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Tale of a Scribe Who Retires to the Countryside Chapter 46

Nakhyang munsa Son Bin

The petition was a small provincial town.

Gwangju, the provincial capital of Guangdong Province and the largest logistics city in the South China region, was a little far to the south.

The topic of discussion was mainly rumors that came from Gwangju, but the story of Son Bin’s return after failing the meeting has been a hot topic for the past few days.

Son Bin, who was born in Cheongwon and passed Hyangsi, was a person who received quite a lot of attention from the people of Cheongwon.


Sonbin knelt on his knees and listened to his uncle’s sigh. Sonbin’s uncle did not say anything for a while, and then stared at Sonbin silently.

Sonbin bowed his head and avoided his gaze.

“I know you are having a hard time.”

Uncle said slowly in a low voice.

“But now, why don’t you calm down and do something?”

My uncle asked, but Sonbin did not readily answer. Difficulty is not because you fell in the sashimi.

But I have no desire to explain.

“Or, are you planning to prepare a sashimi again?”

Preparing for the meeting meant that I had to prepare for the past without promises for another three years.

It was impossible to do that, but it was also Sonbin’s honest feeling that he didn’t want to do that.

But if even Hoesi gives up, what can Sonbin do?

“I heard that a small house on the outskirts of the main road was empty.”

Sonbin raised his head. Home, what is your uncle trying to say all of a sudden?

“It’s a bit shabby, but if you fix it, it will be usable as it is. For the time being, why not open even a small vow to the children? Still, since he is a giant who passed the hyangsi exam, there will be quite a few people who want to send their children away. Compared to the current market price, the house price is very cheap… … .”

My uncle continued to talk about house prices and the rising enthusiasm for education these days.

But Sonbin had other thoughts.

‘It’s a seowon… … .’

In reality, there wasn’t much Son Bin could do. He doesn’t have the strength to dig, and he doesn’t have a knack for business.

No connections, no wealth. However, he cannot become an adult and live with his relatives forever.

In the end, all Sonbin could do, as his uncle said, would be to make a vow to her children.

“We can’t afford it either, but for the house price, we… … .”


Sonbin, who was listening, said.

The uncle frowned slightly. But what Sonbin was saying had a different meaning.

“I will pay for the house.”


The uncle frowned again. It means what money you have.

“On the way back, a little thing… … I had one. It’s not a lot of money, but it will be.”

The wind blows again in Sonbin’s chest.


Although he had a questionable expression on his face, his uncle was sympathetic to Sonbin’s words.

“How can I not know the grace you have given me?”

Sonbin politely bowed his head and said.

“I cannot cause trouble to my uncle any more than this. Even though I can’t repay the favor right now, I’ll try to do something in the future.”

‘At least, I can be alone.’

I did not intend to make a vow. But at least it was nice to be able to be alone.

You don’t have to listen to your aunt’s cold eyes or your cousins’ sarcasm. To them, it would be just a word, but to Sonbin, it wasn’t just a word.

“Yeah, well thought.”

The uncle’s face brightened. Even so, he was suffering from his wife’s gaze, so he was grateful for Sonbin’s words that he would become independent.

“Don’t worry about collecting children. I will help you with all my might. And why not prepare for the next meeting while teaching the children like that?”

Sonbin smiled bitterly. Preparing for a meeting while doing other work is something you don’t know.

In the past, even those who read through the night while sparing their sleep cannot guarantee success.

There is probably no one who can pass the meeting like that.

“Thank you for taking care of me.”

Sonbin got up and bowed to his uncle. The uncle nodded his head with a satisfied expression.

“okay. I’m glad you made that decision. Difficult things happen to everyone, so don’t be too heartbroken… … .”

The uncle who was talking suddenly looked at Son Bin and asked.

“Well, over there.”

When Sonbin looked at him, his uncle hesitated and asked.

“Are you doing anything at night?”


Sonbin asked involuntarily.

“No, that… … . You often go out in the middle of the night, your aunt… … .”


Sonbin knew what his uncle was saying.

“that… … .”

Sonbin, who was trying to cover up with a bitter smile, suddenly met his uncle’s gaze towards him.

Those eyes were filled with selfless worries and concerns. Uncle was genuinely worried about himself.


Sonbin said quietly.

“It’s about moving your body lightly to soothe your mind. It’s not harmful, so don’t worry.”


said the uncle.

“Then that’s it.”

Bowing his head once more, Sonbin responded to his uncle’s favor. A corner of my chest, which had been flat, seemed to warm a little.

* * *

The house my uncle said about was really shabby.

Originally, four buildings were intended to be built around the central courtyard, but only two were completed.

