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The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor Volume 22 – Chapter 8

Chapter 8 – Rejecting Destiny

The Geomchi had no choice but to give up on the hunt. The Kraken swam the wide open sea so, lest for a designated time, it was difficult to find.

Only if you had excellent sailing skills you could pursue and catch marine organisms like the Kraken, but trying to catch a Kraken with a boat would take too much time. (T/N: Sea of Life – Name of their s.h.i.+p.)

“Let’s just go to Morata.”

The Geomchi, holding in their hunger, went to the harbour of Bellona Island, looking for a s.h.i.+p that was heading for Morata.

All of the sailors he met shook their heads.

“I will not go as far as Morata.”

“I’ll pay twice as much.”

“During this time the sea is very dangerous. There are high waves and violent winds blowing around. The access route just north of the continent is blocked by storms as well.”

There was also another route from the sea, but a lot of things were depending on the season the boats route to Morata from the Central Continent would be blocked.

If you met a skilled captain even sailing through storms wouldn’t be a problem.

The only problem was that, there weren’t that many good captains, and the chance of them sticking around drinking alcohol and taking a break on an island was low.

A player who was a sailor said that if they wait about a week, a luxury cruiser from the Kingdoms would come.

He also told them that they could go to Morata by pa.s.sing by 3 kingdoms on the cruise.

More than 400 of the Geomchi found themselves stuck on the harbour.

In order to depart they sold all the small boats that they had.

Waiting for the cruiser would be faster than buying another s.h.i.+p and sailing.

Then one day, Geomchi 405 spoke.

“Though the waves are strong…I think it would be fun to swim, Sahyung!”

Geomchi 405 spoke thoughtlessly due to wanting to play around and swim in the sea on a stormy day.

However, the eyes of the instructors had changed.

“Indeed, sounds like fun.”

“It sure does Sahyung. Instead of talking here, let’s go swim.”

“The reason we came here was to ea…. no, to challenge ourselves against everything, wasn’t it?”

All the while, when fighting monsters in Royal Road the Geomchi had also further improved their sword skills.

Tension, which was hard to experience in real life, Life and death struggles and in spars, reminding of actual battle.

Although it was different from reality, it was possible to find the parts where you were lacking.

The Geomchi, rather than solving Quests requiring to solve mysteries, prefered simple battle so they had been fighting constantly.

In order to strengthen willpower, extreme conditions that were challenging were necessary.

Examining the gathered pract.i.tioners, Geomchi spoke.

“Let’s swim to Morata!”

If there was a sailor there, they would have tried to stop them at any costs, even by giving them free sus.h.i.+.

If anyone had even the slightest information about the sea, they would haven’t done such a reckless act.

Even haenyeo (T/N: Korean traditional divers; generally women, and they are known for being able to dive for extended periods of time as well as being extremely proficient at swimming in general) wouldn’t do such a thing.

“Since the weather’s hot as well, should we do that?”

“Master, that’s a brilliant plan.”

“Let’s hurry over to Morata and have some beer and a roast boar.”

The trainees enthusiastically agreed and joined in.

And then without any other preparations, they jumped into the sea, even when it was pouring.

The people in the harbor could not help but to be awed.

“To do something that crazy, that doesn’t make any sense.”

“Wow, are they really going?”

They saw something which they would never forget.

The first night of the swim towards Morata was easy enough.

It was all due to Geomch i3 and the Priests, as well as the monstrous vitality that the trainees had.

“It’s nice and cool.”

“We should have done this earlier.”

However, the next night, the Priests could no longer keep up with the Geomchi’s Vitality and could no longer send out their support.

At least they got used to and a lot of sailing and swimming in the water of the High Seas.

While swimming, do not go against the flow of the wave and match your breathing with it.

The leading Geomchi had a contest, Geomchi 3 and Geomchi 5 were like fishes

and went together.

When you swim for a long time, your strength and concentration easily deteriorate.

The slightest slip in this deep ocean could turn to a disastrous mistake and lead to drinking seawater and then drowning.

The Geomchis prevented themselves from dying by performing a group dog paddle.

Even the seagulls in the sky could not help but look over the Geomchis as Geomchi 2 ordered the 503 similarly named Humans doing a dog paddle!

‘Fresh fish? I gotta grab it and eat it, shouldn’t I?’

Monster birds hesitated attacking them time and again. Rain suddenly fell from the sky.

The Wind grew stronger and the birds became terrified of the huge waves.

-Vitality has decreased by 15%.

-Body movements are slower due to cold waters.

-You are under attacked by carnivorous fish.

-You are being swept away by waves.

The neverending stream of warnings were a given!

Even though they gained a lot of Vitality from pa.s.sing extreme martial arts quests, crossing the sea was impossible.

The Geomchi were not exactly in decent condition when they were attacked, despite being tired and exhausted they had to deal with the attacks of the man-eating sharks.

From a distance, pointed shark fins were approaching atop the waves.

Ttudung…. ttudung… ttudung… ttudung.. ttudung. ttudung! (TN: jaws anyone)

It was a scene that could have been taken straight from a horror movie.

Geomchi 3 started to feel ecstatic watching the sharks approach.

“Hey guys, I’ve found something delicious!”

The best dishes could be made from shark fins.

