The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor Volume 31 Chapter 9

Chapter 9) Embinyu Church’s Suffering

Lee Hyun searched for a suitable place for the next disaster.

“Places where the Embinyu Church is playing an active role….”

It was convenient to check the bulletin boards. There were posts talking about places where the Embinyu Church had mobilized a huge army to invade. Even the home pages of the broadcasting stations showed dangerous areas where the Embinyu Church was located.

“There doesn’t seem to be many places that the Embinyu Church is controlling.”

He could ride Wy-3 to penetrate into enemy territory. There were already some righteous people who believed in their own level and encountered a useless death. Lee Hyun couldn’t act recklessly because he had his own burdens.

It would be dangerous to become surrounded by the army of the Embinyu Church and the Great Disaster Nature Sculpting.

“I need to fight back in the safest spot.”

Lee Hyun searched for such a place. The terrain and natural environment needed to have the proper conditions for the disaster.

Bernerd Castle in the Aidern Kingdom! The army of the Embinyu Church is advancing towards it and a siege was expected. The place was close to the sea with intense winds.

“It is suitable. Yet this isn’t a perfect plains area so the users would have no choice but to be approached in the disaster.”

Lee Hyun couldn’t control the disaster or adjust the strength at will. He took the destructive power of the volcano into consideration and placed it in a distant place but other disasters were uncontrollable.

“I should write a sentence.”

Lee Hyun logged into his own account on the home page of Royal Road. Thousands of messages had arrived in his mail.

Naturally he didn’t read the contents but skimmed their t.i.tles. There were advertis.e.m.e.nt contracts and product sponsors.h.i.+ps. Messages that fans sent were like spam mail but he still had the habit of reading the subject.

Hyun-woo entered the bulletin boards.

“I have to write it simply.”

t.i.tle: I am Weed. This is a request.

I’m planning to fight the Embinyu Church at Bernerd Castle in the Aidern Kingdom.

Please warn the users there that a disaster similar to Fort Odin will occur.

They should be careful and not leave the safety of the castle tomorrow.

As soon as Lee Hyun wrote the post, the number of replied surpa.s.sed 2,000 in no time.

-I am first.


-I hitched a ride as well.

-Look at the information not the comments.

-Is it really Weed?

-I’m also Sun Hwi Gwon.

-I thought it was a trick but the ID is really the G.o.d of War.

-Weed-nim wouldn’t write a sentence here, fools.

-My name is Weed. Kya kya kyak.

-Eh? It really is Weed.

-The person who wrote this is really Weed the G.o.d of War.

-I don’t know who is a fool. But this is amazing.

Lee Hyun’s post increased by hundreds of views in a very short time. It quickly moved to other bulletin boards and communities and became a topic. It spread to the extent that the news reached the broadcasters.

-I’m currently in the Tullen Kingdom. Can I arrive at Bernerd Castle by tomorrow if I ride my horse all night?

-I’m in the Aberdeen Kingdom. I am looking for people to go to Bernerd Castle. Riding skills beginner level 6 or intermediate carriage control skill is necessary.

-I’d like to fight like Weed-nim. Let’s go.

-I’ll go too. I can’t miss a great opportunity to see a disaster.

-Asa, I’m in the Aidern Kingdom. There isn’t anything to lose. I have to see the disaster!

The users saw Lee Hyun’s words and gathered at Bernerd Castle.


Bernerd Castle.

The Embinyu Church was scheduled to attack it so the users moved to other areas. However, Weed caused users to teleport or travel from other kingdoms towards Aidern Kingdom.

Bernerd Castle has the atmosphere of a festival as users gathered. Tourists arrived at the castle through the main gates.

“Come in quickly. The Embinyu Church is coming closer.”

“The disaster?”

“Nothing yet.”

“We’ve just arrived!”

Users who walked or rode a horse from distant places barely entered the castle walls. If the users’ power was combined together then Bernerd Castle’s defense had increased by 10 times.

“Embinyu Church!”

“The army is approaching from the south!”

Users felt a sense of expectation in their chest despite seeing the demons and fanatics in the Embinyu Church’s army.

“What will Weed-nim use to smash them? It will be completely wonderful.”

“Kyaa, I really wish they would all be swept away.”

It was difficult to experience a thrilling moment like this in Royal Road without risking their lives.

