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The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor Volume 24 Chapter 1-4

Volume 24 Chapter 1

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Weed logged back on and appeared in the Undead Legion’s stronghold. Until the quest was complete then he would continue to be revived in the area. High cla.s.s level 300 to 400 undead were casually walking around this dangerous place! Two dragons were standing on the towers of the wall while one was flying in the air.

“The Elven army is putting up a strong resistance.”

“As long as we have Bar Khan then I could quickly wipe them out…but it will be difficult to handle a counterattack from the Fairies.

“I’m afraid of the Dwarves.”

The Fairy Queen Tania entering into the battle was a topic of interest among the undead. In the garden of the deserted fort was thousands of elite undead and a few of them were having conversations.

Weed sat near a tree.

“First, I need to check the military forces.”

Since he was going to fighting as an undead, he took the time to see how much harm they could do. He had been level 398 but he dropped a level and was now 397.

“What did I lose…”

Weed remembered the j.a.ptem he had lost the other day the most. He wasn’t unfamiliar with the exact name and worth of each item. That was because it was the most fundamental skill in the business.

“Wheat bread and green onions, a helmet, a ring, and skeleton molars.”

Weed felt cheated since the items that could have been used in various ways were now gone.

He wouldn’t be able to make up for the lost items unless he killed a lot of people in this place. After having regretted losing the items for a moment, he checked his skills.

Advanced Level 8 Sculpting was back at 0% while the other skills had dropped 4-13%.

Since he was undead, the cost of the death penalty was unjustly higher than others.

“To cause this degree of damage, I will never forget even after I’m seventy years old.”

He would never forget his grudge against his long time enemy, the Hermes Guild! Stationed in the large fortress were some famous undead knights.

‘A lot of these are named undead that have shown up in the history of the Continent of Versailles.’

The Undead Legion was packed with the best undead. Weed was a Death Knight, but since he was high level he could do a quest to get promoted to a higher rank undead.

Weed went from place to place, snooping around.

Then a ghost servant came to him.

“Bar Khan is expecting you.”

He was now meeting Bar Khan in order to get his undead upgrade. So now, Weed went with the ghost servant. The Undead Legion had heavily expanded their territory. Weed was an undead now, but he would not be able to approach the place if he was alive.

‘This is going to be quite difficult.’

The ghost servant led Weed into the bas.e.m.e.nt. The bas.e.m.e.nt of the fortress had many unopened oak containers of sealed alcohol stored within.

‘The finest wines and brandy.’

Just from the smell Weed could imagine how expensive the price of all of it would be. Well made liquor could be easily sold and was worth its weight in gold.

‘Since its placed here, he must not know the taste of alcohol.’

Certain measures had to be taken in order to maintain high grade alcohol for long periods of time. The old fortress used to be famous for its alcohol, but now it has become the property of the mana spirit lich Bar Khan.

Alcohol was very sensitive to its environment so drinking it when its complete gave a tremendous impact. If you were an undead then there would be no use for alcohol, and even the ghost pirates at the ocean had only pretended to drink alcohol but none of the quant.i.ty had actually decreased. Furthermore, since Bar Khan was staying here then no normal undead would come here to drink.

‘That’s a lot of money.’

Weed kept a greedy eye on the stocked wine cellar as he was led through two large open doors to where Bar Khan was staying. Cold air surged throughout the room. Water had flowed underground and were being channeled through blackened rocks as it played a role in the altar. Bar Khan sat like a king in a very colorful chair. It was made of the highest quality materials but it had acquired a lot of dust on it, there was also a jeweled crown on his head and an eagle mounted on his staff. The place where he had been stabbed by the holy sword still pulsed with divine power.

“Death Knight, come closer.”

Bar Khan’s voice echoed throughout the room!

“My lord…”

Weed walked forwards politely and knelt down before Bar Khan. The Undead Legion had attacked Morata’s army with a bombardment undead that made him want to swear at him. However that would have to wait until another day.

As Bar Khan got up and started walking around, Weed looked at the various things around the room. There were history books on the Continent of Versailles that describe a bit about the fortress. It had existed in the Northern Province and was historically on the map. However it was now in a state where it was heavily damaged and almost collapsing, but the undead were not very much interested in that which is why they occupied it.

However, looking at the rooms and halls as well as how they connected to the stairs could be used as a reference to identify its structure. Thanks to his work and knowledge in sculpting, he could now perceive the building’s structure.

“I thank you Lord, for the honor of seeing you directly when all I did was do as you had ordered.”

Since Weed was considered an inferior Death Knight, he did not hesitate to suck up to him.

“I heard you took care of those annoying monsters.”

“What else would I have done? All is for the Lord.”

“The Undead Legion need more undead of you ability and talent but your body of a Death Knight is lacking so I will give you a new body.”

Bar Khan recited a spell. Weed could feel the sin bearing down on his chest and restricting his lungs but he remained still.

“You have returned to the world of the living. This dark, black, and corrupted world. The laws are such that darkness will never disappear so let us carve it into everyone. Undead Rise!”

Black smoke came out of Weed’s body and after awhile his physical features changed and became more muscular. His legs got longer and his arms thickened. He grew another 40 centimeters and had the large physique of a Barbarian.


-Bar Khan has now used his undead summoning spell to change you into a Doom Knight.

The Summon Undead Spell has increased all combat related spells by 15%.

You can now wear bone armor with excellent defense.

All Advanced Combat skills has increased by at least two levels.

Enemies attacked by a caster’s black magic will suffer eternal torment and will not stop screaming.

State has been changed to that of Doom Knight.

Now under Bar Khan’s direct command.

You now have direct command over many undead.


The ultimate combat undead was the Doom Knight. The only undead that was stronger was the Abyss Knights, born of despair. They were capable of hunting the absolute monsters known as dragons. That at least, was according to the legends of Bar Khan. However, Abyss Knights were not undead that could be summoned by a Necromancer but they had to be born from certain conditions being met. They had yet to exist and were only a legend on the Continent of Versailles.

“Defend the fortress. Fight against the Elven counterattack.”


The Elven Killer Blades Army

The Wood Elves and the Fairy Queen had launched a surprise attack on the Undead Legion. The arrows infused with spirit energy can completely destroy the undead. Prevent the Elven infiltration and show them the fear of the undead. Because of the status report, Bar Khan has provided twice as many undead than usual.

Difficulty: A

Quest limit: Limited to the Undead.


Bar Khan had given him a quest!

Now he had direct command, so he had a larger amount of undead and the quality had increased as well. He was now capable of bringing and commanding the troops of the Undead Legion to partic.i.p.ate in the war. This was not familiarity with skeleton soldiers and ghosts alone, but as a Death Knight he had shown great performance and that helped to gain him more ground.

‘I have to take care of the military here.’

Weed thought about killing Bar Khan instead of taking the Fairy Queen’s life. The slaughter of elves and dwarves would not help to fight Bar Khan. Rather he thought about rebelling against the Undead Legion. Weed decided to hunt down Bar Khan and his army.

“I don’t stand a chance outside.”

Whether or not Bar Khan has regained his strength, it did not change the fact that he was going to attack Morata. The question was how to get rid of Bar Khan now that he was in a position of power to receive help from the Undead Legion! It would be too difficult to defeat the Undead Legion outside of the fortress. But it would be impossible to hunt Bar Khan unless he took care of the undead. Weed would need to become an Abyss Knight if he wanted to take on Bar Khan, so he needed to get rid of Bar Khan’s hostile undead.

“Morata can’t dispatch any troops…”

Bar Khan was the lord of the undead forces and could always increase their numbers. Bar Khan would only rejoice if the fragile human army came to attack. That was also why he didn’t bring any sculptures of life.

“It would be as if I presented him with a full corse of food in a fancy restaurant, with season meat, beef, crab, abalone, salad, and soup!”

The risk of having all of his forces controlled by Bar Khan and a.s.similated into the undead army was too great. This would be even more dangerous for the sculptures of life to fight against Bar Khan’s undead forces.

“Then to hunt Bar Khan…”

Weed came outside after he had changed to a higher tier undead. He walked around the fortress to meet the other undead.

“Gelgelgel. We look forward to the Doom Knight that was created by Bar Khan.”

“There is nothing that can stop us now. Not even the elves.”

“Keulkeul. It has been a long time since humans have shown up.”

Watchmen and guards had been placed to determine if any troops were coming. 24 hours a day, the undead stood watch. He could take advantage of the fortress being very old. If it wasn’t a human watchman, then Weed could find a loophole.

“It’s possible to use a silent break in then a surprise attack.”

It would not be too hard to sneak in whenever they were changing the guards. There would be an opportunity to attack from the dungeon when Bar Khan was busy with the elves, barbarians, dwarves, and fairies.

Bar Khan had entrested him with the mission of leading the Undead Legion so he could now leave the fortress to hunt secretly. The fortress was swarming with undead and to defeat the Undead Legiion he needed to eliminate Bar Khan.

“There would need at least 100 more high levels to take him down.”

It would not be possible for Weed’s plan.

Then he heard the chat from the Wilderness Travelers Guild.

Sabrina: One more floor and then its time for the boss.

Edwin: This hidden dungeon is really tough. Anyways, its almost the end.

Pin: I want to finish resting.

Hermann: I hope I can find some good metal here…

Weed had joined the guild of the uncommon Wilderness Travelers that enjoyed hunting monsters. The Travelers Guild was small itself and eccentric but they all had high levels. They were a large combination of various jobs that hunted monsters together.

‘Boss Monster hunting…’

They were in a very influential party on a large scale hunt. He would not be able to get their help since they were hunting. Weed sent a whisper to Pale first.

>Pale nim, do you want to hunt?

>Of course, where are you?

The answer came back pretty quickly. They were worried about Weed since the Hermes Guild had killed him. Weed thought on the large scale of revenge so he had to be calm and paid attention to his friends.

