The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor Volume 30 Chapter 10

10) Bahamorg’s Memory

Weed spoke to them.

“There is no great significance on levels. It is better to steadily raise skill proficiency. Even if you raise your level now, it is always better to invest in skills and stats.”

He was able to see the characteristics of other battle professions just by looking. Jer was a warrior who fought directly with monsters so he needed to pay attention to his skills.

Weed led the way in battle while they followed. There was high tension because this was a dangerous dungeon but it inevitably became boring since Jer took a back role.

Weed asked him.

“Shouldn’t you have high health as a warrior?”

“Yes! But I never guessed I would have a role here.”

“Torido, here is a guest.”

Even a low levelled warrior could be useful to the party! Jer got his blood absorbed by a vampire so his resilience and vitality increased. It wasn’t a special help but Sullia also raised her skill proficiency by casting blessings and other necessary magic.

They instantly moved to the 2nd and then the 3rd underground floor! There were no special obstacles here. Weed’s sculptural lifeforms had been perfectly conditioned in battle. It took a little more time than the 2nd floor but it didn’t feel difficult with Weed leading the party.

Jer was worried when first forming the party but the results showed that it was the right thing to do. They didn’t even pa.s.s through half of the 3rd floor before arriving at the destination.

It was a narrow path barely possible for them to break through. Next to it was a dark cliff.

“It is here. This is the place where I fell down and discovered it. It isn’t deep but there are monsters down there with the barbarian corpse so we need to pay attention.”

“I understand. This is a dangerous place. Van Hawk, Torido.”

“You called.”

“Go down at the same time as me.”

“Understood, Master.”

Weed jumped down with Van Hawk and Torido. But they only fell down a little bit before wings spread! Torido immediately opened his black cloak which fluttered and stopped them in mid-air.


Only Van Hawk fell!While he fell and received the concentrate attack of the monsters, Weed and Torido landed safely. The children of the Drakin lived here.

Golden Bird and Silver Bird followed to join in the attack while others shot arrows. But to Weed they were simply there to clean up the remains.


Weed discovered the body of a dead barbarian leaning against the wall.

Hero Bahamorg of the Arpen Empire. His body had died on the battlefield and returned to stone. He was in a dreadful state with arrows, axes and broken swords driven into his body.

“He really is dead.”

It really took a lot of time to find him for this quest. He searched all of Antarosa and several traces in the Thor Kingdom before he was able to find it.

“Anyway, it is lucky that I found it.”

Weed looked at the memories in the sculpture.


-You have observed the corpse of a sculptural lifeform.

Confirmation of detailed information is impossible.

-Name: Bahamorg

Alignment: Aggressive

Level: 577

Species: Barbarian

Profession: Iron Blood Warrior

t.i.tle: Immortal Warrior

Fame: 8,932

A life form that Emperor Geihar gave life to. He is always at the forefront of battle and brought numerous victories for the Arpen Empire against strong monsters.

In the past he was a legendary hero of the Arpen Empire but now hardly anyone knows him anymore. His loyalty and affection to Emperor Geihar was special.

He continued moving around the continent and fighting after the Arpen Empire split apart until he eventually died from his wounds.

+ Can handle all weapons.

+ Steel like vitality and resilience.

+ Can increase the defense and morale of allies through yells.

+ Full of life like a fountain.

+ Master of protection skills.

+ Excellent magic resistance.

+ High concentration.

+ Not verified.

+ Not verified.

+ Special skill: Not verified.

+ Not verified.

And Weed saw Bahamorg’s memories.


“Your name is now Bahamorg.”

“Understood. But I will live my life for myself.”

Bahamorg was born in the period of the Arpen Empire. And his life was spent fighting from beginning to end. He fought enemies and monsters in plains, deserts, cliffs, caves, marshlands etc. He defeated wild animals in the snow and monsters attacking cities.


A wild cry would ring out.

“If there is an enemy then I’ll get rid of it. I like fighting.”

Blades and arrows couldn’t penetrate his body as he broke through gates with his incredible strength. Even the rush of a troop of knights that felt like a mountain couldn’t press him back.

Bahamorg grew into the hero of the Arpen Empire. And after the death of Emperor Geihar, he fought to protect the sculptural lifeforms.

“I am the Emperor’s… Now I don’t have anyone to live for.”

