The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor Volume 30 Chapter 4

4) Stone Statue in the City

“Catch him in here and eat!”

The warriors’ morale rose further as Weed ran away. If at least 4 warriors blocked Weed then he would us Blink.

“He won’t have a tough taste! The food will be bad for me.”

“It smells delicious.”

“Over there!”

The monsters raced around after Weed. But the situation right now meant he couldn’t endure it much longer.

-A steel arrow has. .h.i.t your side.

Weed continued to be injured by the arrows and spears while escaping. He didn’t wear any armour as a Chaos Warrior so his health continued dripping down and even bandages didn’t help. He even banged into walls while running at top speed so his health decreased to below 10%.

It was okay to maintain a low health in a steady hunt but right now it was terribly dangerous.

“I have to really avoid it!”

Weed measured the distance between himself and the Sulleion warriors chasing him. And he cast a skill.


He teleported into a room he already pa.s.sed! He hid in a corner of the room and waited for the Sulleion warriors to pa.s.s.

“He went that way.”

“That is the place where our leader is. Stop him at all costs!”

Weed waited until he couldn’t hear footsteps anymore.

“I’m lucky. I managed to survive somehow.”

He sensed that he had entered quite a deep place. He dug out the steel arrow lodged in his body and applied herbs to the wound.

-The herb has been burnt so it can only display 37% of the effect.

“My valuable herbs. How much would it be if I sold it to a store…..?”

After the simple treatment, the Red Star quickly restored his health and mana. His health was 23% and mana 31% when Weed left the corner of the room.

“I’ll just take a little look.”


“He must be out here somewhere.”

“I’m going over there!”

Weed naturally hid in the corner of the room again when he heard the footsteps and cries of the Sulleions.

“I have to recover half of my health.”

Weed looked at the Red Star. This was the first time he used the sword properly. It was like a sword of G.o.d with complex magic patterns carved in it. Great attack magic was sealed up in it.

“I can draw out even more of the sword’s power later when my level increases….”

Weed was greedy for the sword. Anyone who saw the Red Star would desire it. The flame attributes increased the combat power by several times. If this sword only had minor side effects then could be used against a dragon.

“I need to be more comfortable. I can’t get caught so I need to move secretly.”

Weed decided to go out to the pa.s.sages once his health was 46%. He had no choice but to go into danger because time was money.

“Then I need to move onto the next strategy.”

Weed took out a sculpture. It was a sculpture of an elite Sulleion warrior that he carved beforehand! The jaw expressed their long, drooping appearance and there were fine scales at the neck.

“Sculpture Transformation!”

Weed’s body changed from a Chaos Warrior to an elite Sulleion warrior. The Red Star was disarmed and he equipped the bow that he previously acquired as loot. And he left the pa.s.sage and casually joined with another warrior.

They gave Weed a strange look and examined him from top to bottom.

‘Perhaps I was discovered? Indeed… Come to think of it, Sculpture Transformation doesn’t change the smell.’

Sculpture Transformation wasn’t a complete transformation. There were numerous reasons why a person could be detected and it was difficult to fool species with a keen sense of smell.

But fortunately the Sulleions had no nostrils so they didn’t have a sense of smell.

The elite warrior asked.

“You seem to be hurt. Where did that injury come from?”

Weed shook his head and spoke.

“I fought against the intruder.”

“Where? Everyone is in an uproar looking for him.”

“I ate him.”

“Is there any bit left?”

“No. He also tasted bad. By the way…..”

Weed carried on the conversation and the elite warrior didn’t doubt him. His webbed feet squeaked against the ground and scales covered him as he held a spear.

He learnt to imitate the speciality of a species and their minor mannerisms such as when he transformed into the orc Karichwi. He had no qualms or remorse about lying or scamming.

Weed’s standard was enough for him to give a university lecture about it.

“That guy came in to save the slaves called Arnin so more intruders might be coming.”

“Ah, those guys? Then we need to protect the prison cell. Let’s go quickly.”

The elite warrior walked down the pa.s.sage and chose the right fork. Weed followed with his spear pointed to the ground. It was because he saw injured Sulleions walking this way.

“I am coming too.”

“You can rest. There are 10 people there.”

“I can still fight. I want to eat more intruders.”

“Then let’s go.”

Weed was guided by the elite warrior and arrived in front of the Arnin’s cell. They had gone up 3 storeys rather than down from the room where Weed had hid.

The jail cell that the Arnin were trapped in was quite large. It was guarded by 10 elite warriors and the one accompanying Weed added one more warrior.

