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The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor Volume 27 Chapter 1

Sculptures Made from Earth

“Could this place really have something? I have not seen anyone enter this huge place at all.”

Weed saw a glowing light inside the cave and picked up a magical stone.

Inside the cave, Weed held a magical stone which releases light. Although he could use a torch to light up the cave, but if this place really was the one, the heat from fire could possibly damage the ruins.

Weed walked inside the cave.


You have found Montvertruria, the sanctuary of the Humans, Elves, Dwarves and Orcs!
You have arrived at the cave where different races together had lived and overcome challenges before they scattered around the Versailles Continent. The origin of this place, was said to be the remain of a blessing from the G.o.ds.
Benefits: Fame has increased by 12,000.
You have received the ‘Adventurer Who Explored the History of the Continent’ t.i.tle.
You can report about this discovery. n.o.bles and knights can’t afford to hide this great discovery, you must directly report to the King.
– Due to your successful adventure, all stats have increased by 7.
– Courage has increased by 12
– Due to this historical discovery, Intelligence has increased by 9

Finally, the cave in which the four races lived has been found. His Sculptor Master Quest to find Montvertruria after Ratzeburg has led to a successful discovery!

“Kehehehe, I have come to the right place!”

Using the magical stone, he found his way in the dark and found out that the interior was pretty broad and forked off to a six-branch path.

“I’m going through all of it. Not going to every path would be ridiculous.”

His Sculpture Master Quest is right on track so far and he was also excited on finding something about the history of the races. It was better than expected.

Weed’s imagination unfolded as he thought that it was like buying a winning lottery ticket then his life suddenly changes like the people who he cares about.

‘The first cave contained gold ingots while the second one gave out ancient diamonds and lots of rubies; rubies have increased in value lately. The third cave contained different weapons and minerals. The fourth one gave out silver ingots. Well, it would’ve been great if the silver was not tarnished. And now the fifth cave…’

Even one antique vase would already have a tremendous value itself.

“I did not know I would be selling antiques for money. Life is blind once a lot of money has been coming in. Kehehehe.”

Weed’s heart palpitated and trembled.

“The Sculptural Master Quest has never been this good. Going here first, even beggars could get rich on robbing this place.”

The oldest place on the continent, naturally he is going to sweep everything and leave nothing behind since you won’t really find anything here except for best treasures.

Weed saved the largest one among the forked paths for the last. If one relied on his instincts rather than greed, this would naturally be the better choice.

“I think that in there, it will just give me gold. But anything is also fine.”

Jewelry, gold, silver, antiques and ornaments! Any of those, unless there are also other valuable goods.

Clink Clink!

However, there was only a little that remained in that cave and only one broken steel weapon was left on the ground. The greedy Orcs took everything when they migrated from Ratzeburg. It was as if a moving company was called and left it desolate!

Weed was not yet done. He looked at the whole cave and tried to find a secret pa.s.sage that might also contain goods.

“This must not have seen yet by anyone. Or else I would have not even gotten any chopsticks nor rice bowls.”

Hope has slightly decreased.


They were eating meat from Vargo Fortress when Geomchi1 decided that their group needed to be stronger!

In the Yuroki Mountains, Seechwi and Geomchi2 were having a date as figures of drunk people hastily arrived. The Geomchis, all of them have gathered including idiots starting from Geomchi2 to Geomchi5.

Geomchi1 said.

“Let’s kill all the monsters in this region.”

“Yes master, let us prepare then.”

Geomchi2, who was a teacher about tactics and combat readiness of the Orcs in Yuroki Mountains realized how important it is.

Based on experience, these dojang instructors of the Orcs could barely take a hit.

Geomchi1 shook his head.

“You guys could just barely fight monsters and we need to do something about it. Let’s go.”

“The Master’s words are right. We are in the wrong.”

The Geomchi instructors and pract.i.tioners went to the gate of the fortress and headed to a dungeon. Without a plan, they headed forward with only rough terrain on their way.

They always fight this way since it included high risks which was the only way to win big.

Martial Arts was a profession where you must overcome your limitations. You must have the courage to jump down from a cliff in order to get stronger.

“There is a dangerous place nearby. You will notice Barbarians when you enter while there’s also a lot of monsters that will come.“

“Then let’s go!”

