The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor Volume 30 Chapter 3

3) Tubkal Peak

Weed was aware of the fact that he didn’t have much time.

The Sulleions were extensively spread throughout the Ha.r.s.el Mountains and they had a quick breeding rate so it was only a matter of time before their numbers were restored.

“Unfortunately the fight needs to be over by today.”

If he used Great Disaster Nature Sculpting then he could deliver a huge blow at the beginning. But the restrictions meant he could only create a disaster once a day. If he waited then the warriors would only increase.

“Even if I could use a disaster, I can’t kill the Arnin so I need to fight like this.”

Great Disaster Nature Sculpting would just cause a huge problem to his rescue plan. Weed once again used Sculpture Transformation to change into the Chaos Warrior Kub.i.+.c.hya.

“The most important thing is speed. Everybody prepare for battle!”

His colleagues and sculptural lifeforms had large expectations.

“What is your strategy this time?”

“Is there something that will change the terrain of the Sulleions’ habitat?”

“Tactics that I can’t even imagine always seem to succeed.”

Irene, Pale and Bellot were nervous as they watched from the side. The sculptural lifeforms were ready to follow any orders. They were well fed so they could exert even more of their ability.

“Umoooooo, I’m going to live.”

“Gol gol gol, I’m happy to be here with everyone.”

“Wy-3 will die before I do.”

The oldest among the wyverns, Wy-1 snapped towards Wy-3.

“Yes, I will die first.”

“Master will ride you alone… Because he finds your flat back excellent.”

“Guuuh, that’s not it. You don’t know how hard it is.”

“I’m full!”

“I ate many ostrich eggs a short while ago.”

“I want to eat just one more!”

“I wanted to eat it!”

In the midst of this, jealousy was also occurring! He endowed them with life in the Jigolaths so his intimacy with them was still low.

This moment was also broadcasted live to the stations. Over tens of millions of viewers were watching it in real time or in Royal Road pubs as they ate food and drank beer.

They were watching Weed’s adventures rather than trading in the market square.

“Now, let’s get started.”

Weed gave a command.

“Guys, attack. Let’s go!”

He chose a frontal attack. He really looked reckless as he ran up the slope towards the blade like fortress!

Weed’s sculptural lifeforms also followed him towards the fortress. Yellowy, Goldman, Fire Giant, White Tiger, Knight Seville, female warrior Gernika, female sword user Vindex and the high elf Eltin all ran with him.

The flying creatures in the air also prepared to attack.

Arrows fired once they entered the range of the fortress on Tubkal Peak.


Weed instantaneously teleported in front of the gates.

“Sword of h.e.l.l!”

The Red Star generated flames that covered the entire sword.

-Damage has increased by 329%.

Weed hit the gates with all his strength.


A thunderous sound resounded as the gates were hit!

-The gates of Tubkal Fortress have been destroyed.

Your combat stats have increased by 1.

When the gates broke, the Sulleion warriors waiting immediately swarmed out.

“An unjust human.”

“Get rid of the enemy’s leader.”

Arrows and spears shot at him but Weed just used a skill.


The next place he appeared was a house in the fortress!

“It isn’t here.”

Weed chopped the wooden building with the Red Star. And the whole building was engulfed in flames in seconds.

“There! The place lit up by fire.”


He avoided the Sulleions and teleported to the heart of the fortress!


“Eliminate those guys.”

“Kill all the b.a.s.t.a.r.ds who came here to die!”

Weed could hear the sound of battle at the gates. The colleagues and the sculptural lifeforms had been blocked by the Sulleions. There was the something shaking and the walls vibrated as Death Worm travelled through the ground to collapse the walls.

A fierce battle was taking place between the thick walls and broken gates. The oversized sculptural lifeforms couldn’t squeeze past the gates but their bodies acted as a defense line.

“You have to make them fight well.”

Weed gave Goldman the command. Goldman was timid but he could fight well. Their movements weren’t efficient but Weed’s original goal wasn’t to capture the fortress. Weed would infiltrate the fortress alone in order to rescue Arnin.

“The sculptural lifeforms have to live well so they need to conserve their lives. They need to fight in moderation.”

Fortunately Irene was a reliable healer so he could feel relieved.


