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The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor Volume 27 Chapter 2

A Ceramist

Weed entered the cave of the Elves.

The cave was warm as if it was outside and not deep underground. There was clear running water inside the cave along with an abundance of trees and flowers.

You have enjoyed the garden of Elves that was created at Montvertruria.

It was a garden that the Elves planted and grew!

It was an important source of nutrients for the races when they hadn’t caught anything and food were insufficient. Even though the Elves have departed and many long eons have pa.s.sed, this garden has grown and endured on its own with the blessings of the spirits and nourishment from the earth.

– Due to the adventure, all stats has increased by 6.– Luck has increased by 7.– Affinity to Nature has increased by 3%.

Weed lifted the vines that were draping through the trees and stumbled across a pond in the center.

The plants that grew in the pond looked like emeralds. It was filled with lush and overgrown trees and flowers which makes an atmosphere that makes him feel desolate. They were growing high enough to reach the ceiling. Although there was no one to watch it, the flowers had already budded and started to bloom. With no one to eat them, the tasty fruits had just fallen to waste on the ground.

“How unfortunate that these would just be thrown out like this”

Because he had brought 70 leather bags with the expectation that he would perhaps obtain some items, there was plenty of s.p.a.ce remaining to store them. Weed gathered various seeds and nuts then cla.s.sified them by flowers and trees, and then put them into the bags.

If there was anything there at all, he packed it up without exception.

“If I were to plant these in Morata, nothing bad would probably come.”

Weed was excitedly collecting the seeds and putting them into his bag when the flowers and trees suddenly shook gently.

Furthermore, they gave off a strong and mysterious scent.


We welcome visitors to the flowers and trees.

These long-lived plants seek fresh air, water, and sunlight.

If planted safely, and the trees and flowers are unharmed when the tree grows you will be able to receive a reward.

He was going to take them either way, but to think that he ’ll also receive a reward!

Weed took an axe from his backpack

“I don’t know whether to use this to make a table, chair, or something else.”

It would have been fine to just cut up the bottom trunk of the tree and bring it. But he still dug up the ground with the flowers and also the tree roots including its soil and put it in a bag.

The value of Elven wood whether as a building or as a material is very high. It was ultimately the best material when dried under the sun. If the tree does not die and is planted on a fertile soil, then it shall grow into a very big tree.

Although the garden of the Elves had different kinds of flowers and trees, many of them were common except for 7 seeds.


Brond Tree Seed
Durability: 1/1
The favorite fragrant wood of the elves.

Once grown to 2m in height the tree will bear sweet fruits, and the leaves can be used as medicine. It has a very clear spirit and so it grows well in unpolluted lands.

Snowflake Flower Seeds
Durability: 1/1
It can’t be easily picked up since they are very small seeds!

It grows easily in shallow soil so it’s recommended to instill to the ground. It’s blooming flowers look like a snowflake and the seedlings spread relatively fast.

Jackal Tree Branch
Durability: 22/22
A steel-like solid wood.

It has an excellent growth rate.

It blooms only during the spring and does not bear fruit.

Pyrud Tree
Durability: 10/10
A hollowed tree.

Usually used as habitats for small animals.

If a dense forest is created using this, it will increase the fertility rate of wild animals.

Creating a flower garden and forest and putting them around Morata and Vargo Fortress was not a bad idea.

“Seems like a lot of tourist attractions are going to be put on this year. Since I only have my sculptures there, it’s a little empty. I also need to create a place for couples to go out without spending a lot of money.”

With Morata and Vargo Fortress, his future plan of ripping off couples would have a lot of places to exploit!

The old people like forests especially mountains and valleys. Those rough and rugged mountains on Vargo Fortress would most likely be one of the top tourist destinations with that outlook.

Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter; tourists could fully enjoy the landscape with the changing environments. Especially now, since continuous renovations were being made to Vargo Fortress, it could now accommodate tourists with excellent and alternative buildings.

But there was also a slight problem that bothered Weed. And that was that outside the gates, it would be too dangerous. When the beginners go out for a walk, they couldn’t have imagined that they would meet a monster and have no time to escape then die. It was truly a dangerous attraction.

“I guess this is enough for now.”

Weed packed a few more items into the bag which included seeds, trees and also fruits.

Because there were so many items he had filled 45 bags with the items from the current cave.

“The caves are not yet fully explored. There’s also still the humans’ place, got to fill these bags from the place I’m going to next.”

Weed went into the next cave.

Inside the cave where the humans have lived, he found that there were a large number of paintings there. He found inexperienced workmans.h.i.+p of past humans and also found traces of art that was just created for the first time.

