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The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor Volume 21 Chapter 7

Mmm, it’s a good wind.”

Weed’s lips formed a crooked smile.

While the speed of the overloaded medium sized sailboat was horrendously slow, it was also relaxing.

After all, we don’t want to get too far ahead.”

Golden Bird was continuously giving updates on the enemy’s location and Weed planned to match that timing. Once they reached the wide open sea the enemy had much better mobility, so it was the Unfreezing river that would determine how this battle would play out

The place is all set, so…”

Weed a.s.signed a task to the sculpture lifeforms that were able to fly.

Bury this under the nearby ice. Be gentle, don’t bite too hard or try to eat it.”

Weed had acquired a lot of Fire-Orbs while hunting monsters in Jigolaths.

At each side of the river the winged sculpture creatures were using their beaks like to drill into the ice and put the Fire-Orbs into the holes.

Watching this intense labor was Yellowy.4

I’m so glad that I can’t fly.’

Weed was happy with his investments in the sculpture lifeforms.. No five day school week, or bonuses, no monthly salaries, no other types of benefits of any kind.

When Yellowy’s first calf was born in Morata he was denied time off and had to work without a break.

Parenting was also banned!

The idea explained to him was since he was constantly eating that meant he had to constantly earn, even under the worst working conditions like that of a mine shaft.

The sculpture lifeforms went through a lot of suffering to place Fire-Orbs into the walls of the gorge.

it’s a waste of my items…”

Weed said this with a sad look. If Weed were to watch a sad movie or read a sad book he would just yawn, but now he was sad enough that tears were spilling out. For now he decided to be honest with his feelings.

A single drop of my tear is at least 800 gold, no, more like 8,000 gold. A discount or group discount will never be allowed!”

One should never hold in these emotions

With this much stress comes eating disorders like binge eating, could cut into our food supplies too. I must guard my health. I must address this and swallow antidepressants even though they cost money.”

The s.h.i.+p was getting closer to the sea. Weed who was looking at the direction of Jigolaths saw the ma.s.sive fleet appear. The wars.h.i.+ps from the Haven Kingdom fleet and the Pirate fleet combined .

“A bit later than expected. If they had been any slower I would’ve had to wait.”

The Tower sculpture didn’t know how helpful it had been to this impromptu plan. Weed released the Sculptural Transformation from the appearance of Griffith as it has lost its meaning. He took off all the clothes he had made with his sewing skills. He wanted to keep them clean so he could sell them back in Morata.

Since it was going to be needed he went back to the modified Lich from. The power of the undead stat is a serious problem, but it’s absolutely needed if he wanted to take command of all those Ghost s.h.i.+ps.

Sculpture Transformation!”

Weed transformed into the sculpture of a Lich he was holding. This Lich had the cla.s.sic skeleton form but with some skillful changes. The Weed Lich skeleton floats lazily about 30 centimeters above the ground. It was surrounded by a black aura that swirled in a continuous flow.

Seeing this Lich with it’s huge intimidating appearance would make anyone gulp with fear.

-You have used Sculpture Transformation.

This sculpture skill uses boundless affection to make the sculptor resemble the sculpture.

-Since the body shape has changed, new equipment can be used.

-You can also summon armor and weapons dedicated for use by the Undead.

-As a result of this Sculpture Transformation wisdom and intelligence stats have greatly increased.

-Unlimited stamina

-You have acquired an additional 25% effect when using necromancer skills.

– Floating in the air works automatically.

– Magic has become stronger.

– Death Aura is triggered due to the high artistic skills, sculpture transformation and summon undead.

-Except for leaders.h.i.+p and charisma all the other stats are reduced, the luck stat is reduced to its lowest.

-Health and Mana is significantly increased.

-Lich exclusive skill of absorption and efficiency of the absorbed mana rises 47 %.


-As a side effect of using a Lich Sculptural Transformation all activities done in this form may be taken as actions against humanity.


-Level of current Lich Form Completion: 19.3%

-by using Sculptural Transformation into a Lich you’ve increased sculptural understanding skill level by 1

This transformation was much closer to a genuine Lich!

It’s too bad I’m still only at the lower levels.”

Still Weed was quite satisfied with the change. He had transformed into an absurdly average skeleton Lich. He was a lower level when compared to Lich s.h.i.+re and far from being able to compare to the higher level Lich Bar Khan.

