The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor Volume 28 Chapter 10

10) Helium’s Rebirth

He needed to make a Magnum Opus sculpture out of the sapphires for the Ellyon.

“A sculptor doesn’t seem to be a good profession.”

Those who enjoyed making things would like having it as a career. But his greed deepened as people continued pa.s.sing through the area. The desire to make a better work!

From that point on, he was under enormous stress as he tried to create something.

“I need to sacrifice all these sapphires for the Fairies… If it wasn’t for the quest…..”

Weed had to use the precious ingredients. If he used good materials than his ability as a professional sculptor would often rise. It was difficult to suppress his desire to sell the materials for money.

“The sapphires from the Melbourne Mine are the best. There is enough to make a sculpture.”

Weed decided to make the piece of work in the Ellyon’s area. Working with jewels needed precision. Morata was filled with the sound of people bustling by and the noise from the construction of the Grand Buildings. He needed to make something that appealed to the Ellyon’s desires so he could correct it if he saw their reactions!

“I need to invest a bit more in order to make a Magnum Opus sculpture.”

It was difficult to return to the Melbourne Mine to dig more sapphires. The mine had been closed by the Black Lion Guild. Only the guild members could go hunting there and the miners received a thorough inspection. The Black Lion Guild didn’t want to permit another humiliation from outsiders.

It would be a big blow if the sculpture failed so Weed pulled out some rubies. They were rubies mined from Syaspen Mine. He had heard from the Dwarf artisans in Kuruso that good quality rubies came from that mine. So he mined rubies in a dungeon seething with monsters. Weed collected a large share of rubies this time.

“The harmony of the blue sapphire and red rubies…..”

Sapphires meant wisdom and ruby was power. The sculpture was designed to combine power and wisdom!

“It would be better if the sculpture is beautiful and has a historical value. Something that will be nostalgic for the Ellyons…..”

Weed had already decided.

Geihar Von Arpen!

He was the Emperor who unified the continent and led the sculptural lifeforms. If he wanted to increase his skill proficiency then he needed to endure it. He needed a theme in order to create a great sculpture.

“I’ve seen the video several times as a sculptor. I should be able to reproduce his majestic form from the past.”

Weed shaved a big rock. He used the Sculpting Knife and hammer to precisely carve Emperor Geihar. The Emperor often ate so his stomach was big and his legs were short and thick. His arms were also short and his fingers were a mess of calluses and scars from the sculpting. The chin was fleshy so it was the most difficult part to express with sculpting.

“Indeed, it definitely isn’t that easy.”

Fortunately (?) his head was bald so Weed didn’t have to worry about expressing his hair. He looked like an ordinary old man but he was the great Emperor Geihar so it was a challenging sculpture. His expression had to convey confidence and conviction while he looked at his sculptures with soft eyes.

To be honest, the sculpture that Weed made wasn’t handsome. Despite the appearance, the difficult part was capturing the feeling of Emperor Geihar.

“It should be decorated with gold, rubies and sapphires. He needs to have the best clothes and decorates to represent the greatness of the Emperor.”

The sculpture shone with a splendid light as rubies were placed on it. And he decided to take advantage of the sculptor’s wide shoulders. He placed a sculpture of a bird made out of melted gold on the right shoulder. He often looked at the real thing so it was possible to sculpt a figure that was almost the same. On the other shoulder he laid down the sapphires very elaborately. There was also an Ellyon mischievously grabbing Emperor Geihar’s sleeve.

The process of making a sculpture was very important to Weed. While creating Emperor Geihar he carefully carved the rock, melted the gold and precisely worked the rubies and sapphires.

The sculpture of Geihar Von Arpen who was Arpen’s Emperor and an important part of Versailles Continent’s history was completed.


-Please set the name of the new sculpture.

“The name of this sculpture will be Emperor Geihar von Arpen.”

-Emperor Geihar von Arpen is correct?



-A historic sculpture, a Magnum Opus! Emperor Geihar von Arpen is completed.
This is in the distant past but there was once a time when the Versailles Continent was united under one flag. The borders between kingdoms disappeared and all species kneeled down to the Emperor!

The luxurious and extravagant sculpture embellished with rubies, sapphires and gold clearly shows the Emperor who managed to achieve the great feat of conquering the continent.

