The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor Volume 31 Chapter 7

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‘You can gain experience and skill proficiency by extracting pollen when travelling through many places.’


‘You can gain experience and skill proficiency as you travel to many places and extract pollen.’]


Chapter 7) Life of a Hummingbird

Weed decided his direction while in the sky. The hummingbird had to fly in an area so wide that it transcended imagination.

‘I don’t have a specific destination so let’s just go where the wind blows.’

Weed started flapping his wings and flew with the wind.

‘Compared to the times when I was on Wy-3…..’

There was the efficiency, performance and romance of the free flight of the bird!

‘I have to fly to a really faraway place.’

He flew so fast that the wind crashed forcefully against his face. A hummingbird could fly 100 km/hr and could flap its wings nearly 100 times per second.

-Your sense of satiety has fallen to 24%.

When he started flying, Weed confirmed that he had 70% satiety. He only flapped his wings quickly for a short time and it had already fallen by this much.

‘I need to find a suitable place to eat. Pollen should be extracted.’

He continued flying with the breeze without stopping.

-Your sense of satiety has fallen to 10%.

Your strength and vitality has been affected by your hunger and has been reduced to 82%.

He couldn’t ignore the falling satiety. Weed hurriedly descended to the ground in order to find food. He searched the forest for flowers and sucked up honey with his long beak. A hummingbird was really small so it was possible to fill his stomach with honey.

‘The honey straight from nature is as fresh as expected.’

-Your sense of satiety has risen.

Vitality has recovered.

Health has risen by 15%.

You have drank nutritious honey and became full.

Weed flew back up vigorously after filling his body with pollen. He decided to go to other cities near Rhodium for the time being. He found a river where people were having fun dating.

‘The quest for the final sculpting technique should be very difficult but it is also romantic.’

-Your sense of satiety has fallen to 60%.

You have become a little hungry.

Hummingbird’s journey!

This was a war over whether he lived or died of starvation. If a hummingbird didn’t eat for 3 hours then it would starve and die. Others saw a hummingbird as mysterious and beautiful but its life wasn’t that simple.

The tremendous momentum meant that he needed to constantly eat. When Weed was hungry, he would go down to the ground to drink honey or swallow insects.

At first he felt a little reluctance against insects.

‘I hate insects but…..’

He ate it with a hasty heart and found it wasn’t that bad.


The sound of bugs crying out was peaceful. But once a hummingbird pa.s.sed, he could only hear the wind through the gra.s.s. A hummingbird with a full stomach flying in the air!


The Arpen Kingdom liked art and culture so flowers had bloomed from an early time. Artists and architects were active professions.

“Huhu. I should make my work here.”

“I really wanted this place.”

Artists polished their skills in Morata. Their names weren’t known on the continent but their skills have increasingly developed from when they started. Painters mixed their own colours to draw a landscape and sculptors carved rocks without caring about their size.

Many failures were experienced during this trial and error process but it was a valuable a.s.set in art. Success couldn’t be the only thing in art. Frustration was necessary in order to proceed to the next step.

Morata’s artist went to other villages in the Arpen Kingdom and expanded the role of culture even further. Architects who acc.u.mulated experience in Morata would expand their horizons outside.

“A Grand Building should probably be here. A minimum of 3 million gold would be needed….”

The architect Pavo put a notice on Morata’s east gate.

Pavo is making a Grand Building in Armang.

There is a large granary, vineyards and mines so a place like this is highly likely to develop into a great city like Morata.

Therefore we are looking for people to be involved in the expansion of art and the mines.

The cost of construction is 4.5 million gold.

Users donating to a Grand Building! Other cities and kingdoms would call that crazy behaviour. There was no one who would donate to architects.

“Can I donate 1 gold here?”

“Here. I found 54 silver yesterday.”

“I can take out 3 gold from my money.”

“I will go hunt for several minutes. I want to donate to the Grand Building!”

If they donated money to a Grand Building then they could gain achievements and fame in that city. They believed that the Armang village was become very big later on so the users in the Arpen Kingdom generously paid.

Pavo was able to collect 4.5 million gold in not even 2 days.


The architects also made a Grand Building in Yusellin village.

Alkazar’s Bridge!

The construction of the large bridge at Pes.h.i.+l River meant that users could cross back and forth for hunting or adventures. The expected cost of construction was beyond 5 million gold. It was a difficult task and there might be more construction costs.

Donations to the Arpen Kingdom could be paid to offices in Morata and Yusellin village.


