The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor Volume 30 Chapter 2

2) Fire Warrior

“It’s really affordable.”

Weed looked at the sculpture with satisfaction. He had made a statue of the Chaos Warrior Kub.i.+.c.hya using the materials he had obtained from King Belsos.

“It is expensive but I’ll use it well.”

He had recycled the materials. Weed used a secret sculpting technique.

“Sculpture Transformation!”

-Sculpture Transformation has been used.

The infinite affection for sculpting makes the sculptor and statue resemble each other!

He grew 2 metres 20 cm tall and flames erupted around his body.

-Your body shape has changed so a number of equipment can’t be worn.

When wearing armour, the durability will decrease from the flames melting it.

New equipment is needed depending on the species.

-Sculpture Transformation has changed you into a species that rules over fire.

This species can use a unique short distance teleport spell.

Your Art stat has disappeared and Strength, Agility and Wisdom have increased greatly.

This will last until Sculpture Transformation is released.

Weed didn’t wear the helium armour and other equipment in case it would be damaged. He had the fire axe and leather belt with special resistance that he found from the Chaos Warriors in the Jigolaths. But such unique weapons weren’t necessary for Weed.

The Dragon Sword, Red Star.

When including the equipment that all users carried, it could be called the best sword.

“I haven’t been able to use this Dragon Sword once since I’ve found it. To be honest, I was just lucky to be able to pick it up… Now let’s fight.”

Weed pulled out the Red Star. And he slowly withdrew the sword from the scabbard.


There was a music like sound as the sword was removed. Weed’s favourite sound was then heard.

-The Dragon Sword Red Star has been equipped.

You are lacking in the restriction level and fire resistance. But your Blacksmith skill means the weapon can be used.

You won’t get tired when using skills.

You will move more quickly and the probability of enemy attacks missing will increase.

Attacks will penetrate the opponent’s armour. Magic protection can be ignored and penetrated.

The probability of inflicting severe injuries will increase and the opponent’s fighting spirit will be reduced.

The power of fire will be doubled.

The power of fire will greatly increase the damage of the sword.

Magic resistance + 30%

The magic contained in the sword will cause monsters below intermediate level to be intimidated.

The power of attack skills will increase.

You have the ability to control fire.

The techniques stored in the sword is available.

Fire Arrow, Wrath of Fire, Fire Explosion, Fire Extinction, Sword of h.e.l.l, Summon Fire Hydras.

You are unable to use the special skill Red Star due to insufficient Wisdom, Intelligence and Mana.

Earth Extinction is unable to be used due to insufficient proficiency in Sword Mastery and Mana.

The Chaos Warriors are a tribe that governs the power of fire.

Red Star: when attacking with fire, you can convert it to Health and Mana.

Maximum value of Health and Mana will increase by 120% and recovery rate will double.

A pure white flame burned around Weed’s body that had changed into a Chaos Warrior.

His Art stat had disappeared after Sculpture Transformation while his other stats had increased by a large number. The sword even gave additional effects.

“Is this the feeling of an omniscient landlord?”

When Weed transformed into a Lich, he could wear Barkhan’s items and summon the undead. There were some bad side effects with the power of the undead but its strength has already been proven many times. Weed had a wonderful time conducting the undead and it was so cool that viewers were still enamoured with the reruns.

The collapsed rocky canyon packed with the bodies of the warriors meant he could summon a legion of undead. The undead had a strong power but it wasn’t possible right now when the sculptural lifeforms and his colleagues were under attack.

He had a lot of affection for his sculptural lifeforms like Goldman who chose death, Yellowy who took his threats and Wy-3 who he always rode.

“I need to make them work for the rest of their lives. If they die here then I will be the one who receives the damage. Calling Death Knight Van Hawk, calling the Vampire Lord Torido!”

“You called Master.”

“Defend this place. Protect the King Hydra.”


Van Hawk and Torido were his subordinates so they came whenever he called. Weed looked at the rocky canyon and used a skill.


At that moment, Weed appeared behind a Sulleion warrior who was just firing an arrow.


The Sulleion was a reptile like tribe so flames were their nemesis. Weed wielded the sword wrapped in flames and brought it down.

-The power of fire has dealt a fatal blow to the warrior.

They have lost their power to fight.