Dwarves could have made better quality arts due to their high dexterity, but the dwarves instead made practical and durable items such as equipment and weapons because the dwarves valued such practical and strong ones since it was necessary, and so it was the humans who made the first artistry on flowers.

They even had clay figurines, bowls that were made from baked clay, and even sculptures that represented G.o.ds. There were even images that were painted on the ceilings and walls.

You have seen the statue of the G.o.ddess of Land Minne.

You have received the blessings given by the statue.

Your affinity to nature has increased.

You have seen the statue of G.o.d of War Ahtrok.

Combat Mastery has increased by 3.7%

Strength has increased by 3

You have seen the statue of G.o.ddess of Cooking Hestia.

The fire when you are cooking will adjust on its own for 30 days.

You have seen the statue of G.o.ddess of Abundance Freya.

Art, Charisma, and Luck has increased by 9

It was the oldest remains of the Versailles Continent. It was also the beginning of sculptures and artworks being born in this priceless place.

“There were over a 100 sculptures here. But, the paintings were painted on the wall… Too bad the paintings already went through time and its color already changed and even has cracks.”

Weed admired the old sculptures which were not even recorded on history books. There were sculptures of 32 G.o.ds and 11 G.o.ddesses which had a very smooth and aesthetic appearance that was much better than what Weed could have made.

The Statue of Freya had excessively large b.r.e.a.s.t.s while her sides and thighs were not the usual sizes. Each of their standards for beauty was different during that time frame. Because the orcs liked fat and large bodies, there were some statues and sculptures that were fatter and wider than normal.

Between the circle of G.o.ds, there was no difference between the great religious statues since they all had historical values. There were also some significant things to this. When a priest has been found at certain conditions, one could revive its religion.

“I guess even I won’t be able to take or sell these unique items”

Weed, no matter what his strength or stats were, could never have been able to take on such a terrible curse to that extent so he just viewed the items.

Most of the sculptures were a replication of their own appearance rather than having various themes. The sculptures expressed scenes of hunting or cooking around a bonfire.

Most of them were made by baking clay.

It may be because in the past, the technology of carving stones was not as developed as it is now.

“These types of sculptures doesn’t seem bad as well”.

Weed did not prefer baking clay when sculpting.

Clay is to be avoided when sculpting very large sculptures. If a hard stone was used for sculpting, a chisel could be used for various exquisite expressions and it is also easier to adjust the sizing accordingly. The stone is also favored in a way where it is less likely to be damaged after finis.h.i.+ng it.

The larger the clay sculpture is, the more likely it is to have cracks or end up crumbling due to its weight. However, clay is a wonderful material in that regard because it is made by a sculptor’s hands.

In other words, the clay sculptures were done with feelings.


A historical day to the Versailles Continent.

The Hermes guild completely swallowed and picked up the Kallamore kingdom.

The Kallamore Kingdom ceased to exist.
The King has died.The honor and respect of the n.o.bility and aristocrats will be lost.

The Kingdom Knights affiliation disappeared and received new ident.i.ties as free knights.

They will not be able to swear loyalty for 5 months to other n.o.bilities.

The citizens still remain loyal to the King and Kallamore Royal Family.

The wickedness that the invaders of Haven Kingdom displayed shows that they might undergo severe hards.h.i.+ps in the future.

The Security has decreased by 96.The Productivity has decreased by 87%

The Culture has decreased down by 79%

Commercial activity has shrunk severely.

Monsters are rampaging in every direction.

Fall of the Kallamore Kingdom!

The broadcasting stations and most of Royal Road users leaned to the side of the Hermes Guild.

Because people would have a better impression from the Hermes Guild which gained even more power and territory. Users who are not within the Hermes Guild circle of influence will not be able to be symbolized as a power. In addition, the guild brings many significant benefits, for example, private hunting grounds, weapons and armor, and even support for magic books.

Following the might of Haven Kingdom, there will be a possibility of them raising taxes in order to raise a more powerful military force. But the fact still remains that there were remaining areas in the Kallamore Kingdom that were still not neutralized.

Resistance armies rampaged from all locations, residents burning villages and fleeing.

Petrov appeared on the occupied territories of Kallamore Kingdom.

“There are still traces and signs of the war.”

The military that fought seemed to swept devastation towards everywhere in the city. On the streets, there were fragments of broken weapons, arrowheads, etc. Although, there were still many users that were active residents that lived there.

“That vile Haven Kingdom. I will take revenge on them.”

“Bardray. There might be no one that would be able to compete with their military force. And now, Kallamore Kingdom is just going to be forgotten in history.”

