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The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor Volume 21 Chapter 4

Volume 21 : Chapter 04 : Mithril Angel

Translations and Edits; Jzar, Enlightened End

“Within a couple of days, I think we’ll locate him.”

“That ‘couple of days’ has already been three weeks.”

“We’ve narrowed the potential areas, so this time for sure.”

Drinfeld’s tracking team, made up of high-level Thieves and, ended up desperately trying to restore confidence. Having to follow behind Weed and trying to follow the trail he left behind had also used up a lot of patience.

In spite of all that, having made it to Jigolaths the backup and Thieves had proven themselves to be very skilled users.

They had changed their search method, the eight and the four Thieves each split up to search separate areas and any information obtained through this process was noted on a single shared map.

As a result, a lot of information on the underground dungeons of Jigolaths was obtained, nearly 23% of the entire map was ruled out. 23% is nothing to scoff at as they were then able to exclude pa.s.sageways and dungeon areas that they were certain Weed wouldn’t go.

This gave them real information about Weed in terms of insight of locations and likely directions, they were getting close.

“Four days, even if we hit an unusually variable it would still mean no longer than six days at the outside.”

There was a lot of talk from the’s and Thieves who believe this was their big chance since they narrowed the range of where Weed could be. Hermes Guild’s combat troops and Griffith’s pirates were hunting in a nearby dungeon, they were fully prepared to mobilize at a moments notice.

Seo Yoon was also aware of the trackers who were chasing them, including the Thieves and the

Excluding KMC Media, the other broadcasting companies used some troop videos to look around Jigolaths via the Hermes Guild.

On the Internet, they were already looking forward to seeing the 2nd showdown between that Weed and the Hermes Guild. In the broadcast, Drinfeld didn’t even try to hide that fact that they were chasing him. He also had the entire area around Jigolaths blocked by the Hermes Navy and Griffith’s Pirate s.h.i.+ps.

Even if Weed went deeper into hiding it was only a matter of time until they’re found. Especially since the greed for a splendid victory through combat is relentless.

Fox hunting or rabbit coursing, those are the two styles of tracking they use. In a fox hunt, they use hounds breed for tracking by scent. For rabbit coursing, they use greyhounds, breed for keen eyesight and speed. Hunting by sight or by scent.

“We seem to be finding a lot of tracks mostly because they want us to find these tracks.”

Seo Yoon, who Weed had guarding the entrance to the Helium mine, moved to a new location.

The trail left by Seo Yoon was designed to mislead the and Thieves, yet with their skills they quickly grasp the correct trail by noticing that it was now just a single track.

‘I need to reduce the enemy.’

Seo Yoon had work to do.

If it were just the Knights, she would’ve lead them into monster lairs. This method didn’t work on thieves or Seo Yoon deliberately used her single track to lure them to her.

“She went that way.”

“I just found this…fresh prints…hurry.”

With the presence of fresh tracks the pursuit speed up. The and Knights were disbursed to the various teams to help protect them…yet it wasn’t enough.

“I’m sorry.”

Seo Yoon unsheathed her sword and waited for them.

“It’s the enemy!”

With no real armor to slow them down the got ahead of the other team members. Running into the new section of dungeon they saw a figure standing in the shadows. Without hesitation they threw daggers.

Chou! Chou! Syuk!

The thrown weapons flew cutting through the gloom!

The three never thought to see a thrown knife struck down or avoided. These weapons, coated with highly toxic paralysis poison, were very difficult to deal with.

Seo Yoon ran forwards at full power. The thrown daggers brus.h.i.+ng by her body.

One of the strong points about Berserker’s was their high resistance to critical hits. Even when struck they won’t easily fall into confusion.

When a Berserker’s health decreases, their attack increases, becoming more powerful while mana consumption drops. Entering a Berserker state also increases their resistance to poison.

Seo Yoon just swung her sword in a wide and deadly arc.


Backpedaling quickly, the’s still couldn’t avoid the wide ranged attack. Fast as they are, it was not enough to avoid getting hit from Seo Yoon’s head on attack.

