The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor Volume 29 Chapter 9

9) Activities of the Sculptural Lifeforms

Weed moved on foot to Akryong Kaybern’s lair. He took Wy-3 to Thor Kingdom and walked to the place to meet Kaybern alone in case he would die.

“Aigoo, my destiny……”

Not long ago he was waiting in a pub drinking beer while the dwarves transported the treasure but this time he was going directly.

“It is a real mystery why I have struggled so much.”

Weed sighed as he took a break. He didn’t know why his life was full of such hards.h.i.+ps.

“If it is like this then I need to prepare my willpower for whenever my money falls.”

Weed headed upwards towards the lair. He had heard the good news that the territory of Arpen Kingdom had expanded due to the villages joining it.

The villages were shabby with a low population so it wasn’t a huge event that he would rejoice of as a King. But the villages had been integrated so it was already crowded with users.

The merchants judged that it would have good development prospects since the villages belonged to the Arpen Kingdom so they invested and built houses in good locations.

The lords also made peace with Weed so there was no need to worry about security.

A few days ago, users started building shacks in the villages. Farmers cleared the land while miners wandered around looking for mines.

The quests and hunting at the villages weren’t that appealing yet. Because once someone left the village, the intimacy and achievements would disappear. But once they joined the territory of the Arpen Kingdom, soldiers would herd monsters and dig dungeons. It was also possible to get achievements for the Arpen Kingdom.

Morata would benefit if the other villages grew so it was possible to see potential in them from now on.

The finances of the Arpen Kingdom had gone up again after building the Garden of the G.o.ds so it could afford to invest in new facilities for the villages.

The market squares and necessary buildings were built. Road construction to Morata, the capital city of the Arpen Kingdom was initiated. Once trade expanded between villages, it would be helpful for the expansion of culture and stability of the village.

Users would naturally visit more if the villages developed. Morata had been growing rapidly for a long time but the villages that just belonged to the Arpen Kingdom were still in their early stages.



The road to the dragon’s lair was strewn with monsters. His nerves were tugged as they growled ferociously. The high level monsters had yellow saliva dripping from their fangs so Weed felt threatened.

However he entered the territory of Akyrong Kaybern with the Spartoi so it was rare to receive attacks from the monsters. He wasn’t happy but he had received Akryong’s invitation!

‘A dragon is no different from a G.o.d’s curse. Salt should be sprinkled in the pot and could be eaten in the next life.’

He arrived at the entrance to the lair while he was thinking.

-You have lost the privilege of leading the Dragon Kaybern’s Spartoi.

The Spartoi split up and returned to their role of guarding the entrance. Weed went alone into the lair.

Rare and usual magic books, equipment and treasure were scattered around like random piles of trash. The tribute from the dwarves of the Thor Kingdom every year was piled up.

And the black dragon was lying coiled up!

-You have fallen to terror at the sight of Kaybern.

All physical abilities have decreased.

Weed kneeled down immediately.

“You were resting comfortably. I am the humble sculptor Weed. I came with the sculpture Kaybern-nim desired.”

Once again, he had experienced many struggles and complications. He sensed he shouldn’t come too close to him! There was no meaning to raising intimacy so he just wanted to give the item and leave quickly.

The head of Akryong Kaybern approached closer. The dragon spewed out a breath with a strong smell.



Weed took out the ‘Dazzling Kaybern Statue’ from his backpack.

The Agate crystal!

The sculpture was created with finely wrought sparkling crystals like stars in the sky. The large and small drops of jewels expressed the shape of a dragon. Weed remembered making the sculpture with King Belsos. King Belsos had been excited as soon as he heard an explanation of the work.

-It will be a really creative sculpture.

“Do you think it is okay?”

-Stunning. It is difficult to make a sculpture out of connected crystals.

-Jewelry sculpture! The Dazzling Kaybern Statue

The sculptor has taken the last step and created a piece with a legendary sculptor.

Agate crystals containing the brightness of stars, a clearer and more mysterious treasure does not exist.

Artistic Value: 12,843

Special Options: Excessive beauty that causes bad luck, the chances of meeting bandits will increase by 4 times.

Dignity +89.

Charm +145.

Value can’t be questioned closely.

The effect doesn’t overlap with other sculptures.

Number of Jewelry Sculptures completed so far: 1.

