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The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor Volume 27 Chapter 4

Bird Egg Sculpture

The Chronodons were monsters that most people didn’t often meet in the Versailles Continent. The information boards and various message boards didn’t have much information about them around.

t.i.tle: Meet the Chronodon
It’s the worst, really the worst!

Today was so unlucky.

A Chronodon herd was flying in the Habis Plains.

It was a place where merchants and users pa.s.s by. Except for a few lucky people, it was now deadly silent. The town was on fire and has been burned down.

t.i.tle: I died
I looked as I died. I watched as I died.

I had the chance to run up against the Chronodon. It will attack unconditionally.

t.i.tle: How to live after meeting a Chronodon!
You can’t.

It’s really awful.

Even though he had never fought them directly, looking at the boards and clips would still equip Weed with the basic knowledge about the Chronodons.

“It’s not that hard to hunt them one by one, but they are usually in groups and anyone can get overwhelmed by their retaliatory actions, and their numbers……”

If you missed even one Chronodon during hunting, they would bring all their companions and come back later to take revenge.

It was a flying creature that flies and can breathe fire on everyone that’s why they were mostly avoided during huntings.

Although the humans who lived in towns or on the mountains sometimes encountered the Chronodons, it could be said that the only safe method to avoid them was lay low and out of sight. Hunting them to gain loot or experience was a waste of time since it was too dangerous, and had a high likelihood of death.

“As flying creatures, placing good traps would certainly catch groups of them.”

Weed scouted out the El Nath Mountains.

The reason he directly looked at El Nath Mountains was because its terrain seemed like it would be an important element to the battle.

Creating a place with fake eggs through sculpting and using it to lure the Chronodons would make the aspect of battle different.

“If the Orcs fight on ridge of mountain or canyon they are good as dead and there’s gotta be a place where soaring is blocked by trees..”

Weed swiftly hopped on to the El Nath Mountains.

Thanks to his Quadruple Run skill, the stamina consumption to climb the mountain was lessened considerably.

Of course it was uncool. But one should not only focus about his appearance!

The El Nath Mountains was quite rough and its slope was steep and the road was also considerably high.

“The terrain in this place seems to be quite favorable.”

Due to the Chronodons, areas of charred and burnt trees could be found.

There were also not many monsters and mountain beasts so perhaps it could be guessed that it was an area often visited by the Chronodons. Sometimes, there would be 1 of those Chronodons that would fly through the sky, its size was much larger than that of the Wyverns.

Whenever there was an unexpected sight of a Chronodon, Weed would hide underneath the thick trees.

“Only by placing a good trap will the Orcs be able to catch them in groups.”

The goal of this quest is the victory of the Orcs. Although it was difficult, with their excellent fertility, even if they fail at first, they could still drag it on to continue and this was their tremendous advantage, the ability to continue and challenge them and prolong the fight.

They could only do it with tactics!

Of course, if his first attempt fails, his intimacy, contribution points, along with the trust of the Orcs would also decline.


Choi Sang-jun fell on his desk during break.

“Ah, it’s difficult. It seems like I fought all night yesterday at Pormos Castle.”

Choi Sang-jun was very popular in his department as part of the Black Lion Guild.

The Black Lion Guild fought a battle on Pormos Castle of Tullen Kingdom last night.

The industry of Tullen Kingdom has developed well due to its paved roads and rich materials. Since merchant wagons could move quickly through the paved roads, trade was being done actively and as a result, its population was quite large.

The Kingdom of Tullen is where the Black Lion Guild has its greatest influence and the Beden Guild was centered around Las Boa Castle!

In the Versailles Continent, they were in the top 20 favorites when it comes to the two-sided guild wars that’s why the people were very interested.

Girls came near Choi Sang-jun.

“Sunbae-nim, tell us what happened.”

“Didn’t you see it on TV?”

“I have, but I want to hear it directly from the people from their experience. It was really an unbelievably great battle!”

“I did a lot of running about….. I don’t know whether it came out nice in the broadcast.”

“As an elite player of the Black Lion Guild, didn’t you go beyond the walls?”

“Ah, that’s right, I did!”

Regardless of the department, stories about Royal Road were the most popular.

There were a lot of people that was playing Royal Road, so it is expected that if you belong to the elite players of the Black Lion Guild, you would easily be a celebrity.