They had heard of this through word of mouth, but never had a chance to taste it.

But were not the shark fins now coming to them?


“Let’s pick them clean!”

The extraordinary act of humans attacking sharks for food started and 15 pract.i.tioners died in the process.

If they were attacked on land it would have been easy to hunt the sharks but because of the rolling waves it was difficult to control your body in the sea so they took damage.

“You rascals, you’ll be eaten for sure.”

“I agree, the punishment is death.”

They landed on a nearby island and made shark barbecue, and continued moving forward when the dead pract.i.tioners revived and rejoined.

Hunger was satiated by catching fish, and they gathered fresh water when it rained on the sea to relieve thirst.

Indeed, it was swimming under extreme hards.h.i.+p.

Various sea creatures came at them, pus.h.i.+ng them to the brink.

Most of the Geomchi exceeded Level 300. Four to five times they came close to death, but still welcomed the challenge!

So far they were not even half way to the northern continent where Morata was situated.

At this point, it would have been normal to hear someone say to go to the nearest continent or island to ask for help, but they weren’t just anyone, they were the Geomchis.

With their strength, they would choose hard and dangerous quests to improve themselves.

“Isn’t it fun?”

“It’s fun!”

“This is how you should be risking your life.”

“Let’s go to our destination without stopping!”

While they were swimming along the vast open sea they came across something.

Far away, they could see a trading s.h.i.+p and approached it.

“Look! Its a s.h.i.+pwreck, let’s go inside!”

The captain and his crew quickly threw a rope to save the victims.

Geomchi 317 yelled out loud.

“This place is… *gurgle gurgle*, don’t worry us go on ahead guys.”

“I think you are mistaken, we are not pirates. We will take you to land so get on board.”

The captain was actually a merchant. Trying to save what he thought were victims of the sea, the sea merchant acted out of the goodness of his heart!

“We are just… *blub blub* enjoying swimming”

“Just what are you saying. I don’t even see another boat around here.”

The place where the trade s.h.i.+p met the Geomchi was actually the heart of the ocean.

“Where is your destination that you are trying to swim to?”

“Mo… rata.”

Since Geomchi 417 was talking while continuously swimming, he ended up drinking quite a bit of sea water.

Though this was a mistake that he wouldn’t have made in the past, it caused his Vitality to drop to the point where he couldn’t swim well anymore, all he could do was flail his arms and leg around.

“What, Morata? Isn’t that the northern part of the continent?

The captain had an expression like an Orc had just hit his forehead with a glaive.

“Are theywe really going to Morata?”

“Where exactly did you start swimming from? There was even a wild storm two days ago.”

“Yo, there are no harbors nearby, let alone a place to have started swimming from… not to mention there’s not even any harbors until you get to Morata from here.”

The sword pract.i.tioners were rambling amongst themselves.

Difficult to believe that the captain of the merchant who is leading the boat for a few hours saw them.

But they really were endlessly swimming towards the direction of Morata.

He was surprised by their enormous vitality and again when he noticed some of the pract.i.tioners were unable to endure it any longer and sunk into the sea.

‘If they have that much vitality then they should be very high leveled warriors….’

As a merchant, his insight on things were on another level.

Even though the Geomchii’s were quite a high level, despite wearing light armor and leather, some of them were capable to wear lvl 340 Equipment.

For these high level players to attempt to swim across the continent!

Warriors gain fame and stats from hunting difficult monsters.

But those stats could be lost if they died needlessly, this was truly a difficult adventure to take on.

It was common knowledge among the Royal Road Players, even if the person was uninterested they would still know that Stats and Skill proficiencies were important in the game.

The men in the High Seas were the same, even if the sea had large flesh eating monsters they still raised their proficiencies.

The captain was envious and breathed a heavy sigh.

“These are truly happy men.”

During the weekday, he would acc.u.mulate considerably large amount of stress when he was working the company.

But sailing in Royal Road and looking for fun and trading goods, and now seeing the Geomchis he felt himself humbled.

“I think I was too comfortable.”

The Trader’s cabin which served as a warehouse had a lot of high priced gla.s.s and precious metals. Throughout the Versailles continent he was included in the top 300 merchants. Traders were more or less similar to the Warrior cla.s.s but leveled up by Trading.

The logbook in the High Seas was an opportunity to look back at yourself in the future.

“After we finish this trade, let’s get a new boat and crew and depart to that place!”

He pulled out the ocean map he received before. The probability that they could swim out of the sea was paper-thin, but their determination was very high.

In addition they were headed towards the place where there were pirates, uninhabited islands, or other places that no one had ever returned from.

The Captain decided then that he would embark on his own heart-racing adventure.

If the Captain saw how the Geomchi would occasionally drown in the ocean or get eaten by sea monsters, he might have realized how extremely they were adventuring and how much they were risking to do so.

And if he only knew the truth that the Geomchi had started swimming from Bellona Island on the inner Neria Sea, pa.s.sing the Ocean Gateway to get all the way here.

No, perhaps he didn’t even need to have heard their stories or realized how far they’ve come. If the Captain were only a little more manly and brave, he would have stripped on the spot and started swimming with the Geomchi.


Weed took a corner in the Square of Light and was focused.

The sculptures of Nature drew a lot of attention to the female players. Clouds, wind, and dirt turned into a magnificent landscape.

