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The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor Volume 22 – Chapter 6

Chapter 6 – A Sculptor who wanders the Continent

– Everything’s alright now… and Seo Yoon’s speech problem is already gone as well…

Seo Yoon decided to get a part time job to save up money.

‘Getting a job isn’t easy…What kind of work can I do?’

Because of her school schedule, the easiest part time job she could get was probably going to be a cas.h.i.+er.

The only problem was that her lonely life made the idea of socializing very difficult.

‘I guess it’s true that people change and work harder because of money’

After the lecture, she wrote her resume and headed towards a restaurant that was hiring part timers.

It was paying 5,300 won with a bonus depending on how much they sold

Seo Yoon held out her resume for the manager.

Name: Seo Yoon Jung

Age: 21

Occupation: Korea University Soph.o.m.ore

Skills: English, Chinese, j.a.panese, International Law, Accounting, Business Administration, Psychology.

Never had someone applied to a restaurant with such an impressive resume!

The store manager laughed while asking, “Have you ever worked in the restaurant industry before?”

“I have not. Does this mean I can not work here?”

The manager felt almost 50 years younger as he listened to Seo Yoon’s voice.

‘This world is really nice, isn’t it?’

A pretty female college student with a voice like an angel.

Just her voice could make anyone smile.

“How long do you plan to work here?”

He wanted her to work the entire winter break.

“I have a lot of things to do…but I would like to work evenings during the week?”

Because of the job’s focus on service, a lot of people applied to restaurants which made getting a job very difficult.

But every now and then there was an exception.

“Can you start work today?”

Immediate pa.s.s!

Starting immediately Seo Yoon’s job was to greet the guests at the entrance of the restaurant.


“Is there a long wait here? Heuk!”

Seo Yoon stepped out of her comfort zone and into a new world.

For a long time, she had closed herself to both curiosity and romance.

“Rib eye steak and sirloin steak please.”

“Would you like anything to drink?”

“Orange juice and soda please.”

The guests dining inside kept glancing at Seo Yoon..

They didn’t even notice the taste of their expensive food.

‘Pretty. Pretty. Pretty. Pretty. Pretty.’

‘Oh, if only she would look over here once…’


“Blazing flames will instantly vanish but the afterglow of the flame will remain. Try making a sculpture of fire”

Following Daycram’s instruction, Weed made fire and smoke appear in the air

“Nature Sculpting!”

The flames danced as he moved his hand.

He was so close to the fire that he was sweating and everytime he got too close his health would fall sharply.

Sculpting the fire with his bare hands was both showy and difficult.

“Still, Nature Sculpting is very versatile.”

Each time he touched the fire, his Nature Sculpting skill rose considerably.

Trusting his Resilience and Perseverance, he made both a fire dragon and a flaming boar.

The effects of fire manipulation varied based on one’s level in Nature Affinity, so to raise the affinity even more, he made a Spirit of Wind as well.

Woosh Woos.h.!.+

The Spirit of Wind was cheap to make and had a bright and wandering personality.

Weed kept creating pieces in order to rebuild his lost ‘Art’ stats and raise his skill expertise.

Undead Power has dropped to 190!

“Quest Information Window!”

Barkan’s call The Lord of the Undead, Barkan, calls.

All undead must follow his orders.

Time Left : 46 days

Difficulty : C

Reward : Will trigger the start of a chain quest

Although there wasn’t a lot of time left, Weed decided to continue focusing on making sculptures out of nature.

Just making a lot of sculptures out of nature wasn’t enough to make the skill ‘Nature Sculpture’ improve though.

Weed was at Debkart mountain which had a lot of trees, birds and blue skies.

In the distance there were also lakes and rivers.

If you go in towards the gray mountain range you can witness the magnitude of the mountain, it was heaven’s natural environment.

“Sculptures made from nature……”

Weed thought back on all the hards.h.i.+ps he had endured during his adventure so far.

He had suffered from the cold in the north, ran free as an Orc in the Yurkina Mountains in the east, and had never stayed long in one place.

He didn’t hunt in one place for a long period of time.

Having experienced so many sides of nature helped in creating sculptures.

Water, wind, earth, clouds, ice, fire, gra.s.s and flowers.

Grasping at all those memories, he made them each into sculptures.

