The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor Volume 32 Chapter 1

Chapter 1) Expansion of the Arpen Kingdom

Weed was advancing through the quests for the final secret sculpting technique. Sword of Light that Splits Everything Radiant Sword reached Advanced level 2 after training on the stormy sea. Now he needed to make a nature sculpture for his connected quest. It was a quest that he had to pa.s.s as a sculptor!

“If I became a merchant then I would receive quests that will enable me to make profit from trading. Nature Sculpting is extremely difficult…it is natural to be worried.”

A technique that could carve nature! It was a type of miracle that could use clouds, water, wind, wood and even dirt as a material. A red tinged sunset, coloured leaves, the coast and snow covered mountains. Anything could be expressed using Nature Sculpting. Weed started to look for land that he could fill with a nature sculpture.

“I have to make the sculpture in the north. I won’t be comfortable creating it in any place other than the north.”

Land speculation was important when creating the sculpture. The land of the Arpen Kingdom in the north was constantly widening. The kingdom’s fame and influence in neighbouring regions was high and that also benefited users. When users from the Arpen Kingdom visited other villages, the residents would run out aggressively.

“I have been waiting for someone from the Arpen Kingdom to come!”

“Ah, h.e.l.lo.”

“There is something I want to ask of you Adventurer. Did you bring any wonderful artwork from the Arpen Kingdom?”


-Arpen’s Art

Sculptors, painters, ceramists etc. are producing many works in Morata of the Arpen Kingdom. Residents in the north who couldn’t see the rumoured artwork are envious.

They want you to bring them a piece of art. The residents will react favourably to strangers if you complete this kindness for them.

Level of Difficulty: E

Quest Restrictions: Visitor to the village.

The visitor must belong to the Arpen Kingdom.

It wasn’t difficult so users happily accepted the quest. They had collected many sculptures and paintings from their time in Morata. Therefore they were able to complete the quest as soon as they received it.

The residents wanted to hear stories about dangerous adventures to unknown lands and traded with merchants. The users who completed the quest, helped restore peace and did commercial transactions opened the hearts of the residents to the Arpen Kingdom.

-The residents of Carmel River look up to the Arpen Kingdom.

They are a small community that obtain food through fis.h.i.+ng. They build houses high on the river in order to avoid the threat of monsters.

The fishermen who have knowledge of the species in the river complex have their eyes opened to culture thanks to the Arpen Kingdom. It is only a small community but they are eager to belong to the Arpen Kingdom.

Small and deserted villages will welcome migrants.

Specialties: 17 species of freshwater fish.

Population: 63

Monthly Tax Revenue: 3 gold.

-The residents of Niasan village look up to the Arpen Kingdom.

Residents can obtain income through logging and gathering mushrooms in the forest. In the meantime a trade route has been established and there are frequent exchanges with merchants.

The residents are in need of good and wish to trade with the Arpen Kingdom. The village has respect for the King of the Arpen Kingdom and wished to be ruled by him.

Specialties: Wood, mushrooms

Population: 319

Monthly Tax Revenue: 536 gold

The territory of the Arpen Kingdom was steadily expanding. Small villages that didn’t belong to anyone after the fall of the Niflheim Empire was actively absorbed by the Arpen Kingdom’s influence. Furthermore, the users were also very excited.

“In the old days, no visitors were allowed into the village and now I am receiving the utmost welcome.”

“If I speak then they will answer right away.”

“Hey, yesterday the neighbourhood child picked flowers for me as a gift.”

The influence of the Arpen Kingdom was favourable to the users. There was a boom in development and trade expansion in the north.

“I have to offer my loyalty to the Arpen Kingdom’s King who did so much for the north.”

“He is a king who knows devotion and honour.”

NPC lords and n.o.bles also came to join the Arpen Kingdom. Although the territory was widening, the economic profit from the residents was small.

Weed was very sensitive about taxes and the amount paid to lords had already decreased. If the village was small then the tax would only be 30 gold, 70 gold and 1,000 gold at most. But it was a tremendous opportunity for farmers, miners and merchants.

