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The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor Volume 19 Chapter 1

Captain of the Ghost s.h.i.+p

Using sculpture transformation Weed was in the appearance of the Lich Pirate Deorol. There were limits to the Lich’s magic, health and mana absorption ability, but he was still a high-ranking undead. When Weed spoke, the ghost sailors trembled.

“Please, relieve your anger.”

“I implore you to not throw me into the sea, with a rock tied to my ankle.”

“The waters here are shark infested. Captain, don’t use me as shark bait, I’ll do anything you command me to do.”

“I only have 2 teeth left… Surely, you won’t pull them too? Are you going to make me toothless like the First Mate?”

With the crew in despair, Weed couldn’t miss this opportunity. With his shoulders raised proudly he asked.

“Who am I to you?”

“You are the owner of this s.h.i.+p, ruler of the 7 seas, and our Master!”

The ghost sailors, who were symbols of terror, rubbed their hands together and sang his praises. They went to their knees, and bowed down to Weed.

Appearing weak against the strong and strong against the weak was typical of Weed.


“Kellkellkell!” While Weed’s sailors were playing around, Pale’s party were surveying on the deck.

“We aren’t going any further from the reef, it the s.h.i.+p even moving?”

“It’s really slow.”

The Ghost s.h.i.+p was originally a slow s.h.i.+p.

Weed touched up the s.h.i.+p with his blacksmith skill, but the Ghost s.h.i.+p was an old rust bucket. The maximum number of pa.s.sengers, that was allowed on this medium sized s.h.i.+p, was only 70 people!

Pale’s party, plus the Geomchis were on the s.h.i.+p; due to their weight, the s.h.i.+p sunk even lower below the water and could not move. Geomchis were people that could make a 12 people limit elevator, maxed out with only 8 people.

“The waves are really strong; and the wind is blowing in the opposite direction of where we want to go!”

Strong winds, heavy waves, reefs scratching the s.h.i.+p, and seaweed were getting tangled on the rudder. The Ghost s.h.i.+p that carries misfortune!


With a frightful noise, where the ghosts of the dead congregate, it was surely a s.h.i.+p of dread. During sailing, all kinds of bad things were happening.

The Ghost s.h.i.+p was going around in circles and Weed and the ghost sailors were chatting around and, “I am Deorol!” could be heard.

“Fiercest Pirate Deorol! He plunders from the rich then, then without mercy takes everything from the poor, women, and even children!”

“Kuheheheh!” Weed laughed proudly.

Where his left eye should be, there was an eye patch; and he had a red bandana tied around his head. Where his ears should be there was a hole, and around it hung a pair of earrings.

**Palang Palang**

The earrings that were made of a silver coin, and made noise every time the wind blew.

“This is what real pirates should be wearing.”

Pirates and a Lich’s romanticism! Pale and his party tried to keep their distance from Weed. The outfit even repelled Surka, the youngest of the group.Twelve days of boring sailing pa.s.sed.

Due to the speed of the Ghost s.h.i.+p, the trip was 3-4 times longer then normal; but they finally the reached the Neria Sea.

Neria Sea is the Versailles Continent’s largest inland sea. From here all kinds of s.h.i.+ps such and fis.h.i.+ng, explorers and merchant s.h.i.+ps go back and forth each day.

The s.h.i.+p was running out of provisions; Weed and Zephyr used their fis.h.i.+ng skills to make up for the lack of food. Fis.h.i.+ng skill intermediate level 4! It was lower than Weed’s other skills, since he could only raise them near a river, lake or sea. In the Neria Sea, morning, noon, and evening was fis.h.i.+ng time.

“I got a big catch!”, Beside him, Zephyr raised his fis.h.i.+ng rod. “Oh ho, it’s a clam this time. Wow, it even has a pearl inside.” He had caught a pearl oyster.

Weed glimpsed this occurrence, but a not one word left his mouth. Zephyr, with his fis.h.i.+ng skills, could fish up a great white shark, small whales and antiques from the sea. Weed could get, cutla.s.s, mackerel, or if he was lucky a red sea bream fish. This hurt Weed’s delicate pride. Weed threw his line deep into the sea. Moments later, due to a fish nibbling on the bait the line moved.