The surface of the Agate crystal shone beautifully. Weed took out the sculpture he worked on with King Belsos and offered it to Kaybern.


The sculpture held in Weed’s hand flashed as the Agate crystal found the light. From the dragon’s head to tail, the crystals were gathered one by one to form a complete sculpture. If sunlight even touched it a little bit, the Agate would catch the light and flash. There really couldn’t be a work more beautiful or flashy than this.

-Put it down and leave.

Kaybern said before yawning and closing his eyes. He still had some expectations but the dragon just stayed quiet without any compensation.


-The Treasure a Dragon Desires

You have obtained the object that Akryong Kaybern desired within the stated date.

The dragon has an interest in sculptures so a treasure made of better materials was required.

It is an honour just surviving a meeting with Kaybern.

The quest is successful!

‘T-this rotten dragon…..’

Weed struggled not to shed any tears. But the corner of his eyes was wet as grief and regret welled inside him. He never cried even if he watched a sad movie.

“Thank you for receiving it, Kaybern-nim.”

Weed said goodbye and exited.


“Ah, I want to go on vacation.”

Today was the day she needed to go to work early at the broadcasting station. s.h.i.+n Hye-min was hosting the ‘Story of Versailles Continent’ program. Today, the 1st and 2nd parts of the program were being shown. The script was checked in advanced and she filed some forms.

“I really want a break to go on adventures with everyone.”

s.h.i.+n Hye-min calculated how much her severance pay would be if she resigned before shaking her head. Going on a foreign trip for 1~2 years was a salaryman’s dream but it reality that was impossible.

“Oh Joo-wan ssi, there really is a lot of news to introduce today. Did you sleep well at night? The dark circles under your eyes seemed like you stayed up all night.”

“A monster invaded Beast Village yesterday but I guess Hye-min ssi hasn’t heard about the tourist that drove them off.”

“Omo, there was something like that? The viewers will probably be curious about that. Today I have important news to deliver.”

s.h.i.+n Hye-min and Oh Joo-wan proceeded with the broadcast.

“Many people already know this. Bardray has completed the 15th stage of the Black Knight quest.”

“It’s really incredible. The knights and infantry division that Bardray raised really grew nicely.”

“Today we’ll show you videos of important events that happened. Hasn’t the warrior Python also succeeded?”

“His nickname Wolf of the Wilderness really fits as there is no warrior that can hide from him. He is a popular figure that wields a greatsword without any hesitation.”

The first part of the news program was about the users challenging the Cla.s.s Master Quests. No one had completed it yet so the first person to take the glory and rewards was a major concern.

Whether it was finding treasure or a dungeon, the difficulty meant the success rate wasn’t high but the compensation was generous so many users felt it was worth challenging the difficult quests.

That was how it became a representative of the news program for each broadcasting station. They pa.s.sed on important information about the Versailles Continent to the users and ratings would rise.

The 1st part was about Bardray while the 2 part would be about other people’s adventures.


The residents of Thor Kingdom were relaxing while drinking beer.

“Did you hear from the broadcast that Weed apparently met Akryong Kaybern?”


“Yes. The residents are clamouring that a great artist met Kaybern and returned unharmed.”

“Well, his sculpting abilities are very excellent.”

“Keoheok, he met Kaybern?”

The Dwarf users were surprised.

The Central Continent users’ interest in Weed had greatly increased in recent years. He received a bit hit when defeated by Bardray. But rising to the position of King of the Arpen Kingdom and creating the Garden of the G.o.ds drove a huge interest again. The King expanded his territory while regaining trust.

But they couldn’t a.s.sume that was everything. Many users watched Weed from Continent of Magic and there were even more fans in Royal Road. Weed had exerted an overwhelming strong power from the beginning. He had been silent for a while so they had no choice but to feel excitement and expectant.

“Kya! Weed survived a meeting with the dragon…..”

“The guards from before were the Spartoi belonging to Kaybern.”

“Ah, I’m really curious. Is it on the broadcast schedule?”

“No, I don’t know yet.”

“Putting everything else aside, he really is very brave.”

Weed was also sitting in the tavern called Iron Hammer. He could get free beer as an intermediate blacksmith so he stopped by before a long flight.

‘My successful quest with Kaybern has become known.’