“How dare you!”

“We’ll cut you down.”

The Naval Knights arrived and hurriedly drew their swords, Seo Yoon, facing the other way didn’t see this.

Seo Yoon continued to wield her sword at the in front of her. She wielded a continuous attack designed to neutralize the enemy’s resistance and beat down their defense.

“Is this it….?”

“What… the…!“

“Why do I always end up in fights like this…”

These were the hand picked, high level Naval Knights of the Hermes Guild.

Before the could take advantage of their appearance, heavy blows cut into their vital organs from another wide ranged attack, leaving them cut down and dying.

Occupied with her attack, Seo Yoon didn’t discover the new combatants for almost 10 seconds.

The Knights rushed forward swinging their swords in a group attack on Seo Yoon. As the armored Knights attacks struck Seo Yoon, her armor absorbed the blows but her vitality started to drop.

The longer a fight like this went on the more dangerous the dropping vitality would become for a Berserker.

Still, Seo Yoon didn’t care about hunting safely.

She had died many times while hunting monsters in her early days in Royal Road. One of the reasons her cla.s.s was so rare was the fact that you couldn’t advance the Berserker cla.s.s unless you were willing to die…many times.

Seo Yoon’s counter-attacks overwhelmed the Navy Knights killing two of them. The last remaining Knight began to hurl curses after seeing his comrades downed.

“What a foul and vicious b.i.t.c.h you are…….”

Having been called every foul name possible, Seo Yoon looked up at him. In the past Weed had given her a mask to wear, she hasn’t worn it for a really long time.

“My G.o.d!”

For as long as he had lived even the TV celebrity beauties, though he had never met them face to face, didn’t even come half way.

She was beautiful without compare.

It seemed like pure pleasure to just share the same air and be under the same sky with such beauty!

As Seo Yoon delivered her last attack the Naval Knight thought he would be able to die happy.

‘Why did he stand so still as he died?’

Seo Yoon didn’t understand, she couldn’t stay to figure it out, she had to move on to another place.

“I’m……sorry “

Another was still following her track, they would only be delayed by a few minutes.

Seo Yoon still had work to do.


Klang! Klang! Klang! Klang! Klang! Klang!

Weed had slowly yet steadily been gaining more skill with the very heavy Mithril-Iron pickaxe.

Currently for each strike, his pickaxe would now unearth more material and dig a much deeper trench with each overhead swing. His skills had also been extended so he could now also use a side to side mining strike.

To preserve his strength he took off his armor and sword wearing only light and simple clothes. Mining is not a pleasant task deep underground and these light clothes soon became weighed down with black dirt and mud.

‘I’ll just change later.’

For every strike his muscles would bulge up with tension as if they would burst at any second. Every trick, idea and available skill was getting used in his all out effort to find Helium.

He even summoned Dirtman for help, but as he searched through the rock, the only result Dirtman could show was a puzzled expression on his face for his failure. He tried blinking his eyes in a cute way at Weed.

“Your completely useless.”

Helium was either buried too deep or it was protected with divine magic. Some kind of blocking had to be in place since even the earth spirit was unable to find it.

In the end , Weed made the most progress by just working his body hard.



Your skill level has reached beginner 10 and it

will be changed to intermediate mining skill 01 [0%]

You will be able to dig without damaging minerals.

You will be able to see and feel the special properties of minerals.

+2 additional points will be given in all stats.

Since your profession is not that of a miner, your vitality will be increased by a maximum value of 300 and your rate of recovery of vitality is permanently increased by 0.4%.

Your fame has risen by 30.

Strength stat has increased by 5.


“Finally, I reached intermediate mining.”

As a result of his hard labor, beginner mining had silently advanced to intermediate. It was also hard not to quietly drool over the number of minerals buried in the mine.



Your belly hangs empty all the way to your back.

You can strongly feel the effects of starvation.

Your movement speed is decreased by more than 25%.

Only up to 65% of your normal strength will be recovered.

During a battle, by becoming brutal, Orcs can temporarily exert a strong force in a emergency.