“In the occupied territories of Haven Kingdom, double taxes will probably going to be imposed. Ugh. I have abandoned the mill because of this war. How am I going to prepare for those taxes now?”

The suffering voices of the residents could be heard.

Residents of Kallamore Kingdom in the area have lost their properties from arson and looting. After the knights and soldiers lost their lives in the war, the monsters from Senbain Mountains came down near the village and jumped in.

Even though the users could protect it, a lot of them still left and just went away to another Kingdom.

“Let’s go to another kingdom. There’s not much help we could do here.”

“Yeah. I’d rather go down to the South.”

“Let’s just depart anywhere as soon as possible. I just want to get out of here already.”

For the beginners, it is a necessity to move and choose a place that is more stable in order to hunt.

Although to a certain extent, most users are already at a level where they are able to receive lots of requests. However, due to residents living in poverty they do not get the deserved reward. In order to avoid severe persecution from the Hermes guild in the future, they would rather move to a different kingdom.


Petrov looked at the Kallamore Kingdom.

The cities were so devastated that they were already incomparable to anything.

“The state of Hermes Guild does not interest me.”

The strong military force that headed off to war!

They were occupied at the capital enjoying a rest. The hards.h.i.+ps of the residents is already evident while a lot of the monsters are still around the kingdom increasing their suffering.

“They seem to be doing this intentionally…..”

Hoping this could raise the level of their soldiers, they are increasing their force by utilizing the large scale breeding of monsters. Petrov was suspicious and uncertain on whether the confusion was created to make the recruitment of soldiers easier or whether to make the army stronger and more energetic.

As for the Haven Kingdom users, they planned to save them for later so that they could easily get fame if the capital rebuilds.

But right now, the fleeing residents were already killed by the monsters.

“I’ll draw these scenes into a painting.”

Petrov focused into it after looking with his eyes and painted the ruins of the buildings.

A painting that represented the horrors of the war!

Thanks to Petrov being not yet famous, he was not found out and also not disturbed.

From the fine pieces that were drawn, sometimes a masterpiece will come out.

The residents approached him.

“Hey, are you a Painter?”

“I’m just a little decent, but yes.”

“I need a favor… I want to have of painting the tranquil old days in my house. I can only give you the description of the life back then.”

“That is enough, I can make the painting based on your description”

Petrov also receives commissions from people and resolves it for them.

He looks at the bulletin board of the old village and looks at the photos there then draws a painting based on it. He also secretly draws the paintings of the banner of Kallamore Kingdom and the knights that died in the village.

He was placing the joys and sorrows of the residents into the paintings as his fame rises while also gaining intimacy.

Petrov still has not yet drawn anything in his canvas when he suddenly recalled the unforgettable face of a person.


She might have even known that he had appeared at Morata.

But, her brother was Weed.

He had a brief encounter with Weed, but he was greater than what he expected. The conversation they had before splitting up flashed before him again.

-There’s a lot of meat, freely eat what you can.

-Thank you.

Weed was so kind-hearted that he even extended his own hands towards strangers!

Actually, the meat that was brought out into the festival was just be eaten mostly by the Geomchis and as for the other users, they would just think of it as an act of kindness….

Petrov remembered the grilled meat made by Weed, it was juicy and chewy while the flavor remained intact.

“He’s also good at cooking.”

After he had learned that he was Yurin’s brother, Petrov had reevaluated his opinion of Weed to a better light. Weed’s Sculptural Lifeforms, being Lord and leading Morata and Vargo Fortress were all amazing deeds.

On the day his adventure happens, the ratings of the stations would soar in unison.

“Doing sewing or general work. I can’t be compared to him on fighting or even in just levels.”

Petrov suffered a wound in his heart.

He wanted to impress Yurin by showing off his painting skills.

But even though he had a lot of confidence, it was hard to compare his skills as an artist to a sculptor’s.

He also has a quite a lot of organized people that could intervene. Weed was also the one who made the specialty landmarks located in Morata which are the Tower of Light, Freya Statue, and more! Weed’s accomplishments were impossible for anyone else to achieve or follow.

Although Petrov does have the skills to compete, it still seems that he was unable to win the respect and affection of people like Weed. He was constantly creating works of art so it’s still nothing even if he took away Vargo Fortress from him. Petrov just realized that the sculptor profession will still be more respected compared to a painter after being snapped out of his arrogance.

“I know why Weed’s sculptures were amazing. They were created through adversity and that way, it will receive recognition. When there was nothing during the early days of the town and even stars were not even present in on the place, he made the Tower of Light which gave the residents courage and when he created the Freya Statue he united the people. It was then when culture and development started of the now flouris.h.i.+ng Morata.”