The Embinyu Church began advancing towards Bernerd Castle. The distinctive shrieks and voices chanting strange hymns to the Embinyu G.o.d rang out.

Kill for G.o.d Embinyu

We willingly sacrifice our bodies.

The word of G.o.d Embinyu tells us to destroy this corrupt world.

A complete cleanse.

Demon slaves were pulling large siege weapons.

“When is Weed-nim coming? These guys will arrive in less than 30 minutes.”

“Isn’t he a genius? Look at what he did in the previous broadcast.”

“Being a little late is different from not coming at all.”

“Maybe it is in between? He often makes a surprise appearance.”

Users prepared for the siege along with the soldiers. They were in Bernerd Castle so they had to fight the Embinyu Church if they wanted to survive. The Embinyu Church’s army was getting closer. They had marched a long distance but the High Priest’s power meant they weren’t fatigued.

“How long until he comes? If he doesn’t then we’ll have died for nothing.”

“He will come. If he doesn’t then I will curse him for the rest of my life.”

Their anxiety grew larger. And then something appeared on the open sea. It was rapidly advancing over the water.

“What is that?”


The users gathered on the walls. The reason was that they could see 12 whirlwinds approaching land from the sea. If the users died at that moment they would’ve been satisfied just seeing the whirlwinds!

In front of the whirlwinds was Weed aboard Bingryong. Bingryong roared his regret.

“Master, why is it me this time?”

“Wy-3 ran away!”

Wy-3 hadn’t met him at the scheduled place so Weed was delayed.

Bingryong flew with all his strength as the whirlwinds violently whirled behind them. The 12 whirlwinds moved and mixed temporarily, sometimes becoming so big that the size couldn’t be imagined. It was to the extent that the sea floor was revealed. The power of that whirlwind would be enough to tear Bingryong to shreds.

“Master, I’m happy because I could be together with you in the meantime. Please give me proper funeral proceedings when I die.”

The frightened Bingryong flew with all his might while leaving behind a will. The whirlwinds were too scary. Weed also thought back about the long time he had spent with Bingryong.

“Don’t worry. I will prepare red beans.”

“Why would you bring red beans?”

“I can’t send you off with nothing. I have to separate the useful parts and sell them.”

Weed wanted to engage in business with patbingsoo (shave ice and red bean).


Weed and Bingryong finally arrived with the whirlwinds.

“Kyak, the best!”

“Weed-nim, I’ve been waiting!”

“Ah! It was worth coming here.”

100 people were on a hill of stones near the coast. They didn’t leave even when the Embinyu Church nears and just waited for Weed to come. They were relatively high levelled but set aside their most important equipment. These users wanted to try the cool experience of dying from a disaster.

“My body is floating!”

“Kyaaah, how cool!”

“Gra.s.s porridge. Gra.s.s porridge!”

The fearful wind suck up the users and struck the army of the Embinyu Church.


Demons shrieked as they flew into the air. The whirlwinds pa.s.sed over land and uprooted large trees. Even demons planting their feet in the ground and trying to hold on were drawn in by the wind. The 12 whirlwinds advanced through the army of the Embinyu Church and left a complete wreck behind.


A huge rhinoceros flew into the sky. It then fell to the ground and crushed the fanatics, Dark Knights and priests.

The twisters that intersected and mixed together increased the destructive power to a truly terrifying level.

The siege weapons were smashed or ripped apart and some were dropped into the sea. The steel s.h.i.+elds had no effect in stopping the wind as the fanatics were sucked into the whirlwind.

The players who came to Bernerd for the spectacle had goose b.u.mps.

“This isn’t a joke.”

“Ah, it is really scary.”

“It is like something from a dream.”

It was the electrifying sight of Weed pa.s.sing over the Embinyu army on Bingryong with the whirlwinds following him. It was a charisma that made even high level users humble.

“Only the highest levelled use in Royal Road would possess this degree of capability.”

“It’s not completely a legend? I’ve never seen something like this.”

“It is really difficult for a magician specializing in wind magic to raise their skill to this extent.”

The users cheered on Weed’s destructive power.

“Bingryong, if this continues then we’re going to die. Fly faster!”

“The best… I’m doing my best.”

