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The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor Volume 24 Chapter 11

11. Weed’s CallSponsored by Ser4, TLC and parts retranslated by Enlightened End, checked by bloodadept and Fros.h.i.+Anaki

Weed and the players were invited to a feast by the fairies. Versailles continent, the Spirit World and their own settlements, the fairies come and go bringing specialties from different regions.

─Eat up.─Thank you for healing our queen.

The Geomchis exchanged glances and left the dungeon first. While the flavor was good, the portion size was way too small for them so they thought it would ruin their appet.i.te. They went outside to roast some meat and eat more comfortably.

But Weed stayed till the end, eating the fairies’ cooking.

You tasted a new sensation.Mastery has increased because your cooking skill is over Intermediate.

These rare foods from the Spiritual and the Fairy world increased cooking skill.

“Hmm, this is edible.”

When the food he tasted was based on ingredients he used a lot before, he was able to grasp the recipe. It was really difficult to create new recipes with unique spices and herbs that humans didn’t even use. This was a rare opportunity that he had to take advantage of.

Because if he wanted to be satiated with the fairies’ food, he would need to eat at least 250 of their dishes.

‘If I advertise spirits’ food, I will be able to rip off customers.’

Hwaryeong and Bellot ate the different dishes in a refined manner. They changed to appropriate attire for the feast and even ate and drank the less than pleasant food with elegance.

Through the Fairies’ feast, your dignity and manner increased.

After the end of the feast, they returned to Vargo Fortress._______________________________________________________

Weed laughed dismally.


He calculated the amount of treasures and items dropped after hunting Balkan and his share was only about 680 thousand gold. The treasures would take time to sell, so they decided that when merchants come to Vargo Fortress they would sell as much as the merchants would buy and split the gold.

“The bonus is quite good at least.”

Vargo Fortress was now his territory. Right now, only the piles of stones, destroyed towers and wreckages of buildings were left. The damage was relative to the huge battle that had taken place.

“I wonder what kind of place this is? Region Information Window!”

Vargo Fortress

Once a fortress occupied by the Undead.It’s only recently that humans have reclaimed it.In the past, it was a fortress occupied by the Niflheim Empire where it serves as an important gateway.Vast swaths of forests and jagged mountains are part of the territory.

Currently there are no residents.Through war, the fortress is heavily damaged and needs extensive repairs.The river is contaminated and it’s hard to obtain drinking water.Due to monsters the region is not safe.Specialty: None

It was much worse than early Morata which was filled with houses that looked like they could collapse at any moment. The quiet downriver or the peaceful hills would be much better than the fortress, whose public order was under threat by the monsters.

Like Weed, it was common for people to become lords by gaining the trust of the king, n.o.bles or villagers through their own adventures. But occasionally there were people that became lords by raising their own village.

As Versailles continent was quite large, anyone could build a house nearby a mountain or a river and start farming and raise livestocks. After a while by accepting nomads and expanding the village, they suddenly found themselves as lord of the village.

“But the fact that there is this huge fortress here means in the past it must have been quite active. This must have been considered an important stronghold.”

Vargo Fortress was large enough for the whole Undead Legion to stay in. An expansive fortress that even allowed Bone Dragons to rampage on its rooftops. Because of that, the destruction was even greater.

“The grounds filled with buried Undead… If the priests cleanse it, it should be enough to plant some grains. But still with the contaminations there won’t be much harvest, this place will be useless for at least 2 years. ”

Even the river was wide and its flow was majestic. It was proof that there was no signs of draughts and it was quite bountiful. The nature scenery, with its mountains and river was on par with Morata.

For Weed, he gained new lands so he might as well develop this place as well. As he already raised Morata, the experience from it should be a tremendous help.

“Morata Region Information Window!”

Region of Morata

A region that once was part of the Niflheim Empire.Currently, by the strength of lord Weed’s excellent choices, the development is continuing.Morata has become the representative city that showcases the best in the North, becoming the center for arts, trades and adventures.Two great structures, the Freya Cathedral and the North’s Great Library have been completed.

Military Force: 259

Economic power: 2,969Culture: 3,129

Technology: 843Religious Influence: 87

Regional Politics: 69 Influence on Nearby Areas: 74%Influence from the past Niflheim Empire: 16.5%(Influence is deeply rooted to the military, economics, culture, technology, religion, population, quests etc.)

