The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor Volume 31 Chapter 3

Chapter 3) Seo-yoon’s Smile

Weed hunted until he gained 3 more levels.

It was impossible to concentrate on hunting thanks to the war on the Central Continent. In order to purchase seasoning and other goods, the Arpen Kingdom needed to expand but the territory had only reached the Yusellin village.

“Hermes Guild…..”

“The Cloud Guild also isn’t ordinary. They quickly organized a large army.”

Users and residents were talking about the war in the square. Weed was King of the Arpen Kingdom so there was a relation with the war.

“No. Don’t pay any regard to it. I will just need to take medicine for a headache if I think about it.”

It was a role that could cause chronic constipation! In modern times, the political arena was full of turmoil due to problems with corruption, crime and economics. A cool city man would survive on alcohol, coffee and headache medicine.

“I just need to think about eating and living well. Watch television and forget all the bad things. This world is full of thieves anyway.”

The war in the Central Continent would become a really big crisis soon. Whether the winner was the Haven Kingdom or the Britten Alliance Kingdom, the winners would lead to a big empire. The northern economy was currently developing so the timing was fortunate. But worrying about it wouldn’t settle the problem.

Weed stayed faithful to hunting and carving sculptures. Continuous dungeon hunting was boring and tiring so Pale’s party headed towards Morata.

“Hunting for 18 hours a day… Tsk tsk!”

They hunted for 18 hours out of 24 hours in reality. The time in Royal Road was 4 times that. After a few days, they started to lose the will to even look at monsters. This was a fast movement and high speed hunt so Weed’s colleagues took refuge in Morata.

He continued hunting to some degree with Bahamorg and Seo-yoon. The priests always became tired and fell down so he had to go to the city to exchange them. Weed carved in his spare time and succeeded in making fantastic sculptures.

Some sculptures could be used for later. Having a variety of experiences and travelling to many places was indispensable. He had travelled urgently through various parts of the continent.

“In the meantime I made too much. And now I need to do make a piece…..”

There was the best model nearby. The sun, sea, wind and clouds. Sometimes he would base it off the spectacular nature around him but that wasn’t necessary right now.

Weed was about to start sculpting when Seo-yoon sat near him. Weed spoke casually.

“Excuse me, can I carve a small sculpture?”


“You will be the target.”


He felt like Seo-yoon would naturally decline. That’s because she wouldn’t even show her face to other people. Furthermore, she had the habit of killing others mercilessly. But unexpectedly, Seo-yoon looked embarra.s.sed and gave a small nod to agree.

“Hmm hmm, I’ll make it beautifully.”

Weed carved a sculpture with her as the model. His heart trembled for some reason as he looked at her face while carving. He thought Seo-yoon’s face was beautiful every time he saw it but it seemed to s.h.i.+ne further today. He naturally became serious as he carved the sculpture. Weed carefully looked at Seo-yoon and felt both happy and ashamed.

“Excuse me, can you hold your sword?”


He made various sculptures while changing her posture.

“You don’t have any other clothes? Armour is good but it would also be nice to look at casual wear.”

Time pa.s.sed very quickly as sculptures of her were made. They were sculptures that restored health, mana and vitality. When carving the sculpture like that, the beauty of the sculpture easily came out.

A divine female beauty. It was a beauty that would make even G.o.ddess Freya jealous. A sculpture with the golden ratio.

Fine pieces and Masterpieces emerged. He made so many sculptures of Seo-yoon but there was no expiry date on her beauty. It was a face he would never become bored of even if he saw it for the rest of his life.

“Um… There is no change in expression so every sculpture seems monotonous.”

Weed said while carving a sculpture of Seo-yoon. The atmosphere of each person would change depending on their expression or gesture. He wanted to make sculptures with various other forms. This was his desire as a man and a sculptor!

“Drink a little wine and make a sweet expression.”