Bingryong was big and couldn’t help being affected by the whirlwinds. Despite squeezing all his power to fly quickly, the whirlwinds were overwhelming. The power of the whirlwinds was so strong that the users on Bernerd Castle were pushed back by the winds.

Weed turned his head and looked back at the whirlwinds.


“Speak Master.”

“I have good news and bad news. Tell me what you want to hear first.”

“The good news.”

“The whirlwinds have decreased to 8.”

“I’m glad.”

“And the bad news is that they’ve become stronger.”

“That isn’t so good after all.”

“But you felt comfortable for a bit after hearing the good news.”


4 whirlwinds had integrated with the others and the power was doubled. 4 large and 4 small whirlwinds were left.

The Embinyu Church’s army formation completely disappeared because of the wind. Battling in such intense winds was impossible. The Embinyu Church became offerings for the whirlwinds.

The demons, fanatics and Dark Knights were also flying in the air with Bingryong. They were thrown all over the place by the whirlwinds. They fell from a high place so almost all of their health drained out at a dreadful speed.

The even more fearful thing was being caught in the middle of the whirlwinds. The distance between the whirlwinds was wide so many things were caught up by them. There were wood, stones, trees, water etc. along with the Dark Knight, demons and fanatics.

“We’re going to get caught. Can’t you go faster?”

“This is the maximum speed that I can go.”

“It can’t be.”

The power of Great Disaster Nature Sculpting meant he couldn’t get caught. Disasters like a landslide or cliff collapse was somewhat predictable but the suction power of a whirlwind was different. It was to the extent that solid wooden buildings disappeared without a trace. A large rock hanging in the air was crushed into tiny pebbles by the wind pressure.

“The disaster shouldn’t last that longer. Bingryong, prepare to turn back!”

Bingryong obeyed Weed’s words and slowed his speed. His instinct was to fly forward but Bingryong took a breath and slowed his speed while turning around.

He believed in Weed after the relations.h.i.+p they formed. As soon as he slowed, Bingryong felt the suction power of the whirlwinds.

“Wait a minute. And… Now. Blow!”

Ice Breath was emitted from Bingryong’s mouth and struck the whirlwinds. The whirlwinds were temporarily weakened but that only lasted for 10 seconds. The whirlwinds spinning and scattering the chunks of ice was a spectacular sight.

It was more like an ice storm than a whirlwind. And the movement stopped until the remaining whirlwinds were merged together. Bingryong’s eyes were filled with resentment as he looked at the whirlwind. The whirlwinds mixed with each other started to unravel.

“Bingryong, fly!”

Bingryong was happy to accept that command. Weed and Bingryong escaped from the tangled whirlwinds and flew to the remnants of the Embinyu Church’s army.

The whirlwinds had really wreaked havoc as corpses and shattered fragments were scattered in front of Bernerd Castle. And the moment the whirlwinds disappeared.

The Embinyu Church’s army had fallen from the sky.


“Em…bingyu… Praise G.o.d….”

The demons and fanatics were scattered all over the place. The Embinyu Church’s army had suffered a loss of more than 20%. Almost all the Dark Knights and priests caught in the whirlwind had died. The demons and fanatics didn’t suffer a huge loss but their morale had fallen to the lowest possible level.

The Embinyu Church’s High Priest had immediately retreated with some dark knights when the disaster had approached. The Embinyu Church didn’t have that spirit of sacrifice like the Royal Knights.

The highest rank of the army was safe but the damage received by the army caused the command system to collapse. Morale played an important role in battle and their commanding officers had just fled the battlefield.

Weed flew towards Bernerd Castle on Bingryong. And he let loose his Lion’s Roar!

“Let’s go! We will win this fight!”

Bernerd Castle was owned by a NPC lord. Weed wasn’t a king on the Central Continent so he had no authority but he had showed off his power and leaders.h.i.+p.

“Open the gate!”

The gates opened at the lord’s command. And users came out to fight the Embinyu Church. It was possible to fight while protecting the castle wall but the enemy wasn’t responding properly so it was more profitable to go and attack directly.

There was the High Priest and Dark Knights but it became a one sided battle once Weed, Phoenix, Golden Bird, Silver Bird and Bahamorg appeared.


Wy-3 belatedly flew down from the sky.


