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The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor Volume 22 – Chapter 7

Chapter 7 – The Grand Cathedral of Freya

(Authors Note: Whew, now…. only two parts left.)

Weed did not just make Nature Sculptures while traveling around the Central Continent.

“Sculptor Weed right? Your works are superb.”

“It seems my reputation precedes me. Your Majesty, I’ve travelled across the High Seas to come meet you.”

He energetically visited the residences of the n.o.bles.

Weed was wearing Talrok’s armor, his best equipment to raise his Charm and Dignity.

The King of Ritten sat on his throne and asked.

“Lord of the northern lands, famous adventurer, what is the reason for your visit?”

Weed spoke words of flattery respectably while in his best armor.

“As I was travelling around your kingdom, I was deeply impressed by your rule. Your majesty, I had to come visit you to pay my respects.”

“Seeing you, I seem to remember all the things I’ve forgotten till now.”

“I’d like to listen to what’s going on?”

Weed’s reputation and dignity stat were really high, making it very easy to meet n.o.bles of a kingdom and even the king.

It was even high enough to be able to receive a King’s Quest!

However, when meeting n.o.bility or royalty, he still had to adhere to proper etiquette.

“When I was young, I had a really attractive appearance. Princesses and n.o.ble ladies from all around would line up for a chance to dance with me.”

However, the reality was that the King of Ritten’s looks would now only appeal to female Orcs.

But in the ways of the world, silence is sometimes better than the truth.

And Weed was a person who took pride in living realistically.

“Indeed. Your Majesty has probably stolen the hearts of many young maidens. Now, the n.o.ble young ladies of the Kingdom of Ritten must be very unhappy because of you.”

“Adventurer, what do you mean they are unhappy because of me?”

Currently, there was not even one young person of n.o.bility. There were only knights with heavy lips as well as the King and Weed himself.

“Yearning for Your Majesty, they would not be able to sleep soundly at night.”


The King of Ritten Kingdom laughed out loud. His cheeks jiggled around obscenely.

Weed did not miss a beat and said.

“As expected, your smiling face would charm the people’s hearts!” (TN: originally I wrote ‘As expected, your smiling face is very charming!’ but that sounds like Weed is coming on to him)

It was like praising a snake that it had beautiful skin, or telling a frog that it’s legs were stunning.

He had the insight and skills to become a superb treacherous servant.

“I’d like you to erect a statue of me in my youth! I’ll provide you with anything you need to create this statue.”


King’s Statue Erect a statue of the King of Ritten Kingdom in his youth, in the royal palace.

Create a statue that would satisfy the king.

Only one of the leading sculptors in the entire continent would be capable of creating a successful piece.

Necessary materials can be found in the royal palace.

Difficulty: Profession Quest

Reward: Emerald, Sapphire, a minimum of 10 or more

Quest Restrictions: Only available to Sculptors.

Thanks to flattery, a sculpture was commissioned.

Weed bowed at the waist at once.

“It would be my honor to carve the likeness of Your Majesty. I hope my work will be able to satisfy.” (TN: not sure about the second sentence)

-Quest Accepted.

In the royal palace, top grade carving stone, snow white in color, was prepared!.

Weed took out Zahab’s Sculpting Knife. It would make his work a lot easier.

“The sculpture shouldn’t really portray the likeness of the king in his youth.”

Looking at the portraits of when he was younger, the King of Ritten Kingdom definitely looked like a baby Orc.

“It is better if I make it handsome instead.”

He increased the height slightly, and raised his nose.

To hide the defects he transformed the morbidly obese figure into a st.u.r.dy figure.

To harmonize the sculpture he had it wear only a piece of armour and carry a sword.

It had similar characteristics to the King of Ritten, but in truth it was a completely different person!

The difference in the sculpture was even more p.r.o.nounced than pictures of celebrities. (I think its talking about touched up photos)

Although only 3-4 hours were invested into the sculpture, the result was very good.

Weed increased his sculpting skill and also his nature sculpting skill.

