The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor Volume 33 Chapter 3

Chapter 3) Battle on Yellowy

The challenging the Master Quest was also present at Rupoi Plains.

“I need to 100 people that are over level 300…it will be easy.”

The mixed in with the Gra.s.s Porridge Cult like the Dark Gamers. The knights were really good prey if his attacks were successful. He determined the location of gaps in armour in advance and accurately stabbed with cursed daggers.

They had a lot of health but their movements slowed and they eventually died. As’s poison was something impossible to deal with if there wasn’t a priest there. In such a confusing fight, it was impossible to be treated by priests.

After the succeeded, the would mix in with the users again. His disguise skill and the dark clothes meant he easily hid among the users.


“Well, I have decided to settle in the north so…. The Arpen Kingdom is the only one who will take us.”

“I have a personal relations.h.i.+p so I will fight for Weed.”

The Crimson Wings Guild.

They declined in a spectacular way so they couldn’t live on the Central Continent anymore. They woke up King Belsos’ curse and stabbed the Cold Roses Guild in the back when they were about to succeed against the Bone Dragon. After they died, they quietly lived in the north and decided to fight when the Haven Empire invaded.

“We will only follow King Weed….”

“Well, it will also be interesting to fight against the Hermes Guild.”

It wasn’t just the Crimson Wings Guild. Numerous guilds that settled in the Arpen Kingdom or the north entered the war.

“How dare they attacked the land that we raised!”

“Those Hermes pigs are unconscionable.”

Numerous forces from the north and the Gra.s.s Porridge Cult endlessly charged against the Haven Empire’s troops.

Red Bean Porridge, Mung Bean Porridge, Glutinous Porridge, Foxtail Millet Porridge, Cool Porridge, Black Sesame Porridge, Rice and Bean Porridge, Leek Porridge, Sprout Porridge, Pumpkin Porridge, White Rice Porridge, Wheat Porridge, Octopus Porridge, Crab Porridge, Crucian Carp Porridge, Oyster Porridge, Yellow Corvina Porridge, Pine Nut Porridge, Loach Porridge, Chestnut Porridge, Acorn Porridge, Walnut Porridge, Plum Porridge, Sweet Potato Porridge, Potato Porridge, Bamboo Leaf Porridge, Sesame Porridge, Egg Porridge, Sweet Red Bean Porridge, Beef Porridge and the Cow Milk Porridge units!

There was an endless sea of users on the Rupoi Plains. And the Hermes Guild was a secluded island in the middle!

“T-this is….”

“The arrows are running out!”

“Archers who still have mana left should run around the battlefield collecting arrows.”

“Save your mana! Protect the magicians!”

The elite troops of the Haven Empire had come to occupy the north. The power of the military was terrible and each unit balanced. But they couldn’t do anything against the vast number of northern users and died. No matter how many Gra.s.s Porridge members were killed over time, it didn’t feel like they had decreased at all.

“Fight for the hero of the continent, His Majesty the King of the Arpen Kingdom!”

“I am free knight Duban from Lolus Village. I will fight for glory until the day my life ends!”

“Free Knight Ros! I will dedicate my body to justice.”

Vast amount of free knights joined as the Haven Empire invaded the Arpen Kingdom. Weed was called the ‘Hero who Saved the Continent’ so the free knights came running on their horses.

“The last knights of Niflheim! We will fight for the new king in order to bring back the glory of the Niflheim Empire!”

The Vent Castle knights also appeared in order to oppose the Haven Empire.


“At full speed!”

The Vent Castle knights charged at the Haven Empire’s knights. The knights had a similar level of power. The Hermes Guild invested a significant amount into their knights but Vent Castle was constantly fighting against monsters.

The knights belonging to the Hermes Guild generally had a higher level but they were confused and couldn’t unleash their full power. No matter how hard they fought, it never ended because reinforcements for the north kept on showing up.

The knights engaged in a close fight with many of them injured but the result for both sides was completely different.

The northern users thoroughly looked after the Vent Castle knights that fell.

“Are you hurt? Priest-nim, over here!”

“Healing Hands!”

They were immediately treated with holy magic and were hidden from the Haven Empire knights.

On the other hand, they were merciless towards the Haven Empire knights that collapsed on the ground.

“Hey, step on them!”

“Miner-nim, over here! Bring your pickaxe!”

“Cover them with a net so they can’t get up!”

