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The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor Volume 19 Chapter 7

Adventurer of Las Phalanx

Weed’s Arts Center was officially open! The first guests were the Mandol couple who requested the sculpture. And the next day the doors properly opened.

“Weed’s sculptures are in here?”

Morata users were quite interested in Weed’s sculpture. The effects of the light tower and the The Sculpture of Freya were always benefiting hunting so the users looked forward to the Arts Center’s new sculptures.

The admission was 10 gold. For people under level 100 the price was three gold. Prices even applied to mercenary and subordinate NPCs. For groups of 30 or more, they got a 50% discount.. There was signage regarding admission fees starting at the entrance. Student or senior discounts were cold-heartedly denied. However the elderly and students of Royal Road are much more frightening.

“Nothing to do at this old age…Elder s.h.i.+n what level are you?”

“Around Level 360. Hulhul.”

“You’ve leveled up a lot. Similar to Goo Grannie in the lower town nursing home.”

“No no, I’m a difficult to level magician cla.s.s. You can’t compare me to her.”

The senior’s children don’t play with them and their grandchildren have all grown up. But that doesn’t mean they should go play all day. From Entertainment to Music, News to Dramas the elderly had experienced it all, but Royal Road was a new world. In reality, their backs would get more crooked and their health would deteriorate however, in Royal Road they could have a new body again.

Because of their overwhelming free time, grandmothers and grandfathers could easily hunt monsters all the time.

“But isn’t the entrance fee too expensive?”

“What kind of Arts Center charges 10 gold for?”

Morata users that had waited since the morning were full of complaints. It was because if they paid and there wasn’t much to see they would regret it.

“Well if its only 10 gold I guess seeing it once wouldn’t be too much of a waste?”

“Well Weed’s amazing sculptures helped a lot with hunting so I guess I’ll see it as repayment and look inside.”

The users bought their tickets and entered the Arts Center. The 5-story building had 2 underground floors and a large garden. The garden was a comfortable s.p.a.ce where one could relax and view the sculptures. Sculptures such as bronze statues confessing their love, monster hunting, and bronze bear statues that children liked.

“Sandwiches and meat for sale.”

“Please try the Art Hall meal set.”

The restaurants also opened their doors. They advertised that families could relax as they ate. There was a stage for bards that was already completed, though it currently wasn’t being used.

“Let’s view the Art hall then let’s go.”

“We should see it fast and go hunting.”

Novices and users crowded past the entrance area. They wanted to skip everything and see Weed’s work. From B2 to the second floor was several exhibition s.p.a.ce for the other general artists. Well known Morata painters and sculptors now had a place to exhibit their work. Artists up until now had to earn money by selling commissioned works. But with the opening of the Arts Center now it was possible to receive money from admissions. It was an opportunity to show their work to a large audience and artists and sculptors could get their name out.

“Here is my work.”

“Borahum, it’s this way. There’s a black pig sculpture from the east.”

The Morata’s artists at this moment felt a great deal of joy.

“You cannot find another lord that treasures artwork to this extent in all the Versailles continent.”

“Since he himself is a sculptor he probably understands our plight.”

When the Arts Center opened Morata’s fame went up by 60. Morata’s fame went up with winning the war, and dramatically raised its fame with all the cultural achievements. The affiliated artists from Morata that traveled to show off their work received special treatments and privileges.

“A bard of Morata’s production? It must’ve been a long journey. Would you like to come perform at our village? I’ll pay you 20 gold more than your usual rate.”

“If it’s a sculpture of Morata, then they are really popular so they sell well. If the original price is 7 gold, I will pay you 5 gold more.”

Although the north was not yet fully realized, artists felt the rewards from it. But the true value of the Arts Center was they could have their work appreciated. An artwork that is properly displayed gives off an additional 20% increase in certain options and price. It would be preserved in perfect condition so even if time pa.s.sed they wouldn’t be damaged. Sculpture and paintings by themselves usually could not have c.u.mulative effects, but it differed in the arts center. One sculpture increased the effect of the other, so when fully appreciated it created better advantages when paired. Featured artists had the opportunity to make new bold artworks. The users were content that they could view an array of artworks in one place and felt that the expensive admission could be justified.

“But there’s a lot of empty s.p.a.ces.”

