The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor Volume 29 Chapter 6

6) Final Sculpting Master

“The fog is spooky.”

“I heard it is always full of fog here.”

Weed and his colleagues arrived at Musos Valley that contained the Tombs of the Kings riding the wyverns. The eyes of the Spartoi glared into the distance as they looked for monsters or threats. Mountain beasts and monsters wandering around turned pale and escaped from the Spartoi like there was an earthquake. It was the futile appearance of high ranking monsters. They also didn’t like Van Hawk and Torido.

Weed clicked his tongue.

“If I caught and peeled off their leather then I could’ve sold it for an expensive price.”

“This seems to be correct.”

Pale who was searching discovered the entrance. It was the entrance to the tomb of King Belsos that was previously opened by the Crimson Wings Guild. But there hadn’t been any visitors since then so it had been sealed up again.

They cleared the stones at the entrance and entered the ruins.


The stones walls in the interior of the ruins was a natural cave carved in a flat and wide form. There was a big, circular pillar in the middle but monsters could be hiding in the area so they were nervous.

“This is where I show my skills.”

Pale went forward.

“Wind’s Eye.”

-When the s.p.a.ce is connected, it is possible to see through objects.

It was an archer skill he acquired after reaching level 400. Even if he hadn’t obtained another archer technique, Pale had grown in pure combat. He was an archer who faithfully followed Weed and raised his stats and skill proficiency.

Pale placed an arrow on his bowstring.

“Twilight’s Arrow.”

-Sticky webs hanging from the arrow will slow down the enemy’s speed.

“Wind of Guidance.”

-It is possible to hit targets seen with Wind’s Eye. The arrows have to be aimed accurately in order to track down the enemy.


Pale looked at a wall and shot his arrow. His archery proficiency meant he could combine four types of skills on one arrow. The arrow flew straight and moved along the wall before disappearing.

After a few moments.


The shriek of a monster was heard. Pale used his rapid fire skill and continued to shoot arrows until the monster’s scream gradually disappeared. He showed a glorious way of hunting monsters in dungeons. It was an ability that only high level archers could execute!

It didn’t matter if there was only one but if there were multiple monsters then it would be difficult to deal with. Arrows could reduce the monster’s health by many times before they arrived. It could also be used to lure a monster. Pale’s arrow could get rid of the enemy or slow them down.

The monsters that arrived became the victim of Surka’s fists.

“Yon han kwon, Matchless Power, Wheel Power!”

Abdomen, flanks, forehead.

The distinct skills. .h.i.t different areas like a storm. Feeling the tingling power in the fists and the sound of something being hit was the best.

“Heheh, haven’t I become a lot stronger?”

Weed was gratified that his companions grew a lot.

“Well done. This means we can stay together the next time I receive a S cla.s.s quest.”

If the suffering was divided up then it would be reduced. He was much more comfortable suffering with his companions than alone! The blood drained from his colleagues’ faces as they heard Weed’s words. They boasted about their strength and now they were involved in something bigger!

And he increased the speed as they aggressively explored the ruins.

In the past, the Crimson Wings Guild had gathered 300 users to explore the tomb of King Belsos. At that time, they were one of the overwhelming guilds on the Versailles Continent so it was possible to do something like that.

“If we keep on going straight down then we will reach the door to the King’s tomb.”

“I understand!”

“Irene-nim, I have received a blessing so only restore my health if my life is at risk.”

“I’ll do that.”

Weed commanded before exploring the rest of the ruins. The group was filled with people over level 400. The individual power was quite strong compared to the Crimson Wins so their exploration was much more effective than the previous ones.

He also put Kaybern’s Spartoi to use. The Spartoi were skeletons that wore the first cla.s.s armour the dwarves made. They were humanoid skeletons so sharp bones were visible. Weed gave the Spartoi instructions.

“Go and fight.”

Although dealing with the monsters with his colleagues were tolerable, the small insects called Armoured Insects in the ruins were annoying.

“There is no obligation to listen to your words.”

“It is necessary for the work the great G.o.d Kaybern has entrusted me with.”


