pay his condolences to the ancestors, please be extra careful and ask the janitor to deliver the message to me immediately.”

The period of condolences to Hwang Hak-jin-in, the ancestor of the great ancestor, has long since passed. The master asked cautiously.

“That word… … .”

“I will come.”

Looking up at the sky, the old man said.

“Swordsman will surely come back here. Even that young boy is probably waiting for it.”

The old man’s gaze was directed towards the endless blue sky. The master sitting opposite him quietly put his hands together and accepted his request.

* * *


Turning off the light, Sonbin lay down on the bed of the guesthouse.

It was an old and dirty place, but it was still a good enough place to sleep. But sleep did not come.

‘Did Sa Sojour arrive safely?’

Lying on the bed, Sonbin thought of Sasuyeon. Her pale face comes to mind, and the cold feeling of that time is vivid on her lips.

She showed Hyeoncheon’s swordsmanship, and her appearance that was infringing like shame.

‘It will be fine.’

Sonbin thought she was trying so hard. But she couldn’t help but let out her sigh without realizing it.


‘Another sigh.’

Even though she thought to herself that she was exceptionally sighing, she sighed once more with Son Bin.


She tossed and turned her body around, but she couldn’t sleep. When she wakes up, she realizes that she is looking at her past with Saja-hyuk.

Not only did she work in the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain, but she also saw the first time she saw Hyeoncheon’s projection of the lion’s body and the chilhyungeum of Nanhyang.

Did she realize that she forgot to fall asleep? Sonbin opened her eyes. The moon is bright outside her window.


Sonbin habitually got up from her seat. As she casually put on her clothes, she suddenly realized that she no longer had to.


Sonbin stopped her hand as she was fastening her clothes. Now she waits for no one to come.

She has no one to come to her in the middle of the night rudely and leave. She no longer comes.

‘I see.’

There is no Sa-hyuk now. It’s as if her head was dazed, as if it had been beaten, and a dejected wind blew in her chest.


Son Bin, who stood for a moment, put her clothes on.

She was just waking up and reading a book anyway, but only after washing her face did she realize that she no longer had a book.

She was lost along with her other burdens.


Sonbin let out a sigh of relief. She doesn’t feel like lying down again.

But she doesn’t mean she has no books to read and nothing to do. Sonbin turned her head. The bright moonlight was pouring out of her window.

‘The moonlight is cool, my Powell is crying.’

All of a sudden, Sa-hyuk’s voice seemed to be heard in his ear.

Sonbin reached out her hand and grabbed the egret wrapped in cloth. And she left her room without hesitation.

When Jeom So-yi, who was guarding the restaurant alone, woke up, she looked at her suspiciously, but she didn’t even care about Son Bin.

The moon was so bright that I felt like I had to do something.


She looked for a vacant lot and stood under the moonlight with an egret, but there was nothing that Sonbin, the mastermind, had to do.

But it may have been just an excuse. Sonbin’s job was decided from the beginning.


The Egret made a low noise and appeared. The blade of the moonlight is shining blue.

‘You are sad too.’

Sonbin suddenly thought so. The way the beautiful egret’s beautiful blade shone softly seemed to comfort him somehow.


Sonbin, who was carefully stroking his sword, raised his head and looked at the sky. The night sky was full of moonlight.

Sonbin raised his sword. And she started moving slowly. She didn’t hesitate, and she didn’t stop.


That night, for the first time, Sonbin began to follow the trajectory of Hyeoncheondobeop.

He didn’t even look like Son Bin himself, and he didn’t even cover the entire Hyeoncheon Dobeop, but he was okay with it.

Because the gentle warmth of the white heron was enough to fill the vacancy of the lion hyuk.

It goes down to her hometown, It happened one night during Son Bin’s journey to Nakhyangmun Temple.

Tale of a Scribe Who Retires to The Countryside

Tale of a Scribe Who Retires to The Countryside

낙향문사전, Nakhyangmun Dictionary
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A scholar who failed the national exam was picked up by a martial arts master and given the task of recording his life into a book. Through their journey, Son Bin meets many great people and soon finds himself following the same path as the master, as the King of Martial Arts. Different from other novels that tell the story of reincarnation and revenge. It's fun to read as it progresses like a Northern Sword novel. The rating on Naver is very high at 9.94 (4 million bookmarks & 2.8 million downloads). So i try to translate this novel because there is a lot of  traffic search come to my site from this keyword, hope you can enjoy this novel and dont forget to comment and share to your friends. ENJOY!!!


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