The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor Volume 32 Chapter 8

Chapter 8) Large b.l.o.o.d.y Battle

“I’ll make you experience the pains of h.e.l.l!”

“I won’t make the same mistake as last time. Storm Blizzard!”

Black magic poured out of Montus’s body. Roderick created many layers of protection magic around his body before also using magic. The collision of magic that made the labyrinth shake wildly! The greatest and flas.h.i.+est magic battle was developing.

Rather than the 30 demon soldiers, the most urgent thing for Weed was stopping the Talloss eggs from hatching.


“You called.”

“I’m sorry for bringing you here. You finally found life again but you can’t even live it peace and relaxation.”

“I’m satisfied at being able to fight. A battle like this is exactly what I wanted.”

Fortunately there wasn’t any problems regarding his intimacy with Bahamorg.

‘If he survives the last battle then I can continue to make him work.’

The wandering demon soldiers decided to tackle the paladins. Bahamorg and Weed were in front but the paladins with their holy power was considered more of a threat by the demons.

“Carry out a thorough defence formation! Bahamorg, go in front and endure as much as possible. I will fight separately. Blink!”

Weed moved next to a Talloss egg and wielded the Red Star.


-The Talloss egg has been broken.

“I need to break them before they hatch.”

Weed used a skill contained in the Red Star. At this rate, he felt anxious that the dragon might come for the Red Star but it couldn’t be helped.

“Summon Fire Hydra!”

The Red Star’s magic was used and Fire Hydras appeared everywhere.

“Cook everything!”

The Fire Hydras spewed fire at the Talloss eggs. The fire even reached the eggs hanging from the ceiling and walls. Weed’s mana rapidly recovered thanks to the influence of the Red Star. It is sufficient to use a powerful skill.

“Radiant Sword!”

It wasn’t the ordinary Radiant Sword but the one that called a thunderbird. Weed swung his sword dozens of times.

The skill to call the thunderbird takes some time to kick in. Every time the sword moved, a thread of energy from the sword was pulled to slowly form the appearance of a thunderbird. And when the thunderbird’s appearance was completely formed.


The thunderbird cried out and flew forward.

Kwarung! Kwarururung!


Thunderbolts struck everywhere as the thunderbird flew around. Not only that, the flames swirled and rose higher. The Red Star’s attack skill was enhanced. The thunderbird drove thunderbolts and flames away from it by elegantly flapping its wings.

-Experience has been acquired.
-Experience has been acquired.
-Your level has risen.

Weed utilized his wide area skill in a location with many Talloss eggs. The Talloss eggs cracked and were destroyed by the fire or thunderbolt strikes. The thunderbird continued shooting thunderbolts as it gradually disappeared.

But there are still eggs that weren’t destroyed. This was an old palace so there were many eggs that lay in the ground or in cracks in the numerous pillars. They were starting to wake up from the surrounding turmoil. The battle with the demon soldiers was a problem but it would become more dangerous if the Talloss woke up.

“Paladin Unit 1, come forward. Break all the eggs not cooked by the fire!”

The paladins were fighting heavily against the demons but Weed couldn’t destroy all the eggs alone and was forced to mobilize some.

“Under Lugh’s name.”

“Demons weren’t born evil so I hope you go to a better place.”

Dozens of paladins struck the eggs with their swords. There was a minimum of 2,000 eggs so it would be a big deal if they all hatched. The Talloss that had already woken up headed to the paladins and spewed out a blue liquid.

“I have to make a really quick judgement.”

He only saw the environment once but it was replaying endlessly in his head.

Roderick and Montus. The two of them were using all types of advanced magic against each other. Roderick used the Haste spell in order to increase his movement speed. He was able to show movement that made a chase difficult while showing the terrible power of a magician. Roderick also summoned the Fire Golem to help him deal with Montus.

Every time the magic crashed against Montus, there was a repulsion force that would cause a shockwave.

“Roderick needs to win in as short a time as possible….”

The demons soldiers were showing superior attack power despite the paladins’ defence. The number of Talloss hatching and walking on the ground was piling up.

They even ate the corpses of the colleagues who had died. Roderick was too busy trying not to die, let alone help the paladins and priests. It would be good if Roderick could defeat Montus quickly but that didn’t happen.