The Spartoi walked up in their rattling armour and cut the Armoured Insect. They felt like machines as they handled the Armoured Insects in the blink of an eye.

‘It would be nice if these guys were my subordinates…..’

He estimated that the Spartoi’s level was at least 520 so they were dependable in battle. They were magical creatures born for battle! Weed looked at their form from behind.

‘It is fine for them to die. If the Spartoi are wiped out by monsters……’

Weed would swipe the armour and swords the Spartoi had equipped! Weed’s eyes became sly.

“Spartoi, keep on charging forward from now on!”

“Kirit, understood.”

The Spartoi moved forward as hundreds of monsters with sharp claws emerged. Fierce fighting broke out inside the pa.s.sages.

“Well done, Spartoi!”

Weed watched the fight while cheering on the Spartoi. The sharp claws relentlessly attacked the Spartoi. They attacked with their claws as well as biting and spewing fire.

But the Spartoi’s health didn’t decrease that much no matter how they were attacked. Akryong Kaybern’s strong protective magic was hanging around them.

The sharp clawed monsters were the ones who hesitated instead. The Spartoi didn’t feel any sense of crisis at all and hunted down the enemy one by one.

“Well, of course they won’t die that easily.”

Weed had the Spartoi defend their position. Thanks to the Spartoi’s excellent attack and defense, hunting became easy.

“Calling Death Knight Van Hawk, calling the Vampire Lord Torido!”

“Master, you called.”


Torido and Van Hawk helped out in battle while Weed used his secret sword technique.

“Sword-cloning skill!”

5 fake bodies were formed. After being defeated by Bardray, he realized he needed to raise the proficiency of his various combat skills. He aggressively utilized sword skills in a fight. The fake bodies attacked the monsters with sharp claws. The monster’s claws struck Weed after he ran forward.

-You have been attacked by the Malluk.
-The blessing of the G.o.ddess Freya on the G.o.ddess’ Knight Armour has been activated.

Defense will increase by 27% depending on the damage from the monsters.

His defense had increased thanks to the G.o.ddess’ Knight Armour.

“Okay, this is enough that I don’t need to move.”

Weed improvised a combat style that was different from normal. Normally he would go forward and deliberately fire off his skills. Even Bardray admired his sophistication and agility in battle.

“Close Eyes Tightly, Radiant Sword!”


Weed had been hit by sharp claws and used a secret sword technique. Now three s.h.i.+ning sparrows emerged. It rushed to take care of the enemies while he closed his eyes. He didn’t avoid any attacks and continued using his combat skills.

Raising Resilience and Perseverance required a lot of patience since most people tended to avoid damage rather then be hit. The change in his hunting method made it a little more efficient. However his fighting style worsened like he was in a dogfight.

“Hit me more, still too weak. Give it to me, come on!’

This was the first time he used the G.o.ddess’ Knight Armour in battle. His basic defense was high and the helium meant mana recovered quickly so Weed could continuously use his sword skills. Bellot breathed out a deep sigh.

“Weed-nim is really…..”

Even if he was ignorant, he shouldn’t fight ignorantly. A man should consider his appearance when fighting. Hwaryeong just smiled.

“Weed-nim has that beastly charm. Kyaaaak!”


She was a really friendly older sister buts sometimes Bellot really couldn’t understand Hwaryeong.


They arrived safely at the entrance to King Belsos’ stone chamber. The Spartoi helped a lot but they were tired from the many monsters. Weed didn’t look good despite standing still for most of his battles.

Irene asked anxiously.

“Are you okay? Should I use some treatment magic on you if you’re in a bad condition?”

“That’s okay. Phew.”

His Perseverance now exceeded 900 points and his Resilience over 500. This was the result of the vicious hunt and making sculptures.

Warriors tended to develop defense skills by blocking attacks with s.h.i.+elds. It was difficult to raise basic stats like Weed.

He would purposely end up in the wrong place when attacking monsters.

“I really made the right choice with this armour.”


The difference between the 85 defense of Talrock’s Armour and the close to 300 defense of the G.o.ddess’ Knight Armour was like heaven and earth. If he used Armour Polis.h.i.+ng that increased defense by 20% widened the gap even further. The effect of the 200 defense difference reduced the monster’s attacks by 1/5th.