The wall that was raised high to block out the hot sunlight was also erected at an intermediate height, as if it had been built while it was being built.

Thanks to this, the middle yard was completely exposed to the outside, and although it was fenced with old wood, there were no other houses that could be called neighbors, so it was practically formal.

It came out at a cheap price, except for the fact that it was out of town, and there was a reason.


But Sonbin liked it rather. I liked that it was open outside, and I also liked that there were no neighbors.

It was good that no one said anything about sitting idly during the day, and no one looked at me with suspicious eyes as if he was swinging a sword at night.

‘It’s a bit old, though.’

Fixing the shabby house little by little here and there has become a surprisingly pleasant pastime.

In the fairly large central yard, a slightly high foundation was formed as if originally intended to raise a pavilion, but Sonbin laid a large bamboo mat there and read the text quietly, feeling the wind.

He is reading the book he wanted to read, not for past exams.

So, Sonbin was enjoying the solitude and leisure after a long absence.

However, Son Bin’s leisurely life was shattered within a few days due to sudden visitors.


Sonbin sighed. Looking down at the six or seven eggs standing in front of him, Sonbin could not hide his troubled expression.

“So, you’re here to learn to write?”

Her little particles, who interrupted her leisurely life, looked at her with her vigilant eyes.

“I didn’t come here to learn.”

The bright-looking little boy replied as if he was throwing it.

“I mean, my mom said I would hit you with a stick if I didn’t go.”

“I said no dinner.”

“I was kicked out. Shit.”

“me too!”

As one kid speaks, the other kids raise their voices as if competing with each other. It quickly became a mess.

“I, I came here because I wanted to learn to write… … .”

A little girl said shyly. The little girl hiding behind the other girl was glancing at her Sonbin.

Sonbin shook her head as she looked at her little ones who had become a noisy mess in an instant.

“Okay, okay. But what are they?”

Sonbin looked at the pockets her kids were holding, she said.

The children were all carrying fairly large pockets, but there were many children who were embracing them with both hands, probably because it was difficult for them to lift.

“What did you say? Wow… … Little bear?”

“No, you idiot. You said it was monthly payments.”

said the bright-looking girl. A shy girl is hiding behind her.

“Teacher, bring me.”

The girl put her pockets down in front of her bare feet.


It was then that Sonbin realized what it was. She is a kind of tuition fee. Perhaps it contains grain or something to eat.

Meanwhile, in front of her Sonbin, six or seven pockets piled up in an instant. There were also three or four large dried fish on top.

“So, what can I do now?”

Sonbin bowed her head and looked at the twinkling eyes that looked up at him.

‘It’s really small.’

It is both strange and cute to see the little children gathered all together. Besides, these kids are looking straight at her Sonbin with those round eyes.

“Well, first… … .”

Sonbin looked around. The only place these little ones can get into is the bamboo matted base.

It is the very place where Son Bin sat leisurely until recently.

“Shall we go up there?”

As soon as Son Bin’s words fell, her children all started to climb there in unison.


“for a moment! Take off her shoes!”

It was a fairly high foundation for the little ones, enough for adults to climb on the stepping stones, but the children climbed up without hesitation.

Woodang Tang.

The children who climbed first ran around the platform like puppies.

An unusually small kid clings to the pedestal, but his feet keep slipping. Even though there is a stepping stone right next to me, I can’t think of stepping on it.


Seeing this, Sonbin smiled involuntarily.

“Wow! It’s old here!”

“Look here! There is a hole in the mat!”

“Is there such a thing as a worm?”

The children were busy exploring here and there. A few were already opening the door and entering instead of going up to the foundation.

If you leave it as it is, you will be able to take out even the few households, Sonbin said with a hasty look.

“Wait, you can’t go into the room!”

He shouted with a harsh tone, but the children didn’t care.

Sonbin hurriedly climbed to the base.

She raised the crying child because she couldn’t get up yet, and when she came down again, she stopped the kid from pulling the blanket out of the room.

When she took it out, she was pulling out the blanket that was on the bed.

Meanwhile, the shy girl stands in a corner and looks around her with interest. Some two kids have already started wrestling in the middle of the foundation.

‘Oh My God.’

Thinking that there would be no riots like this, Sonbin stuck out her tongue.

“for a moment! Be still!”

Sonbin hastily set out to suppress it.

This is because, if left as it is, I started to seriously think that the shabby house might collapse.


In the end, it was only after some of the little boys got hit with honey chestnuts in the head that the riot, not the riot, calmed down.

The children who had been hit with honey balm on their heads poked their mouths out, and tears welled up in their eyes.

