The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor Volume 34 Chapter 6

6) Exquisite Treachery

Weed feigned fighting while looking around.

‘If the commander of the Raum Kingdom throws all their power then the castle will crumble….’


The shaking of the ceiling was becoming serious. It meant the Raum Kingdom’s siege weapons were intensifying their attacks. And the elite troops of the kingdoms kept on increasing!


“I’m glad to see that the magician Featherman-nim has come.”

Magicians wearing white robes arrived underground and triggered their attack magic.

“Wind Pressure!”

“Holy Thunderbolt!”

“Lightning Ball!”

“Wave of Fire!”

The demons collapsed due to the offensive of the magicians. Featherman was a Great Magician of the Raum Kingdom and only a Great Magician could repel the Portu King. The guests that Weed had been waiting for finally arrived.

Kwa kwa kwa kw.a.n.g!

Light and fire exploded due to the confrontation between magicians. Weed was close to the back with his sculptural lifeforms.

And within the warlock camp, Chakujel was preparing the Gates of h.e.l.l magic with a gloomy smile.

‘If Featherman came later then it probably would’ve been too late. The Gates of h.e.l.l would have been completed. I have to do whatever it takes.’

His progress when entering was much faster than Nodulle. But he decided to delay by looting and using Sculpture Transformation so now Nodulle would’ve moved first.

‘It is valuable but I have to use it.’

He took out the scroll to summon a Fire Golem. It was called a magician’s strongest guardian.

The magic scroll left behind by the Great Magician Roderick! If he could sell it then it would be a valuable commodity that would earn him a lot of money!

‘Life isn’t without investments. It is better to survive and feel at ease.’

Weed tore the scroll. The scroll quietly disappeared in a dust of light!

“Ghosts who melt flesh and bones, come here.”

“Heavy Blow.”

The battlefield rife with black magic and attack magic suddenly became quiet.

“Why is this….?”

“Mana is gathering.”

“The magic circle isn’t working.”

The knights of the Raum Kingdom were unable to use their skills. The magicians that followed Featherman and the warlocks opening the Gates of h.e.l.l were making a fuss.

The giant Fire Golem! There was a blank zone due to the mana required to summon the Fire Golem.


A terrible voice rang out through the underground s.p.a.ce. The ground shook violently like an earthquake was occurring and it seemed like the castle might collapse.

Pieces of rocks from the ceiling fell on top of knights and demons. It wasn’t that bad for the knights of the Raum Kingdom and their allied forces. The effects of the black magic was released and their bodies returned to normal. And there was a subsequent aura of fire as the Fire Golem was summoned.


The demons in the area were blown back by the aura of fire. Those near the Fire Golem had their bodies burned down. The giant Fire Golem that was connected to Weed’s soul!

Weed sent a whisper to it.

-I am the person who called you.

-Give me instructions.

-Avoid the humans and sweep away the demons. And use any opportunity to attack the warlocks.


-And there is something else to be careful of…pretend not to know me.


-Life is complicated. You don’t need to understand.


The Fire Golem faithfully fulfilled his commands. A demon was seized by the burning arms while purifying fire shot towards the warlocks. The warlocks used their protection magic but the flames penetrated the barrier, causing the robes to catch on fire.


“Don’t miss this opportunity and quickly slaughter the enemies.”

“Knights, stand in line for the Thrust of Glory!”

The morale of the Raum Knights were raised and they exerted themselves even further. The knights and soldiers of the other kingdom also came with them. They broke through the defensive wall of demons and dashed towards the warlocks.

All the magicians gathered together with Featherman to prepare a huge magic. The impact of advanced large magic!

“Something like this…”

Weed watched them do well but couldn’t be pleased at the situation. He didn’t know where Featherman’s magic would head towards! The attacks from the Raum Kingdom could hit Weed, Zahab and the sculptural lifeforms at any time since they were among the Portu Kingdom.

However, the warlocks’ response was also quick. They used the prepared humans and demons as victims. Even the warlocks involved in prepared the Gates of h.e.l.l magic helped in the battle.

