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The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor Volume 26 Chapter 10

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Chapter 10: The Glory of the Orcs Edit

Weed stayed in Ritten Kingdom as he made the sculpture that the King desired.

Currently, his sculpting proficiency has reached 32.7%!

After creating the sculpture with Zahab, his proficiency increased by making sculptures during his spare time.

“Can the sculpture perhaps be dazzling?”

“The light itself do seem to already express the beauty of the Princess. Ah, by the way… I’m lacking a little of gold to create the sculpture.”

“I will send for it right away.”

Weed made a golden sculpture of theking’s whole family.

Given that his money doesn’t go to this work anyways, doing extra stuff for this sculpture will also give him extra benefits.

Since his Blacksmithing Skill was already at Advanced, it went on smoothly.

The eyes which is the window of the heart were made of gems so the work became even easier and much simpler.

The Queen looked and praised the skill of Weed.

“Your jewel crafting ability is outstanding.”

Weed smiled embarra.s.singly as he blushed.

“With those words regarding the sculpture, I want then to become more serious and not just to compromise. If you would like, I could look into the other jewels of your Majesty the Queen.”

He conned Ritten Kingdom well!

However, the professional jewelers consisted of the Dwarves so Weed haven’t actually achieved his dream yet.

He hasbeen commissioned to create a sculpture of the King, Queen, Prince, and Princessall holding hands. The n.o.bles were positioned and were carved praising and bowingdown towards the position of the king which is then made of silver.

Although this increased the amount of workdone, this is what Weed hoped for from the start given that the backpack he has was also becomingheavier.

He created the sculptures which was literally s.h.i.+mmering with light.

The l.u.s.ter of pure gold combined with light sculpting raised the effect of their brilliance.

Although he created it maximizing its extravagance and luxury, he didn’t miss even the most delicate of parts and there was no fault in it due to the meticulousness of Weed.

Weed was at the moment of completing the piece as the King, Queen, prince and princess looked as they came together.



– Please set the name of the sculpture made.


Weed said loudly as if he wanted others to hear on purpose.

“In honor of the glory of Ritten Kingdom’s his Majesty, I made this hoping for it to exist a millennium so the name of this sculpture is set to be The Immortal His Majesty the King and His Family.“


– Is The Immortal His Majesty the King and His Family correct?


“That’s right!”


Fine Piece! ‘The Immortal His Majesty the King and His Family’ has beencompleted.

The king of Ritten Kingdom, a person who all people look up to and carries a great responsibility.

With the treasures inside the royal palace, creating a sculpture that is harmonized with gold and precious stones would be unable to avoid facing criticism from a lot of citizens who are paying their special taxes.

Nevertheless, this sculpture of gold and jewels will most likely remain as being a great example of an expensive sculpture.

Artistic Value: 923


Special Options: Looking at The Immortal His Majesty the King and His Family will increase loyalty to the royal family.

Ritten Kingdom’s Fame will increase.

Complaints from a lot of citizens will increase.

In the mountains of the kingdom, the appearance of bandits will increase.

Number of completed Fine Pieces: 106


– Sculpting Skill proficiency has increased.

– Handicraft Skill proficiency has increased.

– Blacksmithing Skill proficiency has increased.

– Fame has increased by 514 for creating a sculpture of the royal family.

– Art stat has increased by 9

– Luck has increased by 3

– Charm has increased by 5


The King of the Ritten Kigndomwas greatly satisfied.

“As expected it was a good work.”

“That’s right. It was an honor for this sculptor for this once-in-a-lifetime experience to represent his majesty the king.”

“I will have dinner prepared for you.”

“No. My referrals this time has been doubled so I am unable to receive your Majesty’s goodwill.”

Although it was a rare, Weed refused a free meal.

Every time he creates sculptures he is offered with delicious food so he had a lot of them packed on his backpack.

In addition, if you consider the gold and jewelry that he secretly h.o.a.rded while working, it’s best for him to hurry up and leave!


Wy-3 actively came down from the skies.

A long distance travel from Ritten Kingdom using Wy-3.

“So, I will go then.”

“If there’s a next one, I will just see you then.”

“If it’s for His Majesty, I will always come running.”

Weed rode the Wyvern as it flew over the flouris.h.i.+ng Ritten Kingdom. On the ground were soldiers and the n.o.bility and pa.s.sing on a nearby crowd were surprised users as they looked up in the sky seeing the figure of Weed.


Wy-3 shouted a heavy cry.

“This is money. Later, I’ll feed you horsemeat to your heart’s content.”