The northern users covered them like a swarm of ants. Some Haven Empire knights still managed to escape in spite of such attacks but the number of Gra.s.s Porridge members kept growing.

The level 50 or lower troops appeared early in order to waste the arrows and mana. Now the intermediate level 200 troops were showing up! Their armour, swords, elementals, magic and arrows were at a much higher standard.

The Hermes Guild normally didn’t care about level 200 users.

“Everyone is removed from the hunting grounds.”

“The dungeons are closed so you can’t receive quests. If a user wants to do quests then you need to pay.

The users were forced to only perform quests that benefited the Haven Empire. They were no different from slaves.

But the level 200 users of the Arpen Kingdom were firmly united. They were users who had grown up in Morata since the early stages so their loyalty was special. Even if Weed cooked Sand Porridge, Fallen Leave Porridge or Stone Porridge, they were so brainwashed that they would still be grateful.

“Separate the enemies and take care of the priests.”

“Spread out and rush towards the supply unit!”

The level 200 users might be looked down on by the Hermes Guild but they knew how to use tactics. They had one advantage over the Haven Empire. They would have faith even if someone died. They happily risked death to kill the Haven Empire troops.

“Commander-nim, we seem to be in trouble.”

“We should consider retreating before it is too late.”

The users of the Hermes Guild advised Rensullot. They hadn’t been defeated yet but the situation was getting worse.

“The archers will soon become unnecessary.”

“The armour is okay but the weapons are in a bad state from being wielded too much. The beginners will pick up any swords dropped and use them.”

“The soldiers need a break because their vitality is falling.”

The number of Gra.s.s Porridge members that the Haven Empire killed so far easily surpa.s.sed 1 million. Yet they were the side struggling and getting tired.

“We can still fight. Defend the supplies location. Kill all enemies that arrive there.”

Rensullot was humiliated. He had been happy to come to the north to fight Weed the G.o.d of War. He wanted a great fight that would show his resourcefulness and bravery. He wanted to show off his strength as tactician in this battle.

Yet he never imagined such cruel tactics that would make him need to retreat as soon as he stepped in the Arpen Kingdom. Thus he was furious. No matter how many they killed, the reinforcements kept on coming.

“Gra.s.s Porridge! Gra.s.s Porridge! Gra.s.s Porridge!”

“We have entered this war as the Cave Fish Porridge.”

“A magic attack from the east! Take care to avoid it.”

“Arrows are flying!”

Rensullot listened to the bustle of the battlefield. Many were dying yet the morale of the northern users was still high.

“They’re not fighting to win. Instead they are going to die fighting. They clearly understand that they’re going to die but they still came to fight. When thinking about the profits, how can they do such a thing?”

The faith of the Gra.s.s Porridge Cult! Only players who lived in Morata would understand their feelings.

-There is nowhere on the continent as good as Morata.

-We have to protect Morata with our own hands.

-Morata grew from ruins. I grew bigger along with the city.

-It might be hard but we have to protect it.

-If I die then I can just begin again in the city.

The users were willing to die to protect Morata and the Arpen Kingdom. No one dragged them to the Rupoi Plains. They came running willingly.

And then a huge outcry suddenly occurred!



“Gra.s.s Porridge! Gra.s.s Porridge! Gra.s.s Porridge!”

The users were crying out on the Rupoi Plains.

A huge ice dragon was flying above their heads with the sun behind it. One of the typical lifeforms in the Arpen Kingdom, Bingryong! And Weed was standing on Bingryong’s head.

He judged that the Haven Empire was tired and that it was time to collect his money. The wyverns, Phoenix and other sculptural lifeforms were present as well but that was only part of the surprise. An enormous number of avians from Lavias the Sky Island had come with Weed.

It was like Rensullot’s troops had been fighting against children only for the scale to suddenly become larger!

“What on earth?”

“How many are there?”

“It really isn’t a joke.”

“He is truly Weed the G.o.d of War.”

“The playing field is really different.”

The Gra.s.s Porridge Cult looked up at the avians from Lavias covering the sky.

The rancid smell that reaches the sky.

This rank smell seems to come from my hair.

I’m worried about was.h.i.+ng my blanket on days when it rains.

The avians from Lavias looked doubtful at the strange song. However Weed’s song just continued.

Doing every day.

Cooking, cleaning, was.h.i.+ng and dishwas.h.i.+ng.

Guests aren’t welcome.

There is no rice to give you.