“Its only the opening so it probably can’t be helped.”

“Since there is empty slots, shouldn’t they have a discount on the admission fee?”

Morata’s artwork couldn’t be displayed without any distinguis.h.i.+ng. Each artist only volunteered their work so there was only a few works on display.

The visitors went up to the third floor. It was full of Weed’s little sculptures from traveling around. Monster of every kind from each providence; there was even miniatures of cities. The city of Serabourg in the Rosenheim Kingdom, the Grava mountain range, The city in the sky Lavias, the free city of Somren, and the trek through the Bar Khu mountains. There was also the Yurokina Mountain range in the plains of despair. It was like a miniature version of the Versailles continent was created. Each piece was created during his travels so they weren’t all the same size or quality but each monster, tree, mansion and other works caught the visitors eyes. Since carrying them while traveling was getting harder, they were all put into the Art’s Center.

“A tremendous amount of devotion dwells in these works.”

“There are so many sculptures”

The visitor eyes were filled with wonder as they saw Weed’s sculptures. It was a display of one person’s maximum potential. On the fourth floor, one-third of it was a hall made of gla.s.s so you could see inside. There. they were able to view dolls. The sculptures of From Birth to Death, was shown inside the gla.s.s displays. It was an impeccable sculpture where a st.i.tch wasn’t out of place. It was created by a large amount of concentration and focus. It wasn’t just about one child’s growth. The viewer could experience and connect with this life. Over time, the possibility of human and the potential for happiness shows life is precious. Looking at the dolls of a person’s life one had a vivid experience of the creation. Family, tears, pain and joy all naturally emulated within the dolls. Most of the visitors read the description of the work first. To fully understand the work, background was essential.

Additionally if you wanted to tell others about the work, it would require information from the description.

– This works display was made by the worthless architect Pavo adjunct with art deputy

Gaston. This is the work of a sincere and humble artist who left no name. The hope is that you it will leave warm and worthwhile feelings that you will remember for the rest of your life.

At the end the description there was a paper sign probably from the first viewer.

‘I am the man who commissioned a sculpture of my unborn daughter. Though I asked the sculptor to make this, truthfully I didn’t have much hope it would be done. I was grasping at straws when I made the request. The commission fee was only 1 copper. The sculptor created this sculpture based on my wife and I. I do not know what everyone will feel as they see this sculpture. But this sculpture has left a moving impression on us. Before seeing this, I felt life could be too cruel and irrational. Thank you for spending this moment in life with me.’

Visitors saw the dolls with reverence. People naturally viewed with appreciation and grat.i.tude.


You have seen a mythical sculpture of an unknown name. Flower of art.

The work could only be called phenomenal. The Sculptor who did not reveal his name expressed his prowess by creating this work ent.i.tled From Birth to Death.

Looking at this sculpture will show the blessings of life to the viewer.

For one day:

Health, mana, and stamina recovery rate will increase by 32%.

Health and mana + 36%.

+24 in all stats.

In addition agility and courage will have increase.

Movement speed will increase by 36%. When traveling long distances this effect is higher

From savoring the joy of life vitality + 500 permanently.

Wisdom and knowledge + 2 permanently.

In order to fully understand this work frequent and careful viewing of this sculpture is needed.

The Arts Center’s first floor, second floor kept flooding visitors to the third floor. On the third floor visitors still kept going, but on the fourth floor no one wanted to leave. There was a line of people waiting for other people to leave. They looked at the dolls from birth, to school, to marriage, to having children, to death and heading back to the beginning. That cannot be resorted to life, the most precious things is those hours of happiness. Just like bright precious jewels the hours pa.s.sed staring at the life. n.o.body knows who started clapping, but soon the applause was thunderous.

“Darling, do you want to live here?”

Delfina first suggested after looking at the sculptures of her daughter. Even if she did return to the Central continent she had precious memories of the sculptures to cheer her up. Delfina asked concerned.

“Do you like this place?”

“Yes, I can feel the energy from the people. And it’s there’s adventure. The Central continent is under the concessions of the guilds who are endlessly warring. Considering the political stability the northern conflicts are small. The guilds are also new. People have lots of expedition, and exploration quests. The New products and hunting grounds are overflowing, and it’s really is too beautiful. I think I’d like to settle down here and hunt together like we used to do.”