A large crocodile on all fours called Nile opened his eyes as it approached the gates. He would exert his maximum force in rivers or swamps. The short legs and heavy tail meant it was hard work to ascend or descend the mountain. His movement speed would become faster as the battle continued but it couldn’t maintain it for long.

He waved his tail while walking on all fours so Hwaryeong and Bellot really thought he was cute.

“Weed-nim, does Nile really need to fight? I will accomplish his share so can’t you remove Nile?”

“Omo, look at this pattern on the side of his stomach unni!”

They opposed Nile partic.i.p.ating in battle. They didn’t want dust or bruises to damage the soft leather!

“Time is money. Quickly finish this!”

The fortress was built on a high peak so it wasn’t that wide. Most buildings only had 1 or 2 stories so there was a narrow range to search. The Country Mouse from the Jigolaths also squeezed through holes in the walls and searched for the Arnin.

The Sulleions had a tight defense but they couldn’t stop a Country Mouse from moving around.

“Kill him!”

The problem was that the Sulleions carefully watched Weed who was holding the Red Star and gathered excessively. It was natural to fiercely attempt to kill the other side’s leader in a siege. Weed had entered the fortress so they didn’t need to send their soldiers out. There were at least 300~400 warriors running after Weed.

“It isn’t here. Blink!”

Weed continued searching for the Arnin while slicing at any visible enemy warriors. He needed to search the building so it was bound to take some time. Country Mouse also looked into each building but there was no news.

“I won’t permit you to enter here. Kyahat!”

A Sulleion warrior leapt towards Weed. Weed accepted the enemy’s spear with his sword. The Red Star’s flames spread to the enemy.


The enemy were continuously in great pain and he acquired the loot! Weed didn’t want to fight. He might’ve harnessed the power of the Red Star as a Chaos Warrior but that wasn’t enough to fight hundreds of enemies in their fortress. Blink also consumed mana so it couldn’t be used indefinitely.

“He’s coming this way.”

“Block. Kiyaaaaaah!”

Warriors ran towards Weed with their spears in front of them.


He cut the spears with the Red Star. Then he struck while pa.s.sing by their side. The Sulleion warrior died as he was wrapped in flames and Weed moved onto the next enemy.

He was inexperienced with handling the Red Star but the effects meant it wasn’t that hard to attack. If he connected to the appropriate body part then there could be continuous attacks depending on the decline in health. After hitting the enemy as many times as necessary, he would move on to the next one.

Weed was efficient at hunting a group continuously. He had become a master of grinding efficiently. Not only was Weed good at handling the sword, no one could collect the loot as quickly as him. He would never leave an item behind on the battlefield.

“Heriam Fencing!”

Weed overpowered 5 Sulleion warriors with continuous strikes. They were caught by the fireball of death and their loot taken!

Weed attacked quickly so his health was quite reduced. He wasn’t wearing the Helium armour or any other type of armour. Therefore his defense was quite low and his health suffered a lot of damage. He was able to withstand it because the Red Star restored his health.

“Not here either.”

The Tubkal Fortress was the paradise of the Sulleion warriors.

“Grrrrk, I heard screams from here!”

“He entered the building.”

“Some of you will form a defensive wall while the rest will get rid of him.”

Weed’s every move was reported in real time. The Sulleions fought a lot more defensively than usual in the aftermath of the rocky canyon battle so it was difficult to search the buildings. They were the level 400 elite warriors that hadn’t partic.i.p.ated in the previous battle!

Weed sometimes ran around deliberately provoking the elite warriors and dragged them after him.

“These ugly guys. Your appearance should at least be like me.”

“Kill him!”


He looked for a place in the fortress with no enemies and sprinted there while fighting the enemies.

“The fire man is around here.”


He had to search the fortress on limited mana while the enemy was growing in numbers. But he had to find the Arnin quickly and rescue them or he would fail!

-Country Mouse, have you found anything?

Weed whispered while fighting.

-Squeak squeak!

Country Mouse had been searching among the buildings but still couldn’t find anything. The buildings here were quite shabby so it was easy to eater through cracks in the door or holes. But there were no Arnin anywhere.

“It is impossible to search the fortress one after another…..”

His colleagues and sculptural lifeforms were also limited in time. That’s why Weed attracted the attention of the Sulleion warriors while searching the fortress.