Weed continuously moved along the rocky canyon and subdued those firing a bow. When Weed continuously swung the sword, surprisingly an 8 metre high pillar of fire occurred.

The enemy couldn’t avoid it and were wrapped in flames as their health fell. If they fell from the high canyon then they would die from the crash damage!

Currently the Sulleions’ natural enemy was Weed himself.

“Get rid of the fire human.”

“He is the most dangerous.”

The arrows were concentrated on Weed. The arrows were also shot from the opposite rock wall.


Weed used short distance teleportation while attacking so he wasn’t caught. This was why Weed suffered when he needed to hunt the Chaos Warriors and Kub.i.+.c.hya.

He tried to emulate a Chaos Warrior’s power and knowledge. Weed took full advantage of the power of the sword and cunningly used Blink.

“Flame Explosion!”

Fireb.a.l.l.s emerged from the sword and scattered in all directions, causing an explosion! The Sulleion warriors received significant damage and crashed into the ground.

Naturally it was beneficial for the Sulleion to besiege the enemies from the high walls. But in a geographically challenging rock canyon like this, if they suffered a blow and fell down then it was over.

Due to the combination of Disaster Sculpting and Sculpture Transformation, this rocky canyon had become the Sulleions’ tomb.

Weed used Blink to flash across both sides of the canyon and defeat the warriors holding bows.

“The Sulleions’ bows aren’t lacking. There is a low level restriction and no species restriction. The option also has the Quick Fire skill so it should sell decently. I can receive a high price for it.”

People have settled in Morata from the Central Continent so he could easily sell level 300 weapons now. He continued fighting after checking the item.

“He’s coming this way. Help!”

“Euweeeek. I want to run away.”



The Sulleions were intimidated thanks to the power of Red Star and they couldn’t respond calmly to Weed. The arrow attacks slowly weakened and his flying creatures could fly about the canyon. The sculptural lifeforms and his colleagues were also fighting together at the bottom of the canyon.

There were many injured and weakened Sulleions from the rock collapse and quite a few died during the fight.

“We are warriors who rule the Ha.r.s.el Mountains and we drove the intruders here. We still have a huge power!”

“Get rid of all the enemies here. Get revenge for our people with our own hands!”

The tribe’s Elders tried to raise the morale of the warriors again. Morale and organized combat were essential in a ma.s.sive battle. Weed appeared next to the Elders.

“He came here. Call for reinforcements.”

“He is the boss of the intruders so we must kill him!”

The escorts for the Elders raised their spears. Their levels was a little higher than 420.

Weed cast a skill.

“Wrath of Fire!”

A column of flames burned up the warriors. The best part about the Red Star was its ability to take away the enemy’s combat power when an attack succeeded.

Once engulfed in flames, it was impossible to recover with being treated by priests. Furthermore, the Chaos Warriors was a species that had its health and mana naturally filled by the flames emitted by Red Star.

It was like a vampire receiving an indefinite supply of the blood of young women. In that situation, a vampire could fight against someone stronger and win.

His ability to use magic attack skills completely changed his combat power. Weed harnessed the skills of the Dragon Sword and Chaos Warrior to eliminate his enemies with an electrifying charisma! Every place he pa.s.sed was devastated with flames.

Of course, he never forgot to pick up the loot dropped by the Sulleions. The Sulleions had ruled the Ha.r.s.el Mountains for a long time so they had expensive loot.

“Warriors, that female warrior looks weak. Eliminate that woman.”

Some of the Elders made fun of the lifeform Gernika. She was a Barbarian warrior who fought with weapons in both hands. She became the target of lots of enemies.

Then the head of the Death Worm appeared where the Elders were and it swallowed them. The Death Worm was just a gourmet earthworm. It was a picky eater so it went for the commanders first. It had been timid since the rocky canyon collapsed but now it was finally starting to fight.

Meanwhile the King Hydra was rapidly restoring its health with Irene’s help.


The battle of Rocky Canyon!

Weed’s quest was relayed live and caused a large ripple. The collapse of the rocky canyon was a shocking video that transcended imagination. And the achievements of the sculptural lifeforms!

-Bingryong is strong.

-Full of dignity. The strong monsters are no match against it.

-The Phoenix is also visible. Its wide area flame magic is really scary.

-Weed’s subordinates are really no joke.

