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The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor Volume 20 Chapter 4

Battle in the Volcanic Eruption

From the land vicious heat and steam came bursting out. Part of the crust sank underground. Due to the earthquake, Las Phalanx monsters scrambled for survival while almost simultaneously, many volcanoes in Las Phalanx launched lava into the air.

Erupting from the volcanoes lava rained down and seeped into the Cracked Lands until it overflowed. Las Phalanx, the grand sight of volcanic eruptions. The instinct of Las Phalanx was to be full of fearsome threats. Weed watching the spectacle from afar gave a satisfied laugh.

“Really a great scene!”

When he suffered through the volcanic eruptions, it was the worst. Hunting was interrupted and he had to flee far away. In the process he was deprived of his undead, truly an infernal calamity!

But when others take damage from volcanoes and earthquakes, there was no wonderful sight better than this. It was like a funny story of a cousin’s mountain land’s prices dropping.

“Never forget this for a lifetime!”

In the sky, fragments of the volcanic eruption fell everywhere like meteorites. Lava stained rocks spewing smoke in the clear sky hit the ground.

Syuuuuu – kwagwagwagw.a.n.g!

A tremendous roar stirred as a blast to the ground made a huge hole. From the debris, the fortress created by Haven Kingdom’s fleet fell. The painstakingly made fences and walls shattered like pieces of paper and users and sailors died.

“This is dangerous.”

“Come on! Run to the edge of the river!”

The piled up fortress to prevent monster raids became an obstacle when escaping. In addition to toppling over onto the ground by earthquakes, chunks of lava could be seen falling from the sky.


While yelling and screaming at their maximum, the sailors died gloriously!

Dozens of volcanoes in Las Phalanx began erupting at the same time with debris falling like rain. As though thousands of small meteorites were falling, it was a dangerous yet breathtaking sight.

Until now, Weed was in safe places every time volcanic eruptions happened, but they were not guarantees. Just dozens of meters away from him were falling rock debris.

“As long as one is here, there’s no safe place.”

Having experienced several volcanic eruptions, he confirmed safety zones for survival. Weed clung to the back of the mountain peak. The flying debris from the volcano eruption that hit the peaks did hardly any damage.

“At this rate we have to withdraw aboard the s.h.i.+ps.”

“Let’s get out of here until the volcano calms down.”

The users and sailors fled to take refuge aboard the s.h.i.+ps anch.o.r.ed at the Unfreezing River, but then they saw a ma.s.sive undead legion. In the background of lava flowing in the Cracked Lands, undead legions consisting of Death Knights, Witches, Ghouls, Zombies, Skeleton Warriors, Skeleton Mages, Ghosts, etc. advanced.


“All the undead legions are advancing. Let’s get ready!”

Zombie arms were swinging and shaking as they came running. Although they shattered from being hit by fireb.a.l.l.s along the way, more undead followed suit.


“Hikkeuk! Hikkeuk!”

Beyond the broken rock walls came the attack from the undead. Whenever lava debris fell, the bright light of flames rose. Every time it did, users and sailors could be seen fiercely fighting the undead.

Death Knights opened their mouths with predetermined words.

“Don’t flee, buried in this lava everyone will die.”

“The purpose of our lives is to catch your ankles. Don’t run away and fight us!”

With the words Weed gave the Death Knights, the enemy’s morale was destroyed.

“Volcanoes will explode even more greatly. The flooding lava will obliterate this place.”

Haven Kingdom’s fleet was at the top of the hill where the terrain made it easy to defend against the invasion of general monsters. On the contrary though, when the volcano exploded, a large number of debris covered it. Of course no matter how the lava flowed out up there, they would not be submerged, but suffering from a volcanic eruption for the first time maximized their anxiety and fear.

They had enough power to defeat the undead, yet they did not concentrate on the battle, preoccupied with escaping and avoiding lava debris. The Death Knights and undead obtained good results. Hit by the magic of the Skeleton Mages, the sailors were gradually led into the world of death.


Weed laughed delightedly. Committing a bad deed and indulging in the misfortune.

“The feeling of eating spicy chicken next to a hungry person.”

Geuminyi, Yellowy, Golden Bird and Seoyoon watched this spectacle.

While commanding the undead, he constantly laughed with satisfaction. The misery of others was considered good luck, a wonderful delight. Because that was his original nature!