>I’m at the place where the Undead Legion is.

>We’re going that way. Which monster do you want to hunt?

>Bar Khan…

>What? Then that monster…you mean the Lich Bar Khan?

Pale had heard about the Undead Legion that was being led by the immortal Bar Khan. Morata had fought against the first and second wave of invading undead.

Legendary Monster!

They were on a whole another level compared to the dungeon bosses that they usually fought.

>Is Bar Khan even a monster than humans can catch?

>That’s what we’re going to try now.

>What a minute. Geomchi nim is here as well.

After a short time, a whisper came from Geomchi3.

>Weed ya, I heard that you’re going after Bar Khan yea?

>Yes. I’m going to catch him.

>It’s funny that you didn’t contact us earlier.

Geomchi3 was confused as to why he had not asked him first.

>Are we going now?

>It’s too dangerous right now.

>The danger can’t be that bad. Are there lots of monsters?

>There are a lot of strong monsters. There’s also three dragons.

>A dragon? I can’t miss that.

>What about the other sahyungs?

>Wait, let me ask.

Geomchi3 asked Geomchi5 to tell the other 500 Geomchis if they agreed.

“I’m not going to miss out on catching Bar Khan.”


“Normally its dangerous. If something goes wrong then you die. Then there would be nothing left of you but bones. Do you want to die and become an undead? There’s also 3 dragons there.”


“You know the Undead Legion? There are a lot of strong undead that you are going to fight against.”

Geomchi’s body was itching to fight.

>So how are we going?

>I’ll be unable to take you myself. I’ll tell you the location through Pale nim.


Pale had good eyesight so he could show them the way. It was not as much as an adventurer that could look to the starts for navigation but he was experience with reading maps and could easily find where the Undead Legion was.

‘Sahyungs are coming here.’

The Geomchis could definitely break into the fortress just to fight with the undead.

Although the Undead Legion was strong, if the battle occurred on a narrow region instead of on a great plain then he could benefit greatly. The Sahyungs would come running anywhere to fight with Weed!

“I want priests and paladins…”

Having only Irene as the priest was not enough. Unfortunately the Wilderness Travelers Guild was currently monster hunting and he didn’t want to bring in anyone outside of Morata. Weed sent Mapan a whisper.

>I am going to try and hunt Bar Khan, are there any priests or paladins that can help?

He was asking Mapan since he was in Morata Square and was well acquainted with many people in his line of business.

>How many people and priests do you need?

>The more the better.

>I’ll contact you once I find out.


Mapan was in the square and asked the priests that he was familiar with if they wanted to go hunt Bar Khan with Weed.

“Yes of course.”

“Where and when are you going?”

Users from the central continent had come because of Weed and wanted to go on quests and hunt.

‘Hunt Bar Khan you say? He must have some sort of plan.’

‘Bar Khan will kill you.’

‘That’s only because you’re thinking of Weed. We’re only going to be responsible for healing.’

Weed’s plan to hunt Bark Khan began to become more known.

“Since you’re a senior priest of Freya can I come too?”

“Nuna that’s not my choice to make.”

“So it’s 6 in the morning at the vineyards near the large tree.”

“Just go then.”

Mapan contacted the user priests that he was close to.

>Hyung, Weed nim is going to hunt Bar Khan…

>Then I want to go unconditionally. Morata’s Weed is the G.o.d of War. How can I not take this chance?

>If you decide to go then gather in the vineyard by morning. 6 is when we will leave.

>I’ll wait an hour for you to arrive.

The priests he called saw this as a very unique opportunity and he only chose the best people.

>Did you know that Weed nim is going to hunt Bar Khan?


>We’re trying to recruit priests and paladins.

>My job is a Paladin. Even if its dangerous, can I come?

>Yes. Come with me.

Paladins began to spread the news around.

>Weed nim is going to go hunt the Undead and Bar Khan.

>I’m going to get ready.

He called only the people he knew, but in under an hour more than 200 people knew. News spread to the Gra.s.s Porridge Cult. The second largest group that reigned in Morata! There were over 800 thousand users in it now.

Although the majority of them are beginners, there were also high level users included that hunted and adventured in the north.

“Weed is going to hunt and he’s recruiting priests and paladins.”

“Perhaps people of our skill level may be helpful?”

The next day in Morata, in front of the vineyard was Pale’s party and the Geomchis, along with a large crowd of 330 priests and 223 paladins. Since Weed was so influential so the word of Bar Khan’s hunt spread quickly.

“Mapan nim, what do we do about this many people?”

“I do not know. I only called 14 of them…”

Senior priests and paladins from Morata had gathered to hunt Bar Khan. They frantically wanted to go hunt with Weed. Pale could only sigh.

“It would take too long to kick all these people out and it would look bad. We don’t want to be like the Hermes Guild.”

“Let’s go!”

The Geomchis, paladins, and the priests from Morata rode on cattle as they left. Their destination was the fortress of the Undead Legion.


Weed went around the fortress looking around.

“There’s a lot of repairs going on!”

In places with a lot of monsters, the fortress had high thick walls. However there were places that were missing stones where people could hide in. Countless undead flocked to repair the walls.

“The Elves are going to attack…”

The undead were weaker during the day. The elves would show up and attack like the wind. The army of the Undead Legion was mobilized but they could not catch up to the elve’s mobility. If you continue to chase the elves then the dwarves and barbarians would ambush and wipe out the undead!

However, with Bar Khan’s dark magic they would only be revived and return to battle.

“I would hate to fight the elves.”

Weed thought of the elves as formidable opponents. Even if they were not high level, it would be hard to chase after an elf on horseback. They shoot arrows from their bows like a ghost and they were hard to hunt as they jump from branch to branch. The undead were much funner to fight even if they were difficult.

Elves and Fairies were highly aligned with nature so it was difficult to attack them.

“There is a better target to fight than daring to fight the elves.”

In his view, there was another target location that was closer and with better loot and experience.

“Wizards, Rangers, Knights, and Paladins was it? It’s time for some revenge.”

# Still uncertain but now slightly more clarified than before.

Jyangwa, Otem, Helen, Golujda, and 30 other were complaining since they had decided to not join Hermes Guild.

“Go away from this canyon. Hunting is prohibited!”

They couldn’t do anything but watch as the wizards and rangers prepare to strike. Then the attack started and killed them all. They did not want to join the Hermes Guild and now they had felt the pain with their own bodies.

They had tried to recruit the necromancers but it was hardly ideal for them.

There were a total of 34 necromancers that were killed by the Hermes Guild. Before they had arrived, the necromancers had fought and raised their level and skills in the canyon.

“d.a.m.n it. Those filthy b.a.s.t.a.r.ds.”

Otem spit out a complaint. The other necromancers felt the same.

“How can they do this to us?”

They had originally received a quest for the Undead Legion and they thought it was a good chance to increase their skills. The Hermes Guild had tried to get them to join after Weed had revealed who he was.

“There’s no point of joining the Hermes Guild since they wouldn’t even treat us as real members.”

Even if they joined the guild the situation would not change. Even if they were in a certain area, they would prevent them from hunting. The entire center of the continent could be considered the Hermes Guild. Those that were Necromancers were afraid at this time. Helen was fed up and said.

“I would have prefer that we died while fighting.”

They didn’t even get to kill anything and they were upset by the fact that they dropped items on death. They looked around the users in the valley.

“But what do you say? You want to go fight them?”


“I want show them something that would make them shake in fear.”

They wanted to show that the Necromancer power was superior but they could not. It was like trying to break a rock with an egg, where they were the egg and the Hermes Guild was the rock. They were be ready to fight against the undead and there was no reason why they would not watch for their movements. The major disadvantage of the Necromancers is that it took time to summon undead. They needed a large number of corpses and they need to hunt a lot. Even if they attacked the Hermes Guild, it wouldn’t be noticeable and their death would be insignificant. Instead of causing any significant damage, they would likely not even care about it.

Marein just laughed and said.

“Just wait and we’ll be fine.”

They asked hopefully since he was relatively famous.

“Do you have a mission?”

“I’ll keep watching for good news.”

Many users suffered a number of different kinds of situations. There would be no one that would beat Weed in deception. An unmatched intolerant mind!

He had obviously not learned such things like reconciliation, forgiveness or tolerance from grade school. Weed was someone that never forgets no matter how long he had to wait and alway return his aggression back several fold.


Volume 24 Chapter 2

This has been brought to you by Grisia.

Weed organized the troops of the Undead Legion. The skeletons that were gathered on the ground below have heard about his reputation! With the glorious t.i.tle of the Warrior Commander of the Undead Legion, gathering soldiers was an easy task. Weed went around the fortress speaking to the undead.

“Come with me.”

“Yes sir.”

+Death Knights have joined.

“Let us go fight.”

“I have heard that Bar Khan has great confidence in you so I would like to play an active part in the fight.”

+Doom Knights have joined.

“Stop playing around and let’s go fight.”

“I have been waiting.”

+The Balkan Undead Knights have joined.

Since he had the status as Bar Khan’s direct subordinate, he could easily recruit the knights. He gathered as many Death Knights and Doom knights that he could. It was a very powerful force.

“I need to gather as much power from this place that I can. That way the chances of success are higher.”

Under his command, Weed expanded the number of undead troops he had available. The Necromancers and Doom Knights regularly summoned more undead. He was thinking of annoying the Hermes Guild with the undead. He was supposed to command the undead to fight against the Elven and Barbarian Alliance. Since he was acting contrary to his orders, his reputation with the Undead Legion would drop and their trust in him would be reduced.

“I need to hunt down Bar Khan anyways…”

He was thinking of betraying them later on. Weed organized a group of over 700 elite undead knights.

Aside from the main force, there were an a.s.sortment of low rank spectres and other undeads.

