The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor Volume 28 Chapter 5

5) Excavated Ice Beauty

Bardray, the Royal Guards and the battle company heard the news about Weed.

‘This is a really good chance. We can finally catch the ankles of the guy irritating us and execute him.’

‘The heavens are helping the Hermes Guild. If we defeat him today…..’

The had secured the Melbourne Mine’s 1st, 2nd and 3rd floors. This mine contained the power of the Hermes Guild so they could turn to Weed after completing Bardray’s cla.s.s quest.

‘This has become interesting.’

Bardray was also thrilled at the thought of Weed. He had wanted to meet Weed again in Royal Road to get revenge. Unfortunately he was in the Woomba Belkain’s lair and he needed to get rid of the Black Lion Guild first. He would show Weed the colossal gap in power and defeat him. The Black Lion Guild was coming here but this dungeon was under the Hermes Guild’s control.

“The monsters are continuing to gather!”

“I’ve sealed the three back pa.s.sages. There are additional monsters in the pa.s.sage.”

The Woomba Belkain’s lair was a huge cave with many pa.s.sages connected to it.


-I’ll eat the humans who dare attack my mother.

Users had run away from the Melbourne Mine only to intrude and annoy the boss monster. They had dragged the monsters only to die but it caused difficulty for the Royal Guards and battle company.

“Stay here. Endure and don’t leave even if you have no health left.”

The priests belonging to the Royal Guards and battle group became busy. If they were kicked by the Woomba Belkain or stabbed by its horn then it was no different from death. Belkain’s children and the wild dogs of h.e.l.l were also tough. They were at least level 400, with skin as hard as steel so they didn’t suffer much damage.

“Wounded Heal!”

It was a 4th stage magic used for absolute recovery. The level of the priests wasn’t ordinary so if they didn’t die then their health would be half recovered. Bardray walked to the side of the Woomba Belkain. His legs sank into the ground whenever he moved a step. The ground changed into a swamp due to intensity of the technique to increase his strength and vitality.

“Shock Wave!”

“Thunder Arrow.”

The magicians and archers indiscriminately attacked the Woomba Belkain. Its health steadily decreased despite there being no change in the outward appearance. The Woomba Belkain continued attacking users with its horns and paws. The surrounding stones were also thrown at people so the collateral damage was significant.

“Heavy Blow of Satisfaction!”

Bardray walked towards and Woomba Belkain’s side and dealt several attacks in a row. If vulnerable areas with low defense was. .h.i.t in succession than symptoms of Stun or Paralysis would occur. The Woomba Belkain wasn’t so weak that it would suffer those effects but it still lost a considerable amount of health. He used his sword techniques and repeatedly struck the Woomba Belkain. It was a medium sized monster so it wasn’t pushed back by the intense attacks.

-You’re the strongest human here.

The Woomba Belkain showed fierce hostility towards Bardray. He had struck its flesh more times compared to the other Hermes Guild members so naturally he would attract its hostility.

-The Woomba Belkain has unleashed its Fighting Spirit.

You have overcome it due to your high Honour.

Bardray stood facing it. Meanwhile pieces of stone, arrows, magic and even axes were flying about in the surroundings.


The Woomba Belkain stumbled as it experienced attacks from all sides. But it was a boss cla.s.s monster so it tightened its stance without falling down.

“I guess I have to use this. Hero’s Sword!”

Bardray’s Sword emitted a pale light. It was another sword technique! It was useful when the hero’s fame was high and the opponent was a legendary monster. Once the skill was used, the sword would break and it would be impossible to recover. The Hermes Guild obtained many of the best magic swords so Bardray didn’t regret losing the weapon.


The Woomba Belkain jumped and twisted its front paw. Bardray swung his sword towards the paw.


There was an enormous noise as an explosion occurred.

Strength vs. strength.

While Bardray confronted it head on, the Royal Guards continued reducing its health with magic and arrows. Over 14 Hermes Guild members were sacrificed to the Woomba Belkain’s paws and horns. Their deaths were a shame but it was because Bardray used his command skill.

