The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor Volume 32 Chapter 9

Chapter 9) Great Achievement

“This isn’t good.”

Weed placed a bandage around Roderick’s injury.

“There’s no need. My body will disappear soon…”

“No. We are comrades who are fighting together.”

It was a warm comradery that made it feel like dirt was in his eyes!

“Fellow comrade…I’m a lone magician. That’s how I ended up like I did last time.”

The arrogant Roderick couldn’t hide his melancholy.

“It’s not too late. Now is an opportunity to correct that mistake.”

“Montus is stronger than me.”

“If we combine forces then there will be a way.”

“You won’t be much help.”

Magicians had really different personalities. Rather than friends.h.i.+p, loyalty or dedication, they judged a situation with calmness. It was good when a battle could be won but lacking when it was a disadvantageous situation.

“Roderick-nim can only exist in this world for another hour. Why don’t you fight enthusiastically while being prepared to risk your life?”

“Prepared to die….I’m already dead.”

“You will regret not doing your best for the sake of the world.”

“I understand what you’re talking about.”

Roderick began meditating to gather mana. The paladins and priests were praying piously to cancel the curse.

Weed took a break as he watched Montus running wild. Meanwhile, the Red Star’s flames fully restored his health and mana.


-Your body is in the best condition.

The demon soldiers and Talloss were being smashed by Montus. Currently the Talloss were belatedly waking up from their eggs and Montus was taking out his anger towards Roderick and Weed on them.

Bahamorg’s body returned to normal after using bandages and eating boiled potatoes. He had the resilience appropriate for a hero of the Arpen Empire.

Weed spoke to Roderick.

“I have a request.”

“What is it?”

“We have to join forces now.”

“I will fight my own way. I don’t fight like a warrior.”

Roderick was an existence difficult to handle. He was a legendary magician so it was hard to ask for cooperation.

“I know. But I’d like it if you only use fire type magic when I’m around Montus.”

“I am well versed in fire magic so I can accept your request. If you buy some time then I can use a higher ranking magic…”

“Thank you. If we beat Montus then it is all due to Roderick-nim.”

It didn’t cost a lot so Roderick willingly agreed. And Weed also spoke to the paladins.

“We cannot allow this devil who goes against the G.o.ds’ will to cause chaos on the Versailles Continent.”

“We are ready to fight at any time.”

Derian who was acting as the representative replied. However, there were still half of the paladins who hadn’t shaken off Montus’ curse. They weren’t fit for battle yet and needed to rest. If they fought a boss monster like Montus in such a condition then they would die.

“You will be swept away if you gather in groups. Give long distance support using crossbows and holy magic.”

“Will that be enough?”

“Let’s just see.”

Weed wanted to save as much paladins as possible. He couldn’t recover the contribution if they didn’t return to the religious societies. Besides, the aspect of this battle changed now that it was near the end.


Montus only had 2 wings remaining. He was filled with fury and wanted to kill everything, including Weed and Roderick. Of course, he was like that from the beginning but it was risky now that he was crazily attacking.

Weed had no option but to survive. And the monster was raising both arms while murmuring something.


Weed started to move at that moment.

“Fire leaking from the land, large flames falling from the sky.”

Roderick cast a magic spell.

-The aura of fire has been absorbed.

Maximum health, mana and vitality will increase.

Your strength will continue to grow.

Weed was a chaos warrior so this spell was better than any blessing. The flames attacked the devil. Weed jumped towards the strongest existence he had ever fought to date.

“Seal of Oppression!”

As expected, Montus didn’t pay any attention to defence. He just received Weed and Roderick’s attacks while casting spells. And a chain explosion occurred.

The moment the spell was fired, Weed quickly avoided it while Roderick protected himself. The priests and paladins were scattered so damage was reduced, but those that couldn’t avoid it groaned with pain.


“Merciful G.o.ddess Freya, please save me.”

The priests were killed!

“Daemon of Ice.”