The gathered Nature energy clothed the sculpture. The s.h.i.+ny statue splendidly spun around as it was showered with the energy.

And to top it off, there was the flattery.

“My skill is insufficient, Your Majesty’s glory and generous spirit I failed to fully capture. I deserve death!”

Finding defect where there was none, it captivated the heart of the King of Ritten.

“It’s fine. In my mind, there is no need for self-reproach. It takes a lot of effort to make something so precious.”

The sculpture was made in such haste that it was a waste of materials. In fact, the original form (of the king probably) wasn’t good, so even with Weed’s skills and extra time, it would have been difficult to have gotten a better result.

“Even Zahab or Daycram would have a hard time with this one.”

The artistic level of the result was not always proportional to the success of the quest.

“The road of an artist is really difficult.”

So the quest was completed, but he did not come here simply for the commission.

He came to see the royal art collection on display in the castle.

Long story short, it was a house visit!

Looking at artwork was a fast way to recover Art stats.

Weed and Yurin toured around the castle shamelessly taking advantage of the art.

“Oh, what a wonderful sculpture! To think you have so many great works of art, Your Majesty. This truly symbolizes your power, strength and dignity. By the way, are there any leftovers?”

You have seen the work The Wolves at Dusk by Royal Sculptor Martino. Art Stat increased by 2.

Sculpting skill increased by 0.1% from appreciating an excellent work of art.

You have seen the painting The Palace In Springtime, by the Royal Painter Perril. Art stat increased by 3.

Appreciation of the exceptional painting has increased mastery of Painting skill by 3.1%.

While looking at the works he also had a meal and chatted with the knights and the aristocracy.

Users who can meet n.o.bles or the King were few and far between.

It was thus impossible to find information about the king of a kingdom on the Royal Road Information Bulletin or the Dark Gamers’ site.

They could learn a lot here about art trends(TN: maybe art styles).

The huge collection of artworks definitely displays the greatness and absolute power of a King.

Weed’s reaction when seeing the vast collection of gorgeous and sensual works of art was jaw-dropping amazement.

“You have such a luxury with all this money.”

Intimacy had increased with the king.

The Kingdom had many dynamic and unpretentious Art that were all lined in a row.

“Wrong. It’s Poor!”

He travelled around many kingdoms while sponging off them and viewing their artworks. His art stat was restored to 2089.

If you visited the manors, palaces and religious churches in all the kingdoms on Versailles continent, then you would be able to raise the art stat ma.s.sively.

However if your familiarity was low then the kings or lords would not let you see the more prominent pieces of artwork in their collection, even if your fame was high.

You might be able to glance at the artwork hanging on the corridors or placed in s.p.a.cious gardens.

If those lords and n.o.bles do not hold sculpting in high regard then even high fame is useless.

Weed’s fame was raised primarily through sculpting and adventuring, if the n.o.bles did not care for either, they refused his request for a meeting.

“I’m afraid I have never heard your name in fas.h.i.+onable society.”

“You’ve made a lot of sculptures? I prefer the sword. If you are not a master swordsman then a meeting is impossible.”

“This free city was able to grow greatly thanks to trade. Your prowess as a merchant is sorely lacking.”

Unless one was well-known among aristocracy, was a good trader, an expert in the sword, had magical prowess or possessed ability in various other fields, they would not meet the requirements to visit many kings and n.o.bles.

Players were increasing their favors to the feudal lords who were natives to the Haven Kingdom. Of course, this did not matter if you had the same Fame as Weed.

The Castle dominated the Art supplies. Even if you went to visit a warehouse it would all be in vain because the would be sold out.

Only the Kings of Ritten Kingdom, Aidern Kingdom, Rosenheim Kingdom, and Britten Kingdom enjoyed Weed and took out their private art pieces without reserve.

Visiting the Orders of the Continent was even harder, only the Order of Freya, the Order of Lu and 3 other Orders that respected Weed’s fight with the Embinyu Church allowed him to visit.

