The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor Volume 29 Chapter 10

10) Sulleion Tribe’s Trap

A time of chaos! The television ad seen at Unicorn Corporation started to be shown.

“Why is this suddenly coming out?”

“It seems like an ad intentionally directed to us.”

Recently people were feeling a serious crisis.

War was taking place throughout the Central Continent. In the past there were wars between influential guilds and now monsters and the Embinyu Church had joined in.

-The Hwisurun village has been decimated by monsters. Tourists should be careful when travelling. It is recommended that warriors who aren’t level 320 don’t visit.

-Sergy City is being attacked by the Embinyu Church. Is there anyone that will come and save them?

-Thieves have broken into Freddy’s store. Looking for equipment to fill the walls. All merchants are welcome to come and sell their goods.

Various terrible stories of cities or castles collapsing frequently appeared on the bulletin boards. Monsters appeared on the previously safe plains and roads connecting cities.

“I’m really very worried these days.”

“Life is becoming increasingly harder. Where is security to take care of the monsters and restore the peace?”

“Everybody is busy these days playing war.”

“Whew… Even going outside the gates is frightening.”

“It is even harder to hunt.”

While hunting in the plains, mountains or forests, they had to be careful that other monsters wouldn’t intrude. The entire kingdom was confused and then it shook when the Embinyu Church invaded.

Monsters would sometimes change their habitats so the users couldn’t relax. Many commissioned mercenaries so the compensation when completing a mission was reduced.

“I have nothing else for you, I’m sorry.”

“What should I do? The goods I promised were robbed by thieves……”

Residents lived in poverty so they couldn’t give proper compensation for simple requests.

“Ah, it is really hard to eat.”

“It’s too difficult.”

“There are no requests so I can barely pay the repair costs.”

In the past, there had never been monsters invading the city and users had to conquer it with their own power. That situation had changed a lot. The merchants were constantly plagued by bandits and the Embinyu Church and civil war dealt a terrible blow to the market.

“Hey, did you earn some money?”

“Don’t talk nonsense. It is difficult to even pay for my carriage repair costs.”

Delivery of military supplies to kingdoms and large guilds could reap great trade benefits. But there were already exclusive traders for those cases so everyone else could just watch them maintain the monopoly.

The situation for general users and residents was increasingly deteriorating so there were bursts of complaints against the merchants.

“That can’t happen, really!”

“We paid so many taxes just for this!”

Although merchants had to pay excessive taxes, they could still engage in difficult business. Sometimes they would get angry but merchants were weak in combat.

Needless to say, the general merchants were the ones with unfavourable news.

“Until when do we have to put up with this? I can stomach it if there is a slightly good request but they are just telling us to die!”

“I closed down 5 stores. Outside is dangerous so the number of people who are hunting has decreased. The quality of goods has also fallen.”

“They’re dumping dirt on us!”

A meeting of small and medium sized merchants blamed the lords and guilds. The most affected by the chaos on the continent were those like merchants, farmers, miners etc. It was difficult for them to work.

The guilds weren’t satisfied with the territory they had secured and kept on waging war to expand it.

The confusion on the Central Continent even spread to the mountain village as large number of monsters appeared there.

-The Embinyu Church can’t be allowed to obtain a seat.

The religious orders of the continent made a declaration against the Embinyu Church. The Knights Templar and monks of the monastery started moving.

As a war started between the Embinyu Church and other religious orders, the users started to realize the Versailles Continent was changing.


While Bardray was in the midst of an ongoing quest, the Hermes Guild was also busy moving. They collected enormous taxes from the Haven and Kallamore Kingdoms while scheming.

“A good chance like this won’t come again.”

“It isn’t possible to refuse an offer from the Hermes Guild. We accept. Let’s get along well in the future.”

The Black Lion Guild had received a huge blow at the Melbourne Mine. When compared to the overall scale of the guild, it was just one defeat but Carlise and their elite members had been annihilated!

This spread awareness that the Black Lion Guild was poor compared to the Hermes Guild. Members of the Black Lion Guild left while its rival the Beden Guild used that chance to expand their power.

Of course, if they allied with other small guilds then they could successfully regain the lost territory. However the Hermes Guild was behind the Beden Guild. They secretly sent them power to cut off the Black Lion Guild and secure the Tullen Kingdom.