This charming and incomparable piece of art is created by a master sculptor popular among the

There are no current sculptures of Geihar von Arpen so this sculpture has a high historical value.

Artistic Value: 24,789

Special Options:

Anyone who sees the sculpture of Emperor Geihar von Arpen will have their health and mana regeneration rate increased by 34% for a day.

You have acquired historical knowledge about the Arpen Empire.

Fame has increased from the creation of this sculpture.

All stats related to sculpting will increase by 30% for a day.

The prestige of Kings and Emperors has increased.

If you own a palace or a castle than the areas political power will expand.

Relations.h.i.+ps with various species in that territory won’t deteriorate.

All stats increased by 30.

The effect doesn’t overlap with other sculptures.

Current number of Magnum Opus created: 12

-The skill proficiency of Sculpting has improved.

-The skill proficiency of Handicraft has improved.

-Fame has increased by 2,670.

-Art stat has increased by 37.

-Charm increased by 8.

-Charisma increased by 9.

-All stats will gain an additional 3 points for making a Magnum Opus sculpture.

-You have completed the sculpture necessary for the quest.

Weed had a soft smile on his face.

‘Emperor Geihar is wonderful as expected.’

The exquisite sculpture was able to successfully satisfy the Ellyons! His sculpting proficiency also increased by 5.4%. It still wasn’t enough to recover the damage from dying. But he was able to gain a lot of experience from the Magnum Opus sculpture.


-The Ellyon born from a continent of art and culture desired a sculpture made of sapphires.

The Ellyons have been waiting for a good sculpture to appear among the humans.

Now you have demonstrated an ability to sculpt without betraying their faith. The Ellyons will now leave the home where they’ve lived so far to follow you.

They are like blades of gra.s.s that don’t grow in deserts……

-Fame has increased by 1,600.
-Friends.h.i.+p with the Ellyon race has increased. Unless you make a critical mistake to disappoint them, this friends.h.i.+p won’t fall.

The 13th stage of the Master Quest has been completed. An Ellyon then carefully said.

-Will you lead us well?

They were a playful, small species. It was natural for them to be frightened of Weed.

“I will be a good master so you and your companions don’t need to worry.”

While he was obtaining the sapphires from the Melbourne Mine, he died and his Talrock’s Armour was taken away. Given the reward for such a difficult quest, he definitely had to make them work!

‘Farming, mineral extraction, lake and pond management etc… There are many uses for the fairies.’

Morata has a mining team, a large granary and employed workers at the lake. If the fairies help than the yield from the work will increase. The Ellyon continued.

-By the way, can I bring my friends? They’re poor and hungry.


The Ellyon hadn’t brought any meal expenses yet they wanted to bring a guest! As the amount of sculptural lifeforms increased, Weed had to move from persuasion rather than violence to earn their respect. The sculptural lifeforms possessed a pristine innocence so he had to soothe them while they were working.

‘I have to act calmly and decisively if it is like this. If I hesitate even a little bit than I will seem weak. Even if I beat them up, I need to precisely control my power while their health is reducing……’

The Ellyon replied.

-They are friends who worked together with us in the Arpen Empire. They have an outstanding talent for raising animals.

Weed’s voice became tender.

“Your friends have a talent like that?”

There were many benefits to large scale breeding of sheep, rabbits, cows, horses, pigs etc. Morata required leather as well as to stabilize the price of meat in the food industry. In fact, Weed used quite a few ingredients to make delicious food so he was sensitive to these areas. If the food was delicious than the number of users staying in the city would increase and they would use more money.

Thanks to Yellowy, there was a large cattle breeding and transport industry so there were various benefits to raising animals.

-Yes. But right now they have been confined by the Sulleion.

“Confinement. Good gracious!”

Weed’s voice had a note of fake concern in it.

-Can you defeat the Sulleions and save my friends? It is dangerous work but it might be possible for a sculptor like you.


-The Ellyons were a race of fairies that live with their friends the Arnin and their animals.

They have no combat power and have been forced into labour by the Sulleion.

Defeat the Sulleions who rules the Ha.r.s.el Mountains and rescue them!

It is impossible without a large war.