“I don’t think they have an unlimited number of arrows.”

Spectres were best to use once all the the wizards’ mana and the rangers’ arrows were depleted. Aside from magic, in order to deal damage against them they needed to buy a lot of silver, which was a limited resource. Weed had Intermediate Blacksmithing but it was not easy to find enough users in the Continent of Versailles with the skills to work with the material.

“They will never see the real purpose to the Blacksmithing skill.”

For people that had easy access to weapons there was no need to bother raising the Blacksmithing skill!



Weed took the undead troops and went to fight against the Knights, Wizards, and Rangers. Marein had expected that Weed would come back for revenge and it was true. Last time it had been a small battle skirmish, but now it was a full fledged war. Since leaders.h.i.+p was encouraged in the Hermes Guild to some degree, Palon and his men had readied a defense on a favorable hillside.

“He’s charging this way to us with the undead.”

“There are Death Knights, Doom Knights, and others. There is a formidable amount of power in his forces.”

“There is a significant number of knights than I can count. I have never seen so many knights before in a army.”

The Hermes Guild had a much different outlook on the situation. Weed had come rus.h.i.+ng back, impatient and angry, which meant that they could kill him once more…

Looking at it as nothing more than a game, the users of the Hermes Guild thought themselves to be in a fortunate position.

“Even if the undead knights come, then we will just break their forces with arrows and magic.”

“They have come into our attack range!”

The users wet their dry mouths in antic.i.p.ation of the undead advance. They would show their might by covering the sky in arrows and magic attacks. Magic had a great power and a large enough attack would mean the difference between victory and defeat in combat. Weed knew about how troublesome it was since a lot of the high ranking Doom Knights were nervous.


Once in range, the rangers drew their bows. The wizards hurled magic accordingly. Silver arrows and fireb.a.l.l.s came flying through the sky towards the group of undead. Weed had commanded his minions to charge through the barrage of attacks.

“Fall back.”

Weed then quickly backed out with the undead. Since most of the group was made of knights and spectres, their mobility was strong. The area was blown apart by magic and the ground became littered with silver arrows but most of the undead did not die since they were out of range. Weed stopped the undead outside of the strong attack and waited. Then he spread out his undead troops and began to march on them again.

“Get ready to attack again. Fire!”

The Rangers and Wizards had to distribute their attack over a larger area now.

“Rangers target the center, Mages should focus on attacking the left and right sides.”

The armed troops’ concentrated power was very strong but now the damage had to be spread out evenly.

Their firepower was terrifying so Weed would back out with the undead whenever the time was right. Since the damage had spread out evenly and with the undead regeneration speed, only about 90 undead were injured.


“Do not let the undead come close!”

The morale of the wizards and the rangers increased. If the enemy came closer then they would cause significantly more damage. Even with the fast mobility of the undead knights, once they entered attack range they were focused upon and struck down with several attacks. This way, a similar situation repeated itself four times. Weed was using the Undead attacks to consume all of the Rangers’ silver. The Undead Legion was not budging even though they were being attacked with a modest amount of silver. Thanks to Bar Khan’s Death Aura skill, the undead had high resistance to magical attacks and faster health regen.

“We got a lot. Be sure to collect all of it.”

Weed had the spectres go around and bring in the silver into a stack so he could sell it. He was going to supplement the loot that he had lost with the silver.


He was humming a happy tune because of the silver.

“If the fight continues in this way, then I think I’ll be able to collect tens of thousands of gold.”

It didn’t matter to him if the undead died.


The next day Weed came back after he recruited more undead. There was little difference in the futile battle and the undead lost a lot of their units. Unfortunately the moral of the undead dropped frequently. By luck the enemy would always have slightly greater attack power. Weed found this to be inevitable. The amount of time that was spent looking around the citadel for good knights increased.

“It’s that fledgling Doom Knight. Without us the undead cannot hope to get any great achievements.”

The dragons saw him as ridiculous. They felt their lives were more valuable than the rest. Pollon and the Hermes Guild had been staying on that hill for the last day. It was a very defensive location where they had good mobility. Their objective was to murder Weed. If that was not possible, then their goal was to interfere as much as possible with Weed’s success rate with his quest.

“Today he came back with more undead.”

Since they had spent most of their silver arrows on the first day, the att.i.tude of Pollon and the Hermes Guild users had changed.

“Use arrows. Hit them with magic and wipe out those knights!”

Today they decided to change their tactic to use their mana for magic while using enchanted arrows to stop the charging knights. Divine magic was the natural enemy of the undead knights. Blessings, Protection, Magic, Recovery. The four groups of divine magic began to hunt down the undead knights. They had confidence in their power to kill Weed and win.


“Trample them all!”

This was the proof of the bravery of the the Kingdom of Haven’s Knights! The Knights refused to stop their advance even after being hit 10 times. The power of the magical groups that backed the knights could not be ignored. They were known as the 10 best knights that they had. Their level exceeded 380 and they were fully equipped with the best items. While mounted, the knights had twice as much power. The Knights were known to have amazing speed and destructive force to destroy their enemy.

“Weed is only one person and compared to the rest of the undead he is slow. Charge and wipe them out!”


The Knights’ charge was very intimidating for Weed. However, he was not going to let them chase him on horseback

“I have to win this fight.”

Weed ordered the Doom knights to a.s.sault the Knight Templars.The power of the undead that he had brought with him from the fortress was significant. The Knights of the Central Continent were known to shrug off magic and arrows to some degree and have won every fight. However, there were over 9800 undead among them were many Death Knights. When a fight broke out, they had more than enough power to inflict damages.

“The Knights are to focus on attacking and killing only one person. The goal is at the far end away from their knights. Do not care about the other foes and only head towards the goal.”

“Yes, as you command.”

Weed fell back. He used his ability to manage the undead as well as he could. Weed did not stay behind to let them rain magic down on him and busied himself with commanding the undead that were rapidly collapsing. There had been 27 Knights that were killed in that battle. This was thanks to Weed who had commanded the knights strictly through the arrows and magic. Due to the characteristics of the Knight cla.s.s, it was difficult for them to help their allies that have fallen during the charge. During the fight, he had minimized the damage taken and the magical explosions did little to the undead as it fell, since the Death Knights continued to advance.

“The profits are alright.”

He had a lot of weapons and armors that the knights were equipped with. It was like in an elementary school where the teacher scolded the child and not the snitch!

“The human have us at our physical limits. I cannot help but think what the honorable Bar Khan will say when he finds out. Do not let the humans leave this fight. Go to battle.”

At that moment, he used Yell to command all the undead that he had gathered from the fortress.

“This, these humans must be eliminated.”

“I fight for Bar Khan.”

The Death Knights and the Doom Knights continued to rise to fight.

Pollon’s unit wiped them out again. However Weed did suffer some losses. From the consecutive defeats, his reputation with the Undead Legion’s had deteriorated considerably.

“I heard that the undead unit had to return again.”

“I hear that there’s an incompetent Doom Knight. He’s not reliable enough to take care of some humans. He must have no pride.”

Weed was not handling the undead forces delicately. He simply came back and collected more undead. The original task of hunting down the elves and dwarves would have been nice if Bar Khan or the dragons had come along. The excitement of being known as a dragon knight. There never had been such an ent.i.ty on the Continent of Versailles. Leading the undead army, with a dragon to burn down human villages would have been exciting and aggressive!

“It would have been nice if we weren’t so close to Morata…”

Unfortunately the closest large city was Morata. However, all of it would become useless once he betrayed Bar Khan. He properly utilized the undead for this purpose. Once they had scrambled the Knights, they had no longer bothered to fire silver or magic.

“Thankfully there’s a lot of silver. The skeletons I summoned were beaten! Such a waste of mana. They couldn’t manage to killed one or two knights before they died.”

For trying to fail his quest, Weed was paying back their cowardice back a hundredfold!

One Silver Arrow, two Silver Arrows, he was collecting them to make silver bullions. Weed laughed as the silver continued to pile up.

“Keulkeulkeul. This is the best hunting ground.”

Pollon and the Hermes Guild could not manage to kill Weed.

“We can’t make any mistakes when it comes to catching him…he ran away the very moment I saw him.”

“We need to take advantage of the rangers’ and mages’ attack range. To take him down we need to move into another formation.”

Weed only watched the undead battle from the back and then returned to the Undead Legion camp. Weed’s only goal was to get more knights. Pollon led the vanguard but he could not stop the undead from leaving. Every time they were left with less knights and Weed only came back with more undead. It was having a cheaper lunch than your friends in preschool!


Weed provoked them by having a wagon filled with the silver dragged along by skeletons. They deliberately slowed the pace of the undead to gather silver. Sometimes they would be dancing or walking backwards. Compared to a villain that showed up on TV and movies, Weed was the worst. Still they continued to watch Weed on the TV and supported him.

“This is a bad situation.”

As the battle continued, Pollon’s forces began to acc.u.mulate damages. The knights were all high level and very experienced players but there were still damages. Since there were more NPCs than user, their size had reduced considerably. Even a lot of Pollon’s valued knights were gone.

“Our job is to hunt him so a surprise attack would be better.”

Pollon: It does not make sense to stay here. Weed will not allow us to kill him in this situation and will retreat if we try.

Pollon opened the communication channel with the Hermes Guild leaders. He was calling for immediate aid from the magical division. Without commands they were not allowed to make a move.

Rafael: Controlling your area is important. They had already recruited the necromancers and there are many people watching the battle on TV. How are you incapable of killing Weed? Do not move your unit until you succeed.

Pollon: We are in plain sight. Even with magic and arrows we only have so much range. There is no benefit to this order. We do not have a large enough force for that.

Rafael: I command you to stay. Continue to interfere with Weed’s quest.