‘He was also defeated in the past so there is no guarantee he will win this time.’

It didn’t matter what tactics Weed used as the demon soldiers were too strong. A battle against strong enemies was occurring in a limited s.p.a.ce so the defence formation of the paladins couldn’t retreat.

Bahamorg was being circled by 5 demons. He had strong defence so he didn’t fall down immediately. However, he wouldn’t be able to endure for long. Everyone was being a.s.saulted by the demon soldiers while made it difficult to attempt to reverse the situation.

Weed was worried about this. It was impossible to manage the troops and subordinates properly in a melee fight on the Versailles Continent. He just thought it was fortunate that he could survive on the front lines. It wasn’t easy to take care of his body as well as command.

“I have to suffer. There is no end to my unlucky fate.”

Although the Talloss were a problem, he needed to take care of the demon soldiers to prevent being wiped out. Weed used Blink to appear next to a demon soldier attacking Bahamorg.

“Heriam Fencing!”

The flaming Red Star continuously cut the demon soldiers. Weed had changed into a chaos warrior and received various blessings so his strength and physique became larger. The change in weight from his larger body could make his attack stronger.

Weed pressed back the demon soldiers using Heriam Fencing. It was important to attack quickly and to hit the enemy’s weak point with a critical blow.

-The demon soldier Rukresia has gained additional fire damage.
-The defence of the Rukresia has been ignored!
-The demon soldier Rukresia has been continuously hit in its left shoulder.

Strength and sense of balance has decreased.

-The body of the demon soldier Rukresia has been completely covered by the flames of the Red Star.

3,890 damage will be dealt every second.

Weed pushed back the demon soldier with Heriam Fencing.

“Fire Explosion!”

The demon soldier’s body exploded into flames like a fireball hit it.

-The demon soldier Rukresia couldn’t survive the concentrated attacks and has been destroyed.

More than half of its health remained but the continuous strong attacks have killed it. The Red Star showed overwhelming combat ability once he transformed into a chaos warrior.


-The Havana Leaf with a special quality has been acquired.
-A high purity Mithril Helmet has been acquired.

“There are 29 left.”

There was a smile on Weed’s face despite the disadvantageous situation.

High purity Mithril Helmet. It was a helmet that a level 400 knight belonging to the Morningstar Guild had worn. It was made by a dwarven blacksmith so it had exception defence and options to enhance the effect of combat skills.

The demon soldiers wandered all around Roderick’s Labyrinth and probably ended up here. Once Weed was done with his appraisal, he moved on to another demon soldier. 3 demon soldiers were trying to trample the priests beyond the paladin’s barrier. A demon soldier was in front of Alveron who absolutely had to be protected.


Weed hurled attacks towards the 3 demons using the Red Star. He couldn’t fully succeed in a surprise attack like before. The demons had very high intelligence and began to take precautions as soon as their colleagues died.


“Kyaaat! Hot.”

The 3 demon soldiers easily blocked Weed’s attacks and struck back.

A melee fight!

Weed couldn’t leave the paladins to die. The 10 paladins who went out to break the Talloss eggs were killed by the demon soldiers.

“The eggs are waking up!”

“We have to stop the Talloss eggs from approaching.”

Weed stopped the demon soldiers’ offensive while surveying the situation. The paladins and priests were holding out against the demon soldiers.


“G.o.ddess Freya, please receive the feeble me who has succ.u.mbed to these evil presences.”

The paladins couldn’t endure the enemy’s attacks anymore and were dying. The Talloss were growing bigger as time pa.s.sed. Their body was the length of an adult and the legs were several metres thick. The large Talloss broke through the paladin’s defence formation, causing many of them to die.

“We finally came here but at this rate, we’ll be wiped out.”


20 minutes pa.s.sed and only 200 paladins were left. Around one third of the priests were sacrificed but the more serious problem was the mana consumed. If they ran out of mana then they wouldn’t be able to use holy magic to fight or treat injuries.

Weed desperately struggled against the demon soldiers with his entire body injured. At least 3~4 demon soldiers were attacking him. If it wasn’t for the Red Star’s power and the priests’ emergency healing then he would’ve died already. If the priests’ mana was depleted then he would need to fight without any healing.

“Everyone jump at me!”

Weed yelled using Lion’s Roar. It was necessary to shout in order to raise the morale of the paladins.

