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The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor Volume 22 – Chapter 2

Chapter 2 – The Great Construction

Weed’s s.h.i.+ps were approaching the northern continent by the sea.

Having already sold most of the j.a.ptem that the mermaids were interested in, Weed was currently concentrating on his cloud sculpting, raising it’s proficiency.

“The clouds are quite tricky. It’s very hard to define the sculptural theme that I am trying to create and even portraying expressions are not easy…”

Normally he would use large quant.i.ties of stone and wood when sculpting to cover up the lacking parts in art, but it didn’t apply to Cloud Sculpting.

Using water he made thousands of cloud sculptures on the s.h.i.+p as they were sailing the High Seas. Weed didn’t take any notice of apparent mistakes that obviously stood out because every time the wind blew, the sculptures dispersed and scattered away.

It was a type of sculptural art that could only be used for a brief moment and was a very difficult subject to understand, let alone master.

“I should create some fish. Perhaps I could also create some basic flounder, rockfish, shrimp, crab or even a whale.”

True artwork does not compromise!

He began making random things, raising his cloud sculpting proficiency through grinding.

After he made hundreds of clouds, a mysterious natural phenomena occurred.

The s.h.i.+p had veered towards the bad weather, where white and dark clouds clashed.

It was Weed’s cloud sculptures that moved in the direction of the blowing wind as they mixed with the oncoming storm and the clouds enveloped the sky.

It wasn’t bad weather, however a misty and light rain started to drizzle down on the sea.


“This has to be the most beautiful sight in the world.”

The rest of the group that had been lazing around rushed to their feet and headed towards the commotion at the bow of the s.h.i.+p.

Though the dark sky, a heavenly light broke through from in between the clouds.


– You have made a Sculpture of Nature. Mother Nature’s Marvel, the picturesque scene of light rays falling onto the sea, has been reproduced by a talented sculptor. – Sculpting skill proficiency has improved.

– Nature Sculpting skill has increased to Beginner-level 3

– Fame increased by 145.

– Art stat has increased by 7.

– Nature affinity increased by 15.

– Wisdom, intellect and luck increased by 3.

– All Stats increased by 2.

The light rays that fell down upon the sea looked absolutely majestic.

It was still difficult to produce any cloud sculptures as it required a great amount imagination and focus.

However wonderful light and cloud sculptures are not easy to create.

Mother Nature’s Marvel gave a substantial increase in stats based on the user’s profession.

In Weed’s case this phenomenon increased all of his stats, especially artwork, by a modest amount.

While his friends, that had been watching in awe, realised that they had gained various stat increases.Irene’s Priest cla.s.s had her Faith increase by a lot, in Romuna’s case being a mage her Wisdom stats increased by 5. For Hwaryeong it was her Charm that increased due to her dancer cla.s.s. Everyone acquired different stats as they enjoyed the nature sculpture.

“Wow, this is so epic!.”

His friends were unable to conceal their surprise.

Weeds face drew a big rotten smile.

“All this from just the beginner level of cloud sculpting.”

When all is said and done all that matters are the results! Yellowy stumbled backwards from astonishment into the living sculpture Griffin.

The ruckus lead the other living sculptures that Weed brought to life at Jigolaths to come out onto the deck of the small s.h.i.+p and see the light that shone brilliantly through the clouds.


– Living Sculpture’s stat increases.

Even the living sculptures that were created with art were affected just like any other species. ———————————————–

They were approaching land. Their long voyage was finally coming to an end.

The living sculptures quickly got ready while Weed and his friends prepared to disembark.

The fis.h.i.+ng rods and cooking tools that were left out were put away with the other luggage and they grabbed their full backpacks.

However the living sculptures that were made after rare and extinct creatures had their own distinct instinct to survive.

They continued to disobey Weed and kept saying that they wanted to leave to breed with their species.

“I want to look for females. I want to bear children. If I go to a far away places I would be able to meet my fellow species.”

“If you were to give us freedom, we want to live and create a family in this large world.”

Strong demands from the Living Sculptures!

They were worried that they were slowly going to die, living their whole pitiful existence alone, without a mate.

These were not just the demands of one or two, nearly a third of the living sculptures that were created in Jigolaths brought up these demands.


Weed was in a sticky situation.

Originally, from the moment the living sculptures were born, he had to earn their respect and he must be held in high esteem at all times.

But this time, he gave life for too many sculptures at the same time, so it was not easy to rule them by force as he normally does.

They were staring at Weed with sparkling eyes.

They believed that Weed was a benevolent and kind person that will give them permission!

But in Weed’s mind his thoughts were totally different.

“I should have beaten them all.”

If he were to force and hold them up like slaves they might start a rebellion, or they might even escape because of the loneliness.

Managing Living Sculptures was not an easy task.

Because of Weed’s high leaders.h.i.+p status, Wyverns and Bingryong couldn’t just walk away from him.Yet living sculptures were bound to keep pursuing a free-spirited life due to their strong personalities.

Just as it was in the beginning, when he tried to control an army for the first time it was very difficult as he had to win their trust through doing many for them.

This was the time for sacrifice.

Weed had a difficult time actually dismissing the sculptures that had strong personalities.

“In this broad continent…”

Why are they trying to leave me! There were still a lot of things I needed them to do.

“What you guys desire…”

In life, It isn’t possible to live in the world doing things that you want to do, while hoping everything turns out right.


Weeds struggle was to the point to where he wanted to put a nose ring on them, just like on a cow, drag them and make them work.

A sculpture would not expect to gain anything from working for Weed, Furthermore they would need to take a lot of time to find their counterpart and raise a family, so he could not expect them to stay.

“You may go and live your life…”

Tears welled up around Weed’s eyes as those last words escaped his lips.

The Living Sculpture’s sincere heartfelt regret was shown on their faces.