Bahamorg constantly showed his devotion for Emperor Geihar. He helped other sculptural lifeforms while returning to Antarosa. His depressed will weakened his strong body. His myriad wounds were continuously aggravated and poison spread through his entire body. Monsters and also attacked him along the way.

Eventually he was forced to stop for treatment while heading to Antarosa. In the end he was attacked by Drakins in this dungeon and thus the best warrior in the Arpen Empire died.



-You have obtained the information necessary for the Hero Bahamorg quest.

If you tell the Ellyons about his final moments then the request will be completed.

Weed stood in front of the barbarian’s corpse. Jer and Sullia understood that the barbarian corpse was for a quest so they waited quietly. Weed close his eyes and examined the videos that he saw.

He was a warrior that used his own body to win against the attacks from his enemies. That was how Bahamorg became a great warrior.

“He is indeed worth of being called a hero.”

He missed Emperor Geihar so he returned to Antarosa only to die. A warrior that overcame any pain couldn’t endure the pain in his heart.

“Isn’t this herb really good?”

“It makes my skin more beautiful.”

“Gol gol gol. I’d like to apply it as well.”

Suddenly he heard the sound of Gernika, Eltin and Goldman rubbing a herb good for the skin onto their face! Yellowy was also eating the herb.


A sigh naturally emerged from Weed’s mouth. The impression that Bahamorg left on him also disappeared!

“There is no need to go back right now.”

Weed had found Bahamorg. The warrior that devoted his life to the Arpen Empire was now lying alone. Weed respected him as a warrior so he couldn’t stand it. Of course he needed to revive him and make him work forever.

“Sculpture Life Bestowal!”

-Life was given to the corpse of the hero Bahamorg.

The sculptural lifeform has gained new life.

The effect of carving the sculpture isn’t applied and the level will be reduced by 5% from when it was alive.

It hadn’t been possible for Weed to hunt while making the Garden of the G.o.ds. Since then, he went with his colleagues to King Belsos’ Tomb and to face the Sulleions so he reached level 416. The level and art stat that he painstakingly raised had decrease but it was worth it to restore Bahamorg to life.

The fossilized body of Bahamorg started moving again. The weapon struck body that was leaning against the wall gradually woke up. The hero of the Arpen Empire had been awoken by Weed after a long time.

“This place is…..”

Bahamorg spoke with a bewildered face. A long time had pa.s.sed so it wasn’t easy to remember the past. Weed wished that he had forgotten everything.

‘That way I can cram my teachings into him.’

Bahamorg shook his head and spoke in a low and heavy voice.

“Ah, His Majesty Emperor Geihar died and I was on the way to Antarosa.”


Perfect memory. Unlike Goldman whose body was destroyed, Bahamorg only had severe injuries.

Weed started pretending.

“I am Weed and I respect His Majesty Emperor Geihar so I walked along the path of a sculptor.”

“I am Bahamorg. Am I alive thanks to you?”

“We’ll be together often in the future. You have many injuries so please stay still. I’ll treat you.”


Sullia tried to go out but she was detained with a whisper! First impressions were important so he applied the bandages gently.

“Geez, it must hurt a lot.”

Weed gently pulled weapons and arrows out of Bahamorg’s body. He could rework these items and sell them out!

‘They’re in pretty good condition.’

He could estimate a price for these items. As soon as the weapons were recovered, Bahamorg’s recovery rate was on par with a troll. He even recognized Golden Bird.

“Senolia… Why are you here?”

“Bahamorg, it has been a really long time.”

“Everything is still confusing.”

Bahamorg and Golden Bird felt less burdened now that they had met each other again. They started sharing memories of Emperor Geihar. One thing was clear to Weed.

The past was over. The patron guardian of the Arpen Empire would work for him in the future.


Jer and Sullia also rode the wyverns back to Morata. They had decided to settle in the north after meeting Weed.

“The shacks are relatively cheap homes so please have fun in the future.”

“Yes. Thank you very much.”

“Then I’m going to leave.”

There were a lot of interesting places to see in Morata so their interest in Weed decreased. Morata was the choice place for beginners ever since things about it started being broadcasted. Information about various famous places in Morata such as Painter’s Hill was broadcasted.

They busily started settling down in Morata. Weed watched them go with warm eyes.

“That is two more people I can get taxes from.”


