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The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor Volume 26 Chapter 11

Chapter 11: History of Orcs


Weed confidently moved his carving knife.

‘I am somewhat familiar with the Orcs.’

It is really difficult to create a sculpture of something you’re unfamiliar with. And it’s also hard to find balance between these distinctive races since they reveal different personalities. But because of Weed’s adventures as Karichwi within the Orc tribes, he actually knows a lot more than anyone else.

‘Parachwi was an Orc known for being charismatic.’

T/L: [This is that ancient Orc I called Farah before]

Although he had little selfish and evil looking eyes, this was only just part of his appearance. Their past ways of living kept the 4 races alive in the Versailles Continent. They were tough creatures and took control of many frontiers. They would go past the cliffs and head towards the wilderness the monsters are. They will hold chest up high and would seem to have control with their freedom living as Orcs.

Parachwi held a glaive on each of his hands, roaring and was showing a great scene. Weed was making a sculpture at the Orc Stronghold Bursilia high above in a gateway.


“Karichwi is making something, Chwichwit!

“Your talent seems to be good, Karichwi Chwichwichwi!

“Chwiichiig! Let’s go hunting Karichwi.”

The pa.s.sing Orcs were giving a short look as they pa.s.s.

If it was another human sculptor, the pressure would have been very substantial. The Orcs were being recognized as barbaric and heinous creatures that’s why having a certain degree of fear will never allow you succeed this.

On the other hand, it was totally different in the case of Weed.

“Chwiis, don’t bother me. I need to completely boil it before taking out some, chwichik!”

“Chwi, chwiig, Karichwi that would be great.”

“Frightening, chwichwit!”

“When you get back from hunting, bring me something to eat, chwiik!”

“Oh, Roger. Chwichik!”

Weed was extorting the Orcs even from what they eat.

Karichwi’s face is rather different as it was already enough to scare other male Orcs. While the female Orcs, they were secretly looking at his face as they blushed. The brawny female Orcs will then throw dried horse meat to him then show their shyness and run away.

The Orc that the world’s most popular idol!


The large sculpture of Parachwi was about 4 meters in height. Whether it was the Orc’s strength or their dignity, it would be recognizable even from afar.

The Hero of the Orcs was standing on Bursilia!

This sculpture of Weed looked like it was made using a sheer amount of force. But if you looked closely, you will see that it contains very fine details.

The sculpture’s eyes and chin were brown in color even though it was made of stone. Even the wrinkles on the neck was neatly reproduced. Its rough leather armor and crude iron boots gave the same feel as what those Dwarven Blacksmiths makes. The thickness and length of his round glaive along with its sharpness seems good for grinding. There was also a knife that goes well with Orc Parachwi, but it might have been of little use for him.

“This is good enough… chwiik!”

-Please set a name for the sculpture.

“Name, chwiik. I’ve already decided. Orc Lord Parachwi.”

-Is Orc Lord Parachwi correct?

At first, he did the sculpture because of the quest. But after learning the history of Parachwi, he wholeheartedly wanted to do this sculpture no matter what. Although in his heart, he still regrets having the lack of skills.

“The work of Karichwi, Chwiichwiit!”

“Keuuk! After this, I also want to be an excellent warrior Orc, Chwiichichwiik!

“So handsome, Chwiik, he looks like dependable.”

Seeing that the Orcs cheered as they looked towards the sculpture of Parachwi, Weed suddenly felt like his heart became lighter.

At least, the sculpture has captured the hearts of the Orcs.

“Orc Lord Parachwi, right. Chwichiik!”


Magnum Opus! You’ve completed Orc Lord Parachwi
Hidden Heroes have played an important role in the long history of Versailles Continent. This is a sculpture of Orc Lord Parachwi that was brought into this world. The sculpture was created by a sculptor who is discovering the history of the continent by utilizing his full talent. It is an embellished and accurate depiction of Orc Lord Parachwi which gives the Orcs an endless sense of pride.
Artistic Value: 21,328.

An artwork based on the history of the Orcs.

Effects: Increases the Health and Strength of all Orcs by 4%.

Increases the Charisma and Leaders.h.i.+p of all Orc Lords by 14%.

Increases fertility rate.

Reduces the phenomenon of Orcs weakening when fighting stronger monsters even with lower stats.

Increases the growth speed of young Orcs who sees Lord Parachwi by 20%.

Increased birth rate of Orcs Lords and Orc Warriors.

Increases the recovery rate of Orcs around the statue by 65%.

