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The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor Volume 23 Chapter 2

Sword Master Ash

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Weed reached level 392 hunting in the wasteland. “Have to admit. This is a pretty nice hunting ground.” The place was now swarming with skeletons. Since monsters came to wasteland often, all you had to do was to fight with all you got among all these skeletons. When these poor skeleton fight and end up hurt, Weed took their places, kills the monster and monopolized the items not caring whether the other skeletons had their bones crushed. “Now this is what I call a hunting ground.” Even decent hunting dungeons wouldn’t be this good. “Stat window!”

Character Name Weed Alignment Undead
Level 392 Affiliation Undead Legion
Cla.s.s Battle Crazed Skeleton Warrior
Health 87,411 Mana 41,829
Strength 1,463 Agility 1,293
Vitality 766
Wisdom 663 Intelligence 665
Fighting Spirit 541 Endurance 453
Perseverance 753 Resilience 455
Charisma 414 Leaders.h.i.+p 706
Courage 127
Power of Undead 264
+Death Aura is Active

With continuous battles, Weed’s rank became a Skeleton Warrior. ‘Regardless, skeleton is low cla.s.s in Undead Army.’ Opportunity for cla.s.s promotion was given again. Weed chose skeleton warrior among the choice of skeleton soldier, skeleton mage, and skeleton archer. Few more battles later, Necromancer players gained qualifications for promotion as well.“Phew, it was really hard, but finally I can become a mage.” Jeanne, Otem, Bohram, Harien and players named Gruzed, Varenna who fought with such pa.s.sion chose to be skeleton mages and could now summon Undeads along with most of players. “I accept the power of intellect from the great Balkan. With great loyalty to Undead Army, I shall fight for the great Balkan.” By taking an oath of loyalty, they were able to finish the promotion process.

Because skeletons were able to change cla.s.s freely, some chose to be an archer for a moment. Newbie Necromancers needed to fight with intellect and mana but in early stage, they weren’t able to achieve a lot. Therefore they just supported Undeads with bows and chose to be archers.

Skeleton mages also obtained spell books. “We can use basic attack spells that skeleton mages use.” “This is a curse spell I haven’t heard of… It would be nice to use on summoned Undeads.” “Let’s try these in hunting.” Players threw combined fire or ice b.a.l.l.s and performed Undead summoning in a battle. In a simple battlefield where only skeletons existed, there were flames, glaciers, with ghouls, zombies and basic skeleton being summoned.

Their physical appearances were of skeletons but their levels and skills remained same. Thanks to that, they were able to perform their true power and achieved greatly in the skeleton army. In the early to mid phase where battle is fought directly, Weed monopolized all the monsters but Necromancers showed their skills as if was a fierce compet.i.tion. “Gather hear, skeletons!” As their ranks went up, players gained authority for giving commands to skeletons in Undead Army. Necromancers players loved this as they can now control skeletons in a battle. Jeanne, Bohram, Otem, Harien, Gruzed and Varenna excelled in battles. When they first came, they revealed their whole body structure but as they obtained rewards and items, they wore grey robes. Weed just watched their hunt and did his part. ‘Ordering Undeads is way too slow at the critical moment.’

As number of skeletons increased, the difficulty of quests raised to C. Big boss-material monsters appeared often but when they were about to die, ordering ghouls and zombies to attack it slowed things down. Weed used his entire body hunting for experience and drops. Because he was dressed similar to normal skeletons, it was hard to realize that it was Weed wiping out monsters cunningly from far distance. Weed’s t.i.tle became from ‘Skeleton Knight with Painful Past Memories’ to ‘Purely Rotten Skeleton King’ which was the highest rank for a skeleton. It was when he finished the quest ‘Skeleton Guardians of Navir”

You have earn a qualificatioin for higher ranked Undead position.