Rather if Weed suddenly became kind to strangers such as dividing money and items to give beginners, they would be even more shocked and worried. Still, it was hardly possible for Weed to have changed, but even though he was setting up more bad deeds, with their relations.h.i.+p it was understandable.

Because the volcanic eruptions became more intense, the sailors and pirates did not come out from their cover. With the undead, sailors and pirates entangled in combat, he couldn’t help but enjoy the sight. By lava debris, undead also died collapsing.

“Time to gently use new attacks.”

As the undead reduced, mana was restored. Weed held the Staff of the Fallen Saint toward the fortress and chanted curse magic.

“Though your bodies I will create undead. For eternity you shall never leave my hands. Declaration of the Necromancer!”

Weed casted 4 curse magics in a row. Physical abnormalities, itching, fear, stimulus!

Ever since the Las Phalanx volcanoes erupted, the morale of the sailors and pirates was shockingly low. Drinfeld and the Navy Knights did not make any preparations at all for volcanic eruptions. While dealing with the undead legion, the lowered morale dropped even more from the chanted magic.

“The first opponent that must be killed…….”

Weed targeted both the Priests and Wizards hidden in the fortress. The pirate users that could use divine power or magic numbered only 7. s.h.i.+p cla.s.sification, turning capability and cannon carrying capacity were critical offsh.o.r.e so Priests were not that necessary. Wizards too, but aboard when miserable battles frequently take place, it was not uncommon to turn the tide.

“Corpse Explosion!”

Weed while waving his hands gathered white mana and chanted the spell. The magic was concentrated on the Priests and Wizards treating the wounded. Where they gathered, Weed’s mana came into contact with a corpse and it violently exploded.

Necromancer’s Bone Throw was their basic attack magic, but the damage of Corpse Explosion was far more powerful than that of intermediate-grade Wizards.


“It’s a magic attack!”

“The Necromancer commanding the undead legion, where is he?”

“Weed! Weed’s hiding somewhere while commanding the undead legion.”

Unable to think clearly in the midst of the volcanic eruptions, only now did they finally notice Weed.

Corpse Explosion on the living, depending on the health the inflicted damage can be up to 10 times as much. With the chain of Corpse Explosions and the weak defense of Priests and Wizards, deaths en More than 60 sailors suffered both large and small injuries.

Exploding a large amount of bodies at once, related magic mastery is increased.

Widely known name in the Navy Knights, Oleuban has been killed.

Notoriety increased by 13!

Wanted in the Kingdom of Norton, pirate Ballakal has been killed.

Fame increased by 5!

Notoriety reduced by 5!

You can receive a reward if you go to the Kingdom of Norton.

  • Innocent people killed.
  • Innocent people killed.
  • Innocent people killed.
  • Level has increased.
  • Notoriety will increase by 1980.
  • Due to the effects of the Staff of the Fallen Saint, the effects of black magic and Necromancer skills are strengthened by up to 70%.
  • For every single living human sacrifice, all stats will increase by 85 for one week.
  • Maximum mana increases by 270%.
  • Due to the Staff of the Fallen Saint, notoriety will further increase by 2010.
  • Have set a record as a Necromancer.
  • Most humans killed in the fastest time.

At Weed’s mouth, a wicked smile formed.

“Too bad, regrettable it’s only to this degree.”

Even bad things are ranked, that is law. Any bad thing Weed did was in another dimension. Whenever he killed sailors and pirates, he gained balanced fame and notoriety. Griffith Pirates, not to mention Drinfeld’s crew, about half had high notoriety or were in a killer state. Killing them gave more experience and fame than usual and the benefits of notoriety reduction could also be seen.

“Weed is up there!”

Weed was finally discovered. Users active in the seas were characterized by very good eyesight. They turned their attention to the exploding volcano and looked around to detect the scene of Weed chanting magic. The modified skeleton wearing robes and holding the Staff of the Fallen Saint! On his forehead, a vivid red colored name was revealed.


“Avoid the bodies, who knows when the next attack will come!”

“No, he is alone, just attack and kill him.”

In the midst of the non-unified opinions, Drinfeld made a decision. He heard that while avoiding the volcanic debris, Weed came out of hiding to attack.