“Just because it’s big doesn’t mean it’s a Nature Sculpture.”

It was no surprise that the whole Versailles Continent was talking about the Nature Sculptures that Weed had been creating on top of mountain peaks all over the continent. Broadcasters were getting reports from witnesses, and there was still much debate about what actually happened on the High Seas.

Now, the Trade were breaking new grounds. It wasn’t only the Blacksmiths who were doing well in the bracket, there were Tailors and most especially Sculptors.

What people thought of these was quickly changing.

Weed’s Nature Sculptures were made to show the leaves that fall in autumn and go through all the extreme seasons until it sprouts again in spring.

That made their appearance grand. Even if artificially, but for true beauty, the sky’s the limit.

“I’m going to continue making these small little things. This is what I get for the sake of Fame, stats, and skill proficiency. Because small things are where big things come from. “

Weed sat down and rationalized with himself. Something was off about this mission.

He got stuck in the mood.

“A saying about money goes, that even bullies are abused by bad people when they have loads of money… I just want to make something, but not too perfect that it’ll attract too much attention.”

It was great working mainly on scenic places with his sister, whom he had not traveled with in a while. A younger sister was always a great company to her brother, he planned on giving Yurin some equipment that best fitted her.

“This is expensive. Give me more of a discount.”

Weed used his high Fame to pressure the store owner.

“If I do that, I won’t be able to make a profit…”

“Selling isn’t something you do for money. It’s for the people! And it is done to gain virtue.”

“Hmm, since these are words from a very famous adventurer, I will do as you say.”

Hunting and Adventuring were simple, unlike purchasing clothing or armor at the store, things were not as direct.

His sister painted brighter pictures as they traveled around, she had the appearance of a relieved and smiling child.

‘She grew up well, even if I have not been able to take care of her properly.’

Without parents, Weed had to take on their role.

Ever since she was younger she acted properly, but he was always suspicious of outsiders. Yurin had a good smile and had always been popular.

Weed recalled telling bedtime stories to Yurin.

Fairytales occupied a very important part in building emotional young children!

Today I will tell you the story of the “Three Little Pigs”.

The three little pigs who left their parents built houses for themselves.

The first pig built one out of straw, the second pig built one out of wood and the last pig built his house with st.u.r.dy bricks.

But then, a wolf invaded them.

The house made of straw was blown down by blowing through his nose, the wooden house was. .h.i.t until it broke.

In the end, the three little pigs were able to chase the wolf away by living in the third pig’s house made of bricks.

Do you know the lesson of this story?

In Weed’s memories, his little sister said with bright eyes.

“That you have to make a st.u.r.dy house, brother?”

Weed firmly shook his head.

“This is just a children’s story. There is no lesson. The real estate is all about the location!”



“Tomorrow I will tell you about the story of “Hongbu and Nolbu”(Korean fairy tale). It’s a story about the hard-working Nolbu getting tricked by his brother, Hongbu.”

She was home schooled, thanks to Weed’s situation!

Weed was also concerned of all the people who were constantly watching Yurin and he couldn’t have any peace of mind.

“It’s time to make a Nature Sculpture in the city.”

The original plan was to leave a masterpiece in the northern continent, outside of Morata.

There were many dangerous monsters haunting the untouched areas and no man dared to go beyond them.

While Weed explored areas like Debkart Mountain making Nature Sculptures, he tried to level up his Disaster Sculpting.

The worst natural disaster situation will emerge!

“To Do: Learn the skill quickly, sweep away the debris, cook a meal.”

“Gotta level up my skills quickly so I can blow everything up together.”

Forest fire, flood, lightning, earthquakes, tsunamis, volcanic eruptions, storms of ice and snow.

There were many choices for the Disaster Sculpting to increase its experience.

“A mixture of all to make the best sculpture.”

But looking back on Morata his mind changed a little.

“Do I really have to go to a place without people to make a Nature Sculpture?”

There were a lot of trees on the streets of Morata. Weed had planted fruit trees.

But aside from such trees, between the flowers and a squared-off Stone Road, gra.s.s

were growing.

“People pa.s.s by them without noticing, but every single blade of gra.s.s can be considered a Nature Sculpture.”

Weed secured about 20 meters of s.p.a.ce in the corner of Square of Light.

Since Square of Light was a newly created place, as well as the fact that there were many people working on construction of the cathedral, there were many Players that would come through this area.

But there were a lot of who set up shop traders because of the large crowd that gathered around the fountain. There was a corner seat with wide enough free s.p.a.ce.

In fact, Players have been gathered in the square. There were several reasons for this.

For one thing, because players reorganized their items here and setting up a shop was easy, it provided a big advantage

Not only that, but, since back in their Newbie days of hunting around the castle. Everyone had a habit of filling the water from the fountain in the square.

No wonder people rushed around the fountain, and thanks to that commercial establishments have been formed.

Weed was working in his corner draped in black clothing creating flowers and gra.s.s from dirt.

Weed’s Undead Strength was slowly decreasing, when there was 3 days till the quest had to be fulfilled, the stat dropped below 140.

The sculptures Weed had been making till this point had gradually decreased his Undead stat neatly.

It was a refres.h.i.+ng feeling like going to the bathhouse on a holiday.