‘Here is another group. If only there were only 1 or 2.’

Weed had to make a judgement. Now that he knew the location of the prison, he could come back or use this chance. He needed to handle it before the turmoil outside ended.

‘Infiltrating here with Sculpture Transformation isn’t hard but it will be difficult to escape with the Arnin.’

Weed chose to break through.

“Calling Death Knight Van Hawk, calling the Vampire Lord Torido!”

There was a dense fog as the Death Knight and Vampire Lord were summoned!

“Master, is it a fight?”

“I don’t want to drink the blood of reptiles… Have you forgotten the tastebuds of an aristocrat? A beautiful girl would be good.”

Van Hawk loyally took out his sword but Tori looked around with a frown.

“Fight quickly! They aren’t food.”

The Death Knight and Vampire Lord attacked the elite warriors.

“A betrayal!”

Weed threw his spear and instantly struck two elite warriors with his Daemon’s Sword. But it wasn’t possible to deal a large blow.

The elite warriors had a considerable level. Furthermore, the skin had a special quality so general attacks weren’t effective. Although the limbs were thin, their spears had surprisingly strong power and attack range. 11 elite warriors would be difficult for just Weed and his two summons.

“Van Hawk, there is no time to waste. Fight against many of them. Torido, you return to the back!”

Van Hawk rushed recklessly while blocking the arrows and spears with this sword. A Death Knight wouldn’t back away from a battle. The Sword of Darkness that Weed created also emitted a dark aura.

Torido returned to the back and used curse magic and vampire skills!

“Keeek, this is the n.o.bility of a vampire of the night!”

“Don’t look at his red eyes.”

The Sulleions instinctively feared Torido. Their concentration was low so they fell under his brainwas.h.i.+ng magic. Torido showed a power appropriate for a high ranking monster. Weed chose a side. He aimed at one monster on the right.

“Radiant Sword!”

5 sparrows emerged from the Daemon’s Sword and cut the elite warrior! It was the warrior who brought Weed here.

“Kueek, the one I thought was a colleague….”

“Life is just a series of betrayals. That is being an adult.”

“Dirty b.a.s.t.a.r.d!”

“Water is valuable so I only wash once a week!”

The warrior that brought Weed died!


Afterwards he used his Sword-cloning skill. The only meaning it had was to attract eyes to the fake bodies.

“Concentrate our attacks!”

Weed, Van Hawk and Torido started hunting while his clones lured them. Their formation changed to damaging one target.

“We can’t give them any time. Run them down!”

Weed and Van Hawk’s health dropped by a large amount. However they could fight more easily once 7 warriors remained. Tori restored his health by sucking their blood and started attacking the enemies quickly.

Meanwhile Weed and Van Hawk succeeded in disposing of 2 each. This wasn’t a situation to save mana. There were 3 enemies left but he didn’t know when reinforcements would appear.

After the battle finally ended, he took deep breaths while thinking.

“It wasn’t easy.”

Van Hawk was a wreck while Torido became even paler because the taste didn’t suit him. Weed’s health once again dropped to 7%.

“As expected from the Sword of Darkness and Tempting Vampire Ring I created.”


In order to succeed in life, he had to make them work! Weed picked up the items from the elite warriors. He couldn’t miss any loot because they might be indispensable items.

-You have acquired the Key to the Underground Jail.

This key can be used to open a locked door immediately.


He could finally meet the Arnin, the sculptural lifeform species created by Emperor Geihar Von Arpen. This was a delightful moment!

“I went through a lot of trouble so I have to make them work for their whole lives!”


s.h.i.+n Hye-min was deeply grieved.

“Ahh, the attack on Tubkal Fortress feels fantastic even after the battle at the rocky canyon.

Oh Joo-wan received her words.

“It is a really amazing battle. Seeing a siege taking place against that backdrop is really wonderful.”

s.h.i.+n Hye-min was a ranger so she was thinking about how much fun it would be if she was there. The sculptural lifeforms were desperately roaring as they fought while the Sulleion warriors fought to protect their home base.

The sculptural lifeforms used skills while the warriors took advantage of the terrain to aggressively defend the fortress. There were many flashy and great scenes.

“Weed didn’t take an adequate rest and just hurriedly plunged in. Did s.h.i.+n Hye-min antic.i.p.ate this?”

“Weed’s methods always break expectations.”

“But the battle doesn’t seem to be going like he hoped.”

