The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor Volume 29 Chapter 1

1) Failed Sculpture

Morata became the main attraction on the continent as beginners starting Royal Road started flooding it.

“I’m really looking forward to it.”

“That’s why there are so many people. I want to quickly go hunt and enjoy adventures.”

The nationality of the users who started in Morata was affiliated with the Arpen Kingdom. The new kingdom ruled by King Weed! The beginners had to stay in Morata for 4 weeks. It was a large urban area so there were minor quests such as delivering books, materials transport etc.

“You worked hard.”

“Thank you very much! If you need any more work then please come again.”

“Do you mind some hard work?”

“Of course not. Please let me do it!”

They gained 10 copper, 20 copper and slowly collected money. The prepared money was able to buy them a rusty long sword and leather armour.

The residents would give them quests in the future and would conduct trades so the beginners tried to raise their intimacy early.

The beginners in Morata also ate gra.s.s porridge.

“The streets are clean and s.p.a.cious. There are also many new buildings.”

“Did you see the shacks on Painter’s Hill? There are many things to be seen there.”

“Shall we go?”

“Yes. It is one of the twelve famous places in Morata.”

“Where are the other places?”

“Bingryong Square in the evening, Freya’s statue by the lake, the back alley of the Cathedral, the tailors gathered at the market on Central Square, the Art Centre, the Tower of Light! And other places. I saw it from the broadcast.”

“So let’s go play at Painter’s Hill!”

It was a village filled with sculptures, artwork, performances and Grand Buildings! Even if the history was short, there were many things to see. A person could just roam around and enjoy the day.

“Keheok… It is up to here.”

“Ugh, I want to see more places.”

The amount the beginners could explore was limited by their vitality. A user who learnt the cooking skill dejectedly pa.s.sed the gra.s.s porridge boxed lunch to a friend.

“Do you know what profession you’re going to select?”

“I’m going to follow Weed-nim and become a sculptor. In the future I would also like to go on such adventures on the continent.”

“It isn’t easy to go on adventures as a sculptor…. Well I’ll cook you tasty dishes. Later visit the restaurant among the shacks.”

“Uh, yes.”

The friends wandered as the sun set. Then they climbed the hill hand in hand and watched the night view from the Tower o Light. They saw the rock where grand ambitions were inscribed.

-Collect and sell any j.a.ptem.

-I had a hard time as a beginner so I want to sleep at night without being troubled.

-Prepare for a home early.

-Sincerely pay taxes to preserve the peace.

It was unknown how long the poor handwriting carved with a knife had been there. There were many places to see and enjoy in the city but the beginners’ dream was to collect 4 gold and enter the Art Centre.

“Let’s join the Gra.s.s Porridge Cult.

“I’m going to gain money and buy a shack.”

4 weeks pa.s.sed for the beginners and they could finally leave the gate! Normally they would hunt deer or rabbit and grow gradually. However Weed had other intentions when he established his kingdom in Morata’s Central Square.

Beginners hunting near Morata and nearby cities gathered and heard his words. Users were continually entering through the north, south, east and west gates on horses or carriages. Of course the broadcasting stations also came out to cover the story.

“It’s starting now.”

“It is the first time I’m seeing a coronation… How exciting.”

“What did you say before? I couldn’t hear you over the noise from this crowd.”

“It looks like the crown is being handed over……”


“Huh, it’s over?”

“It ended this quickly?”

The ceremony proceeded at super speed without any performances from bards or a tournament between knights. The crowd were disappointed but hesitated to scatter.

They had affection for Morata so they wanted an event to mark the establishment of the Arpen Kingdom. And then there was Weed’s declaration to create a large, historical sculpture that would make Arpen prosper!

Until now users had only seen the words created by artists but now they were given an opportunity to partic.i.p.ate. It was a scale that didn’t exist in the history of the continent and they could contribute to a great work! They s.h.i.+vered at the thought of such an honour after hearing Weed’s yell.

“Hooray King Weed!”

“I want to do it!”

A fanatical heat swept through the square. This was a huge opportunity that might not return if they didn’t partic.i.p.ate. He was giving a boost to the city so the Weed’s esteem started to rise in the hearts of the pure beginners.