He did have the necromancer ability Death Aura and by practicing the dark arts he can now amplified undead summoning in exchange for their deaths. One of the disadvantages of the Death Aura is that its range is relatively short. He would need a better way to utilize this restriction.

Height, I guess I don’t really even need to wear shoes.”

He was able to float up to 30 centimeters into the air. Even though it was only 30 centimeters it did change what you could see. For a Lich even in the darkest night they can still see, just like it was daytime.


That aside he still needed to worry about the fleets chasing them!

They’ll catch up to us within the next 5 minutes”.

Keeping in mind their relative speeds, Weed tried to calculate how much time it would take for them to be within magical or sh.e.l.ling range. Magical flames hissed by Weed’s boat and buried itself in the water.

We’re Here!”

Over Here!”

Mr.Weed Sir! We’ve been Waiting! Pleeease take us with you!”

A bit away from the banks of the river a frantically waving trio could be seen. Heinten, Fractal, and Boardmir were desperately waving clothes and calling out for help. Still alive somehow thanks in part to the single minded desire to survive these glacial regions. They had been waiting at this spot for Weed to pa.s.s by.

They could see Weed at the rear deck of the s.h.i.+p and they shouted loudly in desperation.

Eh, What’s that you say? Drinfeld and a whole fleet of SOB’s are coming.”

Oh wait, that’s wrong, you’re saying you’re looking for a ride.”

Mr.Weed Sir, listen!, we’ve tried to find a way back to the continent, it’s impossible from here, we need a d.a.m.n boat…”

Common sense would suggest that running from a ma.s.sive fleet would mean there would be no way Weed would turn back to get the three of them. Besides, Weed had no obligation or interest in saving them.

After Weed pa.s.sed them, the three ran across the glacier on foot, hoping to find someway to reach the boat. There were no trees around to build a raft. They were also in a predicament since the levels of the mobs were beyond their levels.

They ran downstream, getting ahead of the boat they found an ice shelf on the water’s edge. Quickly cutting it they dog paddled it with their arms towards the boat. Of course, in the middle of the warm river water, ice tends to melt and break apart. Even a blind man could see they were in a miserable plight.

Pleeea.s.sse for pity’s sake give us a ride!”

The triad tried, desperately shouting, to reduce the speed of the sailboat as Weed came close. Weed stood next to the deck railing.

“Going to the Mainland?”

Yes, of course. We’ve changed, all our bad qualities are gone!”

Maybe if they lived here isolated for a few months to a year they won’t be so arrogant anymore and would change their ways. In Royal Road, a place full of joy and happiness, to be trapped in a remote place for so long is the same as being in prison!

Tears were shed with a running nose as they pleaded, Heinteu, Fractal and Boardmir were like lost lambs. Weed spoke again at a leisurely pace.

The fee to board my s.h.i.+p is expensive…how much have you got?”

The desire for a little more money did not decline even after Weed turned into a Lich. As a cunning villain, Heinteu knew obedience was the only option, still he could not help but roll his eyes as he replied.

The three of us together have 2,759 gold.”

In other words the amount was so small that Weed could just easily walk away. But in reality he had barely half of that proposed amount.

Weed shook his head at the offer.

The toll is 7,000 gold … Sorry that price is not negotiable.”

A..are you sure? I mean, your going home anyway and we waited for you like you asked us to…”

You can’t just leave us here, there’s no way to escape!”

There are many other s.h.i.+ps coming this way. If you have no money, catch a ride with one of those s.h.i.+ps.”

You scoundrels have already given me a hard time! I highly doubt that anyone aside from me would give you a ride, although I could be wrong.”

Discuss it amongst yourselves, I’m sure after much thought you will agree with my persuasive logic.”

Thinking to speak Yellowy lifted his head but fell silent at a nod from Weed.

If you get into deep water you’d better be able to swim.

Weed decided to cut this short.

Well, this is your problem.”

He spoke as if this was just a trivial thought!

Right, at this distance 7,000 gold or no ride.”

If you don’t like it find another s.h.i.+p.”

There was no need for mercy for s.h.i.+p thieves like them. Weed had just one goal. Since he was leaving anyway and the destination was the same it would all work out. With that in mind and their bad att.i.tudes, why not overcharge, he didn’t care if they decided to refuse!