‘Looks like I’ll get a large fish this time’

In the sea, fish with high vitality and strength could be caught. If those fish are eaten, life recovery goes up. Furthermore if it was cooked and eaten, it raises maximum HP by 1. Of course even if the same meal was eaten, the effect is the same; but you could get stronger even while resting, so many users enjoyed food and rest together.

Weed pulled on the fis.h.i.+ng rod with all his strength. “Big catch!” The fish with its mouth opened wide caught on the hook. It couldn’t really be called a fish, since it was a sea monster with nine legs and an ugly face.

“Kwaaarg!” The monster tried to threaten Weed with its roar. However Weed’s appearance was that of a Lich, his eyes were burning bright, and even his earrings stopped the monster from struggling.

In terms of cruelty, no one could top Weed. “ It looks pretty tasty!” Weed cut up the sea monster into pieces, and used it for an ingredient for the seafood soup. It wasn’t a bad catch, especially since he hadn’t prepared bait for fis.h.i.+ng in the sea. During that time Zephyr pulled in a large tuna, one that he could barely carry.

‘Now I know what they mean by, “When a cousin buys land, your stomach hurts”(t/n: Korean saying for envy). Weed acted as if he didn’t notice the tuna caught by Zephyr.

“Your fis.h.i.+ng skill is unmatched as always.”

“This isn’t much, Brother.”

“It seems you caught many valuables…”

Pottery, old bottles, even fish holding treasure in their bellies, were all caught by Zephyr. If you compare his fis.h.i.+ng to hunting, he was making just as much. Zephyr had an advanced skill in fis.h.i.+ng, and he used it to the best of his abilities.

The baits that could only be used for fis.h.i.+ng in the sea struggled vigorously on the hook. When a fish came close the bait (worm, shrimp, and baby tuna) did their best to dance and tempt the fish. As a big fish, the temptation was too much, it couldn’t resist biting on the hook.

With his advanced level in fis.h.i.+ng, Zephyr even had the bait tracking skill. By looking at the surface of the water he could see the hook deep underneath the sea, in a magnified view. He could even manipulate the hook to move, using mana. Using this skill he could survey the sea and find the fish to target.

There are rumors of one player who only fished in Royal Road, and his best find was a s.h.i.+pwreck filled with treasure. A fisher wasn’t a job to be ignored.

Zephyr had a great deal of good food, from fis.h.i.+ng; so he used his high strength and health/vitality to partic.i.p.ate in battles. When a large mob of monsters grouped together, nimbly sending bait that matched the monster; and then coaxing them to separate from the group, was a fisherman’s specialty.

“Once you get into it, fis.h.i.+ng is something that has a lot of depth”, said a Zephyr, who hated long explanations.“It’s mostly all luck. My luck stat is over 700, so that’s why fis.h.i.+ng is so easy for me.” Weed had his Art stat as a sculptor, Zephyr as a fisherman had Luck. Leisurely fis.h.i.+ng in the river while increasing stamina and vitality; Zephyr who had an incredible amount of luck! Even when hunting, monsters frequently missed, and they also dropped a lot of loot and equipment.

Zephyr was someone who looked like a lazy person but in reality tries really hard to be the best. He was a kind of cheeky character who you can’t hate! He cast his line and asked Weed.

“Umm… Hyung-nim, about Yurin…”


“I’m just asking, but if Yurin got herself a boyfriend, what kind of guy would suit her? I want to know what you think as her brother.”

Zephyr asked Weed for his opinion as if he wasn’t really curious.

“Yurin’s boyfriend…” Weed thought for a moment then answered.

“He has to be a kind guy, someone who really cherishes my sister.”

“That’s right isn’t it.”

Weed gained his knowledge about taking care of a girl, by taking care of his sister. Yurin was still young, but it was an important period in her life, where she could move forward in the world. She could meet a man, or set goals for her life. If she wanted to study abroad, then she should go. Living for a dream, or love; experiencing success, failure, regretting or reminiscing about the past, is what life was about.

“Even if they fight as a couple, a man who uses violence is no good.”

“Hahaha, of course of course.”