In the meantime, being already deceived for so many times, Wy-3 would already be an idiot if he believed these words. However….

“I’ll only give you and not the other guys.”


Wy-3 was leaping with joy.

“Let’s go! Now, to Orc Land!”


Orc Land.

It wasn’t a formal name with another meaning. It was just the famous name that collectively refers to the lands from Yuroki Mountains to the Bursilia of the East.

In there are lots of Orcs.



As it was deep in the mountains, instead of refres.h.i.+ng bird songs, snuffles are the sounds that are heard.

Weed defeated the Immortal Legion in the Yuroki Mountains that’s why he became the pride of the Orcs and then users was able to choose the Orc race. Since then, Orc users became very active in Yuroki Mountains.

Novice Orcs of course were suffering.

The Central Continent and other kingdoms has constructed with castles and walls which in turn could be able to use to prepare on confronting monsters. However, there in the Yuroki Mountains are lots of strong monsters that the Orcs need to confront to survive.

Poor weapons and armor, and even the food was scarce.

It was much more difficult to start here in comparison to other races.

“Ou, Our village is gone. Chwichwichwiig!”

Orc villages on mountains were even disappearing as they were being swept by lots of monsters.

Then a few thousand or tens of thousands of Orcs will then be gathered.



Those fearless Orcs then went off to hold their supremacy in the Yuroki Mountains.

“This time, lots of food were looted, chwichwichis!”

During these cases, Orcs will breed faster by several fold in an instant.

Indeed with fertility of the Orcs and their combat skills, it wasn’t an exaggeration to say that they were given the most privileges in terms of power.

In addition, the Orc users, thanks to a lower penalty on death, fought without a thought for their bodies.

Revenge, food, guarding and dungeon exploration, and even stuff like quests for mine development still continues as they continuously travel throughout the south and the east.

Anyone who enjoys ma.s.sive battles and based on the scale of the Orcs, those who enjoy planning would probably choose this race.

However, when talking complex strategies or tactics, the Orcs wouldn’t listen to it so well.

“What was that? chwiiis, tell it to me again from the start.”

“Meaning, if we secure the valley which is the pa.s.sage to the mountains, we will be able to trade with the merchants…. chiwchwis.”

Simpler words are more effective.

“Those guys there cursed on us, chwiik!”

“Go, chiwchwichwi!”

Stress is something that you can’t acc.u.mulate in this race.

Eating, playing and fight with excitement to where the crowd goes and enjoy the tribe being an Orc.


Weed visited to the east of Yuroki Mountains which is Bursilia where the Orc Stronghold was built.

The larger cities of the Orcs were built on plains.

Although one shouldn’t expect anything from their architectural culture in comparison to Humans or Dwarves, their future Orcs, the young Orcs are very common.

It wasn’t an exaggeration to say that Weed has an extraordinary friends.h.i.+p with the Orcs.

Orc Karichwi!

He perfectly restored the sculpture of the seventh child of Ulchwi.

Being familiar with the looks of the Orcs, he was able to restore the sculpture back.

“In here, the appearance of Karichwi would be probably more convenient.”

Then after transforming into Karichwi, he went to meet with Orc Lord Bulchwi to report about Ratzeburg.

“You look nice as ever, chwichwis. The skin between your nails also seem to have improved.”

Orc Lord Bulcwhi looked at him with envy.

Karicwhi was exceptionally prominent among the Orcs because of his appearance.

With a badly protruding buck teeth, he also has a selfish and filthy-looking face!

Even his character with the Orcs, he was an Orc who came out as a victor leading the war with the Immortal Legion that’s why the popularity of Karicwhi was the highest among the Orcs.

“Meanwhile, you also have a lots of flesh on your chin, chwichwichwit. Your appearance is indeed could kill. Female Orcs have been waiting for you to come back.”

“Bulcwhi, chwiik. If you want to become popular, chwiik! Just eat a lot of fat the night before.”

“Thank you for your words, chwiit!”

“Then, I will tell you about Ratzeburg, chwichichi. Listen carefully and attentively with your ears.”

Talking about Ratzeburg!

Weed didn’t lengthen his talk.

Like when he met with the kings in the human kingdoms, his sense of duty brought some suffering when he visited so there was no need to make up with stories to know what was the significance of this discovery.

“The Orcs have protected the other races, chwiik!”

“Indeed, our ancestors did, chwiis.”

“Ulchwi was also great, chwichwi.”

“As an Orc Lord, I also want to be like him, chwiiiit.”

“We were in peace with everyone in Ratzeburg, chwichwicwhis”

“Chwiig, did they share the food they eat?”

