The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor Volume 30 Chapter 9

9) Monsters of Antarosa

“There’s something there.”

“What? Is it something to eat?”


“Then I have no interest.”

The monsters of Antarosa were also indifferent to the sculpture of light.

“Get rid of it.”

“Kya kya.”

There were those that threw axes and stones. Weed had climbed onto a pile of deserted rubble and looked at it.

“Look at his eyes.”

There were greasy eyeb.a.l.l.s between torn eyes.

“That snout even eats their own species.”

Weed looked like a monster called the Deruger so he was avoided. He had a large charisma as a dominate monster but his appearance also played a role. Weed muttered as he surveyed the att.i.tude of the monsters.

“Everybody is envying my face. Becoming a plastic surgeon would be good. They often earn money so it wouldn’t be bad.”

An inherent danger in people’s lives was that the slightest mistake could cause the collapse of their dream! Weed steadily watched the monsters looking at the sculpture in the sky and waited for a special reaction.

‘Perhaps the clue isn’t here.’

Information about adventures was often hidden. This degree of difficulty was natural was tracking down an old sculptural lifeform. But even puppies in the mountains knew Weed so he planned to take advantage of his fame. If he posted it on the bulletin board then users would see Bahamorg and provide information. NPCs living throughout the continent would also see Weed’s work and talk about it. It was the system that used his high fame as a sculptor to break through.


The inhabitants of the village made a lot of noise.

“Do you know Sculptor Weed? He made a sculpture in Antarosa.”

“It is a sculpture made of light that is very wonderful. It illuminates Antarosa at night.”

“Any adventurers who hear the story would want to go see it. It is to that extent.”

The adventurers of Antarosa went to other villages and spread the news of Weed’s sculpture. Rumours spread among the residents of the entire continent. The aristocrats who liked art also had a large interest.

“A sculpture of a barbarian warrior! It is Sculptor Weed’s work so I definitely want to possess it but it isn’t possible to bring it here.”

“These days, a sculpture by Weed is necessary to ensure the dignity of the n.o.bility. I won’t be sorry even if I waste one year’s worth of profit to obtain a work that Weed produced.”

Quests also occurred at a sculptor’s guild near Antarosa.

“Weed is a true artist and adventurer. He has the status of a king yet he still drifts around the continent. When people come to see the light sculpture then they might commission some valuable sculptures.”


Song Su-cheol finished his part time job and returned home.

“Phew, today was really long.

He was working at a fried chicken store in order to raise tuition money for university. Every day he had to cut and fry chicken so he always came home exhausted.

“I wonder what happened today.”

He turned on the computer and checked the bulletin boards. Even reading what others were saying about Royal Road was interesting. He always checked it every day. His character’s level was only 156 but he was still interested.

“I’m in an area with no special quests… A person called Millennium Fox seems to have obtained a rare spear.”

Royal Road was too enormous so there were separate bulletin boards for villages, cities and castles.

t.i.tle: Topic about Weed’s sculptures

t.i.tle: The dignity of the sculpture of light

t.i.tle: Weed is the best

t.i.tle: How can I marry Weed?

“Weed has made another one.”

He was a G.o.d to Song Su-cheol. His stress could be released when watching Weed’s adventures. Song Su-cheol didn’t only like Weed because he enjoyed the adventures. Any user playing Royal Road on the Versailles Continent would have affection for him.

The prestigious guilds turned evil and started killing the users. Weed’s adventures had all been to protect the peace of the continent. He made the Versailles Continent slightly easier to live it so people wanted to cheer him on and give support.

“Ah, over here….”


It wasn’t far from the castle he was currently located in the Britten Alliance Kingdom.

“Besides, I think I’ve seen this sculpture before.”

The sculpture of light felt familiar. There was clearly a time in the past that he had seen it.

t.i.tle: The sculpture that floats in Antarosa

t.i.tle: How far will Weed’s expressive power go?

t.i.tle: The candid confession of a sculptor. It is impossible to be imitated by a beginner.

No matter how many posts he saw, no one had seen the original form of this sculpture.

“It is amazing. Doesn’t anyone know its true ident.i.ty?”

Song Su-cheol thought about it. Weed must have made a sculpture in Antarosa for his Master Quest. If he publicly wrote it on the bulletin board then it might be a hindrance to Weed.

“I need to go hunting as soon as possible. Luckily the wolves breed quickly so it is easy to hunt with a party.”