This was a feat he accomplished by making Nature Sculptures and sculptures related to nature for over 100 days.

“It is finally time to finish this sculpture.”

With only one day left for Balkan’s Quest, Weed put the finis.h.i.+ng touches on the sculpture.

Even though Weed could’ve leisurely cancelled the quest, he was curious to see what kind of quest it would result in.

Since Weed was making every blade of gra.s.s and flower one by one, the sculpture wasn’t as large as other pieces he created.

If one were to come close and gander at the sculpture, they would be surprised by how realistic the sculpture looked, however he borrowed a carriage from Mapan and used it like a fence, preventing people from seeing.

It was thanks to the hustle and bustle from the construction and trading going on in the area that he was able to finish without being disturbed.

“With this, it is done.”

Weed made the last flower with dirt.

– Please set the Name of the made sculpture.

This sculpture was a compilation of all the flowers that Weed saw as he traveled all over Versailles Continent with his little sister.

Since it was a sculpture of wildly growing flowers and gra.s.s, it reminded him of when he was putting the eyes on the doll.

But since he had just completed a totally different sculpture, he didn’t want to leave any evidence of how much he had struggled to make it.

“A flower bed I made goofing around? No. For some reason, I feel like I’ll get flamed by people saying I named it poorly after having worked so hard on it. How about just, The Square’s Flower Bed? It doesn’t really stand out.”

After working so hard on it he gave it such a bad name, this was Weed’s specialty!

It was without a doubt that there would be tons of people looking at the sculpture since it was next to the cathedral being built in Light Square.

Though there was no way to know how the sculpture would turn out, Weed felt like it wouldn’t be bad.

Among the wildflowers and gra.s.s were b.u.t.terflies and bees, there were even carvings of birds as well.

b.u.t.terflies fluttering in the flowerbed, bees gathering honey, birds building nests in bushes.

Someday, he’ll plant trees in the area and create and nice, peaceful forest.

“I’m definitely going to plant fruit trees but… anyways I’ll name this Nature Sculpture ‘A Simple Flowerbed’.

-Are you sure about A Simple Flowerbed?


Being Morata’s Lord, he wanted to show off to his citizens that this degree of work wasn’t even that hard.

Kind of like when a friend asks how much you make and you say ‘Oh it’s not much’ and then tell him the amount before taxes and social security is taken out.


Masterpiece! A Simple Flowerbed.

A garden where flowers are blooming.

This is a sculpture showing overgrown brush and wildflowers.

Even though it is disorderly, it is overflowing with life.

The books stated that there were little of this rare flowers left. It strengthen its population even if they are sculptures.

Each one expresses the beauty of flowers in full bloom at the hands of the Sculptor.

A work of flowers worthy of being recorded in history.

The strength of Nature Sculpting dwells in it.

Art Value: 3871

Option: Having viewed A Simple Flowerbed, Health and Mana regeneration increased by 23% for one day.

Maximum Health is increased by 37%

Having appreciated this sculpture, Herbalism skill gains proficiency faster.

Farmers and gardeners skill level effectiveness increase by 3%.

The growth also triggered Plant Monsters in the area. Plant Monsters are born.

Mainly forests grow from them, and it is pretty likely to have high agro tendencies to human beings.

This field will blossom with alpine tea.

Seasonal festivals may occur, in accordance with the tourism and agricultural harvests.

Other Sculpture effects do not stack.

So far, the number of completed Masterpiece: 15

-Sculpting Skill proficiency has improved.

-Handicraft Skill proficiency has improved.

– Skill Level of Understanding Sculptures has increased by 1.

-Fame has risen by 625.

-Art has increased by 12.

-Vitality has increased by 4.

-Health has increased by 380.

-Perseverance has increased by 3.

-Endurance has increased by 3.

-For making a Masterpiece sculpture Sculpting Mastery has increased by 1.

-Nature Sculpting has increased to Intermediate Level 6

-You have learned the skill Disaster Sculpting.

-Sculpting the Last of Divination with a radiant beauty, a related Quest has been created.

Sculpting the glory of the earth, the Quest will begin to keep a dialogue with the people there.

The chain Quest gets exceedingly difficult as you go higher. In order not to fail, It is recommended to increase your Sculpting skills.

Sculpted the Last of Divination!

Sculpting Blade, Sculpture Life Bestowal, Sculpture Form Shapes.h.i.+fting, Elemental Creation Sculpting, Disaster Sculpting!

“One by one, until eventually I’ll complete the whole set.”

The Last Divination.

This felt similar to when he was younger and sold newspaper all through autumn, and saved up his money to have a full piggy bank!

Of course I’ll get it in case you can not be free, and it will need a lot of preparation.

“Quest Received: but it will fail if not completed within a year…”

It was a similar situation when the shopping district received new s.h.i.+pments and he had to part with his piggy bank’s content in Dongmeng(T/N: Korean shopping district).

“Huck keoheok heoheo!”

Weed’s image was disturbing to watch.

In many ways his eccentric personality now was a reflection of his childhood days when only pure water was clear.

Back then it was difficult to eat Korean pork cutlet and even harder to find a peace of mind.

“Anyway, soon my skill will be Advance Sculpting Level 8.”