Plants growing up the side of a boulder could become a nature sculpture.

A strong flow of water through a ravine could also become a sculpture.

While he was ma.s.s producing sculptures using the power of nature in the Debkart mountains, Daycram gave a word of advice, “It is not enough to just sculpt the materials, you must carve nature as it is.”

The materials used are not the only thing that matters in a piece of art.

As he made more, he began to see more.

Sculpting was his way of thinking.

Gathering fallen leaves to make a tree, planting trees that were burnt by wildfires.

The more he sculpted nature, the faster his proficiency grew.

Then one day, Daycram motioned to speak with him.

“It seems I have taught you enough of the basics of Nature Sculpting. Sculpting is a way to get in touch with yourself, I can teach you nothing more.”


You have completed ‘The Teachings of Daycram’. Master Daycram has finished educating his junior sculptor.

He accepted an apprentice thinking that he was a exceptional sculptor and taught him everything he could, but he was disappointed.

“The continent’s sculpting is indeed dark. Many talents in sculpting are lost.”

-You have not properly accepted the teachings of Daycram, Fame decreases by 580.

Daycram said a few words during the early stages, but eventually he only watched from the sidelines and didn’t interfere at all.

Allowing students to use their imagination was an important part of teaching!

Weed was familiar enough with cramming education that he could be considered a mentor in the field.

While he was growing closer to nature now, it had never really been a part of his life before.

‘I may still be new to this, but in the future as the skill grows I’ll be able to control the forces of nature!’

Nature Sculpting is currently Intermediate level 2!

For once, Weed respectfully bowed his head.

“I’ve learned many things from my teacher”

Daycram spoke.

“Wherever you go, don’t say you learned this from me. It would be shameful.”

“I see. So, you’ll teach me Disaster Sculpting now?”

“Have you realized nature’s true power?”

“I don’t understand it yet. But given more time and I will be able to grasp it.”

“This is for you then. Once you have learned nature’s true appearance you will be able to learn my techniques.”

-You have acquired Daycram’s wooden carving.

Having Daycram’s wooden carving allows the owner to naturally raise their skill level faster.

“You’re a great teacher. I’ll remember this forever.”

‘I have to be careful with my words so I don’t promise to actually give a reward’

“Will you be traveling around the continent?”

“I must. Since I must walk the path of an artist and save those suffering from the wicked!”

Weed continued hunting and making money as he traveled the Versaille continent.

He thought to himself. Even if in the North, there are a lot of places I haven’t been to. I must find dungeons and earn items.

He remembered his last conversation with Daycram.

“While you’re traveling to different places, always remember to advance your Sculpting skills.”

“Of course. I will continue to work hard on Sculpting for the rest of my life. ”

“As you should.”

While Daycram stared blankly at the sky, Weed activated his skill.


It’s always important to check even the items people give you in case they aren’t what they seem..

Wooden Sculpture : Durability 1/1 Daycram made this product to teach Disaster Sculpting, but in order to learn one must first know the true power of nature.

Requirement: Intermediate Nature Sculpting Level 6

‘The product contains the techniques of Disaster Sculpting.’

Just as Weed was putting the product away Daycram gave him another gift.

“You should also take this.”

Daycram took out a s.h.i.+ning sky-blue mysterious substance.

“As you probably know, this item can only be found in Jigolaths. But, since you need a vast amount of heat and I’m against cutting down trees I’ve never been able to use it.”


“How can you give me such a precious item? Daycram-nim could surely make an amazing sculpture with this.”

Weed’s actions contradicted to what he said though, as his hand shot out faster than it did during battle.

-Helium was acquired.

Mana source.

Even talking about Helium is expensive, and I was able to obtain it.

“Be sure to create a good sculpture.”

“I’ll do my best.”

“Then have a safe trip.”


“Here’s 340,000 Won. For your week of hard work’.”

While obtaining the normal wage, Seo Yoon was able to get a little more money.

Seo Yoon got a sizable bonus because while she was working during the evening the place was packed, but even though the manager hoped it would encourage her to stay for longer than one week she still quit.

“This is the first time I’ve earned my own money.”

Seo Yoon took out her money from the envelop, and counted each won one at a time.

While brightly welcoming customers, seating them to their table, and telling others to wait for their turn she had learned that you could make money by making people happy.