Even though the Barbarians were just outside the Hairen Nest, they still did not risk going in.

But, Geomchi1 led his disciples and went in without hesitation.

“Kill all of them!”

They only chose monsters which looked strong when they were fighting.

During their beginner days, a lot of them died because they lacked barley bread.

“Why are you leaving yourself in a good shape when your mind is having hards.h.i.+ps.”

“Do as the Master says!”

When one’s mind is poor, the body also suffers. Conversely, if the body is weak, the mind will also suffer.

He pleasingly smiled as he watched the monster legion since ignorance can always be attributed to bravery.


“Hehe, these guys are fast and strong.”

“Refurbish your skills. Sword-cloning Skill!”

“Concentrate your attacks!”

The Geomchi pract.i.tioners struggled and fought from their respective positions.

However, monsters still continued to emerge and jump out of Hairen Nest.

In the surrounding areas, hunting did not occur that much. That’s why the monsters there have been breeding for a long time now. It’s also why such an uproar have arisen as they flock like a swarm of bees.

The monsters that attack the fort in order to obtain food were the small and weak ones of the herd. And because of that, the level of monsters that they were currently hunting has already entered a whole other level of monstrosity.

The Geomchi pract.i.tioners then realized that they haven’t really met a lot of crisis that often.

Eventually, the pract.i.tioners died one after another. The seniors risked themselves in saving each other; at least they still have their spirit even if they lost the battle. Even though they have the Sword Cloning skill, it was still very difficult to deal with the monsters. Since with their low mana, they could only use this skill a few times.

“Well, I guess that we need to invest a little more stats on Knowledge and Wisdom in order to increase our mana.”

Every time the pract.i.tioners level, they were putting only one point on Wisdom.

They underestimated their skills even though it would actually help them to lead a fight and also be helpful for their body.

Geomchi5 shouted that the scouts that went out before already came back.

“Master, monsters are coming!”

“Really? Then let’s go and find a good place to defend.”

The Geomchi pract.i.tioners from Vargo Fortress ran away towards the surrounding ridge and hid under it. The group of hungry monsters who just came back from the outside had flocked towards the instructors.

“Eat humans!”

“They are fools to have come out of their city. Also, their weapons are mine!”

The monsters dripped with their drool as the black land surrounding them was covered by it.

The Geomchi pract.i.tioners felt a surge of tension and excitement.

“I never thought we would be able to fight up wholeheartedly. Monsters who fight up to this extent should be tasted.”

Even though the Geomchis already sustained some injuries, they still went in and fight.

“Keh! Human, die!”

“Get the skin off the snake and it could be eaten!”

Monsters shoot poisoned arrows and even used magic.

Suddenly, people suddenly emerged from the ridge around them and out came a surprise.

It was the Geomchi pract.i.tioners that were located on the surrounding ridges. It looked like a war as the fighting broke out.

“Seniors, go ahead already.”

“We’re coming!”

And again, the pract.i.tioners died one after another.

This time, there were a total of 143 who died. With the current strength of the Geomchis, they sustained enormous damage. After the battle ended, the surrounding corpses and loot that piled up could already fill the surrounding mountains.

“Master, should we pick the items on the ground?”

“Just bring those which looks sellable.”


The merchants who would hear this conversation would be shocked.

Usually, the Geomchis only takes swords and weapons that look good and the rest of it will just be

left because it’s tiresome to bring it.

“And also, look for rings and necklaces. Be sure that I will get the one with the most Knowledge and mana.”

“We need it so that at least we could use our skills at least once. We need to become strong now so pick up all the equipment around.”

Geomchi1 was a man who ignored rings, necklaces and other accessories that he wore until now. There were even rare jewelry items among the things that he abandoned since it did not get his interest. The collected value of them was actually already enough to buy a collection of luxury villas in Morata.

“Master, I have seen Barbarians around a dungeon entrance .”

“The let’s not just watch and go find it.”


The pract.i.tioners split up and found the Barbarians along with the dungeon entrance based on the description.

“Let’s consider it first.”

“Let’s go in!”

You have discovered a Dungeon, Favlo Mountain Den.
This is the borders of Barbaric Kana Tribe.This monster den is very important to the monsters. Stories says that this place contains hidden treasures of the monsters, but someone has yet to enter and discover it.