A tower was built near the sea where people lived.

It was a tower featuring the best view! There was a staggering 6 Grand Buildings built throughout the Arpen Kingdom. There was a reason why this didn’t occur in any kingdoms other than the Arpen Kingdom.

The architects had experience with Grand Buildings and the other users enjoyed the convenience the Grand Buildings added to their lives. That’s why people who migrated to the Arpen Kingdom wouldn’t leave.

“I’m going to the Brent Kingdom.”

“Hey, what are you going there to do?”

“I’m going to collect my mum and family.”

There were many trading opportunities and blue collar jobs so the Arpen Kingdom was like heaven to merchants. They could get their orders on time and it was easy to obtain desired materials. Iron, copper, minerals and jewels were lacking in the beginning but they were able to get it through commissions and mining.


Fire Bear Guild!

They were a guild that migrated to the north and developed Taren village. They weren’t a small guild and had experiencing ruling a castle on the Central Continent. Despite that, it wasn’t easy to develop Taren village and it didn’t reach the expected state.

The guild master Fire Bear connected to Royal Road after 1 month.

“Ugh, I finally came back here.”

He had been hospitalized due to an unexpected traffic accident.

The guild came running back to the village after hearing that he connected. The guild members’ faces were tanned by the sun.

“Offer our loyalty to the Arpen Kingdom quickly.”


“Join the Arpen Kingdom. Fire Bear hyung hasn’t come for a while but there have been rebels trying to migrate to the Arpen Kingdom.”

Taren village was just a small village with only a few soldiers but a rebellion was still possible at this level. Fire Bear was puzzled because he thought of the guild members like younger siblings.


“You haven’t been watching television?”

“Yes. That would make me want to connect more…..”

“I don’t want to say it. Visit the Arpen Kingdom and take a look.”

Fire Bear rode a horse towards Morata. But there was no need to go there. He pa.s.sed through the middle of Yusellin and it was completely different from when he last graduated.

“That place was a potato field…..”

Various buildings had replaced what used to be potato fields. He even saw evidence that the number of beginner users in Yusellin had increased. The shacks that had become the symbol of prosperity were built closely near the hill.

Fire Bear saw two more villages before deciding.

“I have to enter the Arpen Kingdom!”

He could retain the lords.h.i.+p even if he became a subordinate. Of course, he still needed to pay a portion of the taxes and needed to follow the decisions made by the n.o.bles of the kingdom. But even with that entire burden, it was possible to receive compensation if he joined the Arpen Kingdom.

And many guilds developing the north had already submitted to the Arpen Kingdom. If Weed returned and agreed then his territory would increase intensively.


The hummingbird with a full stomach flew over the sky of the Haven Empire. He had an idea about surveying the place while on the road. He sometimes came down in order to eat honey and pollen.

‘Um. The farmland is well arranged.’

People talked a lot about the aggressiveness of the Hermes Guild. But they managed to secure their territory pretty well and poured a considerable amount of power into domestic administration.

There were waterways to pull water from the rivers as well as systematic farmlands where grains were sowed. The peaceful and beautiful sight of the Haven Empire stretched out before him.

Weed descended onto a rice paddy and ate heartily.

‘Mmm, delicious. Rice from the Hermes Guild seems to have a better flavour.’

The hummingbird that filled his stomach! Weed looked around as he ate.

Quite a few residents lived in the cities and villages of the Haven Empire. The financial power had developed from an early stage so there were many n.o.bles and middle cla.s.s. Brick houses were common in the cities.

There weren’t many beginners hunting near the gates due to the fact that many had been driven to the north.

The residents had to pay heavy taxes and despite their loyalty not being high, peace was kept through the strong military.

“I’m going hunting in Rusopon Dungeon. I have a permit for the 2nd underground floor. The tax I have to pay is 22%. I’m joining to help someone.”

“You are a new member of the best hunting party. The fastest level up is secured. The condition is that you don’t a.s.sert any rights over items and j.a.ptem acquired.”

Weed sometimes felt so frustrated it was hard to talk. Money was needed for hunting as well as trade and production. Of course, the Haven Empire had many stable hunting grounds where crowds gathered but it was still tedious. People weren’t adventuring and just focused on growth. Their levels might grow faster than others but their combat power was weaker.

‘Like a scarecrow.’

Weed watched a square for a while before heading elsewhere.

“A small bird!”

A few residents discovered the hummingbird but most didn’t care.