“It still isn’t here…..”

Weed checked the warehouses and derelict buildings but still couldn’t find a place where prisoners were confined.

“I need to change my point of view. I can’t just rush around searching blindly. Blink!”

Weed rose to the tallest tower in the fortress.

The wyverns were flying around attacking soldiers on the ground while his colleagues and sculptural lifeforms were battling the Sulleions around the walls. Pale and Romuna were active while Hwaryeong’s body danced tirelessly as see drew the warriors’ attention. Their attacks got even more desperate the moment she stopped dancing.

They were no less busy than Weed’s battle.

“That guy went up.”

“We have to bring him down. Beware.”

“Chase and kill him!”

“Throw the spears.”

Spears and arrows flew at Weed. There was no time to think calmly.

“I need to make the Arnin work. Anyway, I don’t know whether they’re alive or dead. Spending their whole lives cooped up and working….”

It was the mindset of someone perfectly exploiting their workforce. After rescuing the Arnin, he would make them work like slaves.

“Escape must just be a dream. They worked all day long and were only given the minimum of food. They will be grateful for someone like me to come and rescue them.”

The doors and windows of the buildings in the fortress weren’t suitable as a prison. They wouldn’t be pampered for 2~3 years but would be made to work for 100 years.

“There won’t be any fresh air or sunlight. When taking into account the characteristics of the Sulleions, they must be imprisoned underground…..”

Underneath the fortress! That would certainly be the place where they were imprisoned. Until now he had been thinking like a human but the Sulleions also lived underground. Weed sent a whisper to Country Mouse.

-Is there something like a cave in the ground?

-Squeak squeak! There is.

-The location of the entrance?

-Two places. In front of the warriors’ lodging and next to the large building in the centre.

In the meantime, the Sulleion warriors had arrived on Weed’s tower. Weed’s health had already decreased to 46%. The Red Star replenished health and mana but it would become dangerous as the battle was prolonged.


Weed moved to the large building in the centre.


Pale sometimes saw flames rising from buildings and admired it.

“He is really courageous…..”

His plan to enter the fortress alone! They were good words but if he died then the rescue would fail. The fortress was built on the steep Tubkal peaks so it was really difficult to make it surrender in a siege.

Weed had looked at Yurin’s drawing and made the decision to fight the Sulleions.

“The plan to draw the enemy using the Chaos Warrior can only be used by Weed-nim.”

But it really might be possible for him to return after rescuing the Arnin. Pale had seen many cases where Weed had accomplished a strange success. But even if he thought so, it really was difficult this time.

“Anyway, we have to make sure as much of them gather on the walls as possible. We have to hold them. Pay attention to your vitality and mana while fighting.”

Pale fired arrows towards the heads of the warriors on the walls. The sculptural lifeforms also climbed up the walls and fought. Zephyr and Surka also occupied the walls. They fought with Gernika, Vindex and Seville.

Pale caught sight of a wyvern aiming at an enemy.

“Wy-3, this way!”

Wy-3 who had been circling in the air started flying towards him.

“I’ll go with you.”

Pale and the high elf Eltin rode Wy-3 and flew up into the sky. If an archer had a high position then their attack range and power would become stronger.

He looked down at the spectacle from the wyvern. The King Hydra’s 9 heads were grabbing the arrows and spears while the Death Worm wriggled through the ground and struck the enemies. White Tiger and Cerberus had a compet.i.tion as they ran along the walls biting the enemies.

The crocodile Nile crawled slowly but when he caught the enemy, he quickly bit them in a few mouthfuls. He was a large crocodile that opened his eyes sleepily while eating the Sulleion warriors! Weed also wound a strap of leather around his body so Nile didn’t receive a lot of damage from the spears.

The sculptural lifeforms had quite a high level. It was amazing watching them fight against the Sulleion lifeforms.

“I really wanted to come to a place like this. It isn’t necessary to worry when following along behind Weed-nim.”

It was on the scale of partic.i.p.ating in the pyramid sculpture or fighting the Immortal Legion.

Pale looked over the fortress and fired his arrows. He breathed out as he pulled arrows from his quiver and enjoyed the pleasure of shooting enemy archers.


Kir was a beginner who started in Morata.

“Heh, this place was recommended by others but is this really it?”