He traveled around the Versailles Continent and experienced scorn towards sculpting from the n.o.bilities.

“Can you make a ma.s.sive army of monsters retreat with sculpting? Sculpting is only for those who are carefree and bored.”

“You say that you can find beauty from sculptures? Ho ho, there’s nothing more beautiful than magic that comes from those who have improved their knowledge and understanding of mana.”

In the continent the status of a Sculptor was very low, given that there was no one as proficient, exceptional or famous as Weed. Thus, people’s awareness of sculpting was low and was often ignored.

With the exception of swordsmen and magicians, the recognition of professions changed with the actions of the players.

A baron arrogantly pointed towards a s.h.i.+p and spoke.

“A sculptor? That’s nice but I prefer listening to stories of adventure. I have heard rumours that you have had a great adventure in the lands to the north called, Jigolaths! I would really like to listen to the story of what happened there. If you were a fraud-like painter with paint all over your clothes I would have never met with you!”

Painters were treated as rivals, the only consolation was that both professions were in a similar situation.

“Even so, it’s still bearable. Since both Painters and Sculptors are looked down upon equally!”

After creating Nature Sculptures and visiting castles, there were only 24 more hours until the start of Barkan’s Quest.

But Weed was able to raise his skill mastery in Nature Sculpting to 89% of Intermediate Level 5.

A little more and he would be able to learn Disaster Sculpting!

Yurin asked.

“Oppa, where are we going now?”

“For now, lets go back to Morata.”

Yurin started to paint the Tower of Light.

It was Morata at night time. After painting the tower, she added brilliantly radiating light and then put herself and Weed in the scene.

“Picture Teleportation!”

Both of them disappeared from the surroundings.


“I’m here to register as a worker.”

“Can I just start today?”

Morata’s construction site was crowded with people wanting to join in the construction.

500 people, 2,000 people, 7,000 people, 8,000 people, and then 20,000 people.

As time pa.s.sed more people gathered with interest in the construction like ants gathering around a piece of cake.

“Those who will gather stones get in line!”

“Looking to recruit party members to mine iron ore! Mining skill is an absolute plus.”

The building materials piled like a mountain as well.

They mobilized for the quest from the Lord!

To create great buildings Morata’s users joined en

Building materials were gathered from nearby mines, mountains and rivers, by fleets of users.

Users swarmed like ants around the Cathedral and Library, while piling up bricks on a pillar.

“At the center of the Cathedral make the chapel, as well as 12 towers.”

“Add the building where the school will be.”

“Don’t forget the accommodation for the Church’s Paladins and Priests.”

“Shouldn’t the chapel be at least 150m high? We also need to place a dome at the top.”

“The height should be at least 230m. It makes sense that it’s bigger than the Statue of Freya.”

The architects in charge of the design were at the construction site debating amongst themselves.

A staggeringly magnificent Cathedral was being planned to be built in Morata.

The line of people who had gathered building materials from nearby mines and rivers stretched further.



The beginners carried stone and lumber with wobbly legs!

So far all of the works Weed was involved in has succeeded. The Great Pyramid and Statue of Freya were visible evidence.

This was a golden opportunity to gain contribution points in Morata, as well as the Church of Freya, that could not be missed.

Raising contribution to a city by aiding in its development can be very useful. You can reduce your taxes, borrow soldiers for expeditions or get a house. You could also get equipment from the Lord’s a.r.s.enal.

For those beginners who started in Morata, who would stay in the Northern region for a long time, this was an absolutely unmissable opportunity!

Mapan, Irene, and Pale were discussing this topic while watching the scenery of the mountains.

“Indeed it is as we thought.”

“Users who started in Morata are going to grow really fast.”

“I can’t let my guard down.”

Surprisingly, Weed did not have to do anything to get users to join. The users joined voluntarily to be exploited by Weed.

Holding on to grand dreams, there were a lot of beginners in Morata.

Even though it was difficult moving the building materials for the beginners, it was done without hesitation.