“Which village are you going to?”

“I’m going towards the east.”

“That place is a wasteland.”

“I’ll have to clear it. I’m going to make it my land.”

“Well, I’m going to the large mountains to the northwest to look for iron ore.”

“If the ground is weak then you’ll be in danger.”

“There is no need to worry since we’ve gathered 100 miners. I’ll work until my pickaxe breaks.”

The area that Morata users spent time in gradually widened. The birth-rate of the entire North Continent increased and production was expanding. Soldiers secured the peace for settles and villages in good locations rapidly developed.

Morata was the capital of the Arpen Kingdom and now many medium sized villages were showing up. Luxury shops, housing and production facilities were built to increase the infrastructure of the kingdom’s capital city. Beautiful buildings were created and gave the city a more romantic and glamorous appearance.

The entire north was welcoming the Arpen Kingdom. The impact of Weed’s influence was that residents would obey if he ever gave orders in the villages. Weed was satisfied with the Arpen Kingdom.

“Land speculation…I need to create a nature sculpture that is comfortable for Morata and Vargo Fortress.”

He flew on Wy-3 in the sky and searched for a suitable location.

“Land not being used for anything else. Location is everything.”

The magnificent mountain terrain was too high and the wide rivers were likely to become flooded.

Broken remnants of the Niflheim Empire was scattered around the north. Trees grew in the forgotten cities that have become ruins. There were many ruins that hadn’t felt the touch of a human in ages so they were in a natural state.

“If I make a nature sculpture…Then I need to consider the cities that can grow in the vicinity.”

He also considered transportation development, residential areas and hunting when making a decision about the location. The place Weed decided on had a clean and clear river to the east and a wide, fertile plain to the north where a big city could develop. There were no obstacles preventing him from making the nature sculpture he wanted.

“A group of monsters roaming nearby is a problem but…I’ll subjugate them sometime.”

The Arpen Kingdom’s military power was expanding far quicker than most people expected. It was because many users who were knights commanded soldiers while fighting on the plains. NPC free knights came from the Central Continent. Among them were knights from the Kallamore Kingdom. The levels of these free knights were somewhat higher.

Users who completed quests and gained achievements could rent free knights. The Knight Corps of the Arpen Kingdom had 1,000 people but they weren’t resting. They subdued monsters, helped move settlers and constructed cities in the Arpen Kingdom.

“I need to make a natural environment where people can rest. Until now, the Arpen Kingdom had only been surviving.”

It was inevitable since it was a new kingdom. Everything started from Morata and those living there were being worn out. If users exchanged money for hunting and trade then they would also be searching for a place to relax. Thus he had already prepared construction work for a city of recreation and tourism.


Birds sang vigorously as the day began. A small golden bird opened its wings and flew somewhere.


Tweet tweet.


Golden Bird was flying around unusually large birds. Unlike common birds, the sparrows were the size of chickens and there were owls wandering in the morning. The beak and claws were strong enough to penetrate iron. Golden Bird was heading towards Lavias, the island in the sky.

“Our fellow kin is coming.”

“That sparkling crown on his head…”

“It is him.”

A bird with good eyesight reported that Golden Bird was coming. Dozens then hundreds of birds from Lavias came out to meet Golden Bird. It received the best treatment from the birds.

The size, type and colour of Golden Bird compared to others was truly magnificent. Golden Bird circled around the island before landing on the ground. It perched on a branch after landing on Lavias.

“It has been a long time, children.”

The avians nodded their heads. Unfortunately their memory was bad so after a while they wouldn’t even know their parents or siblings. But they didn’t forget about Golden Bird. The first bird created by Emperor Geihar Von Arpen.

Sculptures and paintings celebrating Golden Bird still remained in Lavias. In the past when Weed came to Lavias, he hadn’t climbed up its nest. Some users climbed up and discovered the existence of Golden Bird. This legendary existence had finally visited Lavias.