The Beden Guild had experienced the power of the Hermes Guild so they couldn’t refuse the suggestion. They had to pay a tribute in exchange for securing the entire Tullen Kingdom but it was better than being dismantled like the Black Lion Guild.

Lafaye held a meeting with the leaders of the Hermes Guild.

“The Beden Guild should take 2~3 months to clean up the Tullen Kingdom.”

“Do we really need to join with the Beden Guild? We’ve proved the strength of our forces.”

“There is a geographical problem because of other kingdoms between us and the Beden Guild is familiar with the circ.u.mstances of that region so they can handle the annoying problems.”

“But later on, if we perhaps get tired of them…..”

“Then we’ll wipe out the Beden Guild. Incidentally, the core high level users of the Beden Guild are on a separate operation.”

“Later we will just leave a sh.e.l.l.”

“The problem is the occupation of the Lasalle Kingdom…..”

“That operation is underway. Our aggressive attacks with capture it within a month.”

The Hermes Guild made the decision to throw their army at the Lasalle Kingdom. Then they planned to invade the Britten Alliance Kingdom immediately afterwards to strike at the Cloud Guild.


Wy-3 was flying in the air with Yurin.

“This is a good view. It is thanks to Wy-3 that I can feel something like this.”

“Kkaruruk. Kya kya kya kya.”

The wyvern was weak to praise.

“I’d like to take you flying through the sky after this. From morning to night. And all night long.”


Wy-3 seemed to lose all its strength in its wings at Yurin’s words. He was already running around a lot and now the pa.s.senger had increased by 1 more person!

Wy-3 and Yurin were flying above a steep mountain. She had come to draw a map of the Ha.r.s.el Mountains at Weed’s request.

“Go to a place higher than here. I need a wider view.”


Wy-3 flapped its wings and soared into the sky. In the meantime it had been hunting and raising its level so its maximum speed had increased.

Yurin looked down at the Ha.r.s.el Mountains from the clouds. The Sulleion had built a fort on the steep Tubkal Peak. The walls consisted of rocks and cliffs so it could be called a blessed fort.

“I need to draw the terrain of these high mountains.”

Yurin began drawing a detailed map.


“Well, it is like that.”

Weed developed a new strategy based on the information Country Mouse and Silver Bird got from the Sulleions.

“It certainly isn’t a bad strategy.”

The Ha.r.s.el Mountains had a steep terrain so it was easy to draw in enemies deeper to take advantage of it. The Sulleion could take advantage of the caves and planned a strategy based on their strengths!

Weed praised them.

“They’re pretty smart guys!”

Pale had great expectations.

“Then what tactic should we take?”

Weed had a great reputation on the continent. It wasn’t an exaggeration to say that he had the best leaders.h.i.+p and commanding ability. He even brought the Lord of the Continent Seal as well as Teuresec’s Horn. With Weed’s current Leaders.h.i.+p level, he could raise some barbarians into elite troops with just a little training.

Pale already knew Weed’s battle capabilities but he had even more expectations of his tactics.

“These guys are quite clever and are using various ways……”

“What will we use?”

“We won’t waste their effort.”


Pale thought it was impossible.

But Weed led his sculpture lifeform troops and advanced towards Tubkal Mountain. They entered deeper into enemy lines. The sculptural lifeforms used the terrain and s.p.a.ce to fight the Sulleion warriors.

It was impossible to hunt in a party in the Ha.r.s.el Mountains. That’s because they needed to bring enough troops to fight against the Sulleion!

The sculptural lifeforms were strong but lacked speed compared to the Sulleion.

The terrain was absolutely disadvantageous.

“King Hydra, go to the right side. Your mission is to entice the attacks from the enemy. Guernica, stay back and defend your position while helping your colleagues.”

The sculptural lifeforms changed formation according to Weed’s order. They crossed over 9 mountains towards Tubkal Mountain while enemies continued emerging from hidden caves.

The Sulleion warriors tended to focus on one target to attack. The dangerous lifeforms fell back while those with high health were at the front. He changed the hunting party according to the characteristics of the lifeforms when the terrain changed.

“Flame River!”

Romuna attacked enemies using the new magic Flame River that she learnt. The hostile warriors were swept by the river of flames!