“Yes, it does seem like that. Despite the large sacrifice at the rocky canyon, there are still quite a large number of Sulleion warriors. At present, it seems impossible to make the fortress surrender.”

“We should a.s.sume that today’s attack is a failure. And Weed’s situation will just be exacerbated tomorrow or the day after tomorrow.”

The sculptural lifeforms gave up on climbing up the walls while Pale and his colleagues had switched to defense. They were being pushed back by the endless reinforcements from the caves that opened into Tubkal Fortress.

“Weed-nim will have to rebuild his power.”

It was predetermined by the script to mention the withdrawal but it truly became dangerous after a long time pa.s.sed. Despite the high levels of Phoenix and Bingryong, there were too many Sulleion warriors. They emerged from narrow caves one after another to partic.i.p.ate in the fight.


When he opened the door, a large number of Arnin sleeping on the ground could be seen. They were sculptural lifeforms living as slaves.

“Who are you?”

The sleeping Arnin woke up and saw Weed.

“I am…..”

Weed concentrated strength into his eyes. He was trying to suppress the tears of joy but a rotten smile couldn’t help forming on his face. He heard the circ.u.mstances outside through Irene’s whisper so he said simply.

“Your friends the Ellyons asked a favour of me. It is to help you escape from here.”


The Arnin got up. Even when they did that, they were still quite smaller than the dwarves.

-Quest: Ellyons’ Friends

You have met the Arnin species.

Lead them safely out of Tubkal Peak.

The Arnin’s breeding ability has been restricted until they can live in freedom.

There are a total of 342 currently alive.

You have to return to the Ellyons with the maximum number of Arnins alive.

If more than 10 people return alive then the Ellyons will understand that it is a difficult request.

Now all he needed to do was get out. Weed wrapped bandages around his body and asked for confirmation.

“Are you able to fight?”

He had prepared a lot of spears and to lend to the Arnin.

“We don’t know how to fight.”

“Then you at least know how to hold a sword. Isn’t that so? Think about it.”

“We don’t know.”

“Even magic or spirit magic is good.”

“We don’t know how to use it.”

It was like taking 342 children who didn’t know how to fight out into a battlefield.

“I guess I have to do it anyway.”

Weed transformed back into the Chaos Warrior Kub.i.+.c.hya. It was necessary to change his body into something most suitable for battle. The Red Star was armed once again.

“Follow well. Be careful not to fall behind.”

The moment he was about to leave, the Arnin spoke.

“Excuse me, our animals are also here. It isn’t possible for me to leave here without them.”

“Please bring our animals as well.”

“We took care of them and gave them rice every day so we can’t live alone.”


-Quest: Ellyons’ Friends

The Arnin are eager to take the animals they raised to escape.

If you try to bring them by force then it is likely to cause a lot of trouble.

If you save the animals then they will thank you sincerely.

Weed gave a deep sigh.

“Did I sell a country in my previous life…..?”

He didn’t know why his life became this twisted. He had to somehow succeed in the quest to rescue the Arnin. Weed licked his lips.

“I will rescue the animals next so just come with me.”


“Yes, of course.”

Weed naturally had no intention of coming back to help. This was a comfortable hunting ground but the others were having difficult against the Sulleions.

“It isn’t possible to do that. If we escape then the Sulleions will grab the animals and eat them.”

“We won’t go along without them.”

Unfortunately his easy lie didn’t work.

“It will be dangerous. It is already difficult with my skills to bring you out. You have to live. Your friends the Ellyons are waiting for you in Morata.”

“I want to raise the animals. I would rather you come back for me after helping them first.”

He came here with such difficulty….. The degree of difficulty for this quest was too high.

‘However I can’t give up here…..’

The standard of the northern users were high so there should be a lot of people hunting in the Ha.r.s.el Mountains. But the number of users at the level to hunt here were still small so it was much more efficient to hunt at a safe dungeon or hunting grounds.

The bitterness of going ahead of other users!

The quest was difficult because he couldn’t fight back against the continuously propagating Sulleions.

‘I can’t leave and grow my sculptural lifeforms some more before returning….. It will take too much time.’

The monsters didn’t lack intelligence and would also grow like users. Their numbers would grow even more and the defences of the fortress strengthened. So he had to make a decision now.

‘If I bring 10 of them back to Morata by force…..’

That was his idea to complete the request. But forcibly taking out 10 Arnin while fighting as well….

“Yes, I will rescue the animals you’ve raised!”

A plan of desperation!