“He really is a great king.”

“Yes. He is considering the plight of beginners like us and understands even when we have such low levels.”

The naive players thought he wasn’t going to raise taxes! But Pale’s party knew the truth.

It would be forced labour as soon as they joined the team to make the sculpture! He didn’t rally the forces and make them do it by force. Instead he deliberately lured them so they couldn’t escape

Weed was creating a sculpture of a scale that didn’t exist in history yet so it was difficult to not partic.i.p.ate. Maybe that’s what he intended by making the budget for the coronation ceremony 30 gold. A grand plan to turn the large crowd in the square into labourers!

Surka a.n.a.lysed it with a cool head.

“I think Weed-nim’s voice was trembling because of the construction costs.”

Mapan felt such an eerie feeling that goose b.u.mps appeared on his skin.

“I really have a lot to learn.”

The crowd was moved by Weed!

A good businessman needed to be able to scam people. He couldn’t imagine what the largest construction would be.

“Come on, let’s go!”

Weed led the crowd out of the gates. He moved along a pretty flower path towards the mountain. This was the mountain region with quarry mines.

“You should be able to carry them one by one. Move quickly. It will be difficult if it is too late. It will be hard to move once the sun sets.”

The crowd carrying rocks and minerals formed a procession like a swarm of ants. Weed’s destination was a wide wasteland where not even a single blade of gra.s.s grew. The distance was so far that Morata’s walls and buildings couldn’t be seen.

A procession of workers that exceeded 100,000 people headed to the mountains from Morata. They carried necessary materials such as stone and wood.

The beginners were henceforth faithful workers.


“The land price is also cheap… This place won’t rise much later on so it is good to leave sculptures here.”

Weed quite liked the wasteland.

Sculptures were influenced by the terrain and natural environment. If Weed designed the sculpture in a barren place then it might result in a higher effect.

The sculptor was supposed to be the largest one in history so it needed a vast area.

“Bring more stones!”

“The foundation here needs to be steadier. Dig deeper and let’s get started.”

The workers committed to carrying the stones from the mountains through the forest. The number of users who believed in Weed and decided to partic.i.p.ate in creating the sculpture couldn’t be counted.

There were slightly high level users migrated from the Central Continent and Rosenheim Kingdom.

The beginners that started in Morata and members from the Gra.s.s Porridge Gra.s.s also joined and completely changed the appearance of the wastelands.

Weed specified the designated land and the rocks were stacked up there. It was a ma.s.sive scale like the Great Wall of Chine or a pyramid was being built. It was a huge civil engineering project run by the King.

“Collect your children and come work quickly.”


Yellowy and his children also carried the rocks.

Various construction materials were piled up! A small mountain of rocks and dirt was already formed.

“What are you going to create?”

“I don’t know. I’ll just make it once all the materials are collected.”

Weed wanted to make a large sculpture so the users had gathered big, usable rocks. The Arpen Kingdom was the first one founded so there was a lot of interest in Weed’s business. Roads were being connected in Morata while architects were laying the foundation to build a square.

Weed decided to set a working area where 32 sculptures could be placed. It was so big that he wouldn’t be able to manage it alone.

“I have to recruit some disciples.”

He couldn’t carve 32 sculptures in his large workshop alone. If someone did the minimal trim on the sculpture then the work would become easier. Weed placed an advertis.e.m.e.nt on Morata’s gates as the best sculptor on the continent.

-Weed wants a disciple.


Sculptor Weed is working with a friendly atmosphere in the wasteland. He is looking for disciples to trim the sculptors together.

Every day 21 hours will be spent creating the sculptor and 3 hours running errands.

Anyone can apply.

4 coppers an hour.

However, the probationary period is 3 days and only half the salary will be paid.

If you receive an injury while making the sculpture then it will be bandaged.

No days off.

No additional pay will be given for working at night.

Hospitality- Gra.s.s porridge will be provided as a meal 3 times a day and you can lay down anywhere in the workshop to sleep.

