The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor Volume 33 Chapter 5

Chapter 5) Nodulle and Hilderun

“Come come! Cheap dried fish.”

“Eat squid and go. Dried squids are sold in a bundle of 10. You should have something in your mouth while dungeon hunting or sailing!”

“Cutla.s.sfish, Gizzard Shad, Rockfis.h.!.+”

As soon as the war ended, Weed headed towards the harbour in order to complete the secret sculpting technique on Borota Island.

“There really are a lot of people.”

Borota Island was well known on Versailles Continent.

Clear skies, a calm and beautiful sea, plenty of mountains and hills and a nice landscape in the rising sun. There were good fis.h.i.+ng grounds in the area so the harbour was always crowded with fis.h.i.+ng boats from distant places.

The island was peaceful despite the continent falling into the chaos of war.

“The items I have to proceed with the quest….”

Scroll to summon a giant fire golem and a meteor. They were terrifying scrolls but it couldn’t be abused so he should use it sparingly. The secret sculpting technique quests were difficult so he should save it.


-Borota Island Map: Durability 3/5.

The terrain of Borota Island, the surrounding islands and the sea currents are marked.

Can be sold for 3 silver at the harbour.

-Story of Stars in the Night Sky #73.

A parchment that shows the constellations on the northeast side.

The Polar Bear, Winter Snow and Lovers constellations are displayed.

-Stopped Compa.s.s: Durability 11/17.

A compa.s.s for navigation that doesn’t work.

-Keys to a Residence on Borota Island.

A key that opens the front door.

It can only be used several times.

-Sands of Time.

It is possible to use 3 times.

Sands of Time, a mysterious sand that can recollect things.

A treasure from the southern desert that can look back in time.

Just possessing it can give information about the past.

Weed spoke to the residents first.

“I would like to know about Nodulle and Hilderun.”

“Those people? You should go to the park.”

The island had a park that commemorated them. Their names were also attached to squares, buildings and hills. But hundreds of years had pa.s.sed so the exact facts weren’t remembered anymore.

Weed sought the elderly first. Naturally he didn’t come empty handed.

“What is this?”

“Fresh rice porridge with abalone. Can you tell me a story about Nodulle and Hilderun while eating?”

“Well, I like rice porridge with abalone. You are a rare example of a youth who knows manners. I know a little bit about Nodulle and Hilderun. This is something I heard from my grandfather and that he heard from his grandfather. They were born in the same village.”


“A small village in the hills behind the harbour. Nodulle and Hilderun grew up in the same village and fell in love. But where is the rice porridge with abalone?”

The elder stopped telling his story.

Nodulle and Hilderun were famous so there were other users who tried this method. But based on intimacy with the resident, different essential information could be gathered.

“Nodulle’s family, the Borota was one of the wealthiest on the island. It was to the extent that they owned most of the s.h.i.+ps.”

“Nodulle was tall and handsome so all the women on the island lost their minds over him.”

“Hilderun? Hilderun wasn’t that pretty. She stuttered and had an uncomfortable limp. Although that story was pa.s.sed down for a long time so it might not be true.”

“Are there any pictures left of Nodulle?”

“Go inside the government offices. Nodulle’s home used to be there. By the way….didn’t you say you would give Rockfish Porridge?”

He got information using food cooked from the best ingredients. A big advantage of the cooking skill was that it was easy to acquire intimacy!

“I should focus on asking about Nodulle.”

Weed moved to the government office where administration of the island took place. It was a peaceful island so the guards at the entrance were only wearing light armour.

“Can I help you?”

“I want to come in to investigate something. I am Weed.”

“I have heard of that name. You can come in and see whoever you want.”

The guards opened the way.

It was difficult to enter the area containing government buildings unless they were merchants who invested a great deal of money into the island or famous adventurers. Weed was able to enter thanks to his adventures and fame.

The s.p.a.cious area contained the headquarters of Borota’s navy and Nodulle’s family had lived here in the past.

“I recently obtained information about bandits aiming for merchant vessels so should we take action?”

“The Green Gills Sharks are continuing to attack and they frequently appear near areas with seaweed.”

Players could receive quests from the navy headquarters. There were navigators but mostly there were s.h.i.+p captains so their attire was flashy.

Weed headed straight past the navy headquarters towards a mansion at the rear. The mansion had been neglected for a long time but the large trees growing gave it a cosy feeling. Weed smelled flowers on the wind as he pulled out the key to a residence in Borota.

-The door of a Borota residence has opened.

The old, rusty key has broken.

“There aren’t many things remaining.”

The antique furniture inside was old and broken. Hallways, rooms and paintings were covered with dust and cobwebs.

Weed brushed off the dust and searched around.


-Picture of the Borota Family

A painting of the Borota family.

The unknown painter’s style was to emphasize the lines and colour.

Artistic Value: 19

-Knowledge has increased by 1.

Apart from the paintings, there were various things scattered around that showed off the wealth of the family.

Looking at the expensive gla.s.s products, tapestries, silverware and jewellery, it was obvious that Borota Island partic.i.p.ated in a lot of trade.