The Hermes Guild no longer cared about stopping with Weed’s quest. It was enough for the guild leaders to hold Weed in place.


“It’s strange that they’re not avoiding battles.”

Weed continued to attack Pollon’s Hermes Guild unit with the undead relentlessly. Meanwhile Pale’s party and the Geomchis had arrived from Morata to hunt Bar Khan. When they heard news of the endless battle they came riding their bulls.

“Keoheom, so we’re here now.”

Geomchi3 descended from his bull and looked at Pollon’s unit of archers.

“It’s still not over yet?”

“Sahyung, that must be our share that’s left behind.”

Pollon had suffered a lot of damage since he was only focusing on defense. They had used magic and arrows to attack the undead as they came closer but they suffered a lot of damage from the undead as the fight went on. Their total of 200 knights had now decreased to 127.

Out of the one thousand mage and archers, they only and 130 left intact. Comparably, Weed’s Undead Legion was not badly injured while 73 of Pallon’s units were in bad condition. The very same Knight units from the Kingdom of Haven that could occupy a castle were now in such a state. Geomchi got off of his bull and took out the food ingredients.

“Weed, I’m starving. I want to eat some grilled meat.”

Delicious, quick to eat grilled meat. The Geomchis had brought food over from Morata in order to eat. It did not matter if they wanted to eat rice in the middle of the fight with the Hermes Guild! Weed made some marinade for the meat as the Geomchis handed over their weapons and armor.

“It’s a bit worn out.”

“I just came back from the ocean. Can you fix it?”

The Geomchis took off their black armor that had less than 20 durability points left.

“It will not be that difficult since its not completely broken.”

Weed repaired the equipment to maximum durability and set a whetstone on the floor.

“h.e.l.lo. You look good as a Doom Knight.”

“Long time no see, I’m Belotte.”

Pale cautiously made his way around Pollon’s camp to scout and returned.

“Euheum, the rangers of the Hermes Guild…they’re not going to be that challenging. By the way, Maylon is on today.”

“At such a time?”

“Let me see if its time yet”

Maylon was busy everyday so she decided to take a vacation for this major battle to go hunt Bar Khan. The priest and paladins from Morata watched as Weed, that they looked up to and admired, carried on in ordinary conversation with his friends.

“At such a time…! In front of such a large battle, how can they be so relaxed.’

‘Are they not scared of the Hermes Guild?’

Weed worked the whetstone as the paladins and priests came by to say their h.e.l.los.


“Nice to meet you Weed.”

High level priests and paladins! They could not read the expression on Doom Knight’s Weed’s face. Weed began to contemplate his possibilities with the priests and paladins.

“Do you have everything you need?”


“Would you like to have a bargain?”

Inside his backpack were all sorts of j.a.ptem and rusty weapons such as maces for priests to use. For priests, it had many divine stats that would help them in the fight against the undead. Weed had used the undead to keep fighting against Pollon’s Hermes Guild unit regularly.

“Who are they?”

“Weed’s colleagues?”

“I don’t know why they came here. Surely they’re not here to help Weed attack us?”

From the report that they had on Weed, he mostly moved alone and only had a few friends. However there were more than 1000 priests and paladins with the Geomchis that have arrived. Weed was not the type to ask for help in a personal fight. There was no way that Pollon had thought that he had called them from Morata to hunt down Bar Khan.

“I’m in trouble.”

Pollon and the users of the Hermes Guild could not believe it.


Every board a.s.sociated with Royal Road had topics about Weed and the Hermes Guild Battle.

-The s.h.i.+ning star known as Weed has descended.

-Isn’t the Hermes Guild the strongest guild on the Continent of Versailles?”

Time after time, Weed appeared before Pollon’s unit. Public opinion began to change.

-Weed’s true ability.

-Hermes Guild finally meets their match.

-Pollon’s prided magic, ranged, and knights group are going to fall to the undead.

-Is there really a limit to Weed’s leaders.h.i.+p skills?

In more ways than one it was an urgent concern. The number of users that cheered for Weed was overwhelming. Broadcasters were forced to side with Weed in every battle. Just by doing that their ratings would increase 2-3 times more than usual! The broadcasters had smiles hanging from their faces.

“They just keep fighting all day.”

“Quickly finish the advertising…people want to get back to the broadcast.”

More people began to hope that the undead defeat Pollon’s unit. Every time a Hermes Guild unit died, then the audience had a heated reaction.

Weed’s reinforcements had arrived. They had a large amount of priests and paladins for healing combined with blessing and other abilities that were crucial to a prolonged war. The hosts of the stations covered this pivotal point live.

“Even if the Hermes Guild is high level, we can not ignore the fact that the priest and paladins are wearing the professional equipment.”

“Their equipment looks a bit worn out. Will this make a difference to the battle?”

“Undead and divine power will conflict with each other so it will be difficult for Weed. Could it be that the Hermes Guild holds the advantage?”

“The result will be seen from the fighting. Out of the two sides, the Hermes Guild is expected to win.”

“The undead are comprised of non user units so Weed will not retreat anymore.”

Each station had a different perspective. Most of them thought that Pollon’s unit was higher level and thus had the advantage.


The priests and paladins from Morata had a meeting.

“Are we going to fight?”

“I thought we were only going to hunt Bar Khan…”

The prestige of the Hermes Guild was more horrible than a legendary monster. It would result in immediate retaliation and then they would get in trouble with the Hermes Guild. It would be difficult for them to fight a guild of a large kingdom.

“But I like Weed’s adventures. We came here to hunt Bar Khan anyways.”

“Yea, we should fight anyways. I never like them anyways.”

Most paladins started out in the central continent so they knew better than anyone about the power of the Hermes Guild. Of course when they decided to follow Weed they never thought they would fight the Hermes Guild. The Hermes Guild was known for its cruelty.

“We’re already here so the Hermes Guild won’t leave us alone.”

“It would be better for us to partic.i.p.ate in battle than for us to be alone. We should fight together.”

The priests and paladins made their decision to Weed.

“We will fight here.”

The users had made their resolution to Weed. In the inspiring atmosphere like that of a movie, Weed shook his head.

“It will be difficult.”

“It’s fine. We understand what it is like to be the ones at a disadvantage, especially if its from the Hermes Guild…”

“They’re mine.”


“I will not concede their executions. You came late so you are not eligible.”

Weed left the priests and paladins and headed back. He shamelessly was not going to share with them. It was the same as not sending a wedding invitation to a friend that you have lost contact with for over 5 years. The Geomchis were blessed by Irene and headed over from the priests and paladins. The volunteers that came to help Weed went to an emergency meeting.

Taleukin: The armor that they’re wearing is quite expensive. It’s at least level 200.

They were a.n.a.lyzing the Hermes Guild as they were watching the video. KMC Media as well as other broadcasting station began live coverage the instant they found the out the information from the weapon merchants and blacksmiths of the Hermes Guild.

Pollon: Ignore it then. Their level is around 200 so their magic resistance is weak and we can just sweep them with magic.

Taleukin: That’s not what I mean. You need to understand…they are definitely wearing lower level gear. However it is significantly worn out.

Compared to the nice armor of the knights, the Geomchis looked incomparable to it. Several parts were considerably worn down or broken. It went to question how long they had been using that armor.

Pollon: Level 320 then?

Taleukin: It looks like it has high strength and agility restrictions for level 320 but their sword looks even more. At least level 350.

Weed had raised his stats through sculpting while the Geomchis had raised their through intrepid hunting and physical training. Except for special cases, that stats of most of the Geomchis were comparable to at least level 350.

Pollon: Level 350, to think they could get this kind of force.

They were only judging the Geomchis by their looks. They could easily been seen as high levels. It looked as if Weed would get more reinforcements. Even going against the ranger and mage unit had not been easy but now the power balance was tipped.

Pollon: It will be very difficult to continue to be stationed here. Please give new command from the guild.

Pollon’s orders had been to interfere with Weed’s quest by attacking him. However they had not known that their safety would be jeopardized.

Rafael: Okay. Are you thinking of moving?

Pollon: That’s what I’m thinking. Since they have poor mobility I was thinking of using magic to defeat them.

Rafael: Do you think you can win? We can not send more troops since that would mean that the Hermes Guild was having a difficult battle.

Pollon: That’s what the fight seems like. But that will be to our advantage…

Pollon believed that the priests and paladins would not help Weed so it would be an easy battle.

Pollon: Attempt to get the Necromancers’ cooperation with the Hermes Guild. If they help then we will have a significant power. They can help without having priests to waste mana on them.

Rafael:Magic and Ranged Unit with Undead…Not bad. It is allowed.

Pollon thought that if he beat Weed then the Necromancers would join the Hermes Guild to avoid hostilities. Since that was Pollon’s intention, Rafael accepted. The fight was going live on every station! They hurriedly contacted the Necromancers to come. The battle had slowed down quite a bit but that was because the Geomchis were grilling ribs to eat. Many viewers and users waited for the battle to start.


This has been brought to you by Grisia.

“Time to see if it’s done.”

The Geomchis began to fight over eating the roasted meat and soup. They were happy spending every day waking up, eating, sleeping, and fighting. Pollon took this time to ask the Hermes Guild to recruit the Necromancers reinforcements. Weed refused the help of the priests and paladins because the Geomchis and the Undead Army would be enough to go up against Pollon.

“Just the sahyungs will be enough.”

The Geomchis could fight anywhere on the continent of Versailles. The Geomchis were people who would jump into a dragon breath attack out of their own free will. So he took care of the grilling for them.

“Can you win? You’re not going against a dragon but the Hermes Guild…”

“It would be better to run away and fight against the undead. Even with the undead, what are you going to do if they get help from the Necromancers?”

The paladins were anxiously waiting. They had come to hunt Bar Khan. They believed in Weed but ever since they saw the Geomchis accompanying them, all that they seen them do was eat and sleep.

