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The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor Volume 20 Chapter 1

Emotional Reunion

Commanding a ghost s.h.i.+p, Weed arrived at Las Phalanx and was hunting with undead.

Along with the necessary tracking of the Armenian Pirates, he also had to find the acclaimed sculpture material, Helium.

However, due to the high level monsters, he was forced to use any means necessary to survive!

In this place, Seoyoon appeared before Weed.

‘How did she come here?’

The sudden emergence of Seoyoon made Weed wary.

Having changed into the Lich species, his appearance was that of a modified skeleton and there was no law against unexpected attacks.

However, Seoyoon quietly met his eyes.

There was not the slightest intent to attack.

Weed’s appearance had turned into a skeleton and there were many undead around, but he was immediately recognizable thanks to Death Knight Van Hawk.

‘At last we meet again.’

Seoyoon pushed through the undead while walking with a limp.

‘You’re hurt quite a lot.’

There was a slight bit of compa.s.sion in Weed’s eyes.

Even with the pretense, her status was not good.

In order to meet Weed in Las Phalanx, she fought countless life threatening battles. Her health was just barely over 7 percent.

Severe injuries, other users in fear of getting killed and wasting their lives would relax until they recovered.

However, Berserker Seoyoon continued the brutal fight to find Weed.

“Show me where your wounds are.”

After a long time, Weed decided to exert his Cold Bandages skill.

He properly applied the herbs and meticulously wrapped her wounds with bandages.

Weed’s Cold Bandages skill was at a level where as long as you were alive, it would suppress the aggravation of injuries and recover health to its maximum.

After the bandaging, unless you take drastic action such as combat or climbing, there would be no side effects.

“Tell me if there are any painful areas.”

Having been treated by Weed, Seoyoon also took off her helmet and armor and gave it to him as accustomed.

She took off the protruding equipment she was wearing until she was lightly dressed in leather armor.


Weed cleared his throat as he received the armor.

He was simply entrusted to repair the armor, but obviously due to some of the items she was wearing, he was extremely curious.

Nonchalantly pretending, Weed gave an excuse.

“Well, let me check the information to repair it? To repair equipment, we need to know things such as what materials were used and how much durability there is.”

He was wearing armor received from the Church of Freya forged with Mithril by a famous dwarven blacksmith, Faith Talrokeuui Armor.

He was very proud of the armor he obtained.


Mad Warrior’s Half Plate:

Durability 58/190.

Defense 167

The magical armor of the executioner of war once known as Bain.

Armor of unknown origins. Material is also unknown.

High wizards inscribed protection magic into it.

Lightweight and agile, the optimal armor for combat.

The longer it is worn to fight, the more strength and stamina it gives to the owner.

However, after the battle, sudden loss in physical strength will occur.

Wearing it for a long time causes tears to flow naturally, thus it also has the nickname, Sad Warrior’s Half Plate.


    Level 420
    Strength 950
    Berserker only


    +75 Strength
    +98 Agility
    Magic Defense +59

Inhibits elemental magic damage.

During long lasting combat, Berserker characteristics double.

Maximum strength increases by 45%, stamina increases by 45%. Increased strength and stamina are maintained until the battle ends and more than 10 minutes of rest.

    Fame -1500
    Morality -30
    Notoriety +690
    Monsters are overwhelmed by fear.

Whenever you hunt a monster, a certain amount of mana is restored.

At night, you will occasionally shed tears in solitude.

When you cry, health and strength increase by 10%.

Laughter came from Weed.


In all aspects it was flawless compared to the Faith Talrokeuui Armor.

‘Unlike the Faith Talrokeuui Armor that needlessly raises faith, charm and fame, this superior armor increases strength and stamina. Although fame and morality decrease and notoriety increases, that’s irrelevant.’

The armor has excellent ability to protect the core.

While protecting the owner, the armor gives you increasing strength and stamina as you go on!

Even the helmet, leather armor, boots and belt equipment Seoyoon was wearing were all unique items.