There will be rabbit soup twice a month for dinner. However you need to catch the rabbits directly.

Always recruiting.

People with experience in sculpting preferred. It doesn’t matter if you are novices. People with sincerity rather than talent will be preferred.

The worst working conditions! Still, it was a chance to become Weed’s disciple so there was no shortage of people.

“Is it really going to be like he wrote?”

“Even so, I want to become a disciple. I can learn his skills.”

From beginners to senior magicians, the applicants gathered like clouds. Weed held brief 10 minute interviews.

“Do you know sculpting?”


“I learnt it a little while ago.”

The applicants standing in front of Weed were nervous and couldn’t breathe properly. Many people who dreamed of becoming a sculptor started in Morata. They had large aspirations for sculpting so they had prepared in advance.

“Can you continue to trim the sculpture even when it is raining or your stomach is empty?”

“Yes? Of course… My body can continue even when the weather is bad.”


Beginners who didn’t possess the sculpting skill were also supported.

“Limbs intact and…. Do you have a lot of time?”

“Yes. I have a lot of time to spare because I’m unemployed.”


Weed pulled 700 disciples in an instant! Weed had the novice sculptors start to prepare the rocks. The complete beginners helped by running errands.


A famous sculptor called Depth who had intermediate sculpting was also supported by the disciples. He had moved to Morata from Rhodium in order to raise his fame as a sculptor.

“I’ve always admired you. I hope we get along well in the future.”

“Yes. You’re quite proficient in making sculptures so you’ll have a lot of work.”

“Give me any work you want.”

Depth had decent sculpting skill so he was given the task of refining the sculptures. He directed the exterior to be trimmed to the height Weed indicated as well as the basic form of the sculpture.

“This is enough to start working.”

Weed used the Sculpting Knife and tools like a chisel in order to create the giant form of a person. He spread the Wings of Light and created a mysterious atmosphere.

“There is no need to use too much technique. It just needs to be faithful to the prototype even if it is a little clunky.”

Tang! Tang! Tang!

He commenced carving away at the rocks. Weed had level 8 advanced sculpting so he gradually revealed the beauty of the stone. He expressed the smoothness and magnificence of the large rocks that had been on the mountains for hundreds of years. Perseverance and vitality was necessary in order to slash at the hard rocks.

A sculpture was born with his pa.s.sion and commitment. It was said that all n.o.ble art was born from hards.h.i.+p.

“If I ever have a child then I’m not letting them become a sculptor!”

Weed understood why parents wouldn’t want their children to have the same job. Something had to be experienced in order to be properly understood.

Royal Road was a difficult and dangerous place but even a sculpture in reality would have a hard life. Of course, he was doing well to the extent that he was respected but he wouldn’t recommend it to his children.

“If they just commit moderate sins and study hard then they will succeed.”

The hearts of most parents were probably similar. Weed occasionally looked down at the ground to see lots of people working. The road leading up to the wasteland was full of people piling up a mountain of rocks.

They were making a marble building in accordance with the number of sculptures. Everyone was working tremendously under Weed’s direction from above.

“There’s no time to rest.”

Weed didn’t delay and continued slas.h.i.+ng at the rocks. While he was making the sculpture the Wyverns, Bingryong and Phoenix visited.

“You came again. Go and hunt.”

“Master, Master! Today I ate 2 horses.”

“Eat until you’re full. I’m a little busy.”

“Delicious. Horse meat is always delicious. Master.”

“Yes, I know it is delicious. So go have some more.”

Silver Bird also sometimes had serious worries.

“Golden Bird’s eyes are sometimes strange when looking at me. But it isn’t in a way I don’t like.”

Phoenix came in the middle of the day and made it even hotter.

“Master, this sculpture seems great.”

He apparently didn’t have anything to do and closely watched Weed making the sculpture with his hot body. Weed’s perseverance was already at the bottom.

Then Wy-3 flew over.

“Master, I ate 3 horses today. Do you think I’ve gained weight?”

Weed had spent little time with his sculptural lifeforms these days. So they kept on coming back repeatedly in order to see Weed. And they were sculptural lifeforms so they had a strong interest in the art Weed was creating.