Seeing the children sitting in two rows on the bamboo mats, Sonbin sighed.

‘Is it too bad?’

Seeing him staring at me with tears in my eyes, I wondered if I was serious.

Seeing the children’s eyes full of tears makes me feel guilty. Sonbin’s voice subsided without realizing it.

“In order to learn something, you must first calm your body and mind. okay?”

Sonbin said. The children are still looking at Son Bin with a dead face.

Sonbin sighed slightly.

“Don’t take anything out. If you listen carefully, I’ll buy you some sweets… … .”

“really? Wow!”

The kids quickly laughed and loved it. Even the child, who is still in tears, smiles as if it ever did.

She was to the point that it was futile that Sonbin was deeply sorry for her.

“But if you don’t listen, it’s a honey night!”


The children answered in unison. It looked like little birds chattering.

‘Oh my, how come… … .’

I feel like I’m caught up in my mind without even having time to think. Besides, somehow it seemed like it would be quite noisy in the future.

‘It’s a seowon… … .’

There are many things that need to be prepared in order to teach children.

Even the books that children can read right now are expensive to buy, so you’ll have to copy them, and even if they’re cheap, you’ll need a brush or inkstone.

You will probably need a lot of paper. as cheap as possible.

‘I’m going to be busy.’

Sonbin groaned inwardly. But she didn’t feel bad.

Unknowingly, a smile was drawn on Sonbin’s lips as she looked at the children who were arguing with each other before she knew it.

* * *

On a moonlit night, Sonbin woke up as usual.

Sonbin, who had simply washed her face and arranged her clothes, opened her door and stepped out into the central courtyard.


Inside the house where the children were making a fuss during the day, it was quiet without anyone.

She hadn’t felt that way before, but after she’s been in a lot of noise once, there’s an unusually quiet feeling.


Sonbin smiled involuntarily.

She wonders how she can do that when she sees her little ones wandering around without a moment’s rest.


Sonbin passed the wooden fence and went out of the house. The parched wooden fence was old and crumbled here and there.

She thought she’d be better off putting it away if she was formal anyway.

bum bum, bum bum.

The night road full of moonlight and no one is quiet and blue. After walking for a while, a wide field appeared in front of Sonbin.

It was a place full of the atmosphere of a moonlit night, overlooking the quietly flowing waves of the North River glistening in the moonlight.

And for the past few days, she’s been where Sonbin has come every night.

“It’s strange.”

Sonbin looked up at the night sky and murmured in her soft voice.

“The fact that such a short journey leaves such a long lasting impression.”

It is a strange story that her short journey leaves a deeper impression on her own life than her life that has been spent for decades, and her past exams that she has prepared for many years.


Sonbin, who looked up at the night sky, lowered his head and slowly cleared his breath. She and she cleared her mind as she recalled the synopsis of Hyeoncheon.

Until she felt her sadness and emptiness, her anxiety and nervousness slowly fade away as if fading away, and the flow that surrounds her fills the whole world.

And until the gentle warmth of the egret in her hand fills her own chest.


The sword egret shines in the blue moonlight.

In the past, it felt sharp enough to be cool to look at, but now it feels like it’s shimmering softly.

Sonbin smiled quietly.

“Then, shall we go?”


In an instant, the feeling of a egret trembling softly as if responding to Sonbin’s words reached her hand.


The sound was so weak that I thought it was an illusion.

She waits quietly for Son Bin again, but she doesn’t feel that echo again.


Sonbin slowly raised her sword.

The moonlight fills the night sky, and Powell’s trajectory drawn like a fantasy there vividly floats before her eyes.

And the faces I miss.


The beautiful egret’s blade filled the moonlight. And soon he began to draw a trajectory like a fantasy in the air.

It was the exact same sword drawn in Sonbin’s mind, vivid in front of his eyes.

Tale of a Scribe Who Retires to The Countryside

Tale of a Scribe Who Retires to The Countryside

낙향문사전, Nakhyangmun Dictionary
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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: , Released: 2013 Native Language: Korean
A scholar who failed the national exam was picked up by a martial arts master and given the task of recording his life into a book. Through their journey, Son Bin meets many great people and soon finds himself following the same path as the master, as the King of Martial Arts. Different from other novels that tell the story of reincarnation and revenge. It's fun to read as it progresses like a Northern Sword novel. The rating on Naver is very high at 9.94 (4 million bookmarks & 2.8 million downloads). So i try to translate this novel because there is a lot of  traffic search come to my site from this keyword, hope you can enjoy this novel and dont forget to comment and share to your friends. ENJOY!!!


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