“Organize the troops and catch Weed!”

He hid early on because the undead legions that dealt such great damage were not found until late. The image of sustaining major damage due to the sudden attack intensified the desire to catch Weed within his mind. But then in the northern direction, Death Knight Van Hawk rushed toward the fortress. And in the west Vampire Lord Tori came running.

The problem was the 50-60 monsters das.h.i.+ng right behind them! Bollards and Tair Badgers had a degree of cuteness that could be felt at a charming level. Weed on the other hand ordered the undead legions to drag the enemies that repeatedly defeated them, the Chaos Warriors that continuously teleported short distances to chase them.

“This time it’s a legion of Las Phalanx monsters!”

The users in the fortress screamed in unison! Avoiding the lava debris, their spirit was nonexistent. Following the undead was the monster raid. Everything was going according to Weed.

He picked only the most detestable acts. Forced into this position of suffering, they went crazy.

“All hands prepare for battle!”

From the cover of the fortress they were forced to come out and fight. And after a while, the monsters of Las Phalanx overran them.

The elite users of Haven Kingdom’s 2nd fleet and the pirates in the worst situation brandished their weapons. Relying on their colleagues and the walls, they resisted the monsters. Despite the absence of Priests and Wizards, they stayed strong and endured with courage.

From the time they suffered through hard times during the adventure to the volcanic eruptions and earthquakes, viewers.h.i.+p increased, and ever since Weed launched his attack, viewers.h.i.+p won 1st, 2nd and 3rd simultaneously.

Haven Kingdom’s fleet and the pirates were attacked by monsters and a Necromancer!

-Never would have guessed Weed would encounter them alone. Still, without waiting, he attacked first as they abandoned their line.
-It’s not fair. As they suffered through a disaster, he launched a surprise attack. Isn’t that too cowardly?
-They’re stupid for not being prepared.
-Until they got familiar with Las Phalanx, they should have been careful. They’re not at the age where parents still change their diapers you know.
-Gathering in large numbers sounds fair?
-There seems to be something wrong with your expectations about Weed. Did you think of a Knight or Warrior appearing heroically? I’ll tell you the truth, during Continent of Magic, Weed was famous for thoroughly wiping out monster hunting grounds. Guilds that challenged them were indiscriminately trampled over and destroyed through his means and methods.
-That’s Weed.
-It’s useless to write about Weed’s notoriety. Quite a lot of users tremble at their bad experiences with Weed from the Continent of Magic. You think it’s a joke that people say Weed pa.s.sing through is more frightening than a flying Dragon?
-Using monsters and the terrain is a cla.s.sic technique of Weed. At the truly most contemptible tricks used without hesitation, the enemies cower so of course he’s stronger.
-Cruelty is fine by me!

Not only normal users, several guilds, n.o.bility, feudal lords and so forth watched the broadcast.


Weed watching the sailors and pirates fight laughed insidiously.

Although getting hit by lava debris and dying, they fought the undead and monsters to defend the place. He did not feel like applauding their sublimity, camaraderie or combat ability.

Weed was the villain here.

Noticeably, common sailors and pirates seemed unable to fight.

The aftermath of the curse gave evidence that morale severely dropped and combat ability was affected quite a bit.

Drinfeld’s sailors and the Griffith Pirates’ power weakened a lot more than normal. In group combat, invisible morale was more important.

1,000, 2,000 people collapsed from morale alone, and for a couple hundred of them, the degree of power they could exert weakened further.

“Such evil deeds, from now on better just listen to what he says.”

Death Knight Van Hawk acted like a Dark Knight. Isolated between the enemies, he fought his way to victory against the attacking Navy Knights. Using powerful attack skills, he severed their lives before they could escape, and whenever Van Hawk’s health and mana fell, Weed used magic accordingly to restore them. As an undead under the command of a Necromancer, he was able to report his health and mana to him.

Vampire Lord Tori rendered himself invisible for the sake of unleas.h.i.+ng surprise attacks. Grasping the nape of sailors, he plunged his sharp fangs in. In the midst of fighting monsters, they died from the suddenly appearing Tori. Filling his health and mana to maximum, the attack of Vampire Lords! Then appeared his subordinates, the True Blood Vampire Clan. Because they did not have to be worried about being completely destroyed by priests, they changed into Vampire Bats and attacked with their wings. However, hit by the lava debris in the air, they scattered like dust.

