The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor Volume 30 Chapter 1

1) Great Disaster at Rocky Canyon

Weed was embroiled in deep agony.

‘The truth is that I’m not a hidden genius.’

His school grades weren’t that good. But he thought that South Korea was the victim of irrational thoughts.

“My test scores are a little lacking but the rest of my grades are fine. Ah, that reminds me of the score for the morals test… It was very low.”

Memories of his teachers scolding him resurfaced. The biggest beneficiary for the abolition of corporal punishment was the schools!

Anyway, his plan to lure the Sulleion was a resounding success.

“They’ve fallen into the trap that we dug. Kkuukkuk!”

“Kill. Catch them and eat them!”


There was the roar of monsters from both sides of the rocky canyon! While the shallow water flowed through the rocky canyon, the dark blue skin colour of the Sulleions holding spears and bows could be seen.

It wasn’t easy for many adventurers in the continent to see such a scene, let alone feel confident. Those at the bottom would be perfectly isolated and killed! It was a terribly overpowering impression from the viewpoint of the party concerned.

Pale’s fingers holding an arrow trembled as he felt the pressure.

“My archery skill means that I can aim at the top of the canyon but then what?”

It was impossible! The Sulleion warriors continued to shout. This was an action to increase their morale before battle. The morale of a monster played an important role in changing its basic stats.

“The humans won’t be able to escape and they will be our food.”


The warriors yelled loudly as they had secured the favourable terrain of the rocky canyon. There was a minimum of 3,000 Sulleion warriors gathered. The terrain of the Ha.r.s.el Mountains became steeper as it could deeper so it was one of the worst places to encounter an enemy.

Yellowy cried out with pensive eyes.


It was a situation where he might finally be turned into a ribeye steak. The King Hydra’s 9 heads stretched in all directions. The Black Imugi spread its wings as it prepared to soar up. The flying creatures could escape into the air so those on the ground resented Weed a little bit.

Nevertheless, it was decided they would fight until the end. The 47 sculptural lifeforms from the Jigolaths were willing to give up their lives.

“I have to kill even one more before the end.”

“Even if I disappear… I will have no regrets about my short life.”

The creatures made by the sculptors were determined to burn up and die a violent end. In contrast Bingryong, Goldman and the wyverns were relaxed.

“That human is planning a sneaky operation.”

“He is a cunning fellow, gol gol gol!”

“He won’t let us die here. He will continue to make us work.”

They had experienced a few crises with Weed so seeing an army of monsters was as familiar as eating and drinking water to them. Bingryong and the wyverns especially knew Weed very well.

Meanwhile, the cries from the Sulleion became more frequent as the warriors prepared for battle.

Their choice of a weapon was a bow! They had taken control of the high ground in the rocky canyon so they could shoot arrows down. The Sulleion warriors used steep tipped arrows and a good hit rate so the damage was fairly high. If arrows were fired simultaneously towards the ground then it would be a rain of arrows.

Except for the King Hydra and Phoenix who had high health, the rest were in big danger! The flying creatures could escape in the air but they decided to fight and protect Weed’s party.

The sculptural lifeforms were facing a major crisis. If his subordinates were wiped out then he would need to create new ones so it was regrettable.

But Weed still had a rotten smile on his lips.

“I’m also a genius.”

This was a good day for something unfortunate to happen to the other party so a warm laugh emerged!

“Weed-nim, do something quickly.”

Weed took out a sculpture after being reminded by Irene. It was a sculpture of this rocky canyon! Yurin had drawn the map in details and he made the sculpture out of green jade. His advanced level 9 sculpting and use of precious materials meant that a Fine piece came out.

“There is a little crack but… I can certainly use this.”

At that moment, the Sulleion warriors finished their preparatory yells and nocked the arrows on their bows. Weed’s party members gazed at the sculpture. Surka who was standing next to him asked.

“Are you using Sculptural Destruction?”