“I won’t kill you easily. I’ll let you taste a long and painful torment.”

“Kukuku. No one will get out of here alive.”

Weed fought back against the demon soldiers. The demons had superior physiques and power so Weed had no choice but to be in a crisis. The demons recognized that Weed was a threat so they always jumped him in groups.

“It won’t be.”

Weed turned around and ran away.


“There is no way to escape h.e.l.l.”

The demon soldiers flapped their wings and fiercely chased after him. He lured the demon soldiers into the dangerous place where Roderick was using his magic.

“Completely burn down!”

A top ranked fire magic!


Montus avoided the magic attack that Roderick unleashed. But the 5 demon soldiers chasing Weed in the area were hit by the magic. Unfortunately, 3 of them survived but were frozen. It was only a short time but he completely understood how to fight with Roderick.


Weed formed 10 clones. And they cruelly attacked the frozen demon soldiers.

-The demon soldier Jenpian has been destroyed.

Fame has increased by 97 for all those who partic.i.p.ated in the battle.

-The demon soldier Kruni has been destroyed.

Fame has increased by 142 for all those who partic.i.p.ated in the battle.

-The demon soldier Malelus has been destroyed.

Fame has increased by 198 for all those who partic.i.p.ated in the battle.

-You have fought bravely against the demon soldiers.

Fighting spirit and strength increased by 1.

“There are still demons to take care of.”

The paladins and priests died but they still dealt damage to the demons. They reduced the demons by 13 but their health and vitality were tired. Weed had used the chance to take care of 8 demons with Roderick’s magic. The paladins lured the demons deeply and took care of them.

“Bahamorg is there so the paladins and priests can endure for a while.”

The recovery ability of the demon soldiers was very slow. Even if their health remained, their combat capability would decrease due to the lack of mana. The paladins and priests had rapid recovery so they fight against the demons. The problem was the Talloss eggs awakening.



The hatched Talloss didn’t care about who won between the demons and the paladins. They just ate the demons or paladins closest to them. They also grew the more they ate.

“Ah, no! G.o.ddess Freya, don’t forsake your faithful servant!”

“If Lugh’s Sword breaks in a place like this…”

Despite Weed’s leaders.h.i.+p, the morale of the paladins and priests was rapidly falling. Their colleagues were dying and the devil Montus was spreading a dark influence.

“Buried Breath.”

“Deep Pipe!”

The priests used blessings while the devil cast insidious dark magic.

“How could I fall…?”

“Kikilkil! Why has G.o.ddess Freya abandoned me?”

The paladins and priests were organized but it was clear that the situation wasn’t positive.

“At this rate, everyone is going to die. Even if we win against the demons, how many will be able to survive…and if Montus wins then no one will survive.. I didn’t go to so much trouble to get here just to die.”

He was concerned about the battle between Roderick and Montus. Montus’ overwhelming magic meant that Roderick was constantly running and evading. If this situation continued with the Talloss joining then the paladins would unconditionally be wiped out. It was the same for Weed, Bahamorg and the priests.

“I need to gamble…strike at Montus. I need to do it immediately.”

Weed decided to make a gamble.


“Yes, Weed-nim.”

Alveron was wearing a white robe and treating the paladins. If it wasn’t for him and Derian then the paladin’s defence wall would’ve already collapsed. Bahamorg faced several demon troopers at once but fortunately he could endure it.

“I want you to keep an eye on me and heal me when needed. I need to stay alive if we all want to live.”

“I understand.”

Alveron’s power was a great help to the priests yet Weed specified to only heal him.


Weed used his movement skill to show up near Montus. Montus’ backside had a tail but it was still on the safe side.

“One point attack!”

He concentrated on cutting Monstus’ right wing.

-The third wing on the lower devil Montus’ right side has been cut.

151 damage has been dealt due to his physical defence.

The Red Star adds 344 flame damage.

-The third wing on the lower devil Montus’ right side has been cut.

213 damage has been dealt due to his physical defence.

The Red Star adds 358 flame damage.

-You have dealt a critical blow.

9% damage has been added.

The Red Star adds 698 flame damage.

-You have dealt a critical blow.

11% damage has been added.

The Red Star adds 745 flame damage.

-You have dealt a critical blow.

14% damage has been added.