As society dictated doing well on your first job was of prime importance.

Weed did not force this Quest on them.

After working hard to create great buildings in Morata and helping evolve the city with their own hands, it will be harder to emigrate to other areas.

Weed 더욱 대단해 보일 뿐!

Given the great undertaking, Weed should expect to reap great monetary returns!

“In the whole world, is there as good a man as our lord?”

“Taxes are low, necessary buildings are available, there is good security, and road planning and urban development is going well.”

Although no official facts have been released, exaggerated rumours. .h.i.t the online boards.

“The money that has been invested in Morata exceeds 2 million gold? A substantial amount was from his own pocket, and not from public funds.”

“Morata was a completely ruined village. He rescued the residents, and grew it to this degree. Even now he is building great architecture.”

There was high praise for Weed among users and residents. He might be the most popular lord on the continent.

They were brainwashed to the degree of praising Weed, even if Weed were to drag monsters and slaughter them.

“We’ve rested enough, time to go back.”

“Come on, come on! Let’s go.”

Mapan and Pale, Irene pushed the wagon packed with decorative stone. The remaining colleagues were running up and down the stairs carrying stone to work on the library.


Weed and Yurin arrived at the Tower of Light.

Observing from a high place, Weed realized that there were way more people than when he left for the Debkart mountains. With the news that there was a grand architecture being constructed, there was a ma.s.sive influx of both Newbies and wanderers from the Central Continent.

“Hmm. Need a change of clothes.”

When he sold his work, he deliberately wore the shabby clothes of Newbies.

It was not because there were no special options required to make a sculpture.

“Cause it looks cool!”

Art means hunger.

Some parties from the Central Continent wearing unwashed Newbie clothing had that meaning behind it.

Weed opened his guild chatting window as well as his ‘whisper’ after changing clothes.

He occasionally opened the chat window in order to obtain information so that he could create sculptures in Morata.

However, it seems that something was up if they did not hear at any gossip at all.

Members of the Wilderness Traveler Guild had socially rich oriented Professions and their Levels were high. The Guild often spoke worthwhile information. There was a lot of talk about the grounds of the Square.

That was also why many Merchants knew about it.

The Merchant Guild contained rumors, market information, and necessary goods needed for adventurers.

“Well, see you later.”

Weed separated from Yurin and walked the streets of Morata.

Looking around the square there were players of various levels.

Many of them were looking for members to make hunting parties.

From this sight one could see the future was bright for Morata!

A satisfied smile was beginning to form on Weed’s face.

“Get meals free of charge. Our Lord is providing the food. Those who are hungry, come and get it!”

There were hundreds of people standing in line for Morata’s Soup Kitchen!

Free meals that people could eat without restriction. A teenage girl was talking to someone who was about to receive food.

“Our lord truly is the greatest.”

“Indeed. No where else would anyone give out free meals.”

“Also the beef soup being served is so tasty.”

“How can there be such delicious food in a soup kitchen? The menu changes daily, even people with levels higher than 300 come to eat here.”

Weed’s tongue quivered in anger. (TN: I’m not sure how a tongue quivers in anger, I might have translated wrong, or it might be a Korean saying)

He held back a million curses from spewing out of his throat!

As a result of the free meals players would be able to work hard in hunting, which would increase taxes paid.

However, in Weed’s mind all of it was at his own expense.

Female Players devour their Mana without regard for budget usage, thereby the hoped to increase their limit by having more side dishes.

“I would like three servings, please!”

“I have to go hunting, so two more bowls please.”

“Is this enough?”

Five female users greedily devoured the food without restraint.

Their job was that of a warrior which was physically demanding! The combatant professions must move their body a lot and thus had to eat a lot as well.

Weed felt as if his own flesh being torn every time he saw food disappear into the women’s mouth.

“This must be what it feels like when a girl orders steak, drinks and salad on a blind date?”

Just imagining that h.e.l.l, he felt like suffocating!

The popularity of the soup kitchen was great and people constantly came to dine before heading elsewhere.