Weed celebrated with a cold beer. There were many travellers around Royal Road who were interested in famous adventurers so news of what they did spread quickly. The quest that he just completed was a wonderful event among the dwarves!

‘I can now feel comfortable.’

Currently Weed’s sculpting skill was at 49.2% advanced level 9. He only needed 50% more proficiency to fully master his skill.

‘Kuooh, the investment for sculpting is too big.’

Raising the national power of the Arpen Kingdom. A huge amount of effort was required to reach the stage of a perfect Cla.s.s Master. Fortunately, the Garden of the G.o.ds was successful so he could take a breather.

‘I can raise the rest of the sculpting proficiency as I advance through the remaining quests.’

Weed had learnt 5 secret sculpting techniques that could be used for quests and adventuring.

The Dragon Sword, the Red Star was dangerous to handle but its combat power couldn’t be compared. It would exert a large effect in one on one combat.

“I will peel the leather off that shameless guy and bake it.”

Weed cursed Kaybern before leaving Thor Kingdom.


“As you know, Kaybern’s quest has ended safely.”

Weed finished his quest and met with Pale and his other colleagues. The party had been expecting a reward or something but they couldn’t say anything after seeing Weed’s expression.

It was an expression filled with hate for Kaybern!

‘There is something weird about his smile……’

‘He is giving off a really bad expression.

Still, they felt refreshed from everything they collected at King Belsos’ Tomb. Weed had only seized the Agate crystals so the damage was big.

Hwaryeong asked sweetly.

“So what are you going to do now Weed-nim?”

“I’m going back to my Cla.s.s Master quest. I’m going to Ha.r.s.el.”

He was going to mobilize Bingryong, the wyverns, Goldman, Yellowy, Phoenix, Golden Bird, Silver Bird, the lifeforms from the Jigolaths and his natural disaster sculptures.

Weed wasn’t a pure sculptor who didn’t know about battle. He manufactured new armour, learnt another secret sword technique and raised the proficiency of Radiant Sword enough to be useful.

Furthermore, he had learnt Sculpture Life Bestowal early in his career. Those lifeforms had become stronger so the remaining quests would be slightly easier. The Orcs and Elves were on an expedition to explore Ratzeberg.

Hwaryeong hesitated before saying.

“We’ll go with you.”

Weed looked at them as Pale laughed and said.

“We’ve already discussed it between ourselves. We will help with Weed-nim’s quest.”

They could only watch as Weed had been persecuted by the Hermes Guild. So they would like to help with the Sculpting Master Quest.

The hot friends.h.i.+p between companions!

They also felt sorry because Weed was always cooking meat for his colleagues.

“Everyone, I’m touched……”

Surka laughed cutely.

“There’s no need. When we proceed with our Master Quest later on then Weed-nim can help us!”

“Master Quest?”

Weed suddenly felt some reservations.

His Sculpting Master Quest was already difficult enough and now he needed to help the Cla.s.s Quests for his friends! The company consisted of an archer, ranger, dancer, bard, magician, priest and fisherman.

“If it is complicated then I can go to Ha.r.s.el by myself……”

“Don’t you have to leave immediately since it is far away? Wy-3, come here!”

Wy-3 came after Hwaryeong called and lay on the ground! His companions were always feeding them snacks so Weed’s sculptural lifeforms obeyed them as well.



His colleagues sat down as the wyverns continuously arrived. Bingryong and Phoenix were also waiting in the air with Yellowy and Goldman on their backs.

The lifeforms from Jigolaths had decided to leave a little earlier and he would meet them in Ha.r.s.el.


The Sulleion Tribe!

They were a warrior tribe that dominated the rugged, high mountains of the Ha.r.s.el Mountain region. If he got rid of them then he could rescue a sculptural lifeform species.

Weed’s mind was urgent.

“Poor guys, you must’ve suffered a lot so I’m going to save you for the sake of justice.”

The yield brought by the Ellyons to the Arpen Kingdom was incredible.

5 metre strawberries and 8 metre watermelons! Apart from the large size, it tasted so sweet it was like honey. This helped increase the game of the area and in the long run it could be registered as a specialty. Thanks to the farmland acquired from the several villages, the yield and profit was quite high.

“Are they called the Arnin? They’re waiting. I have to make them work properly.”

The Arnin were in a large crisis because they were trapped by the Sulleion! Weed arrived at the Ha.r.s.el Mountains and worked out an easy plan.