“When they’re dating he can’t even let one drop or water touch her hand.”


“If I ever find a mark left from water; that is the day I’ll kill him”


It was the heart of the brother who didn’t want his sister to suffer even a bit.

On the sea, Hwaryeong’s friend Bellotte, and other girls, became remarkably close and were chatting together. They bathed in the sunlight and lounged around the deck to share stories.

“I’m sure it must have been frightening, when Weed boarded the Ghost s.h.i.+p alone.”

Surka imagined the scene in her head. The storm would have been raging, sky covered in darkness, and raining relentlessly. The Ghost s.h.i.+p would have been covered in seaweed and broken in many places.

“He boarded the s.h.i.+p filled with undead sailors alone! It’s really scary you know.”

Most of the women sympathized with what Surka was saying. It would be like a scene from a horror movie, but probably worse. In the Royal Road forums, there were posts of users saying they saw the Ghost s.h.i.+p pa.s.s by. Other posts talk about the Ghost s.h.i.+p that silently by, undead sailors with no legs or arms, who will bring a scream to your throat if your eyes meet.

To board a Ghost s.h.i.+p at night, and alone would have taken an amazing amount of courage.

Hwaryeong stuck her tongue out as she said, “Basically, instead of the victim in a horror movie, Weed is ….” Irian finished the statement.

“More like a horror movie’s monster.”

Weed was frightening in the fact that he had the ability to exploit the Ghost s.h.i.+p and its crew. At that moment they could hear Weed’s skill ‘Lion’s Roar’.

“It’s time to work!” While on the sea you would think there would be nothing to do but rest, but that would be a huge mistake.

There would only be a moment of free time, as the sun rises from the East. Everyone spread out on the deck to let the undead sailors do their work.

The sailors let down nets from the side of the s.h.i.+p. “You could say the sea is nature’s repository; there is no need to buy food.” For meals, fish needed to be caught. When Weed’s order went out, the undead sailors frantically moved to do their jobs.

When Weed was in command of orcs, dark elf or undead he was a strong and a commander overflowing with charisma. Even dreadful monsters (and Weed) had something they truly feared.

Something that Weed could never forget in his life was the landlord, L-A-N-D-L-O-R-D.


When he lived on a monthly rent, his mouth ran dry from anxiousness.

These were the times when he watched out to see if the landlord was in or not. Even if the walls were covered in mold, the boiler was broken, or the lights were out; not one word of protest would be made. The landlord didn’t talk very much.

“Are you going to vacate the house?” For some reason after buying his home, he dreamt up a nightmare that couldn’t come true. In the dream, after buying the house, the old landlord came.

“Since you moved into a better house, pay 20000 won more every month!” Even in the dream Weed instinctively pleaded.

“Just a few more days… There is money coming in, but I haven’t received it yet. I’ll properly pay on time next month.” The one being that could make Weed meek without a doubt was a landlord.

Weed surveyed the indigo sea on the deck.

The islands that could be seen with the eye increased, and merchant s.h.i.+ps and other sailing vessels could be seen pa.s.sing by.

“Anyway, We’ve arrived in Neria!” Even with the Geomchis’ weight, the slow/rickety Ghost s.h.i.+p, undead sailors who are weak on the sea, and other negative influences; they arrived near their destination, albeit barely.

When a dolphin, which is a symbol of luck, appears even the Ghost s.h.i.+p became a lot faster. The Ghost s.h.i.+p was a s.h.i.+p, that even the dolphins out sped past in a moment. The Ghost s.h.i.+p is called the calamity of the sea, but when ridden it was nothing more than a ridiculously slow a.s.s boat.

“At this rate, if we want to go out into the far reaches of the sea, it will probably take two-No, three months!” After arriving in Neria Sea they realized the seriousness of the problem. Even a s.h.i.+p with one sail could move at a faster speed than the Ghost s.h.i.+p.

Since the undead sailors don’t eat they’re fine, but to feed all the Geomchis fis.h.i.+ng is necessary. If fish can’t be caught for a few days, it would become a situation where everyone would starve. There were times where they landed and explored islands in search of food and water.