Currently the skill was at Advance Sculpting Level 7 at 99.3% with only a 0.7%


Completed the sculpture with sprouts, flowers and gra.s.s. There were animation facets on stone, soil and water.

Gently swayed by the wind, the leaves turned green and the rich aroma scattered everywhere.

The sculptures of b.u.t.terflies and bees attracted the real b.u.t.terflies, bees and other flying insects that take the nectar and pollinate.

Weed’s creation changed the scenery from the old days when compared with different species of flowers and gra.s.s.

But the countless flowers and roots between the soil near the fence, spread some more, as soon they grew stems.

Charming and pretty flower buds burst.

The number of colorful places in Morata covered with flowers expanded!

Petals flew from the Square of Light and drifted away into the deserted cities.

The Library, Mercenary Guild, Market were near the frames of the unfinished Cathedral. There, the gathered Merchants and other Players saw the petals drifting in the wind.


Wildflower festival has started. Wildflowers signaled that spring is here, for friend or foe.

The Fields and hills of the northern Versailles Continent are filled with blooming flowers, even near the river. Residents in love chose this place to confess.

During the festival, the residents’ happiness is increased.

Increase of Vitality restoration.

Increase of Fame in the area of Morata.

Increase visitors to promote the development of the tourism industry.

Honey production increased by 800 %.

It is a time where either friend or foe happily spend time in one place with their peers.

“This is good. The flowers are beautiful and they smell amazing too…”

Their courage was increased by the flowers. Regardless of how high the Player’s level was, they remained newbies in their heart.

They even used Charm accessories that had precious stones!

Weed’s Wildflower Festival was unintentional.

“Flowers are really useless. I really don’t understand the people who buy them and then just give them out. Be it for graduation, entrance ceremony, or any occasion where flowers are present. Later, everything comes in vain when they’re placed in the garbage bag. Their value is gone.”

Weed’s mind was more parched than a dessert where even a cactus cannot survive.

The festival was unexpected, but he thought that one time would be alright. He remembered the time from long ago when Yurin watched a flower garden. This would be even better as the flowers spread throughout the land.

“Well, not bad, the group will not. It spreads out naturally, and there is no cost to maintain the flowers in Morata. Because if it’s not this it also will be fine if the residents are happy. “

The place where the sculptures of b.u.t.terflies and bees were became a drop off point.

He knew that it was only a matter of time before the Players made something like this.

Weed found an open spot near the b.u.t.terfly and bees sculpture, so he could greet the incoming Players.


The Quest of Balkan’s Call was about to start.

Weed’s sculptures were left in Morata.

Exactly at midnight, pictures of the Immortal Legion and related images began to appear in his eyes

The cold fog blocked the damp valleys with running water.

Old trees have been grown spontaneously and broke the dark and damp places.

There was spa.r.s.e sunlight and they barely heard any sound.

Deolgeuleog Deolgeuleog. (T/N: Rattling/clattering noise)

There were Burning Skeleton troops that came up from the valley below.

They cared for nothing and rapidly encroached over the valley, the wide fields, and went through the forest.

A staggering number of Burning Skeletons formed ranks and marched.

Unbelievably, their destination was a crevice in a big rock!

As the Burning Skeletons struggled to enter the crevice, it arrived. The Doom Knight from the days of old.

“These smelly things, get off me, go away!”

A short legged Dwarf came and wielded an axe.

Burning Skeletons were smashed, then scattered every time he swung the ax.

Barbarians, Elves and Fairy tribes, also build their defenses and fought with them just like in past.

“The Undead are here, Shoot!”

Beautiful Elven maidens waited for the right moment. When the Doom Knights were in sight, they placed their arrows of light into their bowstring and attacked the monsters.

The Immortal Legion made an example out of the several tribes that stood against them, the screen changed again to Balkan

Sitting crookedly on a throne made out of dragon bones was Balkan!

His chest demonstrated his divine power, thick black smoke rose and Balkan’s purge aura suppressed them.

Balkan spoke, which rattled his jawbone.

“Arise my Immortal Legion… soon you will obliterate everything.”


Dark Mage, Necromancer’s call Balkan Demoph.

He led the Immortal Legion, and challenged the several Righteous Orders of the continent. His men teemed with strength.

This was the fight between the Living and the Dead!

In the past, the defeated Balkan had his Health and Mana sealed because of a sword lodged in his flesh.

In order to survive, Balkan absorbed the lives of the beasts and monsters. They prepared themselves. Teney, the Fairy Queen and her patron Dwarves.

He challenged the Dwarves and Teney, the Queen of Fairies!

Fairies honed their talents on fun, with their free-spirited nature being to blame. They failed to raise any significant military forces.

In the land of the Fairies, Humans and other creatures stood no chance before them, and their numbers were greatly reduced.

There were hundreds of wounded Dwarves. The Fairy Queen, Teney and the other fairies were treating them, with their fluttering wings all over the place.

When the old Lich Balkan absorbed Teney’s life, he would be able to reclaim his old strength, with Teney serving as his new source of Mana.

Balkan continued on eating away the fairy Teney’s strength. Her strength compensated for the damage from the sword stuck in him.

Balkan was in need of his disciple, the Lich s.h.i.+re.

-Acquired Quest of Balkan Demoph

-With his Black Magic, Balkan created a portal for his disciple Lich s.h.i.+re.