City Development Rate: 269Hygiene: 39 Public Order: 88%

Recently the Undead Legion has been repulsed without any severe damages.Influx of population is continuing but as roads and enough residency has been prepared in advance, the residents do not feel any discomfort.With the active trades and commerce, a high income bracket is being created.With the increase of Morata’s regional fame, three specialties have been added: silverware, palm wine, luxury textiles.The Cathedral and the Great Library are the resident’s pride.Morata heavily influences the nearby region in terms of politics, economics and culture.This year is expected to yield a bountiful harvest.Thoughts of rebellion cannot be imagined.Enough military forces have been retained to fight the monsters.Through the increase in military spending, the soldiers and knights have greater loyalty.The magnificent sculptures are bringing happiness to the residents.The standards of paintings are rising.The artist’s endless trust and financial support has become the dynamic for cultural development.Morata’s Art Center has become the cornerstone for new artists in the whole of the Northern continent, storing many of their created pieces.Due to the Great Library, education, magic and adventure is robust.Through education and high culture, many children who are smart and wise are born. If you teach them 10 things, they will only forget about 5 at the end of the month!The tailoring industry’s skill is being inherited. The tailors can use leather, fabric and lavish products to make clothes.Blacksmith’s iron wielding skills are at a level that they can heat up iron and hit it with their hammer. Master craftsmen have appeared and are leading the skill development.Regional religion: most residents believe in Freya.The wastelands have been cultivated into a fertile granary zone.This year is a bountiful year for crops.With strong faith and steady public order, crime rate has reduced greatly.

Specialties: Arts, leather and fabric, tomatoes, grapes, rice, cow, milk, cheese, wine, silverware, palm wine, luxury textiles.

Total Population: 1, 175, 704Monthly Tax Income: 953, 290 goldVillage Operating Expenses: Military 5%, Economic development 36%, Cultural investment 14%, Quests and Monster Hunts 16%, Village Repairs 25%, Offering to the Church of Freya 4%.

You have received a t.i.tle from Morata’s resident, ‘The Greatest Ruler in the North’.It prevents the residents’ loyalty from dropping.Increases population influx.

Morata was a great city that he could boast about anywhere. Without him doing anything, it expanded and developed day by day.

When the adventurers in the north excavated an item and discovered it was an artwork, they exhibited it at the Art Center. They offered religious items to the Cathedral and displayed other items in the Great Library. Through items brought by adventurers, the north was in the grip of adventure fever.

The influence of the great constructions was huge, as well as the word of mouth from the players that started in Morata, more and more people gathered there everyday. With the inflow of players and residents, Morata’s technology developed daily with greater compet.i.tion in business leading to a stronger financial position for the city.

Looking from high above, the buildings were widely spread out, there was the statue of the G.o.ddess, the tower of light and the great constructions making a scene of grandeur. It was an unimaginable change compared to the early Morata, filled with shabby buildings under the dark stars and the tower of light. ________________________________________________________

Merchants who were doing business in Morata came to Vargo Fortress in droves.

“This is my spot.”

“What nonsense are you spouting? I already drew a line and sat down before you!”

Weed and the players obtained a tremendous amount of drops and j.a.ptems through their battles with the Undead Legion. The drops from the Bone Dragons and the Vandal Knights were not something that could be acquired easily.

Merchants from Morata came here in droves to trade for those items.

“I am Dapala, I professionalize in selling general merchandise. Please add Dapala to your friend list any time and browse my wares comfortably.”

“Weapons trader Cormac is here. From simple repairs to appraisal and trades. Please come, I will give you a good deal.”

“Ingredient specialist, Hapote. I picked these fresh from a neighbor’s house, I sell these ingredients at the smallest possible margin. Please cook yourself delicious meals!”

About 100 merchants came to Vargo Fortress and prepared their shops for business.

“Did they pull their wagons to get here?”

“At best, there are only about a 1000 of us here… there are just too many merchants.”

Although it was convenient to use their services, the players felt sorry for troubling someone who seemed worse off than themselves. Trying to do business in a place with few customers, the compet.i.tion must be really harsh. They were even able to meet merchants who were famous in Morata.

But on the afternoon of the same day. Other players crowded into Vargo Fortress!

“We arrived!”

“There are no paved roads so it’s really difficult to come here. But still, they say there are so many hunting grounds here.”

“I heard you can meet the elves. Let’s hurry and go talk with them.”

“Wow, it’s completely in ruins! I am going to build a new house and live here.”

As soon as players who leveled up in Morata received the information about Weed obtaining a new territory, they all pushed toward Vargo Fortress. Because Weed was the lord, they a.s.sumed Vargo Fortress will be the next to experience an unbelievably fast development.

By coming early and preoccupying their spot, their privilege later on will be greater. Just by building a brick houses near Vargo Fortress to live in they could boast about it to their friends. It was a place with a lot of land to pioneer and many unknown hunting grounds that were spread out.

“I’m going to take a look at the land first.”

Farmers searched around the river to look for fertile flood plains. Adventurers chatted with the elves and barbarians, looking for any decent dungeons in the vicinity. There were many priests and paladins going to dungeons and the Geomchis enjoyed their new found popularity. They fought well and were trustworthy as they tried to protect the priests completely, everyone wanted to have them in their party.

The fortress built from stones was covered with wreckages but many people were already crowding it. The merchants sensed this and ran here in a hurry. Before the sun set, a second and even a third wave of settler groups arrived.

Because there were no magical lamps in Vargo Fortress like Morata, they used bonfires and torches. And as there were no inns or restaurants, they laid on the stone rubble near the fire to take a brief nap. It was the romance of roasting meat while staring at the stars!

“Hm! Beer that wafts a nice aroma!”

Dwarves were drawn by the smell of beer.

“Please sit down. Do you want a pint?”