“I came here because it is time that we moved.”

The avians flew around at Golden Bird’s words. The avians simultaneously flapped their wings while spinning in the sky. It was difficult to guess the population of the avian clan. Houses were built in the centre of the island and stores engaged in business but some birds barely left their nests.

More than 100 birds had the hobby of living in trees and chirping! Fierce birds also had wild and tough battles in the dungeon and hunting ground of Lavias. Additionally, there were the eggs that haven’t hatched yet. Many avians walking around didn’t even know English.


Paek paek paek paek!

The birds on Lavias ran around flapping their wings and making a lot of noise. The birds on the ground also flapped their wings in an uproar. Baran village on the ground had no idea about what was happening in the sky. Ever since Baran village fell into the hands of the Embinyu Church, very few users stayed there.

“What is this?”

“Shh, an event seems to be happening.”

“Then what is it? We can’t go near that area.”

The birds filled the streets, trees and fences of Lavias. Users were unable to come near this area and were force to watch from a distance. Golden Bird allowed them to calm down before saying.

“The continent has fallen into disorder. Humans are moaning in pain so our n.o.ble group can’t just watch.”

Normally when hearing such a speech, humans would clap and cheer.

Tweet tweet.

Piyak piyak.

Kkwae kwae kwaeek!

The small and young birds opened their wings and cried out in agreement.

“These days humans in the Rosenheim Kingdom aren’t farming properly.”

“It is becoming increasingly difficult to obtain nutritious rice.”

“I don’t like eating worms…”

The avians were used to luxurious tastes. They also experienced difficulties when humans went to war. Golden Bird was a leader that could affect the fate of the entire race.

“We will go to the North.”

“What is there?”

A small and cute-looking yellow bird asked.

“There is fine grain there and you can eat as much as you want.”

The avians decided to move due to these words! The avians didn’t just pack their belongings and fly to the north. Such a method was possible but it wasn’t necessary. That afternoon, Lavias the sky island started to move.

The whole island was moving through the sky towards the north. All the dungeons, hunting grounds and shops were moved.


“It isn’t possible to do this alone. I have to bring Yellowy!”

He was reminded of Yellowy’s existence whenever hard work was required. Weed decided to report the success of the Radiant Sword quest in Rhodium first.

“I’ve developed my sculpting in order to protect the Versailles Continent.”

It was instinctual to make attempts to raise his intimacy.

-Sword of Light that Splits Everything has been completed.

The highly acclaimed sculptor Weed has proven that he is also a genius with the sword.

Radiant Sword.

His swordplay is enough to travel the continent and kill wicked people.

-Fame has increased by 850.
-Your level has risen.
-Strength has increased by 6.
-Agility has increased by 5.
-You have overcome the harsh storm and succeeded in your sword training.

All stats have increased by 3.

The eyes of the old man in Rhodium changed. At first Weed was just a general user but now he was treated as a genius sculptor.

“You have done a lot. How fantastic. With this degree, it won’t be impossible for you to express a radiant beauty. Then the other sculpture…..”

“I’m still in the process of making it.”

“I’ll believe in you and wait. If you finish this successfully then I can entrust you with an important task. Please continue to work hard on sculpting.”

“Of course.”

Weed often made sculptures so he was confident about his skill. He didn’t find training in a storm that difficult. Forget strength and fatigue. The wellspring of his imagination was money!


Weed returned to the north with Yellowy to make his nature sculpture.

“I don’t have to think too big. All I need to think about is including the sky, earth and flowers.”

He made clouds out of river water for his nature sculpture. It was time consuming but it was nothing compared to the first one he made. But it was a large piece of land so making the sculpture wasn’t easy.

“It is lacking in several parts…it can’t be a true nature sculpture without excessive intervention.”

Nature is more beautiful when left intact. The goal of the quest was to achieve natural beauty after time pa.s.sed. Weed’s present sculpture needed to express beauty even after a long time pa.s.sed so that made it more difficult.