The Phoenix’s supreme skill that scattered feathers and burnt the rocky canyon. The sculptural lifeforms had unique skills that were amazing. The sight of all these skill running amok in the rocky canyon was a flashy scene.

The sculptural lifeforms were so popular that fan clubs had already formed. The audience also couldn’t overlook Yellowy, Bingryong and the wyverns who were extremely popular in Morata and played crucial roles in many battles. It was to the extent that chefs in Royal Road developed Bingryong ice cream and wyvern chicken!

The viewers also noted Weed’s combat ability.

-It is different from how he fought before.

-He seems to be overflowing with an uncontrollable power.

-I wanted to see something like this. This is the Weed from Continent of Magic. That completely different feeling when slaughtering monsters!

-Ahu…. I would like to see a real fight like that. But the reality is that I would only run away.

-He’s so strong yet he died to Bardray?

-I wonder if something was behind it. Maybe he got paid to lose. Wouldn’t a lot of money have to be given in order to do that?

-Weed-nim wouldn’t do something like that. Don’t talk carelessly when you don’t know Weed-nim.

-The Weed-nim I like is pure and unspoiled so don’t share such conspiracy theories.

-But his strength is really no joke. He is indeed Weed. My heart beats fast whenever I see him!

A hot battle as a Chaos Warrior! The viewers had no choice but to be excited as they watched Weed battle. They were totally engrossed in the battle as he took care of those handling the bows and the Elders.

Of course, that was due to greed for their items but the audience was fascinated by the fast and tough battle.

Normally they would approach carefully, confirm the health, be blessed with magic and fight stably.

-If you’re in a war then wouldn’t the correct answer be to dominate everything?

-I know. Weed fights like a man!

Not only was his individual power strong but he also had excellent commanding skills. The tactical operation focused on the sculptural lifeforms and to lure the enemies was completed without a hitch.

Every time Weed pointed a finger and issued a command, the sculptural lifeforms would take out the Sulleions. It was like when he commanded the forces of the ghost s.h.i.+ps. Of course, the noise of the battlefield meant Weed needed to whisper so the audience couldn’t hear him.

-Gernika, don’t back out. Vindex, you’ve encountered so many. Aren’t you tired of playing yet? Now kill them! Countryside Snake, don’t just lick them and use your poison. Earthworm! Why are you sleeping in the ground for more than 20 seconds?

A storm of nagging! If someone was in danger then he would rescue them using short ranged teleportation. It was different from how other users handled their subordinates.

-Bardray deliberately threw his men into danger.

I don’t know this guy’s original self. = Comparison? This is the difference in the capabilities of a true commander.

-Kya! I’d like to see such a battle.

There were also people who brought down the mood.

-I can also fight like that. If they had high level and wore good items then everyone could act like that.

-Wake up. If you were in that situation then you probably would’ve been killed in just a minute.

-Weed’s movement speed, reaction speed and judgement, he takes advantage of everything. Could I really fight in a melee combat like that?

-Leave. You’re not someone who played Royal Road properly. You probably can’t even kill a rabbit after you connect.

The viewers couldn’t take their eyes off the television as the battle continued. It was like watching a movie and Weed’s unpredictable element made it fun. He planned to destroy the enemy in the disadvantageous rocky canyon.

Even if he was careful when causing a disaster, it would still be difficult to control. He should’ve utilized his skills and continue fighting the enemy in the outskirts of the Ha.r.s.el Mountains.

But Weed committed to it.

“In the worst case, I can hit them and escape. I can retreat and use the cliffs or mountains at my back to defend and hold out for at least 3 months. I can hunt to eat and drink rainwater so living will be reasonable.”

So far he was able to endure by utilizing the skills of his sculptural lifeforms. The public had no choice but to be wildly excited.

“He foolishly fell into the Sulleions trap.”

“His plan to hit back against the ambush was perfect but Weed wasn’t able to expect this degree. Ah, how disappointing.”

Once the battle started, the people following the progress sighed deeply. But soon they changed their words and were busy complimenting him.

“Ohhhh! Weed’s subordinates really possess wonderful battle ability.”

“That weapon is from the Chaos Warrior Kub.i.+.c.hya. According to what I heard, it is the weapon of a dragon.”

“The fact that it is a dragon’s weapon hasn’t been confirmed yet. It seems to have huge attack power and is an item that can use fire magic.”