“The sacrifice of the True Blood Vampire Clan is huge.”

Most of the Vampires were still young. They grow through battles, but unavoidable sacrifice was bound to happen. Flying in the sky through the lava debris, they attacked from the air toward the ground. Breaking through the defense of the sailors and pirates, they plunged their fangs into their napes. For the Vampires, it was an opportunity to increase their immense power.

Weed was in a relatively calm place, but chaos surrounded the far too pitiful Drinfeld and Griffith.

Toward Weed, attacks occasionally made it through.

“Fire! Kill him!”

Blinded by fame or angry at the loss of their colleagues, users attacked with things such as arrows. Of course, such blind attacks might hit Weed so without any second thoughts, he hid himself and collected mana.

“Yellowy, as the one who created you, without knowing you have become truly handsome. Yellowy you want some snacks? Come closer and look.”

Yellowy sauntered over. Although dubious about Weed giving him snacks, he still moved his feet.

Weed violently grabbed Yellowy’s neck.

“Mana Drain!”


Absorbing Yellowy’s mana. Thinking about it, the preferred method would be intimacy, but alternating between Geuminyi and Yellowy, he quickly absorbed mana.

“Corpse Explosion!”

Calamity spread throughout the fortress and the scattered corpses exploded. In the midst of the dense barrier formation, Corpse Explosion. Within the sailor’s eagerly made fortress, rocks scattered disorderly throughout and everywhere caught fire, making it difficult to properly find traces.

Mean, nasty, dirty attack method, but the effect was perfect!

“Now, let’s gently use another magic shall we?”

Weed chanted the magic to summon Death Knights. In the middle of enemy lines he summoned undead.

Drinfeld prevented the sailors’ formation from collapsing by commanding while striking and smas.h.i.+ng the falling lava debris with his sword.

Leading the fleet as an admiral, he was proficient in naval warfare. Utilizing wars.h.i.+ps and weaving battle formations, bombarding and destroying enemies became a specialty. Thus, on the ground he had never seen such attacks that took advantage of monsters, magic and terrain.

There was also no way for him to imagine the reason why Weed would attack them first.

Even in the midst of getting his spirit crushed in various ways, he regained his cool and prepared a counterattack.

“You get out there and kill Weed!”

“Yes, sir.”

He sent a detached force made of 2 reliable users and the best 8 Navy Knights in the fleet.

In the midst of escaping the fortress, debris fell from the sky hitting the detached force, sacrificing 2 Navy Knights! They crossed over land flowing with lava and jumped over the chasms in the earth. Plowing through the flames, 3 more lost their lives. To avoid being discovered, they took a roundabout way over a far distance, taking greater damage.

“Now we’re almost there.”

The Navy Knights drew their swords and calmly climbed the mountain. Wizards and Necromancers were vulnerable to melee. They approached close to Weed intending to take his life.

But on the path they took, one person was blocking. Seoyoon, covered in armor up to her helmet was fully armed and waiting.


Seoyoon without hesitation drew her sword.

Volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, monster raids, Corpse Explosion, etc. decreased the power of Drinfeld’s fleet by more than half.

Number of survivors, 15 users, 219 sailors!

More than 30 sailors died from severe injuries, it was not an exaggeration to say they experienced a gruesome genocide. Over time, dead users can reconnect, but arduously trained sailors were inevitably lost forever.

Specifically at the end, Weed summoned the troublesome Poison Fog.

Priests and Shamans using detoxification magic were unable to detoxify the intermediate Necromancer magic, coupled with excessive injuries from battles and the inability to escape from the monsters led them to helplessly losing their lives.

Damage to the pirates was tremendous. The surviving pirate users barely exceeded 30, the pirate soldiers were only 152.

When landing in Las Phalanx, Drinfeld’s fleet numbered more than just a bunch, considering that point, this deserved the be called a swarm of death.


Drinfeld and Griffith ended up like this because of Weed. Anger broke out at the gruesome loss of subordinates and their genocide was clearly revealed via the broadcast to the enormous viewers.h.i.+p.

“Without fail, kill.”

“Betting my honor as a pirate, I’ll kill you.”