Number of Completed Magnum Opus: 11.
– Sculpting Mastery has improved.

– Handicraft Skill has improved.

– Sculptural Understanding has increased by 1

– Fame has increased by 2,178.

– Art stat has increased by 49.

– Charisma has increased by 22

– Leaders.h.i.+p has increased by 22

– Stamina has increased by 25

– All stats has increased by 3 for completing a Magnum Opus.


Weed felt good that he sniffed and was about to shed tears. His Orc Lord Parachwi sculpture was a successful Magnum Opus. And this time, his Sculpting Skill has also increased by 6.2%.

‘The reason has got to be the big size of Parachwi’s sculpture. Though, I also did well because it was easy to begin with.’

Everything that happened went well!

Bulchwi approached Weed.

“Good work. Chwiiik!. The Great Orc is holding some puny knife used for peeling leather, Chwiik. And I actually wondered if it was gonna be quite fantastic, chwik! Is this what Orc Parachwi looked like? Ch..Ch..Chwik.”

“That’s right. Chwikk!”

“It looks like it could even eat a hawk in one bite! Chwikk.”

“Chwikk. Easily.”

“I like this stone. Great Job. You really are Karichwi. Chhhhhk!”

Orc Lord Parachwi’s Sculpture completed

Through the appearance of Orc Lord Parachwi, the historical legitimacy, strength and courage of the Orcs is being shown.

The Orc’s eyes will now be open to art. Orcs who see this sculpture will understand the mysterious power of Culture.

  • You have finished the sculpture of Orc Lord Parachwi during the first Sculptor Master Quest.
  • This work will be registered as a treasure among Orcs.
  • Culture will be created in Orc cities and villages.
  • Due to the benefits of culture, Orcs will be able to enjoy and learn from seeing a work of art.
  • Friends.h.i.+p with the Orcs has reached the state of “Brothers
  • Orcs will never stand still when crisis befalls their brothers.
  • The Orcs will celebrate the completion of the sculpture and will hold a festival within the entire tribe.
  • The festival will take place for 25 days having increased birth rate of 300% during this time period.

This news was like a blessing for all Orc users!

The Orcs were multiplying at a scary rate. By the end of the festival, there’s probably going to be a ton of Orcs for sure.

Users who chose the profession Warrior Orc usually handle the heavy jobs especially when they are in a hunting party. But also among users, some usually gather youth Orcs in the town when going hunting to give them the heavy burden jobs. Now that young Orcs are growing much faster due to the Orc sculpture, it will make the users really happy.

The Versailles Continent is a vast place and there’s still far too many frontiers. Except for the extremely northern parts, there are several places around Morata where a variety of monster hunting grounds exists.

If this culture reached out to the stronger Orcs on the east and south, then someday an organized Kingdom of the Orcs might be built.

‘Look at that fast power breeding of these Orcs, they may not take so long to finish.’

Up until now, great rewards have been reaped from the Sculpting Master Quest.

Weed waited for Bulchwi to return.

“Karichwi, I thought you were just a normal Orc chwichichis. But it seems otherwise. Chwichiig.”

“I was just a little bit on the superior side, chwichwichwi. Still, there’s no need for you guys to be so timid.”

“Thank you. I will give you a bunch of Orcs, about 250,000 of them chwichik!”

Weed absolutely did not want this compensation.

“Chwichichiik. There is no need so don’t bother.”

“Just take it, chwichwi chwiik! And when I saw the sculpture of Parachwi, I heard the young Orcs sing about a song I really didn’t really know about.

“What is the song, chwik!”

“I really had no idea about it until just recently, chwiik.”

Bulchwi bashed together the glaives in both of his hands which caused sparks to fly up as he sang.

Outside the cozy cavern, Clang!

It’s too hard and high to invade in, Clang!

With a blocked rock crevice, Clang!

I walk against the wind, Clang!

As the winter pa.s.sed, Clang!

I moved through the petals, Clang!

Place where we live, Clang!

To obtain precious water, Clang!

You can sow the seeds, Clang!

You can sow the seeds, Clang!

But monsters are scary, Clang!

We will fight till the end, Clang!

In order for Orcs, Clang!

Orc don’t know how to walk towards enemy, Clang!

Blindly goes along, Clang!

His p.r.o.nunciations were not only inaccurate but also, during the middle of the song, the Clang sound was where the important words were at. Each hit of the glaives was overflowing with excitement between its stones as it violently strikes down and gives a reminiscent look as that of a drummer.