The information boards about Royal Road recommended that Morata was the best city for beginners. Even his parents were in Morata.

“Son, you should see Royal Road.”

“Why should I?”

His father said with a deep sigh.

“You don’t have friends.”

“Friends aren’t necessary to live in this world.”

“You might meet a girlfriend while adventuring.”

“Marriage is called the grave of life.”

“…Still, Royal Road by itself is worth it. City life is dreary and insipid. It is possible to feel the spirit of pioneering in Royal Road that isn’t possible in modern times. It is a resort and playground for adults. Many connections can be made in Royal Road so it is also useful.”

“I’m going to pa.s.s the civil servant exam.”


His son couldn’t understand his real intentions. But Kir felt curious about Royal Road so he started it after all. He read it on the bulletin boards but he was still uncertain about starting in Morata.

“I shouldn’t believe people’s words these days.”

Kir decided to look around Morata. He talked to the guards in the Central Square first.

“You are a human who just started your adventure so it is best not to go too far away. It is better to run simple errands around the square in order to buy a city map.”

Kir ignored their words and toured all over the place. People who trading and entering stores at the market. Merchants were laughing after a successful trade. Some users had thick stomachs and this was evidence of a high ranking merchant.

“Since there are a lot of people buying and selling goods, this seems to be the downtown area. It is a pretty big city…..”

Tourists walked around Morata’s attractions. Kir followed them.

“The city is really beautiful but those rumours seemed to be fanciful nonsense!”

He thought all the stories were exaggerated and climbed the hill with the tourists.

“Kyah, how cool!”

When looking at the city from the hill, the buildings looked amazing. The Arts Centre, Cathedral, Grand Library, sculptures and various European style buildings were present. Architects played an active role so there were few buildings that were similar.

When looking from a high place, it really seemed like a painting of a city. Beyond Hestia’s Forge and the Research Tower, the landscape was very beautiful.

It was a fascinating urban landscape! It was the best thing Kir had seen so far. The smell of the forest was different from the pollution and clogged buildings in reality so it really made his heart pound.

“T-this is a little bit worth seeing. But it still isn’t enough to make me admire it.”

Kir came down to Painter’s Hill. When he looked around, the figure of the painters drawing was very charming. Monsters dripping saliva, an urban landscape and a b.l.o.o.d.y battle between elves and orcs. Tourist and users paid a high price to buy such pictures.

“It is futile spending money on such things.”

Kir came down the hill and continued walking. Chefs were engaged in business in the streets. It was a place where they could taste the delicacies of the continent.

“I’ll have to try it later on. It is better to eat something delicious. But it will be interesting to see what they taste like.”

Kir drifted towards the place where the shacks were collected. He had read a variety of information on the bulletin boards. The benefits of lower taxes and sculptures, various facilities and a variety of quests!

These were all real but it wasn’t the only thing Morata boasted of.

-There are many pretty girls among Freya’s priests.

-When it is just looks, then Morata… Huhuhu.

Many good looking females like treasure are there. This was the decisive reason why he started in Morata but he still doubted the story.

“From what I saw so far… They seem a little pretty.”

Kir was tricked into thinking it wasn’t that bad as he headed to the shanty village. Yet he saw the form of girls wearing beginner clothes planting potato seeds in the fields. Every shack had a little piece of land where people could plant potatoes or sweet potatoes.

“Well, to be able to meet a pretty girl in a place like this…..”

Kir couldn’t understand it so he headed further upwards.

Seo-yoon was working in a field with no one there so she took off her mask after she started sweating.


Kir felt his heart stop as he saw Seo-yoon. It was the appearance of a G.o.ddess level beauty!


Kir couldn’t talk.

Seo-yoon was planting potatoes to feed the calves. She was a resident of the kingdom Weed ruled yet she still lived in a shack.

“T-this place is Morata.”


-Dungeon: You are the first to discover the Underground Tubkal Fortress.

Rewards: Fame has increased by 2,610.

Experience and item drop rate will double for a week.

The first monster killed of each type will drop the rarest item.

As expected, the hole inside the fortress that Weed entered led to an important underground facility. And 10 elite Sulleion warriors were protecting the entrance.

“Invader, you dare enter a place like this!”