While working she had seen families, friends, and lovers having loving conversations which lightened her heart.

“Working can be really fun.”

She would even sneak food whenever the staff wasn’t watching.

At first, she had a hard time interacting with other people, but as she kept on working she felt herself change.

“With this money, I can buy all the ingredients.”

Hyun Lee had told her that it takes a long time to get any real money from a part time job so she had decided to try selling packed lunches.

Seo Yoon woke up early in the morning and went to the market..

“Pretty lady, what can I get you?”

The Ahjussi vendors always gave her plenty of extra meat and vegetables when she bought from them. (T/N: Ahjussi is some older men)

Then she made rice and side dishes. She carefully stuffed the plastic lunchboxes with kong-na-mul guk(T/N: beansprout with das.h.i.+ soup) inside a thermos.

“Now I have to go earn money.”

Seo Yoon carried the heavy bags with both hands, she traveled by bus and went to a street near many offices.

She was already tired from being up so early, but her thoughts were focused on selling the lunchboxes.

Seo Yoon set up next to a skyrise, she took out the lunchboxes from and stacked them neatly in a pile.

Office Workers drinking their coffee were rus.h.i.+ng to work, but stopped once they saw her.


‘Ah, such an angel. Why is such a beautiful lady here…’

‘Today’s a lucky day. Even if I get reprimanded by my team leader, I’m sure I can take it. ’

That was only possible reaction after seeing Seo Yoon!

Seo Yoon used to be shy and stiff, she avoided making eye contact.

Subconsciously, she started avoiding people, but her frozen expression had changed after she met Hyun Lee.

The inexplicable feeling that the men felt after seeing her pure facial expression was enough to drive them mad!

The office workers saw the lunchboxes and approached her.

“Are you selling this?”


Seo Yoon’s short answer mesmerized the 30 year old office worker!

“How much is it?”


She didn’t know what to say since she hadn’t thought about what price would be enough to make her money.

“I haven’t decided on the price yet.”

“Really? Then, how about 6,000 won?”

Said the man who opened the lunch box. Given how cheap the boxes were to make that price would yield a lot of profit.

“I, I am okay with that.”

“Here, we’ll take three.”

The office worker paid 20,000 won and received his 2000 won change.

Other office workers formed a line and bought Seo Yoon’s lunchboxes.

The taste of the food was not important. They would have bought them even if the lunchboxes only had soy sauce or red chili paste!

That said, the lunch boxes came with carefully designed side dishes and tasted good too, which made the office workers smile.

“Did you make this all by yourself?”


“It must be hard making so many lunch boxes…”

Seo Yoon was every man’s dream girl.

Beautiful, kind, has a great cooking skill, and is able to manage her life.

There was nothing more that they could ask for in a woman.

All of them were in awe that they met her this morning.

“This is really tasty. Will you be here tomorrow?”


The office workers stood around as they ate, even after they finished they didn’t leave.

They didn’t care if they would be late, they just wanted to see a little more of her, which is why they lingered so long.

“I’d like two more boxes please.”

Even office workers who were full from breakfast ordered two more lunch boxes.

‘I’ll eat this for lunch and dinner.’

Even if he didn’t eat his hunger faded after seeing Seo Yoon’s face.

‘I don’t care if I have to pay it for it, as long as I can see her beauty.’

They didn’t care what kind of reprimand they would get when they get to their offices.

They thought that if they had a girlfriend like Seo Yoon, they could handle any kind of hara.s.sment at work.

The office workers were reprimanded for an entire week and they still felt happy.

Except there was one small problem that she didn’t know about.

Because the place was a business area with a lot of offices, police officers would pa.s.s by too.

“There are a lot of people lining up, someone must be selling something. Come on, let’s drive them out.” (T/N: The police generally just drive out “swindlers” or people who block the flow, so they probably went to drive her out because she was blocking the flow.)

The officers rushed over, but left after eating one lunchbox each.

Another morning Seo Yoon had run out of coins to give as change.

The new customer was in a hurry and started yelling.

“Jeez, how can you be selling here and not have change? I have to eat fast and go back to the office! You aren’t prepared at all. If you really need money go work at a bar instead.”

Seo Yoon was surprised by the angry outburst and froze, but the problem was fixed in less than 2 seconds.