From another owner it would be tears of love, but since it’s from Weed it was evident that it was tears of loss.

“We will be leaving now.”

Rare creatures of life left by riding on the giant sea turtle and headed back out to sea.

Even though Weed anxiously watched them leave until they completely disappeared, they did not even leave any gold or compensation behind!

“If we continue at this rate we should arrive in Morata within a day or two.”

Heint got up and he slightly bowed his head muttering under his breath as they neared the sh.o.r.e.

At long last the trip up and down to Jigolaths was finally over.

Even though they did not properly tour Jigolaths, atleast they pioneered new routes.

They had pa.s.sed through the northern oceans while discovering various hunting grounds, they were able to find safe pa.s.sages and even though Weed took all the profits that were earned there.

Finally, it was time to depart ways from the devil Weed.

“Heheh. I owe you a lot. Thanks for the fun adventures.”

“In the future, I will be really nice to others players and try to not get into trouble with anyone.”

“Weed, we hope that you do well. We will continue to watch over your adventures.”

“I would live my life like I were to be reborn anew. If you go out to the sea again please call for us.”

Even though the crew started out contracted in a bad way, looking back they visited many places and the overall outcome wasn’t such a bad adventure.

As the 3 mad sharks of Becky Nin politely said their farewells to them, they also replied their goodbyes.

Of course, they did not have the slightest bit of feeling of wanting to come back to Weed when he called.


Weed made an exaggerated sigh.

As he received their farewells on land, he felt a bit disdain towards them and he did not know where to start giving them advice.

Weed asked with a scowl.

“Are you sure that you’re not going to harm others and be considerate to others in the future?”

“Of course we will. We will help newbie players and live a fair and honest life.”

Heint slyly rolled his eyes and replied.

He honestly didn’t know what was going to happen later on. But right now his feelings were sincere.

Weed had repelled Haven’s entire 2nd royal fleet, Heint would never forget the memories of fighting with pirates and the naval army.

They did not know that they were aired and became enormously popular.

During the events between the Haven Kingdom’s warriors and the pirates, it was as if a key had unlocked something inside themselves and they felt exhilarated.

They got fed up with minor thieving.

They wanted to travel through the seas with their own strength. As they returned from the far seas in Jigolath, their grand aspirations rose.

Weed thought it was silly as he shook his head.

“You don’t need to live a kind and stuffy life.”


“Its a total waste. Receiving praise from being good has no benefits. Being vicious, mean, cowardly and shameless will make you grow faster than others.”

“Ooooh, that’s true!”

This is the absolute truth of the G.o.d of War Weed!

“Always try. Don’t lose any of your things and make sure to take dibs first on your enemy’s things. Don’t state that its not yours from the beginning. If you get a bit greedy a chance might appear. And always try to settle affairs.”

Weed and the 3 mad sharks of Becky nin were in fact the same type of people.

“This a.s.shole.”

“He is a normal a.s.shole that we have real admiration and respect for.”

“If I tried hard would I be as successful as this a.s.shole?”

This was not profanity but he was an a.s.shole who had their respect.

To the people with villainous dreams, he is an existence that people have admiration towards.

“Well, it’s time for us to go.”

“Take care now. Make sure to pick up money off the ground.”

Becky Nin’s three crazy sharks once again bid farewell to Weed’s party.

“So this is how we part ways.”

When Bellot said her farewells, Heint got sad.

Even though he got entangled with them through meeting Bellot at the bar, he had lived through tough times in the rough seas, as he looked at her, a rush of courage rose swept over him. He forgot the resentment he had towards her in his heart, The thought of never seeing her again drove him forward.

Heint nervously gulped as he asked.

“Bellot, If you don’t mind I would like to register you as a friend?”

It was an spontaneous friend request.

Bellot hesitated for awhile and nodded her head.

“Yeah, it’s okay.”

“I will contact you later on.”

Heint was delighted beyond measures and he exchanged his farewells with the others.

As Fractal and Bodomir watched the scene gawking, they had the same thought, they couldn’t leave without talking to Hwaryeong.

“I fell in love with your beauty at first sight, Hwaryeong. I just couldn’t tell you how crazy I was about you, but if you would give me the opportunity, I’d like to show you a manlier side of myself. Please register me as a friend.”

“Please register me as a friend too Hwaryeong. You are the most beautiful person I ever seen in all my life.”

Pale, Irene, Surka and Romuna looked at the two sympathetically.

They didn’t know the fact that Hwaryeong liked Weed!

“They will probably get dumped pathetically.”

“I’m Sorry. Hwaryeong get’s pretty picky if she doesn’t like the person.”

But Hwaryeong readily nods her head.

“I’m honored to travel with wonderful people. I’ll register you as a friend.”

Fractal and Bodomir silently cheered and this was how the party separated with the Becky nin’s 3 mad sharks.

They decided to take and leave with the three s.h.i.+ps that they rode in since Jigolaths. They didn’t have any money so they bought it with small amount of their valuable good equipments.

If Weed wanted to trade the s.h.i.+ps, he needed to take it to the port, making him spend great amount of time and he needed to dispose of them quickly.

If the 3 mad sharks returned back to Becky nin and sold it, they could salvage something out of it.

The s.h.i.+p they were riding disappeared into the fog.

Bellot asked Hwaryeong about what had transpired.

“Why did you accept their friend request?”

“Its awkward and embarra.s.sing to reject in front of everyone. After I accept them I just delete it later.”

“I do that too.”

The two are quite popular so they get a lot of friend request. They usually tell them their numbers and later change their numbers or blocked their calls.

“We are almost there now.”

Weed rode on Yellowy while the rest rode on other living sculptures and Morata was just beyond the next hill.

The streets were busy with Merchants traveling back and forth, and groups of shabby clothed newbies were energetically walking together.

They were finally back in Weed’s city.