The Embinyu Church’s army had suffered considerable damage but the main power, the High Priest and Dark Knights had been unharmed due to their retreat. The fanatics and demons tried to fight against Weed, his sculptural lifeforms and the users of Bernerd Castle but they had lost their will.

The main force retreated as soon as the situation wasn’t good. Nevertheless, it was a big battle so the people involved could gain fame, loot, stats and achievements.

“Weed-nim, thank you very much.”

“I’m really grateful.”

Weed got back on Bingryong and disappeared into the distance. The users couldn’t forget the memory of Bingryong’s magnificent wings spreading.

The third Great Disaster Nature Sculpting was used in Rosenheim Kingdom.

Many areas in the Rosenheim Kingdom were under the rule of the Embinyu Church. While searching for a suitable place, he found a fortress that the Embinyu Church had built!

A colossal amount of food and weapons for war were gathered.

“There are at least 70,000 troops. And siege weapons are also being manufactured.”

It could be seen as an important bridgehead for the Embinyu Church to secure the Rosenheim Kingdom.

Weed decided to ruin this place. And Wy-3 was trembling in fear.

“I’ve done many bad things but this isn’t dangerous.”

He had created quite a few disasters. This time safety was the most important fact so Weed prepared something suitable.

“Great Disaster Nature Sculpting!”

A sculpture of a Red King Ant was destroyed! After a while, the Embinyu Church’s fortress was covered with red king ants.

“It looks as beautiful as expected.”

Weed flew over the fortress on Wy-3. It was going to be broadcasted on KMC Media and CTS Media so a suitable atmosphere was required.

“We need to use his popularity.”

The broadcasting stations wanted a song. The reason was that many viewers were interested but Weed declined. He couldn’t properly sing if the stage wasn’t a large battle.

“I won’t recklessly sing my important songs.”

The king ants could eat wood and even stones and iron. The demons and fanatics in the fortress tried to resist by fighting. Several buildings collapsed and flames soared up.

However, the number of red king ants crawling from the ground and through gaps in doors was frightening. They had small wings but could only fly 4~5 metres at a time. On a broad plains area, wide area fire magic could be used but the fortress was a shut environment so it was more advantageous to the red king ants.

Monsters crawled out of every opening and holes in the buildings. Meanwhile the red king ants ate the food fathered and made it impossible to use the weapons. The buildings were severely damaged and many fanatics died.

Even more cruelly, it didn’t end with just one disaster. So far Weed had created disasters related to the natural environment. But this time the disaster was related to a creature.

The red king ants cut holes in the ceilings and laid many eggs. The baby ants would be born and the disaster repeated.

“Even the house I lived in before had trouble with ants.”

Weed remembered the house he had rented back in his junior high days.

It would become infested with ants if he spilled even one drop of a drink. It was to the extent that leaving an open bottle of would have the ants swarming. The c.o.c.kroaches and mice were nothing next to ants. If the ants bred properly then it was really difficult to get rid of them. The ground was covered in a blanket of ants

“The ants aren’t as strong as humans. But if didn’t leave any food in the house then they would try to tear my flesh.”

The disaster reminded Weed of bad memories in his past.

The power of experience!

The Allesa Fortress became permanently unusable.


-You have continuously dealt important blows to the Embinyu Church.

The Embinyu Church that covers the continent in evil!

The damage suffered from these attacks can’t be predicted but they will be difficult to recover from.

You have protected the peace of the continent and the various religions and kingdoms are full of admiration for the heroic actions of a sculptor.

-Fame has increased by 4,160.
-Charisma has increased by 3.
-Fighting Spirit has increased by 4.
-Art stat has increased by 11.
-Achievements for all religions and kingdoms who declared war on the Embinyu Church has increased by 2,190.
-t.i.tle! Hero who Saved the Continent has been acquired.

This t.i.tle is given to the person who has the largest achievements on the Versailles Continent.

You can recruit subordinates to fight the Embinyu Church. The Royal Knights, free knights and paladins will answer your righteous call.

This is the first time the t.i.tle Hero who Saved the Continent has been given. If another person builds up a larger achievement then the t.i.tle will be lost.

While the t.i.tle is maintained, all residents will pay attention to your existence.

You can get respect from the residents.

The effect of Leaders.h.i.+p and Charisma in a fight will increase by 27%.

The highest honour has been granted.

Luck has increased by 45.

Weed gained a huge profit from the disaster related quest.