Also no fruits, sweets and drinks.

The gas and electricity charges in this world keeps on increasing.

“He is indeed different.”

“It is common words but they express a mysterious and deep anguish.”

Quite a few users thought there was some profound secret hidden in Weed’s song. Chaos fell as Weed emerged singing his lyrics.

“Create a new formation!”

“A complete defence formation!”


The army of the Haven Empire was frantic. They had been split apart by the Gra.s.s Porridge members but now they had to build a complete defence formation. Because a real battle would occur after Weed showed up.

They were very frightened he would cause a disaster or command undead troops. Furthermore, this sudden emergence was like being hit in the back of the head. Various tactics were prepared to deal with Weed but that was useless when he suddenly appeared in the sky.

“Prepare for an all-out attack and be careful not to be hit by the avians.”

The archers on the battlefield aimed arrows at the sky. In addition, the magicians prepared their top level attack spells. The knights and soldiers were prepared for attacks from the sky. And the faces of the Hermes Guild members turned pale.

“How are there so many of them?”

“No matter how furiously we fight, won’t we just end up dying?”

The vast number of knights and soldiers on the plains had been reduced by 1/3rd. The Hermes Guild users didn’t feel it fully but the NPC subordinates had been stepped on by the Gra.s.s Porridge Cult, the Dark Gamers and the high level users in the north.

Weed didn’t attack immediately when he appeared.

‘An incredibly powerful species has joined…..’

‘We need to beat the Gra.s.s Porridge Cult, Weed and his minions as well.’

The Hermes Guild felt sick in their hearts as they looked up while waiting for Weed to make his move.

Weed riding Bingryong in the sky was a big burden. Weed the G.o.d of War was a ma.s.sive weight on their shoulders.

‘This isn’t it. This approach.’

Rensullot had thought of various tactics to fight Weed in different terrains like plains, valleys, canyons, ridges or fortresses. The Haven Empire’s army had enough power to beat the regular forces of the Arpen Kingdom and the sculptural lifeforms.

But the beginner and high level users in the north acted to block Rensullot’s troops. There was a huge difference in power so the Haven Empire could repel their attacks.

In fact, the Hermes Guild had expected the users of the Arpen Kingdom to partic.i.p.ate but they hadn’t thought there would be this many people.

The Gra.s.s Porridge Cult was ready to go running once Weed gave an order.

Weed decided to give a light greeting.

“There aren’t any problems but that doesn’t necessarily mean we’ll win…now that we’re all gathered, I should at least be courteous.”

He took out a nature sculpture that was a Masterpiece!

“This is okay now.”

He had created the sculpture Wet Land for a final secret sculpting technique. Since then, he had used natural materials to create other nature sculptures.

Swamps and marshes were places of life but also death. The sculpture Weed took out was of a swamp that sucked many lives into it.

The sight was creepy enough to cause goose b.u.mps! In particular, faces emerging from the swamp was full of hatred. He had carved it while thinking about Bardray and the loan sharks!

Weed was about to use a sculpting technique when he heard a shout from the ground.

“Listen King Weed of the Arpen Kingdom! I am the commander of the Haven Empire’s army to conquer the north!”

Rensullot was a very famous user so Weed had heard of him.

“A person is barking.”

Weed had no interest because he was about to cause a disaster.


“Strategy and tactics. Any great battle on the Versailles Continent involved those things.”

“But this kind of battle is also inconvenient. As the Commander of the Haven Empire, I formally challenge King Weed of the Arpen Kingdom. Man vs. man, a one on one confrontation between two people with big ambitions.”

Before a battle began, it used to be fas.h.i.+onable for a strong knight on both sides to come out and fight. Rensullot judged that the situation wasn’t good and asked for a fight between leaders.

“Master, should I blow them away?”

Bingryong snorted out a blast of cold air. The magicians could defend against it but the range of Ice Breath was very wide. They were weak and weary so many enemies would die while magicians would waste their mana.

Above all, Bingryong’s Ice Breath had a high effect in a large scale war by freezing the land. Once the ground froze, charging would become difficult and this would undoubtedly worry the knights that the Haven Empire was so proud of.

Weed had no reason to consider Rensullot’s proposal.

“Only a n.o.ble person would return a lost wallet with all the money in it.”

A smile naturally formed on his face as he looked at Rensullot.

“As King Weed of the Arpen Kingdom, I express my sincere admiration for the courage of the person called Rensullot. The weight of honour makes it difficult to decline the challenge so I have to agree to this confrontation.”