“Since childhood I raised a puppy in my house so i’ve always liked dogs. Cerberus, I will give you a bath in the stream later.”

Surka thought it was a cute dog and patted its head while riding on the three headed dog.

Living sculpture Cerberus, ‘The Gatekeeper of h.e.l.l’ felt like a dog to her!

It wasn’t as bad as Weed, they traveled to many places hunting monsters and they were not frightened by them. On the way back riding the boat, horribly looking frogman holding a spear attacked them and they were not even intimidated.

“Monsters are food, items and experience!”

Thanks to Weed facing such monsters, they were natural to this party now.

Cerberus wagged his tail and acted charmingly. Its tongue even licked Surka’s hand.

It was a spitting image of a large dog, if a battle broke out, no one knew how its temperament might change.

As they traveled to Morata, after a long time they wanted to eat meat so at times they played hunting games.

As Cerberus sniffed the ground, it jumped into the bushes and in under two minutes it came back with a wild boar in its jaws. At that moment Weed gave it a name.

“You are going to be named Hunting Dog.”

He just gave a name that randomly came to mind! But his friends couldn’t stand by for such atrocities in naming.

“What the h.e.l.l is that? You’re giving it such an ambiguous name.”

“It resembles a Cerberus. Name it Cerberus.”

Bellot and Romuna protested, but Weed did not listen.

“No, I don’t want too.”

“Why? What is the reason you don’t want to give it the name Cerberus?”

“Because it’s annoying to call it that.”

To him, dogs were just dog meat and when summer arrived, their loyalty could decrease.

Because it’s an hunting dog it was perfect to just call it Hunting Dog!

Nevertheless his friends called it by the name, and it wagged its tail hard stating that it liked it. Eventually it was named Cerberus.

Weed gave the other Living Sculptures their names during the middle of the night.

“Let’s call you Countryside Snake.”

The elegant snake with dozens of patterns was given a name called Countryside.

“Let’s call you Worm.”

Death Worm. When it digs into the ground, its body can become a colossal monster that can grow up to 200 meters.

When it was given life in Jigolath its size was only about 1 meter.

As it consumed food, it grew up to 8 meters. While fis.h.i.+ng, Zephyr wanted to use it for bait, but now it was so big that it could even swallow a whale.

So far, Death Worm was a monster that has never been caught before.

“Should I call you Dolsoe?”

He was about to give the knight the name Dolsoe but he asked for its opinion.

“Knights are detached and have a strong sense of pride, if I give just any name, the knight will ask for his freedom and might possibly leave.”

The knight directly gave his own name.

“I would like my name to be Silver BlackSun.”

“And the reason?”

“This is for the remembrance of the creator who created me.”

Loyalty is strong, it was a name that he would not be indebted to the sculptor.

“Alright. Silver. I look forward to working with you.”

For the sculptures that were tagging along, he gave them any names.

From the time the living sculptures landed, they hunted together in the forest with the Wyverns separately. The Fire Giant who left Jigolath first riding on the Phoenix and Bingryong arrived before them and were hunting together at the large forest.

“As the living sculptures become stronger, I can make them do a lot of things and make a lot of money!”

Weed had arrived back to Morata.

The Tower of Light on the eastern mountain, a wide lake with the Statue of G.o.ddess of Freya, and the Grand Art Center in city.

Players were crowding the streets everywhere.

In the past, in front of the giant black castle was where the vampires once lived. There once were collapsed buildings of a humble village. But now there are brick roads, sidewalks and residential areas are built.

“Let’s quickly go. If we are late there’s going to be too many people.”

“We will be returning in the evening right?”

“Yeah. The Tower of Light light show will begin.”

The finalized parties for hunting and adventuring rode on cows as they headed towards the nearby dungeons.

The people who pa.s.sed by the hills on the road saw the formation of the tightly formed shantytowns.

As Weed looked at the shantytown, he felt like he returned home.

“There are quite a bit of increase in people and homes.”

In the 5 squares, the people were doing business and selling j.a.ptems.

The increase of the number of players since Weed left could be easily seen.

He knew that Royal Road’s bulletin board and various broadcasts from KMC and other stations helped Morata grew. To him, it felt like the increase of players was only a matter of time.

It even became difficult to remember the humble village that it once was and the stores grew larger about four to five times their original size.

Mapan explained it from his side.

“Because of the war in the Central continent, the city got a huge influx of newbie players. In Royal Road, a survey for newbie players about their most wanted place to start in showed that Morata is the favorite one.”

From the newbie’s point of view, the war over the Central Continent was shrouded in chaos, So they choose Morata over the other Kingdoms from the Central Continent.

Weed walked with his group to the gates, the newbies that were hunting foxes and rabbit stopped what they were doing. Their eyes became enlarged as they saw the group enter.

“That guy… No way, isn’t that bull Yellowy?”

Rather than knowing the major level players, they instantly recognised the famous muscular cow Yellowy!

Weed was not in Lich or Orc appearance but in his casual appearance even so he was caught out by the gate guards.

“It’s the Lord! Morata’s lord is back!”

Newbie players gathered around and rumors spread throughout the squares. Merchants put away their business, dancers, bards and the architects that helped build Morata gathered, sculptor and painters converged around Weed too! Ten percent of the people that were gathered there were players that have been staying in Morata, and Weed did not have enough room to step around.

Players gathered around him just like when they would welcome back a hero.

“Weed, we want to hear your thoughts on what happened in Jigolath!”

“Tells us the story about the feud with the Hermes Guild!”

Weed’s popularity far exceed that of a cult leader, even though they watched it in a broadcast they all wanted to hear directly from the source.

“Everyone is waiting for me to speak.”

Weed thought for a quick second and used his Lion’s Roar.

“I went! I fought! I earned!”

It was like the time when the Embinyu Church was beaten and an artificial form of alliance was created!