Weed stood in front of the opened gate, with the Dark Lord in the room in front of him.

“If Balkan regains his original strength, he’ll be even more terrifying.”

All of Versailles Continent’s Holy Orders prepared themselves. Holy Knights and Priests, formed their armies against the Undead monsters!

Standing in front of the opened portal, Weed could feel Balkan’s intimidation through his skin.

“If a portal appears here, then Balkan probably thinks that I’m his disciple. I guess that Teney and the Dwarves have been defeated. Even with these many tribes. “

In his legion, gaining the immortality spell will increase their forces.

With his Sculptural Shape-s.h.i.+ft, he could only proceed with the Quest with the ident.i.ty of Lich s.h.i.+re.

“Balkan’s treasure, they’re an awful lot put together.”

Weed moved as he stepped into the portal.

The only thing in his head was ‘ money money money money money money, treasure treasure treasure ‘.

Suddenly, he stopped momentarily as he stepped in.

“But in the past, the treasure from the defeated side of the war is always looted.”

However the Undead have almost conquered the continent, as they only kept on trying.

In this case, it did not look completely hopeless!

Unicorn’s public relations team members were gathered in the video room.

They watched scenes from certain Players to see their progress in Royal Road, in real time.

As a result, their Yoon Soo Jang’s team and the other staffs of the Operations Department gathered for talks.

In the screen before them they could see, the appearance of Weed contemplating whether he should not go into the opened portal.

The Deputy asked how long it has been.

“What’s Weed’s decision?”

“I don’t know yet. I can’t figure out what choices he’s thinking about. “

Yoon Soo Jang couldn’t predict his decision before as well.

If you based your a.n.a.lysis on Weed, his motivation was always largely about money, and compensation.

Even one copper was a sensitive subject.

On the outside, it was difficult to determine his decision because this was his own Quest and no other player had this kind of adventure.

While watching Weed’s long awaited decision, the Unicorn’s staff sat on their chairs like statues. They had to endure their urges to go to the toilet.

There was little time difference between the real world and Royal Road.

There were also problems when Broadcasters went on live, but the people watching didn’t care.

The Video’s speed was increased four times, the volume was enhanced, and the unnecessary parts of video were deleted. Soon, they will hand over the video.

“Please hand this over to the next phase.”

They returned to their seats after they handed over the video of Weed sculpting the flowers and they resumed watching his progress.

It’s not quite just making the sculptures, centipedes and caterpillars were added to the sculpture. Perhaps to include in the flower bed, not something you would expect to be a mediocre work!

“I’ll take a while.”

“Balkan’s Quest is very important for the Undead Necromancers, but still I can’t decide on this rashly.”

At the moment, Weed was probably the only Dark Magician who was an Undead Necromancer among the Dark Magicians in the Versailles Continent.

Balkan called all of those Dark Magicians and Necromancers. If he went to the place, Weed was the only who would fit Lich s.h.i.+re’s profile. The central axis of power could have unpredictable changes.

The Quest was of a ma.s.sive scale. Balkan’s Quest was exclusive to those of the Necromancers in the Versailles Continent.

The Unicorn employees liked Weed.

Sculpting the Last Divination and acquired the five pieces, this was a Sculptor’s adventure of the century!

The number of players from Bard Ray’s guild was always fluctuating. Word of mouth of the Players made them transfer from other prestigious guilds.

“The decision making takes a long time. Let’s look at the other screens.”

The staff have launched the video of somewhere else on the monitor.

Land of Shadows.


For the first time in the Plains of Despair, there were on foot Adventurer parties from Rosenheim Kingdom.

In recent times, the iconic adventures of Weed had risen. Since then Players departed from Versailles Continent to search for Adventures of their own. With most of them gathering a large number of Adventurers and formed a party. For a while, people noticed that they have achieved a hidden Quest, and there were 13 steps as degrees of difficulty for this S-cla.s.s Quest. Now, they were nearing the final part of the Quest.

“Hmm, be careful and not come up here to the ruin.”

“Cough! Why is there so much dust?”

After they battled with the Ghoul, a Thief from the Silver Ring Mercenaries found something, as he rummaged through the antiques and stacks of paper.

It would make anyone run, If they could have any clue about any Quests in Versailles Continent.

This strengthened their previous clues.

“I really didn’t know that the level of difficulty would come up here to C-cla.s.s Quest.”

“Yeah, you said you progress in a year and now it’s been nearly two years.”

On the other hand, receiving related accessories to chain Quests always helped solving the Quest.

This also meant that if the difficulty of the Quest increased then so did the goods involved.

In the profound history of the Versailles Continent they never met someone that wise.

Finding the end of the journey was what made an Adventure an Adventure.

They had to infiltrate the Embinyu Church’s Aura, in order to regain an item that belonged to the Valhalla order. This was s.h.i.+n Yejon’s Quest!

The Knights of the Embinyu Church which they currently fought were powerful enough to exceed the Levels of 420.

Of course, if you look over to the shadow party on the ground their levels were not inferior.

But the moment they were caught by the Embinyu Church, the Priest of the Order and the Magician, Mage, Dark Knight, they came flocking in large numbers.

