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The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor Volume 18 Chapter 1

Ahreupen Empire’s Sealed Memories

“Ahreupen’s seal!”Weed obtained the seal that the Ahreupen Emperor, one of the master sculptors, had created as a reward for the quest. The first emperor to create a unified empire in the Continent of Versailles.

The Seal of the Ahreupen Empire!

Weed wiped away the small tears in his eyes. Rather than the tears that he usually had when he was yawning, these were tears of joy.

“They say heaven helps those who help themselves. The words hold true to their meaning. I did not think I would get a reward this good.”

It was one of the few century old antiques to have appeared from the Continent of Versailles.

The Ahreupen Imperial Seal had more than one option on it, it was a coveted item that anyone would want to get their hands on.

“It took so much work and its still not in a complete state…”

As of now, the sculpture was at least a hundred times more valuable than jewelry.

Everyone wanted sacred items that had magical properties. He managed to repair the Ahreupen Seal to a nearly perfect condition so now its true power will be revealed.


– The Ahreupen Empire appreciated buildings from the Cla.s.sical Era.As a sculptor and the owner of this province, you can now construct buildings from the Cla.s.sical Era. Buildings from the Cla.s.sical Era were known to be very solemn and elegant, as well as big enough to accommodate large populations. The construction costs are very high but they give an effect of increasing fertility.
-You can now build special buildings.
Imperial Palace of the Ahreupen EmpireAt least 8 million gold in construction costs.

Only one can be constructed on the entire continent.

Political influence extends to the whole continent.

Loyalty and morale of knights will soar.

Reduces the likelihood of betrayal from the n.o.bility.

It has a lot of maids.

You will need a very large territory to construct.

If the Imperial Palace is constructed on farmland, then discontent from the civilians will increase dramatically.

Has a special effect over the city:

Increases the likelihood of wandering knights to pledge their loyalty.

Diplomatic effects.

He had gotten the skill Sculptural Memories from the quest. He could see the historical buildings of the Cla.s.sical Era and build them. He was not expecting such a reward. Weed did not think about building this at all. It even had a cost to hire workers to pull weeds out of the castle gardens.

Large ColosseumAt least 300 thousand gold in construction costs.

A place for gladiators.

Watching the fierce battles will relieve the stress of the citizens.

Admission will increase the city’s revenue.

The Lord’s reputation will increase when built.

The Colosseum will create a lot of brave gladiators.

Special Effects:

Gladiators will come to test their strength.

Rapidly increase the training of soldiers.

Rock FortAt least 500 thousand gold in construction costs.

Can serve as a citadel for the city.

Can be build in mountains and high cliffs.

Has essential shops and housing for soldiers.

Depending on the terrain, a number of blessings can be granted and it can be used as an outpost against monster raids.

The number of quests available to fight against monsters increase significantly and materials gathered from monsters will become available on the market.

If the fort falls, then the Lord’s reliability to provide the residents safety drops sharply.

Special Effects:

Expansion of territory.

Special Ahreupen Grainery.At least 40 thousand gold in construction costs.

This is a very special building.

A very large building towering towards the sky!

The Ahreupen Empire created multiple layers inside the grainery to store large amounts of grain.

Can store large amounts of grain, alcohol, and fruit underground for very long periods of time.

Reduces the number of starving residents and stabilizes the price of food.

Residents will not need to worry about food and children like to look at the large granaries.

When the continent was united under the Ahreupen Empire, this was the most essential building for safety, fertility, and the economy.

City wide festivals can be triggered.

Special Effects:

Neighboring residents will immigrate because they will not need to worry about starving.

Mysterious Fairy PondConstruction Cost: 1000 gold

A small, quiet natural ponds with clear water is a favorite for Fairies. It is difficult to find a place to build it. Once the pond is built, then fairies will come to play around. In most cases the fairies will not pull malicious pranks. The Fairy Queen may present unexpected gifts.

Special Effects:

Increase nature affinity and mysterious events may occur.

Ahreupen HousesConstruction Costs: 2000 gold.

A four story building made out of stone. St.u.r.dy and does not break easily. These middle cla.s.s houses can house many generations of residents together. It will become more popular if built next to a lake or a river. Increases public security and the satisfaction of the residents.

Special Effects:

Increase the resistance to natural disaster and reduces damaging to the structure.