Among Morata players, Weed’s phrases were very famous.

Players shouted their congrats, as their hype died a little, he shouted with the Lion’s Roar once again.

“I went! I fought! I earned so much money!


It was the peak of the frenzy and jubilation.

There were thousands of players congratulating his victory and the success of his quest success.

They wanted to become friendly with Weed. It was because they wanted to join in on his exciting adventures.

Weed withdrew himself into the lord’s residential office and begun his most important tasks.

Counting money!

“If I add up the money made from Jigolaths, trade with the Mermaids and the selling of the quest I have 249,720 gold, 35 silver and 14 copper.”

Even though his income was savory, it was poor in the comparison with the the effort he had to make when he went around as a necromancer for a few months in Jigolaths. It was difficult because he was hunting and mining to obtain minerals to make equipments to sell.

He wouldn’t sell the Moon rocks and Malachite that he possessed because using valuable materials increases the quality of the sculptures and sculpting experience so while the minerals were processed, It was an excellent choice to stock up on medicine that he had used.

In Weed’s case using his sculpting skill he can make something simple and etch intricate details on it to make it worth more.

Perhaps a bowl or a ceramic would suffice, because of his high handicraft skill there would be some decent ones that came out.

If there was any Moon rock material leftover, he could make accessories to sell, making a savory profit margin.

“I wonder how much Morata has changed. Regional Status Window!”


Morata Region

This region once belonged to the Niflheim Empire.

Currently under the rule of Morata’s Count Weed.

The best city to represent the northern center of Trade and art.

New specialty and art products have been made, performances have attracted people to Morata’s thriving culture.

As there are a lot of young workforce, engineers start to concentrate in the northern areas.

A wide range of various weapons are being manufactured, a call for business for housing has risen.

Military: 91

Economic Power: 1737

Culture: 2261

Technology: 592

Religious Influence: 82

Local politics: 63

Influence on the surrounding area: 59%

The influence of the Niflheim Empire: 7.1% (influence on the military, economy, culture, technology, religion, there are a lot of request relevant to the field.)

Urban development: 171

Hygiene: 37

Public Security: 52%

The increase of northern migrants settling in Morata has deteriorated Morata’s public security.

The population of Morata Village has expanded.

In the areas near the high seas, political, economic and cultural influences are exercised.

The people are happy due to the festival that occurred recently after a long time.

The residents have a great amount of pride due to the famous G.o.d of War Weed. They have a strong belief in their lord, they do not believe in the recent rumors about their lord doing bad things.

Even though the lord is often away, they understand that he does many things for the Versailles Continent.

There are no disquieting action taking place right now.

There are only a small amount of monsters in the surroundings that the army can keep in check. Talented cadets don’t want to train and are playing around.

Famous sculptures are making people happy.

Ill.u.s.tration pieces are highly increasing.

An endless confidence and abundant support of culture is being the major driving forces of development.

A concentrated amount of Morata’s art is spread throughout the Art centre, many of Morata’s new products that are made are in its possession.

The Art centre’s fees have made great financial gains for the village.

As the residents enjoys their culture and improve chances of children being born with higher intelligence and cleverness.

There are many smart kids that will dream of their future in being a merchant or magician.

Morata’s past specialty in the sewing industry, has meant that the Morata’s sewing skill is continuously improving with a larger variety of clothing being produced.

Seamstress is using leather and cloth to make a abundance of clothes.

Blacksmiths are still learning to treat iron. The materials are used sparingly when creating weapons for the city’s defence.

The district’s faith has increased their belief in Freya.

By turning the barren land fertile, they are developing the granary.

This year’s crops are plentiful.

Aurephen Empire’s special grain warehouse permits businesses to maintain cheap prices to the people.

A harvest festival occurred because of excellent quality of grain harvested.

In recent years Lugh’s Order has been regularly doing missionary work, but the resident’s faiths has been slowly taking hold.

Under the proper and abundant influence of the Freya Order, their hardworking features can be seen. But the deterioration of public order means that thieves have been causing trouble around the town.

Special products: art, leather and cloth, tomatoes, grapes, rice, beef, milk, cheese and wine

Territory total population: 491,898

Monthly tax revenue: 574,006 Gold

Village operating expense: Military force 4%, Economic evolution 34%, cultural investment 16%, monster request and subjugation 10%, village maintenance 30%, Freya Order donations 6%


A satisfied grin formed on Weed’s face.

During the time he was away at Jigolaths, tax income had increased significantly due to the increase in population!

In addition to the northern migrants that were roving around, there is an exponential increase in newbies.

“I really am a good judge of what inherent qualities something possesses.”

A good lord that knows how to gather large amount of population!

While the lord was away, houses and commercial buildings were built.

This is why setting up zones was very important. If it was left alone to do whatever they wanted, complex roads would have to be built, making movement for carriages difficult. But Weed, in advance, made several plazas and expanded the following areas around the main roads, keeping the side effects to a minimal.

In the city, Weed lived in a nice neighborhood. It was not in a city where he lived in an apartment that looked over Han River with a lake and a park. The city was spread out like a checkerboard and one can see off into the distance mountains.

In short, it was like living in his town!

In the early evening, the fire lights turned on brightly, he could see the night view of the city.

In the morning, as he ran through a long alleyways set with fog, as he delivered newspapers.

In the middle of winter, it was very difficult and dangerous to travel on the hilly streets.

Based on the experience he had gained through living in the hilly area, it was easier for him to grow and plan his city to make it better.

The placement of commercial area in the center with parks, plaza and residential areas surrounding it.

Later on private residential areas were made near the river.

Of course right now it was filled with the shantytown, but it wasn’t a big problem.

Weed was not aiming for the high level nor medium level but a lord that thought about the newbies.

“Newbies need to buy houses. So I can tax them later!”