There was also a much superior user known in every department, and that was the name of Lee Hyun.

Stories in the past about Choi Sang-jun, Min So-ra, Lee Yoo-jung, Park Soon-jo, Joo Eun-hee, Hong Sun-ye’s adventures exploring a dungeon that attributed with him had spread. Turning in the adventure tasks, Lee Hyun did not really care. The unrealistic stories about his outstanding success as a Dwarf Sculptor have quietly spread among the students.

And the name of his character was actually also Weed!

As he couldn’t help but doubt, Choi Sang-jun told the other students.

“Does being G.o.d of War Weed near us making sense? You can’t be saying that that Hyung is Weed? Plus, he’s also a dwarf.”

“Although.. I don’t think Lee would look like it too. You’re kidding me if you tell me that this oppa that I meet in school that cuts cla.s.s and sleeps during school is the charismatic Weed.”

“There’s also the time when I answered him when he asked whether a certain professor did not check attendance.”

“Look. This must be some mistake, I’m telling you.”

Thanks to Choi Sang-jun, he was able to bury the topic regarding Lee Hyun without having the gossip become larger.

However, the party who partic.i.p.ated in the adventurous tasks were still continuing to harbor doubts about Lee Hyun.


The broadcasting stations were trying to record a large surplus of broadcasts in Royal Road for the crowding ads.

Their fierce compet.i.tion for audience ratings became like a war now.

“Are there persons who have newly completed quests?”

“A quest to find the master of the Broken Sword. It managed to become a hot issue on the boards, but no one could complete it.

“Learn more who has completed it and see if we could put it on air.”

“Yes, I will send someone.”

The broadcasting stations established an extensive research and spared no effort to inform the viewers about the affairs in the Versailles Continent.

“How are the ratings on the Battle of Pormos Castle?”

“We are at 3.4%. If combined with other stations, it would be at 25.9%.”

“How did the KMC Media do?”

“They are at 7.5%”

The KMC Media has very good sound effects and camera control. This further strengthened their benefit of having a quick-reporting system. The other broadcasting stations were late by one step and a part of them could only envy them.

But the staff of KMC media actually hated that fact.

“We’re working overtime even today?”

“There is currently an invasion being led by the Embinyu Church. The director mobilized the broadcasting station and has gathered us!”

The sudden live events that were taking place on Royal Road must be relayed immediately and depending on the response of the other broadcasting stations, certain improvements were being made.

Each of the broadcasting stations had their own compet.i.tive staff. And with their insufficient personnel, they rarely leave their work on time.

“This month, there will be specialized programs on hunting dungeons every Monday, not on a Tuesday. Aren’t there any knowledgeable persons about it in here? ”

“The Almighty program director took care of it and directed that one.”

Then leave it at that, and what happened to Basic Quest Guides for Beginners?

“It will start next Wednesday afternoon throughout the country.”

“The advertis.e.m.e.nts?”

“It’s already slightly more than half, it seems it will be able to fill up to 80% before it starts in the country.”

The day of the broadcasters had their minutes and seconds flying by as they competed. As the 24-hour broadcast system was equipped, the scale of the stations also increased.

Even though the viewers.h.i.+p of the Royal Road in the night was high, the broadcasting team were always prepared with a backup program in addition to the regular one for emergencies.

KMC Media, CTS Media, LK Games, On Studios, Digital Media, CHN Broadcasting.

Each of the stations having a high share of audience and spared no expense for equipping themselves with the best staff.

“Weed! Weed has started his adventure; Start broadcasting, immediately.”

“I don’t care anything about the other broadcasts. Disconnect the current broadcast, circ.u.mstances will be explained later.”

A dedicated team was created for the special program called ”Weed”.

When Weed’s adventures were broadcasted in this program, the audience would always jump for joy. Advertising sales were the additional parts of income, once the viewers count grew up.

If the adventures of the Weed weren’t broadcasted by their stations immediately, it’d be no wonder that they’d lose viewers to other stations.

The owners of the eateries and pastry stores near the stations would also await the day Weed’s adventures would be aired. Because on days like that, dozens of the station staff would buy toasts, and bread to prepare.


“Chwiik! The day after tomorrow after the sun goes out, Chwichiwchwis. When the moon comes, we’re going to go to Grey Lake. Karichwi, you get ready until then.”