“Kyaah, really strong!”

Weed smiled bitterly every time Romuna rejoiced at the strong wide area magic! His companions also showed outstanding performances as they moved forward.

The wyverns, Bingryong and Phoenix supported them from the air while defeating enemies.

“Concentrate your attacks on one point and if the enemies scatter then fight daringly. You ate a lot a while ago so don’t let your behaviour be slow!”

Under Weed’s command, the sculptural lifeforms was able to draw out 35% more of their capabilities. Once he fully utilized the sculptural lifeforms, they were able to show a devastating power. The lifeforms who could use arrows and magic were quite useful so they were placed safely in the centre.

The fearsome concentrated firepower achieved a winning streak! Pale and Romuna used ranged attacks while Surka and Zephyr took care of any enemies who got close.

“The location of the Sulleion’s fortress… There should be 6 more mountains.”

Weed used the map to calculate the distance. They had already crossed 9 large mountains as they headed to Tubkal. It had already been a while but there still remained a long distance to go.

“There is a dangerous place in the middle…..”

A canyon was just a place where they could receive concentrated attacks. Usually the wyverns would be scouts but the Sulleion moved secretly through caves so they weren’t easy to notice. In the worst case scenario, they would quickly be besieged!

“Shouldn’t we go back now?”

Irene showed an anxious countenance. She was a priest so she was very reluctant to be besieged. In an urgent situation she wouldn’t have time to cure everyone. Someone would probably die so she wanted to avoid that situation.

“I have an idea so let’s continue for a little longer.”

When there was a slight break, Weed would cook and wrap bandages around the injured sculptural lifeforms. He decided not to use his achievements with the Freya Church to bring Alveron so Irene had to take care of recovery alone.

She didn’t have as much skills as Alveron but the King Hydra had a close to immortal life. The King Hydra wouldn’t die if there was even 1 head left. Therefore Irene could treat the other creatures.

The lifeforms quickly became friends with the priest Irene. The priest really was an excellent cla.s.s at increasing intimacy!

Weed allowed a longer break than normal and made a sculpture. This was usual behaviour so no one paid attention to it. He carved the form of wide mountains out of a wooden board.

A few hours later, Pale stopped moving.

“This seems a bit risky to cross.”

It was a stream of flowing water. Normally the water would only go up to their knees and waist but the rain water changed it into a rapid torrent. Weed looked at the map and confirmed the location.

“Based on the map Yurin drew, this is one of the best places to attack. We have to get past this stream if we want to reach Tubkal Mountain.”

Knowing the terrain in advance was a high advantage in not getting lost in the mountains. There were three dangerous areas on the way to Tubkal Mountain and this was one of them. If they swam across then they would be attacked by arrows from the woods on either side of the stream.

Pale, Romuna and the sculptural lifeforms would have no chance but to be put in a disadvantageous situation. This wasn’t the place Weed had been sculpting.

Romuna spoke in an unconfident voice.

“Isn’t there a safer detour?”

“We will have to go back 2 mountains. It will also be a formidable climb. It is better to pa.s.s here quickly while being careful and prepared for combat.”

Weed moved forward the sculptural lifeforms with high health.

“You absolutely can’t relax. Pale-nim will go first to keep watch. Romuna-nim should prepare some magic beforehand.”

Unlike their worries, the enemy didn’t show up and they could pa.s.s the flow of water unharmed. But after that, the standard of the Sulleion warriors generally rose.

So far they had fought against general soldiers but now the elite level warriors appeared. They were true warriors beyond level 420! The Sulleion warriors hurled an onslaught of attacks without regard for their lives.

The sculptural lifeforms had grown well after being given life in the Jigolaths so they fought well despite being pressed by the enemy. The health of the lifeforms declined as the Sulleion warriors died.

In particular, the sculptural lifeforms like the Fire Giant showed an unsurpa.s.sed ability. Due to its fire characteristics, the Sulleions that lived in a reptile habitat tended to evade its attacks.

“I’m a little nervous!”

Irene said with serious concern.

“This is completely behind enemy lines. In addition, they could get reinforcements from the connected cave and we can be besieged. It is too dangerous even if the sculptural lifeforms are strong!”