Each sculpture has a story and each one also endured their own trials. Petrov actually also toured the continent and created pieces based on his own adventures.

But it seems that only after receiving the recognition of the people will he be able to proudly walk in front of Yurin.


The Gra.s.s Porridge Cult had already surpa.s.sed 3 million people!

In the continent, they are considered the largest force in the north.

But, most of the beginners over time had committed some dreadful things.

I don’t want to go alone since I’ll be bored. I am hunting at the Chaotic Rocky Area anyone who wants to hunt together can come along. I am a girl.

Someone at the entrance of the shack left behind a post.

Then, a hunting party of 20,000 had been formed!

If not for this bulletin board thing there wouldn’t have been such an uproar.

“There’s so many people together. Anyways, shall we?”

“Lets run. I’m excited.”

“It feels like this is just a group picnic.”

In the chaotic rocky area, the large amount of monsters who lived up there were exterminated.

Does your Gra.s.s Porridge members always visit a map and the usual is what always happen? I was in the midst of traveling when I saw Herd Plains and there were delicious and full grown in there. In Morata, it’s a little freezing. However, the Gra.s.s Porridge Members would have not much trouble if we do something about it right?

At that day, Morata’s Gra.s.s Porridge Cult moved extensively. Day and night people went to Herd Plains and because of it, the number of people there was already impossible to estimate! But only one thing is for sure, after three days, the Herd Plains has been renamed to Herd Wastelands.

This is Rebecca, a merchant from the Central Continent and its my first time in Morata. I say h.e.l.lo to you all and for travelers that needed large open s.p.a.ces outside the east gate, 20 silver each one is enough. It’s on a first-come, first-served basis so don’t come in late. Huhuhu.

Merchant Rebecca continued on interacting as she held her empty pockets then sadly cried.

When the Gra.s.s Porridge Cult was just starting they were just a poor group of beginners. Initially, they were just alternating on hunting rabbits, deers and wolves. But as they grow in Morata, they would introduce quests to each other that gives out at least 1 silver.

During the early days of Morata, the city wasn’t even fully equipped with necessary things and people didn’t even go outside the gates since there was the risk of the bandits. However, as Morata was developed day by day, the members of the Gra.s.s Porridge Cult also grew.

They went as a crowd when hunting as they also actively partic.i.p.ated on other quests.

Although they were doing boring and easy quests, their motivation was great.

“In Morata, there’s a lot of requests related to the Niflheim Empire.”

“Can we succeed on those quests?”

“We can’t. But if we obtain leathers even without having commissions, then one day we’ll be like Weed.”

“Gra.s.s Porridge! Gra.s.s Porridge!”

As they were enjoying the arts and their adventures in Royal Road at Morata, the Gra.s.s Porridge members were gradually growing and we’re not even aware of the big change happening.

In a brick house shack.

They wore cheap clothes and decent equipment. The Gra.s.s Porridge cult members were also eating decent meals from restaurants. The average levels of the beginners were climbing up step by step each time Morata’s production and economy increases.


Weed found the suitable clay on making a sculpture in Montvertruria.

Clay pieces could express any subject. You could create the work very well even though you only know the certain characteristics of the race.

The effect of having good Handicraft mastery was also a big advantage.

The color and texture of the clay is an important part of every sculpture and made it possible to create something as if it was alive.

Looking at the finished product, its viscosity was unsatisfactory.

“The facial lines and fine clothes is the tricky part since it needs to be delicate.”

Collecting clay for making sculptures has a new feel even for Weed.

“When I was a kid I played with mud and created one or two things with it.”

During the rainy day season, did not have the leisure to joyfully play with the soil. During his childhood, he created a dam using the clay that prevented rainwater on seeping through and sold it for 300 won to his friends!

He had not needed toys, instead he had used materials such as water and dirt to build it.

“These pieces that I created are already okay. The materials also vary depending on the representation that I want to do. In particular, the soil in this area is really good.”

The soil particles in Tinius River are double in number and also pale white in color. If he gathered the mud and small pebbles and filter out those foreign materials in it, it will be an excellent material to make sculptures.

Sculpting was an art closely related to life.

The materials in his surroundings easily absorbs moisture and becomes clay and shaping it allows you to create a piece comfortably. To create something beautiful or create something you cherish is the natural choice to do.

There was no need for heavy burden jobs like cutting gems or stones.

Weed then turned his eyes to the other clay works.

There he saw a collection of past eating utensils such as crude bowls that were made from clay. It still has artistic value, but it’s still not much, what matters is the historical values of these amazing antiques.

“I wonder what it’ll be like for me to make such pottery out of mud and clay?”

Instead of simple dirt plates, he wanted to make a ceramics!