Despite having a lot of difficulty on hearing the song, Weed still clapped even though Orcs were actually tone-deaf creatures.

“Great singing! chwiik!”

“Any Orc knows how, chwichwichik. Although I sing better, Chwiiig! But of course still not as good as you Karichwi.”

– You have gathered the information about the four races who lived in the cave.

Bulchwi then continued.

“Karichwi, no matter what you do, chwiiig! We are always here for you. About the songs that the young ones are singing, chwiik. Could you go and find it out?”

Everyone knows about the song of the Orcs!

Ever since the users has been able to use the Orcs, the Orcs have been singing some songs. But the question is, whether these songs actually points to a quest or to a treasure. But, if you actually didn’t know the exact location of Ratzeburg, it was actually an absolutely useless song.

The Orcs were not leaving any writings for the future. And with their frequent battles, they could just thin out and die. Their only means of pa.s.sing important information to influence their race was through singing.


The Sanctuary of the Four Races
Humans, Dwarves, Elves, and Orcs lived together in a cave! The four races teamed up and were able to survive together.
Report on how they lived together inside the cave.
Difficulty: Sculptor Master Quest
Quest Limit: Sculpting Skill Advanced Level 8 or higher

“Chwiik. Of course, I’ll learn about it.”

– You have accepted the quest.



Lee Hyun’s hair was messy and his body ached badly. He was as tough as steel, but he’s recently going in between attending school and playing Royal Road so he acc.u.mulated a lot of fatigue.

“Maybe I should take a break for a day.”

He recently suffered a major event in the Rosenheim Kingdom and after that, he’s been stuck on doing continuous quests.

His head was particularly painful; searching for information about Ratzeburg these past few days seemed to have exhausted his mental power. The body important and must be conserved like a treasure. When he was young he didn’t know anything at all about how precious the body is as getting sick gets increasingly harder as one age.

“Young people need to stay healthy or else they would end up paying hospital bills.”

Hospital bills are more dreadful than a dragon!

It was Lee Hyun jumped out of his blanket then started eating breakfast.


Straight to sleep!

It did not even took 30 seconds for him to fall asleep again completely. The moderately humid room is full of hung up laundry and by placing pots with plants and herbs, would it bring the room a feeling of relaxation.

“Ah. I slept well, it’s already lunch.”

Lee Hyun got up for lunch and ate rice then right back into his cycle and went under his blankets.

“Zzzzz, Fuhyuhyu.”

He slept until evening then ate rice again.

“There are nights where I need to sleep soundly. Worrying too much about things can cause problems. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.”

He lied down and slept deeply as soon as the lights have been switched off. After sleeping the whole day, he was woken up by the chirping birds early in the morning.

Lee Hyun jumped up right out of bed.

His body felt lighter and fresh, he was even considering on going for a cold bath to clear his head.

“It has been a restorative sleep.”

This was the best medicine since it did not cost any money.

Now that he has his mind relaxed and have eaten, he was already in the mood to start a good day. He logged in into his computer to check the finances for the house. But then, he suddenly remembered a promise he made.

“Oh, is today the day to go hiking?”

The plan he made with Hyo Rin Jung to go hiking was today. [T/N: Hyo Rin Jung is Hwaryeong]

Lee Hyun suddenly forgot that he was looking towards their household budget schedule.

He needed to climb up early on a mountain in the morning since she needs someone to look out for her.

“Sigh~, I need to get ready.”

Lee Hyun immediately informed his sister to wash up and prepared a meal for her to eat later then wore T-s.h.i.+rt and pants.

Hyo Rin Jung was born to be a musical genius.

For Hyo Rin Jung not to be put in an embarra.s.sing situation, even though Lee Hyun did not really want to go climbing, he just thought of it as an exercise and feeling fresh air. It would be healthier to wake up early on a regular basis for delivery than to hike occasionally. Lee Hyun was not really in the mood for hiking as he had delivered 500 newspapers and milk by running up and down steep hills on a snowy day in the middle of winter.

“I do want to know a little bit of the good view of the mountain, but I don’t really know where to go.”

Lee Hyun just waited while he was on his computer. Before selling equipments, he went and confirmed the market price first.

The transaction price for swords are steady right now while the price is dropping for the staffs. The price for mage equipment were originally expensive, so for it to sometimes decline should be normal.

Recently in the Hall of Fame, videos of independent adventurers were being more popular compared to the users that shows a guild war during the recent week.