They moved into a two-story stone house on the outskirts of the Morata district. There are many shacks in Morata so tenancy is high. For the first time parties of people could own a house. The first signs of moving people threw moving parties with food for the new tenants. Everybody who carries something gets something to eat. Houses with vistas were shockingly popular. The view was amazing even if the ceiling popped and cracked and leaked when it rained. Owning a poor shack was amazingly romantic. Women would come home from the Arts Center in tears.



“If these conditions persist than we’ll be hit”

“Slow down!”

Las Phalanx had become bitterly cold. In the harsh cold, large pieces of ice floating around created a dangerous sea.

“Get your head straight. If the s.h.i.+p is damaged we’ll all fall in the water and freeze to death!”

“Fractal, where’s that glacier?”

“10 second, flowing from the right.”

“Preparing to turn to port. As soon as the glacier is past adjust the sails to the wind.”

The sailors hadn’t yet run into the thousands of glaciers only by the grace of G.o.d. The natural wonders were beautiful and dangerous at the same time. It was a dangerous voyage that had never been seen before.


As the rest watched the incoming icebergs and fell into a complete panic Weed and Yellowy were sitting and fis.h.i.+ng comfortably.

“The Arts Center’s numbers of visitors are increasing exponentially.”

According to Pavo’s report the number exceeds 25,000 visitors a day. People are even lining up at dawn to get in.

‘In a sense the Arts Center is money. The construction cost for this time is significantly less. The other painters, sculptors, and performers should also share in the profits. Nevertheless, it is needless to say that there is a huge surplus from this. And the users in the north would all visit at least once because the sculpture of the girl’s life gave permanent stat increases. The 10 gold will be a burden on the novices but they will soon grow. And when they grow up more they will go to Art center before every time they go hunting.’

In the mean time the sewed leather armor needed by the beginners made money for the craftsman in the process. It was a key source of income and tax trade. However, for a piece artwork you could earn BIG money. For the first time in the history of the Versailles continent there was a revenue structure of the land based around art. It was not even an exaggeration to call it a revolution.

”The power of great art.”

The names of great artists stayed in history for 1 or 2 eras. More visitors creates more works, which creates more money. It was beautiful. Nice. Fantastic. Sublime. The sculptor profession was not poison! Weed laughed even as the icebergs raced towards him.

“If you have visitors visiting once a month then if you raise the price to 13 gold even more money could be made.”


The jawbone was in extreme danger of falling off the crazily laughing skull. Gumeni and Yellowy seemed normal in comparison, but none of the ghost sailors could approach the bony shoulder.

“A good one sir.”

“The ocean is a grave to no one but you.”

The ghost crew had thoughts of pus.h.i.+ng Weed in the sea, even though he would probably think of it as taking a bath.

“Kueh, he brought the Maria all this way, We’ll just have to demonstrate our power.”

“The sea is deep. He could just slide out and go missing.”

“The Captain!”

“Captain I now offer you to the sea”

The ghost crew’s loyalty after sailing for a long distance! But they would not soon better the far superior lich out of fear. The Left side was. .h.i.t! An iceberg plunged into the side of the s.h.i.+p and tore a deep gouge. It was not part of the ghost that was underwater, but the state of the ghost s.h.i.+p had steadily worsened as they went along the waterway. Hye checked the condition of the hull and then said.

“Captain, we might have to suspend navigating to the destination. More and more icebergs are floating along; it’s inevitable that a big iceberg will hit the s.h.i.+p and we’ll immediately sink.”

That an iceberg could hit was intimidating enough. But there was small and large chunks of ice floating in the sea that continued to hit the s.h.i.+p thus acc.u.mulating damage. Paradoxically, the seaweed that was stuck to them prevented more damage.

“What should I do then?”

The wide laughing mouth asked. With the admission fee from the Art Center, Weed felt like he was heaven.

’When the s.h.i.+p sinks we can just walk on the glaciers. This region is one big bowl of water. Of course there’s riding on the undead. This area is much more severe than the ice storm that erupted in Morata.’

(PR: I think that Riding on the Undead means Riding on the Large Sea Monsters that Weed can raise)

For tough roads, it is better to think positive thoughts.