Sculptor’s Cave ComplexAt least 30 thousand gold in construction costs.

A place for sculptors to gather and learn new sculpting techniques.

Helps to develops the city’s culture.

Castle RuinsAt least 70 thousand in construction costs.

To build this structure the city’s culture, art, and technology must be evenly developed.

A special building from the Ahreupen Empire that spirits live in.

Spirits like to play tricks on young children.

Spirits can not be caught.

Spirits reduce the number of children attacked by monsters.

This building increases the development of magic.

Ahruepen Merchant CenterAt least 25 thousand gold to construct.

The Ahreuepn Empire preferred artists and merchants.

Independent free traders can rest here.

Built in places with good public security so their wagons can be stored here.

It is possible to increase bargaining skills and the movement speed of wagons for a few days after resting here.

Tilted Leaning TowerAt least 150 thousand gold in construction costs.

Questions will be raised as to the nature of the Leaning Tower

Raises elemental affinity with mages.

Special Effects: Raises elemental affinity based on the nature of the surrounding area.

Leather Production Center.At least 1200 gold in construction costs.

This place will sell leather and leather products.

There were as many as 300 buildings from the Ahreupen Empire that raised military, economics, or education. They required large amounts of money and stone by default as well as some needed jewelry and other precious metals.

Seeing as the large amount of materials that were required for construction, Weed as the Lord thought that they didn’t have much value because the levels of technology, culture, and economy were low. That meant the construction would be mediocre.

The Ahreupen Empire Imperial Palace required a monstrous amount of precious metals.

Weed looked through the list again.

– The Ahreupen Empire gathered information on blacksmithing skills to make weapons and armors. The Ahreupen Empire was in a ceaseless war of conquest.They had to fight humans for territory and hunt large monsters.

Despite their low skill levels, the Ahreupen Empire used padded leather to make heavy weight, high defense armors.

You can now make clothing and armor from the Imperial Knights and Guard.

-You have acquired the sewing skills of Ahreupen Empire clothing.Clothing such as the wizard robes, royal clothing, the imperial chef, the palace maid, and a variety of other clothing.
-There are still things unknown to the Sculptural Memories skill because the Seal of the Emperor could not be read completely. There are still parts of the sculpture that is damaged that require restoration.

It was true that hard work cultivated art!

Since Weed learned the Sculptural Memories skill, he could not earn more money.

He had learned the sewing methods for a large number of different types of equipment for his Sewing skill.

Weed had a twisted smile.

“ think that in this world that you can achieve things without having to give up on life.”

You could not go wrong living a life of hard work!

The Seal of the Emperor was a very old historical item so there were still things unknown about it. Even so, he still managed to get a way to earn a wide variety of income.

That much was going to be obvious!


A crazed laugh came from Weed’s mouth.

Even more than the laugh when he found a sword or armor from hunting!

“If it’s this much then it’s going to be much better than the Demon Sword or the Ancient s.h.i.+eld.”

That is what came out when he finished his calculations.

For such a treasure to come to a sculptor was like a lifeline to increase the art stat.

However, somewhere along the line, the Ahreupen Kingdom collapsed.

He needed to restore the rest of the sculpture if he wanted to read the remaining memories.

Weed’s Sculpture Repair skill was significantly low since he hardly repaired sculptures!

“I need to break a few sculptures and repair them.”

He needed to raise his skill to finish the S rank quest but he expected a good reward.

“Well, I better go.”

The old mercenary that was with Weed finally left. In the River of Wailing, he drunk a lot of expensive alcohol. He would even sing while he drank. It was hard taking care of him and now he was finally gone. He had gotten the Imperial Seal from the mercenary. Now the mercenary was going back.

Weed’s eyes became sharp.

‘It was tough to obtain.’

Of course it was going to be difficult to contact the mercenary now. He could just check up on him some other time of course. Weed grasped both of the old mercenary’s hands.

“It was an honor. So it’s goodbye until we meet again? Try not to eat or drink too much. Here’s some snacks you can eat.”

He was pretending like it was a regretful parting that was both tender and heartwarming.

“I’m sorry to burden you, be sure to take care of yourself now old man.”

“Not at all, it was a good experience.”

“I better hurry back to the kingdom.”

“Send me a letter sometime. There’s still a lot of things about my life as a mercenary I haven’t told you about.”