“As expected from Weed-nim!”

“Gra.s.s Porridge! Gra.s.s Porridge!”

There was an uproar on the ground. A few seconds ago, people had been laughing at Rensullot’s challenge.

“He really is trying all types of things in a war.”

“Anyway, there is no reason to agree.”

“Those Hermes guys have no conscience.”

The war was already in their favour so there was no need for Weed to take risks. Even the users of the Haven Empire believed it was useless and that he wouldn’t accept the confrontation.

Yet Weed had accepted the challenge to the atmosphere changed.

Surka hit the ground and said.

“Ah, this is ridiculous. What is he up to?”

Pale who was shooting a bow also murmured.

“This type of insidious, ulterior motive…..”

The morale of the Gra.s.s Porridge Cult fell slightly as they muttered.

“I smell something suspicious.”

However, the rest of the users were praising Weed. Mapan understood Weed’s heart to a certain degree.

“He covets Rensullot’s items!”

If the enemy was defeated in a challenge then the winner could obtain the items of the users who died. Rensullot was the commander appointed by the Hermes Guild so his appearance was the decisive reason for Weed changing his mind.


“The audience ratings?”

“It is continuing to climb.”

“Quickly put out the advertis.e.m.e.nts!”

The broadcasting stations quickly ran an ad after Weed appeared with the avians from Lavias.

The ratings were high so they had to show the advertis.e.m.e.nts. The audience might be angry but they could use the interlude to go to the toilet, prepare beer and squid, etc.

And the ratings ascended when Weed accepted Rensullot’s challenge. Companies for fried chicken, pizza, pig feet etc. paid handsomely for advertis.e.m.e.nts during this prime time.

The writings on the bulletin boards were increasing like crazy.

“Weed seems to have made a reckless judgement. It is common sense that he doesn’t need to accept that confrontation.”

The bulletin boards were full of people cursing that TV host.

Do you want the broadcasting station to close?

Host-nim, if you connect to Royal Road then come to the back alleys behind Bingryong Square.

This isn’t the only broadcasting station.I’m going to change the channel.

I won’t watch this station from now on.

The other broadcasting stations quickly changed their att.i.tudes.

“Oh, he is indeed Weed! Although it is an extremely favourable situation, he still accepted the challenge. He seems to be putting on a great spectacle for the benefit of the viewers. Of course Weed will win.”

“Of course. He thought about the hearts of the viewers and decided to accept instead of ignoring it.”

“Indeed! We can really feel the dignity of Weed the G.o.d of War.”

-The hosts’ speaking ability seemed to increase every day.

-Initially they were insecure but now they are skilful. It took a while.

-The ability to grasp the military situation is excellent.

-CTS Media is a good broadcasting station.

-Big corporations are really different.


Rensullot and Weed decided to have the showdown on the ground in order to be fair.

“Back off.”

“Form a wide s.p.a.ce!”

The Gra.s.s Porridge members and the Haven Empire’s army emptied a wide spot in the centre. The attention of both sides focused as Rensullot came riding on a black horse.

‘I’m fighting against Weed the G.o.d of War.’

Rensullot’s heart was jumping with excitement. This would decide the outcome of the war so this was the most tense he had ever been.

‘I can win.’

He dreamt of a thrilling fight. The glossy black mane of his horse flowed as it snorted with excitement.


Weed was riding Yellowy. Yellowy had four muscular and resilient legs that didn’t have an equal! Yellowy was a specimen of the physical beauty of a cow. Any employees of a slaughterhouse would envy him riding Yellowy.

“A lot of beef will be sold once the battle ends.”

There were also promotions for accessories.

After Yellowy shot to fame in Royal Road, there was an official offer from the Cattle a.s.sociation.

-I’d like Yellowy to appear on television as a model….

Weed met with the advertisers that evening.

“The modelling fee?”

“Well, we wanted to ask permission for something more difficult. There is a lot of love for the sculpture called Yellowy. It is natural that you would value your work as an artist. We understand. But if you would agree to a specific meat eating scene….”

“Marbled meat, meat around the spine, cow fillet, ribs…ask for anything you want. It is possible to bake, boil in a soup or eat it raw. But what is the modelling fee?”

If it was an appropriate amount then he would accept! The ads worked as Yellowy became a cannibal and ate the delicious parts of some of his kin.