In less than two seconds the situation was about to be resolved.

“What’s up with that guy?!”

“Get him out!”

“Can we kill him?”

Before the male customers could rush in, a voice called out.

“Lee Chun, Jin s.h.i.+”


The Director and General Manager of the company were both standing in the line.


“Wah-il, let’s go!”

Weed left Debkart mountain on his Wyvern.


Helium : Durability 3,000/3,000 A metal called the Tear of G.o.d.

A source of infinite Holy Power and Mana.

Can be refined into weapons and armor as well as sculptures.

Restrictions : A high level furnace is required to refine.

Requires Advance Sculpting Level 6.

In order to refine into weapons and armor, Advanced Blacksmith level 8 is required.

Because Helium is not a common object, it needs a furnace.

“I guess I’ll use the furnace back at Morata.” Weed said to himself, since it required both a large furnace and careful tempering. (PR/N: Tempering – is a process of heat treating, which is used to increase the toughness of iron-based alloys making it less brittle.)

It needed to be placed in a large furnace with constant high heat, but Helium has similar properties to gold and needs careful tempering.

“I’ll just have to hold onto this for a while.”

Although he had been aiming to get the Helium for a while, his current Sculpting skill was still at Advance level 7.

So he made fire sculptures continuously to raise his Sculpting proficiency.

Soon his Advance Sculpting skill would reach level 8.

Even if the improvement was slow he still decided to wait until he was able to make use of the rare material with his raised skill level.

“Hurry up sculpting skills, I need to learn Disaster Sculpting.”

Weed ignored hunting and exploring and only focused on sculpting.

Nature Sculpting required a long time to learn and it only got more difficult as the levels increased.

‘I can’t delay learning the 5th Sculpting skill any longer.’

“Let’s go to the depths of the Grey Mountains.”

‘Isn’t there a saying that even a village dog can learn new tricks after 3 years?’(T/N: Another one of Weed’s sayings.)

This means how important it is to be in a conducive environment.

Weed entered the mountains near the valley to work on his sculpture.

He trained his skill using water and dirt to make sculptures. Nature Sculpting became Intermediate Level 3.

At night, he could hear the monsters’ loud noises as they were fighting outside.

There was even harsh winds and it often rained.

When the mountain becomes silent that’s when the monsters come out.

“I’m still making sculptures.”

He had 43 days left until Barkan’s Quest.

Yurin whispered to him while he was sculpting.

– Oppa, What are you doing?

Weed was making a mermaid out of rocks and water.

He had found that making sculptures of things with a high affinity to nature like elves, fairies and mermaids would result in a better sculpture.

Human, Dwarves, and Barbarians races didn’t make good subjects when making nature sculptures. Even if it was made, the end result was not desirable.

-I’m making sculptures. Where are you?

-I’m at Bardem’s mountain

-How did you get there?

-I heard the scenery was good so I came out to paint.

She had been using the Picture Teleportation skill to travel freely across the Versailles Continent.

An idea struck Weed’s head.

‘There are plenty of large mountain and lakes in the Versailles Continent. If you could make art in those locations the experience would be way higher.’

Nature Sculpting greatly depended on the environment so it wouldn’t be a bad idea to wander around while sculpting.

Ma-Sen Kingdom’s Bardem Mountain.

Overlooking the scenic capital city they could see Novice Castle and wide plains, it was a beautiful place.

With Yurin’s help he was able to get there quickly. After Weed arrived he saw many users that came to play.

‘Its bourgeois’

The most active place were still mainly in Rosenheim Kingdom, when compared with Morata’s Players their higher levels were unparalleled.

A third of the players were over Level 200!

There were also many people wearing Level 300 equipment.

“The war never ends.”

“I think they’re trying to end it this time.”

“30,000 soldiers died, there were really that many casualties?”

“They got slaughtered while trapped inside their castle. Their spirit must have been broken. Still a lot of the army is left.”

The news of the Central Continent’s war even reached the Bardem mountain.

“Get your portraits drawn. Couples should make fond memories.”

Yurin was making money while sketching.

Like the fairy tales drawn in warm and cute colors, she was popular among the Players.

Weed sat down on the ground and made preparations to sculpt. He wore old clothes on purpose so he wouldn’t draw much attention from other users.

‘I’m going to try and make the Novice Castle.’