“A natural beauty needs to be vibrant.”

A rich source of health. And a wonderful landscape that can ease all the worries in a person’s heart.

“This place…”

Weed clearly decided on the subject of the nature sculpture. The form of a sun setting or an aurora was naturally beautiful. He had some unforgettable memories at twilight. But there was a part missing when trying to feel the vitality of nature.

“There is a scene that I want to see at least once.”

He didn’t need to imagine it as a sculptor. It was a profession that could express anything he visualized in his mind! ‘A large number of sculptor’s skills were meant for this purpose.”


Weed decided not to think like a human. He decided to use his previous experience as a hummingbird, a wandering wolf or a jumping kangaroo as examples.

Sculpture Transformation allowed him to change his body and look at the world from the viewpoint of that species. Humans tried to change everything to suit their own comfort but animals adapted to live in nature.

“If I live here…”

A swamp from the point of view of a salamander. A large river crossed here but the flow of water was really quick and the river area high. There wasn’t likely to be many floods so it wasn’t an appropriate place for farming from a human’s point of view. Now only large weeds grew and animals didn’t come to this wide land.

“I should create a wet and damp swamp where the shallow part of the river crosses the ground.

Weed rushed into his work.

“Great Disaster Nature Sculpting!”

He used a natural disaster.


The sinking land could be used to pull down a city or granary. It was an immensely large disaster that could destroy the ground.

“Kuhuhuk, my precious land.”

It was painful work even if Weed was just watching. A crack occurred and the shallow river flowed into it, causing a pond to be built. If this was the only big change then the once peaceful and beautiful landscape looked ruined.

“Time will resolve this. Broken nature will heal over time. As I progress, there will be many variables so I have to manage every detail.”

There was no choice but to rely on his senses. In the meantime Weed had travelled to many places and seen different types of animals.

“If there is a swamp then many animals and plants can live there. A reed field will naturally form…and it would be nice to have a thick forest.”

Weed made Yellowy plough the land while he scattered seeds and fruit. But unlike the past, he gave Yellowy specially cooked food and also stroked his head. There was a reason for his particularly affectionate behaviour.

“Umoooo. Isn’t this the seed of the man-eating vines from the forest of the elves, Master?”

“I don’t know. I somehow got it. Just plant it for the time being.”

“The elves said it will grow to more than 70 meters in height…umoooo.”

“Just pour it on the ground!”

Strong, rooted trees would grow up well.

“The animals living here, the rain and wind will do the rest.”

Weed worked in a wide area but there was still a lot of land remaining. If he composed it well then it could turn into a great agricultural area for Morata. Currently farmers couldn’t enter here due to the roaming monsters. He couldn’t help sighing impatiently while creating the swamp and forest.

“What else could I make from this?”

This time it was from the view of a land owner!

“I really shouldn’t have…”

Icecap, forests, sandy deserts and flowing glaciers. They were tolerable places for people. But their presence meant it was impossible for people to live there and the land value would never rise.

“It is a problem yet I am still purposefully creating the sculpture.”

It didn’t fit in with the surrounding environment. A swamp couldn’t be placed next to a desert or a snowy area. Nature had to exist in harmony with its surroundings.

“If this wasn’t such an extreme case…there isn’t one land owner that would like it.”

Once the land subsidence was accomplished, he placed rocks to direct the flow of the water.


“You called.”

Dirtman emerged from the ground.

The elemental didn’t have full strength with Weed gave birth to it so it was like an immature son. But Weed often summoned it to reinforce his ability. Dirtman could use magic related to the earth and its movements became faster as it matured. The curved back gradually straightened but its old appearance didn’t change.

“Place the stones here.”

“Tell me the size and number that you want.”

“Bigger would be better. Approximately 30,000 of them? And the colour should be red or brown.”

Weed was its master so the elemental calmly did its job.

“Understood, Master.”

The strong point about an elemental was its obedience. The summoned Dirtman could do the work of 60 people. Stones buried deep under the ground or were far away was pulled over with magic.