In the worst case, Weed would escape alone and aim at the next chance or he would kidnap some Arnin. If he brought them by force then the quest wouldn’t be a simple success and his high fame would fall.

Intimacy would also fall and he wouldn’t be able to make them work for the Arpen Kingdom. But the more he hesitated, the more dangerous it would be for the sculptural lifeforms.

“Thank you very much.”

“Where are the animals you raised?”

“It is near here. We will guide you.”

Weed led the way with Van Hawk and Torido. He killed any Sulleion warriors before they had the chance to call for reinforcements. His colleagues could lose at any moment so he couldn’t feel calm. Then 1 of the Arnin said.

“These guys are unlike how they normally are.”

The warriors from underground were busy flocking to the surface.

“The place is just around the corner.”

There were 4 elite warriors guarding the entrance. Weed confirmed the status of his body and briefly took deep breaths.

“Van Hawk, take 3 of them. Torido will quickly take care of 1 and then help you.

“Understood, Master.”

Van Hawk and Torido promptly began hunting. This time there were only 4 and he was using the Red Star so they had no difficult killing the elite warriors and obtaining the key to open the door.

Weed’s eyes became large.

“These guys are…..”


The battle at Tubkal Peak.

Pale’s vitality and mana were almost at the limit. The sculptural lifeforms fought but they were tired from the endless warriors. They were intimidated by the flying creatures and the King Hydra so the Sulleions didn’t dare go on the offensive. Even in their weary state, Hwaryeong and Bellot continuously attracted the attention of the enemies through playing and dancing.

Pale pulled an arrow out of his quiver and shouted.

“Is there no word from Weed-nim yet?”

He shot the arrow precisely into the forehead of a warrior! He didn’t know if it was because they were defending the fortress or the damage was too large but the warriors were attacking prudently.

Maybe this was even scarier.

The Sulleions were carefully surrounding their strong prey in order to build up their power and get rid of them all at once.

Irene who was treating the health of the sculptural lifeforms replied.

“Wait a moment.”

“We have to retreat. Tell him that now is the time to leave.”

“He said that if we wait a moment, it will all work out.”

“What does that mean…..?”

It was at that moment.

Dozens of griffins flew from the Sulleions’ fortress on Tubkal Peak. Numerous saber-toothed tigers were running through the open gates. The Arnin were sitting on the heads of the saber-toothed tigers.

The Sulleions didn’t raise docile animals like rabbits, sheep, pigs, chicken or cattle. Instead they raised griffins and saber-toothed tigers to be used as food. The Sulleions also raised them to ride the monsters in the air and on land.

If time was given then they would become more powerfully and be able to expand outside the Ha.r.s.el Mountains.

The problem was solved as soon as Weed saw the griffins and saber-toothed tigers. By accepting the Arnin’s request, he killed two birds with one stone. And the free griffins and saber-toothed tigers attacked the Sulleion warriors at the Arnin’s request.

“Kueek, those guys have appeared outside!”

“It is a big deal. A big deal.”

The Sulleions were defending the fortress so they couldn’t stop the griffins and saber-toothed tigers running away.

“Aim for the bowmen and open up a path for the saber-toothed tigers!”

Under Weed’s command, the party managed to retreat safely from Tubkal Peak! The damaged Sulleions couldn’t chase after them.


-The battle against the Sulleions at Tubkal Peak has ended in a draw.

The Sulleions are the rulers of the Ha.r.s.el Mountains. If you captured their fortress then you would’ve gained control over the mountain area.

But it is a miracle that you’ve managed to escape safely with no one dying.

The Sulleions who suffered considerable damage will elect a Warchief and strengthen their defences against another siege.

-Fame has been acquired based on your contribution in battle.

Weed took the sculptural lifeforms and returned to Morata with his colleagues. The griffins and saber-toothed tigers settled down in the area east and south of the Ha.r.s.el Mountains.

They would keep the Sulleions in check.


“…..So I’ve returned safely.”

-Thank you very much. I never thought I could meet my friends again.


-Ellyons’ Friends has been completed.

The sculptor Weed has rescued the Arnin who have been forced into labour by the Sulleions.

-The sculptural lifeform species, the Arnin and Ellyons have settled in the Arpen Kingdom.

The sculptural lifeforms remember the past glories of the Arpen Empire and will work for the kingdom.

You have showed courage, heroic commanding ability and decision making based on respect of life.