The Orc Warriors were preparing to leave El Nath Mountains for the Chronodons. The elite Orc warriors that were mobilized in Bursilia were numbered 120. Flas.h.i.+ng glaives and leather armors could be seen upon the Orc Warriors. Having survived countless battles, they boast of being the surviving veterans.

Once the quest returns as a failure, the Orcs would also be receiving a considerable blow.

Even with their vigorous breeding capabilities, they wouldn’t be able to repair the damage since these experienced Orc Warriors have been repeatedly battling as they were being raised.

Other than some invited users, the progress of Weed on his quest regarding the Orc locals was not known at all.

‘There’s little time.’

Weed prepared for the quest and even went back to Montvertruria to make ceramics with his friends. As their experience on making ceramics was being increasingly solid, decent works are also being produced en

“So this time, you’re doing a quest for the Orc Stronghold. Have fun!”

“Isn’t catching Chronodons dangerous? They are flying monsters that’s why they’re pretty hard to catch.”

They could just leisurely talk when they were making ceramics as Irene and Surka were interested in Weed’s said quest.

The girls visited places from here and there and most of them liked the adventure.

“Can we also go?”

Hwaryeong had an idea and would try to secretly follow. And Bellot who was watching from the background, it looked obvious that she wanted to also go. Nowadays, she was having occasional dreams about their adventures on Jigolaths. In life, she did have much opportunity to experience thrilling moments.

One of the best reasons why Royal Road is popular among people is because you could enjoy adventuring here.

For Weed, those hints of wanting to go were all around and already out and wide open.

“Well, you guys couldn’t interfere with the quest. Because it requires for the Orcs to fight so just watch.”

“Kkyaa, really!”

Yurin used her Picture Teleportation from Bursilia without having to go along with the Orc Warriors towards the El Nath Mountains since they could not wait.

“Ah, maybe it’s alright. Sure, I also wanted to see.”

Despite of the good news, Maylon held her two hands together and was restless. She was on a dilemma since on that day, they have a program in the broadcasting station.

Going to the station would get her bonuses while going with the wind and going to El Nath Mountains would get her what she really wanted.

She was a live broadcast host and her mood was different since she was leaving her other co-workers with her a.s.signed tasks just to be involved in the adventure.

Pale calmed her down.

“Don’t worry about it and just do what you want.”

Maylon showed a tearful face.

“Huhu, my vacation days this year is already spent.”

She felt bad for her co-workers that’s why she decided to just work. As host and for the sake of the viewers, she thought it would just be better to go.

“Hunting Chronodons…..”

Weed was hunting on Montvertruria and decided to modify some pre-made plans. Originally, his quest was about creating sculptures perfectly enough to be mistaken as a bird egg and to entice for the Orcs to attack.

Needing to seize 35 Chronodons. If the sculptor here had no ability to fight, there will be no guarantee to do this quest even how many times he did this. It was indeed a difficult request.

The trust will decline and with the deaths, his level will also fall a lot.

But Weed was not some common sculptor since he also developed a lot of offensive stats and skills.

“The leather of the Chronodons should rather be on the expensive side when sold… probably. A herd of the Chronodons usually has about 90 of them. If these guys disappeared, the Orcs would even have a larger area to expand.”


After two days, Weed returned to Bursillia and met Orc Lord Bulchwi.

“I need a favor, chwit!”

“What happened, chwichwik!”

“I need Orc Warriors. Chwiiig!”

“Chwiichwiig. If you ask, how many Orcs will you need along the way. Chwiichwi!”

Orc army can be mobilized with the current Contribution Points and Intimacy.
Orc Warriors 240,000
Orc Champions 80,000
Orc Shaman 5000

Orc’s contribution was crucial and the Orc armies had a high intimacy with Weed, enough to be referred as brothers. Karichwi had built up his contribution and familiarity with Orcs, after he led the Orc army in the fight of Undead Legion.

‘I think it’s still little compared to the enemy.’

Weed thought that the Orcs were stingy in providing him support, considering his ma.s.sive contribution towards the Orcs.

He thought like that because he didn’t know that majority of the Orcs had already left for Morata.

“It’s going to be around 10,000 Orc Champions. Chwichichi!”

“Alright, chwiik! I’ll get them ready”

– Contribution Points towards the Orc has been reduced.