After being separated from Weed, the Berserker hunted a colossal amount while tirelessly raising her level.

As a result, almost all of the old worn equipment was newly replaced.

Every time Weed identified the remaining items, he felt regret and intense temptation occurred.

‘Shall I make away with it?’

If he could find a buyer and earn a fortune, he would hand the armor over without hesitation!

At the moment he was going to sneak the armor into his backpack, he stumbled at Seoyoon’s clearly staring eyes.

‘But you know my house, wouldn’t be able to escape.’

Weed’s tears faded as he repaired.

‘Farewell items.’

Putting plenty of sad feelings into it, he took advantage of his armor polis.h.i.+ng skill, returning glittering light to it as if it were new.

“It works fine now, wear it.”

At the time he returned the armor to Seoyoon, the unspoken pretense of wanting to eat occurred.

It was an obviously hungry face.

“Don’t be mistaken by my current appearance.”

Weed lightly gestured. Then a tremendous gathering of the undead army!

As a Lich Necromancer, he used an undead army as his subordinates.

The period of the land’s divine blessing pa.s.sed, as well as the advantage of the Copper Plate of Rest, severely dropping the quality of the undead.

There were many lesser undead such as ghouls and zombies but rather than the amount, it was the quality that worried him.

“I did not want to do this. But people have to have a conscience. After saving a man from drowning, get a four month regular pool members.h.i.+p, what’s the difference.”

Weed muttered in an evil tone as the undead a.s.sembled.

Demonstration of force.

Weed was overwhelmed by Seoyoon’s gaze and shrank back.

The intent of the scheme was to exude a sense of power.

It was a story every man faces somewhere along the way.

However, the new relations.h.i.+p was considered.

Suddenly, he yielded to the large difference between him and Seoyoon.

‘Sad Warrior’s Half Plate, its level requirement is 420.’

Due to the blacksmith skill, Weed was free from the job and level restrictions.

Only now did he notice the report on the armor.

The fact that Seoyoon’s level was honestly over 420!

For Weed, in addition to the significant level difference, he was well acquainted with her fearsome combat abilities.

Weed shook his head as if to deny the reality in front of him.

‘I’ve grown stronger through the sculptor’s heritage!’

But there was no guarantee that Seoyoon did not see the sculptor’s heritage either.

Decisively, the servants of Necromancers are incredibly strong.

Precious corpses are enhanced through the augmentation of darkness into undead.

Compared to the undead army, it is not an exaggeration to say that the physical strength of Necromancers is extremely weak.

It was justification to avoid being beaten by her.

If there was a problem with Seoyoon, raise his hands before feeling her blade.

“What kind of dish do you want? You want to eat sipeong? I made bibimbap in the past, fairly good, fresh sas.h.i.+mi also tastes nice. I have separately packed ingredients. Are you hungry? I’ll make it now, just wait a minute.”

Weed calmly motioned the undead to go back.

After becoming a Lich, he did not need to cook, but to draw out the expressions that remained buried in Seoyoon, he was compelled to.

Using the fish he caught aboard the s.h.i.+p until he arrived at Las Phalanx and the advanced ingredients acquired through hunting, he started cooking.


Drinfeld led the Haven Kingdom’s fleet northward through the freezing river.

As the mist opened the way, the mystical scenery of a rainbow ascended along the river.

“As it stands, where do you think we’ll arrive at?”

Several users in the fleet were speculating while suppressing their excitement and calmly looked forward.

Since it was an incredibly distant voyage of the Haven Kingdom, naturally they were nervous.

To the left and the right, monsters in the glacier region were also very intimidating.

Then they heard the sound of people shouting from the glacier region.

“Please save us!”

“Rescue us please!”

Drinfeld heard the commotion and went up to the deck.

“What’s going on?”

“There are castaways.”

The lieutenant’s report contained confirmation through the telescope, near the river Seointeu, Fractal and Bordomir were waving.

“Who are those guys?”

“I don’t know. How did they get here?”