Black Knights had a skill called ‘Brave Conductor’ that raised the combat power of his subordinates when he was the leader. All the Hermes Guild members belonging to the Haven Kingdom needed to fight against the Woomba Belkain directly.


Flames rose once Weed was caught in the trap. Arrows flew from every direction.


The didn’t miss this opportunity and started to attack. Hegel, Alice and Dine were in the back but they didn’t care about them.

‘I’ll kill them later.’

‘It isn’t worth dealing with those guys.’

The’ goal was Weed! They concentrated their attacks on Weed in order to kill him. Despite his high resilience and evasion, Weed lost 30% of his health the moment he fell into the trap. He was also previously injury and had bandages wrapped around him so it had the effect of weakening his vitality. Weed closed his eyes. It was the Close Eyes Tightly skill that increased defense!

“Van Hawk, forward.”

“Understood Master!”

Death Knight Van Hawk dashed forward with Weed, it was a risky move. Weed had his eyes closed so he had to believe in Van Hawk. He used his improved agility and the Wind Sprint skill! He exquisitely avoided the arrows and spears fired from the trap. Some hit but he endured it with his resilience and perseverance. Van Hawk then reached the Weed flew at an alarming rate and opened his eyes in front of them.

“Heriam Fencing!”

The’ form was completely weak. Their secret was to hide in the darkness until the moment they could inflict maximum damage. Weed fell into the trap so the had decided it was time to attack. Now there was a frontal confrontation with the so his chances were good.

Of course, if he was attacked in his vulnerable spots when surrounded then it could be dangerous. When he decided on a place and time to fight the, he had wanted a war of speed. The front two tried to defend but Weed’s attacks exploded on their body. Heriam Fencing hit 6 times as it became stronger!

“Our chance is still here.”

“He is weakened so we can kill him.”

The’ attack with the trap was in vain so they had to chase after Weed. Weed struck with the much stronger Heriam Fencing.

-The 7th consecutive attack has succeeded.

Agility has increased by 30%.

Strength has increased by 20%.

The destructive power of a fatal blow has increased.

-The 8th consecutive attack has succeeded.

Agility has increased by an additional 15%.

The enemy will be pushed away.

-The 9th consecutive attack has succeeded.

Strength has increased by an additional 25%.

Enemies are stunned.

A fatal blow has been dealt.

There was a total of sixteen consecutive attacks! It was a high level sword technique that the enemy couldn’t stop. Weed used the chance to press and knock down the with his swordplay. His heightened agility shortened the skill activation time and Heriam Fencing proceeded from the beginning to the end. Weed’s feet, lower back, shoulders and hands were in a perfect posture like an action figure performing a skill.

-The skill proficiency of Heriam Fencing has increased by 0.1%.
-The skill proficiency of Sword Mastery has improved.
-The durability of the Daemon Sword has decreased due to the violent movements.

Van Hawk and Torido also attacked them from behind. The battle that began since the trap was activated proceeded at a lightning fast speed.


“So strong.”

The .h.i.t by Heriam Fencing were either killed or suffered significant damage to their health. His agility was also high from destroying the Fine sculpture. He suppressed the secret attack with his defense and attack speed.

“Weed, you disturbed the Hermes Guild so you will surely die here today.”

A wounded then said. Weed killed him and took his items. The acquisition of smoke bombs!

“I am honoured to fight Weed the G.o.d of War today. Let’s have a great battle next time……”

“More troops will come to kill Weed. It’s a shame I can’t see how long you last.”

Weed swung his sword at another without any regrets. The were fully exposed and slower than Weed so they couldn’t escape. Their escape routes were also blocked by Torido and Van Hawk. The last begged him.

“Spare me just once. My wife is playing at the beginner’s hunting ground and my children are crying for barley bread……”

Weed struck with his sword. This was a battle where lives were risked so begging for mercy didn’t make sense. He also couldn’t give up the loot and experience.

“This area seems to be almost cleaned up.”

Weed had exterminated all the from the Hermes Guild on the 3rd floor. In addition to Sculptural Destruction, the help from Torido and Van Hawk ensured his victory. But Weed’s body was a wreck from falling in the’ trap.