This will be very dangerous for a sculptor.

Level of difficulty: Sculpting Master Quest

Quest Restriction: Level 8 Advanced Sculpting

Sculpture Life Bestowal is necessary.


Fortunately, this commission this time was in the north. The Sulleion was a reptile like warrior tribe with yellow eyes and skin covered with a thick substance like keratin. There were a tribe with numerous forces in the Ha.r.s.el Mountains. Cities and villages were difficult due to the steep terrain and rivers so settlements were formed rather than large villages and cities.

“The Sulleions… They really aren’t an easy opponent.”

There were at least several thousand warriors in a large settlement. They were also spread out through the Ha.r.s.el Mountains so it was difficult to judge their scale.

‘I can’t give up here… It seems like I have to use Sculpture Life Bestowal for a large scale battle.’

It was a quest where he had to train sculptural lifeforms to fight in a war! If successful than he could obtain an entire tribe of sculptural lifeforms. Weed decided to accept the commission. He had kept the lifeforms for something like this.

“I’ll accept the quest.”

-You have accepted the quest.
-You have consented to a dangerous task so all stats will increase by 2.


The information about the Cla.s.s Master Quest compet.i.tion was the most popular program for each broadcasting station.

“According to the Hermes Guild, Bardray has currently completed his 12th Black Knight quest so what about Adventurer Chase?”

“I’ve just received news that he has collected the necessary materials and is preparing to challenge his 11th quest.”

“The warrior Python has also proceeded to the 9th quest and was aiming to hunt monsters yesterday. The detailed video is ready so I will show it later.”

“It is still unknown if there are other people doing the Master Quests. CTS Media promises to give the viewers the information as quickly as possible.”

“Su-hwi ssi, the compet.i.tion is getter hotter and many people seem interested in the Master Quest.”

“Doesn’t everyone wish to become the master of their cla.s.s?”

Among all the players, there were 9 people revealed to be challenging the Master Quest. The broadcasting stations wanted to know their every move.

Becoming the first Cla.s.s Master was an unspeakable honour and a record that couldn’t be established again. But there was almost no talk about the Sculptor Weed. Weed only informed a few people about his progress and he didn’t brag about it in cities.

Recently he had died to Bardray so the broadcasting stations became negligent about mentioning him in the Master Quest compet.i.tion. To finish the quest they needed to master their cla.s.s skills.

The sculpting proficiency he lost due to his death couldn’t be raised in a short period of time so they thought he had fallen behind the compet.i.tion.


“Tsk tsk, he made a mistake. The quest this time is too difficult.”

Yoo Byung-jin clicked his tongue as he watched the monitor. He had watched his videos as soon as Weed connected. The degree that he completed the Ellyons’ quest was expected. However the difficulty level for the next quest received was too high.

Even if his subordinates listened to Weed, the Sulleions wouldn’t be easily defeated. They had a great ability to utilize the caves in the Ha.r.s.el Mountains. It would be difficult to suppress them even with a large scale army.

“His misfortunes only get worse. It will be bad if he fails this quest or dies.”

Yoo Byung-jin thought it was fun to watch Weed. No matter what type of difficulty, he always seemed to succeed.

“Bardray has a significant advantage because he can easily raise Sword Mastery. It won’t be easy to raise Sculpting proficiency even if the quest is completed.”

If he had to use an a.n.a.logy, it was like climbing a high mountain and the current location was under the cliff. If he climbed to the top of the cliff then he would become a Sculpting Master.

Weed would definitely reach the Master stage someday but he was severely disadvantaged compared to his compet.i.tors due to the nature of the cla.s.s.

“On top of that… I don’t know when he will get the final sculpting special technique. It is great that he even collected this much.”

So far Weed had collected all the cla.s.s related secret techniques except for one. Yoo Byung-jin asked the artificial intelligence system.

“What are the current odds if Weed and Bardray fight?”

-Weed improves depending on the geographical elements and skill utilization. Bardray has many people under his command. If these elements are met for both people than Weed’s chance of victory is 7.2%.

If the favourable blessings and military aspect is removed from Bardray than Weed has a slight chance. If they are fighting on a cliff where the wind is blowing hard and Weed rides the wyverns than his odds will increase to 19%. Even if he is at a disadvantage against Bardray, in most cases he can escape without dying.