The mixed water and the dirt became dough in his hands.

He stacked the mud in the form of a mountain and used the dirt to make the large open field.

Novice Castle was made carefully with his hands.

It took four hours but the king’s garden, road, market, carriage, and the people were captured with exquisitely accurate detail.

The users who were waiting to be drawn by Yurin and even the tourist started to take interest in Weed’s sculpture.

The sculpture’s size was about the size of a queen mattress and it was an exact replica of the Novice Castle’s surrounding.

Even the park where they were currently in was included. It even had replicas of Yurin drawing and Weed sculpting.

“Look at that. It’s incredibly well made.”

“I think he’s a Sculptor.”

Sometimes he would grab the shaped mud and use his knife to cut it.

The Players were impressed and surprised at the swift speed.

While watching the mud sculpture on the stone slab, Weed was slightly satisfied.

Unlike sculpting trees he didn’t need skills to shave the corner, it was even easier than sculpting with water.

“I think its made pretty similarly. Nature Sculpturing!”

After lightly starting the skill the mountain he had made with stacked mud hardened and even grew small tiny trees on it.

In the plain region wheat fields began to spread.It’s gathering Nature’s power and magically transforming the sculpture!

– Choose a name for your sculpture.

“Bardem Mountains where my sister and I used to play.”

Is “Barden Mountains where my sister and I used to play” correct?



Fine Art! “Bardem Mountains where my sister and I used to play”. Borrowing from the earth the Sculptor expresses his feelings through the land as a sculpture.

The power of nature is infused in this sculpture.

Artistic Value: 559

Special Options: Looking on “Barden Mountains where my sister and I used to play” grants 11% increased Health and Mana Regeneration.

The force of nature improves nearby elementals.

Plants grow 4% faster.

Increased grain harvest.

Only one sculpture effect can be active at a time.

Current number of Fine pieces completed: 95

Sculpting Skill has improved.

Handicraft has improved to Advanced Level 8. Skills using hand tools improve an additional 8%, this skill affects more skills.

Nature Sculpting has improved.

Fame: +197

Willpower: +3

Art: +7

By creating a Fine Piece Nature Affinity has increased by 8. Nature affinity impacts the impact and scope of nature skills.

Creating a pure sculpture has reduced Undead Power by 4.

Weed’s Sculpting Skill was still 17% away from level 8, and his Undead power had dropped to 186.


“A Fine piece like that has never been heard of. What Sculptor can make such a work?”

“It causes plants to grow like magic! That’s great!” Players around the area began saying in surprise.

Weed then made a magical backpack to carry around the larger sculptures he created.

“Come on, let’s go to the next place.”

Yurin painted herself and Weed on the picture.

“Picture Teleportation!”

The skill made Weed and Yurin slowly disappear from the area like a mirage.

Snake Ravine of the Harpan Kingdom.

Peter Castle of Haven Kingdom.

Loin Plaza of Britten Kingdom.

The Street of Fully Blossomed Flowers of Aidern Kingdom.

Artian Fountain and the surrounding area of Bacuba Kingdom.

The Vanetta region and Spring Palace of the Ritten Kingdom.

The Pyramid of Rosenheim Kingdom.

The Mirror Lake of Brent Kingdom.

Weed put his all into the trip with Yurin and made sculptures everywhere that other players saw.

“What, what is that sculptor doing?”

“I think he just finished his work.”

But as people flocked to Weed and Yurin they would disappear using Picture teleportation.

So people searched on the forums instead.

t.i.tle: Today there have been a few appearances of a Sculptor.

I was hunting at the Snake’s ravine when I saw one sculptor. He looked like he was playing around with dirt but he was making a sculpture.

Since he was wearing beginner’s cloth and making a sculpture, I didn’t see it as a big deal and ignored it. However the dirt that was piled up was made into a realistic representation the Snake’s ravine.

I think these are really amazing.

But how the h.e.l.l did he get the water to flow like that? It’s not like any of other fountains.

– Eh, thats nonsense.

– Think you were just dreaming. Wake up now. And go to sleep at night.

t.i.tle : I saw sculpting at Snake Ravine as well.

I’m not sure if it was magic, but water was flowing from a mud sculpture.

And the finished piece was a Fine sculpture.