Warning: When the brutal battle is over

you will then experience tremendous hunger.


Weed crushed the barley bread in the water and drank it. Due to the nature of the ever hungry Orcs he had to eat steadily. Holding the hunger back allowed him to focus on his continuous work with the pickaxe.

Yellowy slowly chewed his cow cud while he continued to plow the soil for mineral ore.

As Weed and Yellowy mined the area endlessly they would occasionally speak.

“Yellowy, aren’t you happy being able to share this work with me?”

Yellowy thought it was nonsense to want to share anything with the owner.

“Next time, when we have other adventures to do, I’ll make sure you get to share in those too.


“I’m happy too!”

The speed at which Yellowy could drag the plow was colossal. Yellowy’s ploughing skill quickly reached the intermediate level, so if he was needed for farming Yellowy would be very useful! Of course mining was still a dirty mindless task that you would pay good money to avoid. Yellowy had a few things to say about that.

“By the way…Master…are you sure it should take this long to find this Helium?”

Every time Weed advances his skills the quality of material he is able to mine notably increases. He obtained many minerals and gems and sometimes even excavated large monster bones. However, no matter how he searched for it, no Helium was found.

“No Way! You can’t be saying there might not be helium here?”

It’s better to avoid thinking like that.

It was understandable if you think about it from a certain angle. A partial story about a determined sculptor of the Versailles continent came here despite the hards.h.i.+ps to find Helium. Yet there are no sculptural memories of anyone finding the Helium!

In fact finding out about Helium had not been a request, there was no prior information about it. After coming to the Jigolaths he had found the Heritage Tower of the Sculptors. While examining the sculptures there he had found a partial memory which had started the ball rolling for this deep mining expedition to find Helium.

“That sculpture memory, that had shown a very strong feeling about where the Helium might be.”

After five hours, Weed stretched.

The Orc body has a good recovery rate, the intermediate skills were showing a good profit, the pickaxe had also became efficient. Yet even with the good results, he still needed a break from the work.

Body aches and exhaustion for the Orc was overdue.

Seeing Weed stopping his work, Yellow furtively glanced at him before collapsing onto the ground for a break. Forced against his will, Yellowy had suffered greatly.

“Will I need a full year to mine it?”

If the answer was to just use his pick endlessly, he had plenty of time to do so.

During all this Yellowy was staring at the back wall. Weed following Yellowy’s gaze walked to that section of the wall.

As you work intimately with the earth during mining naturally you get very familiar with it’s qualities. There are subtle differences between the types of rock layers and clay that you learn to identify and categorize.

Weed can see that part of the wall is unnatural, it looks to have been done that way deliberately.

“I think there’s something wrong about this.”

Weed touched the wall lightly with his hand. The feeling from the wall was refres.h.i.+ng, like getting a magic blessing from the pope candidate Alveron. With intermediate mining skills, just touching a section of rock will tell you a lot about the nature of the minerals it contains.

“This is not just a thick wall, there’s something going on here.”

Weed choose a fast sure way to check the rock wall. He drove his pickaxe through it.


Beyond the broken wall of rock and clay lay an inner chamber, within that s.p.a.ce stood a sculpture.

“That there would be a sculpture hidden in a place like that.”

Weed pushed past the rubble and went inside to the sculpture. Standing in the chamber is a statue of seven descending angels, their wings and forms are gracefully extended as they lightly touch down on the earth.


You have viewed, ‘The Advent of the Seven Angels’

A Magnum Opus from a Versailles Continent Master Sculptor!

Created from pure Mithril. It shows the full scope of this metals exquisite properties.

These angels are sculpted.Alighting apon the earth at the very moment of their arrival with amazing detail and beauty.

You have discovered a hidden treasure of the Versailles Continent. This work is destined to not only become famous it will also be known as a great gift for mankind and all the ethnic species within the continent.

Health, mana, and vitality recovery speed is increased by 40%.

All stats increased by 45.

Faith is permanently increased by 15.

Your footsteps are lighter.