“It’s wonderful! Did you see it just now? The sword burns all the flying arrows. That boldness and timing of his actions is only possible for Weed.”

“Haven’t you said those words a few times about Weed’s broadcasts?”

There was a relay of compliments.

LK Game station had recently become friendly with prestigious guilds, including the Hermes Guild. They needed to get along well with the large forces in order to secure a combat video. A portion of the proceeds from the advertis.e.m.e.nts during the broadcasts also needed to be paid to the prestigious guild.

But it couldn’t be compared to the viewers expected for Weed’s broadcast. The presenters knew what the audience wanted so they didn’t stop praising Weed.

“Ohhh, Weed…..”

“An arrow attack is being prepared against him and the warriors are gathering. Does he still not know about it?”

“He might not have enough mana to escape.”

“It is a crisis!”

The hosts raised the tension while watching the progress. There was an urgency about the broadcast that surpa.s.sed those of the finals of a football match!

“Weed has fallen down the rocky canyon due to the enemy’s attacks!”

“He fell from a serious height so Weed should receive a large blow.”

“Ah… That’s not the case! He moved through the air with continuous blinks!”

“As expected, he handled it very flexibly. He has a miracle like skill management.”

They were very busy following the video.

“Weed is on the ground. Now he is laughing as he acquires loot!”


Weed used the magic of the Red Star multiple times. It was the feeling of taking a bullet taxi after always catching a bus.

“Now this is a good harvest!”

There were many wounded Sulleions scattered among the rocky canyon and Weed hunted them down. After transforming into a Chaos Warrior, he didn’t even wear armour. He could endure with his basic perseverance and resilience.

The Red Star and his charisma meant fighting the Sulleions weren’t a problem. The sword’s short range teleportation and ability to restore health meant he didn’t need to worry about his health decreasing!


The tribe’s Elders finally decided to retreat. Then the warriors started withdrawing from the rocky canyon. They pa.s.sed through the narrow caves that hadn’t collapsed.

Weed yelled using Lion’s Roar.

“Don’t chase them!”

Normally in large scale battles, they would pursue any retreating enemies. The cavalry could chase down and overwhelm the monsters on the plains. Knights had a large advantage so the plains monsters were good prey for them. After the a.s.sault from the knights, the more intelligence monsters would decide to flee once morale lowered. A few days chasing and hunting the prey could gather loot, fame and experience. There were a lot of benefits to choosing a knight profession.

Several sculptural lifeforms had quick movement speed but this was the Ha.r.s.el Mountains with a steep terrain. Weed and the sculptural lifeforms were also tired so the Sulleions could strike back if they chased them. It was difficult to control himself as the commander but this time it was necessary to endure it.

-A miracle like victory has been achieved in a canyon of the Ha.r.s.el Mountains.

During the battle the enemies became panicked from the constant attacks.

Victory has been won with unpredictable leaders.h.i.+p.

Even with excellent subordinates, a victory without the loss of any allies is praiseworthy.

-Fame has increased by 1,210.

-Charisma has increased by 6.

– Leaders.h.i.+p has increased by 5.

-The Sulleions’ hostility has increased by 100.
-You have gained great battle experience.

All combat related stats have increased by 1.

-Your level has risen.

“Huhuk, my items are going away. Ah… A guy holding a bow has been caught.”

Weed had regrets even after winning a great battle.

“I should get rid of the guys around here.”

Weed went around the collapsed rocky canyon with his sculptural lifeforms and took care of the Sulleions warriors one by one.

“Spare me.”

A Sulleion warrior begged with a pathetic face.

Weed spoke with a regretful expression.

“I’d like to do that. But… I can’t because of the loot.”


If he spared prisoners after a huge victory then Honour and Dignity would increase. Of course, simply commanding knights would increase fame and the Honour stat by a lot.

Even the Arpen Kingdom’s lower taxes increased Honour.

“There is no meaning to eating soup with rice when there is no honour. Fame is also worth a mention.”

When a king had high honour, knights would walk at his feet. Weed presently had 165 Honour as King of the Arpen Kingdom and that was quite high.

More free knights would come as the fame of the Arpen Kingdom spread across the continent.

“I heard there is a true king in the north.”

“It is apparent when talking to the residents.”