Montus continuously attacked with magic. But he was in the midst of madness so he didn’t avoid any attacks. The flames burning Montus’ body hadn’t gone out yet.

“Continue attacking! Paladins keep on firing your crossbows. Even if there doesn’t seem to be any changes on the surface, he is still receiving a little damage. Priests concentrate more on attacking than healing. Holy magic attacks! The only way to reduce sacrifices is to get rid of him quickly.”

Weed directed an all-out attack. Even if the priests and paladins were low levelled, their holy magic would deal damage to demons and undead monsters.

Montus alternated between attacking Roderick and Weed but didn’t get any results. Roderick recovered with meditation while Weed cleverly used evasion manoeuvrers.

Weed drew Montus’ attention which allowed the group to attack him. This wasn’t a formal fight so he was free to use his subordinates.

“Hammer of Balker!”

This time Montus aimed for the priests. A hammer consisting of lightning fell onto the area where female priests were gathered. The hammer shot lightning all over the place as it touched the ground.


The priests couldn’t endure the attacks and were killed. Weed saw the signs and attacked but he couldn’t obstruct Montus’ magic.

“Bahamorg, you have to intercept the next time the priests receive an attack.”


Bahamorg was a hero who could block enemy attacks. It was questionable if he could interrupt Montus’ magic but he had to give the command.

‘As time, the probability of winning will increase. Montus can only stay in this berserk state for a short time.’

Weed saw a glimmer of hope. The paladins and priests used the power of their faith to fight fiercely. It was fortunate that he brought them into the labyrinth. The abilities of his subordinates had gradually grown.

“You hurt those who did nothing wrong….you will pay the price by receiving a great pain.”

Roderick suddenly shouted after the priests died. He was a legendary magician with a proud nature. But he wasn’t a bad person fundamentally. He couldn’t stand it anymore after seeing Montus injure the priests who were followers of the G.o.ds.

“Montus, I’m going to destroy you. All the mana in my body, burn without stopping. Mana Burn!”

It was a technique that burned all the mana in a magician’s body for an attack. Roderick couldn’t stomach Montus’ behaviour and used his strongest technique. When Mana Burn was used, a large explosion would occur on the opponent’s body.

Roderick’s mana was so intense that it shone brilliantly like a sun. It was concentrated on one spot and a tremendous explosion occurred.


After Mana Burn disappeared, Montus had a huge wound. Part of his upper body, including the left shoulder had disappeared.


Roderick coughed up blood and collapsed. Once Mana Burn was used, the magician would have no magic left and would fall into a state of lethargy. Even Roderick was experience mana reflux symptoms. Now almost all the mana in his body had dried up and was flowing backwards so it was difficult for Roderick to partic.i.p.ate in the battle anymore.


Weed moved to the area near Montus. He couldn’t attack after Roderick’s spell.

“This is the last stretch. All paladins divide into 3 and charge! Bahamorg, you too!”

He shouted as he slashed the Red Star towards Montus. Montus was incapable to blocking due to the Mana Burn.

“Heriam Fencing!”

Weed combined the one-point attack with Heriam Fencing.

-The chest of the lower devil has been struck.

Defence is weakened and 296 damage dealt.

The Red Star adds 489 flame damage.

-The chest of the lower devil has been struck with all your might.

457 has been dealt by hitting the injured area.

Red Star adds 869 flame damage inside the body.

-The chest of the lower devil has been struck and became cracked.

Defence has collapsed so 799 damage has been inflicted.

Red Star spread 1,129 flame damage inside the body.

-You have dealt a critical blow!

12% damage has been added.

The Red Star adds 1,643 flame damage.

-You have dealt a critical blow!

19% damage has been added.

The Red Star adds 1,939 flame damage.

-You have dealt a critical blow!

24% damage has been added.

The Red Star adds 2,402 flame damage.

Montus’ defence fell so he could inflict a lot of injuries. The Red Star set Montus ablaze every time Weed attacked. The paladins struck as they raced past while Bahamorg wielded his weapon at a short distance.