Sharing their drinks with the dwarves they became closer. And as queen Teneidon was healed, the fairies became more active.

In Morata and other places they could catch an occasional glimpse once in a blue moon, but here in Vargo Fortress there were many fairies flying around in the vicinity, fluttering with their mysterious silver wings.

In between the business and drinking their beer, if they paused for a bit, they could even hear the fairies talk.

─ It’s meat, meat. ─ The aroma is so good.─ Eat. Eat. Nom Nom Nom.

The fairies were eating the ribs the people were holding.

Geomchi27 became friendly with a female priest, they walked on the cobble road while they dated.

“This place has a nice atmosphere, don’t you think?”

“It’s scary. The collapsed brick wall… It feels like a monster is going to jump out at any moment.”

“Then I will protect you no matter what.”

Geomchi27 showed off his trustworthy masculine charm.

There were fairies following them as well. They followed behind them like seagulls following in the sea. When the female priest gave them something to eat from her backpack, they even performed aerial stunts!

After spending the night like that, in the morning there were even more people in Vargo Fortress.

Sometimes fairies brought whole orchards or farmlands from the other region, saying they were repaying their debts.

“Two paladins, three priests wanted for a party. We are aiming for a dungeon.”

“Looking for a party member for a nearby dungeon hunt! Level 310 or more, it’s still dangerous so I am gathering as many players as possible before going.”

“Anyone fish? Let’s trade information about fis.h.i.+ng and catch some real fish.”

  • Resident population in Vargo Fortress has exceed over 2,000.

This was the population that came from Morata in just one day.

Due to the active commerce, there is now tax income.All taxes will be used to repair the fortress.If the lord’s office is prepared, the tax distribution can be adjusted.

With the immigration of residents, the major repair of Vargo Fortress started. As the fortress was quite large, there were many places that needed repairs. With the collapsed towers and buildings, it looked like they had to be completely rebuilt.

But as immigrants continued to come and with players looking for new adventures, the fortress was filled with new life.

Human merchants weren’t the only ones selling their wares in Vargo Fortress.

“Selling tree fruits, medicinal herbs and seeds.”

Female elves came to trade as well. They sold goods brought from the forests and purchased what they needed. Dwarves came as well, sold quality war materials and went back with wagons full of beers. Barbarians had lots of items they needed as well. They brought in leather and j.a.ptem.

This was proof that Vargo Fortress, as an important gateway of the Northern continent, was regaining its previous form.

Weed was hoping for it.

“Make alcohols with fruits from elves, rip off barbarians with hunting goods and shove around dwarves as laborers to make weapons, armors and houses….”

This was the utopian city he dreamt of!____________________________________________________________


Bingryong was hunting on the mountain near Morata! Every time he roared, monsters hurriedly flatten themselves to hide from him. When he flew around the vicinity of the mountain, his large form struck fear into the monsters.

“This guy is mine!”

Wyverns divided the forests and were hard at work hunting. If a monster stronger than them appeared, the Wyverns could bunch up on it together.

“We should go further in.”

“Further than here?”

“I want to kill something big.”

The large flaming Phoenix flew over the sea and hunted a variety of large monsters. Compared to them, Golden Bird, Silver Bird, Gold Man and Yellowy moved quietly.

“This way. The birds told me.”

They hunted in the hunting ground the birds told them about and hunted together. It was a friendly, happy time!

Sculpture Lifeforms from Jigolaths also hunted in their own territories. Unfortunately there were some who died due to monster attacks but most of them adapted well and were growing up.

Suddenly a Whisper was sent to all of them.

  • Are you guys doing well?

It was their creator who gave them life!

Bingryong responded too quickly.

  • I was really hap… I mean, I am doing well

Wyverns also greeted their owner.

  • My back is warm and my stomach is full.
  • Ate a delicious animal today.
  • Wy-Three ate more.

Wyverns had a difficult time not tattling everything.

Golden Bird, Silver Bird and Gold Man responded haughtily that they are fine

Yollowy answered in a friendly manner.

  • I missed you master.

Weed also had favorable opinions of the docile yet brave Yellowy.

  • I was the same.
  • I am relieved now that I can at least hear your voices.
  • We can all be together again. You guys all come here.

It was now time to see some action together with the Sculpture Lifeforms.

The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor

The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor

Dalbic Jogaksa, LMS, 달빛조각사
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The man forsaken by the world, the man a s*ave to money and the man known as the legendary God of War in the highly popular MMORPG Continent of Magic. With the coming of age, he decides to say goodbye, but the feeble attempt to earn a little something for his time and effort ripples into an effect none could ever have imagined. Through a series of coincidences, his legendary avatar is sold for 3 billion won, bringing great joy to him, only to plunge him into despair at losing almost all of it to vicious loan sharks. With revelation of money through gaming, he rises from the abyss with new found resolve and steps forward into the new age of games led by the first ever Virtual Reality MMORPG, Royal Road. This is the legend of Lee Hyun on his path to becoming Emperor with only his family’s loving heart, his boundless desire for money, his unexpected mind, his diligently forged body and the talent of hard work backing him.


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