While in the forums most of the time, people talks about three trending topics. It includes their boasts about the Hermes Guild, The Embinyu Church and other guilds. But right now, what dominated were the stories about Weed’s adventures and his quest.

Weed felt proud as the Orc Boards were full of praises for him. The female Orc users says that their ideal guy was Karichwi and should dependable while others say that day by day he was becoming more brutal.

‘It seems a lot of users are picking the Orc race now.’

Maybe it was somehow due to the inconveniences in the Yuroki Mountains and the city being not that developed that the users does not usually pick this race. But this is actually the appeal of the race itself since it allows things like raising your own young Orcs which allows other people to appreciate the Orcs more.

Owning a tribe of young Orcs, it will steadily grow and grow until it became thousands in numbers. Due to the nature of their species, they are being able to rapidly expand in an area. Some popular users actually include Orcs that have quite achieved a large amount of forces.

Kkokkiyo! Kkokkiyo!

[T/N: And yes this is a rooster crowing.]

He goes between the internet and boiling the sauce then waited for it to cool down. It was 6 am and the promised hiking is almost approaching. Lee Hyun made a pajeon and was only preparing a kimbap and makgeolli.

[T/N: Pajeon is a korean pancake with green onions as its main ingredient along with otheringredients.]

Kimbap is rice with various ingredients usually covered in seaweed like sus.h.i.+.

Makgeolli is the korean wine made from either fermented wine or wheat.]

‘Then, I’m going to eat.’

As he was making a cheap lunch, he jumped over to look out of the window and Hyo Rin Jung’s car was parked in front of them. She got a show until dawn then came straight there. She was wearing a hat and and actually fell asleep on the driver’s seat. Lee Hyun gently tapped her window and Hyo Rin Jung woke up then greeted him with a fresh voice.

“Good Morning.”

“Is that drool in your mouth…”


And before the sun came up, they went right off into the mountains.


The car was parked in a parking lot near the entrance of the mountain and Lee Hyun brought their lunch in his hand.

“Shall we?”

“Yes. I think this will be enjoyable because it has been a long time since I went hiking.”

The city was not that far from the mountains. But since they came early, it was very quiet in the parking lot. Hyo Rin Jung was in her hiking boots with his backpack along with her climbing gear and was perfectly ready.

“How’s school life?”

“I attend just not to drop out.”

“Just asking out of curiosity so please don’t misunderstood, are you planning on having several kids?”

“These days when raising a kid, you need to make money. It is a must to do.”

“Don’t you think it’s good for extended families to have harmonious relations.h.i.+p?”

“I’d rather cherish my family rather than cherish someone with a lot of money. Rice is already enough to feed someone so what you need in life is someone that you really love, am I right?”

“But, you still need money……”

They went up the trail as they had a 20-minute conversation of that kind. Hyo Rin Jung was hiking with the desire of being with Lee Hyun as long as possible which took around 4-5 hours.

“This is more like a test.”

Even though she had physical training like stage dancing, this sudden hike in the mountain still forced her down to the ground in the morning.

“All my makeup is already erased…..”

Hyo Rin Jung stopped and catches her breath.

As they climb up, her heart beating fast as her body temperature rises was evident enough that it’s already unreasonable to continue!

That’s why after a while of climbing they rested. Although she wanted to get going, the way she looked she might go down if forced to go on.

“Wait a minute, let’s get some rest”

After climbing for another 30 minutes, it was already hard for Hyo Rin Jung.

She relaxed on a stone near Lee Hyun as she waited for supplements then he said.

“Is it hard? Do you want to come down now?”

“Absolutely not! I’m saying we go up to the top. The fog at the top is floating so if it lifts up I will be frustrated since I want to feel it.”

Lee Hyun waited for Hyo Rin Jung who was sitting next him to get up and depart. But at some point, Hyo Rin Jung’s head gently leaned to his shoulder.

She lacked sleep because she prepared right after her concert and could just sleep for a little bit during dawn.

Lee Hyun sat there and felt the breeze as he listened to the sound of the birds. Hyo Rin Jung continued to lean on his shoulder as she slowly fell asleep then Lee Hyun tried to wake her up.

“Hmm, it’s cold to sleep in a place like this. You should take your medicine or else you’ll catch a cold.”

Lee Hyun took his sweater off and carefully wrapped it around the back of Hyo Rin Jung. She was so deep in sleep that even waking her up couldn’t even do anything.