Reduces the damage from black magic.

Reduces armor’s weight by more than a half.

Increases physical strength and enhances the probability to get items.

The brightness of the sculpture weakens evil monsters, making them reluctant to approach it.

– The Angels’ blessings has been granted.

All your status ailments have been lifted, race traits have been doubled.

Even if vitality and health are reduced, you can still continue fighting in your optimal state during the battle.

The divine force will block the special attacks from monsters affiliated with black magic.


Weed’s over all body strength and condition was fully replenished. Due to the degree of the effect from the statue he was overflowing with stupendous muscles!

“This has to be work by the master sculptor Daycram.”

Viewing the seven holy angels descending to earth was more than just amazing, each detail shown with a crystal like s.h.i.+mmer. It was almost like a silver aura surrounded them as they stood in the dim underground mine. Heroes tired from a long battle to save the continent would be able to recover their energy from gathering in front of these angel’s. Though it might me more useful in a palace or a temple.

“It’s amazing that he made this using Mithril.”

The entire ma.s.s of this sculpture was formed completely from pure Mithril. With a single piece of Mithril being so rare, you’d normally melt it into your metal as part of the blended mix to create items. Here a whole sculpture was made from it!

Weed thought that buying wood from a sculpting store was a waste of money, so he cut his own wood. Obviously for stone, it was dug up from the vicinity and used. He could only envy the high level skills of Master Daycram. He had refined and created this sculpture from material he mined himself.

Being able to create these angels using Mithril meant that he had excellent blacksmithing skills, similar to but most likely a great deal higher than Weed’s current levels.

“A rich man, a master sculptor, he must have high intermediate to advanced blacksmith skills!”

What was even more astounding is the fact that there are no more than five master sculptors on the entire continent! Weed was pleased, he needed more information on his seniors and now he knew where to look.



The Advent of the Seven Angels

A Magnum Opus work from sculpture master Daycram.!

The world is not yet aware that this magnificent work exist.

If a sculpture of such beauty and with such amazing effects becomes known the impact will deeply affect the world.

It was made by perfectly by refining Mithril without any impurities. Nothing is known about the method used to refine Mithril to such a perfect state

Mithril’s distinctive brilliance and strength are revealed here in it’s most pristine form.

Hidden in the dungeon of the Jigolaths, it was discovered by the sculptor Weed.

Artistic Value: 57,900.

The work of a sculptor with G.o.dlike skills:


During the day, the recovery rate of health, mana, and vitality are increased by 40%.

All stats increase by 45.

Movement speed increases.

Various magic resistances increased by 25%.

Black magic resistance gains a temporary 80%.

The damage of black magic is reduced when you are hit.

Increases the effect of scared power near the sculpture.

A highly valued religious work: paladin’s and priest’s skills are permanently increased by 3%, may also affect others.

Depending on the profession, the faith stat is permanently increased from a minimum of 15 to 40.

Luck increased + 50

An increase in drop rate for items and a higher chance of getting rare items.

Due to its high durability, it cannot be destroyed.

Bequeaths the angel’s blessings.



– Enjoying the artwork has raised the art stat by 87.

Art stat has exceeded 2,000.

When challenged to create n.o.ble art, it will slightly add some additional effects and reduce the chance of failure.



-By appraising a higher artwork, your sculpting skill has increased by 3.5%.



-For discovering the Advent of the Seven Angels your fame has increased by 1,450.

If you disclose it to the public it will increase the influence of art in the world.


The work of Daycram gave enormous status benefits.

Most of the sculptures located here were either damaged or so heavy that moving them was not worth the effort. However for Daycram’s the Advent of the Seven Angels, even if it was hard, it would be more than worth the effort to bring it back to the Versailles continent.

“We hit the Jackpot!”

Weed moved the angel statue to a makes.h.i.+ft wagon he built. Then he made Yellowy pull it. Yellowy could only hope his burden didn’t increase more than this.

“The other sculptures scattered about will only sell for a few gold…no, better yet, they should be melted down and get sold as weapons!”