The story of the mercenary’s life was surprisingly accurate. It was a realistic look at the history of the Continent of Versailles and a lot of it was connected to Weed’s quest.


The mercenary was comfortable so he chuckled.

It was a little bit of intimacy he got from talking with the old mercenary.

They got to know each other to some extent.

“Come by my place sometime, you’ll always be welcome. I’m going now.”

“Next time, I’ll let you meet my nephew.”

Weed looked around after the mercenary left.

Around the River of Wailing were the tribes that fought against the Embinyu Denomination.

Turn in the quest!

He collected his rewards so he could return to Morata.

Weed had the reputation as the best sculptor in the entire Continent of Versailles.

So he understood wanting to hide the sculptures he had made in the past.

“Wyvern. I’m disappointed that I didn’t make them correctly.”

He hurriedly made them to get them in time for the fight against the Undying Legion. He had undoubtedly brought them to life one after another.

“Still, I sculpted them myself…”

There was a lot to be desire of the Wyverns from Weed.

They were the first sculptures that Weed had given life to.

They had a sharp angular face so they had a lot of wind resistance.

Nevertheless, they were had a strong pride and they would follow his commands but they were arrogant.

“Hey, what do you think?”

“Where is the master?”

“Gone. We’re completely free!”

The Wyverns would seem like they’re betraying Weed, so he needed to teach them. Since he gave them life first, they had a duty as the eldest. There was a time to play and eat to get fat, but in the north they were now hunting and growing faithfully. Weed summoned them at the mountain to go back to Morata. The six wyverns lined up side by side and they looked like they just had a bath since they were glistening.

“Hey…how are you?”

Weed said in an apologetic tone.

He usually mobilized them for war so he didn’t think about them that much.

“Master we have been well.”


“Unfortunately we could not see the master as often as we would want.”


He went ahead and rubbed Wah-1s face.

While he was doing so he could hear in on the Wyvern’s secret conversation.

“Why’s he being so nice to us?”

“There’s got to be a catch…”

“Be careful.”

Weed continue to stroke Wah-1’s face.

“Guys. It’s good to see you guys after so long.”

Weed was speaking gently now.

“I wanted to see your faces for such a long time.


The Wyverns remained silent.

Weed allowed them to spread their wings and enjoy flying around in the sky in his presence. Then Weed followed up with.

“You guys seem a little weak. I got some good food while I was hunting that you guys can try.”

The King Hydra and the Imugi meat that he was saving!

He split it up between the Wyverns the Geumini.

“I love you master.”

“Thank you.”

Wagu wagu.

The Wyverns ravenously tore through the meat with their mouths.

Geumini gracefully took out a small knife to slice it up and eat it.

After eating such delicious food, there was not part of the Wyverns that wasn’t satisfied. It was like a child that was proud of its parents.

“A few days ago we took down a bear centaur.”

“Bear centaur?”

“It was far away from Morata. We ate them. I wanted master to have a taste too.”

That meant that they were a humanoid species.

Even with expeditions, there was a large part of the north that was not detail and only known roughly.

There were many such places.

There were stories about these places too.

“How strong are you now?”

“Level 376.”

The Wyverns were over level 370.

When Weed gave life to them, they were only level 300 since they were only fine pieces.

It was Geumini’s turn after his meal.


Geumini was more difficult for Weed.

That was because he felt it was a waste to make him out of gold.

“I would like to thank you for the delicious meal.”

He was hungry and Weed was being nice today.

Geumini was very shy but he had excellent combat skills.

He could run fast and wield swords in both hands.

Weak monsters would be slain instantly and he worked well on top of the wyverns with his bow shooting arrows with archery.

A sculptural masterpiece!

He was made with a 20% bonus to his level so he was an elite at level 420.

It was the first superior statue that the had given life to.

Yellowy and Phoenix that he had made from rock were barely level 400.

“Master, I have pa.s.sed my goal of level 446.”

“That’s good, you put in a lot of effort.”

While the Wyverns were out playing, Geumini went in dungeons alone and hunted. He did not take breaks so that he could help Weed how had given him life.

“I went to hunt the monsters in the mine when you were gone.”

The abandoned mines nearby Morata!

Since Weed did not develop the mines, they became monster lairs. Geumini hunted the monsters and then mined for minerals with a pickaxe.

Since he had owners.h.i.+p of the minerals, it went into the storage. Weed could use it to build buildings or as minerals to make items.