Another problem was Weed being new to navigating the seas as a captain. With the blacksmith skill the s.h.i.+p could be repaired and sculptures could be made, but there were no navigational skills. Since Weed couldn’t get a grasp on the direction he should be heading; things such as the Ghost s.h.i.+p heading in wrong direction, or getting caught in the ocean current, happened in frequent succession.

“Well, since it looks like we’ll arrive at the Island of Ipia in 2-3 hours, I guess I should prepare. Call Death Knight Van Hawk!”

“You called me, master?”

“I have something for you to do. Follow me.” Weed went down into the s.h.i.+p’s storage and got busy with his hands. “Drink, Drink!” The fish that were caught with the fis.h.i.+ng skill were coolly stored. Weed was forcefully feeding the fish water.


Death Knight Van Hawk was now nimble with his hands, and could fed the fish water. The reason was that a fish that was heavier and plump sold better.The Island of Ipia was a known attraction for vacationing; the beach was crowded with users who enjoyed the waves and the sun.

“Sometimes, you need this kind of rest.”

“This is paradise.” People enjoyed the rest as if they were in heaven.

The Island of Ipia was one of the 8 islands on the Versailles continent known for its beauty, so it was full of tourists all year around. The island’s beachside lodges, that looked like they came straight out of a painting (and appealing food) were some of its main points that kept bringing tourists. The s.h.i.+ning sun and the cool sea! Take a dip in the sea, bask in the sunlight, have a sand bath, and finally have a bar-be-que party, with beer at night. These activities makes for and enjoyable day, which is why people who are tired from repet.i.tive dungeon grinding visit the Island of Ipia.

Suddenly, large sailing vessels appeared near Island of Ipia! The vessels looked so decrepit and unseaworthy, that it was hard to believe that the fleet of 7 vessels still floated! Most sea vessels have figureheads to avoid storms and disasters at sea; such as a statue of Freya, dolphins, and spirits of the sea. The vessels that just appeared had a statue of a one-eyed, one armed, and one legged pirate.

The fleet of Ghost s.h.i.+ps led by Weed had arrived at the Island of Ipia. The island was located near the edge of the Neria Sea, where it met the wide ocean, so there were many adventurers and merchants. It took a long time for the s.h.i.+ps to arrive at the island, after it appeared on the horizon.

**Kuhiiing, Kwazizizick**

The reason was due to the contact with the seaweed and the reef, which slowed the s.h.i.+ps down. The Ghost s.h.i.+p lowered its sails and dropped its anchor then Weed’s party rode on a rowboat to sh.o.r.e.

“Selling all kinds of fish. Mackerel pike, cutla.s.s, salmon, and tuna! You name it, I have it! It’s a chance you don’t want to miss! They’re very fresh, so have a taste! I am also selling shrimp and clam, very cheap!”

It was a business chance that Weed couldn’t miss. He caught a lot of fish from the 12 days on the sea, while raising his fis.h.i.+ng skill.

“Oppa, is that person a Lich?”

“I think he is… Wow a real Lich…. Even a Lich sells stuff now.”

Weed was someone who makes profits, even from using his appearance. There were a lot of good looking people who came to the island, but there weren’t any people who brought attention with curiosity. Weed stuck out his skull head with pride.

‘I knew this day would come, where I would bring attention with my face. It was because of other people that my appearance didn’t stand out.’

Zephyr, who looks attractive, even from a male perspective; and Pale, who had a decent fas.h.i.+on sense. Ever since Weed a.s.sociated with the Geomchis, he thought he was alienated by women.

In reality, if the girls who hunted with him, were excluded, like Surka, Irene, ones introduced by Mapan/Hwaryeong, and those whose relations.h.i.+p are ambiguous like Seoyoon; he wasn’t all that popular with girls.

‘Indeed, a man should present himself as he wants. All he needs is confidence.’ Weed laughed as he sold fish, the female users’ hands went to their weapons.

The people with the priest cla.s.s saw the undead Lich Weed and thought ‘Experience!’

‘Will he really drop items?’ For those of the priest cla.s.s, hunting the undead gives a lot more experience, fame and faith; so even the female priestesses flocked around Weed.