If a huge number of orcs died in the battle, a lot in his contribution points would be reduced. Battles could build up the experience of the Orcs and if the battle is won, Contribution Points would also increase. Chronodons are obstacles to the prosperity of orcs. So if the quest is cleared, his Contribution Points would increase a lot.

“Gotta get rid of these things quickly. Chwiiik!”


The Sculptural Lifeforms fought fiercely with the monsters every day in the vicinity of Vargo fortress.


The contribution of early-born wyverns and the big bodied Bingryong in the battle was no less. They would hide and head out, doing the scouting as they go around in groups and hunt monsters.

The strongest is the Pheonix and Goldman who mainly shoot arrows and Yellowy who was always being overlooked. While those Sculptural Lifeforms who were given life on Jigolaths were on Vargo Fortress and reducing the monsters there.

Thanks to these night and day activities of the Sculptural Lifeforms, the risk of getting swept by these monsters has decreased.

“Kkieeeeg! I’m back.”

Wy-3 who went away just came back and the Wyvern went and welcomed him.

“Thanks a lot, Wy-3.”

“Kklugkklug. This, time I went very far.”

The Wyverns who have their time for themselves did not really envy him. Because of the dirty nature of their Master, Wy-3 like it more when he gets lots of free time.

Wy-3, who sitting on the ground, laid down on his stomach and said.

“He said that he needed more personnel now. Master is calling us to go to Bursilia.”

For the Wyverns, those words were like lightning!

“Kklugkklug, when are we going?”

“We have to come by tomorrow evening.”

Considering the distance between them and Bursilia, they could arrive if they flew overnight.

“Too bad.”

“Golgolgol. There’s a lot to do.”


Bingryong, Goldman, Yellowy and the others were all watching from the sidelines.

“Bingryong, you have to come.”


“And as you come, go and bring Goldman.”


Yellowy’s eyes narrowed down and his tail swayed as he tried to cheerily laugh.

“And Yellowy, you come with Light Wing.”


The cries of Yellowy rang out.


El Nath Mountains.

Weed along with the 120 Orc warriors arrived at night and commenced operations for the Quest.

Kkang! Kkang! Kkang!

“Shall I make it properly now?”

Sculpting stone sculptures of birds and eggs. It was already enough for Weed to call it a cinch.

“Real art has got to be demonstrated here.”

Indeed, making fakes is what could be said Weed specialized in. Because he had already saw all kinds of quality of work since he also started from a lower proficiency in Sculpting. However, he needed to place it until morning that’s why he needed to hurry up on preparing since time wasn’t really on the generous side.

The Chronodons have a low night vision that’s why they go and hunt for food when the sun is up and not when it’s evening or dawn.

Having excessive workload on a tight hour was indeed something that every worker in the Republic of Korea have experienced and was tired of. He was already familiar with the culture in elementary school when he cram his studies and it’s not impossible for him to do.

“Then, I have to make a shady place rather than a bright place so that they would not notice that the eggs were fake from a distance. And the others would find it hard to flock on us. It must be a well-hidden place.”

A few Chronodons would appear and would pretty much ignore to be cautious.

It was not an exaggeration that Weed’s stone sculptures were excellent. Those round white stone sculptures then using tree branches to make a bird’s nest and spread it naturally.

The Orcs prepared 8 large stones!

Since he needs to create big bird eggs, The Orcs brought stones which size was already enough that it couldn’t be hugged by the arms.

The Orcs, who were preparing to fight came heavily armed and so they couldn’t bring a lot of heavy stones because they were already tired from wearing their gear.

“I guess it would be better to make more bird eggs than I need. I think having them distracted would make it easier to hide and camouflage.”

Due to the lack of stone, Weed just made the bird egg by baking the soil and putting glaze on it.

Making ceramics includes sophistication and artistry but he just made it so that it had a similar form.

Weed made a perfect nest for the birds to lay their eggs this morning.

If this trap works then they would not be too bad to eat!

A new way on how to use sculpting!

Romuna admired while stroking the stone.

“Wow, excellent work.This big round thing really looks like a bird egg.”

Bellot wandered around the sculptures looking for any flaws.

But she saw they were appetizing bird eggs.