They resolutely decided to withdraw to the Unfreezing River for 4 days until the Priests and Wizards revived.

Weed in the meantime relaxed around the riverside and returned to sneakily hunting in order to raise the level of the undead legion.

Angry enough to cause shortness of breath, as if someone put hot red pepper powder in the water they were drinking.

“The goal now is to stab Weed to death.”

Drinfeld’s fleet and the Griffith Pirates decided on a definite goal.

In both guild chat and forums, many stories were mocking them so they were trying to restore their honor.

Weed was also familiar with vengeance.

“When taking revenge on genuine bad guys, you shouldn’t be concerned about them, that is law!”

Poor execution that gives bad guys s.p.a.ce is a major mistake, be merciful to the opponent and you end up with a large hit to the back of the head.

“Time to quickly withdraw.”

At the time the dead reconnected, Weed shrewdly moved the hunting grounds from the Severely Cracked Lands to the Sculptor’s Legacy Grounds.

Haven Kingdom’s fleet and the Griffith Pirates did not recklessly follow. They did not know if some traps lay there, but more than anything, against the vibration of the large volcanoes of Las Phalanx, they broke down into tears.

“Beware of tricks!”

“Thoroughly investigate and prepare for volcanic eruptions.”

In contrast to their carelessness last time, their figures covered the boundary many times over. After a volcanic eruption occurred, they methodically widened the area they could chase to. Still, contrary to what was revealed on the surface, they had dispatched with orders to take Weed’s life.

“Those intensely prideful guys aren’t going to retreat.”

Weed already expected retaliation to come in all sorts of manner. In Continent of Magic, fighting with prestigious guilds did not end with just one defeat. Weed was experienced, having suffered through many such battles.

“Master, humans are approaching.”

Vampire Lord, Ruler of Blood Tori managed to detect signs of nearby humans.

“How many people are there?”

“Ten. Coming from behind.”


“Level of the guys we sucked blood from the other day.”

During a raid, in contrast your opponents shouldn’t be as powerful, that is law. It was far from difficult for the Undead Legions, Tori, Van Hawk and Seoyoon to defeat the consisting of only 10 Navy Knights. As the were lured into the trap and annihilated, Weed picked up the loot.

“Have to obtain Knight equipment and sell expensively to many people.”

Kingdom Knights’ gloves and a belt for holding daggers acquired!

In addition, two items, a venom dagger and steel armor came out. Steel armor’s level limit was 290, making it good for midlevel knights to wear.

“Here, this is your share.”

Weed gave the dagger and steel armor to Seoyoon.

The most expensive armor was his favorite equipment, but because the items picked up at this time had important options, so when selling, it would be difficult to receive a very high price.

‘Create accomplice beforehand.’

Weed did not forget the importance of cooperation. Bad things, with 2 you can do better.

Prior to the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th raids!

When the volcanoes erupted, Weed breakfast, lunch or dinner gathered undead and monsters and tormented Drinfeld and Griffith. Ambus.h.i.+ng only when they were hunting monsters or scattered.

Hateful, unmatched attack. Dirty and lethal, but it wasn’t like Drinfeld and Griffith couldn’t handle the undead and monsters. However, with the Bollards and Chaos Warriors chasing, no matter how strong the defense, at least 10 people were killed. Once reduced, sailors and pirates were difficult to replace in Las Phalanx, so Weed concentrated his attacks on them.

Undead were toying with sailors while the Chaos Warriors fought Drinfeld and the other users. Drinfeld, users and the Navy Knights suffered anguish at the teleporting Chaos Warriors, but at the end of the fierce battle defeated them and continued hunting.

Groups of 1-2 users died neatly on top of one another.

“Outstanding combat skills.”

Weed carefully observed those scenes.

Drinfeld and Griffith only defended themselves without counterattacking to avoid taking damage.

“Kill Weed!”

“Seize him. I’ll give a generous cash prize.”

“Steal his equipment and quest!”

Griffith directly led his suicide corps organization and charged through a detour. Regardless of undead or monsters, the organizations only purpose was to stab Weed to death.

“Be ready to suffer damage. Unconditionally sever Weed’s life!”

Some remained as opponents to block the undead as the rest advanced. They had to make do with monsters attacking their bodies and two to three p.r.o.nged roads that scattered them up allowing Weed to shake off his pursuers. The fight between the pursuers and the pursued!