He could now become a high rank Undead and not just a simple skeleton. But Weed continued with his skeleton-related quests, waiting for other players to get the qualification. Of course it wasn’t some sympathy for those far behind from him. ‘You never know which could be better’ He a.s.sumed he can decide after seeing the other players make their choices. Additionally, this is a satisfying place due to continuous large scale battles. “It says I can be a higher ranked Undead.” “Really? Congratulations!” “How did you manage to get it so early? Give me some tips.” “I don’t know, maybe because I controlled the Undeads so well?” Necromancer player named Jeanne left after obtaining a qualification but Weed didn’t go with her. ‘I’m pretty sure it not to different from the skeleton quests.” It was obvious since the ranks of Undeads are fixed. Other players left one by one after getting qualifications.

From then on, he gained informations from conversations between the other playerse. “Harien told me secretly. Jeanne and Otem became Banshees now.” The roaring ghost Banshee. Spreading malicious energy, with a bit of supernatural skills, they were able to cast magic. “Where do they hunt?” In a village where no one lives. There are haunted houses and a fortress but they haven’t looked in too in that much. “How about the monsters?” There were many players trying to get information about monsters besides Weed. Since Necromancers handle corpses, they especially wanted many information about monsters. “It’s awesome. Undead Army store their battle supplies in the fortress storage and so ma.s.s of monsters invade more than 30 times in one day.” “Holy… They must be getting all the monsters they can ever want.” Necromancers preferred place where many monsters appear. Rather than waiting for few strong monsters, it was much better to gain experience and raise Undead summoning skill level from the swarming monsters. “If that’s true, I guess it’s ok to change hunting grounds.” Weed chose his cla.s.s when 4 player chose their cla.s.s. Everyone chose Banshee but he chose to become a Ghost Skeleton Warrior.


Over 30 thousand players were a.s.signed in building the cathedral and library in Morata. Not all villagers and players were involved in the construction. Some contributed by bringing materials while hunting or proceeding their quests.

I have found a place rich in Eplyn stones in Navi forest. -Adventurer Kashoo

Adventurer’s announcement was placed at the wall of the lord’s castle. “It seems there are many stones in Navi forest.” “Let’s dig them out.” Players gathered with pickax and dug up all the stones. After they left, Navi forest was devastated! “Stones” “I brought wood.” Beginners brought materials they could at their level.

Thanks to swarm of architects and stonemasons, towers and walls of the Grand Cathedral and Grand Library was built. At the ceiling of cathedral, they put a huge dome, making it high enough to be seen anywhere in Morata. “Did we really build this?” “How in the world were we able to build these buildings by stacking up bricks and rocks?” A grand structure even those partic.i.p.ated in the work couldn’t believe with their own eyes! At the ceiling of the dome, they inserted stained gla.s.s so that light could enter inside the cathedral.

“It’s not over yet. We still have a lot more to work to do.” Magicians helped sculptors and painters with their works. With flying spell, it became much easier to paint and sculpt at the ceiling and higher part of pillars. Since they were able to partic.i.p.ate in a large-scale project with robust supports from all levels of society, Artists didn’t save on their efforts. Holy knights from Freya order were built as sculptures and paintings were drawing on the ceiling. G.o.ddess Freya who has endlessly wide grove and granaries! Men were sitting on their knee and making confessions to the G.o.ddess. With top-cla.s.s paints, not being thrifty about it and painting fully, with hundreds of colors, they expressed scenery of grains, G.o.ddess Freya’s dress and even men in a colorful, detailed manner. Showing richness and beauty with confident. Of course, G.o.ddess Freya’s appearance was based on the statue of G.o.ddess Weed built.

Painters also paid attention to the exterior of cathedral. “Let’s paint the origin of Morata here.” The origin of Morata. Painters from the Central Continent or who started out their career in here have only heard about it. How Weed saved this village by defeating vampires with Alveron, the pope candidate of Freya order. Defeating the Northern cold, Weed officially became the lord. Freya statue of G.o.ddess was sculpted, the population increased, the village expanded. The history up till the building of the Grand Cathedral and Grand Library was drawn as a mural. The library lacked in artistic beauty but it was built with huge and st.u.r.dy stones to be able to store enormous resources in it. For now, the only books available for display are common history books sold in a general store or books of folktales of northern Versailles Continent. But when it officially opens, it will be filled with scrolls or pieces of map from hunting monsters and books of adventurers’ stories. If information of Northern part of the continent is gathered, more quests will be active and it will be much convenient to resolve requests. This made players in Morata to get thrilled for the completion of the library. “I heard something weird thing from the flower lady before… Could it be a hint for a quest?” “I gave up a quest due to lack of information. Maybe once the library is complete, I can try it again.”