Weed cleared the dust and cobwebs as he walked around.

“This seems to be an expensive painting….”

-Nodulle Riding a Horse

A painting showing Nodulle, the heir to the Borota family riding a horse up a hill.

Artistic Value: 45.

After searching through dozens of works, he finally found a painting of Nodulle.

“The rumour that Nodulle is handsome seems to be true. Well, he is almost level with my looks.”

Distinct features, deep eyes, thick eyebrows and a sleek jaw line! Nodulle riding a white horse made a great image.

“Money, appearance and the support of his family…his personality is probably that of a lowlife dog. A brutal and s.a.d.i.s.tic personality.”

Weed explored the mansion and found some paper that Nodulle wrote on. A strange image was also drawn.

“Is this dugout with a stone house built in it? Some people really are strange. Inspect!”

-Borota Island is a place that often suffers from storms.

Residents can feel relieved if they live in a house like this.

-A design of a house developed so that residents don’t receive damage in a storm.
-Knowledge has increased by 1.

The housing knowledge acquired means that houses that can’t be destroyed in intense storms can now be constructed in the Arpen Kingdom.

“Well, he must’ve had interest in the architecture aspect. Then the paper….Inspect!”

Every day residents of the island leave to sail on dangerous journeys with rough waves so I can’t help but worry.

It would be nice if this study could be useful to them….

-Knowledge of a large s.h.i.+p that can tolerate rough waves has been acquired.

Special bows for large sailing vessels can now be manufactured.

-Wisdom has increased by 2.
-Luck has increased by 4.

“And this looks like herbs. Inspect!”

-Local diseases can be treated when several common herbs are combined.

Many cures can be produced and the residents can win against the disease.

-Knowledge has increased by 3.
-Leaders.h.i.+p has increased by 1.

“He seems quite smart. But having intelligence doesn’t mean he is a good guy. He might be fake.”

The next piece of paper provided information about Hilderun.


Today many white clouds pa.s.sed in the sky.I keep thinking of you whenever I see the sky.

Tomorrow morning, let’s meet at the hill and watch it together.

He was an experienced sailor that dolphins would come to. Smart, caring nature, romantic. Weed became more aggravated the more he discovered.

“A really strong guy. I can’t find out any insidious behaviour. An intense affair, having a child, going to a cemetery to chew on corpses….”

He searched every corner of the house but those were his only results. Perhaps there was a secret hiding spot but he couldn’t find it.

Weed then travelled around the scenic spots on Borota Island with their names. Painters drew images of Nodulle and Hilderun on the streets while there was a sculpture commemorating the two lovers on a hill.

Weed climbed the hill that overlooked the harbour. The sight of the coral reef sea surrounding Borota Island, big and small islands gathered together and sailing s.h.i.+ps unfolded before him.

And there seemed to be a wide slab overlooking the sea.

“What is this?”

Weed touched the slab.

“There is a phrase carved in the stone. Sea G.o.d’s Altar?”


-Lovers of Borota Island has been completed.

Nodulle and Hilderun were born in the same village and fell in love.

However, Hilderun was a priest of the Sea G.o.d. She couldn’t get married and was supposed to dedicate her life to the sea.

And a video played in front of Weed.

“Hilderun, I want to be with you forever. Like a large tree that is rooted deeply. I want to see this tree with you as elderly people.”

“Me too, Nodulle.”

Nodulle and Hilderun talked closely on a hill blooming with flowers. And looking at them were other priests of the Sea G.o.d.

“If Hilderun who is a priest comes to know a man then the Sea G.o.d will become angry.”

“It was scheduled for 3 years later but we need to do the sacrificial ceremony to calm the sea.”

Borota Island and several others were under the jurisdiction of the Sea G.o.d. The decision was made by priests of the Sea G.o.d so it couldn’t be disobeyed. They decided to offer Hilderun and notified the Borota family.

The following evening, there was an intense storm and Nodulle and Hilderun sailed out in a small s.h.i.+p. The next morning, it became known that the two of them disappeared. The priests of the Sea G.o.d went out to sea to pursue them.


-A Raging Sea

Nodulle and Hilderun took a s.h.i.+p out to sea on a day of intense rain and rough waves.

Take a sculpted s.h.i.+p and follow their path to their destination.

Level of Difficulty: Final Secret Sculpting Technique Quest

Quest Restrictions: The quest will fail if you die.

The quest requires one female companion to partic.i.p.ate.

Her role is important so you should complete the quest with her until the end.

The quest will fail if your companion dies.

It is raining.

“I need one female.”

Judging by the contents of the quest, it was something related to sailing.

“The 3 Mad Sharks of Becky Nin are all men…should I bring another female sailor?”

But it wasn’t a simple problem of sailing skills.

“My sailing skill is intermediate so it is better to have a female that won’t easily die.”

The only person who was suitable to not die was Seo-yoon. She played an active role as a berserker at Rupoi Plains. She attacked various Hermes Guild members and survived until the end.

He was jealous of the loot and achievements she had collected. A berserker was a persistent and dangerous profession.