“We’ll figure it out once we take them for a ride.”

“Set the s.h.i.+p’s anchor into the river!”

The flags.h.i.+p of the Haven Kingdom’s fleet, Eleanor Kane’s Great Ark stopped at the river and Seointeu, Fractal and Bordomir climbed up the ladder.

Unable to flee, they were confronted by the Haven Kingdom’s handpicked people with their swords drawn.

“Tell me how you came here.”

Seointeu stealthily noticed who he was and decided to tell the truth.

Haven Kingdom’s fleet was equal to a war G.o.d of the sea because of Drinfeld.

“We are innocent sailors of Becky Ninh. I am Seointeu and my two friends are Fractal and Bordomir.”

Then one of the lieutenants whispered Drinfeld.

-The 3 Mad Sharks of Becky Ninh. Plainly put, they are quite the bad guys.

“We were just drinking in a bar when an incredibly beautiful woman appeared. Wouldn’t you have been tempted? After we were enticed to go over there, we signed a voyage contract with a Lich Captain, so we couldn’t run away and came all the way here. We labored away but he threw us the cold shoulder and abandoned us here all alone.”

From the rambling stories, it was concluded that the 3 Mad Sharks arrived at this place through Weed.

The lieutenant asked curiously.

“He really had the appearance of a Lich?”

“Yes, I’m sure. He used undead summoning magic. He was the captain of a ghost s.h.i.+p.”

“How were you thrown away and abandoned all alone?”

“We were momentarily caught off guard and the s.h.i.+p sailed off into that direction. We really didn’t know he acquired the sufficient sailing skill necessary for sailing a ghost s.h.i.+p. By then, we lost track of the back of his head, very cunning.”

“The pirates we were following disappeared into Las Phalanx, one of the 10 restricted zones.”

Drinfeld received information through the 3 Mad Sharks.

At that moment, the faintly veiled destination began to clearly identify itself.

‘Must be the difficulty of the S-cla.s.s quest.’

The lieutenant continued to ask.

“How far until we reach Las Phalanx?”

“There’s still some degree of sailing left. The ocean currents to reach the harbor of Las Phalanx in the northern seas should be well marked on the navigational charts.”

“From here to Las Phalanx, how much longer?

“Almost there. The remaining distance shouldn’t take more than a day I think.”

Drinfeld’s face severely stiffened.

It was clear that Weed had already landed in Las Phalanx.

He wondered if he should follow him all the way to Las Phalanx, one of the 10 restricted zones.

‘Lich, he will be using Necromancer magic. In addition, the sailing skills might be related to some special quest.’

Rather than Weed, Drinfeld was more concerned about Las Phalanx itself.

Dragging the entire fleet and entering one of the 10 restricted zones, no matter what the result, there would be tremendous damage.

Due to that fact it was not an easy choice.

However, having traveled such far a distance, they could not return without having something to show for it.Seointeu muttered.

“But what is that Lich’s ident.i.ty for the Haven Kingdom’s fleet to come all this way for? So far, a high level necromancer presiding over a ghost s.h.i.+p, the only one relevant, is it really Weed? Somehow, the more I think about it, the more it seems to be true.”

Before the fleet heard the words Las Phalanx, they had an opportunity to return, but the fact that they were following Weed and the 3 Mad Sharks of Becky Ninh was now known.

‘Track him to the end.’

Drinfeld decided to go to Las Phalanx.

“Now get off.”

“Yes? We told you everything we know to the fullest extent. Don’t do this. Will you please take us back to Becky Ninh?”

“If you don’t want to die right now, get off!”

Drinfeld headed to Las Phalanx as the 3 Mad Sharks continued to be abandoned in the glacier region.

On the Royal Road bulletin board, an exciting article and movie came up.

t.i.tle: Behold the great adventures of the Mad Sharks of Becky Ninh!

In their own way, those users had built up notoriety in the seas.

