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The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor Volume 23 Chapter 1

Low Cla.s.s Skeleton

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“Tak! Where is this place? Weed grabbed his rusty long sword and woke himself up. In the waste land where even weeds couldn’t survive, there were skeletons wandering around.“Chuckle.” “Kooehhh.” Skeletons just pa.s.sed Weed without attacking him because his body was also turned into a skeleton. Balkan Demoph’s Summon brought him here as an Undead.

“So I finally ended up here.” Weed was pretty used to Undead regardless of its figures.

As he looked around calmly, he caught voices of surprised skeletons. “Whoa, what is this place?” “How did we even get here? I was hunting with my golems…” “Skeletons? Who can summon this many skeletons?”

Similar to Weed, these skeletons near the graveyard were having a conversation. “I came from a graveyard near Vitum Castle, you?” “I came here while hunting in Xerathium forest.”“I got dragged suddenly from Bisbek dungeon.” “Xerathium forest… Is your name perhaps Jeanne the Necromancers?” “That is correct.”

The skeleton with a little bit of hair claimed her name to be Jeanne. Jeanne was the first one to choose an occupation after Weed enabled Necromancers occupation. She was a famous user as a corpse summoner in Xerathium forest.

Jeanne admired Necromancers. The power of raising up so many dead bodies and commanding them. She fell in love with the Undead plays of Weed, that she recorded the quest and watched them over and over. After changing cla.s.s as a Necromancers, she turned small animals into Undead and swiped the hunting grounds. As an advanced Necromancers, summoning abundant Undeads and ruthlessly hunted.

“My name is Bohram the Necromancers.” “Wow, all celebrities. My name is Otem. Anyone perhaps know me?” “Who wouldn’t know about the golem of Otem? You are one of the best Necromancers as well.” “I’m Ras.h.i.+, just turned Necromancers only one month ago. Nice to meet you all.” Skeletons having cheerful conversations often be seen in a coffee shop!

The short, narrow skeleton introduced herself. “h.e.l.lo, my name is Harien.” “Didn’t expect to see you here.”

Harian, was a female user, who had different bone structures from male players. “Why do you think we are all gathered here?” “We were summoned for some Undeads out of sudden… But I don’t know what’s really going on either.” “Whoa, there is something wrong with status. Cla.s.s changed, stats all different. Everyone check yours.”

As Otem finished his sentence, skeleton players brought up their status window. Weed checked his as well “Stat window.”

Character Name Weed Alignment Undead
Level 390 Affiliation Undead Legion
Cla.s.s Resurrected Skeleton
Health 87,389 Mana 41,821
Strength 1,453 Agility 1,293
Vitality 766
Wisdom 663 Intelligence 655
Fighting Spirit 541 Endurance 453
Perseverance 753 Physical Resistance 455
Charisma 414 Leaders.h.i.+p 706
Power of Undead 165
+Death Aura is Active

When becoming Undead, Weed’s Art, Faith, Charm has been converted to combat related stats.

‘Cla.s.s seems understandable…’ Gathered Necromancers must be surprised. Because Weed is the only one with ‘Power to Reject Death’, a skill only higher Blood Necromancers can get. Weed have revived a lot from death enough to not be surprised at having his cla.s.s changed.

“Death Aura, huh.” One of Balkan’s three skills. The might of enhancing Undead is active in him. A skill that shares a part of life, giving monstrous power! “What’s with the cla.s.s? It says Resurrected Skeleton.” “Isn’t this some kind of a quest?” Then a message popped out suddenly!

Undead Legion Outskirt GuardIn the Navir’s wastelands there are many monsters looking for food.

To protect the Undead Army, take care of the monsters.

Difficulty: D

Limitation: Undeads Only

– Quest cannot be refused.

You have accepted the Quest.

“Balkan?” “Isn’t Undead Army the most powerful group among Undeads?” “Oh, it’s the Undead Army from Weed’s adventure. Balkan is a man, no, a Lich known as the best among Necromancers.” “Before I came here I saw a message saying that Balkan is calling… We must be summoned by Balkan.”

Necromancers finally realized why they were all gathered here. He couldn’t blame them for being so slow. They were fine having fun and hunting, then out of sudden being dragged to this place as Undead because of Balkan’s summon. It would sounds absurd to anyone!

Instead of chatting with them, Weed scouted around on the hill of the wasteland. ‘There are so many monsters wandering around’

The place where the Undead Army resides is full of atrocious monsters. Monsters like sharp beasts, rhinos are moving around in a lane. Not far from the waste land is a river. Way past the river, there is Vargo Fortress where Undead Army stays.