“Summon Spirit.”

The priests’ holy magic washed over Montus. If it ended like this then Montus would be the first devil killed on the Versailles Continent. Weed had no interest in a glory like this. He just wanted to eat well and live easily.

“Flame Blaster.”

Kwa kw.a.n.g!

Montus used a magic and Bahamorg and the paladins fell from the explosion. Bahamorg wasn’t injured but a large number of paladins died.

Roderick didn’t have any mana so he couldn’t resist and lost his life. He was a legendary magician but couldn’t get rid of Montus and disappeared.

And Weed was left.

-The aura of fire has been absorbed.

Strength has increased by 14%.

Fire magic was just like a blessing to Weed.

“Radiant Sword! Now there is nowhere for you to go!”


Montus stumbled as blood dripped from his body. He was damaged by the Talloss while on his rampage. Damage from Roderick’s magic had steadily acc.u.mulated, holy magic hit him and there was also Weed’s strikes. Despite that, he was still hanging on and fighting.

“All paladins, fire your crossbows at his injured areas! Priests should continue to use holy magic to harm him! Bahamorg, wait a moment and rest!”

Montus couldn’t use magic in a row like he did earlier. His injuries made the power of his magic weaker. Derian and Alveron aimed all their power at Montus.

“All of you should die with me. D…estroyer!”


-The lower devil Montus has used the large spell Destroyer.

This spell will offer his soul to destroy all life forms in the area. The power is akin to the magician’s spell Ultimate Destruction.

There is 6 minutes left until the large spell Destroyer is completed.

Roderick didn’t use the Ultimate Destruction spell in the labyrinth. The reason was because it required a vast amount of mana and a long chanting time. Ultimate Destruction was a spell that could blow up a whole castle.

Montus used up all his mana and offered his soul in order to destroy Weed.

Weed felt like tipping over a table.

“Indiscriminately attack!”

If he couldn’t kill Montus within 6 minutes then the whole labyrinth would blow up. It would be the end of the sculptors’ research records. The secret sculpting technique would also completely disappear.

“Radiant Sword!”

Light and fire emerged from the Red Star at the same time.

“This b.a.s.t.a.r.d! Just die.”

All of Weed’s attacks were aimed at Montus’ heart. The devil wouldn’t die even with his limbs broken. Weed had to aim at the head or the heart. As Montus’ spell progressed, the labyrinth started shaking like there was an earthquake. The pillars tilted and collapsed while stone sculptures fell from the ceiling.

The paladins ran around but their bodies were still affected by the curse and they received intense injuries. The Talloss that belatedly woke up were looking for food again. The priest and paladins caught off guard lost their health as they were eaten.

Weed couldn’t go rescue them. Montus had already turned into a solid ma.s.s of fire thanks to Weed’s continuous offensives with the Red Star. Montus’ health was constantly shrinking.

‘I can’t beat him like this.’

Montus’ heath was rapidly decreasing but he had a high fire resistance. Weed was able to exert the best damage after turning into a chaos warrior and using the Red Star. But it was insufficient.

‘Right now I need more damage…I am lacking in attack power as a sculptor. It is why Bardray won.’

Even if he combined one point attack with Heriam Fencing, he wouldn’t be able to eliminate Montus in time. Then an idea flashed in Weed’s mind like lightning.

“Derian, toss me Lugh’s Sword!”

Derian was protecting the priests from the Talloss. But he turned around and threw the sword without hesitation at Weed’s scream.

“We definitely need to finish off the devil.”

It was the sword belonging to the G.o.d Lugh!

“Sculpture Transformation release.”

Weed put away the Red Star and changed back into a human. And he caught Lugh’s Sword. It was the sword that he returned to the Church of Lugh after defeating Barkhan. It was a sword with the divine power fully recovered.

Once Sculpture Transformation was released, his health was so low that one proper hit would kill him. But this was the only way.