As they searched for a path that couldn’t be bypa.s.sed, the Silver Ring Mercenaries faced the enemies. s.h.i.+n Yejon was trapped. After he infiltrated inside and was searching for the item. He couldn’t handle the Priests and Knights that were coming closer. He hid into the archives as they came.

They remained faithful to their ancient G.o.d. The Knights and Priests were formidable enemies.

“Guys, I don’t know how soon you’ll arrive, but I hope you come as soon as possible.”

“Why is it only when it’s full of dust and ancient monsters that you come and ask me to do it?”

“I do not know, but find the enemies. We’re in deep trouble as far as I can see. There’s a lot of dangerous enemies so be careful. “

The NPC’s intelligence felt funny and considered the situation to be bad. Also, their long-term explorations and excavations in the past gave him a hint that escape was not possible.

“We just have to make through Levels 2-3 and climb up. Our skills will considerably grow a lot.”

“By the way, was s.h.i.+n Yejeon Quest’s on finding Valhalla’s missing item a success?”

Full of antiques and Historic relics stacked haphazardly, the items crowded the floor and they


Silver Ring Mercenaries searched for the incomparable treasure, the precious relics and they got it.

Not knowing if this was all a.s.sociated with the Quest, it still paid to investigate the place and increase their Archeological skills significantly.

Adventurers often found this skill necessary in Quest and history investigation. They quietly lit their magic lanterns.

As they searched for the clues of this quest, they placed the golden candlestick holder and other golden items into their backpacks.

The joy of moments like this made them an Adventurer’s rus.h.!.+


Beni took the torch that was housed in a steel box.

Torch of Justice: Durability: 23/102.

Attack: 49 ~ 91.

Defeating the torch in the dark. Valhalla stood at the forefront of the anti-Warrior Embinyu Church Order’s heard a projection was held by Daratesuga.

Restrictions: Honor & Leaders.h.i.+p must be over 600


+25 all stats.

+2 level to Projection Skill.

Enhanced skill of Disruptive Accuracy improved.

Recovery rate from injuries is increased by 40%.

It is possible to use the blessings of Valhalla.

Suppresses monsters with dark alignment.

Black Magic Defense effectively increased by 83%

Enchanting and deceptive, it created a mental manipulation which followed the will of Valhalla.

Daratesuga was the best fighter the Valhalla Order had to offer!

According to the literature Beni found, he died later in the fight against the Embinyu Church and his items vanished.

Suddenly, sounds of commotion came up from the storage.

“There’s a total of 27 Mercenaries who appears to be in need of treatment.”

“I was told it they only were able defend… up to 10 minutes otherwise they won’t survive.”

“The Mercenaries are right. We need to save the stationed guys. I already found the stuff come on!”

Beni pulled out a scroll he had been saving. Scroll of Return! However, he couldn’t use it before because the magic of the Embinyu Church disabled it.

s.h.i.+n Yejeone will be dropped to a point near the 500 meters, there is a circ.u.mstance to flee from the light into place on the soles of the feet.

“Let’s go!”

Beni tore the scroll. Simultaneously, the doors of the Archive Department were opened and incoming monsters squeezed in along with Embinyu’s servants and reinforcements. Then, the Knights kicked in anger, the three of them disappeared with the light.

“Don’t worry, I found it.”


Unicorn’s staff are on hand to take the sweat and watched the scene. s.h.i.+n Yejeon road block drilling a narrow gap, and put them in hiding to find the Secret pa.s.sages mercenary holding workmans.h.i.+p was excellent enough to want to give a compliment.

Whilst proceeding to Step 13 of prestigious chain of Quests, the Quest’s pace exceeded far beyond their expectations.

“How about we call it Quest party of the shadows of the earth, are you okay with that?”

Yoon Soo Jang was asked to Il Kang Son. In the operating room before the other team does not know, except omit information about Quest, even though there was only invited guests.

“It is not over yet, but certainly difficult to be more careful in the future of a challenge by now I’m not sure I can go further into the future.”

“What would result in the success of the Quest?”

“In the future, not only in the past disputes between the Player Embinyu Church emerged as a formal and will also be able to choose according to their own evil will.”

“I must create a new ad.”

Unicorn launched an advertising company in the stations of the world in the past.

In fact, after Royal Road climbed to the top spot, they didn’t need any more publicity. So, the yield of capsule sales followed, and nothing else could be said about a corporate’s tactics to earn money.

So, they actually played the role that their ads are displayed to the Player of the changes taking place in the continent. Would that tell the game stations and a number of exchange of information alone is unknown continent of Versailles Player timely manner.

Of course, the number of new Player each time you send in a few months once advertising has grown enough to really ignore ignore. The vast desert! While hyenas are hanging was after the prey.

A Hyena individually is weak, but for a group of armed attack, the need to collect half a dozen lions should be avoided rather than the tail. Are going to go back to the old laying erect tail, was a tribal village were built there away.

The Strength and home of the River Iron-Two ruling War-Four. The screen was lit environment to be crystal clear lake before.

The fearful fog covered most reflections on the water, but trees were still seen on the surface of the lake at dawn!

The scenery s.h.i.+fts to the next scene. Fairies and Elves riding the huge leaves around, and the soldiers appeared on the next scene. All dressed up in a sword and s.h.i.+eld and armor.

This is the old never-ending Central Continent! Was built on conquest and ruthless breakthroughs!