The Vent Castle merchant Gamong!

“I’ve heard a lot of rumours. You have brought the precious olives! There really are a lot of people looking for it these days. Of course a fair price will be struck.”

-Large scale profit has been gained. Fame has increased by 126.
-You have succeeded in a series of transactions and your Accounting skill proficiency has risen to Intermediate level 2.

You can gain a higher price when buying and selling goods.

The ability to trick naive buyers has been gained.

-You have acquired trade experience.

“Hehehe, thank you very much.”

She sold all her goods from Morata at Vent Castle. Her skill proficiency quickly increased while the amount of transportation reached 12 carriages.

“I heard that the merchant Gamong is building a lot of wealth these days.”

“Gamong’s commerce ability is great. Her mindset of helping people while gaining a profit…. It is a fine merchant att.i.tude.”

“Do you want to learn about trading? Then it would be good for you to learn from merchant Gamong. She can sell goods obtained from Morata at an expensive price.”

The merchant users needed to be sensitive to rumours. Beginners would submit to danger and travel to further places just for an extra 4 coppers added to the price of olives.

Buying cheap and selling for an expensive price! When the quant.i.ty was enough to fill one carriage, the price difference added up to a large amount. If they delivered regularly and gained large profit then their fame would rise. A merchant’s fame was very important in regards to quest success rates and compensation.

“Who is Gamong?”

“Is she the best merchant for selling grocery supplies from Morata?”

Many merchant users wanted to meet Gamong. Novice merchants had no capital when first handling food! Morata’s agricultural products were high quality so they were good for growing in the beginning stages. With the dignity of a proud city, Morata traded to various places.

“Mister, I’ve arrived.”

“It is dawn so you’ve come early today.”

“Yes. So that the items will be fresh. Today I have twelve carriages full of goods.”

“I’ll only buy fresh goods from merchant Gamong. The price is also a bit cheaper than yesterday. What else is necessary?”

“Do you have any iron pieces?”

“There isn’t a large volume… But if it is merchant Gamong then I have to accept!”

The novice merchants who heard the conversation between Gamong and the customer were shocked. If other people spoke then there would be no interest in trading.

-Maybe I’ll take something for a fair price. If you don’t want to sell it then take it to the road.

-You want to reduce the price of something? I won’t sell so look elsewhere.

Yet they praised merchant Gamong!

“Excuse me, are you possibly a merchant from the Central Continent?”

A beginner merchant carrying j.a.ptem in his bag gathered up the courage to ask.

“Nope. I started in Morata. I am part of the Toadstool group in the Gra.s.s Porridge Cult.”

“Ah… Then how were you able to become so famous?”

There was a rule among the merchants in the Central Continent. Never ask for someone else’s trade routes. They respected knowledge but didn’t share it with anyone else. Because a merchant was an occupation that required going around to build connections and trade. Gamong differed in this area from other people.

“I mainly trade in Vent Castle.”

“Vent Castle….”

“Ah! Vent Castle that n.o.body can enter! I’ve seen it on the bulletin boards. You really went there to trade?”


Gamong informed the beginner merchants of a method.

“I can introduce you to Vent Castle. They are still lacking many groceries. Will you buy some and come with me to Vent Castle?”

“Thank you very much.”

“I’ll never forget this.”

Most beginner merchants focused on together j.a.ptem and trading to the distant Central Continent. However over 100 merchants entered Vent Castle.

“Gamong introduced you so you can enter.”

“If Gamong recommends you then I can trust you and begin trading.”

“This is really fresh milk. I’ve been looking for this. I’ll like to buy it before it become popular so do you have anymore? I am willing to pay 17 copper for one bottle!”

The novice merchants scored a big profit in Vent Castle. Even if the among an individual bough wasn’t a lot, they still gained more than they spent so it was a large victory for them. Since then a sincere trade route operated between Morata and Vent Castle.

“Many people are entering these days and it is possible to know the taste of beer. I’m lacking many things these days so should I go trade?” I should be able to gain a little bit.”

“I’ll have it tomorrow!”

Merchants started to believe it was possible to succeed in the north and began moving there with their transportation carriages. The Arpen Kingdom had expanded so trade also developed with other villages.

“Did you stop by Ekwinok?”

“No. I sold all my goods in Armang village.”

