The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor Chapter 688

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Even city and provincial officials attended his wedding.


“You’re a lucky man for your wedding to be held on such a beautiful day.”

They knew all too well about Lee Hyun’s reputation and influence in the area. A member of congress also came to see him after learning about the celebrations.

“I am Yoo Il Suk, a member of congress.”

“Please enjoy the food.”

Lee Hyun greeted with a light handshake.

“The bride is really beautiful.”

“Yes. Thank you very much.”

“I hope my son can find a bride like that. He’s studious and well supported by the family, so I expect him to be successful.”

Yoo Il Suk boasted about his son, but Lee Hyun was not interested. Fortunately, his aide took him away.

“Sir, how about a toast with the citizens?”

“Sure. Let’s get going.”

As the member in charge of the local community, he kept busy meeting the residents.

“I was able to get this far with your support. I will do my best.”

“Don’t mention it. Here, have a drink.”

This man was condescending at someone else’s wedding!

Lee Hyun braced himself and told himself that he would not to get angry for today.

‘I will take care of these eyesores later.’

This grudge was primed to explode and the timer was running out.

The congress members and politicians walked around zealously but after some time they settled down quietly.

The CEOs of the subsidiary companies under Unicorn Corp and the owners of global investment companies visited one after another.

The famous figures who were often featured on the financial news, bowed low before Lee Hyun.

“It is an honor.”

“It is mine. Thank you for coming such a long way. Please enjoy the food.”

The high officials of Unicorn Corp knew that the man who held their leash had been changed to Lee Hyun.

– You do not have to doubt their loyalty.

The AI’s words were transferred directly to Lee Hyun’s brain.

“How come? Who knows when they’ll stab me in the back.”

– I am monitoring everything as we speak. Professor Yoo Byung Joon also did not trust people.

The influential figures who controlled the world economy sat at the corner of the park and drank soju. No one dared to disrupt such a meeting.

If someone did, they would have been instantly taken down by the guards anyway.


Kim Da In.

She wore a pair of jeans and a white T-s.h.i.+rt to the park wedding.

She observed from afar and soon, a woman approached.

“Are you here for the wedding?”

“Yeah. Who…”

“You are the lord of Castle Evaluk? I recognized you instantly. The people from Royal Road are all over on that side.”

There was a sizable group of young individuals.

Oh Dong Man, Park Hee Yun, Park Soo Yun, Kim In Young, Kang Jin Cheol.

Lee Hyun’s old friends, such as Lopez from the US and acquaintances from all over Royal Road were at the wedding.

The wedding began in the morning and was expected to continue until dinner.

The people of Royal Road were finished with their meal and were conversing freely among themselves.

Kim Da In smiled softly and spoke.

“I’ll just leave after a meal.’

“Are you? Honestly I also came for the food too.”

The two filled their plates with food and sat in a corner.

“My name is Kim Da In.”

“I’m Yoon Jung Hee. My level is pretty slow on Royal Road. Lee Hyun and I were friends from before.”

They cracked open their cans of beer and began to eat their food.

“The weather is pretty warm. How about another can of beer?”

“I was also thinking the same.”

“The drink is super smooth.”

“It’s so sweet.”


Lee Hyun moved after the wedding.

He took a basic set of clothing with him and moved into Seoyoon’s house. He called Lee Hyeon and told her earnestly.

“Don’t go strolling around late at night.”


“Clean up after yourself. Lock the doors. Don’t make it look like an unoccupied residence.”

“Okay, big brother.”

He lived right next door with even the fences torn down, but he kept scolding her.

Lee Hyeon was happy living close together, but this felt a little much.

Still, he was her big brother who also acted as her father and mother; he was the only family she had grown up with since she was young.

“Sigh… I’m so worried about leaving you alone.”

“We can meet anytime.”

“It’s because you’re not mature yet. I didn’t want to bring this up again, but you used to pee on my back all the time.”


Lee Hyeon had to stand there and listen to his nagging for 30 minutes. Then later that evening, he called her on the phone.

– Come over for dinner.


– We cooked, so come eat with us instead of eating alone.

Lee Hyeon ate dinner at Seoyoon’s house that night, the next day, then the day after.

What changed after Lee Hyun’s marriage was that their living room had basically been relocated to Seoyoon’s house.


They decided to spend their honeymoon in Royal Road.

Flying on a plane to other countries could not offer the spectacular views that Royal Road.

“Forget about hunting or grinding.”

Weed was determined, so he asked Seoyoon.

“Is there a place you want to go?”

They would be able to travel anywhere in Versailles. The Northern Continent felt like home at every corner, so he asked while thinking about the Central Continent or vacation spots like famous islands.

“I want to ride a boat.”

“A boat…?”

“Set sail at a port and roam the sea for days without any destination in mind.”

Seoyoon loved the time they spent on the uninhabited island.

The emerald ocean, cool breeze and the open sky.

Weed replied with wet lips.

“That sounds exciting.”

It seemed rather boring, but he decided to respect her choice.

He purchased a medium sized boat from a s.h.i.+pbuilder in Port Varna.

Weed could have constructed his own boat with the s.h.i.+pbuilding skill, but because it would be time consuming, he chose to buy one instead.