Everyone had few quests that was difficulty and made them quit. Quests only occured with special triggers or sometimes meaningless requests lead to linked quests. Therefore they can’t help getting excited for the completion of the library. Players from the Central Continent liked it as well but players who started from Morata had their pride and self-esteem. Morata lacked in many ways compared to other metropolises but the fun of achieving things one by one with their own hands cannot be explained in words! The attachement of living in a shack, and the energetic square and streets. “This is truly the best city.” “No other city is exceptionally beautiful or developing so fast.” “I’m gonna make sure my friends start in Morata.” “I’m bringing everyone to Morata.”


Geomchis that decided to swim across to Morata! “I think we just pa.s.sed half point.” “Whooaa, already!” If they got in the s.h.i.+p, they would have arrived already but the fact that they are half-way from their destination made them so happy. “It’s kinda exhausting swimming for such a long time.” “It’s hard to swim exactly how I want to because of the strong waves, sahhyeong!” These Geomchis must learn obvious things the hard way with their bodies. If it’s rainy or windy, it was a harder fight for them! But still, the distance they have come is fairly long.

Few days later, they could see a land. “Did we arrived already?!” “The tides in this area helped us a bit, eh?” “Yep, it was much more convenient swimming for us.” As they get close to north, they were able to swim faster thanks to tides even though the water got cold. To say that they are near Morata, it seemed like they arrived way too early as the beach and trees were a bit unfamiliar. “Sahyeong, let’s go get something to eat. Who cares if it’s not the continent? We can just swim again.” They couldn’t worry when they were hungry. Geomchis had a value of worrying only after filling their stomach. They gathered around, ate some clams and fish on a bonfire. “If Weed was here, he would have cooked us delicious foods.” “Don’t forget alcohols.” “One sip of Weed’s fruit liquor and you are done for!” It was Malaska Island they were taking a brief rest on.

A swordsman staying in the island first smelled them and walked to the beach.

His name was Ash. One of the nine sword masters in Versailles Continent. Unlike the Sculpting Master, they were nine Sword Masters. Three of them were very famous that their whereabouts were well known. Croma the head of the knight order, Evirathan the paladin of Lugh and Percia who left to search for the treasures of the kingdom as promised with the king. To meet Croma, one needs to a great reputation, elegance, honor and loyalty. Since it was easier to meet the requirements as a knight rather than as a swordsman, many met Croma and learned his swordsmans.h.i.+p. His skills were an honorable promise. It enabled one to have triple the combat power briefly and contained unique horseback swordsmans.h.i.+p. Evrirathan was easier to meet since he was one of the paladin of Lugh. The only downside was that because his skills were based on holy power, paladins from different orders could not learn his swordsmans.h.i.+p. Percia was searching Navier Lake for the lost treasure, so anyone could meet him there. His skills were unknown to normal players but it was on the bulletin board of Dark Gamer Union.

Another Sword

Sword formed from mana fly around and defend the player.

Cannot control it directly and the size, durability, defence varies by the skill level.

Low mana consumption.

Effectively blocks arrows or targeted magic.