“If that’s the case, I’d rather carry you on my back then.”

Lee Hyun pulled up the arms of Hyo Rin Jung.

“Now, where should we go?”

At once, he started to climb the mountain again.

“I remember when I used to deliver rice in high mountains like this.”

Back then, he had travelled 20 kilometers bringing 3 sacks of rice so Hyo Rin Jung was rather light. Carrying a girl up a mountain is not easy, only because he did had a lot physical training could he easily do this.

He could go and carry her without even resting.

Drops of sweat came from his forehead along as it was drenched along with his t-s.h.i.+rt because of the sweat and fog. It was really hard to move without giving her discomfort.

“Today I don’t have any need to go out, my whole day will be solely on Royal Road.”

Lee Hyun piggybacked Hyo Rin Jung and strongly believed in his body due to his past experiences of carrying heavy sacks of rice.

Hyo Rin Jung was having a dream.

Whenever she is having her hard times, there would be a man that would back him up. Although poor at academics, he was caring and warm like a family man! Although he has an eccentric personality, he’s still funny and trustworthy. This was her dream marriage life.

“A guy who does the laundry, wash the dishes, cleans the house and earns money.

Then have kids and share hards.h.i.+ps as they grow up.”

Hyo Rin Jung’s dream family was perfect in everyway. On the television are apartment commercials, refrigerator ads, and was.h.i.+ng machine ads. All of it put together has a sweet dream-like atmosphere.

Hyo Rin Jung then wakes up from her dreamland and slowly opens her eyes. A snapback to reality, she was on Lee Hyun’s back going up the mountain.

‘Oh… he’s giving me a piggyback ride.’

Hyo Rin Jung tried to ask why but then thought it would be difficult for Lee Hyun and might surprise him if she did. Secretly deep down she felt warmth from Lee Hyun. She did not feel that the scent of a man drenched in sweat was disgusting or dirty.

“I want to get up to the top, could you do that as a favor to me?”

Hyo Rin Jung was getting all warm inside to the point that she can’t even imagine.

The warmth was indescribable.

His breathing was getting heavy and his whole body started to sweat while silently climbing up the mountain!

“I don’t really know what you’re going to see at the top of the mountain. But as soon as we’re up there, we will eat kimbap and afterwards go back down.”

He would have never imagined what she was thinking.

Hyo Rin Jung buried her face onto Lee Hyun.

‘I am glad we came to the mountains, today seems like it will contain many happy memories.’

And Lee Hyun…

“Heavy, heavy…….”


Weed connected back to the place that what was Ratzeburg. Based on the songs of the Orcs, the sanctuary of the four races was located in a cave.

“I have to look for places with mountains or mountain ranges in the surroundings.”

Beyond the Great Plains of Ilsu was a steep and mountainous terrain.

“Going against the wind, so it must have windy parts. Walking with the blooming flowers, though it might be spring at that time. There are lot of areas with blooming flowers….”

Weed who was in Ratzeburg decided to go towards the most probable place with the same topography, towards the east.

He could’ve just took the Wyverns and went to the possible mountains. But, they might pa.s.s something and go beyond it so he chose to just directly walk until the end. Also walking allows you to see more, think more and also experience many things.

Vanessa Gardens

Because of the b.u.t.terfly Festival, there would be lot more people in this place. The flouris.h.i.+ng flowers were all in full bloom, that’s why Weed was so careful not to step on them.

“Let’s not destroy nature.”

He slowly walked on the ground as flowers that swayed by the wind could be seen.


A lot of people who were attending was endangering the flowers on the roadside.

Some of the flowers which took the Lord trouble of putting them in the roadside were already dying.

– For having a good treatment with the environment your Flower Arrangement skill mastery increased.

– Affinity to Nature has increased by 1.

A smile flashed from the Weed’s face.

“Well, not really expecting something like this… But, this is also not quite bad!”

Even though he could not pull out flowers because of Affinity to Nature, he could still make a landscape map of the area and sell it to Florists.

He continued to walk on the garden and found a place where rubble was piled up. It was strangely old and was the type of thing that you would pa.s.s by without regard. But Weed still wanted to go closer the rubble just in case.

At that moment….


You have found the historical place of Petra Walls.

Your Reputation has increased by 230

Your Intelligence has increased by 3.

You can now build Petra Walls on your governing cities.

Petra Walls reduces the morale of the of monsters with low construction costs.

A vision appeared in front of Weed.