Song Su-cheol entered the capsule and connected. But he felt empty as he knew something and couldn’t report it.

“I should write a fan letter to Weed-nim.”

Weed’s email recorded on the auction site had already become famous. Thousands of people sent mail every day so it probably wouldn’t be read.

“However I got into Royal Road thanks to Weed-nim.”

Song Su-cheol thought carefully before sending a mail.

t.i.tle: h.e.l.lo Weed-nim.

You might not read this but I am a novice user called Jer living in Edgar Castle in the Britten Alliance Kingdom.

My cla.s.s is a warrior. I wanted to protect people as well as use various types of weapons.

This time I saw the sculpture that floats in the sky of Antarosa. Weed-nim must’ve come to Edgar Castle to see it.

The dead body of the barbarian warrior that expresses the same features?

I saw the corpse in a dungeon but was killed by a monster. I was too scared to go back to search for items but Weed-nim must’ve seen it judging by the sculpture.

I’d like to talk longer but now I need to connect to Royal Road.

I hope you stay healthy for the peace of the continent.


Edgar Castle!

It was a place crowded with merchants and travellers because it belonged to the Britten Alliance Kingdom. Beginners who chose this place to start could obtain all types of items for a cheap price.

There were many merchants with escort or monster extermination requests so many battle professions were also here. Despite that, quite a significant number of users had left for the north. They were envious of Arpen Kingdom’s dynamic economy.

“Looking for a party to hunt red wolves. I am a warrior. I am level 156 and wearing steel armour with 53 durability!”

Jer cried out eagerly in the square. Once a certain level was reached, it would be difficult to hunt unless they went as a party. In Jer’s case, he hunted more eagerly than other people and raised his level.

“Shaman looking for a party to hunt red wolves. I am level 174 and have indispensable skills to help people grow.”

A female shaman called Sullia was next to Jer. The red wolves had recently become popular so it was easy to obtain a party. The red wolves were level 200 but their leather could be sold at an expensive price so many people hunted them.

A party was made with several professions before leaving to hunt. Jer watched them with envious eyes. If a warrior lacked ability then the lives of the party would be at risk. When a party fell apart due to a monster, he had the obligation to stay in the hunting ground until the end until he died. That’s why warriors were usually the leader of a party but not many people knew Jer.

The users he hunted with in the old days levelled up faster than him and went to other areas. Quite a few people also went to the north. Usually the leader of a party was a warrior and they didn’t want 2 warriors so a chance rarely came to Jer. They preferred knights well equipped with armour and familiar with the hunting ground.

Then a level 200 scout called Scott with a fairly high fame in Edgar Castle approached.

“Well, a long talk isn’t necessary so would you like to go hunting with us? I have a priest, magician and thief. Everything is prepared.”

“Yes, I will.”

Jer quickly agreed since this chance wouldn’t come often. Scott’s hunting party was famous for being efficient so he thought he could follow and raise his level.

“Are you a shaman?”


“Let’s go together.”

“Thank you very much.”

And they started hunting at Mt. Rondis that contained the habitat of the red wolves. Jer and Sullia then encountered a limitless harsh treatment.

“That’s not straight? Bring the monsters. Ah, you’re so slow.”

“Why are you already trying to grasp an item? Our party has rules so that only the people who hunted first can grab anything. You didn’t know that?”

“Later when the hunting ends, you don’t have to worry about the cost of repairs. The party will be hunting all day so prepare your spirit.”

Jer was in charge of pulling the monsters and defending. The party’s other users just maintain their position and attacked. The priest sometimes treated him but it was delayed so he couldn’t help feeling anxious. As a shaman Sullia had to attack, give blessings and heal so she was very busy.

Although they encountered harsh treatment, they couldn’t leave the party because Scott was famous so if he spread rumours it would become more difficult to find another new party.

But a person had followed Jer here from Edgar. He was a person wearing dirty beginners clothes! He sat behind a tree and carved sculptures while waiting for the hunt to end. Occasionally words were muttered.

“There is a deficit in health insurance this year.”

He would sometimes sigh while taking a break.

“Inflation is continuing to rise… The economy is becoming increasingly difficult to live in. It will be hard to live unless I experience a financial windfall.”

And he still had a happy dream.

“I need to save eagerly so that I can sleep in.”

He continued sculpting while looking at Jer being mistreated by his party. Jer and Sullia worked hard for 3 hours before they were discarded.

“Did you receive the quest to inspect Mt. Bermer?”