The sculptural lifeforms hunting speed was exceptionally fast thanks to Weed’s commands. Even with Sulleion warriors surrounding them on all sides, the lifeforms built up terrifying achievements.

The King Hydra was intimidating while the Death Worm would suddenly emerge from the land to threaten the enemies.

Swit swit swi swi swi swi swit.

The Countryside Snake also spewed poison while arrows and magic attacks were also concentrated. The large sculptural lifeforms were organized and they a.s.saulted the warrior troops! They were highly effective and powerful and wiped out the Sulleions.

Of course, no one had died yet but Irene hoped to not be put in a situation where the entire party would die. Furthermore, the loss of even one sculptural lifeform would be an irreparable loss for Weed.

Therefore she made up her mind and decided to stop Weed. Her common sense said that Weed was unusually hurried.

“The enemies seem to be luring us here.”

Weed nodded at Irene’s comment.

“That’s accurate.”

“This plan…..”

“We are luring them as well.”

Weed pondered as he looked at the topographical map Yurin drew.

‘The greatest fortress. If we punch through from the outskirts then it will take some time. They will either expand their defense or focus on a surprise attack…..’

It required a lot of time to reach Tubkal Peal. They had to fight against the Sulleion that had been propagating in the Ha.r.s.el Mountains. Despite winning against the enemy, the situation would become more disadvantageous the deeper they got into enemy lines.

It was an exhaustive war so there would be several problems with supplies. That’s why he decided to confirm the enemy’s movement through Silver Bird and Country Mouse and have a big battle all at once.

“Now you just have to believe in me.”

“The chances of success?”

“I can’t be sure but if those fellows are clever than they will lie down and let us turn them into kimbap.”

Irene decided to believe in Weed. It was the words of a person willing to risk the body due to the tolerable hospital cost!

The next dangerous area they encountered after the stream was a rocky canyon. The rock walls on both side was 2 kilometres high. It was a place that would make someone’s jaw drop and want to retreat! The road pa.s.sed through the water flowing into the canyon.

Zephyr looked around with a tense expression.

“It isn’t possible to move through here without receiving a surprise attack.”

The Sulleions used narrow caves that seemed invisible so they couldn’t be seen until they appeared.

“Should we go along the top of the cliffs so we can move quickly?”

Pale walked forward with his arrow already prepared. Somehow this place felt like enemies were waiting!

“No. We’ll go to the bottom of the canyon.”

“Yes? But there will be no place to escape. Aren’t the steep canyon walls just like receiving an attack from a castle wall?”

“That’s what I’m aiming for.”

Weed chose the side of the water channel.

The sculptural lifeforms moved through the wide canyon with the walls stretching high on both sides.

‘This time they will come out. Because this is the most favourable terrain.’

Weed entered the rock canyon with that idea.


The Sulleions hid in the caves on both sides of the rocky canyon.

“I’m too smart.”

“This is my plan.”

“Stupid humans. Kkuukkuk!”

The Elders and warriors found it difficult to stop their laughter. They were extremely confident in their smarts!

‘This place is too good to pa.s.s up.’

‘Ah, G.o.d gave me everything! Everyone else is so stupid.’

They waited silently while Weed’s group and the sculptural lifeforms entered the rocky canyon.

“They fell in a perfect trap!”

“Get rid of them!”

The Sulleion warriors appeared all at once.

The steep rocky canyon was covered in the dark blue colour of their skin.


The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor

The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor

Dalbic Jogaksa, LMS, 달빛조각사
Score 8.6
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Artist: , Released: 2007 Native Language: Korean
The man forsaken by the world, the man a s*ave to money and the man known as the legendary God of War in the highly popular MMORPG Continent of Magic. With the coming of age, he decides to say goodbye, but the feeble attempt to earn a little something for his time and effort ripples into an effect none could ever have imagined. Through a series of coincidences, his legendary avatar is sold for 3 billion won, bringing great joy to him, only to plunge him into despair at losing almost all of it to vicious loan sharks. With revelation of money through gaming, he rises from the abyss with new found resolve and steps forward into the new age of games led by the first ever Virtual Reality MMORPG, Royal Road. This is the legend of Lee Hyun on his path to becoming Emperor with only his family’s loving heart, his boundless desire for money, his unexpected mind, his diligently forged body and the talent of hard work backing him.


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