The big disadvantage of Heriam Fencing was that he couldn’t avoid enemy attacks because it would stop the sword’s movements. His health had fallen to 57% by the time the attacks ended.

“I’ve gained some time but they will soon be swarming like bees.”

Just when Weed thought about escaping.

The Black Lion guild had pa.s.sed onto Hegel the information gathered from the broadcast and he received a communication saying that they were the Hermes Guild.

300 people had entered from the Hermes Guild. The had also covered the 1st and 2nd floor with traps so he needed to take that into consideration. Weed didn’t have a skill to release traps so the chance of fleeing through dozens of and traps were unlikely. In addition, there were still the general soldiers of the Hermes Guild waiting.

“If the are preparing traps for a raid then there is no way to sneak out. I’m not about to risk my monthly salary on being reckless.”

If his health was reduced a lot then he could use Seo-yoon’s Berserker skills. If he fell in many traps then his chances of survival would become much slimmer.

“If someone enters then the would gather upstairs. Even if I hide again, those guys will be searching so I’ll just be detected.”

Weed looked at the items he obtained.’s camouflage clothes, dagger, crossbow, boots, gloves, belts, masks, he came across quite a few decent items.

The dropped more items than usual because of their murderer state.

“Now that I have this……”

Weed disarmed his Talrock’s Armour, Daemon Sword and other equipment.

“I need to get dressed.”

He wore the’s equipment! Users with the Blacksmith skill could wear clothes of different professions. Weed’s level in the Blacksmith skill meant he could wear level 409 equipment.

“Well, this much should be similar.”

The equipment obscured his face so he couldn’t be distinguished from the Hermes Guild’s


Dante was a beginner user just getting started in Morata. He was the cla.s.sic beginner grown on gra.s.s tea. He had to decide on a cla.s.s.

“I’d like to be a sculptor like Weed-nim… Although I’ll never exceed him.”

He first felt admiration when seeing Weed’s sculptors in the Art Centre. There wasn’t any wasted materials. They had simple and concise forms that were expressed clearly. There were also no mistakes. Weed wasn’t afraid of failure so he tested various possibilities.

“The challenge is becoming a sculptor everyone respects.”

That was the reality that came to his mind when thinking of Weed. In the worst case situation, he needed to have confidence to rip people off! Dante chose not to become a sculptor. If he couldn’t be the best then he didn’t want to do it.

“I should get a different job that suits me.”

He also engaged in business by the square and learned basic ice magic. There was a time when the north was covered in the ice. There was a high percentage of ice magicians so the magic related to it developed a lot.

Dante read the books in Morata’s library to boost his knowledge and wisdom and admired the artworks. Morata’s knowledge, art and religion was a lot higher than other areas.

“You don’t have enough money. You can eat for free until you gather enough money.”

Dante turned to construction to earn money. Morata had a lot of construction of villas, houses and commercial facilities. Right now there was the construction of Research Tower and the Forge of Hestia. Beginners earned money by carrying stones and sand. Sculptors, painters, architects, magicians and blacksmiths all partic.i.p.ated so the great work of architecture was carried out smoothly.

“I need a job…..”

After hunting in the area nearby, Dante returned to the village and read a book related to adventures. He still had a general profession despite pa.s.sing level 47. Some fellow novices only obtained a good job when their level exceeded the 60s’. Then a Morata villager called Karen approached him

“Ajuss.h.i.+, h.e.l.lo.”

Dante happily received the greeting.

“I have a question. Do you know a lot of things from reading books?”

“It’s nothing. Still, I might be able to answer your questions so please ask it.”

Karen had been a Morata villager since the days when they were turned into statues by the vampires. Currently the users’ interest in them was receding.

That’s because they could get larger quests and more rewards from those that immigrated to the north compared to the natives. But Dante didn’t care about that and liked conversing with all users and residents.

“Morata in the past… There was only winter in the north. A cold and hungry hunter told a story about seeing an ice sculpture.”

“Ah, wasn’t there something like that?”

Dante said with a laugh. This was a city that Weed established. So the story about the sculpture was right. Residents often told useless stories like these so to more users it was a waste of time.