Plenty of people knew, but still, as if to reflect the popularity of Royal Road, the initial number of queries easily beat 300. Users with even the slightest degree of curiosity clicked on the t.i.tle.

We are very capable sailors from Becky Ninh. Having learned of our skills, G.o.d of War Weed-nim asked for us. Seointeu, Fractal and Bordomir.

Us three friends readily accepted his proposal, his boat … Don’t be surprised keuheuheuheu.

We went out to sea driving an old ghost s.h.i.+p. Working aboard were ghost sailors, G.o.d of War Weed-nim was a Lich Necromancer.

Later we learned that in fact, Weed had been staying on Yipiah Island for a while and we quite enjoyed the honor of meeting him directly in person.

The destination of our long voyage was somewhere to the north.

One of Versailles Continent’s 10 restricted zones! Weed had a quest in Las Phalanx.

As you read the text, a movie was streaming.

Fractal edited the video directly and showed the scenes from the recruitment at the pub to Lich Weed’s appearance and the voyage of the ghost s.h.i.+p.

Avoiding the glaciers, the voyage entered the freezing river. In the white snow fields and glacier region, monsters could be seen.

We believed Weed’s quest would succeed.

Then dirty Haven Kingdom’s fleet and Drinfeld!

We were totally abandoned like rice to all the monsters from Las Phalanx.

PS. Weed-nim, we will depend on you for a ride when you go back to the continent.

The movie was perfect until the arrival of the Haven Kingdom’s fleet. Weed’s adventure in Las Phalanx and the Haven Kingdom’s fleet following behind!

The thread uploaded by the Mad Sharks of Becky Ninh resulted in an explosion of players posting articles referencing it on KMC media station’s message board.

-When is the broadcast of Weed’s adventure in Las Phalanx scheduled? Are you organizing a special close up again?
-Please announce a newsflash as soon as Weed-nim’s quest ends. And let’s not forget broadcasting it immediately. If you pointlessly delay the broadcast, I’ll never watch KMC media again.
-Can you not start broadcasting immediately right now? First of all, I at least want to see Las Phalanx.
-How is Weed doing there? Don’t tell me he already solved the quest.

Necromancers desperately wanted to see action scenes in Las Phalanx.


Weed and Tori awkwardly greeted each other at their reunion.

Once suffering at the end of a master and servant relations.h.i.+p until granting pa.s.sage to the vampire kingdom of Todum and retrieving his freedom was the Vampire Lord.

“It’s been a while Tori.”

“Yes indeed Weed.”

“Your words are shorter.”

“Because I don’t feel the need to lengthen them.”

“That’s cruel, for old times’ sake.”

“Even the hateful feelings have long since disappeared.”

“During my absence, I wondered if you were doing well.”

“Lived better without you, don’t worry.”

Tori coldly confronted Weed with a distinctively arrogant look.

He completely escaped Weed’s charisma and dominating ability from the past master and servant relations.h.i.+p due to the hatred he bore for the humiliating discipline.

In the first place, because of Tori’s ill.u.s.trious pride, he would not follow commands from anyone other than women.

Weed was also in a bad mood, but he had already considered this occurrence as something inevitable.

Although not expecting anything in the slightest from his hollow words, he tried talking to Seoyoon.

“Please pa.s.s me Tori?”


“I’ll give you 1 chicken.”

Bargaining with 1 chicken, but Seoyoon shook her head.

It seemed hardly possible that she would consent.

Seoyoon then wrote on the ground with her sword.

1 rabbit.

When visiting Weed’s home, she had seen with her eyes the young rabbits that popped out, the relaxing feeling still lingered.

“I’ll give you a rabbit?”

Coming from Seoyoon’s neck, the Necklace of Black Life that sealed Tori was handed over.

-You have received the Necklace of Black Life.

Owners.h.i.+p of the Vampire Lord Tori of the True Blood vampire clan has been transferred.

1 rabbit to restore the master and servant relations.h.i.+p of the past!

Weed considered what he said as half a joke, but he was amazed that she really gave him the necklace.