The Red Star adds 916 flame damage.

It was unexpectedly huge damage! The attack damage was quite high despite the defence. But the wings were one of the most fragile parts of Montus so the effect of the repeated attacks showed. The 3rd wing on Montus’ right side was wrapped in flames.

“Kuaah! This human dares touch me.”

Montus was furious at being attacked with fire. More than the health lost, his honour and pride had been hurt. He threw the fireball in his hand that had been intended for Roderick towards Weed.


Weed showed up on the opposite side of Montus. And continued to damage the other wings.

“Feel the pain!”

Montus twisted and swung his tail at Weed. He also flapped the damaged wings. The melee combat using Blink!

Weed’s body was quite large as a chaos warrior. But Montus was triple his size. It was to the extent that just spreading out the wings made the s.p.a.ce seem small. It was a miracle that he managed to avoid the devil’s attack. Montus slammed his foot into the ground and caused a shockwave.

“Frozen Field!”

Then Roderick’s voice chanting a spell was heard.

“Don’t tell me…”

-You have entered the sphere of influence of Frozen Field.

Your body tried to resist but it is frozen.

Health has decreased by 32,985.

Movement is slowed.

White particles of ice touched the area Weed and Montus were in and froze them. He wasn’t a species with a special resistance but the flames of the Red Star meant his body wasn’t completely hardened.

“G.o.ddess Freya, this person respects your will so make sure he doesn’t yield to the enemy. Divine Recovery!”

Alveron quickly filled up his health and raised his tolerance to the cold. Weed sneaked out of the frozen field and neared Montus again.

Roderick had cast an intense magic attack despite Weed being in the area. Montus had to avoid Roderick’s magic attack as well as Weed’s strikes to his wings. Montus used magic while striking the ground with his tail and walked forward.

“Chukarulla’s Teeth!”

Roderick wasn’t aiming for an attack magic. Large fangs rose from the ground around Montus and shot into the air.

It was a magic aimed at destroying all lifeforms in the area. Weed used Blink to narrowly avoid a fang. Of course, there was a limit to how many times Blink could be used because it consumed quite a bit of mana. Therefore he couldn’t use any other attack skills and had to depend on the Red Star’s power.

“Let’s see this through to the end!”

Once the effect of the magic disappeared, Weed appeared again to cut Montus’ wings. Montus mainly used magic but his physical damage was strong enough to crush the pillars and walls. His tails and arms moved in order to stop the attacks on his wings. Weed didn’t realize that he had already been targeted by Montus.

-Your body has been stabbed by a wind spear.

Health has decreased by 28,193.

-The Sudden Strike magic is following you.

Weed was chased after by a tracking spell. Dozens of attack magic followed like a comet as he used Blink.

“This really isn’t easy!”

He moved his body as he hit the magic with the Red Star. Alveron treated any injuries received from not being able to dodge. Weed looked at Montus while pretending to fight the demon soldiers.

‘Obviously he is aiming for me.’

Montus’ wings were still on fire.

‘It is impossible for him to stand it.’

Weed had already grasped his personality. Devils were proud of their wings.

“Stigma of Sacrifice.”

Not surprisingly, Montus unleashed a magic attack. Letters made of gold light flew towards Weed. Weed was fighting against the demons when he suddenly used a skill.


Montus’ stigma hit the demons.


The stigma was stamped upon 3 demons. The demons aged rapidly as they lost health. The demons who received the magic damage died. It was a strategy that risked his life in order to use Montus to kill the demons.

“More people will survive as the number of demons are reduced.”

Weed used his combat experience while facing the boss monster Montus to clean up the demons. If he made one small mistake and failed to escape from the magic then he would be dead.

‘I can’t deal significant damage to Montus even when I pour all my power into it.’

The wings had weak defence but Montus wouldn’t die from that. When Montus’ body was attacked, the Red Star’s damage was only enough to give scratches. Of course, there was fire damage but that fire would go out.

His attacks weren’t a special help but it annoyed Montus and drew his attention away from Roderick. Roderick was able to prepare attack magic against Montus without any interference thanks to Weed. Weed had the most dangerous role.

“Spatial Cut!”

Roderick was able to recite a long incantation for a large magic spell.

“I have to suffer so other people can feel comfortable. It is consistent with my destiny!”