“Now I only feel a ticklish sensation.”

Once he wore the G.o.ddess’ Knight Armour, he could ignore various attacks and fight more aggressively. That alone had an impact on his attack power and the helium also quickly refilled his mana.

The use of secret sword techniques and various combat skills also increased his hunting speed. It was regrettable that he lost the Talrock’s Armour but it led to a profound growth in various abilities.

“It would’ve been perfect if I sold it off at a high price to a good buyer.”


“Nothing. Now let’s all place the sculptures.”

They were the scorpion sculptures that symbolized King Belsos. Weed picked up a red stone from the altar. He had made the pieces in the past but he couldn’t remember the details.

A huge quant.i.ty of sculptures had pa.s.sed his hands and spread through the continent. A vast amount was also piled up warehouses. The sculptures could be sold at a good price on anniversaries or with special sales.

“I’ll create better scorpions than back then.”

Weed took the ores and started carving scorpions. And he handed it one by one to his colleagues.

“Put it on at the same time.”


A tense atmosphere flowed for a while. The Crimson Wings Guild had gone to the tomb of King Belsos and ended up cursing the entire Versailles Continent. If they took that into account, there would be a great risk if they entered.

Naturally Weed had considered that part.

‘I’m doing this secretly because I don’t know what the result will be. I can deny it until the end.’

He hadn’t made it public like the Crimson Wings Guild and the entrance of the ruins confirmed that there was no one else inside.


The door made a large noise as the red scorpions were placed. There was a significant amount of monsters wandering inside. They cried out harshly as they saw Weed’s party and attacked.

“Spartoi, go to the front and protect the entrance.”


They were the monsters that protected the King’s Tomb so they were more dangerous and higher levelled. The video of the Crimson Wings’ attempt provided many useful information.

Weed decided on a stable hunt without overdoing it this time. Thanks to the Spartoi guarding the entrance, he decided on long range attacks. Romuna’s senior magic, Pale’s arrows and Zephyr’s ranged fis.h.i.+ng rod were quite powerful. Surka’s fists and the Spartoi damaged any beasts that tried to sneak out.

“I have to start dancing as well.”

“Unni, I’ll play a quick rhythm!”

Bellot and Hwaryeong’s song and dance dazzled the beasts. Weed stopped using Radiant Sword and used the bow and arrows from the Elves to methodically eliminate the beasts.

The entrance was thoroughly blocked and they hunted through long range attacks. Experience and loot easily piled up from the beasts. It was a situation that all combat affiliated users dreamed of.

“It is a little bland. I want to go up close!”

But in the end, Weed chose to leave the safety of the Spartoi and hunt the beasts. The beasts were dangerous but the G.o.ddess’ Knight Armour showed its power.

“Healing Hands!”

Irene treating the Spartoi wasn’t necessary but he could still receive intensive care. Weed was good at staying still when carving sculptures but he wasn’t satisfied with that when hunting.

He wanted to raise his skill proficiency and obtain loot!

“Weed-nim, I’ll cover you.”

Pale concentrated his arrows on the bests behind Weed. Romuna also prepared her spells.

The beasts were dazed and weakened by Hwaryeong and Bellot so they moved slower. He fought within the controlled s.p.a.ce of the King’s Tomb.


And Weed’s eyes became wet as he saw the gold scorpions, gold, silver etc. piled up in the treasury. He had seen it in the video of the Crimson Wings Guild’s invasion but it was still impressive.

“G-gold coins and jewels…”

Weed’s voice trembled like a young boy confessing to his first love. But his face looked like a politician who had seen a huge bribe.

“You shouldn’t go there. Weed-nim!”

“I know there will be trouble if I touch this.”

His colleagues were suspicious of Weed trying to collect all the treasure. The Crimson Wings Guild made the mistake of touching the treasure and caused a huge curse. The treasure was like a pie in the sky. People suffered huge risk to come here only to not be able to take anything away.

Weed’s brain returned when his colleagues pulled his arm. He calmly a.n.a.lysed the gold coins, jewels and items!