“Master. Speak.”

“Let’s stay together for a long time.”

“Understood Master.”

But Weed didn’t hit him angrily to make him go away. He wanted his sculptural lifeforms to stay with him in order to make them work for a long time.


The expectations of the crowd in Morata were enormous.

“Look at that ma.s.sive scale. What on earth is being made that is that wide?”

“Is it the Royal Palace?”

“Doesn’t it really seem like it?”

Weed was making something with marble. There seemed to be 32 sculptures and if they looked closely then they seemed like buildings from different kingdoms. It didn’t seem that luxurious but there were pillars of marble that seemed to be lining a large s.p.a.ce.

Stones were dug from the nearby quarry but the marble naturally wasn’t free. It was bought from another village in the north so it consumed the Arpen Kingdom’s budget. The funds invested in this were enough to build 3 Grand Buildings.

The people were so curious they couldn’t stand it.

“Why is he creating such a tremendous sculpture?”

“If the finances from the Arpen Kingdom are invested in it then wouldn’t it immediately decline?”

Given the scale of the construction, it was like money was literally being poured into it. Right now the residents of the Kingdom had the highest loyalty and security.

The future of Morata and Vargo Fortress was very hopeful. If the state’s finances were consumed excessively then taxes would increase and the residents would naturally be dissatisfied.

In addition, it might not end with just a tax increase. Eventually security would deteriorate and the number of bandits would rise. The users were anxious about the something going wrong with the Arpen Kingdom.

Weed was always trying to squeeze as much as possible from the budget but an unprecedented sum of money was already invested in the construction. Other cities didn’t even have the funds for 3 Grand Buildings so there weren’t many people who understood. It might be understandable if they were building a palace or military facility but these funds were being spent on a sculpture!

While a great deal of interest was being shown to Weed’s sculpture, the face of the sculpture slowly started being revealed. No matter how they looked at it, the sculpture was just that of a plain looking woman.

The users who carried the stones slumped as they had expected a great work.

“Is he really trying to make a Magnum Opus?”

“No way. The Ice Beauty Weed created is dramatically beautiful.”

“The G.o.ddess of Freya Statue is also pretty.”

Weed’s sculptures were a great pride to the Morata users and they felt admiration every time they saw it. The sight of the rising morning sun through the morning mist on the G.o.ddess of Freya Statue was really dazzling. Weed had the Morata users’ active support so it was hard to believe he would create such an ordinary sculpture.

“This is a complete failure.”

“I agree. There is no law that Weed will succeed with every sculpture.”

“It seems like his abilities have degenerated.”

“Hey. I’m just going hunting. This is a waste of money and time.”

The users ranged from disappointed to concerned. The result was too mediocre for the hard work of so many people.

“If it is only that degree then it isn’t worth learning.”

The disciples and workers who partic.i.p.ated became disgruntled and started quitting one after another. It was to the extent that secret rumours spread through Morata’s back alleys.

“Bardray killed him so his sense of sculpting must’ve fallen.”

“I never really thought that much of Weed’s sculptures. Hasn’t he just been lucky in the meantime?”

They didn’t dare speak openly because they were scared of the Gra.s.s Porridge Cult but a lot of people who came to Morata started making accusations of Weed.

The crowd that had cheered pa.s.sionately when Weed revealed his plan had their hearts turned cold. A colossal amount of funds and people have been invested in this work so they couldn’t help feeling disappointed. A sculptor truly carried a heavy burden.

“What is he going to do?”

“It doesn’t seem that good based on this.”

Irene and Surka watched Weed hanging from the sculpture. It was becoming troublesome like they expected. The hearts of Weed’s party would hurt the most at a time like this.

Weed completed the first sculpture while receiving distrust. People looked up from the square without any expectations.

Weed carved the double folded eyelid and the sculpture was completed!

-The statue of the G.o.ddess Hestia has been born!

Hestia has defended the Versailles Continent since ancient times. She is in charge of the family hearth and loves creative abilities.

Her statue was destroyed in a war so her existence is only known in the dwarven and human records.