However, nothing could compare to Tori’s shock.

“Ah …….”

His point fangs visible, he was unable to shut his mouth.

Dark clouds gathered over the True Blood vampire clan at that moment.

And in accordance with the changing of masters, mental training was initiated.

Efficient corporal punishment learning that the ultimate punishment learning of talented instructors of expensive private education.

“Look, you realize I’m going to have to do something appropriate. You will be hit, that’s how life works, not a big deal. Once you have been broken, you will see enlightenment on how to roughly adapt and learn how to live after losing.”

The result of the mental training was revealed to be intact.

“To …….”



“Just say the word master.”

“Hey Tori, your shoulders are awfully sore. It seems you have been hit too much. Entirely your fault.”


Heraim fencing, 15 chain combo!

Since transforming into a skeleton, an essential part of his strength came from striking only vital points with his pincer like hand.

Usually familiarizing behavior with domination is difficult.

“I should have beaten you on the spot. If you strike them at an early age, they’ll remember for a lifetime. The importance of corporal punishment at an early stage, that old saying is not wrong. Look at how punctual and responsive Van Hawk is. My level was just a little bit higher than Van Hawk’s and his beating was still incomplete, but he told me he recognized me as his master and didn’t even inquire about preferential treatment …….”

Receiving praise, the Death Knight coolly held up his head as he stood there.

After warming up, Tori’s beating reached the point where he ill.u.s.trated a carca.s.s.

“Hopefully you will be smarter next time. From now on, if you listen to my words closely, occasionally you will be beaten up less.”

In this way the mental training finished and Seoyoon joined the hunt.

Weed first firmly commanded.

“Here you will do as I tell you. I’m going to give the undead the role of the s.h.i.+eld. It’s dangerous because there are a lot of monsters so wait until they are weakened from the battle and deliver the final strike.”


Without having answered if she understood or not, Seoyoon simply stared at his face.

“Let’s hunt, starting with a group of Tair Badgers. You two start first.”

Weed, Van Hawk and Tori observed from the shadow of a rock. Then a gathering of Tairbeths!

Van Hawk and Tori fearlessly fought among the undead. As the Tair Badgers surrounded the perimeter, Witches and Skeleton Mages intervened by hurling magic attacks.

Although the Tair Badgers flew about irregularly and dizzily like b.u.t.terflies, they could not resist the concentrated attacks and moments later 1 of the creatures died. Seeing that it was an easy battle, Seoyoon returned without pulling out her sword.

“Hmm, with the addition of Tori, it’s by far easier.”

As expected of a vampire, Tori’s health and damage were extremely high.

Severing enemies into pieces with nails or attacking with magic, as well as using illusionary magic to speed up the hunt.

Facing the silently resting Seoyoon, Weed said.

“Don’t worry too much, because you’ll be protected by the undead. Wandering all alone in Las Phalanx must have been difficult right? From now on, you can believe in me.”


Seoyoon only lightly nodded.

She believed the feeling she got from Weed was that she could rely on him.

‘As a woman, quite possibly she’s more timid. Indeed, with all the grotesque monsters in Las Phalanx, it’s bound to be scary.’

Weed continued to fight while chanting the mantra.

Curse magic, summon undead and corpse explosion!

Utilizing a variety of magic while hunting Tair Badgers, he increased his experience and loot.

Seoyoon in the meantime though just stood near Weed.

“If the damage is to this extent, we can even hunt a group of 5 Bollards.”

Weed a.s.sessed the situation and chose a certain eradication method. With the return of Tori, he could proceed with more drastic hunting.

“Van Hawk and Tori, take the lead!”

Leading the undead army, they rushed to the place where 5 Bollards gathered.

A fight occurred against the black bodied, fire emitting Bollards.

Under their orders, Van Hawk took one, Tori took two and the undead a.s.saulted the rest as a group.

“Concentrate attacks on one monster as soon as possible and shorten the duration of the battle, that’s the only way to reduce the damage to a minimum.”