Witches, Death Knights, Ghosts, army of Slayers born to battle. Order of Bentler, once a glorious order that came back from the grave after being abandoned by the king and annihilated. Because Undead Army was the best army among the Undead, they consisted of many legendary knights, sorcerers, and monsters from Versailles Continent.

In Vargo Fortress, the Bone Dragons from the Valley of Death were seen. 3 of them!

‘Anyways, what I should do right now is…’ Monsters as big as rhinos. Morghis and Nukalis were drinking from the river, and some were moving to the place where Undead Army fortress stood.

‘It must be to block them.’

Skeletons near the river found monsters. Raising up their rusty long swords, they ran towards Morghis and Nukalis.


As they advanced roaring out loud, other skeletons ran toward the river as if something was swaying them. “For the great Balkan!” “Undead Army, kill them!”

Weed was able to see the scene from afar. Skeletons ran, getting rammed by Morghis and Nukalis, flying in the air. Morghis and Nukalis ware very vicious gigantic grey beasts! They stomped skeletons and lifted them with horns. But as long as their body isn’t completed crushed, they stood up again and ran in!

“What the, a battle?” “The quest started already? I’m not even prepared…”

About 450 skeletons, all Necromancers players, reacted as well. It’s hard to see a single Necromancers in a castle and village but when all of them from the Versailles Continent are gathered, they are relatively many. They didn’t even get to see each other. They only knew or heard some famous Necromancers. While they were busy talking about Undead and Necromancers, the skeletons already started a battle.

“Shouldn’t we fight as well, for the quest?” “Let’s go!” Necromancers joined the battle at the river. “I’m unable to cast any magic…” “It’s because we are skeletons now. What should we do?” “Let’s slice them with swords.”

Necromancers were in the form of standard skeleton Undead, therefore they have to fight with basic swords. Necromancers had characteristics of normal magicians. But because they fight alone along with golems or skeletons under their orders, they learn basic swordsmans.h.i.+p. Because it’s hard to get the very first corpses and sometimes enemies break into the rank of Undead, Necromancers were also excellent in running away!

Necromancers was once a best occupation because they could quickly hunt but monsters were adverse to Necromancers. Because enemies swarm in with such a hostility with intent to kill, Necromancers required combat skills and responsiveness.

“Chaaaa!” Players attacked but they got rammed in and flew for a moment due to the Morghis and Nukalis. Some succeeded giving damages with swords and the monsters were soon surrounded by players and skeletons.

“Block them!” “If they get through, we all die!” On the other side, unsurrounded Nukalis were going rampage. Out of chaos, skeletons were swinging long swords!

“They are fighting pretty well.” Weed didn’t join the Necromancers group rashly. It was more convenient to fight alone and it was advantageous in picking up items. He hated non-party people having to compete for drops with each other.

“If I accepted Lich s.h.i.+re’s quest…” It wouldn’t have turned out like this. He would have lead Undead Army’s overall strategy and tactics as Lich the commander not joining the battle as low rank skeletons of Undead Army.

Maybe he shouldn’t step into a battle like this. “Regardless, I should partic.i.p.ate in this quest.” Weed picked up the rusty long sword as if it was a treasure and stepped out

“Kieeehk!” Following other skeletons, he moved toward the monsters. One thing he was different from others is that he didn’t leave the other rusty long swords lying on the ground! Rusty longsword’s attack point varies by monsters and active poison or curses. But they valued at least 3~4 golds. If Weed uses his smith skills to melt it, cleanse with fire and forge a new sword, he can get 1000 golds.

You obtained a Rusted Long Sword.
You obtained a section of a Skeleton’s rib.
You obtained a Rusted Long Sword.
You obtained a bone from a lower limb.

It was vital to pick up any items around. From his past experience as a skeleton, he knew that when you take damage, your life gets reduced along with losing bones. By filling in with other skeleton’s bone you can heal some portion of heath, and it can be used for a unique skill, Bone Throw. It’s nothing compared to arrows of archers but in a short range, it’s very powerful!

Weed ran next to the monsters, b.u.t.ting them from sides and slashed with the Rusted Long Sword. Morghis and Nukali become more violent when they take many damages but they get narrow sighted at the same time. Watching how other Necromancers players and skeletons fight, figuring out monsters’ weakness, and attacking Morghis with their life barely gone was hunting 101 for Weed.

You gained experiences.
You obtained a Morghis’ skin.

Weed didn’t stop, he continued moving. These monsters are fast and rammed a lot so it’s important not to face them from the front. This place was flat area near the river but because there were so many skeletons, it wasn’t so smooth for the enemies.

“Quadruped Run!”