Weed sent a whisper to Seo-yoon.

-Excuse me, are you busy?

-I’m relaxing.

Seo-yoon was swinging her sword in a level 450 dungeon.


A monster changed to grey light and disappeared. But there were another 7 hiding in the darkness while preparing to pounce. Seo-yoon had already collect 314 horns, fangs and leather since entering this dungeon.

Weed didn’t know the situation so he continued to whisper.

-I have a quest….can you help me?

-I’m going right now. Where are you?

-Come to Borota Island. I will send Wy-3.

While Wy-3 was picking up Seo-yoon, he called his other flying sculptural lifeforms. They could give aid from the sky if it was required.



It rained at sea.

-It will continue to rain while the Raging Sea quest is in progress.

“Oh, then this rain won’t stop?”

“It seems so. It has already been raining for 6 days.”

“There isn’t even a small break so isn’t this a little strange?”

While the quest was in progress, the users on Borota Island had to put up with the rain. The torrential rainfall made it impossible to swim at the beach or go fis.h.i.+ng.

Weed and Seo-yoon only had a cedar boat.

“I needed to use my s.h.i.+pbuilding skill again.”

His s.h.i.+pbuilding skill was at beginner level 3 and reached level 4 after carving a precise s.h.i.+p.

This was another benefit of his profession. If Weed was a knight then this quest wouldn’t be easy.

“The sculptor profession has its ups and downs but it seems to have many quests that risk death.”

The sea had waves 4 metres, 5 metres high. This weather was absolutely unfriendly to a sculpted s.h.i.+p. But even if he waited, the rain wouldn’t stop while the quest was in progress.

“Nodulle and Hilderun departed in this type of weather…I have no choice but to follow.”

Weed and Seo-yoon headed towards the sea with the boat. Unlike Hilderun and Nodulle who departed suddenly, he had various supplies like timber for s.h.i.+p repair, food, etc.

Normally a medium sized sailboat wouldn’t go out to sea in weather like this. The waves could become worse in the open sea and there were dangerous whirlpools that occurred when the currents changed the direction they flowed in.

The steep waves meant rowing with oars was hard but they had to endure. They didn’t sail but were pushed back and forth by the waves.


-The durability of the hull has decreased by 1 due to the rough waves.

Hull Durability: 44/45

“First we need to leave Borota Island…then the direction needs to be decided.”

He had the Sands of Time but it couldn’t be used excessively. If he didn’t use it for the quest then it could be sold for a high price!

Weed spread out the map of Borota Island.

“Nodulle’s s.h.i.+p wasn’t that good. The waves were rough and he departed on a rainy day.”

He needed a route where the s.h.i.+p wouldn’t sink and the high waves could be avoided. There were two possible routes that Nodulle and Hilderun could take to depart from Borota Island.

One of them was to head directly to the continent via Pahil Island and 3 other islands. The other route was to go through the Velazquez reef waters where there were many marine monsters.

Weed took out the Stopped Compa.s.s that was a quest item and laid it on the map. It might be a coincidence but it pointed directly towards the Velazquez area of the sea.

“We’re going to the Velazquez reef waters.”


Seo-yoon also for the basis behind the decision. The compa.s.s wasn’t solid proof.

“Look at this. It isn’t easy to reach the continent if they take the Pahil Island route.”

“That makes sense. The supplies were low so a safe route would be better.”

“Thus the Velazquez area. It will be full of hards.h.i.+ps so be prepared.”

The map of Borota Island had written that the Velazquez area was extremely dangerous waters. It was a little strange that Nodulle and Hilderun had headed there so casually. However, they would have no choice but to head to the Velazquez area if they were being chased.

“I’ll go first. You should return to the other side.”

Weed rowed with all his might. His high strength and agility meant rowing was very fast.

“I can’t just head straight. I should also consider the waves.”

Seo-yoon scooped out rainwater from the boat while drinking tea in a cup.

The waves were rough and it was raining at night, but sailing along on the sea was also romantic.

Nodulle and Hilderun. When the lovers escaped from the island, they must’ve felt deep and warm love.

Seo-yoon had warm tea so she found it a pleasure to travel the sea.

-The durability of the hull has decreased by 1 due to the rough waves.

The dreadful sea at dawn!

Weed had been busy repairing the s.h.i.+p and rowing all night.

Now it was morning. The sun was on the horizon and started to push away the dim darkness. An overwhelming impression after all his suffering!

A lot of rain was still falling so Seo-yoon had been scooping out water all night. Seo-yoon smiled with something like pleasure.

“It is still a good memory.”

It was a sweet and warm smile she didn’t show to anyone other than Weed. Weed shook his head.

“No. I will bet on it. My unlucky fate doesn’t end here.”

And after a while, 12 large s.h.i.+ps could be seen heading from the direction of Borota Island. They raised flags that depicted the Sea G.o.d.

“What happened? Wasn’t the Sea G.o.d just in the story?”

“I don’t know. But no matter how hard we row, the sky, sea and land won’t be able to hide us.”


The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor

The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor

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