When his Art stat was converted into either the Strength or Agility stat, he could demonstrate a tremendous fighting ability. He was also wearing the G.o.ddess’ Knight Armour. If he used the Wings of Light and flew up the cliff then he could fight against the Sulleion warriors. But that wasn’t why he lured the enemies here.

“No. The skill I’m using now… Great Disaster Nature Sculpting!”

-You have used Great Disaster Nature Sculpting.

20 Art stats have permanently disappeared.

20,000 Health and Mana has been consumed.

All stats have been temporarily reduced by 15% for 3 days.

Affinity to Nature has fallen.

Great Disaster Nature Sculpting can only be used once a day.

When a great calamity is called upon, fame or infamy can be increased depending on the damage.

It is possible to die in the middle of the disaster so be careful.

A catastrophe occurred in the rocky canyon where he lured the monsters. This was his ulterior motive!

Weed’s plan was perfect but there was an inevitable problem. Depending on the situation, it would take some time before the disaster started! The time taken for every disaster to activate was different so there was no way to determine this part. They had to focus on defense until the disaster occurred.

“Koheom, this stage is my favourite.”

Prior to large battles, Weed would clear his throat before singing a song. Tension filled the battlefield from the Sulleion warriors and the sculptural lifeforms gathered. The person who couldn’t carry a tune, it was his live stage!

But Hwaryeong who was wearing ruby earrings and necklaces went out first.

“I’ll buy some time.”

Before the arrows were fired, she walked forward and sang.

-I wake up smiling.

A thrilling feeling flutters in my chest.

I’d like to be held by someone.

I want it to last until the end.

Hwaryeong’s sweet song spread through the canyon. She was a dancer with a very high vocalization skill. Intermediate level 4! The drawback was that it was a cla.s.s with no combat skills but the monsters closed their eyes at the dancing girl so they were liked in parties.

Despite the danger, her body moved boldly in a colourful dance. Her vocalization skill made a clear and beautiful sound at a rich volume.


“That woman is singing.”

“Don’t pay attention and shoot. Catch them and eat them!”

It was like a situation where the instruments weren’t ready to be played in a country market. However, Hwaryeong was the best instrument. There wasn’t an expensive microphone but she had no trouble expressing the emotions of the song.

-I’d like to hide but they seem to know.

I am like this.

I want to be cuddled in the morning while it is raining.

She raised her voice and sang. Her vocalization skill meant the sound could be heard even from the top of the rocky canyon. She had the correct pitch and inhalation power.

Her sweet whisper entered the ears of the Sulleion warriors who hesitated to shoot their arrows. Furthermore, the terrain of the rocky canyon meant that the sound naturally echoed!

“That woman sings well.”

“It will be a waste to kill her.”

“Shall we catch her and make her a slave?”

The Sulleion warriors froze as they listened to her sweet song.

-I want to be a girl

It is a shame.

But you’re a married man with a wife.

The sweetness of the lyrics suddenly became ridiculous. Hwaryeong was affected by Weed’s crazy songs. But excluding the lyrics, the melody and sound were the best.

Her unbelievably clear voice showed a finesse that ranged from ba.s.s to treble. She was singing a song purely with her own ability.

Bellot also pulled out a harp and started playing.

-Your daughter is really stunning.

Chocolate was bought for your child.

Child. Your teeth will rot and you will need to go to the dentist!

It was no wonder that she got the nickname Fairy when she was onstage. She had a youthful and refres.h.i.+ng charm. The artistry and emotion in her song could clearly be heard. She could sing almost any genre such as pa.s.sion or pain on the stage. It was possible to enjoy the stage thanks to her irresistible charm.

Due to the special character of Hwaryeong’s dancer body, smoke and lights also appeared around her.


“It is beautifully composed.”

“These are really good lyrics.”

The Sulleion warriors liked it so their spears and bows waved.


“The broadcast will begin. 4, 3, 2, 1.”

The KMS Media studios gave notice that they were going to show Weed’s adventure. Even if it was broadcasted, it would be too late for the Hermes Guild to interfere.