Seo-yoon drank wine and smiled awkwardly. Trying to make a facial expression wasn’t going well. Weed thought about how to get the expression he wanted.

“Sweet seems difficult so let’s start with a peaceful expression. So… Being able to sleep after hunting. Make that expression.”


Seo-yoon didn’t know what to do. If hunting finished then she was just tired and took a rest.

“You rest next to the fountain in the square.”


“No, I just lie back on Wy-3.”


Then a peaceful expression emerged on Seo-yoon’s face. She felt the most peaceful when riding on Wy-3 through the cloud layer and basking in the sun. Weed left her expression on the sculpture.

“This time I’m going to make a joke about Silver Bird and Golden Bird.”

“A joke?”

“Choose a feather from Silver Bird…..”

“Isn’t that annoying?”

He couldn’t explain it in words so he summoned Silver Bird and Golden Bird. The two birds fought and play around while rubbing and biting at each other’s wings intimately. Seo-yoon unknowingly smiled happily.

‘Uh, pretty.’

Weed also left that scene on the sculpture. The time he spent with Seo-yoon pa.s.sed really quickly. He used his powers of observation to make accurate and detailed sculptures. He completed the sculpture and showed it to Seo-yoon.

“How is it, is it okay?”


Seo-yoon didn’t say anything but nodded. The person who made the sculpture was Weed so she felt good about it.

“This is expressed by you but… Can I have it?”

Weed’s words to Seo-yoon were even sweeter than the words of a main male character in a drama.


She was happy despite being embarra.s.sed. Weed was a little dim but now he seemed to have shown a bit of his heart. Weed smiled complacently.

‘That’s great.’

The Ice Beauty based on Seo-yoon was unearthed near Morata. Previously he was terrified of Seo-yoon and left it unattended after giving life to Bingryong. The users were extremely shocked when the Ice Beauty sculpture was unearthed.

“Ah… I heard a report but it is so beautiful that I’m trembling.”

“A face like this really can’t exist. Weed’s sculpting skill really soars in the sky if he can imagine this.”

“Huhuk, this really is a present for me who couldn’t get a girlfriend for 29 years.”

“I can’t possible leave Morata without seeing it one more time!”

The users felt extreme regret towards the Ice Beauty. It was to the extent that the Gra.s.s Porridge Cult cla.s.sified it as the number 1 treasured sculpture in Morata. They liked Weed’s adventures of course but the users expected more from his sculptures.

-I would like to see more sculptures related to the Ice Beauty.

-This sculpture has completely taken my heart. Now I’m having dreams about the Ice Beauty.

-I went to adventure in other areas on horseback. And then returned on the next day. I want to see the Ice Beauty.

The users were truly frightening. It was more popular than other Magnum Opus pieces with fantastic options. Weed’s expression became glazed as he imagined what would happen if he exhibited the smiling Seo-yoon sculpture in the Art Centre.

‘There would be a daily crowd of people. The admission fee…..’

It was like ripping off visitors to inspect a house that would be sold only for the company to put up a plaque saying it wouldn’t be sold.

In the past Weed hadn’t been quite satisfied with the sculptures of Seo-yoon that he made. But now her eyes seemed warm like the morning sun. Seo-yoon’s facial expression didn’t have stiffness anymore so naturally Weed expressed it. No matter how good the other sculptor’s skill was, Weed was the only one who could make such precious sculptures.

‘I have to really consider the Arts Centre exhibition. Maybe it isn’t a good idea.’

Weed decided not to display Seo-yoon’s sculpture to make money in the short term.

‘I should wait and I might be able to get a valuable price later on.’

He didn’t have any qualms about postponing it. Weed hunted with Seo-yoon, Bahamorg, Van Hawk and Torido. It was like a family going to wipe out a dungeon!

“The most unpleasant thing for a n.o.ble vampire like me is to smell the sweat of a barbarian.”

Van Hawk was a loyal Dark Knight but Torido had a tendency to not listen to some words. Then Torido was caught and beaten by Bahamorg to make him behave.