Everyone was itching to take out their weapons, but it looked like a human user, and not a monster so they were all hesitating. The reason was that if their name became red, they would be killed without a doubt.

“We only have 2 sardines left.” The fresh, tasty and nutritious sardines were caught from a sea to the Northwest. You can fry it, boil it, bake it, add it to a soup, or eat it raw since it’s that fresh. Special price of only 23 silver each, if you buy both, it’s can be yours for only 44 silver!”

If you buy it, you’ll feel like it was such a bargain, and if you don’t buy it, it feels like you’ll regret it. This was the feeling that Weed brought with his business ability. After selling all the fish, Weed took his steps in stride in the streets.

‘It’s probably the first time a Lich ever came into a town.’ Weed had confidence in his pride of being the first, but the island’s guards gave him looks as if he were a criminal.

People were shocked to see an undead. As those who use forbidden magic, necromancers are shunned in all kingdoms in the continent. A Lich is considered a higher rank of a necromancer, and as such Weed was treated the same. Users whispered among themselves and were amazed.

“He must be a really high leveled magician.”

“Is that a Necromancer’s second job or even a third job?” Weed walked by, keeping silent to maintain his stature as a Lich. The only thing left by Weed, as he pa.s.sed by, was the stench of rotting flesh and fish.

Pale and the others had visited many vacation spots before. The reason was that they weren’t obsessed with hunting and raising skill levels like Weed was.

“I think this place was one of the best places I’ve visited. I’ve heard that spending the summer in the Island of Ipia was great, and they were right.” Surka said enviously.

How enjoyable would it be to spend a week on the Island of Ipia. The sea was full of coral and the island had a small mountain, that was full of palm like trees; the sight couldn’t be any wonderful.

“So cool.”

Even Romuna was impressed by the view of the Island of Ipia. You could experience many enjoyable things in the game, which you couldn’t see (or do) in real life; it caused many people to become addicted to Royal Road.

You could have endless peace and quiet, but it could also be dangerous. This is because you can have an adventure, go hunting, become intimate with other people, and be caught in the web of Royal Road’s appeal.

Looking at Morata, the amount of users increased, and they were becoming happier. Every time Morata was mentioned Hwaryeong smiles brightly and says,“I think Weed always respects his people and the beginners; unlike the other lords.” The ones who knew Weed’s true self such as Mapan and Pale could only stay silent.

‘Why is it that we met the same Weed… Yet Hwaryeong’s view is so different from ours?’

“That’s what I call being ‘completely blinded’ Once they see his ‘good side’ it will be hard to convince otherwise.”

Bellotte made a suggestion. “How about we have a walk on the beach?”


“Let’s go!” Ipia Island’s beach was one of the most popular spots. Coming to Ipia Island and not taking a walking on the beach was unthinkable. There were many users in swimwear, and others had simple leather clothing. People were getting a tan, sand bathing, have a relaxing rest, or even jumping into the sea to enjoy the waters. In such a picturesque sight, a crowd could be seen gathering.

The Geomchis whose muscles were like bodybuilders came and were swimming or lying on the sand. It broke the pride of every male on the beach who were showing off their body.Weed entered the Maritime/Navigation Guild.

The guild was used by players who owned a s.h.i.+p, merchants, fishermen and those whose livelihood was in the sea.

Like other guilds it had an instructor and a training hall to teach essential skills. The guild taught skills such as how to drop an anchor, what to do in a storm, how to control the sail and other necessary skills.

When Weed came plodding along the instructor wasn’t surprised.

“You came here to learn Sailing skills?


“What do you want to learn?”

“I want to learn everything that helps in quickening a voyage”

“You’re pretty greedy. You have the qualifications?”

“Of course.” The Sailing skill was mostly learned by working the body hard.

“Then follow me!” The Maritime guild was larger than other guilds.

Weed followed the instructor’s teachings on how to row, control the sail, and other skills. To travel fast on the sea, wind had to be used effectively. Therefore, the skill for controlling the sail was essential. All the ghost sailors, and the first mate Nick, didn’t know how to control the sails.

The Ghost s.h.i.+p was a s.h.i.+p that travels slowly towards its target. Since the s.h.i.+p follows disaster, Weed had to learn the skill for using the sail effectively.