“Weed’s adventure! It is the time that many people have been waiting for.”

s.h.i.+n Hye-min smiled and started the program. Part 2 of the Story of Versailles Continent special program!

After talking about other trivial news with members of the panel, the critical part of Weed’s adventure was started. If they wasted time then there was bound to be a build-up of complaints from viewers.

Today they announced in advance that Weed’s adventure would be broadcasted so audience ratings were fixed at 11%.

When Weed was defeated by Bardray, the station officials had shaken their heads.

“It is a serious thing. Weed is the only person who can increase audience ratings like this…..”

“The viewers were really anxious when Weed and Bardray had confronted each other. He was defeated and died so the topic has ended.”

“It is unfortunate. His performance was really good.”

The broadcasting stations neglected Weed after that. He wasn’t often mentioned in the news and programs didn’t feature Weed. But the audience didn’t care about such things and were just as excited as before about Weed.

The atmosphere was hard to understand at first glance!

In the meantime, Weed had become King of the Arpen Kingdom and successfully made the large sculptures. Now the Dragon Quest was gradually being shown.

As the situation in Royal Road deteriorated, more people started wis.h.i.+ng for a hero. They were looking for a true hero who would defeat evil and return justice.

“If you look at the news, there is always something about a city falling or village being destroyed.”

“Even when hunting or fis.h.i.+ng at the river, they would encounter a patrol of Embinyu Cult members and everyone would die.”

“The Lion Castle has announced a list of exiles. Those who don’t follow their words will no longer be able to use the Lion Castle Guild’s hunting grounds and cities.”

“They’re really bad guys.”

The majority of Weed’s quests involved winning against evil opponents. While many people called Bardray a G.o.d, they had to admit that he handled his subordinates excessively after his most recent quest. The Hermes Guild’s misdeeds were also severe enough to mention.

“I think Weed-nim should’ve won.”

“They only fought once. And it wasn’t a fair fight.”

“Those Hermes guys, I really want someone to step on them.”

The public liked a protagonist who got stepped on and got up despite the adversity. As Weed’s fans increased further, he became more famous and also inspired more hate against Bardray.

“Then we will proceed with the video that viewers are expecting.”

KMC Media played the video on the screen. This time it wasn’t KMC Media’s exclusive broadcast. The other stations also began broadcasting it at the same time.

Even though Bardray’s Master Quest was progressing, the ratings couldn’t even compared to those of the current broadcast.


Hwaryeong’s song gave a deep impression. Good music had the power to make people happy. He realized how good music was despite it being just sounds.

-3,022 Sulleion warriors have heard the song and cheered.

They can’t fully understand the lyrics but they think it is a very great song.

In particular, the good point is the flashy performance by a beautiful woman. The Sulleion warriors are male so they like it when they see a beautiful woman.

131 Fame has been acquired as their hearts were stirred.

Weed also had an overwhelming impression.

“Indeed… It definitely is a dentist profession.”

The core of the song was about someone who had a child with rotten teeth living well when marrying a dentist. The main character was someone who desired the husband. A message about dental care and not being frightened by it was embedded.

Weed couldn’t sing but the song soothed him.

“Next time I’ll use the opportunity for a duet.”


Weed and Hwaryeong decided to have an impromptu performance later.


“I heard a good song. She is talented but now I’m hungry so let’s catch them and eat!”

The Sulleions gradually drifted from their impressed state. The song ended and they were once again poised to attack.

Hwaryeong’s vocalization skill was high but the effect became duller as the Sulleion warriors listened to it longer.

The lowest level soldiers were 200 while the average ones had a level of 300. And there were at least 1,000 elite soldiers level 420 so it would be difficult to handle with the power of the sculptural lifeforms!

But now signs of the Disaster Sculpting started appearing.


Rocks from the canyon started falling on the heads of the Sulleion warriors.

“This is… Kkueeeek!”

A bunch of rocks from the top of the rocky canyon rolled to the bottom. The warriors tried to avoid it but there were many people gathered and they fell to the bottom one after another.