Weed thought nothing of dismantling works of art.

“As expected in any field, reliable seniors lead and the juniors follow. Master sculptor Daycram must really has some amazing techniques to teach.”

On the back wall of the chamber where the statue had been hidden was a written message.

I am Daycram.

I arrived here at the end of a long journey.

I came to revive the sculpture work in the continent.

Here I found Helium.

“You found it, Daycram, you found the Helium.”

Weed had yearned to be the one to first sculpt with Helium. Being the first, not just for sculpting but first in any new technique, brought that user a high level of fame. He had wanted to be the first to present that wonder to the world, Still, he was even more curious about what Daycram had created from the Helium. Weed had already acquired four of the master sculptor techniques.

Sculpture Life Bestowal, Sculpture Transformation, Sculpting Blade, Elemental Creation Sculpture!

Daycram was one of the last master sculptors remaining and he wanted to acquire his skills. He could then obtain something that was an important foundation for his sculpting cla.s.s.

Weed continued reading.

However, before the story of the Helium, I’ll try to talk a little about myself.

Being a master sculptor my time was filled with demands. I came alone to the Jigolaths to escape those demands on my time and be alone with my work in this new land.

No longer would I be sidetracked by the hundreds of distractions and could focus on advancing my sculpture skills.

I learned how to listen to wood, stone and pieces of metal, as a result using them now feels like a sort of war with friends. Destroying nature to create a sculpture, is that really the right thing to do?

Magic and the technology used in sculpture work today didn’t exist in the past and many sculptures were created without damaging nature.

Those ancient sculptor’s didn’t destroy nature, they regarded nature as a friend.

Weed never once had any worries about this. He was greedy and therefore obsessed with freely obtaining stone and trees from the dense forests and mountains of the best quality. Weed muttered bitterly as he kept reading.

“I worry more about putting food on the table and having a roof over my head.”

Destroying nature to create art, this is no longer acceptable to me.

The materials I will use for sculptures can not be made by destroying it’s nature.

Using branches from rotten trees that were eaten by insects, those are the kinds materials I can choose.

Using things like fallen petals, or natural clay from the earth, that is how I will work from today on.

Of course, the more delicate the materials are, the harder it is to complete my work.

The rotted wood sculpture was shoddy and the petals dried up and withered away in an instant.

I didn’t even attempt to make magnificent sculptures by cutting into stone or cliffs.

Since I burn wood for cooking I can melt iron and create my work from that natural process.

After, listening to my sculptures made from metal, I was very satisfied.

I would melt the metal again since I didn’t want to destroy the earth by digging for it. I wanted to create with the least amount of damage to the beauty of nature.

I was also no longer commissioned by the royal family and the n.o.bles, so every thing I owned was sold in the struggle to survive.

I had 1 gold per month, I had to quit drinking and reduce meals too.

Without the help of the people around me, I might have died of starvation.

The rumors around Daycram were on the odd side of things. He didn’t have a lot of famous pieces. Because of his low profile it was difficult to find any detailed information about him.

“So that’s what happened to him, the master sculptor became an environmentalist.”

Weed almost let out a long deep sigh.

Daycram was showing his fall into poverty and Weed mostly wanted to look away from that. Seeing the angel Weed had thought him rich, it looks like that judgment was completely wrong.

Still, since it’s Weed, he won’t give up on his dream.

“He should have something stashed away.”

As the other sculpting masters were amazing, he believed that Daycram also held great power.

I even created sculptures from the materials discarded by farmers, like straw and manure.

When people saw me stacking up s.h.i.+t and dried gra.s.s they called me mad, not recognizing my true work as a sculptor. For me, beauty is in everything around us.

So I made sculptures that weren’t sculptures.

At the beach I built with sand and, allowing the tide to wash it away, leaving behind only broken sh.e.l.l fragments.

As it rained I found sculptures in the traces it left behind on the ground.

During that time I saw sculpting in a new light.

If the sculpture is made from nature, that abundance is returned by Mother Nature.