If Bardray’s dangerous attacks continuously succeed in a row than he will die. Bardray has a higher level but Weed is used to hunting against a large number of monsters. Van Hawk and the sculptural lifeforms will also increase his damage.

“If Weed obtains the final secret sculpting technique than what are his odds?”

-The effect of the final sculpting secret technique depends on the user but it would make his power dozens of times more effective. If Weed obtains it than he will be able to properly take advantage of sculpting’s characteristics. Weed’s chances will rise relatively high if his attack power and reaction rate is taken into consideration.


“Oh, level 14.”

Bart killed a wolf using a rusty sword near the gates.

“Congratulations, ajuss.h.i.+.”

“Thank you.”

The people in his party congratulated him. The others were also beginners like Bart.

“Now you can use a st.u.r.dy iron sword. Your damage will increase even further.”

Bart felt a pleasant feeling while hunting in a party. He had come to the northern city of Morata! Beginners could ride transportation carriages for merchants for free. Travelling here and hunting gave him a feeling of excitement. The people here were also friendly so it was easy to adapt.

‘I can understand why Royal Road is so popular. This is completely a community.’

He could clearly feel that as he watched Morata. Adventurers who completed great explorations would report to the residents in the square! Their appearance was always greeted with applause. There were also sweaty people partic.i.p.ating in the creation of the Grand Buildings. Many people admired the cool sight of Hestia’s Forge and the Research Tower being built.

“Has the budget exceeded this time as well?”

“By an awful amount. Nevertheless, the Grand Buildings will continue without being cancelled.”

“When they are completed then it will be good to be a Blacksmith or a Magician.”

Morata had a lot of fame even in the Central Continent. The local specialties were sold at a much more expensive price in other cities. In the future Morata would certainly be the main city of the kingdom. Central Square had also acquired a new specialty.

“Wah! It is the Ice Beauty! It really was worth coming here to see this.”

“So pretty. A G.o.ddess.”

The restored Ice Beauty had been left in the square. Ice would melt in the sun but magicians used magic to lower the temperature. Morata was a large city so magicians were commonplace. The magicians thought of it as an honour to lower the temperature of the Ice Beauty.

“That is my daughter…… The ice creates a different feeling but she is still very pretty. Yes, even as a child she was pretty.”

Bart wanted to boast about his daughter. But that was impossible when he recalled what happened after he said he knew Weed. Weed was the G.o.d of War so the Ice Beauty’s existence was above people like him.

“Bart ajuss.h.i.+, collect the wolf leather and bring it to the general store.”

“I’ll do that. I need to buy a st.u.r.dy iron sword.”

Bart quickly rose from where he was sitting. It wasn’t easy to meet a party he could trust.

He was busy with his company so his growth in Royal Road was slow. It was normal for him to fall behind beginners moving fast.


The capital of the Thor Kingdom, Iron Hammer!

Weed headed to the government office and met the Dwarf Elder Einhand.

“I’ve returned after cleaning up the monsters at Ugoth.”

“Thank you for your hard work. I’ve heard news from a dwarf that Ugoth has become safe. I was thoughtless last time but my recognition of a sculptor has changed recently thanks to you.”

Weed was happiest in these moments. He had completed the quest and came to receive the compensation. It was the feeling of returning home after a hard adventure.

“The four dwarves that you a.s.sisted have prepared a gift.”

“Such a thing… I wasn’t thinking about it.”

This was just out of politeness but he had no intention of refusing.

“We dwarves are good at making things. We wanted to make you a desired equipment but….”

The Thor Kingdom contained the best dwarven blacksmiths who could make luxury equipment. Einhand swept his hand over his beard.

“You are a sculptor that can draw out the beauty of every type of material. So I gathered the materials and waited for you to visit.”

Einhand handed over a backpack. Weed immediately opened the backpack and looked over the goods. There were 22 pieces of Mithril, 5 top cla.s.s pieces of Adamantium and 20 of the best iron ores. When combined with the reward he received for completing the Akryong Kaybern quest, the quant.i.ty was enough to make 3 armours.

“Thank you very much. I will use this well to safeguard the peace of the continent.”