“Wow… Weed’s skill is really amazing. More than 100 of them have died!”

Surka admired it.

Chunks of rocks rolled and made a ringing sound as they landed. However this was only the harbinger of the true disaster. Weed’s expression intensified.

“The most recent time I used Great Disaster Nature Sculpting was in Rosenheim Kingdom.”

He used it on top of the pyramid in order to escape from the Embinyu Church. The powerful catastrophe covered the area in a flood of water!

“My Affinity to Nature is over 1,000…..”

The power of Great Disaster Nature Sculpting depended on his Affinity to Nature. Selling Selina’s flowers also gave an option that raised it by 7%. Creating the Garden of the G.o.ds and various items also increased it by 9%.

“But now it isn’t because of items.”

While adventuring, he deliberately looked at blooming flowers and wild gra.s.s. His Affinity to Nature climbed slowly but steadily.

He also took cuttings from dying trees and moved it to a good place so it could grow. Using eco-friendly materials like mud for pottery and created a botanical garden of an unprecedented scale in the Garden of the G.o.ds. The natural botanical garden made the vitality of the plants even more voracious!

The reason he was so concerned with nature conservation was due to Great Disaster Nature Sculpting.

“I made a Magnum Opus sculpture of the Fire Elemental King. Now my affinity is 1,291. If I add the flower bracelet and the Fine sculpture that I broke…..”

He thought it was strong before but it was no match. This was a standard that made the Rosenheim Kingdom disaster pale in comparison.

Weed’s face stiffened.

“Everybody gather closer.”

Bellot asked with a strange look.


It was unexpected words!

“It is difficult to guess how much power it will have but we will definitely be swept up by the disaster if we don’t stay close to the centre of the canyon.”

Weed yelled using Lion’s Roar.

“All lifeforms stick closely to me!”

Rather than being comfortably scattered, they were densely gathered like a peak hour commute. Weed, his colleagues and the sculptural lifeforms moved closed to the stream of water flowing through the middle of the rocky canyon.


Yellowy’s survival instinct meant he attached himself right next to Weed and he wouldn’t move. He knew that being with Weed was the safest place!

Phoenix, Bingryong and the other flying creatures hurriedly rushed up into the sky.

And a disaster starting occurring in the canyon! A landslide occurred in the steep canyon as the rock walls 2 kilometres high started falling.


“It is suddenly crumbling!”

“Brave Sulleion warriors, avoid it!”

The warriors tried to retreat back to the caves but the entrance was narrow and they became all tangled up. While they were trying to escape, rocks fell on them and they became one large ball.


“Chyu chyu chyu chyu.”

The Sulleions warriors were crushed to death by the rocks!

Dozens, no hundreds of warriors were brutally taken out. The number of soldiers who tried to avoid it but ended up falling down the canyon couldn’t be counted. They were like leaves cras.h.i.+ng to the ground after a harsh wind.

Even if it was just this, the effect of the disaster was tremendous. A landslide had occurred on both sides of the canyon.

Weed, his colleagues and the sculptural lifeforms could relax and enjoy the plight of their enemies as they were also in a crisis. Huge chunks of rock of a colossal size were falling from the top. It didn’t stop and continued rolling into the middle of the canyon.

Weed said.

“This is a really strong skill but the small side effects…..”

His colleagues and the sculptural lifeforms also knew about the side effects. The answer was obvious. The rocks were already falling mercilessly! Great Disaster Nature Sculpting meant the person who used it could also die!

“Come over here!”

“Move to the right!”

“Kyaaah! Huge chunks from the top……”

“Wah, how amazing!”

“It is really thrilling! It will be a jackpot if we survive this! By the way, doesn’t it seem like we’ll die?”

“I lived a good life and didn’t do anything bad so why is this happening…..?”

“Don’t lie. Weed-nim! I will give 130 gold for a soup made from Yellowy.”

“Last time we hunted in the evening, you asked if I wanted ham hocks.”

“Omo, one piece of beef ribs will be very delicious.”