-Fame has increased by 2,580.
-Your level has risen.
-The sculptural lifeform species, the Arnin and Ellyons will work for the kingdom.
-Your degree of intimacy with the sculptural lifeforms has risen.

They won’t forget the impression you gave of overcoming huge danger to save them.

-Charisma has increased by 15.

– Leaders.h.i.+p has increased by 23.

-You have gained great battle experience.

All combat related stats have increased by 3.

Weed laughed warmly. Judging from recent broadcasts, a person didn’t have to be handsome to be popular. He squinted his eyes and laughed despicably.

“I really glad I could meet you.”

The Sculptor Master Quest was completed. Instead of getting equipment or items, the Arnin were good at raising animals.

The Arpen Kingdom grew livestock that could be used in leather, meat, food etc. so they were useful for many areas of development.

‘I can make them work forever.’

They sneaked from the Sulleions’ possession and came to Weed. The only thing left was to exploit them from now on.

“Anyway, it is better in my kingdom.”

Weed’s Arpen Kingdom in the north was emerging as a country cantered on beginners.

If he comprehensively looked at the kingdom’s economic power, military power and overall power, it was no made for the traditionally strong Central Continent. The only way to overcome it was exploitation!

In fact, the situation surrounding Weed wasn’t that good.

Bardray and the Hermes Guild were consolidating the Haven and Kallamore Kingdoms and the scale was enough to be called an Empire. After the defeat of the Black Lion Guild, they also controlled the Tullen Kingdom through the Beden Guild. They had the best economic power and military power.

They were also users with high level rankings. There were rumours that the conditions to join the Hermes Guild were beyond imagination. Their power was equal to the Cloud Guild, Roam Guild and Black Sword mercenary group combined. They were a guild designed to rule kingdoms.

There was no way the Arpen Kingdom could compare to their power, funding ability and military troops.

“They will never offer me a contract. The Hermes Guild would have to go back on a lot if they did that.”

This point was really clear to Weed. The Hermes Guild had sharpened their swords at him so he couldn’t go back after crossing the river. The Arpen kingdom was still weak but his subordinates would do a lot of good work and the Sculpting Master Quest would have its own income.

Weed had just fulfilled the 14th stage of his Master Quest. There wasn’t much left until he became a true Cla.s.s Master.

“It would be a huge amount of money if I’m successful first!”

The broadcasting stations would pay a large reward in order to show the first Cla.s.s Master. That role should be kept for him when it happens.

Then Weed’s backpack opened and a sculpture of a deer that he hadn’t given life to walked out.

The Baby Deer, the face was clear so he thought it could be sold for a decent price. There were certain forms that were sometimes the most popular.

The Baby Deer said.

“Sculptor-nim who can breathe life into art.”

Weed became sorry every time he was praised as an artist. It was an occupation that needed creativity or else he would face endless anguish. When were interviewed in broadcasts, it was a big topic about how they chose the occupation of sculptor. He couldn’t say that he chose the profession by mistake and since then worked hard to live.

But Weed answered with a serious face.

“Yes. Speak, Deer.”

“I’m thankful that you cherish sculptures in your heart.”


Weed was a little embarra.s.sed by the words.

“Thank you for calling the life in us and making sure that we can live.”

“You don’t have to do that. This is just something I have to do. I want the world to see a cute sculpture like you.”

It was like the harmonious dialogue between a father and daughter. Yellowy standing next to him who was often called rib eye steak resented his words.

“A sculptor like you is the only one who can understand the heart of the sculptures. Therefore I have something to ask you. Will you please learn more about us sculptures?”


-Sculpture’s Eyes

The new challenge as a sculptor is to expand your understanding of the sculptures.

Trap your body in a sculpture where not even the wind can be felt.

If you watch the world through the eyes of a sculpture for 1 month then you will learn many things.

Difficulty Level: Sculpting Master Quest

Quest Restriction: Level 8 Advanced Sculpting

If the sculpture is destroyed by animals or people then you will fail.

If you release the skill ‘Sculpture Formation’ then you will fail.

-You have acquired the Sculpture Formation skill.

Sculpture Formation: Your body is made into a sculpture.

Stone will form around your body when the skill is first cast. You will be unable to move for 1 month while the skill is in duration.

Even if the connection is ended, the stone statue will remain intact with the durability depending on your art stat.


Weed finished his calculations for the 15th quest in an instant. He was lucky since it was a Sculpting Master Quest almost impossible to fail. He could just comfortably relax and spend the next month as a stone sculpture.

Royal Road was four times quicker than reality so it actually wouldn’t take that long.