“A s.h.i.+p reacts differently depending on the direction of the ocean current. If you want to sail to the far reaches of the sea, you have to use the currents and know when to quickly turn the helm. To avoid sand bars and marine animals it’s a necessary skill.”

Weed followed his instructions and learned to turn the helm on a small s.h.i.+p. Every time Weed turned the helm the s.h.i.+p slowly turned in the direction Weed wanted it to go.

“You know how to swim? If you fall in the sea and you can’t swim you,die there and then.” The instructor pushed Weed into the water and he practiced swimming. Weed was a natural dog paddler expert. On the stage called a reservoir, Weed polished his art of dog paddling even in storms.

“It’s a weird form, but quick and effective. Even if you trip and fall into the sea you won’t die from it. With this much I’ll say you are qualified to learn the Navigation skill”


-You have learned the Sailing skill-

Sailing: travel affiliated skill

General skill to use a s.h.i.+p on the sea or river.

As the skill level goes up the skill in handling s.h.i.+ps increases and the s.h.i.+p gets bonus movement speed

Chances of meeting storms or hail decrease.

Long voyages, extraordinary discovery or sailing in ill wind increases the leveling speed of this skill

At intermediate skill level, the sailor’s discontent can be quelled and keep loyalty from dropping so it is useful for long voyages.

Current skill level: Beginner 1

The s.h.i.+p gets a 3% increase in speed.

Decrease of 1.5% chance of meeting storms.

-You have gained 4 Stamina from acquiring this skill!-You have gained 6 Leaders.h.i.+p from acquiring this skill!-You have gained 3 Agility from acquiring this skill!-You have gained 9 Luck from acquiring this skill!

Sailing skill was a skill so useful, that it was almost essential for users who started on islands or seaside towns. Even if they didn’t travel the seas often,you could raise several stats with this skill.

“Do you want to also learn the Chart reading skill?”

“It’s necessary to travel the seas, I want to learn it.” Weed learned how to read nautical charts. It was a skill to find a s.h.i.+p’s position from a compa.s.s and the s.h.i.+p’s speed by calculating. During a voyage, if a special discovery is found, or affection with marine life forms, an increases in the skill informs the position of their location. Of course the skill level had to be better than beginner for it to be possible. By learning the skill Weed gained 3 stats in Wisdom and Intelligence.

“If you want to learn s.h.i.+pbuilding I will teach you, with your handicraft skill you could learn it anytime you want.”

“I’ll learn it”

By acquiring a skill few stat points and gained. More the merrier was the saying when it came to skills. The s.h.i.+pbuilding skill could be levelled by constructing small boats using wood, since Weed had advanced handicraft and sculpting, it was piece of cake. For s.h.i.+ps sailing on the sea the most central thing is functionality. Following that, Weed listened to the instructor recount his experiences of s.h.i.+pbuilding. After acquiring the s.h.i.+pbuilding skill Weed gained 5 Stamina, Strength and Endurance. Even though Weed was pretty much a jack of all trades he didn’t have the confidence to raise the s.h.i.+pbuilding skill to the intermediate or advanced level.

‘It takes too long to make a s.h.i.+p.’ There was also the limitation of only being able to sell and make one near the sea. ‘In that regard a sculptor is much better’

Weed found a positive side to sculpting.Hunting, hunting and more hunting!

Seoyoon killed all the monsters that attacked her and picked up the items. As expected of a berserker the more monsters there are the stronger they get. Seoyoon was the type of person to dive straight into a dungeon no matter how dangerous it was. Seoyoon cleared the Valley of Echoes, Spirit Ridge, and Cactus Gorge all by herself. In the North she was the first person to discover the hunting areas, so she received more fame, experience and items.

In the area full of high level monsters, Seoyoon hunted in the dungeons and completed quests.

-My fawn has run away from home. If you have the time can you find her?

It was the request of a deer Seoyoon met near a stream.

Seoyoon never spoke in Royal Road except for the time she sent a friend request to Weed. From not speaking, she gained a certain skill.

Soul Conversation: Can converse with animals, monsters, spirits and legendary beings.