“Yes. Now there is an uproar. The quest won’t be successful unless I have the rock slash skill.”

“We are heading there to. Jer and Sullia isn’t part of our regular party so it isn’t possible to go there together. Then I’ll see you next time.”

Jer and Sullia were left there alone.

“Shall we return to the castle again?”

“It will take too much time. Looking around here for a party might be better.”

Other hunting parties were also challenging Mt. Rondis. It wasn’t a dangerous dungeon so people didn’t need two warriors or a shaman. While they were thinking, the person sculpting got up and approached them.

“You are the warrior called Jer right?”

“Yes, that is me.”

Jer tilted his head to one side and looked at the person who spoke to him.

‘Eh. I’ve seen him somewhere.’

The person was dressed like a common beginner but his overall body and voice was familiar. He was clearly someone important.

‘Have I hunted with him? Did he hand me a cheap sword before?’

His memory wasn’t bad but he couldn’t recall no matter how he thought about it. The uninvited visitor said.

“Would you like to hunt with me if you have time?”

“Well, the circ.u.mstances mean I don’t have a party so I’d like that.”

Jer willingly came forward. Even if he couldn’t remember, it still felt somewhat good.

“Oh, but Sullia-nim…..”

“It’s okay. You don’t have to worry about me.”

The uninvited visitor became lost in thought as he looked at Sullia.

‘That equipment.’

His first love, the shaman Dain had worn the same type of equipment.

“You may come along as well.”

“Really? Thank you! I’ll work hard.”

She was a shaman so she was more interested in magic than physical combat. Jer and Sullia joined the party of the uninvited guest.

Jer asked.

“Are your other colleagues in a place far from here?”

“The party is only us.”

“Eh? We need to recruit other professions.”

Jer looked at the parties nearby. All of them consisted of different professions so it was impossible to hunt with just a warrior and shaman.

“We will be sufficient.”

The man was br.i.m.m.i.n.g with confidence! Sullia smiled brightly and asked.

“Do you have experience hunting the red wolves?”

“I’ve never done it. Although I’ve hunted similar guys.”

“These wolves are stronger than you think. It is impossible with just us….”

While Sullia was saying that, a red wolf wandered behind the visitor.

“Be careful!”

The red wolves had a habit of suddenly attacking when it was close to something. The visitor looked back and frowned.


Kakang! Kkang kkang!

The red wolf used its last effort to try and run away but it died! Jer and Sullia were amazed.

If someone was over level 200 and wore armour then they could easily hunt the red wolves. Yet he had killed the red wolf with just his combative spirit!

“The hunting place isn’t here.”

“Then where are we going?”

“We’re going to hunt in a dungeon.”

Dungeon hunting!

He was a warrior so of course he would like to try it. But he knew how dangerous hunting in dungeons was.

“By ourselves? Where is it?”

“Jer-nim knows the location.”


Jer asked with a confused face.

“I don’t know where it is. Were you just teasing me?”

The face of the visitor slowly cleared up.

“Don’t tell me… Perhaps…”

“You noticed. That’s right.”

“Is this a dream?”



Draf.u.kin Dungeon!

The average level of the monsters was 430 so it was a dangerous place. Many famous hunting parties in the Britten Alliance Kingdom had to bow their head and leave it. Many hunting parties came there but never reached the end. The degree of danger was higher than normal but it was a comfortable place to raise their level.


Jer guided Weed and Sullia there.

“I hunted here with the Cloud Guild before.”

“Ah, I remember. Didn’t they hold a large publicity campaign and went hunting about 4 months ago?”

“They only reached the 3rd underground floor before having to withdraw. I was following when I fell into a trap and saw the corpse of the barbarian warrior.”

Weed changed his armour and sword to his best equipment. He also used his Sword Polis.h.i.+ng and Sword Grinding skill.

“Then let’s go.”

“Are we really going to hunt here?”

Sullia asked in a disbelieving tone.

“Of course. Calling Death Knight Van Hawk, calling the Vampire Lord Torido!”

The hunting preparations were completed after calling the Death Knight and Vampire Lord.

“Please use some movement blessings.”

“I’ll use it now. The meaning is unknown. A cool wind blows. Please make my partners lighter. Even their footsteps will become light. Spirit of the Wolf.”

A shaman could use various blessings to increase movement speed, attack and defense. Even if their healing was weak compared to priests, they were quite useful. Many people travelling to distant cities paid magic to receive movement blessings from a shaman. In Weed’s case he had Yellowy and Wy-3 so he had no particular need for it.