“Sculpting in this type of style, I never thought it was possible. I didn’t know too much about sculptures, but it appears there really is no limit to sculpting.“

Whenever the sun rises, the Chronodons will start to come in flocks. His friends already became excited about what would happen.

A Chronodon was flying over the El Nath Mountains.

Weed and his friends, along with the Orcs are completely disguised and hid their bodies in a large pit around the bushes.

Weed wanted the Orcs to follow his orders better so he changed into Karichwi. The body of the Chronodon was visible from the sky as they hid stealthily between the leafs.

‘Come on down.’

Anxiously waiting they sat down on the ground as the sounds of the Chronodon crying echoed through the sky.

The Chronodon was looking for its breakfast and noticed the bird eggs that were placed under the valley. It checked if there were any other hostile monsters or other Chronodons on the ground as they would contend over the food.


“Finish them.”

When the Chronodon went down to the ground, the Orcs who were hiding rushed in.

The steel snare activated and threw a steel net to capture it.

The Chronodon emitted flames, but the more experienced Orc warriors carefully sidestepped the fire and attacked the trapped Chronodon.

The Orcs have succeeded in the hunting of the Chronodons.

Remaining Number for the Quest: 34

You have acquired a Chronodon leather.

“Good start!”

After a while, Chronodons came back and Orcs started hunting.

Because of the excellent position of the traps and the combat abilities of the Orcs, the hunt went easier than they thought it would be.

By noon, a total of 7 Chronodons were caught!

Weed was fighting as an Orc thus their hunting speed was very fast. The best moments for the Orcs to attack the Chronodons was when they opened their beaks to tear apart the eggs and swallow them.

The sun was in its zenith floating up high as Weed and the Orcs ate a meal of dried jerky at noon. There was no damage to the Orcs yet, and the quest was safely proceeding.

In the afternoon, the Chronodons entered as packs of 3s or 2s.

‘To prevent damage to the Orc army, we need to rest a little.’

Regardless if it was a pack of 2 or 3 Chronodons, they were beaten down to the ground by the Orcs without hesitation.

With Weed’s Charisma, they quickly threw the nets in order to poke them with a spear using close combat.

The hunting was easy, due to the best Orc warriors present in the hunting tribe. Weed’s level was high and the chronodons which were fallen and trapped in the nets weren’t a threat anymore.

Then, things started happening when only 21 were left to finish the quest.

In the sky, a total of 5 chronodons appeared at once.

And then he turned around to scout the place, after which 3 chronodons landed down to earth.

Pale who was behind and came along as a spectator, gulped.

‘You might get caught this time.’’

Weed’s friends were nervous.

The problem would arise if the three Chronodons realized that the eggs are fake. A greater crisis would then occur if the Chronodons in the sky also joins the battle after Orcs start attacking.

Weed didn’t find the whole quest as difficult, but he found it problematic if the Orcs would be roasted by the fire and couldn’t get out.

‘They should start eating it now, isn’t it? They would notice it that the eggs are fake.’

‘Quickly hunt those 3 Chronodons and step back to wait for the next opportunity……’

Romuna and Surka became anxious when they saw the Orcs at risk.

Since Weed had not signaled the Orcs to run out, the Orcs still hid and did not come out of their hiding.

The Chronodons approached to eat the eggs.

It’d be wiser to use the opportunity rather than doing nothing.

The Chronodons pecked out the bird eggs with their beaks.

After the outer sh.e.l.l of the fake egg was broken, the fragrance of meat started leaking!

Chronodons swallowed up the small eggs as whole, that were scattered around.

– Eukekeke (Delicious)

-Ukkyakkya, ukkyalu (Gives taste. It’s the best taste.I haven’t eaten such a delicious egg in the history of my flying around.)

-Kiyalululu (That is why we won’t break the eggs).

The two of the Chronodons which were flying in circles landed down to eat the eggs.

Weed cooked these.

The Chronodons landed on a place closest to the eggs without stepping on them.

The outer sh.e.l.l was made using baked soil, and the inner contents were egg and ostrich egg contents.

-The Chronodons have praised you on how delicious the food that they ate was.Cooking Skill proficiency has increased.

He got through the monster by using his mastery in Cooking Skill.

For Weed, this is not a very good news since the monsters were eating without paying!

He could not forgive free eating customers.

‘No one will get away.’

Weed gestured the Orcs to go for a sneaky approach.