Newbie’s were brandis.h.i.+ng flimsy swords, not decent against a fight, wore wide brimmed hat with no options, accounted for the vast majority.

When their levels rose, even though some would still return for the soup kitchen, but most of them would have more money and then search for better food.

“Shouldn’t be so stingy over food. How much food is being eaten by people? Soup Kitchen Information Window!”

Lord’s Soup Kitchen. Provides food for free to residents of Morata as well as migrants(players).

Prepares meals for a great number of people every day.

Chefs Employed: 603 people.

Number of Meals prepared daily: 191,800 servings.

Gold consumed in a week:

Chefs’ salary – 1,809 gold

Ingredients – 18,794 gold


Increases loyalty to the lord.

Instability is reduced.

Birth rate increased to double.

Lowers the price of food.

Improve skills of novice cooks.

In a single month an astronomical sum of more than 80,000 gold was being consumed due to the soup kitchen.


Weed could not help but to weep.

When he was still a kid and his parents were still alive, he remembered when the elder kids would bully him and take his candies!

His unusual behaviour attracted the attention from many players who pa.s.sed by him on the street.

“He must be really moved by the soup kitchen.”

“Did that guy come here from another region? When he sees other parts of Morata he will really be pleased. It’s a fun and interesting city.”

“Doesn’t his face resemble the Lord of Morata?”

“It’s not at all alike. There’s no way a poor looking man like that would look the same as the G.o.d of war Weed.”

Weed was seriously considering closing down the soup kitchen.

To be honest, he would rather turned it into a restaurant instead.

However, thinking long term, although the soup kitchen costs a lot in maintenance the benefits are huge.

Morata was becoming a big city. Public security and birth rate will increase as well as promote economic development. The most important advantage is that Weed’s reputation as lord will greatly increase.

“In order to reap large profits, now is the time to cultivate.”

The residents and the players need to increase a lot.

The technology of the Orc village had no degree of development whatsoever, which was why they partnered with other villages and produced one thousand helpers.

In the shops, limitations to sell stuff were too difficult. Nevertheless, the money of the Orc mountains began to fluctuate. The amount of an object changed at a fearsome pace.

Orc Traders were mostly saying.

“We don’t try to sell a 100 gold item. Since we can sell 1,000 1 gold items instead. We’ll exchange the ones that were made wrongly, which we think will be about 300.”

The Orcs showed no regret in quant.i.ty before quality!

Through Weed’s researched information and based on his experience when he changed to Orc Karichwi. In order to foster the economic power that the people could feel most effectively.

“No way would I eat a meal at a soup kitchen for an entire year, around festivals and attractions that you yourself don’t want to attend! “

Morata’s reputation in the Arts was very high, but listening to the Bard and Dancer performing for an entire year was a horrible thing to imagine.

Of course, it wasn’t unusual for some Players to get sick and tired of the act altogether.

Weed went to visit the theater. In order to learn more about Morata, he went to watch a play.

“Culture is valuable. Let’s see how mature the level of the performance is.”

Weed was interested in work related to instruments such as the harp.

At the place Weed went to watch there were 38 other people watching; the bards played and dancers danced. It was a musical that combined song and dance!

It was a popular play in Morata called ‘Oath of the Wizards’.

The audience filled the seats and watched.

Weed sat watching, focusing on the performance. But then his eyelids started to droop.


The play ended after 20 minutes.

You have seen the play ‘Oath of the Wizards’. Strength is reduced by 3%.

Agility is reduced by 4%.

The recovery rate of stamina is lowered, maximum reduced.

11% increase in wisdom.

Knowledge will increase by 6%.

The recovery rate of mana is increased temporarily.

Duration of effect is 3 days after watching the play.

Does not overlap with other performances or dance.

The vast majority of the audience were Wizards, Summoners and Elementalists.

After the performance the actors came out onto the stage to greet the audience and were met with thunderous applause.

Then, each made their own way to the exit.