‘The jewels have a lot of value. If disposed of, they would go for at least 3.4 million gold as the market price. If Mapan sells it then he can achieve at least 3.67 million gold.

Taking into consideration the fluctuating market price, there is at least a 3% error margin. Weed didn’t touch the stacked up gems.

“Chyap chyap chyap chyap!”

Saliva just dripped down!

“Oh look at this sparkling jewel.”

“Unni. This bag as well. This is the bag that the princess from the Rosenheim Kingdom wore.”

“Really? It is a limited item. I also wanted this.”

Hwaryeong and Bellot couldn’t keep their eyes off the leather accessories and precious jewels.

“Kyaaaah. So pretty. I want to wear this and show off in a square.”

“Look at this glistening hue.”

The girls were happy just looking at the bags, jewels and boots.

“Isn’t this a staff for a priest?”

“Look at these diamond encrusted gloves.”

Irene and Surka’s eyes shook as they looked at the equipment. Romuna showed a lot of interest and lingered in front of a magician’s robe surrounded with a red light.

Weed wasn’t the only one that became greedy when looking at the items! Weed found something strange about the acc.u.mulated jewels.

“The workmans.h.i.+p is quite excellent. A dwarf’s work? But it isn’t a method that the dwarves like.”

Dwarves preferred workmans.h.i.+p that emphasized the beauty while this one was simple and expressed the colour of the jewel.

“There are even more strange things.”

Weed was able to recognize that a gla.s.s item was completed by a sculptor with considerable skill. There was also a large coffin in the centre containing the remains of King Belsos. The pattern engraved on the lids that was designed to harmonize the spirits wasn’t ordinary either.

“The standard of the scorpions also isn’t ordinary.”

All Weed needed to do to enter the King’s Tomb was to make scorpion sculptures. But the scorpions in this tomb was so sophisticated that it made his work seem like something made by an infant. There were many treasures but he wanted to check the sculptures because he was a sculptor.

“Maybe this is…”

Weed raised his hand to the scorpion pattern on the wall.


-You have failed.

“As expected, this is…”

Weed became even further convinced.


-Scorpion Sculpture

A sculture created by the Sculpting Master Belsos La Deus the 3rd. He expressed the form of the scorpion that he really liked.

Artistic Value: 472

Special Options: Increase the breeding rate of scorpions.

Power is stored in it

“He is a Sculpting Master!”

Weed had met the final master, King Belsos. And the memories contained in the sculpture started to show.


Belsos was born in the southern desert.

He possessed the blood of a king so he was often pursued by He followed along with the desert tribes and carried their luggages.

He was interested in swords and sculptures. Belsos carved small sculptures by hand and received recognition from the targets. He learnt how to use the sword from mercenaries wandering the continent and the desert.

He became an adult and returned to his clan. Belsos wore a scorpion necklace and had fresh tribal tattoos on him.

After he became King of the Brukan Kingdom, he ruled over the southern desert. Belsos was called the Great King of Fire and numerous fire spirits followed him.

“The march of the Brukan Kingdom.”

“Gather the soldiers in the desert!”

There was a war with the other desert tribes. They slaughtered the nomad tribes and took away their camel, cattle and sheep. King Belsos’ father had been killed by them so he left none untouched.

The army of the tribes consisted of over 100,000 camel cavalry. They wielded long, curved swords and bows skillfully. They fought differently from the knight corps of the Central Continent who threw spears while engaged in melee fights. But their combat power wasn’t inferior to the knights of the Central Continent.

On the other hand, the Brukan Kingdom was lacking by 30,000 soldiers. This included the general infantry that didn’t ride the camels. King Belsos’ army also contained tens of thousands of fire spirits as well as humans.

If the battle occurred in the gra.s.slands or forests instead of the desert then everything would be burnt. The fire spirits were able to roam around freely in the sand of the desert.

King Belsos brought peace to the desert through the fire spirits. However he couldn’t be a good king. The land was a desert so grain couldn’t be grown and there were fights between tribes over oasis.