“There is a long distance but… I will go in order to meet a King I can serve for a lifetime.”

Free knights were leather clothes and a shabby cloak came to the north. Free knights killed monsters and some frequently swore allegiance to other lords. But many knights moved to find a new lord after the collapse of the Kallamore Kingdom.

Weed’s honour stat was low compared to art, strength or agility but the numerical value didn’t need to be compared. The kings of other nations just lived without caring about honour.

-The tyrants are only eager to collect taxes.

-How foolish, the warmongers don’t care about policies or numbers at all.

-They are unscrupulous and don’t defend chivalry.

-Complete bullies.

They had the worst reputation that even dogs pa.s.sing by would bark at them! In particular, the users that were lords or kings had particularly bad reputations.

Thus the free knights of the Versailles Continent drifted towards the Arpen Kingdom. Soldiers needed a lot of investment and hard work in order to become a knight. When receiving the loyalty of a free knight, this part could be easily settled.

Of course, there was one important thing for the stingy Weed.

“These knights, they take too much salary. The employment costs are no joke. The money for their food costs alone……”

It wasn’t free so he was sad that his tax money went towards the knights that swore loyalty.

Currently the Arpen Kingdom had 240 knights.

The character of the knights would change depending on the king. The kings who lived in luxury and debauchery while collecting taxes would have knights who ignored the residents and enjoyed hedonism.

The knights of the Arpen Kingdom were frugal and enjoyed culture. They also voluntarily worked to keep the peace by fighting monsters and bandits. They hadn’t fought in dangerous places yet so it was impossible to compare them to the same standard as other kingdoms.

“Kyahh, we really won!”

Surka was delighted even when her gloves were ragged from hitting the enemy.

“I really thought I would die after falling into the trap.”

Weed hadn’t told his colleagues the detailed plan to lure the enemy. They just maintained a thorough security and gained experience. They were surprised twice by the disaster and the extermination of the enemy.

Romuna scolded her.

“There’s no such thing. Weed-nim is an expert at things like this. He had any number of tips and tricks.”

Zephyr also acknowledged it.

“Today really is a day of delicious dishes.”

Hwaryeong had experienced many things while hunting in dungeons under Weed’s leaders.h.i.+p.

“I need to keep a well-rested bottle of wine for days he won’t let us rest.”

The strategy was evaluated as bold and aggressive tactics on television but his colleagues thought different.

‘Whenever he smiles like that, he is up to his ugly tricks.’

‘He is truly cunning…..’

‘He must’ve really experienced a lot since childhood.’

Originally the world was like this!

Anyway, Weed’s real goal was to rescue the Arnin kept at the Sulleion’s fortress.

“We’ve defeated quite a large number of troops here. Let’s advance there immediately.”


The Sulleion’s fortress at Tubkal Peak.

It was a place with decent scenery as clouds and the Ha.r.s.el Mountains could be seen under their feet. The Sulleions piled stone on top of the mountain and built a fortress that looked like an upside down blade.

When riding the wyvern and looking at it from the sky, it was a terrain that made it difficult to attack.

Weed arrived at the neighbourhood with his colleagues and the sculptural lifeforms. This was a dangerous place for an ambush but it was no surprise the dispirited Sulleions didn’t attack.

“Now we just need to win here.”

Weed first checked the terrain of the fortress through Yurin’s drawing. The slope of the jagged peak was so severe that it was difficult to pull any siege weapons manufactured by blacksmiths.

“Intruders have come here.”

“Close the gates.”

“Place the archers. And take out the defensive weapons from the warehouse.”

The Sulleions confirmed Weed’s presence and shut the gates as they prepared for a siege! They took out defensive weapons they looted or obtained from dwarves that were taken prisoner. There were plenty of boiling oil, arrows, crossbows and devices that drop stones!

“This will be a very difficult challenge. It won’t be easy to make this place surrender.”

Pale climbed to a high place and clicked his tongue as he examined it. The Sulleion fortress had well maintained walls. Typically he would need 5 times the troops if there was going to be a war of attrition.


To make matters worse, smoke was rising from the fortress. When under attack by humans, the Sulleions would light up beacons to summon reinforcements.

“They’ve made all the preparations.

The Sulleions scattered around the Ha.r.s.el Mountains had been brought back to the fortress. They entered the fortress using a small cave prepared beforehand and could also use it to spread out to the surroundings outside.