The restoration of a G.o.ddess Hestia statue will have great religious significance to the dwarves on the Versailles Continent.

The completion of the first Statue of G.o.ddess Hestia has been recorded in history.

Those who admire the Statue of G.o.ddess Hestia will have health, mana regeneration and vitality increased by 35% for a day.

The effect of spirit magic and attack skills will increase by 11%.

This is a religious statue so the Faith stat will permanently increase by 7.

Sculptors, Bards and Painters will have their Art stat permanently increased by 9.

G.o.ddess Hestia’s blessings will irregularly be given to artist professions.

The ability of humans and dwarves to deal with fire has improved by 13%.

There is a 4% chance for a magician’s fire magic to have an unquenchable effect.

The Art stat has permanently increased by 6 points due to the creation of an ancient work of art.

Statue of G.o.ddess Hestia!

Just watching the finished sculpture permanently increased some stats.

“Weed created a sculpture of the G.o.ddess Hestia?”

“Wow, the real deal!”

The people who believed in Weed and watched the completion of his work were able to enjoy the effects and obtain the stats. The people who carried the heavy materials for the sculpture felt as light as a feather.


-The Statue of G.o.ddess Hestia has been completed and Arpen Kingdom’s political power has expanded.

Relations.h.i.+p with the dwarves has improved.

The influence of the new religion will give residents positive hope.

Every person visiting Morata heard that a statue of G.o.ddess Hestia was created.

“He really is Sculptor Weed. The G.o.d of Sculpting!”

“I moved chunks of stone 7 times! I really suffered making the statue!”

“I unconditionally believed in Weed’s sculpture from the beginning.”

“Let’s quickly go and carry the stones.”

“The taste of the gra.s.s porridge is best after working.”

In addition to the beginners, candidates came from outside Morata and the number of applicants increased infinitely. The number of workers supporting after one day was 300,000 people.

The people who played a role in creating the Statue of G.o.ddess Hestia received more specific blessings. They gained slightly more Faith, Strength and Perseverance. Even their contribution to the Arpen Kingdom increased so they couldn’t give up this chance!

A ma.s.sive amount of stones were stacked up in the construction area.

“Use your body weight when swinging the pickaxe.”

“It is easier to carry the stones if you bend at the waist and shoulder. Then keeping on looking straight ahead no matter what.”

“Don’t try to forcibly carry too much. It is faster to carry a lighter weight 3 times than it is to carry a heavy stone once.”

The experienced users from the Rosenheim Kingdom who partic.i.p.ated in creating the pyramid gave advice to the beginners.

“Is it hard?”

“No. It’s okay.”

Pale and Maylon once again showed their affection as they carried the stones. Surka was still waiting to meet a good man.

“That looks too big so hall I break it?”

“That would be good… Is it possible?”

“Yon han kwon!”

Pa pa pa pa pak!

Surka’s fists broke the rock! She carried heavy stones that even men didn’t dare pick up.


“Thank you, Priest-nim.”

Irene and other priests welcomed the players who worked hard. Cooks appeared and offered food to workers who carried the stone. The terrain changed every day through the extensive labour.


Vent Castle!

It was an important gateway to protect Mordred, the capital of the Niflheim Empire. The Empire’s Capital had collapsed completely and after the north became covered with ice and monsters, the army made sure to keep the gates of Vent Castle locked.

“This will protect our lives. One day the Niflheim Empire will rise again!”

The knights fought against the monsters and protected the castle. The days were filled with severe ice storms. Vent Castle was the only place where the people in the north lived.

They became self-sufficient with food as they lived within the boundaries of monsters. Then the Northern Continent recovered its mild climate again but they still didn’t open their gates.

“The north is dangerous. And the person who inherited the Niflheim Kingdom hasn’t appeared yet.”

The knights and soldiers ruled Vent Castle!

Meanwhile other areas of the north received G.o.ddess Freya’s blessings and harvested many crops. The price of Morata’s food became cheaper and the birth rate in the village miraculously increased. The hunters and soldiers scattered through the north to live. They struggled in the freezing cold weather and died fighting monsters while residents would give birth. The result was the growth of a small village.