“I don’t have anything left either… I have to return to Morata quickly. All the dungeon supplies in Yusellin village have been consumed so they are having a tough time!”

The novice merchants carried the necessary goods and energetically went around the north. Warriors and knights weren’t the only ones relevant to a kingdom. The activities of the merchants helped in fattening the kingdom. Village development, birth rate, technology, culture, economy, food production etc. all grew thanks to the sweaty efforts of the merchants. The merchants formed a trade bridge from Morata to the entire north.

Gamong didn’t have the monopoly any longer so she gave up a lot of wealth. Vent Castle was missing many goods but other merchants bought them so it was difficult to sell at an expensive price.

“Hehehe, it is still very good that Vent Castle is developing.”

Gamong believed that the merchants could live once the entire north developed. If Arpen Kingdom expanded and developed then the merchants would become wealthier. Gamong would drink toadstool porridge while talking to other merchants about her intentions.

“Gamong-nim’s idea is correct. I’ll try harder. Kuuuk.”

“Tokkung-nim, are you okay?”

“I have 870 health left… I didn’t die.”

“If it is like this then I should seize more spoons.”

The merchants sold quality products and also spread Morata’s culture and politics around the north.

“Ibellin Castle hasn’t accepted anyone yet. Did Gamong-nim succeed?”

“Not yet. But things will be sold there eventually. Morata’s goods are high quality so the odds are in my favour!”

Merchants risked their lives and property while challenging the north. Naturally Arpen Kingdom’s influence and economic power expanded together with them.


The Dark Gamer branch in Morata.

They frequently gathered at a pub in Bull Square. Many tourists and users had flocked to Morata. There were also many places to hunt in the north so the Dark Gamers were active in this area.

“This city is good because the prices are really cheap.”

“That’s because the taxes are low.”

“The disadvantage is that the compensation for escort quests is low.”

“Yet this is still a good place for everything. It is truly wonderful.”

Partic.i.p.ation in war or dangerous things like escorting through dungeons was a source of income for the Dark Gamers. Morata was peaceful so they got less money from the requests than in other places.

That’s why the Dark Gamers were hermit types or those who wished for adventures to grow. This place had an active market, artwork, squares, cathedral, a large library, the Research Tower, Hestia’s Forge and the Garden of the G.o.ds so it had the best infrastructure. Taxes were low and there were no fees for dungeons or hunting grounds.

That’s why many high level users threw away their positions to come to the distant north. The completed Grand Buildings and Garden of the G.o.ds meant that mid-level users could easily grow. It was to the extent that a small village made of migrants from the Central Continent formed in a matter of days. The relatively high level users significantly expanded the population, causing a higher tax income and quicker development.

The Dark Gamer branch set up in Morata thrived after just one week.

On the second floor of the pub.

The Dark Gamers were holding an important meeting.

“I heard that the power of the Hermes Guild is rapidly expanding from people who partic.i.p.ated in the war on the Central Continent.”

“They are intensively recruiting mercenaries and Dark Gamers so it is clear they are preparing for a war.”

The Dark Gamers were spread across the entire continent. News about the continent’s affairs was learnt through them.

The Hermes Guild, Cloud Guild, Lion Star, Roam Guild and Black Sword Mercenaries. They were the prestigious guilds that divided and ruled the land on the continent.

“The Hermes Guild secretly interfered in the affairs of the Tullen Kingdom.”

“The expansion is very quick and dangerous.”

If they added the Tullen Kingdom to Haven and Kallamore then the Hermes Guild would become even bigger.

“What is the power of the other guilds compared to the Hermes Guild?”

“It’s hard to guess but the Hermes Guild should be two or three times stronger than the others. The other guilds are a problem but the Hermes Guild is the biggest threat.”

The Dark Gamers didn’t want one power to control the Versailles Continent. They didn’t wish for incessant turmoil and war. They wanted a continent overflowing with freedom and the spirit of adventures.

“Once the winner on the Central Continent is decided, they will expand to other places. It is only a matter of time until they reach the north. The places where we can live from now on will become increasingly less.”

The Dark Gamers sensed the impending crisis. They couldn’t let go of their profits on the continent.

“But what we can do?”

The circ.u.mstances were different for each Dark Gamer but profit was their priority. Even if they had strong individual ability, it would be difficult to deal with a guild capable of taking over the Central Continent.

“We do things that can be done. Think about why we’re in Morata.”