Of course, Dirtman had to borrow his mana to work the earth. Weed’s mana flowed out like the tide. Eventually Dirtman borrowed less mana from Weed.

Rocks were rising from the centre of the future swamp.

“Is this size sufficient?”

Weed’s heart didn’t admire the rocks moved by Dirtman. When considering the size of this area, it was pebble sized at best. He needed to make a landscape that would be admired!

“No. Much larger. The rocks should come from the mountains. Is that possible?”

“It isn’t possible to bring those big rocks with my ability.”

“I guess so.”

Placing the rocks consumed an enormous amount of mana.

“But rocks can be made of sand.”

“I’ll bring it immediately.”

Red sandstone mainly formed in a desert area! Dirtman worked tirelessly to form red sandstones in this area. Meanwhile Weed carved his sculpture.

“I should end this properly. Nature Sculpting!”

Only shallow water was running into the planned swamp site. He used Nature Sculpting to make fog from water and clogged water channels.

“It won’t be possible to farm here again.”

The fog gradually spread due to the effect of Nature Sculpting!


Yellowy quivered his tail and cried out.

“This seems insufficient…”

Weed wasn’t satisfied with the sculpture. But the terrain of this place was completely changed so he had to leave the rest to time.

“The basic part is to call over the fairies. It needs to be something good.”

Cooking something with honey was necessary to lure out the fairies for the quest. Honey ribs and honey pork belly! People eating it thought it was a strange taste but meat and honey was the perfect complement for fairies.

“This bottle was worth every penny.”

Weed added honey to matured whiskey. The so-called honey distilled spirits!

The fairies wouldn’t show up in front of a wicked person. It was difficult to find them. But once they liked someone, they would sometimes come out to play tricks.

-Sniff sniff, what is that smell?

One fairy was already sitting down on Weed’s shoulder. A fairy sleeping in his hair emerged while sniffing. The fairy was smaller than a fly. Usually fairies were small but there were also large ones the size of a finger. Although they were small, they had the best sense of smell and clear, transparent wings.

-Sniff, for me?

”And your friends.”

-I want to eat it alone.

“I won’t give it.”

-I’ll bring them!

“As many as possible.”

The fairy opened a spatial tear and disappeared before returning 10 seconds later. Its friends were dragged along.

-What is this enchanting smell?

-Something that we can eat.

The fairies attached themselves to the food that Weed prepared. The fairies ate luxury dishes made with advanced cooking skills.

-Any fish? I like fish.

This was also a restaurant where the fairies could set orders. Weed made a sardine stir fry with honey spread on it.

-Wah, fish that lives in the sea.

-So sweet.

The fairies quickly ate 1 sardine each. Once their stomachs were full, the fairies showed interest in their surroundings.

-Where are we?

-It is completely different from when I came here last time.

-It changed strangely.

-Is this a place where we can play?

-How complex and exciting!

The fairies swam in the water and played tag among the sandstones.

-This has become the Fairies’ Playground.

The natural power of the fairies are maximized.

The terrain is changing.


The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor

The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor

Dalbic Jogaksa, LMS, 달빛조각사
Score 8.6
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Artist: , Released: 2007 Native Language: Korean
The man forsaken by the world, the man a s*ave to money and the man known as the legendary God of War in the highly popular MMORPG Continent of Magic. With the coming of age, he decides to say goodbye, but the feeble attempt to earn a little something for his time and effort ripples into an effect none could ever have imagined. Through a series of coincidences, his legendary avatar is sold for 3 billion won, bringing great joy to him, only to plunge him into despair at losing almost all of it to vicious loan sharks. With revelation of money through gaming, he rises from the abyss with new found resolve and steps forward into the new age of games led by the first ever Virtual Reality MMORPG, Royal Road. This is the legend of Lee Hyun on his path to becoming Emperor with only his family’s loving heart, his boundless desire for money, his unexpected mind, his diligently forged body and the talent of hard work backing him.


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