-You have grasped Lugh’s Sword that fell to this land.

You have been recognized by the Church of Lugh and am qualified to handle the sword.

Faith will triple.

You can borrow the power of the sun to attack the enemies.

It is possible to cause a miracle due to your Faith.

Dark mana will be restrained.

Monsters below intermediate level will yield.

The body’s recovery ability will double.

“Sculptural Destruction! Everything into strength!”

Weed broke a Fine sculpture of a ‘Lion Lying Down.’

-You have used Sculptural Destruction.

The pain of destroying a Fine sculpture! The grief!

5 Art stats have permanently disappeared. Fame has decreased by 100.

The Art stat has been converted to Strength for one day.

Your Art stat is too high. Strength stat is too low so the conversion won’t be completed all at once.

890 Strength has been changed to the level 8 advanced skill ‘Severe Blow.’

When hitting enemies with the exact amount of power, enemies will be blown away.

Probability of causing paralysis and confusion has increased.

980 Strength has been changed to the level 7 advanced skill ‘Piercing Spear.’

The opponent’s s.h.i.+eld and armour will be smashed by the powerful attack.

1,430 Strength has been changed to the level 9 advanced skill ‘Momentary Herculean Strength.’

Power will triple for a short amount of time. Enormous vitality is required.

850 Strength is utilized to maximize the sword’s base damage.

The durability will decrease quickly but the sword’s offense will increase by 35%.

Weed cut Montus with Lugh’s Sword. The Red Star’s formidable attack had wounded Montus but Lugh’s Sword tore through his body.

-The lower devil Montus has been cut.

1,469 damage has been dealt by the severe power.

The holy power has restrained the darkness.

The holy power has dealt 3,921 damage to the devil Montus.

Lugh’s Sword cut Montus several times and weakened him. Derian couldn’t avoid Montus’ attacks so he hadn’t been able to approach to use the sword’s power. Now that Weed used Sculpture Destruction, his offensive power was enough to make Montus miserable.

“Lugh’s Miracle!”

Energy sprang out of Weed’s body.

-Lugh’s Miracle has manifested.

A miracle has occurred due to your high Faith.

You will be protected by holy power when fighting against evil forces.

Movement speed has become faster.

Destructive power has become larger.

Montus was still engulfed by the flames of Red Star. Weed’s offensive continued to push him back. His wings were also unable to endure the flames and melted. Montus’ body was rapidly rotting as he lost health.

The time remaining for the Destroyer spell was 1 minute!

“Now to finish this!”

Weed drove his sword through Montus’ chest. It accurately hit the heart!


Montus disappeared with a flash of light that made it impossible for Weed to open his eyes. It was an attack that completely reduced all of the devil’s health.

-Your level has risen.
-Your level has risen.
-Your level has risen.
-Your level has risen.
-The lower devil Montus trapped in Roderick’s Labyrinth has been destroyed.
-Fame has increased by 4,190 due to the great achievement.
-Charisma has increased by 8.
-Fighting Spirit has increased by 9.
-Strength has increased by 4.

The skill ‘Severe Blow’ has been learnt during the battle.

-Agility has increased by 7 and the skill ‘Precise Attack’ has been learnt.
-All stats have increased by 3 for those who partic.i.p.ated in the battle.
-You have fought against the devil Montus and won.

The most outstanding combat victory on the Versailles Continent has been achieved. Not even the knight Ron Daiku can accomplish such a great and holy victory.

As a combat commander, your leaders.h.i.+p over soldiers will improve.

Knights will be honoured to follow your command.

You will be hailed by all the inhabitants of the continent.

All bards on the Versailles Continent will write songs about you. Every time your song spreads, your fame will rise and infamy decrease.

Dignity has increased by 51.

Your adventure in Roderick’s Labyrinth has succeeded. You will become the idol of all adventurers.

Knights who believe in the G.o.ds will trust you.

His level rose and he also gained battle skills!