“The icebergs are constantly coming from the sea, eventually they will have to stop.”

While laughing he asked.

“Well doesn’t that mean that we’re close to land? If you look at the chart you should see that a large river flows through the land. We’ll be able to get to Las Phalanx through there.”

“Won’t it also be frozen?”

Up north the glaciers are constantly growing. The cold they caught was evidence of the sea freezing. Then of course the rivers would be frozen as well. It would be better to walk than go by boat.

“Wouldn’t be better to walk?”

“I don’t know what the captains thinking.”

“It’s not like you can sail on a frozen river.”

Weed’s quick decision was made with the reasoning that:

‘If you cannot get to Las Phalanx by sea than go by land. Even if you have to skate over the river’

“Go to the river.”

So the ghost s.h.i.+p changed its route, heading for the mainland. They were busy with the increasing amount of icebergs, but eventually they were getting the timing down to avoid the floating blocks of ice. But when they arrived there was no frozen river to be found. Thick, white snow had piled up on the land like mountains, but the river remain unfrozen. The temperature around the ghost s.h.i.+p felt much warmer for some reason. Weed tenderly asked Yellowy.

“Yellowy, are you thirsty?”

Yellowy waited then nodded. He gave water from the warm flowing river a sniff.

“Thank you, master.”

Yellowy put his head in the offered bucket and drank.

“Glug,glug,glug,glug… kya, this water taste good.”

The water had a slight yellow color, but the eyes that were cast toward Weed had little resentment.

“This water is safe to drink is it not. Then is it coming from Las Phalanx?”

If one looked carefully at the Las Phalanx it could be seen that it was a volcanic region. The yellow color was run off from the volcanoes.

“The sulfur taste isn’t too bad.”

“Good, now the boats water supply can be filled.”

After Yellowy’s report Weed started ordering the water barrel to be filled. With the unfreezing river flowing away from Las Phalanx would slow them down, but now there was no need to dodge ice, which was great. The three navigators gathered on the bow.

“He’s a monster coming to this region.”

“What are the levels around this region?”

“I don’t know but nowhere near the beginner levels. From the appearances, nothing is normal.”

Large bodies covered in hair with horns; the monsters were very intimidating. Wild tribes that ran around with axes and ice weapons, crying b.l.o.o.d.y murder. Users that wanted to land here to hunt would have to be insane. Usually the level of the monsters would be enough to turn one away, but you also had to fight the cold.

“There’s no need to fight recklessly.”

Weed pa.s.sed by while watching the monsters. The high quality leather obtained would help insulate much better. He could also collect the loot, but it was better to avoid battles where it would be easy to slip on the ice.

“After riding Bingryong I couldn’t fight.”

After riding he caught a cold and was forcefully nursed by Seoyoon. Air combat was out.

“Don’t want to repeat the same mistake.”

Weed focused on fis.h.i.+ng the occasional fish and ordered the ghost s.h.i.+p to move on. the closer they got to Las Phalanx , the hotter it got.. Steam puffed out and wrapped around them like a fog. It was like a natural sauna that prevents cold and the like. When the sun shone through rainbows would occur.

“Huh, billions of rainbows!”

“I’m so thirsty.”

The navigators whose strength was lacking from the effect of being frozen for a long time had a violent thirst. They drank water to replenish the sweat that started to flow frequently. Hye was fed up with the matter and said,“I cant take it anymore. I’m exhausted from these symptoms.”

For the three sailors who did not have the advantages of being undead, the heat was unbearable.

“Tsk, deplorable.”

Weed wrinkled his forehead at the pathetic sailors. Because the navigators were at hand, the ghost s.h.i.+p was moving along pretty fast.

“Well, you do enough to let us live, I don’t think you’re being a greedy guy.”

“So we can stop here?”

“Please let us anchor the s.h.i.+p in the river at least once.”

“The symptoms are getting worse and worse. We’re exhausted.”

Weed looked at the three. In the first place their bodies were streaked with sweat, and bony from the days of keeping up with advantaged undead. The three sailors were struggling to beat the heat because of their feeble endurance stat.

“Tsk, weaklings.”

Weeds forehead narrowed further. The three sailors so far had been invaluable since they kept the s.h.i.+p from harm.