“It is easy, free and good for everyone.

“Whoever controls the Central Continent will fight against this Arpen Kingdom later on.”

“That is certain but the Arpen Kingdom is incapable.”

The Dark Gamers a.s.sessed that the Arpen Kingdom had a high development possibility. There were many beginners and migrants from the Central Continent. The development speed was wonderful but its power can’t oppose the military might of the guilds from the Central Continent.

“The king’s military is poor. He hasn’t promoted the kingdom or ruled over the territory that well.”

“I heard news that Vargo Fortress is starting mine development.”

“Can’t we join the military?”

If the Dark Gamers joined Arpen Kingdom’s military then there was no doubt that there would be an enormous power boost. But they were individuals who acted for profit so they weren’t suited for obeying the commands of others or leading on the battlefield.

“We do things that can be done. Everyone should’ve been in the library.”

“Of course we’ve gone. That place is useful to investigate quests.”

“Many people come to Arpen Kingdom just for its large libraries.”

“There are many requests piled up there.”

“It is like you said. I was surprised to see it.”

Beginners and users who received quests while talking to the residents or hunting would register it at the library. The unsolved quests were stacked and ranked from lowest to highest difficulty. Morata had many beginners so it was mainly quests with low difficult but there were requests with various restrictions and high difficulty.

“We should attack those quests aggressively. It will also help the Arpen Kingdom.”

“That is a good idea.”

The Dark Gamers decided to collect profit from quests and this would also benefit the Arpen Kingdom.

Pioneering, subduing monsters, treasure hunt, discoveries etc. The completion of these quests would be useful to the Arpen Kingdom in various ways.

“Will this power be enough for the Arpen Kingdom?”

“It will count.”

“If we start to move then other Dark Gamers will as well.”

“I’ve posted about the quests obtained from the library and a lot of people have joined.”

The Dark Gamers started playing a strong role in the background of Arpen Kingdom. The Morata branch informed the Dark Gamers of their decision through their bulletin boards. They garnered the sympathy of the Dark Gamers playing an active role in the central, east, south and west continents.

Traditionally their policy stated that they wouldn’t fight directly against any guilds or kingdoms. But if they secretly supported the Arpen Kingdom then it wouldn’t harm them.

“The Arpen Kingdom… How fascinating.”

“I knew Weed from his time in Continent of Magic. He always did everything alone. Now it will be okay if we go hunting or adventuring around Morata.”

The Dark Gamers flocked to Arpen Kingdom.


The capital of the Lasalle Kingdom surrendered to the Hermes Guild after two days. It was a situation where everyone couldn’t help looking up to the military power of the Hermes Guild.

-They will pay attention to managing the domestic affairs of the Lasalle Kingdom for now.

-The Hermes Guild needs to consolidate our power in Lasalle before people ally against them.

However the Hermes Guild’s next move was contrary to their expectations. They arrived at the border of the Britten Alliance Kingdom 10 days after occupying Lasalle Kingdom.

“Show them the dignity of the great Haven Empire.

“The Hermes Guild is unbeatable.”

Thousands of knights. And the military troops surpa.s.sed 550,000 people. The knights gripped their swords all at once.

“Beat the drums to signal the attack!”

A violent a.s.sault with the sound of drums.

A clash with the prestigious Cloud Guild that controlled the Britten Alliance Kingdom was inevitable. This was the biggest war that would occur on the continent.


The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor

The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor

Dalbic Jogaksa, LMS, 달빛조각사
Score 8.6
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Artist: , Released: 2007 Native Language: Korean
The man forsaken by the world, the man a s*ave to money and the man known as the legendary God of War in the highly popular MMORPG Continent of Magic. With the coming of age, he decides to say goodbye, but the feeble attempt to earn a little something for his time and effort ripples into an effect none could ever have imagined. Through a series of coincidences, his legendary avatar is sold for 3 billion won, bringing great joy to him, only to plunge him into despair at losing almost all of it to vicious loan sharks. With revelation of money through gaming, he rises from the abyss with new found resolve and steps forward into the new age of games led by the first ever Virtual Reality MMORPG, Royal Road. This is the legend of Lee Hyun on his path to becoming Emperor with only his family’s loving heart, his boundless desire for money, his unexpected mind, his diligently forged body and the talent of hard work backing him.


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