Weed diligently ran with his clattering joints.

“I tell you I will never be caught!”

A good point about undead, stamina doesn’t fall. In addition, although his strength was weaker and his physical blow ability was reduced, his light body ran nicely.

“All Fours Run!”

Running around rocky mountains on all fours to escape, Skeleton Lich!

“Seize him!”

“What kind of Necromancer is fast like that!”

“Why isn’t he tiring out?”

The pursuit team ran up with all their might.

Until now, he virtually did not feel the need to use the All Fours Run skill, but even when moving he considered the situation and appropriated his skill mastery.

Once the skill level reached Intermediate, it changed, allowing him to move very effectively in mountain terrain. He was able to nimbly move around like a lion or tiger. In addition, when the skill level reached Advanced, a sound effect occurred.


Those words he heard sounded of hoof beats stirring and galloping.

Weed knew the geography of Las Phalanx well and was familiar with the location of monsters. Larger scale tracking units naturally attracted the attention of monsters when the raids took place.

“Van Hawk, Tori! Fight!”

The men mobilized in the pursuit team were tormented.

“Harsh Wave Attack!”

Whenever Griffith used his skills, Bollards and Tair Badgers sprang up everywhere. But in the midst of doing that, Weed could earn a considerable distance. With the gap between Griffith and the suicide corps, he cast curse magic that quickly depleted stamina. Griffith could no longer keep chasing him and returned to the Unfreezing River.

Despite the risk, Weed pressed on with the raids.

“Several times is a difficult road.”

The suicide corps went to great lengths blocking across the horizon even after dying. Repeating the chase through escape paths, they developed techniques day by day to elude monsters. Even when Weed tried luring monsters, rather than turning away some went forward in a straight line. The chased side had limited options to escape whereas the pursuing side increased their skills day by day. Damage of the sailors and pirates increased, but they quite literally with their dying effort chased him.

“You followed with appropriate force and incentive, but too bad you handled it poorly.”

Seoyoon, Yellowy and Geumini ambushed and ended them.

Only a handful followed to the end, clearly trying to kill and steal his items, unconcerned that it was tougher than expected. Even if he tried to take the undead and monsters on a raid, Drinfeld’s reconnaissance team in contrast operated in advance. Solid defenses like iron walls driving Weed into a trap with a seizing att.i.tude evident.

Until the 6th raid, rather than closely matching with the undead, he dragged them around while using schemes! Weed smacked his lips.

“Easy and simple tactics, is this the limit?”

But going that far, he was not disappointed.

From Continent of Magic he had numerous ways of dealing with prestigious guilds in Las Phalanx and merely used tactics with the fastest visible effects!

“7 more remain but making preparations is time consuming for me and damage can also occur so…….”

Even if you kill 10 times, die once and you lose money.

Weed took Seoyoon and his men to the Sculptor’s Legacy Grounds and completely retreated.

Drinfeld continually failed on these grounds. He believed fighting head on and defeating the monsters and undead legion would be enough to kill Weed.

“This proves he’s a tanuki.”

He was clever enough to prepare at least half a dozen escape paths before attacking. Due to factors such as crowds of monsters, traps, terrain, etc. a large number of troops were working.

“Don’t chase the crowds. Broaden our area and catch him here.”

Drinfeld obviously had an ulterior motive.

‘When we just arrived in Las Phalanx he was here. Even if he is more familiar by coming before us, there’s no evidence he can wander in a very wide area. And above all, to return to Versailles Continent, he has to pa.s.s through here.’

Drinfeld’s fleet took total control of the ghost s.h.i.+p and the Unfreezing River.

“If we go out and broaden the hunting area in Las Phalanx, we will definitely meet him.”

Drinfeld’s reckless pursuit caused enormous damage to his subordinates. Because ultrahigh level monsters lined Las Phalanx, patience should be exercised, but his mind had no intention of forgiveness.

“In the end I will kill him. I will prevent him from returning to Versailles Continent ever again.”

For the sake of redeeming his shattered pride, Haven Kingdom’s 2nd fleet admiral had to kill Weed. Drinfeld requested reinforcements from Hermes Guild. With most of them now consisting of only Navy Knights or sailors, they could not effectively chase the fleeing Weed hurling undead at them.