King Belsos had no choice but to enter the Central Continent. He mobilized his fire spirit friends and gained a wide territory through war.

The vast treasures they obtained every time they won a battle clouded the eyes of his tribesmen and they wanted more blood instead of working the land.

Belsos felt lonely as he could hardly ever leave his palace. But his people further extended the war. The desert tribes had been trained in battle so the walls were no longer impregnable targets. Even if Belsos didn’t fight, the blood of his people continued being sacrificed to the kingdoms in the Central Continent.

“The sculptures are beautiful but they are unable to make up for the humans’ greed.”

King Belsos turned to his spirits and sculpting. He collected rare materials and made sculptures in his palace.

A garden decorating an oasis in the desert, a camel peacefully drinking from a stream etc. were all sculptures created.

The desert tribes who had fallen to the allure of war couldn’t understand the meaning of the sculptures. As King Belsos’ territory expanded and more warriors were recruited, more treasures came into the palace.

Once the king became older, those who regarded themselves as successors appeared and fought among themselves. Belsos’ army of fire spirits were quiet but there was already a horrific slaughter outside.

Belsos just continued making fire spirit sculptures. It was to the extent that the number of fire spirits following him couldn’t be fathomed. Then he eventually abandoned his human flesh and became a spirit.

He was the king of the fire spirits.

After Belsos disappeared from the royal palace, the fire spirits also vanished. There was no more reason to fight and the Brukan Kingdom collapsed. The successors entered the palace and plundered everything expensive. The many beautiful sculptures that Belsos made in the palace burned.

The Brukan Kingdom were weakened by the war between the tribes and the Masen Kingdom once again drove them back into the desert. Fortunately, several mementos and other valuables had been moved by Belsos to the Musos Valley before the palace was plundered.

There was little remaining of King Belsos despite his achievements.


-You have obtained information about the Sculpting Master Belsos La Deus the 3rd from the sculpture.

You have obtained information about the Brukan Kingdom.

Historical knowledge has been acquired.

Knowledge has increased by 14.

You have already completed the quest a.s.sociated with Elemental Sculpting.

“The Sculpting Masters truly don’t live ordinary lives.”

Weed felt bitterness as he watched the memories contained in the sculpture.

“Someone who died… He built up treasure because he felt loneliness!”

It was truly unfair! The king never enjoyed the luxury and pleasures. When viewed from Weed’s personal perspective, he couldn’t understand the king.

It would’ve been lovely if he had that much wealth. He would use it. He would collect more treasures and use his power to rule over the people of that world.

Anyway, Belsos wasn’t a usual king. He lived his life and became a master at sculpting spirits.

Every Sculpting Master had their own strangeness.

Darone created many pieces of the same woman and eventually realized Sculpture Transformation through his affection for the sculptures. Zahab loved a queen and developed Sculpting Blade and Radiant Sword. Emperor Geihar Von Arpen gave live to the sculptures he viewed as friends and developed Sculpture Life Bestowal. Finally, Belsos was king of the desert until he disappeared to become a spirit.

“I have to be careful. I can’t be exploited or squander my money.”

Weed was in a much lighter mood but he also felt wary as he visited the King’s Tomb.

It wasn’t possible to call the Sculpting Master King Belsos a perfect man.

The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor

The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor

Dalbic Jogaksa, LMS, 달빛조각사
Score 8.6
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Artist: , Released: 2007 Native Language: Korean
The man forsaken by the world, the man a s*ave to money and the man known as the legendary God of War in the highly popular MMORPG Continent of Magic. With the coming of age, he decides to say goodbye, but the feeble attempt to earn a little something for his time and effort ripples into an effect none could ever have imagined. Through a series of coincidences, his legendary avatar is sold for 3 billion won, bringing great joy to him, only to plunge him into despair at losing almost all of it to vicious loan sharks. With revelation of money through gaming, he rises from the abyss with new found resolve and steps forward into the new age of games led by the first ever Virtual Reality MMORPG, Royal Road. This is the legend of Lee Hyun on his path to becoming Emperor with only his family’s loving heart, his boundless desire for money, his unexpected mind, his diligently forged body and the talent of hard work backing him.


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