If you conquer this dungeon, you will receive honor from the Barbaric Kana Tribe.

Reward: Fame has increased by 1980.
Double experience and item drops for one week.The first monster to be killed will drop out the best item.

The level of monsters in this den must be very high, they might not even have average level monsters.

“Let me see your battles. Inside is the lair of the monsters so until you beat them, meat is prohibited.”

“Yes, Master!”

Geomchi1, Geomchi2, and Geomchi3 explored the interior of the den and led half of the pract.i.tioners into battle.

Geomchi4 and Geomchi 5 along with the rest fought with the monsters who were coming to the entrance of the den.

From childhood, even though their school did not feed them rice, they are still full with over three meals a day. Even though their test scores were bad, they still eat well and receive warm praises from their parents. That’s what the pract.i.tioners have to remember!

And whenever they are dungeon hunting not only did they not eat meat, they were also not eating rice. Even though it is difficult, they still overcome the battles.

“I will take the lead.”

“Master, we’ll follow right behind you.”

Geomchi1 along with Geomchi2 and the pract.i.tioners, head straight and fought all the monsters that emerged.

The levels of the pract.i.tioners were not very similar; and in particular, there were low level people. However, the instructors and seniors watched each others back and perfectly cleaned up the dungeon with only 47 deaths.

“Well, a lot died.”

“I’m sorry, Master!”

If you compare it to the difficulty of the dungeon, what they got was actually just a minor damage. They fought without a priest and just used bandages to cover their wounds and they still performed an incredible performance.


You have cleared Favlo Mountain Den.
You will be respected as a true warrior by the Barbarians of the Kana Tribe.
– Fame has increased by 2.
– Charisma has increased by 1

The pract.i.tioners did not insist on using swords during hunting. Basically, using swords was an excellent idea, but Martial Arts with the Weapons Master skill made it possible to use all kinds of weapons.

If you have a long range opponent they could use bow and arrows to attack while if the opponent is tough and has a high defense then they could use axe as a weapon. This way, you could take advantage of the weapons whenever they are needed. That was their huge advantage.

The Geomchi pract.i.tioners could change their equipment to become different types of combat professions so that they can do a precise hunting when fighting Bosses.

“Is it already the end?”

“Yes! The treasures have also been taken already. It turns out that these monsters have quite a lot of weapons and coins that piled up from the fortress of the Niflheim Empire.”

“Among the equipment, is there anything I can use?”

“They are all very old stuff… Just a bunch of armors. But it looks like it could be fixed.”

“Let’s just show this to Weed later on. Now to eat rice, let’s go to the next dungeon. There must be at least one strong one there.”

“Yes, Master.”

The Geomchi instructors and the pract.i.tioners just ate barley bread to fill their stomach. They went to a nearby dungeon without even going back and repair their equipment at Vargo Fortress.

And again, 39 became victims of the place after cleaning up the dungeon.

“There are really a lot of good monsters and dungeons around this area.”

“It seems like they are for us, Master.”

“Also, where is the nearest dungeon in the vicinity?”

“According to the words of the barbarians it is located straight ahead.”

“If it’s close then let’s go so that we could eat rice.”

The Geomchis entered into a nearby dungeon again. This was the third dungeon they have entered and also the hardest one yet.

In this place, 53 people died while 130 people were wounded and it would be difficult for them to battle for the next 2 days unless treated by divine magic.

“Send the injured kids to Vargo Fortress, we are going to the next dungeon.”

“Yes, Master.”

Geomchi wanted them to grow stronger that’s why he decided they continued on.

Their levels also exceeded 300 because as their comrades die, it also increases their XP.

Many of the victims were pract.i.tioners so they have to cooperate more

So far, the monsters that they were fighting was far stronger than the average monsters. And currently, there seemed to be a growing tension and seriousness on the fight.

Even if arrows suddenly show up and hit the seniors, they would still have a lot of health left.

“The 350 of you, retreat to the sides!”

One of them was injured badly on the ground and one senior still helped him as they were attacked from everywhere! The teachers and pract.i.tioners stepped in and used their skills in battle. They should become more cautious when they are hunting inside the borders of the monster den; but instead, they still fought riskily and hastily.