– Dragore: My gift to you, Weed-nim!

Dragore, who almost reached the level of Sewing master, crafted a staysail from rainbow fabric as a gift. It was a legendary sail that could add speed up to 4.7 times with the right wind!

“I can’t accept such a precious gift.”

– Dragore: I insist. You are the emperor of the Arpen Empire.

Dragore excelled far beyond other master level artisans in his ability to flatter.

“I will remember this moment.”

– Dragore: It is an honor, a family honor!

Weed, being the man that he was, had already begun to treat it as little more than a distant memory.

The medium sized sailboat spread its sail wide and set course.

The sail was expanded fully due to the refres.h.i.+ng wind!

“Everyone, out of the way!”

“So fast. How can a boat sail like that…”

The boat skidded past hundreds of other boats exiting the port and traversed out to the far sea at a rapid pace.


Seagulls filled the sky and the dolphins popped to the surface as if wis.h.i.+ng them good luck.

“Where shall we go?”



Their journey took them as far out as the eastern seas on their little sailboat.

Weed did nothing, letting the wind carry the boat.

“There is a route but… we will end up somewhere.”

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With all the life experience and skills at his disposal, he was confident in his ability to survive even out in the sea. In the worst scenario, he could transform into a shark and swim with Seoyoon on his back.

“It’s a dolphin!”

Seoyoon pointed out the blue ocean.

The dolphins jumped, following the boat

“If I had a harpoon I could just…”


“They’re cute and beautiful.”


Weed and Seoyoon leaned on each other and relaxed. They were already sleeping under the same blanket, but they were still in the process of getting to know one another.

They watched the ocean view together and exchanged emotions in the breeze.

“We are on a boat… What should we eat for dinner?”

“Let’s fish.”

“Sounds great. We can have some sus.h.i.+ and spicy fish soup.”

They fished, cooked and had a great time.

At dusk, they laid on the deck under the countless stars in the sky and talked about old memories.

“I had a tough life when I was young.”

“I heard you were poor.”

“Our entire family once lived off 10,000 won for a week once.”

“Even your grandmother?”

Weed took Seoyoon to the hospital and introduced her to his grandmother.

Her body was weak due to her old age and she was unable to attend the wedding, but she was full of joy at the sight of Seoyoon.

“She’s pretty. A gorgeous lady.”

She kept repeating it over and over and that was because she looked past Seoyoon’s appearance, and saw into her heart.

Weed laughed, reminiscing the days when he, his grandmother and younger sister lived together.

“Yeah. Granny was the worst. My sister was scolded so badly.”


“She liked boiled eggs. She was scolded for eating two eggs or buying snacks.”

“I can’t picture that at all.”

“We’ve grown up a lot since then. We used to be such rebels.”

Weed loved his grandmother.

Even after losing her kids, grandmother only cried for a day.

She knew her body was breaking down, but she pushed forward for the sake of her grandchildren.

“We couldn’t eat, we couldn’t dress. We had no home where we could rest. Without money, life had no mercy for us.”

The hards.h.i.+ps of his past now felt like cherished memories.

They were dark times, but once they were past it, life had unfolded a new chapter.

Looking back, they were lucky. Even when it felt like they had reached a dead end, there was a way for them to escape.

In the midst of despair, they searched for hope and they found it.


The trip continued into the next day.

It was a honeymoon trip, so they could not cut it short.

They caught fish and hunted birds with arrows.

They cooked simple dishes and spent the whole day chatting, living at last a truly perfect and peaceful life.

“It’s nice. A person needs time off.”

Right as he spoke, the tides changed.



Lightning struck from the sky and a tidal wave over 10 meters tall crashed into them.

“Pull up the sail and hold on!”

Weed was excited to navigate through the storm with Seoyoon.

They sailed the broad sea, fixed the sail and repaired damage to the boat itself.

Using the Sculptural technique, he sculpted a dolphin figure head that Seoyoon liked and the effect boosted the boat speed slightly.

With the wind in their sail, the boat surged across the ocean at a fierce pace.

In about two weeks, they were completely in the middle of the ocean. Not another boat was seen for an entire day.

Seoyoon spoke with a joyful expression.

“It’s hard to find this place even on the map.”

“You’re right. I haven’t got a clue.”

They came across a small uninhabited island.

“Should we take a break here?”

“I would love to.”

They began their short stay on the island.

There were animals like sheep and monkeys and on the seash.o.r.e rocks, huge fish were caught easily just by throwing in a rod.

“There is no storm and the tides are subtle.”

“It’s such a beautiful place.”

There were lots of coral reefs in the near sea and schools of tropical fish.

“It would be even greater with a house.”

“Should we build one? I’ve always wondered what it’s like to live in a house on the ocean.”

“Ah, not on the island but on the water?”

A house built on top of shallow waters.

Weed thought it would be cool. They would be able to see the sun rise and set from the house and listen to the calm waves.

“Also, I can practice my Fis.h.i.+ng skill any time I wish.”

During the boat trip, he had fallen deeply in love with fis.h.i.+ng.

The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor Chapter 688

The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor Chapter 688