Sometimes there were young children who threw stones! Weed flew quickly so there was no fear but a chance hit could mean an unnatural death. This was also a predicament of a hummingbird.

Weed relieved his thirst at a small stream and ate a few small insects before leaving the Haven Empire. He had to explore a larger area than other hummingbirds so his body was busy.


An area occupied by the Embinyu Church. The ground was scorched and villages destroyed.

Weed flew down close to the ground. The apple trees and grains were burnt. Screams seemed to soar into the sky and it had a h.e.l.l like atmosphere!

‘Really… It is a very serious place.’

Quite a few areas on the Central Continent were under the Embinyu Church. The kingdoms and prestigious guilds engaged in disputes, causing devastation and allowing the Embinyu Church to take over.

There were many dangerous and inconvenient points about an Embinyu occupied area so the users sneaked out from that area. The destruction by the Embinyu Church weakened a prosperous continent. It wasn’t impossible for monsters to run rampant and destroy civilizations.

Weed moved along rivers and mountains and also visited famous tourist spots on the Central Continent.


-You have appreciated the Miturit Waterfall.

Art stat has increased by 1.

Many people flocked to this tourist spot. If their health was high then they could experience the waterfall.

Weed started to fly up again. He once again moved with the wind before flying downwards with all his strength.

-You have acquired 1 silver.

He picked up the silver coin before flapping his wings and climbing up into the sky.

‘Now where to go…..’

The Central Continent was a wide place to travel.

‘I can’t go to the south.

The south was a desert environment so it wasn’t a suitable environment for hummingbirds. He needed an easy place to find honey and insects.

‘Let’s go to the familiar east.’

Weed crossed the Rosenheim Kingdom and headed beyond the Yurokina Mountains. A repet.i.tive day and night journey!

The middle of the Rosenheim Kingdom had been destroyed by the Embinyu Church.

‘I became familiar with a lot of residents here…..’

The pyramid was still present but the surrounding terrain had been changed into a swamp due to the flooding. It was the effect of the disaster that Weed caused.

Weed also suffered trying to obtain food around here.

‘Nature should indeed be protected.’

He was making noise about nature conservation!

He tried to look for the Sphinx he gave life to but couldn’t find it. At that time, Weed had left on the wyverns but he knew that the Embinyu Church destroyed it through the broadcast. The shattered fragments were probably lost in the river or scattered over the ground so it was impossible to find.

The Rosenheim Kingdom had to rebuild the capital around the Serabourg Castle but the area in the clutched of the Embinyu Church was a mess.

Fortunately Weed pa.s.sed safely through the areas under the Embinyu Church’s influence and reached the Yurokina Mountains. The dark elves and orcs were separated due to the G.o.ds they believed in.

“Chwik, the glaive is the only thing I believe in.”

The orcs were very simple. Their numbers were larger in the past and the orc users were also active in pioneering. Weed taught sculpting to the orcs so some crude sculptures were set up in villages. He sat down on the shoulder of a sculpture to relax for a bit while picking at his feather.

The keen eyes of an orc child discovered Weed.

“Chwi chwi chwit, there is food there.”

“I’ll still be hungry after eating that, chwit!”

“I should go somewhere else.”

He had flown a great distance over four days. However it was necessary to fly further for a perfect success in the quest.

‘Shall I go to the end of the east?’

At the end of the East.

Pioneering didn’t reach there so it was completely clogged with monsters. It would be a great help if he came back here to hunt after the quest. The body of a hummingbird was optimized for long distance travel but it endlessly needed to eat and had no combat ability.

The natural environment was intact and there were many beasts as he headed east. There were other flying creatures and wriggling snakes that tried to eat Weed. A frog hiding in the bushes was more fearful than a level 400 monster.

‘Let’s go someplace else. The quest is a priority rather than dangerous adventures.’

He calculated the flight distance and changed his direction.

‘I have to arrive at the north beach in the Brent Kingdom and cross the archipelago islands before arriving in Morata. And then I will head to Rhodium again.’

He watched people and monsters as a hummingbird and mingled with other birds. He had many romantic thoughts while travelling around the continent for 12 days as a hummingbird.


Kiruk kiruk.

The edge of a beach in the Brent Kingdom. Weed travelled with the seagulls. His body was small as a hummingbird so most birds ignored him.


Weed especially used his body to bully the black crows. The crows tried to chase after Weed but he would use his body to avoid them. It wasn’t dangerous due to the quick speed of a hummingbird but there were quite a few of them. He also ate nectar from the flowers blooming on the edge of the beach and spread pollen!