The delicious taste of cow that could maintain health! The advertis.e.m.e.nts became popular and children toys of Yellowy were created, earning him a considerable amount of money every month. A suggestion also came in asking to use the wyverns as advertising models by eating some chicken.

“Yellowy, let’s live happily. The wyverns and Yellowy, we are family.”


Yellowy wagged his tail and dug at the ground.

“It is good to receive Master’s love. You are increasingly becoming nicer to me.”

“Yes. I care for you…. This battle, are you frightened?”

“A little bit. Ummoooooo.”

“Yes, your body is valuable…. I won’t let your rib or oxtail be harmed so fight well.”

Rensullot was narrowing the distance. Weed took out the Daemon Sword.

“Let’s go, Rodus!”

Rensullot started to dash like the wind on the back of his horse.

“Yellow, let’s go!”

Weed also ran with Yellowy. They both charged forward for a head on clash. The distance was closing rapidly.

‘The direction of attack…right side? Or the left?’

The inside of Rensullot’s head was complicated. He needed to make quick decisions and take action. He had challenged other knights before but he had never been this tense. The Daemon Sword looked like a toy in Weed’s hands while Rensullot watched.

‘There is room to spare….’

Weed had no charging skill that could be used when riding a horse.

‘I have to use Thrust of Grief.’

Rensullot made a decision.

It was a charge skill that Bardray used a lot but Rensullot’s proficiency was lower.

“Thrust of Grief!”

Rensullot shot forward like an arrow. The surrounding landscape pa.s.sed at a terrible speed! A knight was considered the strongest occupation in the battlefield and this destructive power was the reason why.

Weed indifferently lifted the Daemon Sword in order to block Rensullot.


Weed and Rensullot pa.s.sed each other.

-The durability of the Daemon Sword has decreased by 12 due to the strength of grief.

The damage of the Daemon Sword has fallen by 9.

The impact to the body has decreased health by 4,390.

The message windows shone in front of Weed.

‘That was surprising.’

But that impact couldn’t compare to Rensullot’s.

-You have been overwhelmed in power.

The damage couldn’t be directly shown and the charge skill has failed.

Power has temporarily decreased by 11%.

-Durability of the Proctor Spear has decreased by 17%.

The tip of the spear has become dull and attack power decreased by 21.

-You have been cut by the Daemon Sword.

Health has decreased by 1,399!

You have received the devil’s curse!

“W-what is this? It makes no sense.”

Rensullot has used all his power in this skill so he was outraged. The charge basically doubled his power. It depended on the speed of the horse but he had rushed at top speed before so that wasn’t the reason for the failure. But he was pushed back despite wearing heavy armour.

It was impossible for Rensullot to understand but Weed had used Sculptural Destruction to convert the Art stat to Strength. Naturally Weed had no hesitation. And the skill he used wasn’t forbidden. The twinge on his conscience was really small so he quickly forgot about it.

‘When looking at it as a whole, we are roughly similar. I’m ahead in the Strength stat but he has slightly better equipment. And his thrust skill is good.’

He needed to win in an easy manner. Right now he was at war so he needed to show an overwhelming strength.

Weed used a skill after he wasn’t pushed back by Rensullot’s power.

“Radiant Sword!”

Eagles of light flew out from his sword towards Rensullot. Secret sword technique!

The utilization of his spear had fallen so Rensullot quickly grasped his sword. And he cut the eagles. While he was destroying the eagles of light, Weed quickly caught up to him.

Yellowy’s physical strength and stamina was much better than a horse. And his charging power in short distances was beyond comparison! Yellowy was a cow built for war. Weed rode him frequently so Yellowy’s level had already reached the mid-400’s.

“Catching up this quickly….”

“Take this!”

Weed and Rensullot wielded their swords against each other while riding in the same direction.

“Heriam Fencing!”

“Imperial Chain Sword!”

Sparks flew as the effect of the skills exploded. It was like an image of a duel on horseback!

Despite that, it was Weed’s side that gained the overwhelming benefit. Using Sculptural Destruction had increased his strength extensively. Rensullot failed to properly demonstrate his power in melee combat as Weed’s Heriam Fencing continued to hit his body. He tried to use his skills but it was ineffective. Weed had a much higher understanding of the sword compared to Rensullot.

Rensullot took out a s.h.i.+eld to block Heriam Fencing but continued to be hit. If he used wide area skills then Weed would be at a disadvantage. Yet after the first charge, Rensullot had used Imperial Chain Sword in a close combat fight.