In the beginning the newbie players will be satisfied with the shacks, as they level up more and have more money they will be interested in luxury houses. They will fall in love with their house in Morata and they will pay more taxes.

Weed did not think that the shantytown looked hideous.

The shantytown buildings next to the great sculpture looked charming.

“This is all for tax!”


– Morata’s cultural development are enhancing the region’s capabilities. Morata’s cultural propagation.

Morata has become a flouris.h.i.+ng cultural area due to the influence of its art, because of its abundant art and technology, trading between different races or monsters is now possible. If you make them a little smarter, it will ease their aggressive side.

If you teach them language and numbers, trade will be possible, humans and other tribes will become intimate.

Degrees, culture and art, the technique for warriors or any related fields with intermediate skills, in some cases knowledge, wisdom and language skills will be sought after.

Due to improved cultural development one can now construct grand architectures.

Construction for unique buildings can be started, the result will depend on the skill levels or ability of the architect or architects working on it.

The main architect of a great architectural building will receive high cultural value and possibly a promotion in their job field.

A cultural job that can thrive without the need of a warrior is a very good job.

If there is an increase in the amount of the tribes that can trade, they can trade for the development and technology. Commercial goods will also increase.

There is a definite possibility that job specific Quests can have variety of benefits.

In the future, cultural jobs will eventually be the best job to have.

Weed decided to begin the jobs that he had earlier decided to put off.

“Later, I should be able to raise taxes by three gold.”

He looked forward to raising taxes even more than hearing about the increase of newbie players.

As he waited patiently, enduring the short term tax break so that later, he could truly enjoy reaping the greater benefits by exploitation!

As thing stand, the Art Center fee, tax, trade tariffs and the property tax for houses is miserably low when compared to the Central Continent kingdoms.

“Lord’s Mode”

– Monitoring the screen through internal affairs mode.(Ah,I think I know why people have so much trouble to write about this.) Military: 91

Economic Power: 1737

Culture: 2384

Technology: 592

Urban Development: 171

Hygiene: 37

Public Security: 52%

Corruption: 11

Own Funds: 1,202,890 gold

Function available to the Lord who rules over Morata.

‘Internal affairs mode’ Was designed to handle small scale things within a village, for example if residents needed infrastructure or goods such as pubs or cows he can build them and even establish necessary guilds.

In the early stages, the development the village needs to be watched over by the lord, now that Morata has become a big city. Architects are designing and building places that Weed would have otherwise had to build himself, the size of the city is increasing exponentially.

It’s difficult to make larger profit margins on buildings such as bars, restaurants, inns and grocery stores because of the compet.i.tion in keeping prices down between players.

Up until now, Buildings could be built and make money as they would give a good return on investment, Presently the city of Morata the trade hub of the north and had a huge number of newbie merchants gathered there. Right now, rather than operating inns and bars, it was time to expanding mines and increase taxes in trading.

“But still, there are a lot of things that needs to be developed first.”

Weed was going to invest all his money into Morata.

The Art hall fee’s had generated a huge 210 thousand gold. Including his 1.7 million gold, Weed had acc.u.mulated a huge sum of money!

Weed first used his money on minor things.

“It seems that I need to plants some trees on the side of the road.”

Weed was being environmental friendly!

It didn’t seem to be a bad idea to plant trees as he was learning more about Nature Sculpting.

If there were players with a Landscape Architecture profession in Morata, they could nurture the trees on the side of the road and gain experience that way, although such professions were very rare.

He invested 1,298 gold to plant trees!

“Trees need to grow diligently.”

He sprinkled cheap seeds on the side of the streets.

Apple trees, pear trees, grape vines and peach trees, he only picked trees that bear fruit!

Because the seeds were blessed by the Freya Order, the moment the scattered seeds. .h.i.t the soil, it began to take roots and quickly grew.

Weed quickly made some orchards along the streets!

“I feel proud doing good deeds!”

Weed was satisfied on his contribution to the environment.

Since he became the lord, he aggressively invested in the agricultural area to make sure no one went hungry, as a result, Morata had a vast amount of food.

Together, Morata’s farmers and the Freya Order began to clearing the land, planting, growing and harvesting a variety of food such as strawberries, tomato, rice, wheat and sweet potatoes.

It was too far away and expensive to import food from the Central Continent in the other parts of the northern areas, due to monsters ambus.h.i.+ng remote towns it was difficult to farm.

The farmers that gathered in Morata, celebrated a harvest festival with their crops.

The northern warriors also gathered to celebrate the festival.

Chefs would cook all kinds of delicacies that could be enjoyed, also the farmers competed against one another for the best crops.

If a harvest festival occurs, the city and surrounding villages will have an exponential increase in birth rate. Food production in Versailles Continent has a close connection to the birth rate, in turn it brings public trust and brings intimate connection between people.

Because it is rich in food production, Morata’s economy grew in size, and to some extent the security was able to safeguard it. Any crop failure due to drought or flood would produce a failure of crops and shortage of food, more people would slip into poverty and become homeless resulting in a decline in Morata’s public security.

“I should start making buildings now.”

Weed no longer bothered with minor buildings.

“Finally, I can start construction a great architecture…”

Creating a magnificent and striking architecture!

At the lord’s request, all the residents and the players will work together to build it.

It was bigger and grander than regular buildings, in fact many people with the architect profession have to come together to build it.

If you looked around in reality there are Parthenon, Chartres Cathedral, Notre Dame and the Lighthouse of Alexandria!

A huge structure can be built at the Lord’s command.

Construction funds were even directed to the astronomical construction, the construction period of a grand scale project is at least a couple of months, and because of that the Central Continent lords did not attempt to make them.

“Let’s decide what to start constructing.”

Even though Weed is a newbie in creating buildings, he could now create great buildings and he didn’t waste any time since he had enough funds to start.