Between the Orcs, dividing a meal means they are recognizing the each other as a fellow.

“They did, chwichichichiiiis! And the Orcs ate more meat.”


You have reported the discovery of Ratzeburg to Orc Lord Bulchwi.

Because of your achievement regarding the discovery of the ancient city, Fame has increased by 960.

The Orcs are now aware that they used to fight with the other races and exhibited their courage.

As a reward, trying to teach them would now increase intimacy.

Courage has increased by 13.

Leaders.h.i.+p has increased by 9.

Charisma has increased by 7.

Fighting Spirit has increased by 6.

– Friends.h.i.+p of the Humans and Elves with the Orcs has now turned into a Friendly state.

– The rough friends.h.i.+p of the Dwarves with the Orcs has slightly improved.


Reporting to the Orc Lord has merited a great reward.

Even when reporting to the kings, his Fame, Dignity, Charm, Charisma, etc. also significantly increased. The reason is because when adventurers reports their discovery, it would raise a wave to the world.

Weed also took out the sculpture to complete his quest.

“This, chwik. A sculpture.”

“Chwiiiik. It seems to have the qualities of a valiant Orc.”


You have completed The Sculpture of Ulchwi’s Seventh Child

The Orc sculpture that has been lost for a long time has returned to the arms of the Orcs.

As they look at this Orc sculpture, they are able to think about their friends.h.i.+p with the other races.



Weed looked as he waited.

Indeed, he was waiting for his next reward!

He needs to do as much as he can for his Sculpting Master Quest. He was also curious about the continuation of his quest.

“This sculpture, chwichis, this can’t be recieved for free.”

“Chwik. Just a right att.i.tude as an Orc.”

Since for the Orcs honesty is virtue, Weed could just ask about others regarding something.

“Chwiichwiig. Come, follow me.”

It was then Weed’s most awaited moment. Orc Lord Bulchwi then went inside his tent. There was a chubby female Orc readying lunch as well as the young Orcs.

“Chwichwi, let’s eat together. It took a lot of effort.”


This form of reward!

For other tens of millions of Orcs, sharing a meal of rice with Orc Lord Bulchwi was a great honor.

‘In any case, there should be some kind of reward from the Orcs. ‘

Weed was smiling wryly but he still sat down.

After all, the meal was already set.

Since Weed had the body of Karichwi, he ate several of the grilled deers.

By the time they finished eating their meals, Bulchwi seriously said.

“I will give you 100,000 Orcs, chichichichi.”

[TLN: 100,000 was in English]


Weed, who doesn’t understand English, suddenly tilted his head.

“If they follow Karichwi, they would like it. chwichwichwiiis!”


Weed now understood.

In quests, one could be given a horde of Orcs as part of the reward!

“No, it’s alright. chwiiik!”

He completely refused!

A starving Orc horde in Morata could overthrow the whole place, one could only imagine what would happen.

Although 100,000 was too much, the fighting power of the Orcs is indeed great. If he were to send them there and the Orcs were able to eat well and spent their time wooing at night, even after just a few months will they be able to mix within the town.

“Also, I have something to show to you Karichwi. Chwichwichwis!”

“What is it, chwiig!”

Bulchwi went behind the barracks and searched the s.p.a.ce with straws lying on the floor. Then, down below appeared a bas.e.m.e.nt.

“This must be an absolute secret, chwichwis. Only Orc Lords know about this place.”

“Okay. My mouth is zipped, chwichiiig!”

Bulchwi descended in the bas.e.m.e.nt and took out a helmet then showed it to him.

“This is the oldest helmet that has been used by the previous Orc Lords. Chwiiig. Chwiig. Do you recognize what this thing is?”

Weed sat down and carefully removed the dirt on the helmet with his fingers.

Looking at the item, the helmet was made by not properly smelting iron. The iron was just half melted.

The helmet was ruggedly made and was very bad-looking along with 3 short horns sticking out.

“Let’s see, chwichik!”

Weed used the skill Identify.

——————————————————————————————————–Orc Lord’s Steel Helmet

Durability: 24/60 Defense: 129

The legendary Orc Lord Parachwi wore this helmet that has been gifted by the Dwarves.

It was produced in the first city Ratzeburg where the four races lived together.

Dwarf artisans made the heaviest and hardest of helmets. It has been a long time but this steel helmet still preserve the life of Orcs.

Although a long time has already pa.s.sed, the Orcs have been able to preserve the life of this steel helmet.

Limit/Restrictions: Orc Lords only.

Level 570 and above.

Strength of 2300 and above.

Special Options:

Obedience of all Orcs.