They went to the nets once the Chronodons were caught in order to bombard them.

The Chronodons ate as their minds became occupied and did not already know what was happening in the vicinity.


Weed along with the Orcs, struck at them all at once.

They cast a snare into their wings and legs then covered them with the net.

A perfect surprise in the middle of eating!

And Weed used his skill.

“Sculpting Blade!”

A simple but effective skill with destructive power!

Although he could use Moonlight Sculpting Blade, he has low mana with his state as an Orc.

Chronodons breathe fire as they were trapped in their nets and snares. However, they also placed hidden water on the rocks to the place where the bird egg were set up in advance.

Weed was prepared for the situation, just in case things didn’t go as planned he had set even more traps to counter the Chronodons.

In some of the large clay bird eggs, the Orcs smashed the sh.e.l.l and jumped out which surprised the Chronodons.

Due to your outstanding commanding ability, Leaders.h.i.+p has increased by 1.

After hunting 5 altogether, only 16 Chronodons were left to be killed to complete the quest. Even though the bird eggs that they created has slightly decreased, more than half of the target monsters were already killed.

“Karichwi, you really have the qualities of an Orc Lord. Chwiichwiig!”

“Many of your Orc tricks are cunning. chwis.”

Weed received a lot of praises from the Orcs to himself.

“Today, before the stars comes up, chwichiwchwis. We can do it in no time, chwichwichwiig.”

“If these guys get away, chwichwig. And bring their kin. We’re all dead. chwischwis!”

“Karichwi is the pride of the Orcs, chwiiig. Karichwi, I a.s.sure you that we are like brothers even if we are going to go away and live together, chwiiiiik!”

The Orcs talked among themselves.

Weed was gazing at the sky and was effortlessly waiting for the Chronodons to appear.

Then, when he was listening to the stories of the Orcs, he suddenly got a gooseb.u.mps.

He’s even more shocked compared to when the 5 Chronodons appeared.

“What do you mean when you said you leave and live with me, chwiik.”

“Moratna, chwik.”

“Going to see Karichwi in Moratna. Stupid chwiiichwichichig.”

“Tell me about it, chiichwii. I’m going to be happy.”

“Karichwi living with his Bursilia brothers. North of the Continent, where some went to find the house of Karichwi. Chwichichwiig.”

Weed’s face turned yellow.

“And, a few of them went? chwichwis.”

“It’s only 150,000, chwig. Don’t you like it. Chwiik!”

“If Karicwhi is glad, chwichichwis. you can tell by his face, it is very obvious.”

“Congratulations, Karichwi. Chwichichichwis.”

The Morata that he cherished and raised was eventually going to be visited by flock of Orcs!

Since Weed also experienced the life of an Orc, he had no extreme prejudice against them.

He was proud of the culture and architecture of Morata and he did not have any discrimination against Orcs.

The Orc species itself is already attractive enough. But, with the nature of the Orcs species, they do not pay taxes on their city or kingdom.

‘I heard that if the Orcs were forced to pay taxes, they would do riots…..’

That was paying no taxes on Weed’s territory. What’s worse is when the Orcs did a large scale breeding. It’s too painful to imagine!

‘’No, they’ll still never safely reach the far north. The sense of direction the Orcs are really poor. With their sense of direction, if they met dangerous monsters, they would die. And I did not hear the news so how are they going to go access the land up north.’

If the Orcs does not have any Sea Navigation Skill, it would be more dangerous. These 150,000 Orcs residing there would already be a tremendous power but it is already a given that this long-distance migration is not going to go smoothly.

‘At best, they would make a log raft, take it with them and go. They may reach the wrong place and the ocean currents will sweep them away. With the poorly made raft, the rope would unwind then they would be swept and will not even have the chance to swim through the waves. .h.i.tting them. At least one whirlpool and storm would sweep them away……’

Weed was hoping for the annihilation of the Orcs.


The 3 Mad Sharks of Becky Nin.

During the trip to the Jigolaths, Weed had met the three sharks during his trip and had enjoyed the company of the pirates on board for the most part. The ghost s.h.i.+p sailed, the first mates and rowers travelled widely around the seas, plundering and trading at random places here and there.

“Hoist up the sails. Let’s go plundering!”

They were people who enjoy the freedom of the sea!