That was because they were all proud high level users with good skill levels and equipment. Only after the battle would they know the true value of the Geomchis. Weed stood by his plan.

“The undead…there is more than enough of them left.”

Until now he had only fought and retreated, but now it was time to conduct battle.

Weed began to prepare for the battle once more.

“Back in that temple, my levels, skill proficiency, and my j.a.ptem…”

Deeply rooted resentment for the Hermes Guild! Murray was secretly returning along the trail with the items.

“Let’s start the fight.”

Ttagak. Ttagak. Ttagak.

As Weed gave his command, the Death Knight and Doom Knight horses began to move accordingly. Thanks to his items, he had regained the authority to command and control the undead. Geomchi5 asked.

“How are we going to fight?”

Weed said that anyway was fine.

“Sahyungs can fight anywhere you want. You still need to be careful of magic and arrows though.”

“Then there is no need to worry. We’ve recently learned a new skill that lets us change the trajectory of arrows.”

Weed got onto horseback as the undead began to approach Pollon’s camp area. Pollon’s unit of knights, mages, and rangers were mainly composed of users so they looked at Weed, Geomchis, and the undead lightly.

“Looks like the paladins and priests are not going to move.”

“If they’re not joining the fight then this will be easy.”

The power of a priests was in high demand for victory. The Hermes Guild wanted to use their battle to show their capabilities against Necromancers. They decided to change their tactics against Weed’s undead since the Geomchis were there now. This time the fight was starting for real. One of Pollon’s knights came forward alone on horseback.

“I am one of the Knights of the Crescent. Is there anyone that would fight me!”

+The Crescent Knight has requested a duel. Would you like to accept the duel?

+The winner of the duel will receive fame and boost morale.

+If the duel is rejected then morale will decrease.

Instead of full-scale combat the knights wanted one on one fights. The Crescent Knights had noticed that there were not many users on Weed’s side. This was their chance to kill Weed again. It would be a great honor for the knight users to cross swords with Weed.

“I’m coming out!”

Geomchi350 went to the sword match riding his bull.

+Both sides of the duel had been established.

+After the duel you can move into full-scale war.

+The opponent must be killed in battle. Otherwise the loser will be branded a coward and the loyalty of soldiers will be reduced greatly.

Weed and the Geomchis decided to relax and enjoy the show. In Royal Road, Geomchi350 had a high level and skill proficiency. There was only one thing they needed to worry about.

“One month of cleaning the toilet.”

“Five thousand practice strikes a day.”

Cruel punishment was awaiting them!

The match was between the knight and his horse against Geomchi350 and his significantly bigger bull. He was trying to grasp the opponent’s movements! He watched the enemy’s breath in and out roughly. Then almost simultaneously, they rushed forwards with their bull and horse.

“Come on!”


“Let’s go.”


They charged at each other and Geomchi350 lightly raised his sword from its scabbard. Knight jousting duels were very dangerous. Defense did not matter since the attack that was coming had a lot of weight on it. Since they were running in the one direction, they could only rush towards each other so usually a duel on horseback was decided instantly. Right as they pa.s.sed each other, the knight fell onto the ground and died.

+Ally has won the duel.

+Fame, morale, and loyalty has increased.


Pollon’s camp was dead quiet. There was no shouts of victory from Weed’s side either.

“Guess he’s not going to clean the toilets.”

“I was going to have him wash the dishes…”

They had no signs of surprise from the victory. In Royal Road, Geomchi350′s talent for the sword had blossomed. It was better to hunt monsters and raise their sword skill level than it was to just simply train.

The Geomchi had just defeated a level 380 Crescent Knight as if it was completely natural. From their breathing and slight movements of the eyes and shoulders they could tell where the enemy was going to attack and precisely respond to it.

“I’ll fight until your cowardly leader comes forth.”

Geomchi350 shouted to Pollon to come forwards into the match. He had gotten stronger motivation since it was going to be broadcasted.

‘My little brothers will see me.’

His little brothers were also big fans of Royal Road.

He wanted his family to think of him in a better light.

“My name is Balmer! I will take you down a notch.”

“Necker is my name. You will have the glory of me killing you!”

Geomchi350 took on four more challenges in a row and won all of them. It ended with either the death of the users or his horse. Three people had died and two others were dying and the Crescent Knights could still not come out the winner.

Pollon had not said anything about the duels instead of a full-scale battle since he did not think they would beat his knights. Now they had lost a considerable amount of power and the Crescent Knights were dead while the others were not going to fight in the duels.

+The other side has given up on the duel.

+All allies have maximum morale at the start of the battle.

Geomchi350 received charisma, fighting spirit, strength, agility, and other various stats as well as increase in his sword mastery and a lot of fame. Pollon exclaimed anxiously.

“Now is the time to fight! March against the undead!”

It was not a good start but now the real battle had finally taken place. They were trying to fight against the undead using only rangers and wizards.

He deployed the mages and rangers in the back with him against the undead.

Weed used his yell.

“All undead listen!”

Pollon and the rest of the users from the Hermes Guild guessed that Weed was going to use all of the undead from the Immortal Legion to fight. But then he struck a blow to them.

“The Necromancers are not on our side.Should you fall in combat only answer to my call.”

The Geomchis were very high level but they were all melee If any of their bodies fell into the hands of the Hermes Guild necromancers then the situation would become more favorable for them.

“As an undead of Bar Khan, you must honor the name of the father that summoned you!”

Weed’s Lion Roar swept across the entire camp.

At this point, the Hermes Guild began to fell a little uneasy. They did not want the situation to turn into its worst.

“To fight against me would be to deny your existence as undead and as well as Bar Khan. Darkness rules the laws of the legion. You have made me your enemy. Fight for Bar Khan. Kill them!”

+Yell has been used.

+Yell has increased the morale of all friendly units within range by 200%.

+All confusion has been removed.

+For 5 minutes, leaders.h.i.+p will be applied at 285%.

Weed was using his status as an undead directly under Bar Khan! It was a status that was well above any necromancer. In the range of Bar Khan’s Death Aura, any undead will be affected by his power and influence. Weed used his leaders.h.i.+p to abuse that power and loyalty. The Death Knights were first.

“Bar Khan’s commands are to be followed.”

“We can not go against our respectable lord Bar Khan that grants us eternal life.”

The Necromancers tried to summon Undead troops, but at Weed’s words they began to attack the rangers and wizards.

“What is this? It looks like the undead are crazy!”

“Weren’t these summoned by the Necromancers!”

Rangers had to use bows so at close range it was difficult for them to fight since they had weak defense. Various explosions came out to prevent the undead attack. However they weren’t doing much better. Wizards had high attack power with their magic but it took a long time and they had low health and defense. By raising their wisdom, they had the side effect of having low strength and power. These received the undead attacks and died instantly.

Pollon could not tell what was happening amidst the explosions from magical attacks and the death of the mages..

“The summoned undead are not listening.”

“This is crazy! How could his words change the summons?”

“This is Bar Khan’s area and his power keeps the undead on his side.”

In order to stop the undead, the Crescent Knights rushed in.

A wizard’s magic was very valuable and even a single person was a big loss.

“Undead forces, advance forwards!”

Weed showed the force of the Death Knights and Doom Knights. It was a race against time. They planned to submerge the enemy in chaos and attack before they could reorganize.

“You need to eat it as soon as it is ripe. Take this chance to strike a blow.”

He realized that it was difficult to pa.s.s this up. There was nothing as wasteful as finding food in the refrigerator that had long pa.s.sed its expiration date. The undead knights charged at the enemy with full speed. Pollon’s side had very little fighting experience and could not respond quickly to Weed’s actions.

As the fight continued, they quickly chose to abandon their defensive formation. The troops were caught in a bad position and could were not working at maximum efficiency. Pollon ordered his troops.

“Knights, defend the mages from the undead. Rangers use your arrows to shoot down the undead troops. Follow the commands that I have given.”

Weed had fought many enemy that were stronger than himself and was able to use this experience to accomplish his goals. All the units were given clear duties and he used them to produce results. He had learned about how Pollon fought and was managing his troops accordingly.

“About this much.”

Weed watched and made estimations as the undead picked off the Pollon’s rangers and mages. The Sahyungs were suited to this kind of work in Royal Road! When the Crescent Knights were not being mobilized for war, they were usually being used to commit atrocious raids on merchants. They were various high level, notorious murderers that maintained their marks.

Even when they joined the Kingdom of Haven, the murderer mark still had side effects so they would drop a lot of items on death. They may even drop their expensive full plate armor.

“I might be able to get Yurin and Grandma winter coats…its also good to start depositing into a bank.”

Weed was going to establish a savings account.


KMC Media as well as other game stations kept receiving higher viewers.h.i.+p.

+Game broadcast audience has reached over 80%!

+More than half the stations were broadcasting the battle.

+It was hard to find a user on Royal Road that did not know about the fight!

It was the hot topic for the day. Many viewers had expected a battle between Weed and the Hermes Guild, so they had been waiting. The advertisers had made reservations for satisfactory advertising. The undead under Weed’s command broke down the formation and inflicted damages.

Before the battles did not take very long but now Pollon and his units seemed to be bewildered. They failed to stop the Geomchis overwhelming a.s.sault with their forces. It was one of the best scenes.

“Let’s kill them fast so we can get our bowl of soup.”

“Shall we use the new skill that we learned? Bungeomsul!”

“Those that live get to eat and those that die don’t. Do your best.”

The Crescent Knights fought with valor but were relentlessly crushed when they were caught by the Geomchis. The knights were completely overwhelmed by the Geomchis frontal attack.

The situation was chaotic and their combat capability came as a big shock to the Crescent Knight.

“Why are these guys so weak.”

“The King Squid we killed before was harder.”

“Compared to when we were fighting in the sea, this is like fighting a camel.”