“Well, it’s because of you guys that we’ve made it this far. A little selfishness could be indulged. We can anchor here for a little while. And you can get off”

“Then we can go back?”

“Once the s.h.i.+p is docked you can leave and take a look around.”

“I see. Captain!”

The three sailors quickly docked the boat. Weed said,

“You guys docked on the ice so well. Go ahead and get off to cool down.”

“Oh thank you very much”

Hye and Fractal would get off-board, than Board Mir would join them.

‘Once you landed on land we were preparing to escape.’

‘If we left it up to you we would have never been left off’

The three sailors had already made their decision in their hearts. So far they have had numerous bad things committed against them and very few pleasures on the boat. Without them, the ghost s.h.i.+p would have a hard time going anywhere.

“Go drop dead while looking for us.”

“Let them suffer for it properly afterwards.”

The three sailors stiffly climbed down to the icy glaciers all while praying. Once they were on the ice the Maria sails grew wide and their ties to the land were cast off by Yellowy biting them. And the ghost s.h.i.+p began to move away! Weed was at the captain’s seat turning the helm. On the voyage his sailing skills had advanced 7 levels. Now he was at a level where he could comfortably drive the ghost s.h.i.+p. The normally only fis.h.i.+ng Captain unabashedly drove the ghost s.h.i.+p!

“Why is the s.h.i.+p moving?”

“Oh man, Captain!”

The greatly persecuted sailors did not also cry out. They were here with the crew.

‘He can’t leave without us.’

“Captain this is the trail. KI hie hihi.”

“Away we go. We can’t count the number of times you helped. Thank you.”


More ghost sailors appeared and threw out dirty lines.

“What the heck. Are we going to be abandoned?”

“But what about our lives?”

The three sailors ran as if their feet were on fire. They ran alongside the ghost s.h.i.+p on the glaciers.

“Please save us!”

“Please give us a ride I’ll do anything that you say!”

Shouted the three iron-hard sailors. The perpetrators felt for the first time that they had become the victims.

Weed said towards them.

“Don’t worry. We are not going to abandon you. Are you not sailors on my s.h.i.+p? Deoreol does not leave family behind.”

“Do you really mean that?”

“Thank you, captain!”

But the s.h.i.+p did not stop. In the end, Weed was not such a person to hold up to such pretty words. Particularly not the one-eyed lich pirate Captain who would not hold onto unnecessary numbers.

“Wait here and I will come back here at a later date.”

“But there are too many monsters!”

“It’d be safer to wait on the boat!”

Weed ignored their words lightly. Because he had an ulterior motive.

“When will you return…What!”

“HAHAHA we got you now! We would have tossed you in the water, but it’s entertaining to see that you’ll never be picked up for a ride. Kueh Ha Ha!”

The crew agreement had been revoked. And soon the new vice captain from the ghost crew was bending at the waist to greet him.

“Yes, captain. Ki hihihi I’ll take the helm.”


From the foggy area to the rainbow land Las Phalanx could be seen! Mountains sat spewing out smoke and lava.

“We are finally here.”

Weed quickly set out to observe the area’s monsters. Just a short boat ride revealed many more monsters than the known kinds. Hairy bears roaming around with frozen white skin, leopard like rock-hard bollards that roared unexpectedly. Chaos Warriors, wielding large axes, waiting in the shadows for their prey. Lava spiked where the flame giants were. Their body consisting of mostly lava fire giants! Out of the land, cracked areas spewed out steam. There, fire salamander-like demons and other monsters subject to the firelights lived.

“I seem to have a general idea. The Armenia pirates may have come up the unfreezing river.”

There was no evidence of Armenia pirates in sight. Weed anch.o.r.ed the ghost s.h.i.+p and went down the rope to check out the monsters. It was at that moment.


Adventurers have arrived at Las Phalanx.

Whether the heroic adventurers live or die is a gamble. This Land that has only remained as part of the Versailles history books has been practically forgotten. If you did not visit the G.o.ddess of earth you should leave rather than remain in oblivion for a long time.


Fame +800.

During this week 2x experience, and item drop rate. The first monster slain will give the best item.

Blessings of the earth G.o.ddess of the mines.

Soft and sacred energy welled up from the ground and engulfed Weed.