These elite warriors had far higher levels and better equipment. Weed thought it wouldn’t be easy as he looked at them.

“10 enemies are quite a lot. Blink!”

He teleported past the elite warriors defending the entrance.



The elite warriors shrieked as they chased him. The spears they threw flew past Weed and impacted with the ceiling and the floor. This sense of urgency and thrill!

“If I’m caught then I’ll die!”

Weed ran with his full strength. He ran to the right every time a crossroads appeared but he tried to survey as many things as possible. He hoped to find the prison cell that the Arnin were trapped in. If he found a closed door then he quickly opened it.

“An unjust human has entered.”

“Kill him!”

He only found elite Sulleions in the rooms. They formed a line behind Weed as they chased him. There were over 100 enemies gathered so it was impossible to fight them and win!

“There are 2 steps to my strategy.”

Step 1 was to get away from the enemies.

Step 2 was to run away quickly.

Weed bent his upper body and ran on all fours. It was a movement skill that increased his speed by 60%. He was a little more vulnerable but he would use any method to survive.

“Catch him…..”

“Give him as food for our children.”

“Should we bake him?”

“He is already slightly baked. He is just a runner.”

The Sulleion warriors were discussing how to deal with Weed while chasing him. In fact, this dungeon was no different from their home so Weed could only helplessly get trapped.

“The intruder is coming this way!”

Now warriors even appeared in front of him. Weed changed to the other direction. The warriors were running around so he couldn’t go wherever he wished.

“This place is very deep… And I have to choose the most probably place.”

Weed looked ahead and selected a direction when there was a fork in the road as he continued running. However there were two elite warriors blocking his way.


Enemies were chasing from behind so he was forced to cancel the Quadruple Run skill while moving forward.

“Close Eyes Tightly!”

-A spear has struck your shoulder.

Health has been greatly reduced.

-A spear has. .h.i.t your head.

A critical hit!

You have fallen into the chaos state.

When he opened his eyes again, the landscape around him was shaking from the elite warriors behind him. His view was a mess thanks to his state of confusion so it was difficult to find the way.

Even when he ran into a wall, Weed hopelessly looked for an open place and ran. The worst situation was taking place!

‘The chaos state will last for another 13 seconds…..’

The elite warriors chasing were closing the gap.

“He is going over there!”

Weed ran against the walls thanks to the chaos state so the chasing warriors were advancing very quickly. This was also their habitat so they took a shortcut and showed up in front of him. In the end, he was forced to carry out a 3 stage operation. He ran forward while protecting his head.

“Close Eyes Tightly!”


“Close Eyes Tightly!”


“Close Eyes Tightly! If you can kill me then kill!”

He continuously pushed the Sulleion warriors away and broke through! Despite his defensive skill, Weed’s health was constantly decreasing.

He utilized the Red Star’s power but that was only a last resort.

Although the pa.s.sages were narrow, the elite soldiers would keep on gathering and the sculptural lifeforms and his companions wouldn’t last forever. Weed was lacking time.

“Time didn’t pa.s.s as quickly when I was working a part time job was.h.i.+ng dishes in a restaurant as it is now.


“Ah… Intruder. Kill!”

Only Sulleion guards met him every time Weed opened a door.

“Good gracious. There isn’t much health and mana left….”

If he continued constantly breaking through the enemy then he wouldn’t have enough health, mana or time.

The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor

The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor

Dalbic Jogaksa, LMS, 달빛조각사
Score 8.6
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Artist: , Released: 2007 Native Language: Korean
The man forsaken by the world, the man a s*ave to money and the man known as the legendary God of War in the highly popular MMORPG Continent of Magic. With the coming of age, he decides to say goodbye, but the feeble attempt to earn a little something for his time and effort ripples into an effect none could ever have imagined. Through a series of coincidences, his legendary avatar is sold for 3 billion won, bringing great joy to him, only to plunge him into despair at losing almost all of it to vicious loan sharks. With revelation of money through gaming, he rises from the abyss with new found resolve and steps forward into the new age of games led by the first ever Virtual Reality MMORPG, Royal Road. This is the legend of Lee Hyun on his path to becoming Emperor with only his family’s loving heart, his boundless desire for money, his unexpected mind, his diligently forged body and the talent of hard work backing him.


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