“Now, where are you going to hunt?”

“A dungeon next to the river. And you?”

“Its pretty far from Morata. Its called the Tomb of Mainz… Monsters level is quite high. Although it’s difficult, the party is quite capable. Its a worthwhile hunt.”

After watching the show, the people returned to their parties as they had predetermined beforehand.

Warriors and Knights also viewed plays a.s.sociated with their professions.

‘The boy who challenged the tower of Warriors.’

‘The dragon’s a.s.sault’.

The first attempt at creating a performance by a bard or dancer will not be perfect.

Countless performances were being attempted based on empty conjectures, creating many terrible works.

However, despite the challenges, gems were being unearthed in the process of creation.

Out of all the attempts 99% resulted in failure, and only 1% resulted in success.

Jjakjjakjjak! (TN: sound of clapping I think)

Weed also applauded.

“It was a really great show.” (TN: LoL, even though he fell asleep)

He came out of the theater, and as he roamed around Morata he could see people performing.

Bards were playing musical instruments and onlookers paid money in coins.

Although the sum of money was not large, their levels increased and they were happy to perform on the street, and so continued playing.

Everywhere in Morata this sight could be seen.

“What a great profession!”

Weed thought that the job had good points.

The only cost of materials was the instrument which was a rare expenditure, and there were no disputes caused by haggling with customers.

Above all, the greatest advantage was that the money received was cla.s.sified as donations and thus were not taxable.

Now, even in the dungeons with the party members they continue to play and raised their skills proficiency, there was no better Professions for those who have a cheerful personality.

Hwaryeong’s role always created a lively atmosphere when it came to a hunting party.

Bathed with the Dancer’s Charm, the hunting Knights sometimes gains indomitable Strength when they exert their attacks. When Weed was going on a hunt, his other party members were not directly combat-based Professions, such as women like Surka but Hwaryeong had experience.

Immersed in music or dance, but it was still in a dangerous situation. Surrounded by monsters, anything could occur. The Bard played songs that were pleasant and even made these moments of such annihilation enjoyable.

“There are many sculptures and paintings as well…”

You could see a lot of sculptures in every store.

If you can’t afford a house in the suburbs, you worked to make decorations or gifts, Sculptors and Painters had increased their source of revenue. Morata’s cultural investment cost

was related to the amount being spent and increased their salary and levels brought about by the many side Quests created.

In fact, Art in the city of Rhodium had always been the representative of the Versailles Continent.

For people dreaming to become artists, Rhodium was the first place to go, and due to that it became completely filled with only artists. Eventually the ratio was ruined and the opportunity for jobs decreased.

However the amount of opportunities for artists in Morata were wider.

Artists of Morata preferred to grow their skills in Morata, before leaving to travel the Versailles continent to grow their skills further, as Weed did.

Even if it was dangerous, artists must travel in order to learn more about the world.

Weed had thought about this as well.

“One to two amazing works would be nice. Even when it is very steady progress a

Magnum Opus would be worthwhile, albeit made with continued support. “

There were many things about Royal Road that were not disclosed, part of that was the Culture stat. A place where the Lord was a Sculptor, Bard’s with high Art were entertaining boldy increasing Morata’s Culture, making his investment worthwhile before he went to the High Seas.

He had thought it was just a waste of money, but in the last war residents and soldiers from other regions had forsaken their villages for Morata, so culture had a great impact on local politics.

It even helped in public security and economic development, either directly or indirectly.

If culture was not developed, burglaries would increase and risk of rebellion would go up.

“Construction work is also steadily progressing well.”

The Cathedral and the Great Library that were being built in the Tower of Light Square and Bingryong Square, had the basic framework laid down.


“Bring more bricks, as soon as possible.”

The sounds of thousand of people diligently at work in construction could be heard.

The construction was done in accordance with the form of three-storey house built in the size of the model.

Merchants were leading ox-pulled carts filled with materials necessary for the construction.

Morata’s sculptors and painters also mobilized.