Under the leaders.h.i.+p of the heroes, they yell at the soldiers in the fort and castle to use their arrows, magic, and they will surely emerge victorious just like from long ago.

The view was like in the war movies of hundreds and thousands of soldiers fighting like never before, and some where a figure of a Priests dressed in black robes increased in numbers.

They opened the crypt by beating the old monster. Here, s.h.i.+n Yejoeon hid inside the body of the monster. Then, the seventh Sheikh Saheurani of Embinyu Church declared something.

“Preparation is over. Foolish and feeble Humans, Elves, and Dwarves. We’ll govern the law and spread destruction!”

Central Continent was in a dispute among the former Honorable, Embinyu Church will be exposed to view this formally. The face of evil forces has appeared once more! The frightening image was spread over the many destroyed areas.

On top of the Versailles Continent, there were many strategic hunting grounds or quiet peaceful areas. The mountains and the rivers and lakes, sea, castles, towns, were defended by fort Heulleugadeut.

If you also took a short walk to the northern parts of Morata, one could see black giant sculptures. There were also housing which showed less dirty shanty towns are far away, Player have been enough to recognize a magnificent view of the cathedral and asked to be built for the library.

“I’d also better to cancel.”

Weed decided not to enter the black portal. The immortal Legion swallowed up too many land and created bad relations.h.i.+ps. Having that sustainability will be hard.

Forget the bread after the seven-year-old live the moral conscience or something is not just because of a sudden come up. And the largest city in the northern part of the Versailles Continent is thriving in Morata!

The production base case law does not take the brain leads the undead legions that have invaded Morata. “Balkan and is not better side end here. It gives up the Quest.

“We’ll double check again. ‘Do not want to accept the Call, ‘ Balkan’s Quest?Immortal Legion and has only one of Lich s.h.i.+re, Balkan Demoph and a.s.sociated Quest. Warning! If you reject a Quest Balkan relations deteriorated due to the hostilities, and also because of an increase in beneficial, may occur. The dreaded message that should Weed did the shake.

“I will not.”

-You have refused the quest. Faith increased by 50.

Dignity, Courage, Willpower has increased by 10.

Fame has reduced by 2,439.

“Nevertheless, he has to live with the good work.”

If the penalty of this magnitude Is not much less than I thought Weed! Beyond the level that can not afford enough, it was rather glad about.

This video came on to the end of line knew Weed. kkwagwa! tourgh!(T/N: Sound effects) The sky is covered in clouds all over, there was lightning striking down be stuck into the ground.

The old Trees in the field that withstood the time from a hundred years were torn apart. Even larger raindrops came. Balkan Demoph, the Undead monarch stood on top of a hill.

Each time the lightning hit, his sleazy bony skull was shone from under the robes he wore.

“Lich s.h.i.+re, you dare run away from me? I will make you pay for your treachery. An Eon will be too short for your eternal suffering! “

The thunder sounded like a howling scream that slap to the ground shook as the Undead rose up.

The Quest was triggered by the Undead Monarch.

The Undead were given the opportunity to live their old sinful lives as Balkan had commanded them.

“Kill me, so I can be free from this eternal torment!”

They were headed to the land of the Undead. The night Balkan meant from a year ago.

The Undead from different graveyards threatened to go to Morata as punishment.

Weed had just learned of the bad news!

His relations.h.i.+p with Balkan as Lich s.h.i.+re created a fiasco, again he read the message window.

The Roots of deeply burrowed of depravity were not easily removed.

Undead Strength the power that belonged to the Undead!

The main boundary between life and death.

When the sun had left it signified the death of human beings. The Undead’s strength grew exponentially.

The night was for the Undead.

Necromancers were also Humans, with the Strength of the Undead. He himself by looking at it a lot and sometimes summon undead off my foot on Taking the field.

It was a curse stat that naturally grew on its own, but you can also develop other relevant skills.

Now, daylight was over!

His body went stale and dried rapidly.

-The Undead were forced by the Undead Strength.

Weed’s sculptural transformation of Lich s.h.i.+re and other high ranking Monsters

walked around. There were also Burning Skeletons carrying a rusty swords from the common graves.

Call of Darkness! Balkan will summon the undead for a special Quest.

Undead can not deny the summons.

Weed was sucked into the black portal by the compulsory Strength of the Undead.

To Be Continued.

The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor

The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor

Dalbic Jogaksa, LMS, 달빛조각사
Score 8.6
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Artist: , Released: 2007 Native Language: Korean
The man forsaken by the world, the man a s*ave to money and the man known as the legendary God of War in the highly popular MMORPG Continent of Magic. With the coming of age, he decides to say goodbye, but the feeble attempt to earn a little something for his time and effort ripples into an effect none could ever have imagined. Through a series of coincidences, his legendary avatar is sold for 3 billion won, bringing great joy to him, only to plunge him into despair at losing almost all of it to vicious loan sharks. With revelation of money through gaming, he rises from the abyss with new found resolve and steps forward into the new age of games led by the first ever Virtual Reality MMORPG, Royal Road. This is the legend of Lee Hyun on his path to becoming Emperor with only his family’s loving heart, his boundless desire for money, his unexpected mind, his diligently forged body and the talent of hard work backing him.


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