“I learned a new skill. Golgolgol.”


Weed thought it was worth raising one of his own to be like this.

To think that Geumini would be this praiseworthy?

‘It’s too bad since all a sculptor would need is a hundred guys like Geumini.’

Mining skills were very useful to the economy.

Mineral discovery and pickaxe skills were useful skills.

“What is the skill?”

“Master do not be surprise, it is magic.”


Geumini had high intellect.

Since he was made using blacksmith skills there were the properties of fire, water, and metal.

The other things weren’t bad but he was thrilled that he was able to learn magic.

“Well done Geumini, but let me check what kind of magic that you got. Geumini skill window!”

Weed was able to access the skill windows of the sculptures he made.

Beginner Level 9 Sword Mastery (26%): Sword wielding skills. The higher the level, the stronger the power.Intermediate Level 7 Archery (88%): Has long range and increases the accuracy of arrows. You can reload quickly.

Intermediate Level 4 Fire Control Mastery (16%): Can create fire. The power is unlimited but too much heat will dissolve the body.

Level 3 Fluid Conversion (15%) – Can use heat to liquefy the body. Useful for repairing the body. However, some parts of the body may be lost permanently.

Geumini had ingenious skill with archery and sword-fighting. As he expected, magic skills had appeared!

Beginner Level 6 Jewelry Destruction Magic (69%): Can draw out the magic potential power of jewelry. The magic power depends on the caster’s ability and the value of the jewel. Magic consume a certain amount of jewelry every time.

Jewelry magic power.

It was a more comprehensive power than magic since it’s casting speed was extremely fast.

There was the decisive disadvantage of consuming jewelry.

Geumini was level 446 and he had high physical stats like strength and agility as well as wisdom and intellect. He had high potential as a wizard. He had developed an ability to use magic using his own body’s characteristics.

It was a very luxurious skill that defined him!

It was a skill that was suitable for Geumini, who was worth 17 thousand gold.

“Do not use it.”

“What? Golgolgol.”

“You can use this skill or Fluid Conversion in the future. But if you do I’ll melt you down into gold.”

If he was melted down he could not use any skills. That meant the only thing he was good for was to be sold.


Geumini couldn’t help but lament.

Geumini had the appearance of a bright and handsome young man, which was pretty impressive but not to Weed. Weed thought that the golden age of youth was in high school where young girls with money would eat tteokbokki, a spicy rice cake. Weed ignored Geumini.

Wah-1 came out and took one step forwards.

Of course he was doing something other than defending his younger sibling Geumini.



“The situation in town is alarming.”

Then Weed’s voice became serious.

“What is it?”

While hunting in Morata, the Wyverns scouted their surroundings.

Weed had invested a lot of money, 300 thousand gold, in Morata as well as making a lot of sculptures. The Church of Freya had been appointed for a duration but that was not a reason to let the pressure off. They scouted the surrounding area because they could not simply rely on the Paladins of Freya.

“The quarry near the town has been getting more crowded recently.”

Wah-1 began to explain.

It was hard for them to understand what was going on because of their age.

But Weed could understand.

“It appears that there’s a large increase in soldiers.”

The construction of barracks and the conscription of soldiers.

There were not many residents near Morata. Immigrants would come to settle up in the north but not in such large numbers. Mercenaries and other conscripted units were a different story. There was a lot less prey to hunt because there were a large number of people that had to hunt nearby.

The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor

The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor

Dalbic Jogaksa, LMS, 달빛조각사
Score 8.6
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Artist: , Released: 2007 Native Language: Korean
The man forsaken by the world, the man a s*ave to money and the man known as the legendary God of War in the highly popular MMORPG Continent of Magic. With the coming of age, he decides to say goodbye, but the feeble attempt to earn a little something for his time and effort ripples into an effect none could ever have imagined. Through a series of coincidences, his legendary avatar is sold for 3 billion won, bringing great joy to him, only to plunge him into despair at losing almost all of it to vicious loan sharks. With revelation of money through gaming, he rises from the abyss with new found resolve and steps forward into the new age of games led by the first ever Virtual Reality MMORPG, Royal Road. This is the legend of Lee Hyun on his path to becoming Emperor with only his family’s loving heart, his boundless desire for money, his unexpected mind, his diligently forged body and the talent of hard work backing him.


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