Dwarves were splitting through big rocks. They were cutting the rocks to an appropriate size and let the Orcs build. The rocks then became a barrier to prevent monsters invade the Great Plains of Ilsu

“If it was back then, I would have not come here.”

Weed stood near the rubble as users nearby frequently pa.s.sed by. The users went to the hunting grounds and stepped into the rubble then just went away, Weed prayed right after. But someone like Weed, discovering something or having special experience was not what he was looking for. He was considering on joining the festival but then what Weed only really wanted was historical knowledge about Ratzeburg.

‘I have to know the equipments that they used to know their topography’

Weed goes around and find what he could on the Ruins of the Great Plains of Ilsu.

What he got was not very significant. He got weapons of Orcs stored in their storehouse along with seeds that belonging to the Elves found on a hill made of stone. Because it had been too long since Ratzeburg had existed, what he found was only broken pieces of pottery along with some metal debris. He also then fished on the Tinius River.

Fis.h.i.+ng in Ratzeburg

This was the location that the humans used to catch fish.

When there’s no meat around, Dwarves also often come here.

Your Fis.h.i.+ng Skill proficiency has increased.

Using this fis.h.i.+ng spot to fish would increase the probability of catching fish by 37%.

After these minor discoveries, Weed gradually walked towards the east.

After a long time of searching, he arrived in a mountainous area. With his level, Weed does not need to worry about surviving from the beasts residing there. Beginners who starts in Boronis also sometimes come here. It’s rough terrain was by far still normal and also almost desolate.

“It seems to be around this area.”

He arrived to a place with blooming flowers after walking down a path in the mountains of Ratzeburg.

“It is very high and indeed difficult to break in. I’m going to have to do a search in the higher part of the mountains.”

Through inspecting several mountain peaks, it alone would reduce the area to be searched.


Weed rode the his wyvern while looking on the mountains.

“I’m exposed too much; monsters on the high mountains would quickly discover me. The four races must’ve chosen a place that would keep them away from unwelcome forces.”

He went and looked at these peaks.

“The terrain must be very steep. If you rolled in this cliff you will die.”

The place has a normal amount of trees while the closest place to this valley also seems to be good. In this quest, Weed gathered a lot of knowledge regarding its location from the store houses.

“This is too narrow. Even though it is a large cave it will be too hard to…. pa.s.s through!”

A cozy sanctuary yet hidden!

A lot of trees grew up here while large and small rocks were located down below. A lot of beasts do not dare to come here but that might be also because there are other monsters that were hanging near the gorge.

Weed walked around and checked the rocks.

He was also pus.h.i.+ng larger rocks and look for hidden s.p.a.ces that might not have been explored yet. There were a lot of pieces of unusual rocks on this peak. But sadly, there was only one rock that was useful for a sculptor. Even if a sculptor was lacking strength, he could just use a good trick in this rock and just chip it away and break it down. Many of the materials used was here, although he just find it a little strange.

“There are some signs here, looks like hit marks…”

Some scratches were found around the rocks!


– You could see hit marks of Orcs.

“It’s nearby.”

Weed looked around with keen eyes.

A suspicious area where large trees are conveniently located. The trees are very tall, and there are many stones and rocks below.

‘I never thought it would be located here from the beginning’

Weed started from above and cleared the stones one by one.

Tuda dadak!

A squirrel jumped out from a hiding place and startled Weed.

Weed pulled out a stone that seemed to look like it was artificially placed among other stones of proportional size.

“This has been worked on.”

With all of the stones removed, there was an entrance to a hole that was big enough to accommodate two or three people.

The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor

The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor

Dalbic Jogaksa, LMS, 달빛조각사
Score 8.6
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Artist: , Released: 2007 Native Language: Korean
The man forsaken by the world, the man a s*ave to money and the man known as the legendary God of War in the highly popular MMORPG Continent of Magic. With the coming of age, he decides to say goodbye, but the feeble attempt to earn a little something for his time and effort ripples into an effect none could ever have imagined. Through a series of coincidences, his legendary avatar is sold for 3 billion won, bringing great joy to him, only to plunge him into despair at losing almost all of it to vicious loan sharks. With revelation of money through gaming, he rises from the abyss with new found resolve and steps forward into the new age of games led by the first ever Virtual Reality MMORPG, Royal Road. This is the legend of Lee Hyun on his path to becoming Emperor with only his family’s loving heart, his boundless desire for money, his unexpected mind, his diligently forged body and the talent of hard work backing him.


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