The damage between the fleets of Pirate King Griffith and Drinfield have grown extensively.

Previously, Griffith had observed etiquette and admitted his wrongs in small doses, but now the pirate s.h.i.+ps within Griffith’s influence have expanded to a point where his desires grew as well. By using the treasure map he found by chance, he was able to find buried pirate treasure.

Whenever he raises his pirate flag, he was able to command a kraken.

In most kingdoms, a price was put on their heads as the three mad sharks of Becky Nin became the deities of the pirate world.

To consider only those s.h.i.+ps in the pirate fleet, there were now more than 30.

“What are those?”

“Seems like Orcs, Captain!”

They discovered an Orc group which was cutting trees in the seash.o.r.e. Young and old, there were many Orcs who were making a raft to get a ride across.

Orc Lord Seechwi!

She and Geomchi2 both joined on this to head North with a bunch of Orcs .

Seechwi had been tasked to lead the Orcs and was meticulously preparing by taking ma.s.sive amounts of wood.

In order for the Orcs to travel to the North, the imported food they brought was insufficient. They are unable to hunt while moving and other kingdoms do not have open borders for the Orcs.

The Orcs could only inevitably choose the ocean.

Some Orcs were glad they were lucky enough to go to Morata.

“Orcs attack and h.o.a.rd experience by doing things constantly. I do not know if there will be any loot.”

The 3 Mad Sharks of Becky Nin were looking at the thousands of Orcs that were going to the sea, they looked at all of the chieftains that could raise their levels.

If they shot the rafts made by those Orcs, they could easily earn experience points.

However, Seechwi found them and kindly advised them.

“We’re going to go to Morata, chwichwichis. Please don’t disturb us, chwiim!”

Unfortunately, the 3 Mad Shark Becky-nin did not have any sympathy for the female Orcs. But they were very curious as to why Orcs are going to go live in Morata.

“What’s going on?”

“Orc Karichwi, chwis! No, Weed-nim, we’re going to migrate to Morata with Weed-nim. Chwichwichwiig!”

Hye, Fractal and Board Mir always recalled Weed whenever they were drinking.

“Our teacher is actually not different from G.o.d of War Weed. We learned the bad things from him. Yet, we can’t even go toe-to-toe with him.”

Now looking back, bad things happen whenever their destiny tries to meet with Weed. They could become famous and do their wicked deeds properly because of what they’ve learned.

Although, every time they do wicked deeds to Weed they still lived so it doesn’t really matter at all. Unfortunately(?), the 3 Mad Sharks of Becky-Nin are not really evil by nature. Becoming famous among the pirates, Drinfelt and Griffith were thinking they had a great debt to Weed giving a weak point in the seas and allowing them to dominate.

[TL: That question mark was left by the author]

“Lets let them ride on our s.h.i.+p.”

“Aren’t those Orcs too much?”

“I know some people among the sailors and the crew who knows how to make s.h.i.+ps.”

“Most of us knows a little bit.”

If one lived long enough on a s.h.i.+p, their s.h.i.+pbuilding skills would naturally increase its proficiency until Beginner Level 3.

“All of you go and help the Orcs make their boats. Even building a simple raft would also increase your s.h.i.+pbuilding Skill. “

“Is that a good plan?”

Hye, Fractal and Board Mir did it as if it was their job and helped with the migration of the Orcs. The time to create the rafts has been greatly reduced and they gave a course guide about voyaging in the sea as well.

The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor

The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor

Dalbic Jogaksa, LMS, 달빛조각사
Score 8.6
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Artist: , Released: 2007 Native Language: Korean
The man forsaken by the world, the man a s*ave to money and the man known as the legendary God of War in the highly popular MMORPG Continent of Magic. With the coming of age, he decides to say goodbye, but the feeble attempt to earn a little something for his time and effort ripples into an effect none could ever have imagined. Through a series of coincidences, his legendary avatar is sold for 3 billion won, bringing great joy to him, only to plunge him into despair at losing almost all of it to vicious loan sharks. With revelation of money through gaming, he rises from the abyss with new found resolve and steps forward into the new age of games led by the first ever Virtual Reality MMORPG, Royal Road. This is the legend of Lee Hyun on his path to becoming Emperor with only his family’s loving heart, his boundless desire for money, his unexpected mind, his diligently forged body and the talent of hard work backing him.


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