Birth rate of Orcs will increase by 50%.

Absolute resistance to natural forces and magic.

When a monster is stronger than you, Strength will increase by 40%

The mind is fully immune to magic

All combat related stats +25

Combat related skills has increased damage of 35%

I Impossible to repair.

– Due to identifying a historical item, Blacksmithing Skill proficiency has increased.



Weed made a violent snort.

What a great item! This is exactly one of the equipments that could be said as one-of-a-kind gem.

“This is Parachwi’s, chwichwichwiig!”

“Chwi, chwiiig. Parachwi! You’ve actually heard of him, chwiichwiit. He was a great Orc Lord, chwitchwitchwit! I always imitate him.”

Even mighty Orcs grew up listening to stories about Parachwi all the time. Parents of parents, even those who were much older, even if you went back to the far past Parachwi was already a great Orc.

For Weed, this really old helmet was no different to a treasure. It was a pity that due to the restrictions repairing it was impossible but if you wear it during fights, you would probably have increased your level by an enormous amount already before it breaks.

Although it has a high limit regarding the strength restriction and being an Orc Lord, if he was able to use it, using that equipment would be able to give a push on his Strength.

Then, those roughly made horns caught Weed’s eye.

That part of the melted iron which wasn’t beaten seemed rugged and it seemed to have been carved using animal bones.

“Perhaps this part…. chwiik. Identify!”

————————————-Steel Helmet’s Horn

Durability: 14/25

Made from the bone of a Manticore.

It represents the majesty of an Orc Lord.

Dwarf craftsmen helped make the horns from the successfully hunted monsters by the Orcs.

Artistic Value: 59.

Special Options: Increases Helmet’s Attack by 7%


And as he read the memories contained in the sculpture, images related to Parachwi then flowed in the eyes of Weed.


Orc Lord Parachwi!

His stature was also very large and those clear eyes were looking down at the Orcs from the hills.

He saw the structures that has been built on Ratzeburg where the four races lived.

“Let’s go, chiiiik!”

Parachwi fought wars along with a lot of Orcs with the monsters in the vicinity of the city.

Although Ratzeburg city has been growing and has been cultivating their crops, monsters have constantly been invading it.

Parachwi didn’t just bring the Orcs to stop them. Instead, they even included counter-attacking and eliminated the bases of these monsters.

The area of Ratzeburg became wider and wider every day and also it was becoming safer.

“Chwiiiit, plant more crops, chwichwiig! Let’s divide it so that everyone can eat.”

Not only the Orcs but the Humans, Elves and Dwarves also admired Parachwi.

With Parachwi as head, the size of the Orcs grew increasingly and soon they could even completely calm river basins.

The Orc Lord guarded Ratzeburg. Parachwi is what made the four races in their current state.



Weed made a long snort.

Back in the video, Orc Lord Parachwi was seen leading battles.

Their reproduction rate was outstanding but taking that they were just plain Orcs, they didn’t have much of a strong suit when hunting Manticores.

The Orcs back then were incredibly brave unlike now. These selfish Orcs back then were so devoted that they were even willing to die for their own people first.

Given that they recieved the commands of Parachwi as they fought monsters and large-scale wars, they also gained experience after those many battles

Parachwi was a true Orc Lord!

The Orcs under him have grown as they protect their base and afterwards, when he died, the number of Orcs have already increased to over 40 times their previous number.

Parachwi was able to lead 60,000 Orcs within the Dark Ages of the Orcs.

‘It got to have been really fun’

If he was to lead Orc horde to hunting and was unable to get everything, he wouldn’t be very happy.

If Weed was an Orc himself, he thought it would be very frustrating to live in the continent now.

The Humans in those memories reigned as they were able to build castles and walls while the Orcs were unable to wander around freely anymore.

The Orcs breeded towards the East as well as turned away from the south.

However, those were nothing more than just the past, then there goes their obstructed freedom.

Bulchwi took the helmet again.

“If you were able to remember the appearance of Parachwi back then, then you’re lucky. Chwiig. Although it’s nothing useful but if its an painter or a sculptor then they might be able to do the job. Chwichwichichis!”

“I can make a sculpture of Parachwi, chwit.”

“Then please do, chiwchichichig!”



Orc Lord Parachwi’s Sculpture

Inform the Orcs about the facts that they have entirely forgotten back then. Several years after Ratzeburg, naturally they were unable to remember well things about Orc Lord Parachwi.

Make a sculpture of Parachwi that shows his bravery to the Orcs.

Through this sculpture, the Orcs will be able to learn their forgotten instincts and tough strength.