Hey, come on, it’s time to swing the bat”

If we don’t go we will stay trapped here”

Drinfeld’s fleet came into view. There was no time left to bargain. At this rate, everything will come to nothing. Watching the oncoming Drinfeld fleet, both Boardmir and Fractal became more anxious than Weed. The trio took out all their money, jewels and other valuables and calculated. It came to 7,425 gold.

Weed, 7,000 gold we’ll pay the fee!.”

In advance.”

Between the three of them they barely produced 7,000 gold and sprang quickly onto the mid-sized sailboat. On the deck they saw a huge army of living sculptures.

Where the h.e.l.l did all these monsters come from!”

They’re d.a.m.n scary things.”

All the living sculptures were gruesome and cruel looking, the kind of appearance that would frighten anyone.

You will be stuck on board for few months. You might want to shut up.”

They might decide to give you a hard time.”

They suddenly felt like the didn’t dare take a breathe.

From now on crew and steer the s.h.i.+p.”

yes sir, right away sir.”

The trio was going to do everything he said. Even though Weed’s sailing skills had improved he didn’t think he was up to handling the overloaded s.h.i.+p. He judged the professionals could do a far better job.

The trio were well know as the 3 Crazy-Mad Sharks of Becky-Nin, since despite being notorious they had never been caught due to their astounding sailing skills. The enemies were the privileged Haven Kingdom and Pirate fleets, but you could bet on their skills against them.

Set full sails, this s.h.i.+p’s gonna fly!”

Set course for the current, redress the sail angle to maximum!”

The ‘3 Crazy-Mad Sharks of Becky-Nin’ busily ran back and forth setting the medium sized s.h.i.+p ropes and sails for the best running condition for picking up speed.

In the back of their minds they still had a heart full of pride.

–Anyway all is not lost.–

–We have 425 gold left. Despite the disadvantaged situation, we’ve been able to lie to Weed, we are the three crazy-mad sharks of Becky-Nin and we are going to be even more famous. –

–For now just go along with things we’ll hit this rat when it’s coming home full of treasure, he’ll have forgotten all about us by then.–

*ku ku ku*

The three were whispering to each other while working.

On the deck looking at the Haven fleet and the flames shooting past Weed spoke up.

Oh, guys…”

“Yes ?”

Food costs money.”


Its 3 gold for a sip of water and 5 gold for a piece of raw fish until we get back to the continent.”

Excessive profits based on unspeakable tyranny!

How can you do something like that!”

Fractal started to protest strongly, paused and then using a much milder voice said.

We’ll navigate and steer the s.h.i.+p until we arrive at your destination. Won’t you acknowledge the wages due for such work.”

Yellowy nodded his head. It was well reasoned and smart, a counter-proposal for compensation. There was no way to refute such a compromise.

1 copper per day.”


If you don’t like it get off.”

Totally robbing them at knife point.

A small amount of power used to efficiently squeeze an opponent by applying it only at the exact point needed. Weed had learned a lot while dealing with the sculpture lifeforms.

‘Life is money. ‘


Drinfeld was watching when the 3 Crazy-Mad Sharks of Becky-Nin appeared and were let onto the s.h.i.+p.

Dear G.o.d, a truly royal a.s.shole. He sold them pa.s.sage, is this a devil or a man we’ve been chasing?

Even Drinfeld felt sick after having to watch that. There was going to be a accounting this time, even if it was land or the sea getting away was going to be very hard in his judgment. The leaders of the Hermes Guild had harsh reminders daily to quickly catch Weed.

Through the broadcast everyone got to see Weed complete an ‘S’ cla.s.s Quest for the first time in all of Royal Road. Meanwhile, even with the reinforcements sent to them they were unable to show any results.

However, if it was the sea rather than land, the story is different. He had to admit to himself that his lack of experience fighting on land had led to many mistakes, but on the sea he was king.

“He’s just an arrogant jerk who knows nothing except how to run away to save his life.”

Drinfeld wasn’t worried about winning because of the huge difference between their s.h.i.+p’s combat forces, he was worried about the reaction after he won.

Should I finish him off in a single attack?

Armed with the latest high powered artillery weapons, a single medium-sized sailing s.h.i.+p won’t stand a chance.

With naval warfare it will be an easy victory for me without a doubt.”

Seeing as they can win without resistance he needed to prioritize recovering fame which is a much more pressing matter. Because it’s naval warfare he did not want to show the pirates getting any sort of credit.