“I need to go back and report the quest. Wy-3, let’s go.”


While the Imperial Palace was being constructed, the Hermes Guild worked on domestic administration for the areas they occupied. Lords were appointed, roads built to connect to other areas of the Empire, farmlands were expanded and urban development and mining was accomplished.

But more than anything else, it was important for them to expand their military power. Knights were selected and commanders led soldiers out to subdue monsters.

Only a small number of top level leaders knew the Hermes Guild’s war plans.

“We have to hurry and conquer the continent. There will be no truces now.”

“The training of the archers has been completed quickly. The magic soldiers unit is the problem…..”

“Didn’t Krobidyun agree to prepare them?”

“More time is necessary to raise the ability of the residents. Despite that, the magic soldiers unit right now is wonderful.”

The Hermes Guild strategically built magician related facilities and learning facilities in various cities. It was expensive but necessary to raise the ability of the guild. The Hermes Guild also invested in research and development. They taught smart residents and formed a magic soldiers unit.

The Hermes Guild raised the Haven Empire and prepared to conquer various kingdoms. They didn’t want to stop the continent conquest war once started so they systematically prepared their forces for it.

“Weed is showing a prominent figure these days.”

The residents of the Haven Empire were talking about Weed every day. Merchants trading at a market or workers in a tavern spread stories about Weed’s adventures against the Embinyu Church. Weed was being called a hero of the continent so the Hermes Guild wasn’t pleased at all.

“He seems to be doing the Sculptor’s Master Quest. Bardray-nim, do you have anything to say about that?”

“I have nothing to say. It isn’t necessary to deal with him right now.”

“He has the precedent of causing trouble for our guild. It might not be a good idea to leave him alone.”

Quite a few top level leaders wanted to take strong measures against Weed. Weed had damaged the Hermes Guild’s pride many times. They wanted to restore their honour now that the Haven Kingdom had grown into an empire.

Bardray had already got revenge on Weed in the Melbourne Mine so Lafaye considered him as minor compared to the other noteworthy guilds on the continent.

“Stop. The Hermes Guild can’t care about Weed now. Cla.s.s Master Quest? There is no need to be interested in that. If Weed succeeds first then it might distract people. Our goal is to complete the conquest of the continent and we should focus on that.”


Lafaye made preparations for war with the entire continent. It was decided to ignore Weed for the moment.


Weed arrived at the Stellar Tear in Rhodium to report the quest.

“You have come back safely.”

“Yes. I restored justice on the continent as a sculptor and returned.”

“It must have been difficult and dangerous.”

“No. I was just doing what my heart felt was worthwhile. It is my mission to help the people persecuted by the Embinyu Church.”


-Cleanse the Chaos on the Continent with Disasters has been completed.

The Embinyu Church at Fort Odin and Bernerd Castle. The third disaster struck Allesa Fortress.

The inhabitants of the continent will know about the sculptor Weed’s justice. The Embinyu Church that recruits people with lies and fear has received a big impediment.

-Your level has risen.
-The skill proficiency of Sculpting has improved.
-Fame has increased by 1,618.
-The success of the spread of the Embinyu Church has decreased by 32%.

“I will tell you more about how to express a radiant beauty.”

“I will listen.”

“There are several avenues for research so sculptors often find their opinions conflict while drinking alcohol.”


And he heard miscellaneous stories for a long time. Some sculptors didn’t have a good nature, others weren’t happy drinkers etc. Weed remembered all the information he heard with no exception. Something might be a clue when facing a difficult quest.

‘Drinking alcohol and fighting, being popular with women, selling sculptures to pay off debts….. Different types of sculptors tried to sculpt a radiant beauty.’

Weed was then informed about what he had to do.

“You must not give in when trying to express a radiant beauty. You should move forward despite any disruption that might occur on the continent. It will help if you learn to bend with the wind and the waves. And the years….”


“It takes a really long time to be able to carve the nature in the world. The sweat incurred from the long labour can be represented in the sculptor’s words.”

Even the open grain of a dead tree cut down was beautiful and over time it could grow branches again. Rainwater would flow and gather in ravines and after a long time become a waterfall.

It was the magnificent beauty of nature that even a sculptor couldn’t challenge.