When they see a weak point on the monsters, even though no one is saying anything, they would unite and focus their attacks until they break through. Geomchi2, Geomchi3, Geomchi4 and Geomchi5 with the teachers, other geomchis and the older pract.i.tioners cooperated their attacks and broke through like they sharp fangs.

With years of sufferings with each other, they could just exchange glances and they will never lack anything in battle.

“Geomchi2, Is it hard?”

“No, Master. It’s actually quite fun. Let’s go to the next dungeon.”

“Let’s go!”

Geomchi1 was then followed by the instructors and pract.i.tioners as the mood changed. They got

excited as their enthusiastic selves remembered the fights that they’ve fought.

This was the Geomchi way.

In Royal Road, when monsters die,they don’t really die. In reality however, people die and knowing it will help them to move one step forward.

Inch by inch and step by step, they tediously hunted and collected EXP to build up their proficiency on their skills. They also trained m.a.s.o.c.h.i.s.tically but, they practiced like this in order to become stronger.

Despite of having an impossible battle, they still adapted to the situation very well. And their crazy hunting speed was already enough to give gooseb.u.mps! Even though they have injured legs and there are monsters at a distance, they still tried to fight.

The Geomchi pract.i.tioners have then already used up all their strength and raised their levels.


Weed was currently at the entrance of the forked path and just came out from the fifth cave.

Even though there was only one place that contained gold and silver, the other rewards made him smile that it was already enough to reach the heavens.

Weed then ran into another cave as soon as possible.

The entrance to the cave was a little smaller this time so he guessed that the ones who lived here are no other than the Dwarves.

“If it is the Dwarves, what they have will probably be something expensive. I only expect the best from these races.”

Although the entrance to the cave was quite narrow, the s.p.a.ce that it was connected to was significantly larger. Inside was dug up places and stone pillars etc. The foundation for the whole cave was also inside.

It was the first city in the continent that the Dwarves created and in there, was a miniature version Ratzeburg.

As a sculptor and a person who owns a city and a castle, having sufficient artistic and archeological knowledge by observing the shape of the city was enough for him to build buildings and areas from the ancient times.

Buildings from the ancient times require a shorter construction period at a low cost. With its high historical value as well as its cultural aspect, even if one’s city development is low, this will help raise it.

Rather than creating a new building, he could restore the shape of a building that once existed and its properties should also be granted.

You can now build Special Ancient Buildings.
Art, Knowledge, and Luck has increased by 13
The Dwarves would stand and look at this miniature version of the city of Ratzeburg that was made.The Humans, Dwarves, Elves and Orcs lived in harmony because the model showed that they used a variety of different buildings and structures.
Maroon Colored Street
The paved stones in the city will make it easy to move.Helps horses and people move quickly.
Special Properties:
Historical Value: 3580
Artistic Value: 498
This helps promote commercial development.
Orcish Bathtub
Sometimes after going to battle, the disgusting Orcs go home early and use this while dressed.It is even wide enough to drag it down to the river for a swim.

It ‘was’ great pride for the Orcs to finish having their baths and looking respectable.

You might die if use this with low health.

Special Properties:
Historical Value: 1935
Artistic Value: 179
After bathing, your physical recovery rate will increase by 45%
Orcs increases their Charm by 3.
The Ancient Amphitheatre
This was made so that the races could discuss the threats surrounding them. But soon, it turned to a place where the Orcs and Dwarves boast their strength. While the humans create musicals as the Elves showed their proudest Elemental Magic.
Special Properties:
Historical Value: 7410
Artistic Value: 2930
This will cause a significant impact on culture and local politics.

Increases the loyalty of the people.

The Great Trees Square
This place symbolizes the unity and prosperity of the four races.This is a square with fruit bearing Kota trees at the middle.

A lot of Orcs, Humans, Dwarves and Elf mothers spent time to care for the children. When a mother is raising a kid, they need to give them meals. They very much do anything from selling their unnecessary stuff to helping on hunting and construction.

The most enjoyable sight that happens here is when husbands get in trouble and their wife scolds them that tree.

Special Properties:
Historical Value: 9340
Artistic Value: 689
The Kota tree is needed for construction.

This showed a very large impact on the formation of the earliest commercial cities.

Helps in stabilizing peace and order and reduce conflict.

What Weed wanted was that yellowish gold.