Alert! The stern of the target s.h.i.+p is coming into range.”

The noncom officer shouted in a loud voice. The 3 Crazy-Mad Sharks of Becky-Nin had been unable to increase the speed because of the s.h.i.+p’s excessive load. Drinfeld hardened his resolve and gave the command.

Forward Guns commence fire.”

It’s still a bit further before they come within range.”

Fire immediately, don’t directly target the enemy just shake them up.”

Sinking the medium-size sailing s.h.i.+p too quickly would make it look far too easy. Using the power of their bombardment would give them the upper hand by getting rid of the enemies ability to navigate. Next, he planned to use the elite s.h.i.+ps to a.s.sault the opponent. A flawless victory that should make them remember the name Drinfeld!

Drinfeld’s order was pa.s.sed on to the entire fleet. The Haven 2nd fleet moved forward turning to an angle that would reveal the side of their s.h.i.+ps. The gun ports opened, sequentially the cannons were run out, fire blazed forth.

Ba-boom, boom, boom, boom boom!

The firepower of more than 160 cannons were launched from 5 vessels. The cannonb.a.l.l.s fired from the artillery cannons flew in a parabolic path falling into the water not far from Weed’s s.h.i.+p. Water pillars up to 10 meters high roared and plummeted, the booming sound echoing out over the river.


The wars.h.i.+p guns were run in and the guns reloaded. If the Captain and crew receive high level training then the loading speed and accuracy will improve. The majority of s.h.i.+ps carry many mounted guns, though mobile with the added weight they are very slow to turn.

Despite this weakness Drinfeld’s s.h.i.+ps were still able to rejoin the chase without falling behind. This time it was different, seven s.h.i.+ps turned to expose their mids.h.i.+p and prepared to fire.


238 cannons discharge!5

The launch angle was high into the sky raising the speed at which the shot into the river. Within the area of the artillery bombardments the entire river churned, the power of the rapidly surging water could easily tip you over!

The were slowly approaching closer to Weed’s s.h.i.+p.

We’re getting closer. Full speed ahead!”

She’s already at her top speed!”

Watching from the shaking deck the 3 Mad-Crazy Sharks of Becky-Nin struggled hard to increase their speed. Weed could use black magic to form a protective s.h.i.+eld using dark aura, but didn’t feel the need for it. With all the falling into the area it was difficult to see much of the surroundings.

Getting missed by such close margins, it was like undergoing the tension of a top school entrance exam.6 Full of fear and dread, Yellowy hid in the cabin with the masked Seoyoon.

These guys are too rich!…each shot has got to be at least 3 gold.”

Weed of course wanted to be able to boast like that too, he was full of envy! Showing that they have pockets deep enough to send many s.h.i.+ps, equip them and send them all to the far after him made his stomach hurt. Only a Kingdom like Haven that was fully developed with a central infrastructure and huge population could afford to equip and arm a such a fleet.

Like most sea going users Weed was at the back7 of the s.h.i.+p since that was where you could see the most from and of course be seen by Drinfeld and other users. Weed had a bad habit of deliberately provoking his enemies. It would be good not to take him too lightly, his success so far as a hero was not built from straw.

If he loses his life he would lose his precious items, his skill proficiency and a hard earned level. So he was constantly examining and a.n.a.lyzing his enemies. Of course great courage is also necessary to live this way.

Having spotted him the Haven Kingdom and the Pirate’s moved forward at full speed down the Unfrozen river.

Let’s start gently.”

When the enemy s.h.i.+ps reached the correct location, Weed shouted.

Now, burn them all!”

One of the sculptures made by Guild Master Jenbarin of the 8th Sculptors Guild was a Fire Giant! The Fire Giant had complained endlessly about the misfortune it suffered from not being able to ride on the s.h.i.+p with the other sculpture lifeforms.

The fire giant ended up using a very different sort of conveyance.


While Weed was on the Ghost s.h.i.+p voyage, Bingyong, the Wyverns and the Phoenix were busy hunting and at the same time raising their levels.

kueeek !”

Bingyong used ice breath, the Wyverns used air drop attacks and Phoenix used fire to make the monsters experience a life of h.e.l.l. They were already powerful just one on one so hunting the monsters on the ground as a group was a piece of cake. They were living and eating well, being that satisfied resulted in a special occasion where they all felt kindly about Weed. You might say they had a love hate relations.h.i.+p.