“Even if its ambitious I’m going to see this through till the end.”

As he built and destroyed all the ice sculptures, he had many disappointments!

If someone waited for the perfect time for preparation one would not be able to do anything.

For some reason, if someones mind is concerned with failure then they could change their mind.

If he wanted to make it, it was better to do it sooner rather than later. Even if it’s rough and unrefined, it is best to make it now.

It would not make sense if the promise was to do it later!

“I need to put more effort into this now.”

There was little that Weed could do during the process of making monumental structures, so he had no choice but to leave it to the players.

To experience failures through trial and errors it can potentially become a great success.

“It’s not gonna be a failure anyway.”

As the lord, he had confidence in the players and the residents.

“If they fail, I am going to just raise the taxes.”

Weed had a strong desire to raise taxes!

He picked out two buildings that he wanted to make first.

Freya’s Cathedral!

And a vast Library for Morata!

Once the Freya’s Cathedral is completed, Freya Order of Paladins and Priests could formally take the 2nd tier job advancement.

They would not need travel far away to the Central Continent in order to do that.

“I can not send them away. They could even get a contract and be a.s.signed there.”

There is a saying that if you let someone step outside, They may come back with a change of mind.

In addition the cathedral also had the added effect of enhancing the abilities of the Priest and Paladin

The order can use the cathedral to keep cherished and sacred holy items. Also the building has other benefits as well.

The Freya’s Cathedral in the Central Continent empowered the people’s faith and prosperity.

Farmers can pray at the cathedral to bless the surrounding area to ensure good crops and a better harvest, The cathedral could also be a powerful deterrent for the invasion of monsters by using the stationed paladins of the order.

Even towns or castles sometimes held one or two libraries. The development of knowledge is quintessential for any city, It could even help in the development of magical

When a request(quest) is in progress one would need to go to the Versailles Continent to research, even though it was even possible to find private monster’s stories out in the field.

But Weed was going to build a vast library!

In an hunting adventures, when get the Quest, there may be a clue on a phrase or a piece of paper, books, vases and other pebbles and a map and find most of time.

These important items that involved them compared to their true value were quite precious, and majority of these items could be found cheaply in the general stores.

It was for building a vast library for the Versailles Continent books, the books could be displayed and can give clues about different hunts.

As people got a lead on their quests, the experience is shared equally with the original owner of the book. The region, the year and the different rank level of difficulty could be easily categorized.

There can be up to ten clues in five different case needs to be combined!

In the Northern Continent, many different unexplored areas were still has a lot of different monsters lurking around the frontiers hidden. In all other unexplored areas the areas surrounding could be safely explored. Building the vast library would unlock various quests on finding artifacts, and a great boom of hunting and adventures would happen.

In the Central Continents kingdoms, there were only a few cities that have a vast library.

“This should also raise the housing prices.”

A tax increase is his ultimate goal!

“Construction of Freya’s Cathedral and the Morata vast library!”

In Internal Affairs Mode, he built it next to the the Light square and the Bingryong square.

Instead in the plaza he built it on a vast land.


Freya Northern Order’s part of the Cathedral! If the Cathedral was successfully built, the former ministry over the G.o.ddess Freya followers would greatly increase.

Architecture cost: at least 900 thousand gold.

Construction period is at least 5 months.

Depending on the personnel, if there an accident occurs during the construction, it will increase the construction’s building period. Skilled builders are needed. Architects that partic.i.p.ate in making it will be able to gain special experiences. A large number of artists and sculptors needs to be mobilized. Partic.i.p.ants who worked with art will be able to have an increase in opportunities for their names to be known.

– Great Architecture, would you like to begin commencement of Freya’s Cathedral?


– By the Lord’s command the construction of the Freya’s Cathedral construction begins.

This was the first huge investment in nearly two months for Morata.

It didn’t matter about the decision of the lord, if the resident and the players did not go through with the plan, the architecture would take a long time to complete or it would not be built at all.

The lord needs to have a foundation of confidence and support!

In Central Continent there are no trust between the residents and the players, because the lords only built things to help themselves and for their own image.

Morata’s library! It will promote the development of learning and adventuring.

There is a possibility of restoring lost magic spells.

It can aid quests related in large amounts of relics and antique books, gathering up vast amounts of works of arts it can help build the continent museum.

Architecture cost: At least 700 thousand gold.

Construction period is at least 5 months.

Depending on the personnel, if there is an accident during construction it will increase the construction’s building period.

Skilled builders are needed. Architects that partic.i.p.ate in making it will be able to gain special experiences.

– Great Architecture, would you like to begin commencement of the library?

“Hurry up and just build it.”

– By the Lord’s command the construction of the Morata Library begins.

Depending on the amount of players that will partic.i.p.ate, the precise results would not be known in just one day.

Weed built simple buildings with the rest of his money.

There were five guard post on duty.

If they patrolled around a bit they could catch thieves. Security was required to build these buildings. If there was a sharp decline in security, the loyalty of the residents would drop and thieves would steal bit by bit the merchant’s items. If the security deteriorated, traders would wind up, avoiding the city.

Weed deployed plenty of security posts around the plaza and the shantytowns.

He also established a simple soup kitchen.

Every month, the operating cost for ingredients was formidable.

Money was needed for social service business!


Weed bit his lips to the point where his health dropped.

For high level players, they did not agonize over what they were going to eat.

The joy of traveling as they went around all over Versailles Continent to look for all sorts of tasty restaurants!

However during the time of being a newbie they are struggling to keep up with their equipment, so they often did not eat properly. Weed even ate barks and raspberries, but this did not always managed to maintain his sense of fullness.

He even became friendly with the training hall instructor by flattery just to get something to eat.

“During difficult times, I should help so that it stays in their memory forever.”

Just having the soup kitchen presence alone increased a lot the loyalty of the people. In Morata he wanted to at least prepare a minimal welfare system.