The Ha.r.s.el Mountains was optimized for the Sulleions that lived there. His Sculpting Master Quest required him to rescue the Arnin so if he took too much time then he might be back to square one.

Pale asked.

“How will we fight?”

He believed that Weed would somehow have a trick.

“We should eat before fighting. It will be needed against these guys.”

Weed took out advanced ingredients and sparingly cooked dishes. Freshly baked bread, drinking soup made from dark meat broth to taste appetizing was the purpose. Normally they just ate barley bread with jam so this was already a luxury feeling!

“It will take a little time to cook the dishes so please enjoy.”

Weed took out all his cooking tools and ingredients. The meat, vegetables and other ingredients were kept frozen by Bingryong but his skill proficiency was 89% intermediate level 9 so the taste didn’t drop.

Just having a level 6 beginners cooking skill was enough to make a savoury smell emerge from the food. There were seasoned pork ribs mixed with the thigh meat of a sheep.

“Please eat simply. I’ve prepared a lot so you don’t become full too quickly.”

Sea ba.s.s, Flounder, Salmon, Flatfish, Sea Bream and Tuna!

They were caught from the sea east of Morata. Although they had been frozen. Weed’s knife cut them into quality sas.h.i.+mi!

“The taste is melting in my mouth.”

“Ah… There is a clear freshness.”

When it was brought out, the container immediately became empty.

“You’ve gone through a lot of trouble.”

He gave slices of tuna to the sculptural lifeforms. The King Hydra’s 9 heads fought among themselves over the food.

“Continue eating. It is just getting started.”

The next dish Weed made had shark eggs, sh.e.l.lfish and fish boiled along with a special sauce. He decorated it with potatoes, vegetables and dipping sauce before serving it in a container.

Hwaryeong was the first one to try it.

“How is it?”

Hwaryeong closed her eyes at Surka’s question and seemed to think of something.

“I can taste the deep sea the moment it touches my tongue. Fish are endlessly born and are swimming in the deep and mysterious ocean….”


“Aw, let’s eat together!”

Weed didn’t pay attention to their evaluation of his dishes. Fine cuisine didn’t appeal to everyone’s taste buds. He wanted to eat oden and ddeokboki the most.

“I am happy when cooking delicious dishes!”

Weed cooked ingredients from various areas of the continent and studied their taste. He had an intermediate level 9 cooking skill but it still took a long time to serve his party. He didn’t have a lot of time to make the food.

When he went hunting or on adventures, he ate simply. If he opened a restaurant with various ingredients supplied to him, it would be difficult for him to cook professionally. But he was able to build a significant depth to the flavours from land and sea ingredients.

“Here is some wine and brandy as well.”

“Kyaah, I really wanted a drink. I’ll drink just a little bit.”

Blowfish tempura, oysters, sas.h.i.+mi, traditional snacks and ham hocks.

The wyverns ate happily. Yellowy shed tears as he swallowed vegetables and gravy.

“Umoooooo, this seems to be the last food we will ever eat.”

“Who knows… We might die after eating this.”

The last supper! Goldman went to a corner and shed tears as he ate clams.

“Master, I’m still happy that we could be together.”

Weed had no such aims but his sculptural lifeforms were paranoid. Weed laughed with satisfaction.

“I’ve only been scolding them. Sometimes I should make food for the children. I didn’t think they would be moved like this.”


The sculptural lifeforms gradually shed more tears. After the meal, the efficiency of Weed’s party and the sculptural lifeforms increased. Their exhausted body and vitality was restored due to the adequate rest.

The effect of his intermediate cooking skill meant they gained at least 9 levels. Health increased by 18,284 while vitality and endurance grew by 50%. The rest of his stats increased by more than 35 points!

Even so, the stat increase wouldn’t play a decisive role in battle. But if they ate well then they could fight better. It was the reason why Weed arranged delicacies of the sea and land and shared it with his colleagues and sculptures.

The founding ceremony for the Arpen Kingdom was simple but he was really grateful to all the people here. He wanted to continue growing together with his sculptural lifeforms. He was also grateful to his colleagues in many ways.

That’s why Weed didn’t spare on using the expensive ingredients. Of course it was different on the surface.

“I just wanted to try cooking… I had some materials left.”