Meanwhile Morata’s political power in the area increased.

The waves of change also came to Vent Castle.

“Excuse me… I’ve come to sell food.”

Gamong was a novice merchant from Morata.

“Disappear quickly!”

The knights of Vent Castle heartlessly tried to drive her away. But Gamong was familiar with such reception. Her fame wasn’t high and she didn’t have a lot of trading experience.

Merchant activities in the north weren’t that good. If she went to the Central Continent with Morata’s specialties then she could get good treatment. That’s why most of the users traded back and forth with the Central Continent or between players in Morata.

Roaming the north with a trade wagon wasn’t a good idea. There were many dangerous monsters around the roads so it was difficult for merchants to move. The development of other villages in the north was slow so they didn’t have specialities like Morata.

“But a merchant’s path is to establish a trade route first!”

Gamong didn’t want to be like other merchants who pursued comfort. Usually merchants became respected in Morata before going to other large cities to trade. Fortunately there was a rich amount of product from Morata so she could go around selling it to the north. Gamong went around the north trading j.a.ptem.

“Please check the taste just once.”

Gamong gave olives, wine and rice to the knights before leaving. Food had a shelf-life so it would rot if left for too long. This was a transaction where she only received a loss! However Gamong had hope.

“Morata will keep on getting bigger. And people live in the north so trade will start becoming active.”

She roamed the north with food wagons from Morata. If she met monsters then she would give most of it away. Fortunately she also sold it to travellers, soldiers and other lords but she couldn’t say that she made a profit.

“Ya ya. That’s crazy. Don’t do it.”

“Having just one store in Morata will collect money. All you have to do is eat and then play.”

Every merchant she met in a bar tried to stop her. Gamong watched the Tower of Light at night and didn’t give up hope.

“I’m going to be a large trade merchant. I will pull 1,000 trades…”

So she toured the northern area for a few months. She didn’t earn money but the income she found was a fast and safe route between small villages and a rise in intimacy with local residents.

“Would you like to see Vent Castle?”

She was handing out food in a mountain village when a grandmother of one of the residents asked.

“Yes. But I’ve almost given up. It isn’t easy.”

“One of the guards is my grandchild… If you mention my name then he might let you in.”


-You have acquired information on how to enter Vent Castle.

Gamong was so excited that she couldn’t speak. She could enter the castle that allowed no-one in for the first time! If it was any other cla.s.s then she would be interested in the quests but she was a merchant. She was interested in what she could buy and sell there. Gamong arrived at Vent Castle 2 days later.

“Hrmm… I’ve heard about the good deeds you’ve done in this area by distributing food. I’ll grant my grandmother’s request.”

Vent Castle was a relic from the Niflheim Empire. The goods that could be traded in the stores also reflected the technology of that time.

“I… I’ll now become a wealthy merchant!”

Gamong cried out as she rejoiced. If she took the goods from Vent Castle elsewhere then she could obtain huge money. It was an exclusive trade because there were no compet.i.tors!

She didn’t know how long the monopoly would last since other merchants would start knocking on Vent Castle’s doors now that Gamong succeeded. Before the monopoly period ended, she would build intimacy and obtain vital information on products.

Gamong bought items and armour from Vent Castle with excellent workmans.h.i.+p that could be sold at an affordable price in Morata. Vent Castle had been closed off so their items and armour were kept at a low price.

She brought a huge amount of food from Morata to Vent Castle.

“Now. Morata’s specialties! Lamb and beer, rice, tomatoes, cheese, wine, today they are all sold really cheaply! Come fast!”

“Merchant-nim. How much is this?”

“4 copper please. I’ll give you a little bit more.”

She ran out of stock in an instant after selling it at the square.

-You have sold food to Vent Castle’s inhabitants at a low price.

Trading Fame has increased by 24.

Charm has increased by 3.

Gamong thought of the distant future as she sold all the food. It was possible to receive 3~4 times the purchase price so the deal was profitable for her. Her fame and intimacy increased after selling a lot of food from Morata. And the reaction came immediately when she purchased goods from Vent Castle’s stores.