Even though celadon and white porcelain had been around for many years, people were still impressed by them. [T/L: Celadon is a Korean porcelain with a translucent and pale green glaze.]

Producing things like that seems to be a good way to raise his sculpting skills

“It very easy to transport but still costs a fortune if sold. The material costs for creating this does not even exist. Kehehehe.”

Weed came out laughing as he thought about the money he would earn. The requirements to make ceramics were Blacksmithing Intermediate skill level 7. Along with his ability to deal with fire, he could create excellent pieces.

He thought about retiring from making sculptures and instead make a living through blacksmithing, if he decided to change to a blacksmith he would not have to worry about food and expenses.

“Now, where am I going to start. I’m not yet familiar with it so I’m going to start making the bowl from the inner side.”

Making sculptures has such a broad domain. In here you need to shape the clay using the hands and then bake it in fire since there also different fields in sculpting.

Blacksmithing Skills are better related, but the basic forms and appearance is a work of art so one needs Handicraft Skills, Engraving Skills, and Blacksmithing Skills in order to make the ceramics.

Weed shaped using his mud-covered hands but creating a round bowl using his fingers was not comfortable for him.

“Someone have to help me in this. Dirtman!”

“What makes you bring me here.”

This Dirtman that he summoned looked drooped and tired.

During the old days, it was always delighted whenever it was summoned to the world. But very often, they were being summoned primarily by Morata users. At first they were steadily doing their good work, but then they slowly became foul-mouthed. Some say that it’s actually charming in its own way then they even gained popularity.

While a.s.signing work they would often repeat a phrase or comment.

“It would have been better if I had not been born…. Why do I have to suffer as soon as I was born?”

“Oh, my back. My back hurts but I still have to keep working.”

“This task is very easy. If you finish early should I give you a break?”

“They say that the Lord of Morata, Weed is the most handsome person in the continent. But I don’t really know whether to trust that.”

When the Dirtmans were working diligently, these spirits would even receive more work. Their different personalities became strong and carefree compared to Weed’s which was the result of the steady eduction that the spirits received from him!

The created spirits of this abusive sculptor had no choice but to bear their orders.

“There is work you want me to do.”

“We may be a little tired but if master asks then we will work hard for master.”

“Its an easy task, just make this turn for a bit.”

Weed stretched out wide stone tablets to Dirtman.

He realized that he needed a rotating bottom plate when piling the mud in order to make pottery comfortably.

Weed was very focused.

“Rotate it and maintain a constant speed. Don’t shake it or else it will stop.”

“If it’s just something like this, it’s easy.”

The tablets were not a little bit lighter than wood, but Weed still did not care.

It was not his task to do work, but the Dirtmans’!

“Remove any debris or stones that are caught in the mud.”

“I’m going to pick it out.”

“Summon Fiery Pebble!”

“Weed hurray!”

“You, make a fire.”

“Keuhi, I know.”

“It needs to be hot and strong. We also have to maintain it at a constant temperature.”

Dirtman and Fiery Pebble were given their tasks and fully undertook their work.

Weed also summoned other spirits.

“Droplet summon!”

Then, a pretty spirit made from water dew mysteriously appeared.

“I want to do what you’re doing, Master.”

“You sprinkle some water over that heap of earth over there.”

Usually, because of his mana shortage, he limited summoning of spirits to a minimum. Even though the spirits were called separately, his skill proficiency on Elemental Shaman skill still did not climb.

Now, with Seulroeo’s Wedding Ring, Baharan’s Bracelet and Helium Torch, that level of mana consumption was pretty easy to bear. With sharing his work with the spirits, the structure of his workplace in making pottery was now roughly equipped.

“Forming a simple bowl would probably not be that difficult.”

Weed used his hands and bashed together the wet soil.

In the rotating stone plate, he started to create forms using the heap of mud. With a keen sense in his fingers, he made sure that the mud do not get crushed and get built little by little.


As he molded the clay the shape of a plate was being made.

“This method of crafting is actually pretty fun. Since the material is free and easy to acquire it won’t matter if I fail”

Weed made items ranging from bowls to plates.

His first attempts were crude, like a dog bowl, then later he managed to make more acceptable bowls.

“Should I bake it now?”

Weed put the plates and bowls into the fire. While putting the items into the fire Weed thought that they would heat like ceramics, but instead the water evaporated and shattered the clay.

“I guess I’ll have to wait for the clay to completely dry before I heat it”

The ‘dog bowls’ had already dried and because of that, he could use them for experiments. Weed created a furnace and put heaps of dirt into the furnace and heated the dirt.