“The burden you carry on your shoulders is truly big. Please continue walking the route of art in the future.”

“In order to make a living… I will fulfil my duty to make art more widely recognized.”


-The Grand Building Hestia’s Forge has been completed.

Total construction period: 4 months and 26 days.

Cost of construction: 2,211,002 gold and 35 silver.

Number of construction staff who partic.i.p.ated: 428,883 people

Building value: 142,329

More staff partic.i.p.ated in the construction as planned so it finished 7 days faster.

Blacksmiths can extract iron from iron ore more quickly.

When an object is created with the Blacksmith skill, an additional effect of +3% attack and +11% defense will be added.

Items filled with Hestia’s power can be created.

The Dwarf settlement rate has improved.

The satisfaction of dwarfs living in Morata will increase.

The great Hestia’s Forge was completed.

It was created a few days quicker thanks to the active partic.i.p.ation of the Morata users. The Research Tower was proceeding at a similar rate and was 97% completed.

The city was once again filled with a festival.

Weed walked through the uproar of people eating and drinking and entered Hestia’s Forge. Hestia’s Forge was filled with the best facilities and the offering to the temple meant an endless flame was always burning! Today was the completion date and tomorrow the forge would officially open.

“You can make whatever you want comfortably.”

Weed used his power as the Lord to monopolize Hestia’s Forge today. He decided to make an equipment from the Mithril, Adamantium and iron ore obtained from the dwarves’ quest.

“I lost Talrock’s Armour so I need to make something even better.”

Unfortunately Weed’s Blacksmith skill was only intermediate level 9. His Blacksmithing hadn’t reached the advanced level but he needed an armour to wear in battle right now.

“There is merit in making the armour directly.”

He could adjust the weight to distribute the necessary strength and agility. Wearing heavy armour was inconvenient to his movements in battle. The advantage was the high defense but it sacrificed agility. If Weed made it directly then he could create an armour matched to his combat style.

“Then let’s start melting.”

He placed 35 pieces of Mithril, 12 Adamantium pieces and 55 high grade iron ores into Hestia’s hearth. The armour was difficult to obtain so a lot of materials were needed if he wanted to produce it directly.

“Mithril armour is light and has high magic resistance. It is worth every penny but…..”

Weed took out the divine torch made of Helium. It was a Magnum Opus sculpture that had a lot of great options. If he carried the torch during battle than health and mana recovery rates would increase by more than 50%. It also increased the power of his battle skills and shrinking dark type monsters. It was useless against a strong human like Bardray but quite useful when monster hunting.

“It is better to use this as armour.”

Weed threw the sculpture made of helium into the hearth.


-A Magnum Opus sculpture can be destroyed.

When a sculpture is destroyed, a significant amount of fame and reputation will be lost.

The hearth’s fire wrapped around the Helium sculpture and it started to melt. Weed didn’t take it out and just looked on.

-The form of the Magnum Opus sculpture has been damaged.

The quality of the sculpture is doubted.

Fame has decreased by 4,250.

Your reputation as a sculptor has somewhat decreased.

The Art stat is permanently reduced by 31 points.

Helium was a precious material so it was too dangerous to leave it as a piece of art on the Versailles Continent.

“It would be better to use it as a material than to make a sculpture from it!”

Adamantium had high defensive powers and was difficult to break. But it had a heavy weight so it was better suited for warriors.

“If I make something from Adamantium than the Orc Karichwi can use it. Orcs are continuing to grow healthily so I can sell it later.”

An excellent blacksmith had the skill to make superior steel armour. It was rarer for people to wear Mithril and Adamantium but they were uncommon materials.

The Mithril melted like water in the endless flames of the Hestia’s Forge. Mithril was more expensive and precious than gold and silver. But that was a bargain compared to the brilliance of Helium.

“At this standard there won’t be any impurities.”

Weed scooped out the Mithril and Helium and poured it into a template he created. Sometimes materials wouldn’t mix well so a conflict would rise. When a blacksmith handled the material, the synergy effect would maximize. Just mixing the Helium and Mithril was a big adventure.

“If it doesn’t work than I’ll have to melt it again.”

He mixed the Adamantium with iron and poured it into a template for an Orc’s armour. He waited for a short time next to Hestia’s hearth. The flames were roaring upwards.