“All I need to give is food! Then they might work harder to give me back through taxes.”

The players needed to eat and grow well so that later he would be able to tax them regularly.

Welfare was also essential for economic growth.

– By the lord’s command, the great architecture Freya’s Cathedral is being built.

Partic.i.p.ating residents will get a daily wage and city public service points will be granted.

– By the Lord’s command, a job for building a great library for Morata has been launched.

Partic.i.p.ating residents will get a daily wage and public service points will be granted.

Merchants doing business in the squares whispered to one another.

“What is this Cathedral of Freya?”

“What is the lord building this time?”

While the merchants were talking they exchanged information.

Mapan was also conducting business in the square. He purchased vast amounts of weapons from the players and the residents and sold it to other northern towns.

Mapan explained the information from the bulletin to the people around it.

“The great architectural constructions need skill, art, culture and requires certain conditions to be built. It is quite a formidable large project.”

As a trader that was over level 300, he had traded in many places for goods and knew about a lot of things.

“The great architecture cost a lot of money and needs tens of thousands of manpower to do the work. It is something that can not be easily done.”

When Mapan explained, the merchants who came from the Central Continent nodded their heads from understanding.

“Ah. So that was it. I heard about it but isn’t it still premature to build it in Morata?”

“For Morata to be the center of trade for the North that brings a lot of money, I think it’s still to early for it.”

The merchants, for their trades, had traveled to many different kingdoms and villages.

As they traveled to many places they had never seen any amazing piece of architecture done by the lord’s instructions except here.

Doing the construction takes a few months and a lot of money was needed.

“The Cathedral and the Vast Library. Just doing one is very difficult but to build both, the lord is very greedy.”

“Just because he’s a lord, he needs to understand that everything will not just go his way. It is completely different than just hunting high level monster, getting quests, or getting a piece of land.”

“That’s exactly what I mean.”

Central Continent’s merchants were mocking at him this time.

The players in the Bingryong Square that were looking for parties to go hunting suddenly stopped shouting. They all came to an agreement.

“Let’s go do the hunting next time.”

“If there is time to do the quest let’s do it later.”

“Alright guys thanks.”

The players all ran towards the site of the construction of the Cathedral and the Vast Library.

“Come on, let’s Go!

“Let’s get to work. Work.”

“It’s the construction project.”

“I’m going to do it first.”

The enlisted men looked at the guide and started digging, they also went to the Lord’s warehouse to get supplies. The players were moving like an mobilized army.

“Let’s go cut some trees.”


The merchants experienced something that doesn’t happen often.

Axes and many other items ended up selling out in a flash.

Players flocked through the merchants stalls buying up axes.

Hand axes and anything that was appropriate to cut down trees were sold quickly.

Players who purchased axes sprinted towards the nearby woods.

“Let’s go gather a lot of trees!”

Going deep into the forests in the mountains, they could find good trees that could be used for building materials.

They removed the branches and hauled it back whole.

There were six people hauling one tree back to Morata.

Merchants that were selling nails, hammers, saw and any necessary things were quickly without merchandise.

Pavo heard the news and quickly came running over.

Since the construction of the Art Center, his name was well known as the best architect in the north and he was overseeing many construction sites.

He built villas, roads and bridges that connected to another town!

As he heard the news from his friend in Morata, he quickly ran over.

“Is this the workplace?”

Pavo and the 35 other architectures that worked together with him checked around the scene.

An estimate of more than 500 people were digging holes with spades.

The ground was flat, so digging was done in an instant.

“The foundation is pretty good!”

“Upon completion, it will overlook the surrounding area. Let’s start working right away.”

The architects got together and immediately started the design work.

For them, building a Cathedral and a Vast Library was a golden opportunity!

Architects order’s were the law in the construction site.

The general players were not the only ones that committed to the construction site.

“This is our lord’s command.”

“Let’s go build the library!”

Even Morata’s resident’s came out of their homes and started to carry dirts and stones.

“Gather together and build the Cathedral using art!”

Many Sculptors who were sitting down on the ground and painters who were painting on the walls all ran towards them.

After the Morata Art hall was constructed, they made a considerable amount of money.

In the Cathedral or the Vast Library, they would need a lot of artwork.

By default there would be decorations of artwork praising the G.o.ddess Freya!

Walls, ceiling, floor sculptures and painting that are ranging with different art of their own desires!

In Morata different kind of art were mobilized.

“It is Weed’s large request.”

“Come and attend. You will be able to eat gra.s.s porridge.”

Morata is well known for the Largest group called Gra.s.s porridge.

Vast majority was made of newbies, but they all have an extraordinary bond.

It was created by the girl named Lemon, who carried stones to build the Rosenheim Kingdoms Pyramid, and the many players in Morata that worked together with Weed.

They even help to move stones to create the lake of the Statue of G.o.ddess Freya.

They were able to get a lot of public value with the villagers giving them closer intimacy, this allowed them to get a lot of quests, which made life more enjoyable at Morata.

Morata’s performance will be different compared to other towns when this is done.

Even though the city was poor and insufficient, with the players and the residents working together hand in hand, it was possible to quickly drew up a plan and to build it.

A large construction project that has been mobilized and the players with warrior waited impatiently for Weed to make it!

Even after the clamouring ended, just in case, the players hanged around excitedly, waiting for Weed to start cooking.

“We have a job!”

“Let’s go to work.”

When the construction began, in the distance, the players hurriedly ran towards the construction site yelling in excitement.

“Weed set up a soup kitchen!”



The day Weed arrived back at Morata it became a big festival.

After a long time, he came back from his travels, they voluntarily brought things to the lord, because the people’s level of loyalty and intimacy were high.

“I brought fruit for the Lord.”

– The fruit merchant brought actual apples, pears and pomegranate.