If you are cold and hungry, you could solve it by eating hot sweet potatoes. It’s like killing two birds with one stone!

After burning the wood, I could use the ashes to cook the potatoes, sweet potatoes, and meat deliciously. Just telling the Geomchis that I would cook these for them would be enough to make them drool enough drool to cook ramen in.

“Now then, it’s time to check how my finished project looks.”

Weed turned off the fire in the oven and looked at the ‘dog bowl’.

Adjusting the temperature suitably for the mud must have been what he had probably done wrong since approximately 1/3 of it has cracks. Some parts of the rim were cracked, but the rest has a well-baked appearance that he initially wanted.

– You have made 29 bowls, Sculpting Mastery has increased.– Blacksmithing Mastery has increased.

“Not very pretty but anyways this is my first work. Identify!”

Roughly Made Bowls
Durability: 11/11
A pot that is wide enough to hold food.Made by the famous artist Sculptor Weed!The thickness of the bowl is very thick and there are no significant tacky burns due to strong fire.

The practical usage of clean clay as a material was very excellent!

If this work of Sculptor Weed emerged to the continent would be wanted by a lot of people.

Artistic Value: 27
Special Options: Storing in this should improve the taste and aroma of the food.

Considering that it was his first work, it was already good. The thickness of the bowl had made it rather heavy and the size of the bowl was pretty big. His failure was written all over the product.

“Not only this bowl, I want to also make ceramics.”

It could be seen the only thing to do basic pottery is just using mud and fire. He made the bowls simple, rough and just how he wanted. In order to make a piece, he needs to refine the soil particles until it becomes fine enough and that is when he could make a form into it.

“To the next piece…”

He continued his work as Dirtman, Droplet and Fiery Pebble helped him.

He created a little more delicate form of pottery and continued to experiment with the temperature of the fire. After doing the form of the pottery and completely dried it in the shade, he put it in the oven and did biscuit firing.

He finely adjusted the fire.

He then proceeded and put glaze on it. He made several types of glazes by crus.h.i.+ng stones mixing with ashes of burned plants. He also created a variety of colors in the process. Weed mostly prefer color white or transparent blue.

He applied the glaze then went back to baking using a strong fire as the inner glaze beautifully melts down and the ceramic was completed.

Weed experimented on different types of glazes as he uses his Mining and Herbalism skills and used it on practicing on baking ceramic.

“My hands have quite a lot of work to do.”

Pottery is very meticulous. Even though he was successful, this work is not very easy. Any little mistake in the whole process will change its color. Weed has made numerous burnt bowls and only broke the bowls if a failed piece is produced.

Hailed by the Artists as the continent’s best sculptor, his pride has been instantly crushed.

“This is fine. The materials are almost free!”

Weed was very positive.

Sculpture and Ceramics were deeply related, but their methods of making largely differed that’s why he failed to learn it. Creating a form with clay and going through a number of steps was also fun.

“Let’s make it more diverse. I think it’s still early but I’m still going to try and undergo with it to see if it’s alright.”

Things that Weed could create using his imagination was endless.

A jug that resembled the shape of an animal!

Ceramics is not just for dripping water to the mouth. If he tried to make a turtle, he could demonstrate his skills as a sculptor better. Weed already made a lot more of complex sculptures.

“As an ornament it is already selling well, as an artwork it’s going to be worth even higher.”

He united the mud into a solid and then chose how to sculpt it using his carving knife. Because he was unfamiliar with using wet soil and doing complex shapes, he had to considerably suffer. Even though the carving knife was only swerving into the mud, there were still parts that were mashed.

“I want you to grab and hold it just to be sure not to shake the mud, Mind Hand!”

Weed having Advanced Handicraft Mastery, used his hands showed skills that only appear on legendary craftsmen. Because of his full concentration, the physical contacts did no damage to the ceramic.

Meanwhile, his sculpting knife was able to trim the shape up.

“The number of work is a lot. Call Death Knight Van Hawk, Call Vampire Lord Torido!”

“What’s going on!”

“Where is the fight, master!”

Van Hawk and Torido was also summoned!

“If you guys can’t always have fun! Hurry up and break this!”

Weed made them break stones and mix charcoals. Their duty was to make glazes.

Van Hawk and Torido did not strongly resist their tasks. While traveling with Weed, they had already grown familiar with Weed’s such as crus.h.i.+ng garlic, peeling potatoes and onions.

“At least today’s task is easier.”

“I hope I can finish early and rest”

Weed made the ceramics with the three spirits along with Torido while Van Hawk is also given a lot of work in the process.

– 42 special types of ‘dog’ jugs has been created. Sculpting Mastery has increased.– You have succeeded on adjusting the fire delicately.– Art has increased by 1.– Affinity to nature has increased by 2

This time, it seems that he somehow managed to produce a decent work.