Working on the cathedral meant honouring the prestigious G.o.ds, which can increase fame and faith.

Working on the cathedral was a great challenge for the artists.

“There are no decorations here.”

“The walls? And the ceiling? What colour should go where?”

“The ceiling should have a painting, or a sculpture? A painting should be better, right? For the ceiling, at least 3 skilled painters should be a.s.signed in order to create the best work.

In the construction of the cathedral more than 100 outstanding sculptors and painters were working on both the internal and external parts of the building.

From the columns to the floor, working everywhere, the task of decorating progressed really quickly.

For the construction of the cathedral the cost of materials and labour had already exceeded the already reasonable budget.

Clerics and Paladins paid money into the project and were doing further fund raising.

“If the cathedral is completed Morata is really going to be a great place to live. Nowhere in the central continent does the lord invest selflessly like this.”

“Whenever someone gets a good quest, would they want to live by making offerings to the ruling guild? The lord lets us partic.i.p.ate in the development plan.”

Cases where the loyalty to the lord was so high that they would actively cooperate in the development plan was really rare.

Broadcasters came to report on the development of the cathedral that was being built by users.

“The settlement started only 6 months ago in real time. At first there was a lack of a lot of buildings and things weren’t easy. However now things are different, many of the necessary buildings are available. Also the ones that are not available are quickly being built.”

“When I started playing Royal Road, I chose Morata. Then listening to the stories about how the other cities were thriving, I was envious. But now I do not regret it one bit.”

“Morata’s Players will improve more. In each hunting area in Central Continent there is a lot of compet.i.tion, but here there’s exploration and compet.i.tive Quests. Although, hunting is a lot more dangerous. The danger is real. But I prefer to live a risky life with my fellow residents. “

“Why stay here and not go somewhere else? Because Morata is a lot of fun.”

Morata established itself at a fearsome pace as a center of trade within the northern continent.

Users attributed this accomplishment to the leaders.h.i.+p of the lord.

Being the Ruler of Morata, Players had the upmost respect for Weed.

Weed did not use city funds for personal reasons or try to create a slush fund to acc.u.mulate wealth.

“Every profession can realize their potential; technology, commerce, and art and culture has blossomed because the people’s taxes has been correctly invested.”

Users were growing in full swing, buildings were being built, and economic power had increased, thus tax income was also going up. In conclusion, this was the dream of the vicious lord!

However, there were also other Players who pointed their fingers and cited out the leaders.h.i.+p problems of the Lord.

The cathedral was the culmination of the efforts of the Architects, Sculptors and Painters.

The chapel’s ceilings and walls had huge windows. It was difficult to find the mysterious and solemn atmosphere with the dark coated gla.s.s, which was why they asked to install stained gla.s.s.

As Painter’s painted the stained gla.s.s turning into the downward the pa.s.sage of light which symbolized the divine power, the Charm of the picture displayed the combination of Architecture and Art.

Inside, the stairs were decorated with absolutely wonderful carvings and artwork.

Although the ability of the Sculptors, Painters, and Architects involved were not the best, everyone was going to give their best effort.

The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor

The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor

Dalbic Jogaksa, LMS, 달빛조각사
Score 8.6
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Artist: , Released: 2007 Native Language: Korean
The man forsaken by the world, the man a s*ave to money and the man known as the legendary God of War in the highly popular MMORPG Continent of Magic. With the coming of age, he decides to say goodbye, but the feeble attempt to earn a little something for his time and effort ripples into an effect none could ever have imagined. Through a series of coincidences, his legendary avatar is sold for 3 billion won, bringing great joy to him, only to plunge him into despair at losing almost all of it to vicious loan sharks. With revelation of money through gaming, he rises from the abyss with new found resolve and steps forward into the new age of games led by the first ever Virtual Reality MMORPG, Royal Road. This is the legend of Lee Hyun on his path to becoming Emperor with only his family’s loving heart, his boundless desire for money, his unexpected mind, his diligently forged body and the talent of hard work backing him.


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