“Those who were tired could take a rest when they arrived at the sculpture. Surprisingly they couldn’t feel the cold anymore. The hunters really valued the sculpture.”

“There is a special power concentrated in the sculpture.”

“I also think so. After all, we are Morata villagers so we are proud of sculptures. There was a giant ice dragon and…..”

Something flashed in Dante’s head.

‘Wait! This story isn’t just about Bingryong?’

Bingryong who followed Weed was already a celebrity and there was no one in the north who didn’t know about him. Users would after chase after Bingryong when he was hunting at Morata to see him use his Ice Breath on monsters. In particular, young children really liked Bingryong.

“There was the ice dragon but also a sculpture of a mysterious beauty.

“A beauty?”

“The hunters and travellers who saw the sculpture were suffering from fever so I don’t know if it is attractive but…… Can you find out a little more about the sculpture?”


-Ice Beauty made for Morata!

The master sculptor Weed made a number of sculptures for Morata. One of the pieces was praised as a work of beauty!

Level of difficulty: D

Quest Restriction: Be acquaintances with the Morata villagers, miscellaneous knowledge, walking around many areas in the surroundings and acquisition of ice magic.

“I’ll look for it.”

-You have accepted the quest.

Dante willingly received the quest. He couldn’t help feeling excited about a sculpture of Weed’s that hadn’t been discovered yet.

“The quest restriction is a complicated. Aren’t I the only one who can do this quest? Ah, that can’t be.”

Dante used his remaining money on a map of the area that cost 14 silver. There were many novice painters so he could buy a drawn map for a cheap price. Dante looked at the map of the mountains that he spent his fortune on.

“Where is it? I heard that Weed made Bingryong in an icy storm.”

If he looked at Weed’s history behind his sculptors then he really admired him. There was a philosophy that those who lived a righteous path could cut costs. Sculptors were always spending money like water while struggling with deficits. Weed lived with strict moderation while making sculptures so he could make a profit. Dante looked at the map and muttered.

“It would be nice if I could get information about Serbian Witch’s curse that covered the north.”

In those days it was rare for users to come here because of the environment impact. The quests were low value and likely to fail. Then the painter Aiels who sold him the map asked.

“Are you looking for a specific place?”

“That’s right, I’d like to know the place where Weed-nim created the Bingryong sculpture.”

“Not a lot of people know that. You should go to the top of Painter’s Hill. There is a painter there who draws Bingryong professionally.”

Morata had a separate place called Painter’s Hill. It was a place where 1 and then 2 painters gathered until a village of shabby shacks were created. People wanting to buy paintings also gathered so the place was called Painter’s Hill.

“I’ll draw the painting you want. You’ve just finished a dungeon hunt. I’ll draw your moment of glory.”

“Professional portraits! I can also draw pictures of you hunting monsters. Even if you are level 1, it is possible to have a picture of you hunting a dragon!”

“Paints for sale. The colour will slightly vary when it is used.”

Dante climbed up the hill and saw many pictures of Bingryong. Bingryong, the Wyverns, Yellowy, Golden Bird and Phoenix. They were popular subjects so there were main products containing them on Painter’s Hill. People who loved Weed’s adventures collected pieces about these creatures as well as the orc Karichwi. Tori, Van Hawk, Lich s.h.i.+re and Lich Barkhan were also popular pieces. Users sightseeing in Morata often bought these types of souvenirs.

“The contents of Weed’s adventures are really valued. He’s gone to various places.”

There was a painting of lava erupting from the volcano in the Jigolaths. Some painters professionally drew scenes of Weed’s adventures. There was also paintings of several places in the Versailles Continent. Dante headed towards the area filled with Morata scenes.

Among the pictures was one where Morata was covered with snow. The mountains and hills were covered in ice and snow and looked completely different to now. He automatically felt cold as he saw the imagines until he observed one of Bingryong. A few days later, Dante climbed up the mountains with three miners he made friends with.

“It’s really here? It is too close to Morata.”

“It is true. There were many ice storms in those days so we have to dig to prevent ice and snow from covering the village.”

“Well, even if you don’t believe it… Let’s just try it.”