“I have to strike slowly from the outskirts.”

The whole mountain area was their territory so he decided to confront them openly instead of avoiding them.

Zephyr asked with a face full of concern.

“Isn’t the plan too simple?”

“It is good that the plan is simple.”


The Sulleion were known as great warriors. But when taking into consideration the abilities of Bingryong, Phoenix and his other lifeforms, fighting in the mountains shouldn’t be too much trouble.

Rather, it was impossible to sneak into their home base. The King Hydra with 9 heads, Phoenix, Fire Giants etc. were clearly visible! Even if their combat power was strong, it would be impossible to move secretly over such a large distance.

“I have to make the sculptural lifeforms fight properly. I have to make everyone work.”

Weed believed in the sculptural lifeforms that he had brought up so far. The standard of one sculptural lifeform was equivalent to a boss cla.s.s monster. If they combined and work together in battle then a tremendous power will be exerted.

“Calling Death Knight Van Hawk, calling the Vampire Lord Torido!”

“Master, I was waiting for a battle!”

“You called.”

His two summons also came out. Weed posed like their master and said.

“You, did you forget the ring and sword I made you?”


Torido’s eyes frowned while Van Hawk’s skeletal jaw clattered. They had heard those words at least 999 times!

“When you wear it, is it okay?”


“If you don’t answer then I’ll take it back.”



“You need to pay back the expenses for the sword and ring. Understood?”




Weed blew the Teuresec’s Horn. It was an item that raised the morale of the sculptural creatures and increased the effect of recovery in battle.


In the meantime, the sculptural lifeforms had been clearing monsters around Morata or Vargo Fortress. While the wyverns were used as transportation, the other sculptures had been given time to grow.

“I was really worried their stomach would be plump.”

Weed’s expression indicated he was going to make them work.


The 9 headed King Hydra moved its huge body up the Ha.r.s.el Mountains.

Death Worm. The colossal monster lived in the ground. Weed named it Death Worm because the worm’s body could grow up to 200 metres. Currently its body length was 95 metres but that was still enough to crush or eat any monsters in the ground. If a monster was swallowed then it would be instant death! The earthworm’s body had a type of charm as it wriggled.

The Fire Giant ran around wielding a sword of fire. There was also Cerberus and Knight Seville.

The 47 lifeforms born in the Jigolaths consisted entirely of different species. They gave off an absurd feeling of oppression!

Bingryong, the wyverns, Imugi, Phoenix, Golden Bird and Silver Bird were also waiting in the air as support.


There was a sharp sound and something moved between the bushes and trees on the mountain.

“It is those guys.”

Pale had good insight so he discovered the Sulleion among the bushes.

“Approximately 300 people are waiting with arrows and spears.”

Weed still hadn’t determined that far.

“Is that all of them?”

“They’re coming from hidden caves so it might be dangerous if the sculptural creatures move forward. Wouldn’t it be better to stop now?”

Weed shook his head.

“It’s okay. We won’t encounter most of the enemies. Just watch how I fight.”

Lion cubs became strong by being dropped off cliffs. Weed had a similar sentiment.

“It is better to cull the weak guys early.”

From now on, he needed to earnestly pinpoint the abilities of the lifeforms. If he knew the limits of their individual ability then he could develop tactics.

The Sulleion moved in groups and were bold warriors. If a boss monster entered their area then they would attack in unison and sweep the monster up.

Therefore Weed was also slightly concerned about the safety of the sculptural lifeforms.

“They’re coming!”

The sculptural lifeforms had gone nearly halfway up the mountain. Then the Sulleion suddenly popped out behind rocks, bushes and trees and struck.

The King Hydra’s 9 heads spat fire at the warriors.

The sculptural lifeform of a female high elf that Weed called Eltin launched a barrage of arrows.

Gernika the female Barbarian warrior! She held an axe in her left hand and a mace in her right. She knocked down the Sulleion warriors with her strong power.

The female swordsman Vindex. She moved quickly and fought the warriors with a thin, sharp sword.

Most of the sculptors in the Jigolaths were lonely men so they made pieces of women. They were strong and full of thirst to tear monsters to pieces!

There was also an elegant peac.o.c.k like sculptural lifeform with thin and long legs. Surka found it very cute and kept on stroking Epullit’s head. When the Sulleion warriors approached, Epullit suddenly opened its wings.