Even a fallen tree or rocks lodged deeply within in the earth, they all had the story of nature in them.

I became aware of the power of the smallest things with my whole being.



-You have learned the Nature Sculpting skill.

You can now create nature sculptures.

A high affinity with nature and sculpting is required.

This will raise the longevity of the sculpture’s materials.

Even with carvings of stone or wood, the remaining force of nature will not disappear quickly.

If you conserve nature as much as possible the sculpted material will be preserved longer.

-An affinity with nature has been created.


Since that day, it occurred to me who knew nothing before, to become friends with it

You can create a sculpture and at the same time stay in tune with nature.

I realized that when you are hitting, cutting and breaking to create a sculpture, you are not using a art technique that is having a conversation with nature.

While sharpening a rotten piece of wood, I could still capture mana from the surrounding world.

However, people did not care to learn this type of sculpting from me.

It was hard to understand my sculptures as they were not of standard beauty, they were dirty and crude so they did not see why they should learn it.

The way of mana in nature and using that to create sculptures is very hard work.

There was no one who would believe in me, they thought my words were the ravings of a lunatic.

I decided to come to the Jigolaths in order to show the world that I was no mere madman, I have a true gift from the G.o.ds.

While digging in the mine I collected Mithril, I plan to make a humble sculpture from it.

I know from listening to the Mithril that it’s mana is strong and pure, it wants me to make the attempt for something beautiful.

I have hidden my finished Mithril work.

It most likely will never be discovered, this work by an old man who wanted to show the world his skills will, perhaps, be lost forever.

The legend of the Helium is precious information known only to a few of the most resilient sculptors.

My own sculptures were hidden for the simple reason that there is no longer anyone who would understand their true value.

Fortunately, sculptor Weed found it.

“Finding something so carefully hidden was hard, still, it sounds like you had to needlessly suffer your whole life.”

Weed’s heartwarming respect towards his senior effort for leaving the hidden angel statue didn’t even last more than 1 minute, 20 seconds.

The challenge of sculpting requires harmony and patience.

Mastering the technique is very difficult but sculpting within the mana of nature lets you feel it’s enormous power directly.

I hope more sculptor’s will learn this art from me. I wouldn’t mind seeing the Sculptor’s Guild teaching these techniques freely to all.

I will leave for the Great Debkart Mountains to sculpt the Helium.

I, Daycram, have also discovered an unknown sculpting skill, any sculptor may learn this new skill Disaster Sculpting.

If you wish to learn my sculpting art, climb up the Great Debkart Mountains.

“s.h.i.+t! so in the end he took the Helium and left.”

Remorse and unsurpa.s.sable greed. After few deep breathes Weed decided to check the new skill.

“Skill check! Nature Sculpting!”


– Nature Sculpting beginner level 1 (0%):

A sculptor’s common skill. Can be obtained earlier by Sculptors themselves by wors.h.i.+ping nature.

The sculptor master Daycram created an additional method for sculptors to acquire it.


Must have Advanced Sculpting.

Must have a high affinity with nature or the power will not manifest.

You can only create sculptures base on nature’s source material.

Humans will need three times the effort to raise skills compared to Elves and Fairies.



Current Affinity with Nature: 470.

+Nature was made the subject of many sculptures. +153

-As a result of the Dark Elves shooting fire arrows on Yuroki Mountains, affinity is reduced. -79

+Due to climbing Horom Mountains, affinity is increased. +15

+You persevered with great fort.i.tude through ice and snow storms, plus volcanic eruptions. +29

+You adjusted the distorted climate of the northern continent. +106

+You created Elemental Spirits. +80

-Damaging the natural environment for sculptures. -32

+Due to constructing a mystic pond that preserved nature, you gained the favor of the Elves. +9

Nature damaged from building the shanty town and forts, etc. -47

Sailing the ocean. +15

You saw the Aurora Borealis. +21

You have preserved the Jigolaths ring of fire. +61

You have hunted many monsters harmful to nature. +139

A word of note!

At your current level of affinity with nature sculpting, you can use the cloud sculpting skill.