The group gathered together as there was the thunderous sound of rocks. .h.i.tting the ground. Water sprayed as they feared falling rocks!

“Now are we going to live or die?”

“We will live.”

Weed had prepared beforehand when he decided to use Great Disaster Nature Sculpting in the rocky canyon. It was fortunate that he occupied the centre before he used the skill. Many rocks fell close by but it didn’t directly hit them.

“Now it should end soon……”

The rocks and gravel had poured down in large quant.i.ties and the Sulleion warriors suffered an enormous blow that was difficult to recover from. A minimum of at least 600 warriors had died from the rocks.

“Isn’t that a lie?”

Surka pointed to the top of the rocky canyon with a finger. It was a place difficult to see from their position.


Even if it was moderate, there was a chance of a larger accident happening with Great Disaster Nature Sculpting. When it shook, the top of the rocky canyon tilted forward and collapsed.

The Sulleions had used the caves to move to the canyon. The rocky canyon was perforated with caves so the landslide meant all it shook. It was normal for parts of the canyon to collapse.

Weed’s last scream!

“My d.a.m.n destiny……!”

It was questionable how effective it would be but Irene cast protection magic.

“Divine Protection!”

The light of protection wrapped around all of them.


The earth shook and roared!

After a few moments. The dust cleared to reveal the forms of Weed’s party and the sculptural lifeforms.

“Uhh, we’re alive.”

“Are we really alive? It felt like I died.”

“We’re not dead?”

No one had died but Zephyr was covered in blood. They were in the centre of the canyon and the King Hydra had protected them from chunks of stone with its body.

“Kuwoooooh, it hurts!”

The King Hydra had the best health so it wouldn’t die easily. No matter how much health was lost, it wouldn’t die as long as all its head wasn’t cut off.

Of course, its level as a sculptural lifeform wasn’t very high so it had fairly slow health recovery. 2 of the King Hydra’s heads were completely intact so it screamed with pain as well as asking for something to eat.

“It will take time for the King Hydra to re-join the battle.”

Weed quickly a.n.a.lysed the situation.

The collapse of the rocky canyon surprised them but apart from the King Hydra, none of the sculptural lifeforms were significantly hurt.

“The problem is how many of those guys received a blow.”

The collapse happened in the rocky canyon. About a quarter of the terrain had been completely changed by the disaster. The Sulleion warriors had suffered much damage. But a fairly large number still survived.

They had tremendous health! They survived like c.o.c.kroaches and the blue skin was once again seen in the rocky canyon.

“Kuooh, kill them!”

“In the name of the Sulleion warriors!”

The strong and tenacious soldiers were angry. A third of the tribe had died thanks to the disaster. The rocky canyon had received a blow. Weed’s Great Disaster Nature Sculpting wasn’t perfect so there were quite a few places that hadn’t collapsed. The healthy soldiers stood up carrying bows.

“Well, there was still a lot of damage.”

When looking at the scale of the rock canyon, Weed predicted that at least half the warriors had survived. But a lot more had died or suffered a major blow to their health.

The Sulleion warriors were even more outraged.

“Today’s catastrophe was a bit moderate so we still have to fight.”

Weed had a long term and devilish plan so the Sulleion warriors were lucky they didn’t suffer more damage. A lot of warriors received a temporary impact from falling down but they would recover over time.

“We need to attack before those guys wake up. Everyone attack!”

Weed gave a battle command to his sculptural lifeforms.

The Great Disaster Nature Sculpting had succeeded in shaking up the enemy. The Sulleions tried to use the terrain of the Ha.r.s.el Mountains to their advantage but Weed struck the terrible blow first.

Now it was a race against time!

Except for the injured King Hydra and the earthworm, the remaining lifeforms bravely advanced towards the enemy. Yellowy didn’t want to fight but Goldman rode him into battle.

“Multiple Shot!”

Pale placed arrows on his bow and continuously shot towards the enemy. Once one arrow was fired, it dispersed and 40 arrows. .h.i.t multiple enemies. They focused on killing the enemy instead of survival. The arrows were fired blindly towards the Sulleion warriors. .h.i.t by the rocks!