Upon successfully completing the sculpture, the Orcs will have increased birth rate and stronger power.

Difficulty: Sculpting Master Quest

Quest Limit: At least Sculpting Advanced Level 8

Completion of a Magnum Opus.

Must have an friendly relations.h.i.+p with the Orcs.


If you looked at the history of Versailles Continent, the users has been able to select the Orcs as a race a little later and through this Sculpting Quest would they be able to find out about the glorious past of this race.

“I’ll make it, chichik!”


– You have accepted the quest.



Yoo Byung-jun unlike his usual days, was sensing his body getting older.

But each time he gets up in the morning, his heart was always thrilled.

“I don’t really know what today’s adventures will be.”

He then opened Royal Road and watched a lot of people.

In a brief moment, it revealed a selection of prominent people, victims of power struggles, and people who has great ambitions but failed to have the talent to do so.

Even if Yoo Byung-jun looked at the people of Royal Road, he couldn’t help that the one he look into were mainly limited to top ranking people. It was a fact that for beginners or people who enjoys the game, it was pretty difficult for them to do adventures well.

And being primarily interested about Weed, he looks to his adventure since from the start.

For Weed, he feels like the Versailles Continent was small as he was able to go around areas while doing quests and exploring dungeons.

And now, Yoo Byung-jun was waiting to see the daily sudden adventures of Weed.

“He did well today without suffering?”

If you would look at his suffering appearance, it was enjoyable to see as well!


The Hermes Guild raid was shocked.

“What is his weakness, really.”

Although they came to attack the Elf Villages, it was very clear that Weed had still successfully did his quest.

Not only did the soldiers and the users lost their lives, the hostility of the elves with them has also tremendously increased while on the other hand they haven’t been able to receive any profits from it.

Furthermore, Weed was able to roam several kingdoms very swiftly.

As the inhabitants of Versailles Continent praised Weed, the raid got the news from them but even if they hunt him down, their repeated strikes will always just going to be in vain.

After the rumor about Weed being in Ritten Kingdom had spread, given that he had to stay a little while there, they were able to arrive in the right time.

However, what would they do given that Weed was inside the royal castle!

If they attacked him, they would meet a complete annihilation from the Knights and Wizards of Ritten Kingdom.

They idly scouted the surroundings of the royal castle then Weed after finis.h.i.+ng, he rode his Wyvern then flew away into the skies.

As he left, the line of people waved their hands towards him until the strength of their hands was about to fall.

“Wow! Long live Weed!”

“Please defeat the Hermes Guild.”

“I believe that you’ll be able to push out the Embinyu Church!”

The users and the residents lifted two of their hands as they cheered.

Weed, that d.a.m.n guy’s popularity!

The users of Hermes Guild could only be forced to watch to hide their ident.i.ties.

“Where else would we possibly catch him?”

“Still, we were asked by the guild to keep track of him and we would probably get an opportunity if we give chase.”

Actually, normal users usually doesn’t even leave their starting kingdom and the vast majority of them just keep on hunting steadily. Every kingdom has their own recommended hunting grounds for every level range where most people go along.

So when they have people that they want to handle, they could just wait on such places and it would be usually effective.

However, Weed’s domain wasn’t just one single kingdom. He was a person who had been busy traveling around the entire continent….

“Have you heard of the news in the East? The Orcs there are rejoicing. It seems that some Orc there was able to inform them about a great discovery. Maybe perhaps that was Sculptor Weed?”

“The Orcs now are very proud about their past. So far I was stupid and ignored the Orcs but now I must admit that they are actually our equal. All of this wouldn’t it be thanks to the discovery of Sculptor Weed?”

The Hermes Guild Raid was stupefied.

“This is bad. This time it’s the Orc Lands.”

“When are we gonna go there?”

The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor

The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor

Dalbic Jogaksa, LMS, 달빛조각사
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The man forsaken by the world, the man a s*ave to money and the man known as the legendary God of War in the highly popular MMORPG Continent of Magic. With the coming of age, he decides to say goodbye, but the feeble attempt to earn a little something for his time and effort ripples into an effect none could ever have imagined. Through a series of coincidences, his legendary avatar is sold for 3 billion won, bringing great joy to him, only to plunge him into despair at losing almost all of it to vicious loan sharks. With revelation of money through gaming, he rises from the abyss with new found resolve and steps forward into the new age of games led by the first ever Virtual Reality MMORPG, Royal Road. This is the legend of Lee Hyun on his path to becoming Emperor with only his family’s loving heart, his boundless desire for money, his unexpected mind, his diligently forged body and the talent of hard work backing him.


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