The viewers were surprised to see the Crescent Knights fall to the sword masters. Within minutes, the Geomchis had killed two of four of them each. They were very experience in fighting large crowds without skills since their wisdom and knowledge were very low. Nevertheless, the knights could not get into formation with the rate that they were falling.

They were lucky that the knights were collapsing quickly because they had low skill proficiencies. The average level of the Geomchis were not that far behind that Crescent Knights and they also had much higher sword skills, fighting spirit, and combat experience. They were people who roamed the most h.e.l.lish of places looking for strong monsters and fighters! Weed played an integral part as well.

“That piece of armor!”

Without hesitation, he picked out the high level knights from the group.

“Heraim Fencing!”

He was not fighting all alone. Thanks to the Geomchis, he didn’t need to pay so much attention to defense since he was not alone.

“You’re making me wait to eat!”

As if they were born to fight, they cut their way through the Crescent Knights. Due to Bar Khan’s magic, Weed and his horse were very quick and ferocious. It would not be joking to say that he looked like a monster. He looked as if he was a strong warrior that was accustomed to the battlefield. The appearance of the unstoppable Doom Knight wa engraved into the eyes of the audience. He overwhelmingly dominated over the knights. Weed took his time while checking on the undead army. After finis.h.i.+ng off the Crescent Knights, the Geomchis went to attack the rangers which would soon end the battle. Historically, wizards and rangers had great strength when used together but they were eliminated instantly before they could do anything. It was a one-sided slaughter and Weed made it look easy! Pollon thought the sanctuary would be useful against the undead, but the Geomchis were human. They could not hope to think that such an opponent as the Geomchis as they headed towards the wizards, rangers, and necromancers. Pollon’s units tried to fight the Geomchis, but they were only killed by the Geomchis. They were a lot of people who were used to killing and fighting, so they were not scared to die. However, the Geomchis were not opponents they could fight against even if they flocked together. No matter how high level Pollon could get, it would not be enough to last in a duel or a battle against the Geomchis.

“This is the cost of cleaning and was.h.i.+ng the dishes.”

“There’s also a lot of laundry that’s piled up, sahyung.”

Weed charged the Geomchis after the battle as he began to roast the horse meat. The broadcasters and viewers of Royal Road began to post comments on the board.

+That was pretty amazing.

+This is one of the coolest things I’ve seen this week.

+Ever since my boss screwed me over and forced me to quit, I’ve been depressed. However, now I’m excited for once.

+I’ve been getting s.h.i.+vers every time I remember what happened on TV.

Several people were saying all sorts of things as they watched on the stations. There were countless requests to the stations to rerun the edited version of the battle several times throughout the day. Since the atrocities of the Hermes Guild and other prestigious guilds were well-known, more viewers began to side with Weed.


The President Jeong regularly receives reports on his daughter Seoyoon’s health.

“She still isn’t talking much but luckily she’s adapting quickly and it won’t be long.”

It pleased him to hear that Seoyoon was recovering and having a social life.

“But she’s getting a little close to the young Hyun man…”

President Jeong heard from the guards that they even travel home together. Since he was trying to be a good parent, he didn’t want Seoyoon’s heart to be broken again. Aside from being a good father to his only daughter, to his business and community he was a cold-blooded man.

“I would have prefered if it was a man with a good status, but isn’t he only an ordinary person?

Doctor Cha Eun Hee looked through and put down some papers that were about Seoyoon on the desk.

“As you know, Seoyoon has recently stabilized her psychological state but if you force anything then it would be difficult to tell what will happen.”

“I am aware that it’s the top priority to not hurt my little baby’s heart.”

However, President Jeong could not just sit around and do nothing.

“I am aware that you are concerned. How about you introduce a good man to her?”

“Is that so?”

“President, you can tell him to go to a place where he could run into Seoyoon.”

“So a place that she goes to often. Good!”

So it was about trying to force a meeting and getting Seoyoon to talk.

‘The eldest son of the H group has been doing well lately.’

President Jeong and the H Group had a close business relations.h.i.+p and the males were known to have a meticulous nature to take good care of woman.

‘A guy that’s good enough for Seoyoon.”

Cha Eun Hee could only smile and laugh.

“It’s not going to be so easy to change Seoyoon’s mind…”

She didn’t know the secret as to why Hyun was good enough, but Seoyoon would smile brightly and laugh when she was with him. Seoyoon was able to laugh. It was an appearance that Seoyoon rarely showed, and only to Lee Hyun.

“But right now their relations.h.i.+p is too awkward.”

Quite a lot of time had pa.s.sed since they had first met. Normally, they would be holding hands or even walking arm in arm by now.

“Both of them must be unfamiliar with love but with a slight stimulation it should progress further right?”


Pollon’s unit of knights and rangers were completely defeated and only about 25 people barely managed to escape. Their group of wizards and necromancers did not live and were completely defeated and annihilated. With the Geomchis and Pale’s party they achieved an overwhelming victory that would have usually been impossible.

“Well, now its time to hunt Bar Khan.”

The only thing left to do now was to hunt the undead lord Bar Khan. Even after being weakened by being stabbed in the chest with the holy blade, he was still a legendary monster. Now that he had finished his revenge, it was now time for him to use the paladins and priests from Morata to stage a large-scale hunt. Weed was going to encourage the priests and paladins when he heard a noise.

“Oh, that was a really cool fight.”

“Did you see how they ran? I wish I could change directions while running during a fight.”

“They’re so strong.”

Thanks to his sword fighting as a Doom Knight, he received praise and admiration. He wanted them to continue with their praise! He could flick his hair aside if he had any but unfortunately he had a bald skull.

‘Keuheum. Heraim Fencing performs consecutive hits and it also looks elegant when used. It doesn’t hurt to have a few deserving moments of praise.’

They did not know how to describe how the fight had gone and how powerful it was.

“Wasn’t oppa really handsome back there?”

“It was really cool fight. Each of the remaining units were killed in a single hit, one after another…”

Right then, Weed was getting more attention from the female priests then Zephyr. Zephyr stretched out with a yawn since he was finally alone.

“That’s a really cool jaw isn’t it?”

“Yea it is…I think so as well.”

“Should we go register friends?”

It was a little embarra.s.sing for Weed to hear praise from the women for quite some time.

‘What men…to fight like they did.’

That was the focus that was held by the male paladins.

“Geomchi nims…to fight like that so freely. I want to fight like that.”

“Also there was a very beautiful dancer wasn’t there?

“A dance during an iron battle, so amazing that I can’t take my eyes off of it. The knights fell one after one during that dance.”

“There was also a very pretty girl. Her voice was very sweet.”

The Geomchis, Hwaryung, and Bellotte received a lot of attention from the paladins. They had heard a lot of stories about Weed but they were surprised to see his friends. Weed laughed in relief as he watched.

From the battle he had gotten four magic robes for wizards, a full plate armor, rings, bracelets, boots, necklaces, ranger armor, and other equipment. There were also an a.s.sortment of j.a.ptem and gold, silver, and copper. The Geomchis got a bunch of high level equipment, swords, armor, and money.

“I don’t need to worry about heating costs this winter.”

This was the reason behind his peace of mind.


Weed began his work to prepare to hunt Bar Khan.

“Sahyungs, give me the swords and armor that you got from the fight. Those that came to fight the undead please entrust me with your equipment briefly.”

The Geomchis got powerful weapons by dissolving the undead equipment. The thick armor of the knights were not suitable for swords but with a small amount of mithril mixed into it they could create a composite sword. However, after they fought the undead they would need to dissolve it again and it would decrease the sword’s power. Weed used his blacksmith skills to create a generic sword to solve the problem.

“Are you going to make the sword better?”

“I’m not going to do anything bad.”

They were hesitant to leave their weapons since they were doubtful. The paladins considered their equipment to be valuable no matter how incredible Weed’s reputation was.

“Oh this is better than before! The damage went up and there’s now an option to deal more damage to undead, but its now a little more difficult to repair durability so it’ll be more expensive.”

After he made enough weapons for the Geomchis, the paladins decided to trust him. Weed’s blacksmith skills were high enough to get the respect of anyone in the land.

‘I wish I could check it…’

He drooled whenever he saw a good sword but he did not know if it was better than his. Weed converted the equipment while he waited for Mapan.

“It’s about time…”

Mapan had come from Morata with the priests and paladins, along with a bunch of different materials. He dissolved the Helium into the large furnace. With his spare time after the battle, he dissolved the helium and formed a mold. It was G.o.d’s tears. Using the large fireplace, he dissolve the mana source of the divine power of helium into the completed sculpture as he got ready to fight Bar Khan.


Volume 24 Chapter 4

This has been brought to you by Grisia.

KMC Media, CTS Media, On Station, Digital Media, and LK gaming.

These were the stations that obtained footage for Royal Road.

+Weed is going to hunt Bar Khan, the King of the Undead.

+Priests and Paladins have crossed over from Morata to fight the Hermes Guild.

+No one cares about the Hermes Guild.

+Because of the Undead Legion quest and the fast growing ranks of the undead, Weed is going to hunt Bar Khan.

Weed’s plan had already spread to the users in Morata. Though it was true that the priests and paladins had been gathered for a long time now, Pollon’s troops did not bother to keep it a secret and were talking about it already. Each of the stations focused on the facts that had been revealed so far.

“Everyone, I have amazing news. G.o.d of War Weed is going to hunt Bar Khan.”

“A few days ago a lot of people say Weed wipe out the Hermes Guild’s force. However, it looks like in the future he’s going to hunt the Lich Bar Khan.”

“Bar Khan! The Leader of the Undead Legion and Weed who was famous for having completed the Lich quest. A monster that Weed has a history with…it’s going to be a very challenging hunt.”