“If I follow Weed-nim then I don’t need to worry about anything when fighting.”

It was a privilege to be able to fight on a battlefield like the rocky canyon. Pale removed an arrow from his quiver and bit it in his mouth before using an archer’s agility to run around firing. He was narrowing the distance towards the place where the Sulleion warriors were struggling to get up. Pale shot excessive amounts of arrows towards 100 enemies approaching.

“This place fits my taste. I’ll sweep them all away.”

Romuna happily prepared her magic.

A river of flames!

Magicians enjoyed fighting 3~4 monsters at a time. But the Sulleion warriors were already sticking closely to the rocks while shooting arrows and they were prepared for magic.

“I have to come out. I’ll smash them with everything I have!”

Surka left Irene who was treating the King Hydra and ran out with his fists.

“If I can survive here…..”

Zephyr also pulled out his platinum fis.h.i.+ng rod and increased its length. The fis.h.i.+ng rod was light, had surprisingly high damage and the fis.h.i.+ng line meant it could be used freely so it was a wonderful long distance weapon.

“Huh huh huh huh hung!”

The White Tiger sculptural lifeform ran around biting the warriors. Knight Seville, Cerberus and the Countryside Snake were also active.

Anyway, the Sulleion warriors were numerous so they quickly recovered. The warriors launched arrows in the sky while the wyverns, Phoenix and Bingryong also became active.

They were surprised by the canyon’s collapse but they quickly figured out the situation.

“Master isn’t dead.”

“He won’t die from something like this.”

“Ggeug ggueg, there are quite a few left.”

“Freeze them.”

“Fight as quickly as possible. If we don’t then there will be no end to the nagging.”

Bingryong breathed out. And his Ice Breath hit the warriors on the slopes of the rocky canyon. Phoenix went to the other side of the canyon and breathed fire. The wyverns flew about capturing soldiers!

A confused fighting scene had begun while Bellot and Hwaryeong started preparing their singing and dancing again. The effect was significantly reduced once the battle started but they could raise the abilities of their colleagues.

Only Weed hadn’t fought yet.

“I don’t know how long my mana will last. No matter how far away, I’m able to bring them with a mysterious art. Summon Sculpture!”

It was a spell to summon a sculpture he had already carved! The Sulleion warriors were waking up. There was the sound of fighting and miscellaneous pieces of small stones falling down.

Romuna’s Flame River had swept away a few warriors. Golden Bird and Silver Bird fought together. If this was a normal fight then this would be the height of his power.

There was a stark contrast to when he was defeated by Bardray and the various preparations he made afterwards. The form of Weed’s sculpture slowly rose from the ground.

It was the Chaos Warrior Kub.i.+.c.hya! A combat affiliated monster! Weed had hunted the Chaos Warriors when he was in the Jigolaths. The warrior had thick muscles. Weed also made his face give off a strong impression! The eyes were also torn from side to side.

If he appeared on a blind date then the partner would kneel down with fear.

The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor

The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor

Dalbic Jogaksa, LMS, 달빛조각사
Score 8.6
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Artist: , Released: 2007 Native Language: Korean
The man forsaken by the world, the man a s*ave to money and the man known as the legendary God of War in the highly popular MMORPG Continent of Magic. With the coming of age, he decides to say goodbye, but the feeble attempt to earn a little something for his time and effort ripples into an effect none could ever have imagined. Through a series of coincidences, his legendary avatar is sold for 3 billion won, bringing great joy to him, only to plunge him into despair at losing almost all of it to vicious loan sharks. With revelation of money through gaming, he rises from the abyss with new found resolve and steps forward into the new age of games led by the first ever Virtual Reality MMORPG, Royal Road. This is the legend of Lee Hyun on his path to becoming Emperor with only his family’s loving heart, his boundless desire for money, his unexpected mind, his diligently forged body and the talent of hard work backing him.


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