“Something created over a long period of time can be called a miracle. The sculptor had to go through hards.h.i.+ps in order to express that beauty. Are you familiar with the free spirited Fairies?”

“A little…. Our relations.h.i.+p isn’t bad.”

He had a quest related to healing the Fairy Queen Teneidon’s wings that were cursed by a dragon. However, the quest difficulty was high and it wasn’t an urgent quest so he could do it without rus.h.i.+ng. He had saved Teneidon by killing Barkhan so the fairies were still thankful to him. They also sometimes appeared when he cooked in dungeons. Weed was satisfied eating delicious dishes and the fairies would go away when he tore off barley bread for them.

“Even if you are the aware of the miracle of nature, the sculpture will take a long time to form. The fairies can help with that.”


-Sword of Light that Splits Everything

The sculpting master Zahab has left behind Sculpting Blade. It is a sword technique that uses moonlight to defeat wicked enemies! You have developed Sculpting Blade and even learnt Radiant Sword.

Raise the skill proficiency of Radiant Sword by watching the wind and waves. The more intensely the wind and waves are, the quicker the experience will rise.

Your current standard is Beginner level 6. Reach Advanced level 2 in 110 days.

Level of Difficulty: Final Secret Sculpting Technique Quest

Quest Restrictions: Sculpting Blade and Radiant Sword is required.

The quest will fail if you fall into the water and die.

It was a very unexpected quest but Weed was used to this type of thing after training with the Geomchis. And it wasn’t just one quest.

-Sculpting that has been Shaped over a Long Time

Many of the beauty in the world isn’t completed in a short time period.

Complete a sculpture of nature.

If completed, the fairies will gather to live there and give you a gift.

Due to the nature of sculpting and the fairies, the terrain can’t be completely changed.

Level of Difficulty: Final Secret Sculpting Technique Quest

Quest Restrictions: Nature Sculpting is required.

A close relations.h.i.+p with the Fairies.

The quest will fail if you die.

He already had the quest from the Fairy Queen Teneidon but fortunately his quest to create a secret technique didn’t affect his quest limit. If he hadn’t settled that then he wouldn’t be able to get the final secret technique.

“First the most urgent… I need to reach Advanced level 2 in 110 days.

The proficiency of an offensive skill grows quicker than a basic sword skill. But it isn’t an easy thing to suddenly raise a skill.

“If my Radiant Sword level was already high then I don’t know how much I would’ve had to raise it. Anyway, if I use it repeatedly then I can raise the proficiency level.”

Weed’s mind was already heading towards the beach. This wasn’t an ordinary sea. The beaches on the northeast of the northern continent had fierce winds that hit the waves.


Merchant users often visited Vent Castle and Arpen Kingdom became more widely known.

“This is a specialty of the Arpen Kingdom! A really good product. Many people are looking forward to it so I’ve brought a lot.”

“In the days of the Niflheim Empire, there was no need to worry about monsters like we do now.”

“I’m thankful for the King of the Arpen Kingdom for beating back the north. But our knights are loyal to the Niflheim Empire until the day we die.”

“The food from Morata is really fresh and tasty. Wasn’t it a place known for its sewing skills in the past? It seems to have a wonderful lord.”

The residents and hunters marvelled while trading with the Arpen Kingdom users. The merchants were satisfied with the trade route and went around the north even more eagerly.

Merchants would ride horse drawn carriages to look for new villages. They created northern trade routes.

Morata’s Merchants a.s.sociation!

Merchants who found a village and traded there could gain experience and money. They invested a huge amount of money into the Arpen Kingdom and the merchants like the benefits of proprietary trading.

But that changed after Gamong opened the way to Vent Castle.

‘I can’t eat that much alone despite my monopoly ending when other merchants come.’

‘It will be okay if the village develops.’

‘There are many places in the north that have been closed off with their development stagnant. If merchants come there then development will quickly increase.’

The scale of the trade depended on the size of the village and the number of residents.

“I came here with some food so do you want to trade?”

“Of course. You brought such important food….. But as you can see, our village is old and there might not be enough to exchange. Will you take the fangs of a monster or animal leather as payment?”



-A festival has occurred in Tallun village!

The food has been imported through trade with a merchant. The empty grain warehouses have been filled and residents can feel a sense of relief.

The productivity of the residents has increased by 300% for 1 month. The village’s culture and technology will advance quickly in that period of time.