“Uh, this sort of thing….”

Rensullot’s face warped.

A knight was strong when charging but vulnerable to melee attacks like this. The power of his armour meant he was enduring but the demon’s curse was piling up.

Moreover, Weed was obviously receiving less damage due to his armour. His sword skills were overwhelming.

‘And this hateful bull is the problem.’

Yellowy ran forward and Rensullot found himself hit by a sword again.


Rensullot’s black horse stumbled as Yellowy crashed into its side.

Despite a knight having high defence due to their heavy armour, they had rapid manoeuvrability due to their horse. Once they fell from their horse, they would be injured and receive a severe penalty in battle.

Every time Rensullot lost his balance, the Daemon Sword would continuously connect with him.


“Heriam Fencing!”

It was an exquisite combined attack that used Yellow and Weed’s attack skills! It hadn’t been a fair fight the moment he gave up riding on Bingryong in the sky. Sculptural Destruction and the presence of Yellowy was an absolute advantage!

A fine horse couldn’t be compared to Yellowy.


“Hooray for Weed-nim!”

“So cool!”

The Gra.s.s Porridge Cult members on the Rupoi Plains cheered.

The Haven Empire soldiers and users watching just kept quiet. Rensullot had led them to victory in many wars. He was at a disadvantage but the confrontation hadn’t ended yet. The difficult opponent was Weed the G.o.d of War so they could only watch and hope.

‘At this rate I will lose.’

Rensullot felt uneasy. Sometimes his sword hit yet Weed wasn’t damage at all. The message that popped up when the attack hit caused a large psychological impact.

-The opponent’s steel like resilience means almost no damage has been given.
-The opponent’s armour has taken away your good luck.
-The opponent’s armour is showing a faint holy power.

The effect of a blessing has been invoked.

Damage from weapons made of iron has been reduced.

The defence of the armour has been enhanced.

Weed knew he was fighting against Rensullot who was a knight so he wore the G.o.ddess’ Knight Armour.

‘He was wearing an trash like armour in the Melbourne Mine…where did such a frightening armour come from?’

He had obtained information about Weed’s information beforehand so he could prepare countermeasures but now Weed was overwhelming! Rensullot felt a great burden so he couldn’t attack properly.

But Weed’s situation wasn’t as advantageous as it seemed. Sculptural Destruction could only increase the Agility and Strength stats. Those stats weren’t weak but his health was very low in comparison.

If he didn’t use Sculpture Transformation then the slightest mistake meant that he could die. He had run wildly when fighting against Bardray yet he had died in 2~3 attacks.

Rensullot’s health and power was just as strong as the Royal Guards so he was an opponent that couldn’t be disregarded.

“I need to avoid it.”

Rensullot also recognized Weed’s skill in advance due to the information from the guild.

“Honourable Promise!”

He used a secret sword technique! Rensullot used a skill that tripled his battle ability by improving attack, defence and his physical ability. It was a technique that could protect a knight’s pride. Rensullot wasn’t a just person but he still had the pride of a knight.

“Chroma’s sword technique!”

A unique sword technique that was used on horseback. Rensullot’s mana surged every time he swung his sword.

Weed had no choice but to be hit.

-Armour has defended the attack.

Health has decreased by 3,419.

Rensullot swung his sword like crazy. It consumed vitality and mana so the skill couldn’t be used for a long time.

“Yellowy, watch out for your ribeye!”


Yellowy ran with all his strength. His health was high and leather strong so he wouldn’t die easily. Yellowy would run around wildly in a crisis but Rensullot chased after him.

Rensullot was fortunate that most of his attacks were reaching Weed. He had hoped for a prolonged battle but now time was urgent as he chased after Yellowy on horseback.


Weed also used a secret sword technique.

-Sword-cloning has been used.

The skill effect has risen due to high luck and the blessing of the G.o.ddess.

Twelve Weeds and Yellowys appeared. The effect of the skill also applied to Yellowy.




Rensullot was surrounded by cows and attacked by a storm of swords. Rensullot had used Chroma’s sword technique but he couldn’t stop all the attacks from the clones.

The fearful thing about Sword-cloning was that the real person and the clones both dealt damage.

Weed rode Yellowy and continuously struck. Rensullot’s attacks were forced to disperse under Weed’s offensive.

-You have received a critical hit.
-You have suffered another critical hit to the same area.