Even if he ended up a skeleton, he was still able to use his movement-type skills. Circling around the outskirts instead of being at the centre, Weed a.s.saulted the damaged monsters! He joined the battle a bit later but achieved the most. Not to mention 120 Rusted Long Swords and bunch of bones.

In a place only known being closed to the Undead Army. Skeletons succeeded in killing all Morghis and Nukalis.

“Kwaao!” “For our father, Balkan!” Skeletons picked up rusted swords, broken swords or pebbles and roared in triumph. Weed followed the skeletons, and Necromancers did so as well.

Immortal Legion Outskirt Guard Successful

Monsters wandering around the wasteland has been eliminated.

Skeleton’s can get some rest now while standing guard.-Fame risen by 71

-Power of Undead risen by 19

-You gained a bit of experience.

-Promotion of rank in the Undead Legion.

Your new rank: Rotting Skeleton

Depending on your rank it is now possible to get weapons, armours, and magic skills.

As Weed completed his quest with the other skeletons, a captain skeleton appeared. “Well….Done… A new…. Battle….. will….begin….” With his jaw clattering, the Captain Skeleton spoke annoyingly slow. He said that until next battle begins, they could rest.

Necromancers players sat down on the ground. “Phew. We barely won.” “I thought I was almost dead, although physically I’m dead since I’m Undead.”

Even though you get used to the battle, it’s hard to adapt to the energy used during a fight where your bones got crushed in close range. Although it’s was piece of cake for Weed.

“Based on position, I can get better items huh.” Weed was interested in the item itself rather than his new rank Rotting Skeleton. Of course he can create his own weapon, but who wouldn’t like free weapons?

Even after the battle was over, Weed scouted the movements of other skeletons. Most of them were roaming in certain range but some entered a crater leading to a bas.e.m.e.nt. Dragging his rusty longsword, Weed infiltrated in the group and walked toward the crater.

‘Even if I put my head into lion’s mouth…” As long as you focus, you can get lion’s skin. That’s a famous quote among Dark Gamers.

— Tombstone: Soldiers’ Graveyard — It was a huge graveyard these skeletons were entering! Inside the grave, skeleton guards were standing as well as skeletons selling stuffs.

“Hurray for the great Balkan! You are skeletons with sands still sticking.” If you are looking for something, come and look.”

Weed looked around.

Traditional Rusted Spear:

Durability: 13/23

Attack: 9~31Sword that survived over 100 years.

The body is bent a little, the centre of gravity isn’t balanced.

Because of low durability, don’t be surprised when it breaking suddenly.

In the hand of an Undead user it will gain poison attributes.Restriction: Undead

Option: 3% poison damage.

Dugged up Axe Durability: 6/33

Attack: 6~11This axe was discovered after it has been buried in the ground for a long time.

The blade is as old as it can get and no longer function as a weapon.

Perhaps you are better without this. Option: When you have dual handed axe skill attack will increase by 230%

Power of Undead 4%

Rusty s.h.i.+eld of Misfortune

Durability: 17/29

Defence: 14Still usable s.h.i.+eld.

As long as you can watch out for the holes, you can still block arrows.

Though unknown there is a feeling of misfortune coming from the s.h.i.+eld.Restriction: None

Option: -15% Luck

Decrease resistance against magic

Weak Rusty Armour

Durability: 17/44

Defence: 19Wrinkled and full of cracks

Can be equipped for battle but not safe.

Will become the laughing stock of all.Restriction: 20 Strength

Option: Decrease reputation, charm and charisma.

Of all the shops he’s been through, he has never seen such useless items. Despite all those garbage, there were some better-looking weapons with unexpectedly strong poison and curse attributes on them. ‘It really is for skeletons.” As Weed went in without buying anything, a ghost handed him a breastplate.

-You must be the skeleton with most contribution. Take this. The breastplate these ghosts gave was little bit better than what can possibly bought from these store. Besides rusty parts, the steel s.h.i.+ned a bit! ‘I guess I’ll be given better items if my position elevates more.” For now he is a skeleton but if you can at least become Dullahan or Death Knight, you can get much valuable equipment sometimes. Since Weed can melt, remove impurities and recycle, this can be a business beneficial in many ways.

“So this is the shops?” “Let’s see if they hand out some materials.” As Necromancers players came in, the shops became crowded. Some players saw Weed wearing a breastplate and pointed out with fingers. “He already has a breastplate. Is that skeleton a player as well?” There were no reason to keep distance between them, so Weed tried to say hi to them.Suddenly,

  • DING!

Continuous Battle at the Outskirt – More enemies appeared at Navir’s wasteland.