It wasn’t easy for a blacksmith to create such huge flames. The forge was an underground facility so the flames seemed to emerge from the ground. Morata’s blacksmiths were pleased by it so it became like a playground.

“It should be done.”

Weed opened the template. The Helium and Mithril and the Adamantium armour revealed their shape to the world.

The Mithril armour synthesized with Helium emitted a refined beauty while the Adamantium armour was a fearful size and thickness.

The work hadn’t ended so Weed grabbed a hammer.

Tang! Tang! Tang!

He struck the armour in order to temper it. He repeatedly heated it then hammered it in order to increase the defense and durability.


Holy water was then used to cool off the Helium and the Adamantium armour. The holy water was obtained from his contributions to Freya’s Church and the Church of Lugh.

Armour was being made even before Hestia’s Forge opened the next day. Patience was necessary for the task but he had to spend a lot of time creating the armour that would protect his life from now on. It was a repet.i.tive work that required strength, vitality and concentration.

“That Bardray b.a.s.t.a.r.d! Hermes Guild, I’ll see you soon!”

He poured all his bitter feelings into striking the armour all night and it was finally completed.


-The skill proficiency of Blacksmithing has increased.
-The completed armour has become harder due to Hestia’s flames.


Weed examined the Mithril and Helium armour that he would mostly be wearing.

-G.o.ddess’ Knight Armour

Durability: 170/170

Defense: 197

A divine metal armour has been born. Made from a mix of Helium and Mithril from the Thor Kingdom.

Made by the genius Weed who excels in sculpting and blacksmithing!

G.o.ddess Freya’s love and Hestia’s consideration resulted in the divine power dwelling in this armour. The blessings from the G.o.ddesses will be an absolute help in defeating monsters.

Restrictions: Level 530

Knights recognized by the G.o.ddess only.

Strength: 900 Dignity: 200 Faith: 300

Options: Faith + 120, Fame +6,100

All stats increased by 31.

Arrows won’t hit it correctly.

Mana recovery rate increased by 39%.

Enemies will require a lot of luck to rob you.

The probability of acquired gold and items will increase due to your luck.

Defends from the darkness.

Defends from abnormal states.

Leaders.h.i.+p over paladins and soldiers of religious orders will increase.

Resistant to black magic and curses.

Effect of Freya’s blessing:

-When the enemy has strong damage, the defense of the armour will increase by 42%.

-It is easier to obtain grain, herbs and nuts from the forests, mountains and fields.

Effect of Hestia’s blessing:

-Damage from iron weapons will decrease.

-Very light.

-Very hard.

-Will never break.


Despite the good materials and production environment, the armour came out a lot better than expected.

“As expected, it is worth living a sincere life.”

The armour became a lot better thanks to the blessings of the G.o.ddesses. Weed didn’t meet the wearer restrictions. But his blacksmith skill was able to lower the restrictions so he could wear it.

“I don’t know whether to celebrate over a well-made piece or feel sad as a sculptor.

The Helium Torch was made to a.s.sist in battle. But the armour meant he could fight against much stronger monsters.

Weed worked hard to raise his resilience and perseverance but his defense was still lacking compared to his damage.

If he wore good armour then he could kill monsters that had been difficult up to now.

The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor

The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor

Dalbic Jogaksa, LMS, 달빛조각사
Score 8.6
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Artist: , Released: 2007 Native Language: Korean
The man forsaken by the world, the man a s*ave to money and the man known as the legendary God of War in the highly popular MMORPG Continent of Magic. With the coming of age, he decides to say goodbye, but the feeble attempt to earn a little something for his time and effort ripples into an effect none could ever have imagined. Through a series of coincidences, his legendary avatar is sold for 3 billion won, bringing great joy to him, only to plunge him into despair at losing almost all of it to vicious loan sharks. With revelation of money through gaming, he rises from the abyss with new found resolve and steps forward into the new age of games led by the first ever Virtual Reality MMORPG, Royal Road. This is the legend of Lee Hyun on his path to becoming Emperor with only his family’s loving heart, his boundless desire for money, his unexpected mind, his diligently forged body and the talent of hard work backing him.


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