Cloud Sculpting:

Will be based only on sculpture and affinity nature skills

Depending on the level of your sculpting skill and affinity with nature you can cause it to rain.

You may incur the wrath of many people since even something like a heavy rain will be considered a disaster.


Weed’s numerous acts of the destruction of nature had been recorded in detail. The various quests, explorations, his perseverance and his sculpting experiences were all accounted for.

“I thought I would only suffer more hard work. It wasn’t as I expected.”

After getting his cla.s.s he had thought he was going to be left far behind, instead it had left behind warm memories.

“If you have to be out in ice and snow, or even a ice storm, collect some ice and have your self a ice cooled juice drink!”

Even if you’re famous, life will always be a long hard walk, you still have to endure it without closing your eyes, so far the achievements he has made far outweighed the hards.h.i.+ps!

“Should I go to the Great Debkart Mountains?”

For the sake of obtaining Disaster Sculpting, he needed to follow Daycram. It was fortunate that it was was within an easy two days travel from Morata.

Disaster Sculpting!

A name that’s bad for your heart.

There was no way of really knowing what was meant by disaster sculpting or what natural apocalypse it might recreate. Tsunamis, floods, earthquakes, landslides, snow and ice storms, volcanic eruptions, if you could recreate such things…

“That would be a unbelievable sculpting skill!”

There was no other skill more fulfilling than this since becoming a sculptor.

“Right now, I’ve not even a heard a whisper or read anything about a sculpture made from Helium being completed.”

Perhaps some kind of physical aliment might have overcome Daycram.

Weed had never met the elder sculptor, who frankly speaking, has not been eating well nor living life in a healthy manner. When you have to scrimp and save every penny, the world in a harsh and merciless place. If there were no news, the probability of something bad happening was extremely high.

“If your dead then the Helium will be all mine! Fhu Fhu Fhu Fhu.”

On Weed’s back Light Wings fluttered and grew restless, Yellowy who had been on a break from the exhausting work started to tremble with fear.

An instant later, Weed was feeling very bad, he was full of regrets and reflections. A great deal of repentance too.

“No…It’s that d.a.m.n Helium. It’s so beguiling that a mere human’s heart has a s…o…b..a.l.l.s chance in h.e.l.l against it .”

Relived by this Yellowy flattened his ears. This was a cow behavior, something they only do when they’re very happy. Light Wings lit up with some very nice bright colors.

“It’s not natural to be corrupted like this…well it sorta is, after all I’m only human.”

“I have to admit, humans can be temporarily dragged into temptation far too easily.”

“The chance to learn nature sculpting from a master it’s almost like a blind monster showing up just in time for you to kill it.”


“Even more ridiculous things have been known to happen, it must be the will of heaven, G.o.d most likely just said,’ hey…it’s your turn to die blind monster.’ “

“I’ll just have to breathe deep and grab this chance while I can.”


“Even though I didn’t find the Helium I did get the nature sculpting techniques, I even got clues about where to find the master sculptor Daycram.”

Having seen all there was to see within the mine, Weed and Yellowy prepare to go back.

*****end chapter 04*****

The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor

The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor

Dalbic Jogaksa, LMS, 달빛조각사
Score 8.6
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Artist: , Released: 2007 Native Language: Korean
The man forsaken by the world, the man a s*ave to money and the man known as the legendary God of War in the highly popular MMORPG Continent of Magic. With the coming of age, he decides to say goodbye, but the feeble attempt to earn a little something for his time and effort ripples into an effect none could ever have imagined. Through a series of coincidences, his legendary avatar is sold for 3 billion won, bringing great joy to him, only to plunge him into despair at losing almost all of it to vicious loan sharks. With revelation of money through gaming, he rises from the abyss with new found resolve and steps forward into the new age of games led by the first ever Virtual Reality MMORPG, Royal Road. This is the legend of Lee Hyun on his path to becoming Emperor with only his family’s loving heart, his boundless desire for money, his unexpected mind, his diligently forged body and the talent of hard work backing him.


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