The defence of the armour has weakened.

It was difficult to have calm judgement while riding the horse and blocking the attacks. Each one of Weed’s clones dealt huge damage to Rensullot’s health.

“Sword Kaiser!”

One clone used a skill. He used all his mana in order to overpower Rensullot!


Rensullot fell from his horse. He rolled on the ground from the terrible damage to his health!

-You are in a state of confusion.

It is impossible to fight!

Falling off a horse during a confrontation almost always meant death.

The sky and earth swirled around him as Rensullot became confused. But he still moved his leg to try and raise his body. He hadn’t died yet so he tried to remove the confusion so he could continue the fight.

However Weed soon returned on Yellowy. 6 clones joined their power and made Yellowy charge forward at a terrible speed.

“Faster! I will let you eat good herbs to become energetic.”


Yellowy’s frenzied das.h.!.+ Even if his mana was exhausted, his speed and weight wasn’t an inferior attack.

Rensullot heard the dreadful sound of the land being kicked. His sensed were still messed up so it seemed like dozens of Weeds and Yellowys approached. They were charging with their swords held high.

“I still haven’t shown my skills…..”

Rensullot lifted his sword.


Yellowy literally hit his head.

-You have received colossal damage that exceeds the limits of your defence.

After receiving the ma.s.sive blow, Weed cut him with his sword.

-You have received a blow in a completely defenceless state.

Rensullot collapsed and couldn’t get up again. And a message surfaced in front of all the users on the plains!

-Rensullot the Commander of the Haven Empire’s Northern Expedition has died in a challenge.

Weed also received a message window.


-The Commander of the enemy troops has been killed.

A great battle has been won.

-Your level has increased.

Fame has increased by 2,893.

Dignity has increased by 3.

The morale of the military has increased.

The courage of your subordinates has been stimulated.

The next hour will be the best time to fight.

The most important thing to Weed was the loot!

-The great horse, Hosren that can catch the wind has been acquired.

Riding Skill + 3

A great breakthrough ability.

Destructive power will increase by 86% when charging.

Dignity, Charm and Honour will increase by 35% when riding a horse.

-Armour of a Kallamore Knight Commander has been acquired.
-Armour of a Kallamore Knight Commander: Durability 109/165. Defence 147.

An armour the Kallamore King directly requested from a dwarf of Thor. It was made especially for a bold knight.

It is possible to command knights and soldiers when wearing it.

Countless repairs have been carried out after many battles. It changed owners after the collapse of the Kallamore Kingdom.

Restrictions: Knights only.

Level 420.

Options: Knight skill +2

The power of charging skills will rise and speed will reduce when breaking through armour.

Never get tired.

All stats increased by 24.

Honour, Authority, Dignity +40.

95% of regular arrows will bounce off.

Increased benefits and experience will be given when battling more than 3 times.


-The Seven Jewels Studded Belt has been acquired.
-Seven Jewels Studded Belt: Durability 45/45. Defence 23.

A treasure of the Kallamore Kingdom! They are rare jewels that can store magic.

Restrictions: Level 410.

340 Wisdom required.

Options: Increase the damage of skills with elemental properties.

Magic resistance +21%

Magic Protection available.

1% mana absorption.

After the Kallamore Kingdom became extinct, Weed had obtained an armour and belt that belonged to it.

The other great thing about the G.o.ddess’ Knight Armour was that it gave good luck so the probability of obtained good items would increase.

Weed used Lion’s Roar to yell his victory.



The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor

The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor

Dalbic Jogaksa, LMS, 달빛조각사
Score 8.6
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Artist: , Released: 2007 Native Language: Korean
The man forsaken by the world, the man a s*ave to money and the man known as the legendary God of War in the highly popular MMORPG Continent of Magic. With the coming of age, he decides to say goodbye, but the feeble attempt to earn a little something for his time and effort ripples into an effect none could ever have imagined. Through a series of coincidences, his legendary avatar is sold for 3 billion won, bringing great joy to him, only to plunge him into despair at losing almost all of it to vicious loan sharks. With revelation of money through gaming, he rises from the abyss with new found resolve and steps forward into the new age of games led by the first ever Virtual Reality MMORPG, Royal Road. This is the legend of Lee Hyun on his path to becoming Emperor with only his family’s loving heart, his boundless desire for money, his unexpected mind, his diligently forged body and the talent of hard work backing him.


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