“I wonder where owner is and what he’s doing.”

You think owner is sneaking delicious food?”

Well we’re eating delicious foods without him.”

From time to time the Wyverns would feel the need to tell Weed stories, ever since he had disappeared from the continent for the 3 months ago the story telling need has gotten worse.

“I wanna to eat the food made by owner. When he comes back I should ask him to make delicious food.”

“kueeek !”

I miss owner. I wanna be together and eat together, even with the abuse.”

The Wyvern’s8 were born first and had spent the longest time with Weed, almost like he was their parent. Even though they felt in the depths of their heart that he made them look ugly, they still can’t betray him.

“I really want to go to owner.”

Phoenix had been born with five other brothers, but had lost them. Loneliness can be overwhelming and quite contagious, they all ended up sharing a sea of tears about Weed.

Can we truly go to where owner is?”

Flying to the owner sounds good.”

The Wyverns had a lot of experience traveling long distances to and from the northern continent’s mountains. They had the freedom to wander about enjoying the natural world.

Let’s go to where owner is.”

A trip. kiyah ahahak.”

Bingyong, also decided to join them since he did not want to be left all alone.

I’ll go with you guys.”

Flight to the North!

For this trip through the glacier areas Bingyong had a lot of experience and flew ahead to act as guide.

The Wyverns and the Phoenix flowed close behind. They could almost be mistaken for migratory birds, yet they were just lonely sculpture lifeforms looking for their owner.

Go here.”


I can smell something disgusting too, something gross like an unwashed ugly brute is clearly nearby, must be owner.”

The sculpture lifeforms had flown over land and sea to reach the land of Jigolaths.

Keu-woe-oe-oeo! I can feel my strength coming back to me”

Bingyong’s health and strength increased tremendously because of the cold glaciers in the area. Wyverns were weak to the cold but they were able to bear with it because of the clothes that Weed made for them, also by flying close to Phoenix they avoided freezing to death.

Do you think owner will want to see us?”

What if he gets angry and hits us?”

No hunting, bullied every day, not to mention endless labor. Do you think I’ll get anything to eat if I work hard?”

Wy-three rolled his head and spoke. “I can live with that much. But what if we get told to go back where we were and hunt there!

Having already spent far too much time with Weed, they knew him all too well. The sculpture lifeforms decided to hold off for a bit and go hunting in the nearby Jigolaths.

The power of Phoenix did not weaken even if it was in an area filled with glaciers. This was also a location with blazing hot lava flows everywhere. He grew up fighting monsters that had high fire resistance, so fighting monsters that only had resistance to ice was easy. The monsters in the glacier area are high leveled and gave good experience, also the meat was awash with nutritional value.

The Wyverns are meat eaters that enjoy hunting, getting the experience on top is like a win win. You got to eat the meat and gain the EXP too.

The Phoenix, Wyvern, Bingyong hunting party!9

On their search to locate Weed they paused when they saw the figure of a fire giant striding along the ice. As a sculpture lifeform themselves they were able to easily recognize a fellow sculpture lifeform based on their high art.

Do you know owner, Weed?”

Seeing Bingyong, Phoenix and Wyverns blocking his way to the river, the Fire Giant nodded his head and answered.

He who granted me life.”

We were born before you.”

That makes us family then.”

Sculpture Lifeforms are rather simple minded but that made establis.h.i.+ng the pecking order extremely important to them. Due to Weed’s high Charm, high Command and his dictator personality, Bingyong and Phoenix were able to get on like a house on fire. Even though they both had opposite affinities they were able to become good friends easily.

Since the Phoenix had lost its brothers and it was still feeling lonely it spoke up.

We are very similar so I’ve taken a liking to you.”

The Fire Giant holding a fire sword in its black hands looked up with a fierce gaze.

I like you too.”

Where are you going in such a hurry?”

Master asked me to go hide and wait in the place where the river gorge is narrow.”

That would be a very hard and long walk.”

The Fire Giant was heading along the Unfrozen River. Though the sculpture was not life size it was not much smaller and could move tens of meters with its long pace yet it had not been able to make much progress.

The glacial ice would melt due to the heat from its body at every step. Steam too would rise whenever water was reached making the surface slick from the heat and vapor. The Fire Giant had to move incessantly over the ice to cover the distance.