The shaking in the area stopped as Montus disappeared. After Barkhan, Lugh’s Sword killed the devil Montus as well.

Weed’s hand moved forward.

-A Devil’s Helmet has been acquired.
-A Blood Soaked Whip has been acquired.
-A huge diamond has been acquired.
-A Stone of h.e.l.l has been acquired.

The items were dropped by the devil Montus so he had high expectations.


-Devil’s Helmet: Durability 290/290. Defence 161.

A helmet left by the lower devil Montus.

Only those with absolute strength can wear it.

It is imbued with evil forces, making it dangerous for those with low Faith. When a person lacking in faith wears it, a curse will decrease their vitality and stats.

Restrictions: Level 640.

Strength 1,700.

Faith 800.

Options: Endless defence.

Enemy will be quickly engulfed in fear.

Combat skills will be reinforced when injured.

Enhanced resistance to black magic and h.e.l.l magic.

Wisdom + 98.

Knowledge + 115.

Intermediate level black magic will consume less mana.

Magic incantation time is reduced.

The power of all combat skill + 12%.

Can’t be lost.

Battle Fame + 8,000

Weed was quite satisfied with it.

The Devil’s Helmet possessed great options.

-The Blood Soaked Whip has rejected you.

You are pushed by the devil’s power and lost 3,696 health.

His Blacksmithing skill reduced the wearer restrictions. Despite that, he still couldn’t touch the Blood Soaked Whip. Weed put the whip into his backpack for safekeeping.

The paladins and priests were still fighting.

“This is disgusting. Let’s go to Roderick’s room.”

He moved towards the priests and paladins. They fought the Talloss that had woken up. Although the boss monster Montus had been defeated, the Talloss were still formidable opponents. They destroyed the Talloss and Talloss eggs.

Weed looked on from the other side of Roderick’s Labyrinth as he ate barley bread. Weed, the paladins, the priests and Bahamorg were finally able to rest. He had prepared the best dinner before fighting against Montus but now hard bread was thrown.

“You all worked really hard. Many paladins entered this labyrinth and lost their lives but Montus, the threat to the continent’s peace has been extinguished!”

Of course, Weed was responsible for them entering the labyrinth but there was no need to mention that.

“Oh, merciful G.o.ddess Freya…”

“We have managed to maintain Lugh’s brightness!”

“Their sacrifices weren’t in vain as we finished the fight.”

Weed had taken a break and recovered so now it was time to find Roderick’s research records. Now that Montus was dead, the few demon soldiers that emerged weren’t a threat. He had crossed the largest mountain and now his destination was close.

“I have opened my eyes to suffering. I will spread Lugh’s brightness.”

“G.o.ddess Freya, please guide us.”


A faint light extended from the priests and paladins. Weed had gained skills while they were promoted to a senior position.

The so-called secondary advancement!

Their levels had surpa.s.sed 400 once entering Roderick’s Labyrinth.

“Well, I used almost all my contribution…I have to make them work next time.”

Weed made a serious effect but only 150 paladins and priests remained. It showed how dangerous and tough the battles in the labyrinth were.

“Humans coming to this place…it will be where you die.”

“Kuhuhuhut, I’ll eat all of you.”

“You’ll taste pain.”

There were 10 demon soldiers located where Roderick’s research records were. So far they had fought many battles with demons so it wasn’t hard to clean up this place. The personnel had been reduced but their strength rose so they could easily hit the demon soldiers.

-The demons in Roderick’s laboratory has been overpowered.

“I finally reached here.”

Weed felt a deep emotion.

All sorts of items were kept in Roderick’s laboratory. Many items that other users would be shocked to see were covered with a thick layer of dust. Magic books, research records, reagents, jewellery with magic sealed in them, mana stones etc. were collected.

The books contained valuable high ranking magic. Magicians didn’t like to show others their magic. They tended to gain special knowledge and wisdom in one type of magic.