“I would like to give you this Sword to you, Lord. If a monster invades please use it to protect Morata.”

– 35 points were gained with the weapon store owner who gave him a long sword.

As the migrants wandered aimlessly around the north, they had finally settled down and delivered their thanks to the Lord.

Weed held on to their warm hands.

“You don’t have to do this…I am just a person who live in Morata. But I shall make Morata an even better place and be the first to do it. Thank you. I will not forget this.”

He did not refuse the items.

He shook his hand because it encourages the man to work even harder in the future.

He had learnt this method on TV by watching the politicians shake their hands with the warriors!

“If there’s anything you need, please tell me at any time. You can tell me now, we are like a family.”

“There are a lot of people here who need weapons but I am in short supply of iron.”

The blacksmith that was wearing two piece of armor that requires level 150 asked him.


The Blacksmith is urgently in need of iron ore. In the mountains surrounding Morata, there are unexplored mines that have iron ores. Due to the threat of monsters, the mining will not be easy.

The blacksmith named Salloam has received too many orders and is afraid he will not be able to fulfil them all. You have 13 days to get the required amount of ore.

Level: D

Quest restriction: need to have mining skill

Occurrence of a quest!

As Weed came back to Morata, he went to the River of Despair through a mobile portal.

It was a quest that was related to the Matallost Order, and he had one spare quest s.p.a.ce, so he took on the Blacksmith Request.

“But my Lord, you are very busy and famous, and it is not something you should worry about.”

As his fame was high, it was a quest that did not have any penalties.

If there were such quests stories, there were always an exception.

“What are you talking about? If there is such a job, the Lord will definitely help you out.”

– You have accepted the quest.

Weed from his knapsack took out iron ore and gave it to him.

“Here you go.”

“Thank you very much Lord. With this I am able to get through the orders.”

“I had made preparation on iron ore in case of something like this happened, and it’s a relief that I have some.”

“I know this isn’t much but I’ll go home and bring you an armor that I have made.”

A Blacksmith that was in a urgent need of Iron Ore is completed. Salloam was able to obtain very quickly the Iron Ore that he needed. – You have acquired a little bit of experience.

– Fame increase by 13.

– There is an increase in the loyalty of the residents.

– In the achievement of the Lord quest, an additional compensation is given: a suit of armor.

The farmers also came and told him about their problems.

“My Lord, I know this is a difficult request, I heard stories that you have came back from Jigolaths. I heard there is something like a Sol Reaper flower there. I would like to try planting some of it, would it be possible for me to acquire some? Later, when it grows, I will pay you back.”

“I have it, so I’ll give it to you.”

Weed kept a.n.a.lyzing through the bullet board for information on Morata’s quests. Even though it was a common quest, he was able to receive good intimacy and fame in compensation.

For someone like Weed, who has high fame, it was a rare sight to see him do small quests. If he wanted to receive more loyalty from his people, he needed to do these kind of quests.

Even though he was a lord, the additional compensation in loyalty was small, but it was still a savory quest.

Items from other residents, j.a.ptems gotten in Jigolaths, and fis.h.i.+ng while sailing, permitted him to acquire foreign goods. Due to these items, he was able to complete quests on the spot..

While he went on adventure through the unknown land, the quest so far that has not been completed in Morata were quickly resolved by him.

If there was a chain quest, even if Weed did not go further with the quest, other players were able to finish it.

“I am trying to turn a barren land fertile but I am in need some money. Would you be able to invest in me?”

He even proceeded with the quests where the crop could be shared with the Lord.

He immediately achieved the quest by giving them money, only during harvest the result could be seen for the crops.

“I need you to do your best so that the people of Morata will be able to have food to eat.”

Weed even welcomed those quests.

The farming was very likely to succeed because Freya’s Order resided in Morata.

There wasn’t any monsters that came and devastated the area, thanks to the player increase, the damaged has receded.

“Thank you very much. I will never forget your kindness, belief you gave me, and the money you have invested in me Lord.”

– The resident’s in Morata has increased in loyalty to the lord.

Weed who acquires quests through people trust!

For a long time the Lord has not taken his position, there were a lot of quests related to the Lord.

“I feel uneasy during the night because of no security. Would you be able to invest in a little bit of security?”

“At night we will catch the thieves, and I will increase the number of soldiers.”

Weed stationed lookouts and guards around the buildings, this was also a part of a quest.

As he broke apart from the party, he did his quests that were back up and it soon became night.

As it became night, the Lord’s castle venue that looked over the city was brightly lit with fire.

When Weed came back, a festival stated, stating that the lord was back, enormous amount of players came to town.

The players that were scattered through the nearby hunting grounds also came back to enjoy the festival.

A large scale performance began, he could hear the amused audience laughing.

“It’s not such a bad thing seeing people happy.”

Protecting the residents, city construction, economic, quests and a lord that has absolute authority in military.

After he came back to Morata, he really felt like he was ruling the land.

“This is all mine.”

The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor

The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor

Dalbic Jogaksa, LMS, 달빛조각사
Score 8.6
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Artist: , Released: 2007 Native Language: Korean
The man forsaken by the world, the man a s*ave to money and the man known as the legendary God of War in the highly popular MMORPG Continent of Magic. With the coming of age, he decides to say goodbye, but the feeble attempt to earn a little something for his time and effort ripples into an effect none could ever have imagined. Through a series of coincidences, his legendary avatar is sold for 3 billion won, bringing great joy to him, only to plunge him into despair at losing almost all of it to vicious loan sharks. With revelation of money through gaming, he rises from the abyss with new found resolve and steps forward into the new age of games led by the first ever Virtual Reality MMORPG, Royal Road. This is the legend of Lee Hyun on his path to becoming Emperor with only his family’s loving heart, his boundless desire for money, his unexpected mind, his diligently forged body and the talent of hard work backing him.


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