If there is a stable supply of food then the village’s birth-rate will increase.

The residents’ alignment has changed to active.

Guests can partic.i.p.ate in the festival and enjoy themselves.

Rice snacks and wheat that were the Arpen Kingdom’s specialities could be sold at the festival. The advances in productivity, the technology developed and the birth-rate increase were highly appreciated.

Many villages in the far north and the mountains have existed since the time of the Niflheim Empire. If the population increased then the merchant could trade in larger quant.i.ties. If the village grew into cities then the list of luxury goods would grow.

Villages isolated in the mountains of the north that weren’t destroyed by monsters were developed by the merchants. While Weed had a grasp of the circ.u.mstances in Morata and the Arpen Kingdom, he didn’t know about the changed in Vent Castle and the north.

Many of the northern villages were destroyed by monsters so only a small number of people lived there. Users weren’t interested in such places. The population didn’t exceed 300 people maximum in those places.

It was just a momentary place to rest while exploring the continent. But the villages grew due to the merchants visiting and the influence of the Arpen Kingdom spread.

And it spread.

-The inhabitants of Risil Castle are impressed by the Arpen Kingdom’s food production, technology development and cultural prosperity and wish to be ruled by it.

They had a village meeting and decided to belong to the Arpen Kingdom.

Specialties: None

Population: 1,491

Monthly Tax Revenue: 732 gold.

Villages steadily joined the Arpen Kingdom.

“Isn’t it true that King Weed doesn’t begrudge spending money on his residents, agriculture, technology and art development? I heard it from travellers. Many people are talking about the intelligent king of the north.”

“I heard that the Arpen Kingdom is a place that people can really live in. Of course it would be wonderful with a hero ruling it.”

“We can trust in the honourable King Weed. I will take my wife and children to Arpen Kingdom.”

Weed was known for his adventures, sculpting, Morata and the founding of the Arpen Kingdom so he had a significant impact on the residents of the north.

For the moment, the land was scarcely populated and of no use but if they got rid of the monsters then mine development could be accomplished. There were also specialities from the Niflheim Empire so if investments were made then they could reappear.

The territory of the Arpen Kingdom widened and the merchants obtained more profit from trading with the villages.

Merchants affiliated with a kingdom could have easy and comfortable dealings when making domestic trades. Normally only a few merchants would go to closed off villages but there was no such restrictions in the Arpen Kingdom. In addition, it was possible to enhance their fame and contribution to the kingdom by making large profits in trades.

If there was a good village then merchants would buy farmland or abandoned mining areas. If they threw mercenaries at their investments to eradicate the monsters then they could make a steady profit. They also didn’t forget to build stores and smithies. They could buy more goods in a village they had influence in.

Merchants didn’t have a very good impression on the Versailles Continent.

-A miser who won’t get rid of even 1 coin.

-A talkative person who spends time in the squares and talks nonsense.

-A profession with no combat power, can’t adventure and has no goals other then making money.

Merchants had no merit other then making money according to other people. Most merchants were active on the Central Continent were the economic power and development was stable. Of course, merchants enjoyed themselves but other users didn’t approve of their profession.

But the north was a paradise. Development speed increased depending on the activities of merchants riding on carriages. Beginners were absorbed by the Arpen Kingdom and spread in the north. From the users’ perspective, the villages they were active in became large and the quality of the goods sold improved.

The north was polished off by Mapan and Gamong!

Other combat professions respected the for their ability to develop a village.

-The merchants are raising the kingdom.

-Merchants are the flower of trade.

There was a re-evaluation of merchants. And some residents who were scholars said.

“The King of the Arpen Kingdom has a link to the Niflheim Empire.”

“What does that mean?”

“He is the only person that can bring the Niflheim Empire back.”

Weed had gone to Jigolaths and succeeded in a S rank quest.

The founding of the Niflheim Empire! The quest was just lingering and waiting for the conditions to be met. Weed had the t.i.tle of Heir to the Niflheim Empire and this had a great effect on the culture of the Arpen Kingdom.

Even the users and lords in the Arpen Kingdom were swayed by it. The villages in the north including Vent Castle started to show respect for Weed and their interest in the Arpen Kingdom increased.

The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor

The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor

Dalbic Jogaksa, LMS, 달빛조각사
Score 8.6