Have received the blessings of the G.o.ddess of the earth.

Mana recovery rate is 40% faster.

Increase concentration and greatly reduced the probability of magic failure.

38% of the enemies attack damaged can be absorbed by the earth.

Can help reduce the enemies defense.

Has a five day duration, Ten blessing remain.

Because of undead state piety 35 permanently reduced.

The blessing of the G.o.ddess of the earth. Usually the G.o.ddess blessing are discriminating among certain races, and were considerably weaker. From the prosperity to abundance of crops, it can also help defeat enemy forces. In shows of display Freya is a bit on the downside. But the blessing given by the G.o.ddess of the earth had a very long duration.

“It’s extremely helpful for the next five days”


A new route to Las Phalanx was found.

Because of pioneering Reputation +360.

All stats +12.

If the adventuring is successful + 3 to all stats.

Sailing skill proficiency has increased.

t.i.tle “Unknown Ghost Captain who widens the sea.”

Maximum speed +7 on open ocean stretches.

Even after traveling you did not lose hope. When unearthing new islands, ruins, and lost treasure fame increases even further.

Kings and n.o.bles support your sails.

+20 charisma and leaders.h.i.+p.

Increased probability of good things happening at sea.


Beginner level 5 Sailing skills or above.

Only applicable at sea

Weed, for once, was delighted by the rewards. He quickly moved his body looking among crevices.

“Cave! Need to find a cave.”

Obtaining a safe haven was the core of exploring and hunting.


The Black lion guild, Red Mercenaries chiefs, Red dragon guild, The Hammer and Anvil guild, the Pro-Am Mercenary guild union and 89 other large prestigious held a guild meeting.

“Then you all agree to the formation of the hegemonic alliance. Any against?”

It was a meeting of all the important guilds masters! All the other prestigious guilds nodded their heads.

“We approve.”

“…There’s no reason for us to reject.”

Hegemony alliance. All of the Versailles continent’s prestigious guilds trying to hedge under one fence.

“Next month the official proclamation will be stated on the first. The hope is after a week’s time the individual judgments will come forward. I will leave that up to each of you.”

All the guild masters held delighted smiles. Any guild included in the hegemony alliance was primed for supremacy and armed to kill any external threats; it was a secured timeout! The Alliance did not erase all the hostilities between the guilds, but now most of that would be handled behind the scenes. It secured that any guild not included in the alliance would have tough time attacking a guild or a castle. It would be difficult for any group to survive that was not included in the hegemony alliance; to survive once the full-scale territorial expansion began. There were two or three small prestigious guilds capable of attacking and winning over a territory, but they would almost never be able to hold on to it in the Central continent. This alliance was far more favorable for defense, since even if they have the power to take them over individually the result would be different the minute reinforcements arrived. BardRay and the Hermes guild lead this Alliance guild, as the most predominant and most prestigious guild. He became the chairman of the hegemony alliance and was given exclusive rights to the Kingdom of Haven. There were a lot of ordinary users who came for tourism in the Versailles continent. The prestigious guilds were in a position to take care of the exclusive rights of hunting, item trading, and commercial taxes. The raising of gla.s.s was heard all around.

“This year belong to the supremacy of the Hegemony Alliance”

The Masters of the prestigious guild raised their a little higher.

“For the Versailles continent!”

“For our Alliances supremacy!”

The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor

The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor

Dalbic Jogaksa, LMS, 달빛조각사
Score 8.6
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Artist: , Released: 2007 Native Language: Korean
The man forsaken by the world, the man a s*ave to money and the man known as the legendary God of War in the highly popular MMORPG Continent of Magic. With the coming of age, he decides to say goodbye, but the feeble attempt to earn a little something for his time and effort ripples into an effect none could ever have imagined. Through a series of coincidences, his legendary avatar is sold for 3 billion won, bringing great joy to him, only to plunge him into despair at losing almost all of it to vicious loan sharks. With revelation of money through gaming, he rises from the abyss with new found resolve and steps forward into the new age of games led by the first ever Virtual Reality MMORPG, Royal Road. This is the legend of Lee Hyun on his path to becoming Emperor with only his family’s loving heart, his boundless desire for money, his unexpected mind, his diligently forged body and the talent of hard work backing him.


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