It was the breaking news on several stations. Groups that would go and hunt boss monsters was a common occurrence but this time the ratings would go up a notch if it was a legendary monster. Weed had shown his fighting ability in the battle against Pollon’s unit.

The battle had not happened yet, but the fact remained that there were going to be countless amazing scenes. It was enough to say that the fact that Weed was going to fight the Lich Bar Khan would amaze the audience. Entire families were waiting in antic.i.p.ation!

+Oh my G.o.d. Weed is finally getting into a real fight. Hunting down monsters likes its nothing and raising his level…I am so glad to be able to see it.”

+I don’t know who Weed is, it’s like I’m listening to a bunch of rumors.

+You’re here a bit late. I’m at the Hall of Fame and I’m a complete fan of the Orc movie.

+Guess what I have? I was lucky. I started out in the Kingdom of Rosenheim when I was a beginner and I bought one of Weed’s early fox sculptures. When I bought it, my friends thought that five silvers was overpriced but now it’s my greatest treasure. My girlfriend and I are so proud that we met him.

+So now the items must be worth….sell me that fox sculpture for 10 gold.

+A few minutes ago it was worth nothing. Now it’s worth over 100 gold!

The board was filled with various tales of Weed’s bravery. Aside from being a famous adventurer to the users in Royal Road, he was also had high popularity amongst the public.


s.h.i.+n Hye-Min and Oh Juwan were holding an ongoing series called ‘Story of the Continent of Versailles, and was holding a telephone interview with Lee Hyun. Since they were paying Lee Hyun salary, he was willing to do it.

“Today we bring you a story about the Continent of Versailles that many people have been wanting to hear about, and with us on the phone is the G.o.d of War Weed. Weed?”


A short and annoyed answer came back!

“You’ve had a lot of adventures. What was the most challenging adventure?”

>Adventuring is tough.

“Modest words that you’re saying. But people want to know what was the most memorable one that you suffered through, can you tell us?”

Lee Hyun thought for a moment before he replied.

>When I became a sculptor…


s.h.i.+n Hye-Min had to sympathize with him. Aside from when he was cooking and hunting in Royal Road, she did not see his hands stop from making sculptures. You could not just close your eyes and create a sculpture; it was very difficult to raise the level of sculpture beyond level 8 without good art skills. Sewing, fis.h.i.+ng, cooking, repairing, bandaging, sailing, herbalism, and many other crafts were the true legend behind his hard work.

It was as if Lee Hyun had lived a lifetime of making toothpicks and wooden chopsticks. Oh Juwan thought it was a joke and asked the next question.

“Weed, it seems that you do not know about the message boards. Viewers admire you for a lot of things…people can not climb to high places as you have and instead climb steadily because of the growing fear of failure. What is your trick to not get tired of facing challenges?”

>Complete the challenge.

It meant exactly as he had said. In his life he had been caught up in all sorts of adventures. He did not go into the details of his visit to the City of Heaven since saying more wouldn’t benefit him.

“Seeing as others do not get special quests that are really hard there must be a secret. Do you have any advice for those that are wandering for adventure on the Continent of Versailles?”

>Be very thorough. Do not accept a quest carelessly.

Those were meaningful words that came from his own experience.

After Lee Hyun came out, they began to interview other completely different people.

‘Story of the Continent of Versailles’ appears to be a popular show, and it looks like a lot of people decide to watch it.’

Instead of boasting about pride, Lee Hyun had only spoken briefly.

‘It’s not like I receive any additional payment for a longer interview.’

Letting others know more about him would only make his mouth sore.

“Finally its time to think about how to hunt down the Lich Bar Khan. It seems like a difficult question to answer isn’t it?”

Lee Hyun thought back to his past fight against Bar Khan. It was going to be difficult since he didn’t have enough combat power and the odds were against him. Each of the stations were debating about how to increase the success rate of hunting down Bar Khan.

Bar Khan had a huge damage potential as well as being a Necromancer. With enough dead bodies the battle will be endless with tens of thousands of monsters along with one legendary one. The undead army was a disposable resource. The Undead Legion was only part of Bar Khan’s power and it wasn’t a big loss to him if he lost it. The hunt had too big a risk. Lee Hyun calmly replied.

>If it’s too much I’ll immediately have a plan to escape.

Aside from the item drops, the experience and skill proficiency lost when he died was a lot of damage. He did not care about being courageous but instead sought to see this fight to the end! Lee Hyun had a very realistic idea for his battle.


The Pollon’s Hermes Guild unit of rangers, knights, and mages accessed Royal Road. They appeared at the place where Weed had attacked them before.

“What about the surviving Knights and Rangers?”

“They escaped in the direction of the central continent. The number of people that escaped safely are less than 20.”

“Too many had died.”

All but two of Pollon’s Crescent Knights had died. The Hermes Guild users could connect again after some time, but the knights were all dead.

It took a lot of training, time, and money to raise the quality of the knights. Due to the fierce compet.i.tion within the Hermes Guild, you had to suffer until you had recovered your losses.

“It would be preferable to return to the central continent instead of taking more risks.”

Because Weed’s forces of Geomchis had turned the battle around they were in no position to fight back and could only flee or else they would die.

Many of the users from the Hermes Guild force had lost a lot of items and equipment. They had lost and they would not fight a battle they could not win.

“To think that we lost on a blessed sanctuary.”

“Wasn’t it fun to fight against Weed though?”

“Yes, he was much stronger than our famous Crescent Knights.”

Pollon did not have any regrets. It was a difficult experience but he had the opportunity to battle against Weed.

“The Hermes Guild will have its revenge. The real power of the Hermes Guild is many times stronger than this.

Pollon roughly knew how much power the Hermes Guild had at its disposal. He had joined the Hermes Guild and gradually obtained a higher position only to find out the true reality of the guild’s power. The full strength that had been released towards the Kallamore Kingdom. They then caused a great war and began the occupation of the central continent. The Hermes Guild would surely seek to battle again with Weed and saw it as nothing more than entertainment. Of course with their aloof pride broken, they would become angry.

“Weed, you have managed to smoothly travel through the Continent of Versailles up to now, but in the future there won’t be anywhere you can be safe.”

Pollon ordered his troops to withdraw.

“Wizards make a teleport gate. We’re going to return.”



Weed handed the warrior equipment that he made with the blacksmith skills to the Geomchis when he was finished. It was similar to it was before but it had taken a significant amount of labor to dissolve the materials and recreate it using the blacksmith skills. Weed was Intermediate Level 5 in blacksmithing and could use the raw materials to their best.

“A person can not stand idly by. If there’s a heat wave and a drought, then I would make a pool.”

That was way of life for Weed!

“Weed, long time no see.”

“I appreciate all the trouble you went through.”

Mapan had brought over two large furnaces to liquefy the helium for him.

“For the cost of transportation, would j.a.ptem be fine…”

“Weed nim, j.a.ptem is the best.”

“There is a lot of j.a.ptem that I need to take care of so could you also take care of its price? I’m sorry that you had to come all the way out here to take care of this for me.”

“It’s always a pleasure to be doing business with Weed nim.”

Weed had placed Mapan in charge of disposing of the high quality loot j.a.ptem from the Necromancers. The Necromancers had levels that exceed 300 and some even past 400. He had made the undead hunt a lot and had now piled up a colossal amount of j.a.ptem. Weed gave the j.a.ptem to Mapan so that he could directly sell it to the store for an additional 15% of its value. Then he calculated 5% to be taken as profit. When trading in town, merchants that bought j.a.ptem usually got a small margin and 10% was usually the default amount .

“Isn’t he a really good merchant?”

“I know. I’ve dealt with traders a few times in the past but I’ve never seen a good a deal as 5%. Is it because he’s a professional?”

They wanted to sell of their items they got from the Necromancers. They were very nervous to walk around with the burden of carrying j.a.ptem. Weed took a guess and then went over to introduce Mapan.

“Say h.e.l.lo here. This is Mapan, a merchant I’m close to from the past. If you want to get rid of your j.a.ptem then I could ask him to take care of it for the same price he got for me.”

“Can I really? I don’t have the time to go to the shop to find a merchant since I want to go with Weed nim.”

‘5 percent isn’t much compared to all the trouble I went through to come here…’

It would have been bad if Mapan had met with the Necromancers. Transportation costs were high given how high the risks were.

“This is fine. Mapan is a very good merchant. He used to trade a lot in the past with j.a.ptem but now he rarely has the chance since he needs to manage his trade store.”

Mapan then went to say.

“I like adventures so I came here to watch Weed. I would also like to take care of the j.a.ptem as an extra. It’s a sacrifice I’m willing to take.”

They came with Necromancer j.a.ptem. They could sell it for 2 or 3% in Morata but this was the best price that had seen yet.

‘How much is all of this.’

Mapan could earn a lot of money from the trade of j.a.ptem if it was in bulk.

They were offering their Necromancer j.a.ptem!

There were accessories as well as rusty, broken weapons and armor. Weed had deliberately let Mapan deal with cla.s.sifying the j.a.ptem since he could repair it for more profit.

Weed could dissolve and rework it into respectable equipment with his blacksmith skill. Mapan earned a lot more through the 5% profit margin and had an excellent opportunity to get a lot of customers.

After finis.h.i.+ng the j.a.ptem deal, Weed and Mapan walked back to the carriage quietly. They had been partners the entire time! They only talked to each other secretly with whispers.

>Here’s the referral fee…

>Thank you. Please allow the identifying of the materials to be handed to me. I’ll dissolve the equipment there.

>You’re welcome. If you have another opportunity like this be sure to call me.

>However, do you have a lot of people to sell necromancer stuff to?

>Warlocks. The Necromancer items will easily sell in Morata.

Not only did he plan to sell the Necromancer items, he had planned to use them.


He stoked the fires of the large furnaces that were set up temporarily.