“Gamong is a good merchant. I was waiting for your visit. This doesn’t sell very well… Would you like to see? I will increase the quant.i.ty sold to you.”

A merchant couldn’t buy goods unlimitedly even if they had the money. There was a certain quant.i.ty of weapons and armours that would be sold.

“Hehehe, I’m rich. Rich!”

Gamong was given a large sum of money and fame as a merchant.

It was difficult to imagine as a novice merchant but every trade acc.u.mulated. A merchant normally had thick stomach that rocked every time they walked.

Gamong wasn’t the only one who benefited from it. When the food from Morata was grown or processed, Vent Castle’s birth rate would increase. Merchants had a large contribution to the stability of a region.

The trade was successful and the closed up att.i.tude of Vent Castle slowly loosened.

“According to the goblins, a sculptor called Weed has succeeded in great adventures. The goblins are good at lying so I don’t know how reliable they are… But it is surprising that we are the only ones who don’t know about Weed.”

“Is this warm climate really due to Weed’s adventures?”

“We’re trying to restore the honour of the Niflheim Empire but we’ve heard a lot of rumours about Weed.”

“Is it true that Morata is more prosperous than Vent Castle?”

“Was the Arpen Kingdom really founded? Well… These days I keep on hearing stories about Weed and Morata so it might really be possible.”

All the residents in Vent Castle also knew about Weed.

“A vagabond said that Weed is creating a huge sculptor. Morata must be an amazing city thanks to his sculptures.”

“The food we’re eating has been grown in Morata… That toasted bread is very delicious.”


“This is suitable to be a workroom.”

The blacksmith Herman left Kuruso in the Dwarf Kingdom and arrived in Morata. Herman was also challenging the Blacksmith Master Quest and his ultimate target was to make the best sword.

That’s why he came here.

“Hestia’s Forge will be very helpful.”

Kuruso had a rich abundance of high quality iron and metals. The treatment of dwarf blacksmiths was also good. The prices for equipment made at Kuruso’s forges were 2~3 times that of other places.

Despite these many conveniences, Hestia’s Forge was better at making products so 1 in 5 blacksmiths came to Morata including Herman. He didn’t come alone and was accompanied by many other dwarven blacksmiths. The dwarves were keen to see the land.

“This place is good. The land is flat and wide. We can build a house and forge here.”

“Kya! This beer taste is amazing. I need to drink in order to build a house.”

“Isn’t it beer brewed by humans?”

“You won’t understand until you try it. This beer tastes good like steel.”

The dwarves’ agility and handicraft meant they could use construction techniques. They wanted to buy land close to Hestia’s Forge and the vacant land was wide and s.p.a.cious. And the minimum value of the land started from 4,500 gold!

“The land value is so expensive!”

“This isn’t a main street. The price is strangely expensive.”

“But it isn’t to the extent that we won’t buy it……”

The dwarves went to the government office and purchased the land. Weed had considered this when he built Hestia’s Forge.

‘This is the location with the most potential for growth.’

Other people wouldn’t have thought of land speculation at the time. Weed took owners.h.i.+p of the land and waited for the rich dwarves to move. He had this in mind from the moment he started building Hestia’s Forge.

The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor

The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor

Dalbic Jogaksa, LMS, 달빛조각사
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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Artist: , Released: 2007 Native Language: Korean
The man forsaken by the world, the man a s*ave to money and the man known as the legendary God of War in the highly popular MMORPG Continent of Magic. With the coming of age, he decides to say goodbye, but the feeble attempt to earn a little something for his time and effort ripples into an effect none could ever have imagined. Through a series of coincidences, his legendary avatar is sold for 3 billion won, bringing great joy to him, only to plunge him into despair at losing almost all of it to vicious loan sharks. With revelation of money through gaming, he rises from the abyss with new found resolve and steps forward into the new age of games led by the first ever Virtual Reality MMORPG, Royal Road. This is the legend of Lee Hyun on his path to becoming Emperor with only his family’s loving heart, his boundless desire for money, his unexpected mind, his diligently forged body and the talent of hard work backing him.


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