Phoenix made the offer first.

Get on my back. You can’t ride others because of the flames but that won’t matter with me.”


The Phoenix flew low along the Unfreezing River with the Fire Giant riding. The flaming wings spread wide over the river almost filling the gorge. Unfamiliar with flying the Fire Giant couldn’t help but shout with excitement.


Their practice flights had shown they could return at tremendous speed at Weed’s command. Phoenix lowered his head between his wings and beating furiously quickly got up to maximum speed.

They looked like a blazing comet from high in the sky then coming down to follow the river.

Griffith sir, an unidentified monster has appeared behind us.”

The Pirate fleet trailing at the back were the first ones to discover the Phoenix and the Fire Giant. In the clear night sky they were easy to spot even from far away.

The Pirates engaged in the chase had been told to stay at the back of the Haven Kingdom Fleet for a good reason. The truth was no one can predict what will happen during a firefight but it would be a big problem if the kingdom fleet made a poor showing in the battle compared to the pirates.

The Pirate’s priority was the loot but they wanted to wait until they had much more room to maneuver. Griffith was just waiting for that chance.

You did well with your hit and run tactics in Jigolaths but running blindly without preparation for the river won’t cut it this time. How could you be so stupid. You had to know Drinfeld’s fleet would give chase so you should’ve had a backup plan ready.”

Griffith tighten his s.h.i.+ps formations as he was ready to begin his attack. Griffith gave a fleet wide command.

Fire the cannons!”

In an instant every loaded Pirate cannon ignited.


To escape the the Phoenix folded it’s wings and went into a spin. Most of the cannonb.a.l.l.s missed and fell into the river. Even if they had hit the Phoenix has amazing health. One ball b.u.mped against it’s wing and triggered a powerful magical explosion of flame and heat.


The Phoenix wasn’t damaged. With both the Phoenix and the Fire Giant having flame properties it is very difficult to harm them that way. They were able to re-absorb this magic explosion and use it to restore their health. Griffith using his telescope, the essential tool for any sailor, carefully observed this.

That Phoenix has a surprising ability.”

Weed knew that situation would fit them. He’d seen this before while fighting the Embinyu Church, it was quite hard for fire magic to damage this type of creature.

Reload the magic cannonb.a.l.l.s!”

Magician Guilds sell cannonb.a.l.l.s with built in explosion magic, making them several times more expensive than an ordinary cannonball. When facing a formidable enemy like the Phoenix the extra cost was worth the damage they could deliver. The Phoenix was pa.s.sing between them just as they finished loading the cannons.

Should we attack?”

When the Pirates asked Griffith he just shook his head. Targeting them at this point would just be wasting their magic ammo.


The Phoenix scattered it’s feathers over the Haven fleet. The feathers fell downward accompanied by ma.s.sive heat, it was a rain of fire.

What’s that!?”

Divine s.h.i.+eld.”

Guardian of the Sea.”

The priests, paladins and mages used various protection magic, they called upon spells and divine intervention to protect their s.h.i.+ps. The divine power and water barriers thus created would prevent or weaken the rain of fire.

Furl10 the Sails!”

The wars.h.i.+p crews hurried to roll up the sails and get them tied them to the yard arms. The s.h.i.+ps were also protected with a combination of sorcery and special wards that help keep the wood s.h.i.+ps from burning. However, even one small sail was vulnerable enough that it would be able to give fire a chance to start burning.

Though it was a strong monster the rain of fire was relatively weak, they were prepared for this since they had experience with several different types of monster hunts. The paladins, soldiers and support priests of the Hermes Guild were protected inside the wide Mana s.h.i.+elds.

Prepare for subsequent attacks. Magicians should prepare their corresponding counter-magic. Rather than offense be ready to use defense to take on these b.a.s.t.a.r.ds.”

Drinfeld believed that the fleet had the clear advantage in terms of defensive power. Though these measures did limit the ability of the s.h.i.+ps to maneuver it still allowed them to fire magic arrows and cannons to attack the Phoenix with.

The Fire Giant riding on the back of the Phoenix was not aware of any of this.

Why am I the only one owner picks on.”

Nevertheless the Fire Giant slashed his fiery sword towards both sides of the river canyon.


The buried flame-orbs receiving stimulus to their spirit of fire exploded under the ice!