The Bollards released fire into the surroundings, destroying lesser undead instantly.

General skeletons or zombies could not even touch, but by sending them, Skeleton Mages were granted peace of mind to use their magic.

The loss of undead was large for a short period of time, but it was able to reduce the damage across the entire war.


The undead walked one after another beyond the ridge.

Van Hawk and Tori rushed to take care of their respective appointed enemies as the Skeleton Mages cast their magic to attack the remaining two.

Skeleton Archers also shot arrows as support.

However, Seoyoon ran like the wind toward the two Bollards.

Weed hastily warned.

“Danger! Bollards are much stronger than the Tair Badgers. Even with the undead that’s reckless …….”

At that time, Seoyoon gathered dark b.l.o.o.d.y aura into her sword and swung it toward the two Bollards.



The Bollards made never before heard sounds as they rolled on the ground, their bodies trembling.

When Weed fought with the undead, they never displayed this sort of behavior.

After a single hit from Seoyoon’s sword, they fell into a state of confusion.

‘How much damage would be needed for the Bollards to fall into this stunned state? Even if you hit a vital point to stun them, you would need to reduce at least 20% or more of their health at once.’

While Weed was astonished, Seoyoon continued casting her attack skills and swinging her sword.

Different from Weed’s method of fighting that kept in mind defense while using a combination of several attacks.

It did not identify the opponent’s behavior or the weak areas of the defense.

Characteristically of a Berserker, she collected immense power and burst into intensely damaging continuous attacks.

A rapid, extreme and unmatched a.s.sault.

Bollard has been killed.

Death of a Bollard!

The other one was stuck in confusion whilst trying to recover from the large injury inflicted by Seoyoon’s unrelenting attack.

Furthermore, the eyes of Berserkers have a very intense atrophy effect on monsters.

Seoyoon’s unstoppable attack literally slaughtered the Bollards.

Once she started moving, she never stopped.

Tori in the meantime dealt with a Bollard by wildly launching his skills.

For Berserkers that jump into battle, there is nothing known as ‘moderation’. Even monsters at far lower levels than them were overwhelmingly beaten and hunted to the best of their abilities.

A quickly recovering job that fought endlessly without sparing any health or mana, the battles of Berserkers were indeed overwhelming!

Weed hunted quickly in hopes of conserving his undead army. In addition, he had to look and see if there were any surviving Bollards. It was likely to become dangerous with even one of them. Therefore, he slightly acknowledged Seoyoon’s attack.

Seoyoon crossed the battlefield of joy and sorrow toward Weed.

‘Now that Seoyoon and Tori have joined, we can overcome the Chaos Warriors for the quest and might even be able to find the map of unexpected sculpting.’

After hunting 3 Bollards, Seoyoon inadvertently looked at Weed. It was the same instinctive behavior you would see from a child that wanted to receive praise from his mother.

Weed’s jaw fell and his mouth spread into a forced smile.

“Well done Seoyoon. There is some hoedeopbap left from earlier, do you want to eat a little more? Oh, I will drop off the rabbit after I make it clean with a bath.”

The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor

The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor

Dalbic Jogaksa, LMS, 달빛조각사
Score 8.6
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Artist: , Released: 2007 Native Language: Korean
The man forsaken by the world, the man a s*ave to money and the man known as the legendary God of War in the highly popular MMORPG Continent of Magic. With the coming of age, he decides to say goodbye, but the feeble attempt to earn a little something for his time and effort ripples into an effect none could ever have imagined. Through a series of coincidences, his legendary avatar is sold for 3 billion won, bringing great joy to him, only to plunge him into despair at losing almost all of it to vicious loan sharks. With revelation of money through gaming, he rises from the abyss with new found resolve and steps forward into the new age of games led by the first ever Virtual Reality MMORPG, Royal Road. This is the legend of Lee Hyun on his path to becoming Emperor with only his family’s loving heart, his boundless desire for money, his unexpected mind, his diligently forged body and the talent of hard work backing him.


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