“Then you will do this again the next time there are food ingredients left?”

“There won’t be any left.”


The 3 Mad Sharks of Becky Nin!

Weed visited their pirate s.h.i.+p a week ago. He got there quickly due to Yurin’s Picture Teleportation. As soon as Weed appeared, he treated the pirate s.h.i.+p like his house. In the process he discovered a bit of seafood in the s.h.i.+p’s warehouse.

“You must eat a lot of seafood since it is easy to obtain.”

“No. I’m homesick for land food and would rather eat meat more frequently.”

“I’m turning pale from eating sas.h.i.+mi on a daily basis.”

Weed didn’t listen to their opinions.

“It seems like you have a lot of seafood left…..”

“It’s not that much?”

“I will come and take it tomorrow. There should be enough to fill eight carriages.”

“Huh, is it possible to get that much seafood so quickly even if we’re on the sea?”

“I’d like different species like oysters and clams…..”

“Haha, what a good joke.”

“These days your bounty has increased quite a lot… Congratulations.”

“Ah, thank you very much. It is thanks to pirating. Raising one s.h.i.+p was very tough. It really is worthwhile to indiscriminately loot while at sea.”

“You’re notorious and have the murderer status so it will be unlucky if you meet someone looking for profit. They will be able to claim your bounty at a kingdom.”


There was a mean smile on Weed’s face that the 3 Mad Sharks of Becky Nin couldn’t forget. They were considerable threats and Weed was someone who would go through with it.

“You’re a really bad guy that we respect. You haven’t forgotten and are still blackmailing us.”

“We still have a long way to go. There is a lot to learn.”

“In the world of bad actions, there is definitely a difference between us!”

The Mad Sharks used their fleet to gather the amount of seafood. They barely fulfilled the quota when Weed and Bingryong came. However Weed didn’t collect it completely free.

“If you take it then won’t people just think of it as robbery?”

In fact, it was like robbery.

“But it will be wrong to give money between us.”

“What if…..”

“We’re close friends who adventured together so there shouldn’t be a money deal.”


The 3 Mad Sharks of Becky Nin weren’t the type to refuse money. But they had to consider the other party involved. They knew what to expect from Weed.

“I have a knack for guessing the talent of people.”

The pirate s.h.i.+p was made of rotten wood! Something made from a sculptor would be a fine talisman at sea. The s.h.i.+p’s movement speed would increase and they wouldn’t suffer as much damage in storms. The pirate’s skill and stats also helped.

Many carried sculptures made for land but the sculptures attached to the bow would have a larger effect.

Heint made a different offer.

“Kya! I would be willing to give up money for a sculpture.”

They wanted a sculpture that expressed the wickedness of pirates.

He would feel bad making just one sculpture. Weed had a relations.h.i.+p with them so he couldn’t say no. It would be bad if he needed to have more dealings with them in the future.

“I will make you more sculptures.”

Weed also produced more sculptures for the other s.h.i.+ps. It was the so-called 1+1 offer! He made a dolphin that could be occasionally seen at sea. Dolphins often hung around s.h.i.+ps and increase sailing speed and luck!

“In order for us to do this….. We will work harder as pirates in the future.”

“I’m glad you’re satisfied. Then……”

Weed had a rotten smile on his lips.

That gentle smile stayed as he left the pirate s.h.i.+p of the 3 Mad Sharks of Becky Nin.

The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor

The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor

Dalbic Jogaksa, LMS, 달빛조각사
Score 8.6
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Artist: , Released: 2007 Native Language: Korean
The man forsaken by the world, the man a s*ave to money and the man known as the legendary God of War in the highly popular MMORPG Continent of Magic. With the coming of age, he decides to say goodbye, but the feeble attempt to earn a little something for his time and effort ripples into an effect none could ever have imagined. Through a series of coincidences, his legendary avatar is sold for 3 billion won, bringing great joy to him, only to plunge him into despair at losing almost all of it to vicious loan sharks. With revelation of money through gaming, he rises from the abyss with new found resolve and steps forward into the new age of games led by the first ever Virtual Reality MMORPG, Royal Road. This is the legend of Lee Hyun on his path to becoming Emperor with only his family’s loving heart, his boundless desire for money, his unexpected mind, his diligently forged body and the talent of hard work backing him.


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