Duck Water Jug
Durability: 14/16
A water jug represented by a mother duck.

This piece is an excellent sculpture made by Master Weed in a different area. This is going to pitch a high price as the duck is incredibly and clearly expressed.But this was not managed to be glazed evenly because of some insoluble materials and there were also slight cracks inside because of its complex structure.A rare luxury, it seems like the high n.o.bles and royalties are going to like it.

Artistic Value: 361
Special Options: +26 Dignity

It will enhance your dignity to the kings and n.o.bles.

Given the fact that Weed is still inexperienced, creating a good piece of pottery like this is already on the successful side.

“Now that I’m familiar with glazing, I need more practice on making ceramics.”

Torido, Van Hawk and all of the spirits were on the move and had work to do. But there were still unexplored caves in Montvertruria

“Maybe I should fill the entrance to this dungeon with a bronze door to have a nice atmosphere in here.”

Weed sent a whisper to his sister.

– Yurin.

– Yeah, brother.

– What are you doing?

– I’m currently feeding Yellowy gra.s.s.

Yurin particularly like Yellowy more than the other sculptural lifeforms, she especially paid attention to and stroked his rib area.

– I found a place during my quest right now. I’ll explain it so could you hang out here? Many of the sculptures and paintings are going to be helpful to you.

– I’m feeding gra.s.s to Yellowy.

– Oh, and bring the others. I feel that underneath this place will be a dungeon.


Yurin used Picture Teleportation to teleport herself along with Pale, Maylon and Surka, and so they arrived together.

“There is actually such a place like this! I’ve never seen something like this. Can we look around here?”

“It’s okay, help yourself around.”

Weed said generously.

The place is quite okay for him anyway since he have certainly packed everything he wanted.

“This place in the history of the four races is marvelous.”

“My art stat also increased by quite a lot. Thanks to you Weed my art stat have exceeded 300.”

As they enjoy Weed’s sculptures and go for an adventure, the art stat of their party grew steadily. Even those with a non art professions was already enough to be considered as an expert. Morata users had much higher stats on the artistic side compared to others who belonged to other cities. With the development of Morata through sculpting, painting, singing, dancing and performances, residents would find that a lot of requests has a lot of connection to arts.

“Is this is what you made with clay?”

Hwaryeong showed an interest to the bowls and jars that Weed made.

She saw his experiments used different glazes and that each of the bowls was made with different colors. Among them was a clean and clear white bowl which caught her eyes.

“It’s beautiful.”

“The hardness of the glaze is not that good, but it is among the best of-of the good pieces I’ve made.”

It was fine, but there were some parts underneath that was not glazed although his works are becoming increasingly better and more durable.

“I really want to have this bowl. Can I have at least one?”

“Feel free to take anything as much as you want.”

There were many bowls and since they were being ma.s.s produced, giving away a couple of it would not be a huge waste.

Mapan arrived late and looked at the bowls with s.h.i.+ning eyes.

“Weed, Hi. I would like to have a few….”

“Of course I’ll sell.”

Weed cut him off coldly.

It was because Hwaryeong’s purpose was just for collectibles while it’s obvious that this Mapan will use it on his eight trading posts.

“Oh, I think I would be able to attract great popularity for you.”

Mapan who was watching the pottery did not hide his admiration. In the Versailles Continent, ceramics were precious pieces. Only wealthy n.o.bles and royal families could use something like this since this art is of high quality yet he was able to sale this luxury.

Dwarf Storehouse
You are the first discoverer of the Dwarf Storehouse
Benefits: Fame has increased by 680

Double experience and item drops for a week.

The first monster killed will drop the best quality item it can drop

As expected, they have discovered a dungeon!

It was a dungeon where the dwarves kept their goods.

“It was just as I expected.”

Seoyoon who was also staying at Morata also joined them through Yurin’s skill. The efficiency of that party has reached a terrifying level.

“Van Hawk, lead the way.”

“All right master.”

Weed along with Death Knight scouted the dungeon that allowed them to have a perspective of it at the beginning.

He pulled out and held Kolderim’s Demon Sword as he entered the dungeon. He kept Seoyoon on his right side as she vigilantly observed. Pale and Maylon hold their bows as Zephyr, Hwaryeong, Surka, Bellotte , Irene, Romuna and Yurin go along behind them which was the elite squad. Mapan came along while dragging a cart for holding j.a.ptems or loot.

“We will never give you the treasures. It is ours!”

“Kiee, its a thief! There are thieves!

There were graverobbers that roam and appear frequently in the dungeon.