Skill not only affected by skill level but also affected greatly by closeness, Charisma, and Charm.

Can send simple greetings, but cannot converse with monsters that have been hunted.

Seoyoon received quests from monster and animals. Quests for her occurred not in towns, but in far places such as a mountain spring.

Just because of the request by that deer Seoyoon cleared multiple dungeons to find the fawn.

Luckily, the fawn was saved by Seoyoon before it almost became food.

-Did my mother send you? Thank you. Since you were able to save me you must be very skilled.

The fawn gave her valuable information in return for saving her.

-There is a necklace with gems, that humans really like, and it was thrown away in that forest over there. If no one picked it up it probably is still there. I want to see that necklace again and mother would like to as well.

Treasure quest, get! Seoyoon headed in the direction of the forest with the necklace.

The Valley of Death, it wasn’t far from the place where Seoyoon and Weed arduously traveled together.

‘He was sick…I made him rice porridge. I wonder if it tasted good.’ At that time Seoyoon displayed great courage, since it was the first time she cooked for someone and personally feeding them.

She was trembling from nervousness so much, she didn’t season the porridge properly; she just concentrated on feeding Weed carefully. The porridge was salty, spicy and bitter! For Seoyoon that moment became a heartwarming memory.

‘I was happy that time.’ When she had travelled with Weed, she didn’t feel lonely, and at times had to she keep herself from laughing.

‘There was that sculpture in the cave.’ She remembered seeing Weed carving a loving couple that cared for each other in the extreme cold. Since she could meet Weed in school she didn’t miss him.

‘I have to be strong enough to support him’ She didn’t want to see Weed killed by a monster.

Everyday Seoyoon roamed the hunting grounds. She spent a lot more time hunting monsters. She was invited by the vampire to Todeum. When vampire lord Tori invited Weed at the Valley of Death, Seoyoon was there with him.

“Beautiful lady, you can visit Todeum anytime.” Tori gave a rose to Seoyoon while Weed wasn’t watching and invited her. Vampire Lord Tori was a very simple vampire. Whenever he saw beautiful women he tried to become intimate with them by saying,“Beautiful lady, have you thought of becoming a vampire by any chance?”


-Hidden race ‘vampire’ has been unlocked, do you want to become a vampire?

When you switch to a different race that race’s special abilities can be used.

But, the penalty for dying is 3 times the normal rate of experience, and skill.

There are restrictions on equipment that a vampire and equip and use.

The vampire race’s physical abilities are incomparably greater than a warrior’s and have great vitality, battle ability and they can use magic.

As long as you are a vampire you can promote to a Vampire Queen or a Vampire Lord.

But, if you are killed 7 times or a silver nail is embedded into your heart you return to being a human.

Without a doubt Seoyoon refused.

Seoyoon, who was wary of suspicious people, didn’t want her neck bitten by Tori. When she left Todeum the vampire kingdom, Tori followed her.

“Sure enough, you need to find a good master.” She was incomparable to Weed in her treatment of Tori. She didn’t scold or beat him up.

Since Tori was hunting together with the beauteous Seoyoon, there couldn’t be anything that could make him happier. Even the true blood vampires led by Tori hunted with Seoyoon and grew in level.

The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor

The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor

Dalbic Jogaksa, LMS, 달빛조각사
Score 8.6
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Artist: , Released: 2007 Native Language: Korean
The man forsaken by the world, the man a s*ave to money and the man known as the legendary God of War in the highly popular MMORPG Continent of Magic. With the coming of age, he decides to say goodbye, but the feeble attempt to earn a little something for his time and effort ripples into an effect none could ever have imagined. Through a series of coincidences, his legendary avatar is sold for 3 billion won, bringing great joy to him, only to plunge him into despair at losing almost all of it to vicious loan sharks. With revelation of money through gaming, he rises from the abyss with new found resolve and steps forward into the new age of games led by the first ever Virtual Reality MMORPG, Royal Road. This is the legend of Lee Hyun on his path to becoming Emperor with only his family’s loving heart, his boundless desire for money, his unexpected mind, his diligently forged body and the talent of hard work backing him.


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