Weed smiled and said.

“I’m eager to better understand your heart. I will take this chance to learn.”

-You have accepted the quest.

“Thank you. For accepting my request.”

The Baby Deer once again returned to being a sculpture.

The eyes of a wooden doll! Normally the average was 1 gold but the taxes meant it would be at least 4 gold.

And Weed’s complaints started.

“The sculptor profession gives me trouble every time.”

Anyway, he needed to do the quest. He should quickly bring it to an end.

‘At least there doesn’t seem to be any significant risk.’

He should take a wyvern and fly to a cliff before using the skill.

“No. Something terrible might happen.”

After the Great Disaster Nature Sculpting that brought down the rocky canyon, he realized that a cliff definitely wasn’t safe.

“The plains won’t work since monsters will be there. The middle of the sea is also dangerous…..”

There were also disasters at sea. Storms and unimaginable dangers were scattered out at sea. He only needed to look in Morata’s library to see many misadventures related to the sea. Nowadays, the beach and Port Varna had been created around Morata. There were many users enjoying marine adventures, fis.h.i.+ng, swimming etc.

“I can’t believe in the people in this world… Where should I spend my 1 month?”

Weed decided on the inside of Morata. When considering monsters and nature, Morata was judged to be the safest place.

“It needs to be there for 1 month.”

There were plenty of sculptures displayed in the city. Sculptors worked in the street but there were also many in the Art Centre and the Cathedral.

“I need to be just another statue on the street.”

Weed knew that he shouldn’t inform anyone of this. The quest itself wasn’t difficult but there were many people with grudges against him.

“There is the Hermes Guild and users who received damage from me in Continent of Magic. There should be at least 100,000~200,000?”

The grudge was on the scale of a small city!

“They will come flocking if they learn of this. They will thoroughly interfere.”

Weed walked towards a dim place in Morata. When facing the vampires in the past, he had done much hunting here but the city had developed since then. The newly constructed buildings made it feel different every time he came to Morata.

“A place with no people would be good. A quiet place where I won’t receive interference.”

There was nowhere in Morata where there weren’t people. It had grown into a city and was now the capital of a kingdom. Carriages pa.s.sed through and beginners ran around.

Weed hid his face behind a robe and pa.s.sed the central lanes. He went to Morata’s outskirts and decided on a side street going up a hill.

“This place is good. Not many people around…..”

He carved a sculpture and waited for 1 hour but no one pa.s.sed by. Weed wore the G.o.ddess’ Knight Armour, Daemon’s Sword, Baharan’s Bracelet and the Elegant Black Helmet of a Young n.o.ble before using the skill.

“Sculpture Formation!”

-Sculpture Formation skill has been used.

You can’t move while the skill is active.

He became a stone statue from his foot upwards. After his entire body became stone, he couldn’t move so it felt a little stuffy. He looked at the world through the sculpture’s eyes but even when surveying the area restlessly, the stone eyes didn’t move.

‘This is perfect and no one will know.’

Weed was delighted to be the only one with the secret. And after 10 minutes pa.s.sed.


Several leaves fell onto the lane. It was a really quiet place in Morata so it was extremely boring. All he could do was watch the landscape change and the sparrows flying past.

‘Anyway, it will be good if I succeed in the quest. I’d like it to rain.’

Weed found it boring but still maintained his connection. However he needed to eat rice and also clean. Taking care of and the physiological aspects of his body were all essential parts of living as a human!

‘Well, it isn’t a big deal. Morata is a safe place. I guess I’ll go clean.’

Weed exited the game.

The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor

The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor

Dalbic Jogaksa, LMS, 달빛조각사
Score 8.6
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Artist: , Released: 2007 Native Language: Korean
The man forsaken by the world, the man a s*ave to money and the man known as the legendary God of War in the highly popular MMORPG Continent of Magic. With the coming of age, he decides to say goodbye, but the feeble attempt to earn a little something for his time and effort ripples into an effect none could ever have imagined. Through a series of coincidences, his legendary avatar is sold for 3 billion won, bringing great joy to him, only to plunge him into despair at losing almost all of it to vicious loan sharks. With revelation of money through gaming, he rises from the abyss with new found resolve and steps forward into the new age of games led by the first ever Virtual Reality MMORPG, Royal Road. This is the legend of Lee Hyun on his path to becoming Emperor with only his family’s loving heart, his boundless desire for money, his unexpected mind, his diligently forged body and the talent of hard work backing him.


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