Dark Gamers who didn’t fear adventures and players of the highest-rank learned Percia’s swordsmans.h.i.+p. Other than these three, no one knows about the other six. If by any chance one finds them, they kept it to themselves as they had no reason to tell others about it. But right now, these Geomchis encountered Ash a new Sword Master right in the middle of the ocean. “You came here to learn swordsmans.h.i.+p?” Ash spoke with low-pitched tone. Just as expected from a Sword Master, he released a fierce aura of a beast. “If you want my swordsmans.h.i.+p, you must be qualified for it.” Clang! Ash drew his sword, posed for a combat. But these Geomchis eating roasted fish didn’t reply. Nothing is more annoying than someone showing up and talking while they are eating something. Their personalities became violent when someone bothers them during a meal time! “Those who look for extreme of swordsmans.h.i.+p, shall see what the strength of a sword is through me, As.h.!.+”

He was the sword master Ash. Anyone who wanted to master the sword desired to meet him. He couldn’t possibly be someone to be treated so coldly but Geomchis just kept ripping off their fish. “What on earth is that guy talking about?” “I don’t know, I think he is challenging us?” “Geez, why is he bothering us when we are eating? Ask him if he has salts for the fish.” To be honest, this was a chance of a lifetime for them. Because they were martial artists, they were able to learn any skills related to any weapons. Sword, spear, axe, bow, dagger, you name it. Attack skills depending on a weapon types had things in commons so it wasn’t necessarily good to learn as many skills as you can. As by focusing on using a single weapon the attack skill level and proficiency increased.

Of course for Geomchis it was swords! As their weaponry skills reached advance level 6, the destructive power of their swords increased scarily. They are able to decide the amount of mana used on skills freely. They can increase the power of skills up to five times and if mana is low, they can perform skills with low amount of mana. Also, they can run faster, jump higher or even form mana barriers with their swords. If they showed it to other players or take a video and upload it in internet, they could get pretty famous but for these Geomchis, it wasn’t interesting. Anyhow, it was truly a great event for them to encounter Sword Master Ash. Geomchi17 spoke. “Well, since it’s a challenge, I’ll accept it. Geomchis505, good luck.” “Yes, sir!” Geomchi505 tooth dropped his fish stick and stood up. “I request a match. My name is Geomchi505.” “Come, I will awaken you to the world of swords.” Geomchi505 bent his knees a bit and posed defensively. ‘Guard first, then counter.’ Since it was a sword match, one needs to bring out one’s full potential even when not knowing enemy’s abilities. While Geomchi505 was waiting for enemy’s attack, Ash’s body cloned one by one, ending up with thirty bodies. As thirty Ashes lifted their swords and posed attack stances, Geomchi505’s tension rose even more.



Creepy laughs were heard in a village where ghosts lived. Weed got a.s.signed to this village with ghosts in United Army and other players.

Ghost of Kapua

Ghosts are treated as a nuisance in the Undead Army.

If you succeed protecting the war material in Kapua, you will gain a bit of trust.

Difficult: C

Restriction: Undead OnlyQuest cannot be refused.

You have accepted the quest.

“Wheeeee, arrrrrrrr, issssss, thisssss, playyyy ceeeee?” Players who became ghosts even sounded like one with echoes. “Weeeeeee, arrrrrrr, attttttt, Kapooooo, ahhhhh, caaaaaaa, stleeeeeee.” Players such as Jeanne, Otem, Goshu who arrived here first were relieved that the reinforcements came. Weed moved his ghost body around. If you consume mana, you can fly high and move faster. ‘Will this be possible to?’ He went to the wall and reached out with his hand. It didn’t stop at the wall. It went through. ‘So it’s possible.’ Weed moved forward and completely went past the wall.

– You have pa.s.sed through the wall.

By moving through an obstacle, health and mana decreased by 200.

A Ghost’s specialty. Weed have summoned many ghosts among the Undeads so he knew. “Whaaaat, theeeeee?” Players paid attention to Weed’s behaviour. It was hard to distinguish who’s who when they were all skeletons but now that he was the only Ghost Skeleton Warrior among the Banshees, he stood out. It’s not uncommon for a ghost to pa.s.s through obstacles since it’s their specialty. But Weed, he’s adapted way too quickly. Plus, ghosts’ legs didn’t touch the ground so they float around in the air. Because it feels like they are walking in water, they feel physically unnatural. Jeanne and Otem were still getting used to the feeling but Weed adapted to the changed body fast. Weed’s longswords and armors turned into ghosty appearance as well.