Whether poison, magic, sword or arrows, it was very tricky to use it with the endless graverobbers that came. The traps that were installed by the dwarves inside the dungeon was also very complicated.

“The graverobbers that roam are in the mid 300 levels.”

Weed was a little disappointed.

Seoyoon and his friends are already at level 400 so doing a dungeon of this level was a little unreasonable. Because this place has a deep historical meaning with it that’s why he had hopes regarding the difficulty of the dungeon. If it’s like that then the treasures here would probably also have a relatively small value.

The grave robbers compared to other monsters has higher health thus also giving more experience and with their low speed, they could be hunted comfortably.

“Moonlight Sculpting Blade!”

He used his brilliant sword freely and was very overwhelming.

This happens when the skill proficiency is improved and then later on it could be properly used!

-You have acquired a saw from the graverobber.– You have acquired a key from the graverobber.– You have obtained a bag that contained little things.

Graverobbers have dropped considerably different kinds of loot. Weed along with Torido, Van Hawk and Zephyr just put on a defensive at the beginning as the other people on the rear and sides support them. Their hands and feet were always tied because otherwise they would fall into danger. Then, they found Dwarven boxes in between and opening them was a fun activity to pa.s.s the time

– You have acquired old books and the Diary #2 of a Dwarf.– You have found a bronze sword

Fame has increased by 310

– You have found a stone blade

Fame has increased by 195

– You have obtained a drinking gla.s.s of the Dwarves.

The weapons and armor of the Dwarves back then were too underdeveloped that’s why their performance was not that good.

The bronze and bra.s.s swords were not properly made and it was just suitable to leave it as antiques!

“It’s gonna be alright if I just brought this into the Art Center.”

Contributing the antiques inside the Arts Center was what he is thinking. They discovered lumps of iron ore, silver ore and mithril inside a box and expected that their income is going to be great.

What Weed was feeling was already enough for the corners of his mouth to creepily rise.

Weed was hunting together with his friends except when he was drying the wares or it was already time for the glaze. He was also acc.u.mulating experience as his ceramics were becoming smoother and its gloss was improving.

Although there were no Masterpiece or Magnum Opus, there were still Fine pieces of works that appeared.

“Kkyaah! It’s so wonderful.”

As Weed created Ceramics, Hwaryeong looked and watched every time. In fact, one of the reasons she liked Weed was because of the appealing expression he made as he worked. She was mesmerized when Weed’s expression becomes serious as he created sculptures. She focused only on Weed’s mesmerizing figure while he worked.

While Weed was sculpting his wood sculptures, he was silently thinking.

‘How much can I sell this for if I succeed. It does not have a lot of material value. Oh, these days the value of the trees is very bad. Apart from this since I have not bought a tree. If I have moderate to large stones, I could create large sculptures. Creating sculptures is important, however, it also needs packaging. And there will be a line of rich people out there who will look…..’

Weed was busy with clay on making pottery as his hand was stained by earth all over. A dirt-stained person sitting there in the workshop was definitely not ugly. It creates a subtle atmosphere which immerses the women.

Irene, Romuna, and Hwayreong blankly stared at him while he worked.

“I want to learn pottery”

“Later, I will do pottery with my boyfriend…..”

A guy needs to be close to the body of a girl and place his hand to guide on creating pottery. It was a very subtle and strange atmosphere!

Then, Weed stretches out his hand through the waist and gently touched and shaped the pottery.



The face of the women blushed as their eyes s.h.i.+ned.

‘Who the heck…..’

‘Who could it be?’

Weed checked behind him but saw no one there.

One of the sculpting skills for his profession was Mind Hand!

With the hands of a craftsman he began to carve a variety of sculptures with his hands and the Mind Hand..

The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor

The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor

Dalbic Jogaksa, LMS, 달빛조각사
Score 8.6
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Artist: , Released: 2007 Native Language: Korean
The man forsaken by the world, the man a s*ave to money and the man known as the legendary God of War in the highly popular MMORPG Continent of Magic. With the coming of age, he decides to say goodbye, but the feeble attempt to earn a little something for his time and effort ripples into an effect none could ever have imagined. Through a series of coincidences, his legendary avatar is sold for 3 billion won, bringing great joy to him, only to plunge him into despair at losing almost all of it to vicious loan sharks. With revelation of money through gaming, he rises from the abyss with new found resolve and steps forward into the new age of games led by the first ever Virtual Reality MMORPG, Royal Road. This is the legend of Lee Hyun on his path to becoming Emperor with only his family’s loving heart, his boundless desire for money, his unexpected mind, his diligently forged body and the talent of hard work backing him.


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