-You have sown the Mandragora seeds on the Hill of Wind.

This land is rough and dry so it isn’t easy for flowers like the cosmos to grow. But the viability of the Mandragora means it is able to grow and will someday form a strong community.

Affinity to Nature has increased by 4.

Art stat has increase by 7 due to the natural beauty.

Your sculpting proficiency will increase once the plant matures.

Weed scattered pollen with the range of a hummingbird. Because Affinity to Nature was essential to produce a great disaster!

‘It will be good for creating a disaster larger than a canyon collapse.’

It would be good if a greater disaster was caused. If the plants grew and spread then he would also gain sculpting proficiency later on. The hummingbird’s daily routine seemed to just be eating but it actually played an important role in nature.

Weed crossed the ocean. A hummingbird had extremely good vision and the seagulls also gave him directions.

He found a bunch of other migratory birds and followed them to an island rich in flowers, fruits and nuts.

The trip with birds was fun in its own way. Mixing between and looking at thousands of birds was infinitely peaceful. The hummingbird’s speed was quicker than any other birds but the problem was that it couldn’t fly great distances without getting hungry. Still, if he ate until his body was bursting then he could get to an island safely.

-You have obtained the rare seeds and pollen of a Snowdrop.

It is a white flower that blooms in winter when it snows.

-You have obtained the rare guava seeds.

You have collected tasty fruits.

If he spread the precious seeds then Weed could gain more stats and sculpting proficiency. He wasn’t just making wood or stone sculptures but turning the whole continent beautiful.

“Spread the main sails!”

s.h.i.+ps belonging to merchants and adventurers drifted on the ocean.

“Turn to the port side and follow the ocean current!”

Weed loitered near such s.h.i.+ps.

-The appearance of a hummingbird has increased your luck.

A hummingbird that is difficult to meet at sea has appeared.

The probability of damage from a natural disaster has decreased and unexpected good fortune can occur during the voyage.

There were intense winds and storms at sea but there weren’t many monsters wandering like on land. Sometimes dangerous marine creatures like sharks could be seen but often it was tedious. The fis.h.i.+ng skill was indispensable during those times!

The sails were adjusted according to the wind while the navigator set the direction. Weed settled down lightly on the shoulder of someone fis.h.i.+ng.

“Pretty Bird, where did you come from?”

A hummingbird was considered lucky so he was welcomed.

“Hummingbird. This is the first time I’ve seen a hummingbird on the ocean.”

“Today is completely lucky. Are you hungry?”

The women especially responded well to him and fed him tasty sardines. It was difficult to catch fish in the ocean but the hummingbird was able to generously fill his stomach.

“I caught this so let’s eat it.”

“Apply fermented soybean paste!”

Of course there were users aiming for his life. Their levels were below 200 so it wasn’t very high. Battles didn’t frequently happen at sea so their levels and skills were low. Weed flew away without any regrets while listening to their threats.


Of course he mercilessly pecked at their sails before leaving. He had four days left as a hummingbird when he arrived on the northern continent. He scattered the many unusual seeds he found on the islands. A big part of living as a hummingbird was discovering how to eat well.

He planned to drop some unusual seeds in Morata before heading back to Rhodium.

Of course he had to fly during the day and dark night. He wasn’t an owl but he became accustomed to flying with the stars in the night sky. The hummingbird’s 12 day journey was almost over. And if he was tired then he would land on top of other birds or on the mast of a s.h.i.+p.

The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor

The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor

Dalbic Jogaksa, LMS, 달빛조각사
Score 8.6
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Artist: , Released: 2007 Native Language: Korean
The man forsaken by the world, the man a s*ave to money and the man known as the legendary God of War in the highly popular MMORPG Continent of Magic. With the coming of age, he decides to say goodbye, but the feeble attempt to earn a little something for his time and effort ripples into an effect none could ever have imagined. Through a series of coincidences, his legendary avatar is sold for 3 billion won, bringing great joy to him, only to plunge him into despair at losing almost all of it to vicious loan sharks. With revelation of money through gaming, he rises from the abyss with new found resolve and steps forward into the new age of games led by the first ever Virtual Reality MMORPG, Royal Road. This is the legend of Lee Hyun on his path to becoming Emperor with only his family’s loving heart, his boundless desire for money, his unexpected mind, his diligently forged body and the talent of hard work backing him.


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