I wanted to have a conversation with him, but he left really quickly……

– Did water really flow from the sculpture? Who is this Sculptor?

-Does Harpan Kingdoms have a player with intermediate level Sculpting?

-Is it the magic of a Sculptor?

– Is that a sculpture that can only be seen when it rains? There is no one who can replicate that, but…

It was a user that had a rare amount of experience that couldn’t be found even if you searched the Harpen Kingdom.

Then the info started connecting!

t.i.tle : I saw a certain Sculptor at the Bardem mountains in Masen Kingdoms.

I saw him making a sculpture on the spot for the first time, and it was the best.

Trees were growing all over the place.

– If trees were growing, does that mean he used spiritual magic?

– I don’t really know. But the trees were growing so fast that you could see them grow.

– It’s almost as unbelievable as that story of water flowing.

t.i.tle : Is there anyone that could describe the outer appearance of the Sculptor?

I am a player from Bacuba Kingdom.

Did the person that all of you saw have a rather normal face with clothes smeared with grime?

And the Painter that was with him had a large green hat and was really pretty.

– Thats true. I saw them at Snake ravine.

– The Sculptor that came to Masen Kingdom was the same.

– That makes no sense. Harpan Kingdom, Masen Kingdom, Bacuba Kingdom. The distance between all of them are immense.

– Even when using a magicians teleport or gate to it’s full potential, it would still be difficult.

The Sculptor that makes miracles!

Someone posted a video of Weed making a sculpture in the Masen Kingdom with that nickname.

The players from multiple Kingdoms in the Central Continent replied that they saw as well.

t.i.tle : The ident.i.ty of that sculptor is Weed.

I’m a player currently active in the Rosenheim Kingdom.

Everyone should know that Weed came from our Kingdom. And yesterday I saw Weed making a sculpture on top of the pyramid.

I recognized him because I worked on the pyramid as well.

I was really lucky to have returned to Serabourg castle after partying up with dark elves and orcs in the Yurokina Mountains.

Since I’m not a Newbie anymore I am heading to Morata.

Towards the second home, Morata!

– So it was Weed.

– It’s self explanatory since it’s Weed.

– How high is his mastery in Sculpting right now?

– Did he master that skill?

– How could he master the skill when he was adventuring so busily? If he did get the Sculpting mastery he would be the first person to master a Profession Skill.

– Combat skills are difficult to raise, Sculpting would be even harder.

– If he did master the skill it would have been a huge issue and the villagers would have spread it. That really is a huge issue you know?


The fact that he made a sculpture on top of Peter castle reached the Hermes guild too late.

“Weed must have a death wish. He dared to come to Peter Castle?”

Peter Castle was an old castle built on a mountaintop. It was a strategic stronghold, but it was also a beautiful place that was the pride of the Haven Kingdom.

“If we knew earlier, we would have wiped him out with our elite squads!”

The top leaders of the Hermes Guild were upset at this and grinding their teeth.

Their pride took a mighty blow when Drinpelt’s fleet was obliterated near the Jigolaths, and now it took another hit with this.

The Haven Kingdom had been completely conquered and Bard Ray with his considerable strength was promoted to king.

During this time when other users and guilds were on their knees and bowing their heads while all the high level players were getting in, Weed, the enemy of Hermes guild, had made a sculpture at Peter castle and left.

The players couldn’t help but stick out their tongue at such a grand action.

The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor

The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor

Dalbic Jogaksa, LMS, 달빛조각사
Score 8.6
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Artist: , Released: 2007 Native Language: Korean
The man forsaken by the world, the man a s*ave to money and the man known as the legendary God of War in the highly popular MMORPG Continent of Magic. With the coming of age, he decides to say goodbye, but the feeble attempt to earn a little something for his time and effort ripples into an effect none could ever have imagined. Through a series of coincidences, his legendary avatar is sold for 3 billion won, bringing great joy to him, only to plunge him into despair at losing almost all of it to vicious loan sharks. With revelation of money through gaming, he rises from the abyss with new found resolve and steps forward into the new age of games led by the first ever Virtual Reality MMORPG, Royal Road. This is the legend of Lee Hyun on his path to becoming Emperor with only his family’s loving heart, his boundless desire for money, his unexpected mind, his diligently forged body and the talent of hard work backing him.


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