“I have to be careful…failure is not allowed.”

Weed was nervous because he was using the precious metal helium.

“It would be nicer to have higher blacksmith skills.”

If he was a master blacksmith then he could make the best items from the helium! With the holy materials he could make a piece of armor that could represent a kingdom. However Weed decided to make the helium into a sculpture.

“A sculpture has no level limit. Later I can melt it down and make it into a sword.”

Weed thought of sculptings with a practical sense rather than an artistic one.

“Once the mold is ready.”

He had created countless molds in advance when he had been hunting with the Death Knights as a Doom Knight. Since Weed was working with the large furnace, Pale’s party along with the paladins, priests, and Geomchis went to hunt in the nearby area. They were wondering what he was doing with such a large furnace. Weed made the fire have an even higher temperature. He stocked the large furnace full of firewood to gradually increase the heat. To increase his chance of success he used more firewood to increase the firepower as much as he could.

“Still not enough. Needs more firewood.”

Weed had given money to Mapan to transport a significant amount of wood in his wagon. Because he was working on helium he could not conserve on the amount of trees used.

He used the strongest, finest burning trees for it. The firewood that cost over 300 gold in total was used up in 10 minutes.

“Still not enough.”

Weed focused entirely on the fire.

“I wonder if he’s making a mithril sword?”

“I suppose that would be a good weapon to hunt down Bar Khan.”

The priests and paladins were waiting for Weed in order to hunt down Bar Khan. They were currently in high tension while wondering what he was doing with the large furnace. The majority of them had went on hunting parties to fight against necromancers.

Noel: Weed is trying to make something in the hearth’s fire. Since he brought a large furnace from town, it must be something important.

The Gra.s.s Porridge Cult was able to watch in real time because the videos were on the internet.

This was the reason why Weed did not go with other users to hunt frequently and that was because he didn’t want to divide up the spoils but also because he valued his privacy. The advantage of fighting by himself was that he could hide his production skills and sculpture secrets instead of putting it out in the open for others to see.

“Now the temperature of the fire is suitable.”

Weed pulled out the ma.s.sive helium. The metal known as the Tears of the Sky G.o.d. He put the prestigious helium into the furnace. The furnace was large enough to melt many metals at once but he concentrated solely on the helium.

He watched over the fire!

Weed was muttering to himself.

“I had to give up being greedy to get better results. If only they had given me Herrera’s Cup or the Crown of Fargo…”

Weed had recovered two of the three treasures of Freya. Using either one of the holy items would have been good. Unfortunately Weed was making the helium into a sculpture instead of a piece of equipment with that in mind.

“Fargo’s Crown, when worn is good for hunting. Herrera’s Cup has holy water that can flow out of it like a river.”

He put aside his endless greed and waited for the Helium to heat up and melt. Weed waited five times longer than normal before pulling the helium out. In the middle of the stone was filled with a sky blue liquid. The helium had melted safely.

“Now for the real part.”

He had used a large furnace to make sure that the skill was less likely to fail. From now on it was time to sculpt.

Weed poured the light blue liquid into a mold and waited for it to cool.

“I can not make a single mistake…”

It was frustrating to wait. He was familiar with making a sculpture with blacksmithing since it had been the same with Geumini. He could not help but be nervous though. He did not have the faintest idea of what the completed work would be like. The helium could be melted back indefinitely but if he failed to create a decent work then it would be a significant loss of materials. In the worst case then the magic in the metal would be lost.

If repeatedly refined then the divine power of mana in the helium would gradually weaken.


Weed took it out of the earthen mold faster than usual. It was time to work on the helium. Torches that illuminate the darkness! He was going to form the clear azure helium into a torch.

“Still…its a bit lacking.”

His blacksmith skills were too low to properly handle helium so he needed to work on the details. Weed had to make the sculpture more carefully and with greater detail to ensure that it does not fail. Weed took his Zahab Carving Knife.

He used the Zahad Carving Knife to work on the Helium since it was going to be a precious item for Morata’s castle that Yurin was staying in. Talrock Armor, Bahalan Bracelet, Kolderim’s Demon Sword, as well as Weed’s personally crafted equipment that he made for himself and Yurin often.

“Time to sculpt.”


Weed sc.r.a.ped the surface of the helium with the sculpting knife. He boldly cut away the protruding parts.

+You are in contact with Divine Power.

+Strength has been reduced by 35.

+Health has dropped by 950.

+Undead power has decreased by 4.

Since he was a Doom Knight, the helium made him suffer enormous damage every time he touched it.

‘I don’t have much time, must make it immediately.’

He needed to finish the piece before he died. Helium had huge durability and took a lot of time to cool before it could become a sculpture.

+Hot metal has been used.

+Vitality has been reduced by 318.

Divine Power!

There were two types of pain that Weed had on him as he held his sculpting knife. The thing that set a professional sculptor apart from other art professions was that he had to shoulder all the physical suffering.

“Better works come from suffering…”

Weed said these words as if he were dying. He did not have the time to make the sculpture leisurely.

’This is nothing to me.’

Weed began to trim and create the entire mold with his sculpting knife. He had to watch the torch through the whole creation process with all of his experience is the sculpture was made of dissolved metal. As the helium became more cold and solid, it began to emit more mana and divine power.

“What, maximum mana is increasing?”

“I’ve gotten skills that make holy magic stronger. But never to such an extent.”

“My mana regen is going crazy at a 50% higher rate.”

As the sculpture began to near completion, the priests and paladins began to feel a change in their bodies. Weed was making a helium torch. The divine powers of the priests and paladins were being enhanced.

+The body is vulnerable to divine power.

+Defense has disappeared.

+Resistance has been reduced.

The divine power gradually wrapped around Weed’s body and weakened him. Strength began to rapidly fade from his bones.

“Just a little more…”

He had to remain calm and hold the helium with his hand, even if his health was gradually being put at risk.

“It’s complete.”

He stuck a rod under the torch to complete it! The bar was made out of Mithril and Adamantium. When he had hunted the Undead Legion, he had collected a lot of old weaponry.

+Please set the name of the sculpture.

Weed had to name it quickly. This was because he only had 20% health left.

“Torch Left by a Sculptor.”

+The Torch Left by a Sculptor right?


Many sculptors had lost their lives without any help like in Las Gigolos. This was the legacy of Sculptor Weed’s works. It was a very good work that he used blacksmith, handicrafting, and sculpting to make so that he would not regret it.


Masterpiece! You have completed the Torch Left by a Sculptor sculpture!

A sculpture made out of helium! This sculpture is a work that will be recorded in the history of the continent. It would not be an overstatement to say this was the greatest and most famous piece created by the sculptor Weed. This piece, created by G.o.d’s n.o.ble metal, will bring glory and radiant light.

Artistic value: 18619

Special Options: 8

+Those that see the Torch Left by a Sculptor will have their health and mana regen increased by 52% for a day.

+Additionally, the owner of the sculpture will receive an additional 30% mana regen.

+All stats are increased by 29.

+The mana consumption of all skills have been reduced by 75%.

+Magic power has increased by 33%.

+Mana based combat skills have increase in strength by 14%.

+Will keep enemies away.

+Mana Barrier(Advanced Level 4) will prevent ranged attacks within a certain range.

+Has the ability to drive away darkness.

+Prevents abnormal status.

+Increases the morale of troops.

+Strong magic resistance to curses and black magic.

+When viewing the sculpture Faith, Wisdom, and Intelligence will increase by 10 permanently.

Can not be used with other sculptures.

So far the number of completed masterpieces: 8


+Sculpting Skills have improved.

+Handicrafting has improved

+Smithing has increased to Intermediate Level 6. You are now better at smelting unique metals.

+Smithing has increased to Intermediate Level 7. You can now create light armor with high durability.

+Fame has increased by 4924

+Art has increased by 51.

+Wisdom has increased by 7.

+Endurance has increased by 3.

+Stamina has increased by 4.

+Charisma has increased by 13.

+Charm has increased by 25.

+For creating a masterpiece, all stats have increased by an additional 3 points.

+This sacred sculpture has the ability to reduce the powers of the dead.

Weed’s eight masterpiece sculpture!

Since it was a sculpture that could be carried, it as going to be a great help in the fight.

“Nevertheless I was able to make another named sculpture…this much is good.”

Instead of sword or armor, it was a great sculpture that increased stats and lowered mana consumption.

It was some of the best options for a cleric or wizard. Thanks to the process helium, his blacksmith skills increased another two levels. There was not much left until it was level six and the reason it raised so much was because he was a human that was dealing with the highest grade metal.

“It’s so rea.s.suring to create such a good sculpture…”

Weed moved his jawbone.

+A sculpture made out of the legendary material helium has been created.

+You can go to the Sculptor’s Guild to receive additional rewards.

Very nice things kept happening but as a Doom Knight the options were very negative things since the power in his body kept dropping. If he held onto the sculpture too long then he would die there holding it. Weed wrapped the sculpture in a white cloth and added it to his bag.

+You are no longer in contact with the Torch Left by a Sculptor.

+The aura of Divine Power is leaving the body.

+Once the energy completely disappears then it is possible to regain original combat capability.

The scenes of Weed creating the Helium Sculpture was broadcasted live on the internet and seen by many. However this was hardly anything to hide. The people of the Continent of Versailles had spread news by mouth. Whenever a A cla.s.s or S cla.s.s quest succeeded the effects were great.

The Relics of Freya were also made of the same Helium material.

“Such an amazing sculpture was made in the world. It is a sculpture that is very artistic but also imbued with magical powers.”

“The number of treasures created by human hands on the Continent of Versailles has increased by one, but this one is very powerful because of the effort that was put into it.”

“His Majesty, the King is very anxious to meet this sculptor. Keep the palace doors open and tell the guard to see if they can contact the sculptor…”

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The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor

The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor

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