Monsters with a dark affiliation called Drakin appeared on the 1st floor. They looked like a common lizard but were much larger and could use black magic.

Jer and Sullia watched the interesting battle.

“I’ll have no regrets even if I die.”

“I don’t care about dying since I can brag to my friends.”

Weed ordered Van Hawk.

“Go ahead and fight.”


If it was difficult then he would send in his subordinates first. The Drakin’s black magic was ineffective against the Death Knight’s resistance. Van Hawk had a higher level than the Drakin so he could knock them down safely. But the defense of the Drakin’s skin was high so it didn’t die easily. It would continue to bite or use black magic every time it was. .h.i.t.

“There should be no problems. Go, Torido.”

Weed also used Torido and the hunt succeeded. He had previous knowledge of the monster. But no matter how much he read about it or watched videos, seeing it in person was different. When he used all his skills to hunt, it was easier than he thought.

“They have fairly strong defense. Concentrate your attacks on one point!”

The Drakin hunting time was reduced thanks to the attacking one point system. The destructive power of Heriam Fencing’s successive attacks was also successful. At first it took 4 minutes to hunt and that time was shortened to 45 seconds.

“It’s okay now but I should gather some more help. Summon Sculpture!”

Golden Bird, Silver Bird, Yellowy, Goldman, high elf Eltin and the female barbarian Gernika was called.

With his sculptural lifeforms, Weed could make any party configuration at any time. The only regretful part was that none of his sculptural lifeforms knew how to use holy magic.

Weed’s achievements with various religions meant he could hire a priest but he didn’t want to do that. Although he needed to be careful with the sculptural lifeforms, he had better things to spend the achievements on than priests.

“Let’s go.”

Weed walked along with the imposing sculptural lifeforms. Every time 1~2 Drakin emerged, they would immediately receive a concentrated attack. Van Hawk, Torido and the sculptural lifeforms had a strong power so the monsters’ lives were easily ended.

“Bahamorg who is Emperor Geihar Von Arpen’s warrior is lying here. We need to go to that place. There is no time to rest.”


The Golden Bird was more diligent than usual when hunting. They finished off the horde on the 1st floor incredibly fast.

Sullia was standing by with treatment magic prepared but there was nothing for her to do. She wasn’t lacking in ability as a low level shaman so it was frustrating as she could only watch the situation.

Weed utilized his bandage skill, his herb knowledge and sewing skill to make first cla.s.s bandages.

“What is the defensive power of that armour?”

Jer found it strange and asked.

The Drakin rushed at Weed but he didn’t seem to be injured that much. This was the astonis.h.i.+ng power of the G.o.ddess’ Knight Armour.

“This armour, it is better than I thought. And I’ve added 900 perseverance and 500 resilience.”


Weed carved sculptures and raised his perseverance. He had read the stories but the hunting was at a fearful standard. The monsters didn’t even have a chance to hit them!

Drakins that showed even more fearful battle magic came out on the 2nd floor.

“Golden Bird and Silver Bird, disturb the enemies. Eltin support from behind with arrows.”

The sculptural lifeforms were accustomed to hunting with Weed. Jer and Sullia had nothing to do and just watched from behind. This dungeon had too high of a standard so they would only be a nuisance if they went out. But it was a great honour just being able to follow and watch Weed fighting.

Of course, they swallowed their saliva every time the Drakin died. If they could get even a little bit of the spoils then it would be a true jackpot!

Naturally Weed didn’t show any signs of noticing. During the battle, Weed was meticulous about picking up j.a.ptem even when fighting the Drakin. Jer and Sullia couldn’t erase the feeling of being bridesmaids.

“Ah, that’s right! I didn’t do the party invitation. I often hunt alone. And usually I receive invitations from my colleagues.”


-The King of the Arpen Kingdom Weed-nim has invited you to the party.

Both of them accepted the invitation to join the party.

“Our presence in the party won’t mean much though.”

The level difference meant that the experience received wouldn’t mean much.

“Just wait a moment.”

And the hunt continued once again.

-Your level has increased.

Huge experience from the Drakins! Jer and Sullia wouldn’t receive a lot of experience from the red wolves because their level was too low. However, the hunting speed of Weed and the sculptural lifeforms was too terrifying and their levels rose. The amount of experience acc.u.mulated and shot up.

The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor

The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor

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