Weed was. .h.i.t by Montus in order to allow Roderick to cast his large magic. Weed persistently cut the devil’s wings while Roderick prepared his spell. Montus opened his blazing wings and roared violently.

“These tras.h.!.+ A honourable warrior shouldn’t just run away. A fair fight!”

Weed wasn’t hurt by Montus’ accusations.

“I’m going to take that as a compliment.”

It was evidence of how he lived his life that he could get a devil to say bad things about him.

“I have to live a long life so I can collect my pensions!”

Montus’ wings were damaged by the wings while he also suffered under Roderick’s devastating spell. Of course, Montus’ health was high so it wasn’t to the extent that he would die. Montus had high magic resistance so he still had half his health left.

The devil Montus had high resilience that could endure advanced magic! The only hope was that his recovery power was low.

“I need to help Roderick. I have to use everything available. Blink!”

Weed lured Montus into the area with the Talloss before attacking. Montus was a lower devil but the Talloss still tried to eat him. There was no reason behind the Talloss’ actions. They just wanted to eat everything.


Montus tried to step on them.


Then Montus became angry and gave a loud shriek.

-You have heard Montus’ scream that started from the bottom of h.e.l.l.

Morale has decreased by 89%.

You have resisted an abnormal state.

You have resisted an abnormal state.

You have resisted an abnormal state.

The probability of skills succeeding has decreased.

You have resisted an abnormal state.



“G.o.ddess Freya, give us faith and strength.”

“Lugh, please create a miracle!”

Weed was okay but the paladins and priests were a mess. Their protection skills, holy aura’s and treatment magic failed.


Some of the priests with low health collapsed and changed into a grey light as they died. Health and mana was consumed due to Montus’ scream!

Weed rushed to use Lion’s Roar. He needed to take command of the situation even without the treatment effects.

“Go to the corner and maintain a thorough defence situation! Defend each other until the curse is cancelled!”

The major effects of Montus’ scream made the paladins and priests vulnerable. They had a religious occupation so there was some resistance. Ordinary knights and soldiers would’ve been wiped out at once. Only Bahamorg who had a high fighting spirit wasn’t affected.

“These people are like worms. They are trash. You aren’t necessary. Everyone should die.”

Montus stayed in one place and didn’t aim at Weed or Roderick. He attacked all visible living things, including the demon soldiers. The demonic aura around Montus’ spread further and the power of his magic spell increased by 1.5 times. It was the so called berserk condition.

Weed took a rest as he protected the priests and paladins in the corner along with Bahamorg. While the paladins and priests were praying in an effort to cancel the curse, Weed anxiously watched Montus running out of control.

Roderick was also close by.

“I’m sorry to drag you into this difficult fight.”

“Can you defeat Montus?”

“It is difficult.”

“That…didn’t you say you had confidence to fight by yourself?”

“He has become stronger than me. The devil has stayed here for a long time so he built up his abilities. In the past he wasn’t this strong…”

“I need to study your sculpting research!”

“It is in my laboratory through that hallway.”

All the Talloss eggs were in between.

“Are there demon soldiers there as well?”

“It seems so. And Montus is going to finish with those guys soon. Montus is so filled with anger that he won’t stop before killing everyone here. Especially since he dislikes you so much.”

Even if Weed managed to escape the labyrinth, the quest would be a failure if he didn’t obtain the research records. The demon soldiers were seized by Montus and died in vain. The demon soldiers’ magic couldn’t deal any special damage to Montus.

The fire burning his wings still hadn’t gone out as Montus ma.s.sacred those around him. His intentions were obvious once he starting breaking the Talloss eggs. He wanted to get rid of everyone else first before dealing with Weed and Roderick.

The impatient nature of a devil!

“If I fail then the next person might be able to hunt him down.”

Weed had to consider this. The current battle was behind relayed to the entire world through various broadcasting stations. The next person who came here could a.n.a.lyse the magic Montus used, his health and mana and how to kill him.

They also learnt that quickly breaking the eggs would increase the prospect of success. Of course, there weren’t a lot of guilds that could form an expedition of this level. If they didn’t have courage then they couldn’t enter Roderick’s Labyrinth.

A person like Weed who had a unfortunate destiny and needed to enter for a quest was rare.


The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor

The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor

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