– Either kill the monsters looking for prey or drive them out.

– This is a tough mission for skeletons but if you kill many monster you will be acknowledge more in the Undead Army.Difficulty: D Restriction: Undead Only

– Quest cannot be refused. – You have accepted the Quest.

Another battle! With his breastplate, Weed swung his rusted long sword and fought among the skeletons. At first, he only knew Death Aura but around this area, Balkan’s Undead summon magic Dark Rule was widely spread.

Taking corpses as nourishment, more and more skeletons arose. “Bone Throw!” With waves of monsters coming, Weed gained substantial experience. Because this was not some hunting party in a safe dungeon with teammates, you need to look at the whole forest, not a single tree. To obtain a lot, one needs to figure out either the formation of skeletons or monster’s main attack paths.

While busy fighting and picking up items, Weed saw Necromancers players taking an active role with decent achievements. They took out monsters by forming a party among themselves, protecting each other, attacking together. Although their appearances looked all the same, these Necromancers players spent money on almost every rusty equipment in the shop!

When they succeeded driving these monsters out, Weed’s position got promoted. Not only was he able to obtain a bit bigger sword, he picked up a cape. “It’s going to take a lot of sewing to fix this.” He didn’t get any hopes up for skeleton equipment. It is impossible for lower rank skeleton to be wearing high cla.s.s equipment.

But because monsters continuously came to Navir’s wasteland, it was overflowing with monsters. Monter’s levels varied from late 200 to early 300 and it was well distributed. Every time he succeeded the quests, he gained decent experience and rewards so it was becoming a better hunting ground for Weed.

Also he was able to get information about Undead Army that went to Morata, which he had vested interest.

“Enough strength to turn human city into a ruin right away.” “Undeads with about 4 armies’ worth.” “Sufficient to make sure humans breaths doesn’t touch the great Balkan’s land.”Relatively well-shaped skeletons talked easily about what he knows. Their pride as Undead and loyalty to Balkan was extraordinary. “This is going to be a pain.” Thinking about all the Undead that went to Morata made him sigh.

According to the skeletons, about 4 armies worth. Then it was going to be approximately 120 thousands Undead. Even though most of them are going to be skeletons or zombies, it’s still huge. Too much army for trying to punish a single individual Weed.

“But Morata will be able to defend.” They had Sculpture Lifeforms and an army guarding the area. Players will be safe and by the time the Undeads arrive, the Holy Knight from Freya order should be there too. As long as highest rank monsters like Hasilis isn’t coming, it’s fine.

Hasilis who is the same rank as a weakened Balkan, is currently leading battles against united army of dwarves, elves and fairies. “Undeads are super strong when gathered together, but without a Necromancers to command them, they are bound to fall apart easily. With priest and holy knights at the centre, they will be able to defend.”

Weed was relieved. If Morata turns into ashes by Undeads, he wasn’t the only one that would be doomed. Thousands of players will fall all together and the trade network in the northern continent would be destroyed.

Hermes Guild’s combat army stayed more than a day’s distance from the Undead Army. Even for them, keeping a close distance between Undead Army is too risky. They sent a scout to see their movements from an unnoticeable distance.

“So Weed isn’t coming?” “We haven’t heard from him yet. If he went past, someone would have noticed him.” “The lord said he hasn’t come out for two days now.” “Two days… it’s too short to be certain.”

Since he’s cla.s.s is a sculptor, he could be stuck in a small room making a sculptor, or wandering around continent focusing on his pieces. Leaving straight after the order from the Hermes Guild’s executives, Polon was worried if he was wasting his time as afterwards he heard news about Weed travelling the continent, making sculptures.

After all Weed didn’t have to accept the quest from Undead Army.

The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor

The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor

Dalbic Jogaksa, LMS, 달빛조각사
Score 8.6
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Artist: , Released: 2007 Native Language: Korean
The man forsaken by the world, the man a s*ave to money and the man known as the legendary God of War in the highly popular MMORPG Continent of Magic. With the coming of age, he decides to say goodbye, but the feeble attempt to earn a little something for his time and effort ripples into an effect none could ever have imagined. Through a series of coincidences, his legendary avatar is sold for 3 billion won, bringing great joy to him, only to plunge him into despair at losing almost all of it to vicious loan sharks. With revelation of money through gaming, he rises from the abyss with new found resolve and steps forward into the new age of games led by the first ever Virtual Reality MMORPG, Royal Road. This is the legend of Lee Hyun on his path to becoming Emperor with only his family’s loving heart, his boundless desire for money, his unexpected mind, his diligently forged body and the talent of hard work backing him.


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