It released poison hidden in the wings. It was a clever and quick but the combat power wasn’t obvious with a look. However, it was a very dangerous monster because it emitted a poisonous fog. The gra.s.s quickly withered up and died thanks to the poison mist.

Weed’s party watched from afar as the lifeforms played a very active role. It was expected since they were each over level 400.

A sea of fire engulfed the Sulleion warriors everywhere the Fire Giant walked. It was truly overwhelming combat power!


Weed laughed with satisfaction.

“It is like I thought. I can work them well from now on!”

Every individual lifeform was a boss level monster. Each of their characteristic battle skill seemed to match each other. It was possible to smash any resistance if they combined their formidable power. Thanks to the help from the sculptural life forms, they could overwhelm the entrance of the mountain area.

“The scouting skirmish is over. I guess that’s enough. Climb up!”

Weed’s group climbed up the Ha.r.s.el Mountains.

Yoo Byung-jin was laughing while watching on the monitor.

“Yes, you should be careful. The sculpting lifeforms are strong… But the Sulleion are also formidable warriors.”

Weed’s adventure was also being prepared to be broadcasted. Even if it wasn’t a live feed, it was an important battle to be broadcasted.

Perhaps the viewers wouldn’t be surprised about the sculptural lifeforms. Their power was as expected. But if they entered the centre of the Ha.r.s.el Mountains then the sculptural lifeforms would be in danger.

The Sulleion tribe’s Elders were talking on Yoo Byung-jin’s other screen.

The Elders and soldiers met over a bonfire. They looked like big reptiles but they were the rulers of the Ha.r.s.el Mountains.

? People have appeared on our mountain.

? Are they strong?

? It is a standard that we can win.

? Go out and fight.

? No, lure them in deeper.

? Then…..

? Huhuhuk, we won’t let even one of them leave alive.

? That is a good way.

The Sulleion tribe was clever. They would lure Weed’s group to deep in the mountain region and then fight with their real power. The warriors secretly concealed in the cave would wipe out everyone! Just like the Sphinx refused to leave the Rosenheim Kingdom, some flying lifeforms might choose to die rather than escape. Weed would lose Bingryong, Yellowy, and the Wyverns that he had raised with affection.

“This really seems interesting.”

Yoo Byung-jin waited for the exciting results.


Squeak squeak.

A field mouse cried out at the location of the Sulleion Elder’s meeting place.

“Lure them more…..”

The country mouse searched for bread crumbs but there wasn’t a piece of food to be seen.

“Let’s show those intruders what type of place the Ha.r.s.el Mountains is…..”


The country mouse found a piece of meat underneath a warrior’s feet. It went to a gap in the wall and added it to a pile of stuff. The spy didn’t make a noise as it ran on all fours.

“We have to find a place to kill all those guys.”

It finally managed to place the piece of meat in its mouth. The country mouse went back quietly to the hole it dug. It was returning to Weed and the other lifeforms.

The country mouse was also a sculptural life form. Its name was literally Country Mouse!

It wasn’t beautiful but the sharp teeth and claws were somewhat endearing. A sculptor working in the Jigolaths’ coal mine lamented his fate and made the sculpture.

Weed had the Country Mouse spy on the Sulleion.


Silver Bird had also been painted over and was sitting on a branch. The bird listened to their words in the daytime while the mouse listened at night.

Weed utilized them completely.

The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor

The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor

Dalbic Jogaksa, LMS, 달빛조각사
Score 8.6
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Artist: , Released: 2007 Native Language: Korean
The man forsaken by the world, the man a s*ave to money and the man known as the legendary God of War in the highly popular MMORPG Continent of Magic. With the coming of age, he decides to say goodbye, but the feeble attempt to earn a little something for his time and effort ripples into an effect none could ever have imagined. Through a series of coincidences, his legendary avatar is sold for 3 billion won, bringing great joy to him, only to plunge him into despair at losing almost all of it to vicious loan sharks. With revelation of money through gaming, he rises from the abyss with new found resolve and steps forward into the new age of games led by the first ever Virtual Reality MMORPG, Royal Road. This is the legend of Lee Hyun on his path to becoming Emperor with only his family’s loving heart, his boundless desire for money, his unexpected mind, his diligently forged body and the talent of hard work backing him.


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