The ten thousand years of thickly layered ice on both sides of the canyon were cracked by the shock and heat with a terrible sound. The long fissure became so big and wide it was unable to hold, after ten thousand years ice began to fall down the canyon.

An avalanche! No, it’s a ice avalanche!”

The ice from the canyon walls is breaking!”

Stop! Stop! “

Without warning a bomb had gone off in the canyon over Drinfeld’s fleet. Blocks of ice dominated and distorted the waters, at present they were small but larger blocks were coming. The wizards, paladins and priests had enough strength to hold the mana s.h.i.+elds causing the chucks of ice to bounce off when they hit at an angle. However getting a bulls eye hit from a huge block of ice would result in sinking a s.h.i.+p.

An attack that takes advantage of natural features usually leaves no choice but to suffer helplessly since there is simply no way to prepare in advance for it. Blocks of ice continue to fall from the canyon wall pouring down over the fleet one after another.

Make sail!11 Maximum sails, get us out of here.”

Drinfeld’s wars.h.i.+p with every sail spread led the way. Giant blocks were now starting to fall from the canyon, all the s.h.i.+ps nimbly moved forward working to avoid the worst. One s.h.i.+p was. .h.i.t while preparing to move, it was split into two sections and began to sink. The ammo on board the s.h.i.+p then exploded spreading panic.

Protection magic, special wards, fire-resistant material for the hulls all proved useless as the heavy ice broke through s.h.i.+elds breaking s.h.i.+ps.

“Sailing at top speed!”

Drinfeld’s wars.h.i.+p advanced with the other s.h.i.+ps. Weeds buried Fire-orbs had already exploded, without more to continue the chain the ice blocks were running out.

Admiral! We’ve taken too much damage. For now we need to turn back.”

That d.a.m.n guy is almost in our hands we just need to grab his throat.”

Despite the advice of his subordinates Drinfeld continued the chase steering the s.h.i.+p himself. An Ice block fell into the river creating a huge water column, a mixture of soil and ice rubble continued to fall from the canyon walls. Even after taking such a disaster and despite of all the damage, Drinfeld’s Fleet continued to press forward. It was hard to believe this all started from the simple attack of Phoenix feathers.

Use the emergency battle sails.”

The crew was well trained to deal with fire and hung a small head-sail made for battle conditions. The battle sails provide less wind power but they are special as they are fire proof and strong. The fleets of Drinfeld and the Pirates looked like wounded wild beasts yet they continued to chase after Weed’s back.

*****End of Chapter 07 *****

***** 08 : Counterattack in Rain, Wind and Fog *****

I would like to see more of Yellowy, he always makes me laugh.

I just ‘had’ to calculate this number, 7 s.h.i.+ps fire 238, that is 34 cannons per s.h.i.+p per a single broad side.

This is another one I just have to scratch my head over, though it was closer to top school inspection, which seemed a bit lacking so I went with entrance exam.

Well we all know this is of course the ‘Stern’ of the s.h.i.+p. Which also tended to be much higher and did afford a good view of the area.

I had to look up a “Wyvern” after my gf asked what it looked like. Well, I really didn’t know. Turns out this thing is a two legged dragon. Think Ostrich legs, Dragon Body with wings. Pretty odd looking.

The PWB party!

Furl Sails- Nautical term; To roll up and neatly bind a sail to it’s yard.

Make Sail- Nautical term; To spread sail to get underway from a stand still.

The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor

The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor

Dalbic Jogaksa, LMS, 달빛조각사
Score 8.6
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Artist: , Released: 2007 Native Language: Korean
The man forsaken by the world, the man a s*ave to money and the man known as the legendary God of War in the highly popular MMORPG Continent of Magic. With the coming of age, he decides to say goodbye, but the feeble attempt to earn a little something for his time and effort ripples into an effect none could ever have imagined. Through a series of coincidences, his legendary avatar is sold for 3 billion won, bringing great joy to him, only to plunge him into despair at losing almost all of it to vicious loan sharks. With revelation of money through gaming, he rises from the abyss with new found resolve and steps forward into the new age of games led by the first ever Virtual Reality MMORPG, Royal Road. This is the legend of Lee Hyun on his path to becoming Emperor with only his family’s loving heart, his boundless desire for money, his unexpected mind, his diligently forged body and the talent of hard work backing him.


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