Bahamorg really liked fighting. His nature itself meant that he was strong. After Weed gave him new life, he was weaker but even more enthusiastic about fighting. It was to the extent that Weed and Seo-yoon just had to follow behind Bahamorg. And he still didn’t completely believe in Weed yet.

“The only emperor I will follow is Geihar Von Arpen.”

Bahamorg didn’t want to show loyalty to Weed who was a warrior weaker than himself. He only went together with him as repayment for his new life. In addition, he had no interest in fighting.

“They are too weak.”

Weed and Seo-yoon were warriors gifted enough to face the dungeon boss alone. But Bahamorg had a serious expression after seeing Weed carve the sculpture of Seo-yoon.

Geihar Von Arpen.

Watching Weed made him remember the form of Emperor Geihar Von Arpen so he helped Weed gain levels and complete quests.


Weed had perfect concentration during the long hunt!

They received requests from the residents in the Arpen Kingdom to clear dungeons and caves. He listened closely when receiving requests from the residents.

“It isn’t necessary to worry about the future of the Arpen Kingdom. His Majesty is protecting us from the monsters.”

“This is the first time warriors have cleared the Holden Dungeon. I’m not surprised. Among them is our king, His Majesty! It is glorious.”

“The old man at the village entrance has been looking for their lost goods. Many people have tried but all failed. He finally found the goods for the old man. His Majesty King Weed is the one who accomplished it!”

Weed’s hunts and quests caused rumours among the residents. The dungeons were also unspoiled so quite a few treasures were kept there. In the past, monsters had plundered the Niflheim Empire so the riches were there for the first explorers to enjoy.

Weed’s sculpting proficiency slowly but steadily rose from advanced level 9.

After finis.h.i.+ng his sculptures of Seo-yoon, the targets changed to Pale, Hwaryeong, Bellot, Irene and Romuna.

“There is no end to a women’s jealousy. When creating a sculpture, you need to praise even small and insignificant parts as pretty and charming.”

This was the philosophy of life that he naturally realized while living.

Bahamorg’s breakthrough power in battle wasn’t ordinary. Bahamorg’s slas.h.i.+ng technology was enough for him to even break through a boss cla.s.s monster. The barbarian warrior Bahamorg! He had a knack for catching the attention of monsters with special presences. Sometimes monsters would attack just because they looked at him and felt threatened.

“My resilience and perseverance is soaring.”

Weed’s level wasn’t a problem. His skills and stats needed to grow evenly if he didn’t want to run into a wall later.

“Bahamorg, I’m going to the front. Don’t pay any regard to any monsters that attack me.”

“If that is what you want.”

Weed was attacked by a monster.

“The taste of hunting is good.”

His previously lukewarm feeling started heating up! Weed concentrated more on attack than defense. Before he didn’t have any priests so he had to be careful about his health dropping to the floor in battle with monsters. But now he attacked intensely and slit the belly.

Bahamorg acted like he was only interested in his own battle but he shouted to attract monsters when Weed was at risk. This made it possible for the priests to treat him.

And Seulroeo’s wedding ring! When his life was at stake, the ring could transfer health from his spouse. Of course, the wedding ring wouldn’t work against really strong monsters but it was good when hunting became slightly dangerous.

Weed could also actively use the skills of a berserker. In the past he didn’t fight this roughly because of Bahamorg. Weed originally liked battles like this.

He fought against the monsters desperately! This was to raise his stats and the proficiency of several skills.

“The King is great.”

The advantage of quests was that he could choose his rewards without needing a high intimacy. He was a person who explored the Jigolaths and defeated the Immortal Legion. But now he could meet many beginners while adventuring through the Arpen Kingdom.

There was a party of tense beginners walking on the plains. Weed gave them a warning.

“If you go forward then there is a group of starving hyenas. Approximately 32 metres from here.”