– About the proposal to stab Weed to death, I request to be borrow support troops…….

After a short discussion, Hermes Guild sent a positive answer. They were ready for the soon to rise prelude of their Hegemonic alliance, but Drinfeld’s failure was instantly Hermes Guild’s failure.

-Weed’s acting as a Lich. I’ll send 15 Senior Priests, 10 Senior Wizards and 10 Knights as escorts.

The level of support troops was beyond the scope Drinfeld hoped for.

-Thank you. I’ll definitely get Weed.

-For smooth tracking, I’ll send 8, 4 Thieves and 1 Excavator together. Be sure to kill Weed as well as dig up the dungeons of Las Phalanx.

In order to take total control of Las Phalanx on air with a show of force, Hermes Guild decisively dispatched troops.

“Those b.a.s.t.a.r.ds, are they cursing me somewhere?”

Weed roughly scratched his ears. Although his cursing reduced much, not until 1-2 months of Royal Road did he finally start eating well.

“In Versailles Continent I have been living well-mannered but… your side touched first.”

Weed had been living much restraint. Overcharging and selling sculptures and several other products, relentlessly thras.h.i.+ng the price of goods others sold at, to the extent of handling beginners with the act of eating gra.s.s porridge, all done in order to live!

“Anyway, I will never be able to return without breaking through those b.a.s.t.a.r.ds.”

From the beginning, it was not a problem that could be solved by asking for forgiveness. Not even entering with their waists bent bowing down would accommodate him.

“First, for the sake of preventing those b.a.s.t.a.r.ds from catching me, I have to continue observation. Tori, Van Hawk, Yellowy, Geumini!”

“Yes, Master-nim!”

“Get combat ready.”

Increasing the undead legion to maximum, Tori, Van Hawk and the sculptures of life, fight preparations were completed.

“Finally, time to hunt Chaos Warriors.”

To solve the quest, exploration of Las Phalanx began at that moment. He instructed Seoyoon on how to fight the Chaos Warriors.

“These guys absolutely do not take defensive postures unless they are trying to teleport short distances. In particular, when several of them have most of their health lowered, they gather around each other, so you have to be careful.”

He sufficiently observed the combat preferences of the Chaos Warriors when fighting with undead and when Griffith fought against his traps.

“Dangerous monsters, but unless you make a mistake, you can catch. Even if all undead are sacrificed, hunt them down.”

Van Hawk aboard Yellowy boasted of his strong muscles, ready to exhibit maximum power of Knights. Last time Geumini fought the Chaos Warriors with Yellowy, but they were no longer committed so now he just walked.

Blocking the route to the place where the Armenian Pirates were annihilated, 8 Chaos Warriors!

To increase leaders.h.i.+p, Weed’s Lion’s Roar exploded.

“Undead together with me, Blood Lord, Death Knight, those I’ve granted life to, Yellowy, Geumini! Everyone attack!”


Weed yelled and the undead stirred their arms as they rushed toward enemies! To inspire courage for the difficult battle ahead, the Necromancer’s battle cry.

‘Pretty cool. If she sang along at this moment, it would be most wonderful.’

Weed stole a glance at Seoyoon. After many battles together, she was blocking her ears with both hands. For Seoyoon, it was just a loud noise only! After the yelling sound ended, she drew her sword and advanced. The prey was 5 Chaos Warriors.

The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor

The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor

Dalbic Jogaksa, LMS, 달빛조각사
Score 8.6
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Artist: , Released: 2007 Native Language: Korean
The man forsaken by the world, the man a s*ave to money and the man known as the legendary God of War in the highly popular MMORPG Continent of Magic. With the coming of age, he decides to say goodbye, but the feeble attempt to earn a little something for his time and effort ripples into an effect none could ever have imagined. Through a series of coincidences, his legendary avatar is sold for 3 billion won, bringing great joy to him, only to plunge him into despair at losing almost all of it to vicious loan sharks. With revelation of money through gaming, he rises from the abyss with new found resolve and steps forward into the new age of games led by the first ever Virtual Reality MMORPG, Royal Road. This is the legend of Lee Hyun on his path to becoming Emperor with only his family’s loving heart, his boundless desire for money, his unexpected mind, his diligently forged body and the talent of hard work backing him.


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