The miners had a lot of work these days. They dug iron, copper and jewels from the mines nearby as well as partic.i.p.ated in the construction of a Grand Building. It was an important time but they accepted this request because of the intimacy Dante built with them.

“It might seem a bit ridiculous. But Weed sculpted his pieces in this area.”

“Soon he shall be the king.”

“He might be the king but he is ruling over a narrow land.”

A road was being built between Morata and Vargo Fortress that was wide enough for 4 carriages to pa.s.s at once. Morata had invested quite a lot into road construction. Once the road was completed then the merchant’s carriages could move more easily. This would reduce that rate that vitality was lost.

If a monster appeared then the carriage could easily escape so it was a big benefit to merchants. An expansion of trade would naturally occur and fresh products could be obtained. It was also possible to receive fame and money by completing quests to procure goods. In the north most roads were to connect long-distance cities. It was started quietly but that wouldn’t last long since it was Morata.

“Let’s dig quickly.”

The miners carefully dug at the ground. For a while they didn’t find anything.

“Phew, it was in vain like I expected. If we can’t find it here then I’ll have to give up the quest.”

Dante said in a bittersweet voice to the miners. Morata was quite wide and quickly growing so he couldn’t go around searching different areas. Then one of the miners suddenly shouted.

“Wait a minute, there’s something here!”

There was a piece of ice protruding from the surrounding stones and soil. It was hard to recognize the shape because it was melting. Dante quickly cast a spell.

“Cold Spray!”

It was a simple magic that caused a chill so it wasn’t suitable for fighting monsters. However Dante considered it a good magic to know and learnt it.

“Please take it out.”

“Understood. We’ll have to dig by hand without using equipment since this might be a sculpture.”

The miners removed the earth with the hand and started excavating a lump of ice. Unfortunately the hands and legs of the statue had been melted in the meantime.

“Well, I don’t know what value this will have since it is melted.”

“Didn’t you want to find it to complete a quest?’

The miners continued digging until they saw the sculpture’s face.

“A sculpture of a beautiful girl……”

“Kuuuk! This is worth the lifetime I spent solo. I feel comforted just looking at the sculpture’s face.”

Weed’s work was worthy of being called an Ice Beauty. It was an ice sculpture so it should be cold but the sculpted figure caused a warm energy. But when the Serbian Witch’s curse was broken, this portion of the land was pulled down. The Ice Beauty was buried in the ground along with snow and ice so it was preserved.

Bingryong also remembered the Ice Beauty that was born with him in the past, like a chicken and its eggs. It was fortunate that the face and body shape was left. This was the second sculpture Weed properly made after the statue of Freya at Baran village.

“This sculpture isn’t just for us… Now other people can see it.”

Dante decided on a cla.s.s. He decided to didn’t want to wait for a n.o.ble profession. Right now he could feel the excitement of a cla.s.s.

“I will be an Adventurer. There is still a lot of mysteries and legends in the Versailles Continent that will take a lifetime to discover.”

A warrior, magician or even merchants could comfortably go to a resort area to rest. On the other hand, there was a lot of work to do for the Adventurer’s quests so it was a highly compet.i.tive field.

Discovery, excavation, searching and limited terrains were all areas difficult to find in another job.

The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor

The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor

Dalbic Jogaksa, LMS, 달빛조각사
Score 8.6
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Artist: , Released: 2007 Native Language: Korean
The man forsaken by the world, the man a s*ave to money and the man known as the legendary God of War in the highly popular MMORPG Continent of Magic. With the coming of age, he decides to say goodbye, but the feeble attempt to earn a little something for his time and effort ripples into an effect none could ever have imagined. Through a series of coincidences, his legendary avatar is sold for 3 billion won, bringing great joy to him, only to plunge him into despair at losing almost all of it to vicious loan sharks. With revelation of money through gaming, he rises from the abyss with new found resolve and steps forward into the new age of games led by the first ever Virtual Reality MMORPG, Royal Road. This is the legend of Lee Hyun on his path to becoming Emperor with only his family’s loving heart, his boundless desire for money, his unexpected mind, his diligently forged body and the talent of hard work backing him.


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