Legendary Rusted Sword Durability: 34/51 Attack: 29~41

– Monster slaying sword. – A sword bestowed by the Duke.– Used for a long time without any maintenance by the Undead. But it still has sharpness.– It will be difficult but if repaired there is a possibility to return to its former state.

Restriction: Undead Option: Fame +34 Elegance +30 Notoriety: +170

Attack grades of Undead in the Undead Army increases.

He already had the best sword among the rusty swords. It was same for armors but he repaired it to the minimum and equipped it. But as it ghostified, his sword and armors’ status have changed. The attack got reduced to more than half but when it hit the critical points, the critical chance increases and did double damage. Not being able to be destroyed anymore was an obvious change. Suddenly sounds of ghosts wandering around in the castle and village disappeared. Jeanne spoke. “Gettttt, reaaaa, dyyyyy, theyyyy, areeeeee, commmmm, ingggg.” Grotesque green monsters appeared and advanced on Kapua castle. Banshees screamed in a hard-to-understand way and initiated the battle. Necromancer players fighting with summoned Undeads! Weed performed great achievements in a battle that took place in haunted houses in the village. Only he moved freely even when Undeads, ghosts and monsters were in a dog fight. “a.s.siiii, milateeeeee” Weed’s body went through the wall as if to hide. Using the ghost’s specialty, he hid and ambushed for a pre-emtive strikes against the monsters! Using covertness as a main tactic, he took care of few monsters but the real event started when the battle became more intense. Weed rushed through the building and walls.

– You have pa.s.sed through the wall.

By moving through an obstacle, health and mana decreased by 200.

– You have pa.s.sed through the wall.

By moving through an obstacle, health and mana decreased by 200.

His vision completely changed every time he went past walls. Swinging sword on every monsters on sight, he kept moving.

-Critical strike!

Slas.h.i.+ng at the very short moment, and he even took items! Monsters came after him but obviously failed as Weed just went through the walls. Not only was it very effective ambush, it turned the geographic features into his s.h.i.+eld. ‘I knew it. It’s much better to play solo in a place where Undeads and monsters are rampaging.’ Injured monsters were everywhere. Therefore he was at the upper hand in drops and items when he was alone. A fortress and a village, now this is a best battlefield for ghosts. When he succeeded defending for the seventeens times, he obtained a horse. Neighhh! A phantom horse! Weed’s armor was grey resembling deep darkness and he also wore a helmet to conceal his face. Among rampaging ghosts and Undeads, he rode his ghost horse, sweeping experiences and items. In Kapua, not only monsters came more often, they were at higher standard compared to when he was a skeleton. It was such a great hunting ground to make achievements without not being seen. His t.i.tle elevated greatly from Ghost Skeleton Warrior.

– Pale Rider

According to his t.i.tle, he gained 500 fame and a skill that fiercely intimidates enemies emotionally by releasing his mettle.

Unfortunately but obviously it could only be used when he was a ghost.

The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor

The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor

Dalbic Jogaksa, LMS, 달빛조각사
Score 8.6
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Artist: , Released: 2007 Native Language: Korean
The man forsaken by the world, the man a s*ave to money and the man known as the legendary God of War in the highly popular MMORPG Continent of Magic. With the coming of age, he decides to say goodbye, but the feeble attempt to earn a little something for his time and effort ripples into an effect none could ever have imagined. Through a series of coincidences, his legendary avatar is sold for 3 billion won, bringing great joy to him, only to plunge him into despair at losing almost all of it to vicious loan sharks. With revelation of money through gaming, he rises from the abyss with new found resolve and steps forward into the new age of games led by the first ever Virtual Reality MMORPG, Royal Road. This is the legend of Lee Hyun on his path to becoming Emperor with only his family’s loving heart, his boundless desire for money, his unexpected mind, his diligently forged body and the talent of hard work backing him.


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