But instead, what he acquired was knowledge about a lot of buildings and structures in Ratzeburg. The ancient city buildings had low cost. Whether it was culture or technology there were no limits overall. So rather than creating new forms of architecture, the buildings were just restored and in addition, will also have historical value.

Weed then recalled the content he has seen in the information boards post in the past.

“Historical Value of a city….. They found a lot of ruins of a city called Antika.”

Ratzeburg is already beyond comparison to the human city of Antika which was built far off to the future. Having historical value on a city brings tourists from all over the continent. Depending on its commercial development, the cultural growth will also be faster.

“Anyways, where is that hidden gold?”

Weed looked all around the cave of the Dwarves and it looks like there’s nothing to grab there. Except for the miniature scale of Ratzeburg, there are only vague traces where a furnace was installed.

“I’m pretty sure there’s no treasure here. No! It’s too early to conclude it. There must be something that I missed, they might have left a map or something.”

Weed used his hand to touch and observe the walls and ceilings. He also looked at the material the stones were made of. Perhaps because he was blinded by jewelry that he did not abandon his expectations until the end.

He held on and just grabbed onto his will to not give up!

“I’m sure. Clearly, there’s no way that this place will have no remaining items anymore.”

Weed walked away from the model of Ratzeburg. He took a stick and walked as he poked the ground.

We do not know if someday there will be another sculptor that would come and discover this cave. How depressing would it be if he would hear a rumor that something else was discovered here that Weed missed. It was more terrifying than having chicken and pizza past its expiration date along with undercooked pork belly then riding a public transportation with a sick stomach.

Tung Tung~

At that time, something rang on the ground.

“What’s in here.”

Weed carefully dug the ground and looked. He found 12 kegs that were sealed.


Aromatic Dwarven Keg
Durability: 4/25
This drink is made by brewing different fruits and grain. Back then, it was forbidden for the races make liquor and the Dwarves sneakily brewed and drink some.The barrels were made of elven wood that’s why over time, its deep flavor permeated into it.

But since too great of a time have pa.s.sed already, the question was whether the alcohol actually tastes delicious.

“It’s alcohol. But I don’t really know if I want to drink that.”

For Weed, everything that’s free is quite a good thing. But that was really just as much as rotting already.

Even if he sold it to others and they accidentally died, he could just deny the facts and eat their insults. What only prevented him from doing it was having a lot of people being ripped off, tarnis.h.i.+ng his reputation.

“I’m just going to see the seniors and give this to them.”

The Geomchis would not possibly regret it, even if they died due to drinking.

There were several caves where the Dwarves stayed, but he only found some pieces of broken bowls in addition to the barrels. Other than that, his other discoveries weren’t really that important.

“If anything else, these barrels… are gonna be worth the same as great antiques.”

With this, Weed’s face finally brightened up a little.

The barrels was made from Elven wood so he could a.s.sume of its archaeological value. While the material of the barrel is good, the materials used on the alcohol was fresh so it’s also expected to be good.

Weed having a lot of background in alcohol making learned the recipe which corrected some of his a.s.sumptions about alcohol making and increased his cooking skill level.

This ancient treasure that the Dwarves made, could help him reap huge profits using the recipe. It could also allow his cooking skills to level up and gain more popularity.

“The alcohol, I would’ve immersed it a lot if it was me.”

Weed had collected fruit while he was hunting on certain regions. He had a lot of experience on manufacturing alcohol because he was using those fermented drinks to sell or give them to the Geomichis.

The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor

The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor

Dalbic Jogaksa, LMS, 달빛조각사
Score 8.6
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Artist: , Released: 2007 Native Language: Korean
The man forsaken by the world, the man a s*ave to money and the man known as the legendary God of War in the highly popular MMORPG Continent of Magic. With the coming of age, he decides to say goodbye, but the feeble attempt to earn a little something for his time and effort ripples into an effect none could ever have imagined. Through a series of coincidences, his legendary avatar is sold for 3 billion won, bringing great joy to him, only to plunge him into despair at losing almost all of it to vicious loan sharks. With revelation of money through gaming, he rises from the abyss with new found resolve and steps forward into the new age of games led by the first ever Virtual Reality MMORPG, Royal Road. This is the legend of Lee Hyun on his path to becoming Emperor with only his family’s loving heart, his boundless desire for money, his unexpected mind, his diligently forged body and the talent of hard work backing him.


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