He didn’t say the exact number and Weed cla.s.sified it by its leather, not the animal species. The hyena’s leather could only be sold for a cheap price and they ran away really quickly which is why it didn’t suit his tastes.

“Thank you. Would we be able to handle it?”

“If your level exceeds 65… They are in the early 60s.”

“Heok, not exactly….”

“I can understand just by looking at your equipment. One person is wearing chain armour and the others are wearing leather armour. Does the leather armour have an option to raise defense against a monster’s teeth?”

The party he surprised was made up of 5 people. The party also agree with his a.s.sessment.

“If you go carefully then it is possible to hunt them. Just aim well and pay attention.”

“Thank you very much. You kindly informed us about this.”

“No. Everyone should help each other when living.”

Weed had ample reason for this. If they died then taxes would reduce so it was better for them to survive.

All the sculpting while hunting raised his proficiency to 61.5%. His Handicraft skill also reached 63.7% of advanced level 9. Cooking was 99% intermediate level 9, Blacksmithing advanced level 1 and Sewing reached intermediate level 7.

Even apart from his combat skills, his production skill was top notch.

“Is it necessary to raise sculpting proficiency to create the secret technique….”

Weed still hadn’t decided despite all the hunting. He had a lot of greedy thoughts. His proficiency increased quickly from his sculptures of Seo-yoon so he needed to make a choice quickly. He needed a sculpting technique that would help with hunting.

While he was thinking about it, Weed realized that Seo-yoon hadn’t declined any of his requests.

‘There have been many times when I received health from the wedding ring.’

As a berserker she could catch more monsters than Weed. But she didn’t go ahead like Bahamorg. She watched and stayed still for a long time while Weed made the sculptures. Seo-yoon just watched his actions with bright eyes.

Weed was hoping for something so he asked her.

“I have a question.”


“If I took a loan would you be my guarantor?”


This was a question that could definitely check her heart. In these days, you could tell the friends and brothers by whether they were willing to be guarantors.

‘She absolutely won’t accept.’

Seo-yoon nodded.

“You are willing to be a guarantor?”

“Yes. I can do that.”

“Um… Then what if I was in danger while hunting. Would you die instead of me?”

Seo-yoon nodded again. Her eyes answered like it was natural.

‘She also willingly died against Kub.i.+.c.hya in the Jigolaths.’

Weed thought of an even greater sacrifice.

“What if I fall into a pyramid scheme?”

“I’ll buy you things.”

“If I need money for gambling?”

“I’ll give an account transfer.”

This was the ultimate form of affection in today’s society! Weed remembered an even more serious situation.

‘This one will be difficult to swallow.’

He paid attention to the answer that would emerge from her mouth.

“I’m in a lot of pain. I need a transplant… Would you give it?”


A liver transplant wasn’t a small operation. There was the transplant and recovery time required.

“I would.”

“A bone marrow transplantation?”

“I’ll give it to you.”

Weed now knew the meaning of Seo-yoon’s words.

“Although I won’t always be there, a home for Bingryong, the wyverns and Yellowy.


The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor

The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor

Dalbic Jogaksa, LMS, 달빛조각사
Score 8.6
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Artist: , Released: 2007 Native Language: Korean
The man forsaken by the world, the man a s*ave to money and the man known as the legendary God of War in the highly popular MMORPG Continent of Magic. With the coming of age, he decides to say goodbye, but the feeble attempt to earn a little something for his time and effort ripples into an effect none could ever have imagined. Through a series of coincidences, his legendary avatar is sold for 3 billion won, bringing great joy to him, only to plunge him into despair at losing almost all of it to vicious loan sharks. With revelation of money through gaming, he rises from the abyss with new found resolve and steps forward into the new age of games led by the first ever Virtual Reality MMORPG, Royal Road. This is the legend of Lee Hyun on his path to becoming Emperor with only his family’s loving heart, his boundless desire for money, his unexpected mind, his diligently forged body and the talent of hard work backing him.


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