In Romuna’s case, she became known as ‘magician who can cause a river of fire.’ It was possible to hear her being called that in the taverns. It was a great source of pride for Romuna when store owners or workers would call her that.


-An underground map of the labyrinth has been acquired.

There was also a map that showed the correct path through Roderick’s Labyrinth.

“I’ll never come back here again but I should consider other people. I can sell it for a better price.”

He thought of other people suffering too! In the meantime, the carriages that had contained the supplies were brought into the room. Weed sat down at the desk Roderick used. He confirmed the delicate grains and stamped marks.

“This desk, it isn’t made out of an ordinary wood. The material is glossy and a good quality. Bahamorg, collect it!”

He didn’t leave one piece of furniture behind as he quickly swept up all the desks, chairs and bookshelves.


-The research records related to the history of sculpting has been acquired.

He had obtained the necessary item for the ‘Roderick’s Labyrinth’ quest.

Roderick’s laboratory was cleaned out by the movers!

“I won’t visit a place like this often so I have to gather every bit of profit. And now the problem is to exit…”

Weed opened the underground map and examined it.

“If we fight 16 more times then we can exit.”

There was no need to go back the way they came due to spatial distortion. But there were still traps and demons so the paladins would keep dying. However, his mind was relaxed because he had just achieved a really important mission.

“And let’s see, this picture here…”

A complex pattern of runes was carved on the ground of the laboratory.

“A magic movement circle.”

A teleport that would quickly move him outside! Weed had previously used it during an adventure related to the Freya Church.

“Let’s do this.”

He embedded mana stones on the ground and mana flowed along the pattern.


It amplified and gradually climbed upwards.

“Let’s go.”

Weed, the paladins, the priests, Bahamorg and the carriages entered the circle.

-Roderick’s Labyrinth has been conquered.


After a while, Weed arrived on a windy hill near Roderick’s Labyrinth. Everyone had escaped unharmed.

“First I need to confirm how to proceed with the quest.”

Weed pulled out the sculpting research records. They had exited the labyrinth and this place was safe. If he lingered here then users would visit but he wouldn’t stay that long.


-The research records related to the final secret sculpting technique has been read.

?Roderick’s Notes.

The perspective of beauty is bound to be different for each person. Going beyond the limitations and constraints of a sculpture to express beauty.

Many were scared of challenges it but sculptors had great ambitions. They might seem weak, causing the artists to laugh at them but they conquer many hards.h.i.+ps with their imagination and new creations.

Sculptors began studying the formation of a sculpture that is the most beautiful in the world.

And one sculptor made an improbable claim.

“I thought a tremendous sculpture would express radiant beauty.

But it was the small beauties that pa.s.sed by that led me to the path of sculpting.”

“A trivial thing has large meanings.”?

“I feel uneasy for some reason.

Weed felt a tremendous resentment towards the sculptors as he read up to here. He went through incredible danger in Roderick’s Labyrinth to obtain this, only to be told that small beauties held the clue.

However, it was too early to be disappointed so Weed continued reading the research records.


The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor

The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor

Dalbic Jogaksa, LMS, 달빛조각사
Score 8.6
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Artist: , Released: 2007 Native Language: Korean
The man forsaken by the world, the man a s*ave to money and the man known as the legendary God of War in the highly popular MMORPG Continent of Magic. With the coming of age, he decides to say goodbye, but the feeble attempt to earn a little something for his time and effort ripples into an effect none could ever have imagined. Through a series of coincidences, his legendary avatar is sold for 3 billion won, bringing great joy to him, only to plunge him into despair at losing almost all of it to vicious loan sharks. With revelation of money through gaming, he rises from the abyss with new found resolve and steps forward into the new age of games led by the first ever Virtual Reality MMORPG, Royal Road. This is the legend of Lee Hyun on his path to becoming Emperor with only his family’s loving heart, his boundless desire for money, his unexpected mind, his diligently forged body and the talent of hard work backing him.


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