They gathered the aura of darkness and fired it towards the Fire Golem. The warlocks also summoned a large snake to bite at the body of the golem. The Fire Golem had huge amounts of health and resilience so its body didn’t shrink despite the warlock attacks.

The underground s.p.a.ce shook every time the golem moved.

“It looks like the Royal Castle might fall faster.”

The time Weed had left was further reduced due to the golem.

-Time remaining for the Fire Golem to be summoned is 9 minutes and 37 seconds.

Once the golem emerged from the magic scroll, it would disappear once the mana was depleted. He needed to gain as much as possible during the time left.

“Archer unit, take action! Go ahead and attack!”

“Yes, Leader-nim!”

The Portu soldiers and knights become involved in attacking. Weed was an archer so luckily he wasn’t mobilized to fight. But magic was flying everywhere so it was hard to find a safe zone. The magic of the Raum Kingdom was flying towards the soldiers.

‘It will become difficult to me to endure even for 1 minute. Even if the warlocks use protection magic, it is impossible to be treated by the priests.’

Weed decided to make his move.

-Golem, this is a command. Attack the knights protecting the warlocks.


The Fire Golem turned towards the place where the warlocks were gathered. Then the knights that escorted the Portu King came out to block the Fire Golem. In addition, various warlocks hurled black magic towards the golem.


The golem suffered as they were hit by magic! But the warlocks now didn’t have any knights protecting them.

“Go, my subordinates! Iron 1 to Iron-4, don’t spare your arrows and shoot.”

Weed gave an order to the sculptural lifeforms. The four archers turned around and fired towards the warlocks.

“The arrows can’t be prevented!”


“Rapid Fire!”

It was different from the time they crudely aimed at the Raum Knights. The arrows shot by the sculptural lifeforms poured down on the warlocks. The penetration, destructive force and swiftness was high so it dealt large damage to the warlocks.



“The magic is flowing backwards!”

The warlocks chanting spell were surprised by the arrows. 10 warlocks. .h.i.t by the arrows collapsed and turned into a grey light. If the spell was cancelled in the middle then the magic would run out of control.

“N…No! Cancel the spell! Heok! It can’t be cancelled. Uaaaack!”

The magic used to summon demons couldn’t be controlled. And the black magic attacked those close to it.

“Being killed in an insignificant place like this….”

“Keeook! My whole body is boiling.”

Due to the excessive sacrifices offered, the warlocks casting the black magic suffered from the mana backlash and died. The sculptural lifeforms continued shooting towards the other arrows.

The protection magic was penetrated and the warlocks died due to the sudden arrow attack. They were using second hand bows so the sculptural lifeforms couldn’t show the full power of the bow. Despite that, it was enough for the warlocks who had low health.

The moment Weed gave instructions to attack, the golem managed to approach the warlocks chanting attack spells. The sculptural swordsman and spearman bravely ran towards the warlocks.

He had no interest in the warlocks killed by the arrows.

“Take care of the ones wearing grey robes first!”

Weed decided the target of the attack!

“Revolving Spear!”

“This sword will take care of the Portu Kingdom!”

Just like magicians, the warlocks were vulnerable to melee attacks. Three strong warlocks were handled in an instant. The power of the warlocks decreased in 3 minutes due to Weed and his sculptural lifeforms.

And then Zahab ran towards the Portu King. His mission was to kill the king! Weed left the most important task to Zahab.

“Stop him before he reaches me!”

The king shouted but the knights were too busy dealing with the Fire Golem to rescue him. The warlocks threw their bodies to save him.

An intense light shone from Zahab’s sword.

“Sculpting Blade!”

That was the most comfortable skill at the moment. The damage wasn’t high but it was sufficient to handle the warlocks. The warlocks lost their lives to Zahab.

And he was finally able to reach the king. But it was enough time for the other high ranking warlocks to finish chanting their spells.

“Internal Bleeding.”

“Maddening Anguis.h.!.+”

“Weakening the Skin!”

The powers of darkness caused Zahab mental pain and the blood vessels inside his body were ripped apart. But Zahab didn’t care about the warlocks and just wielded his sword against the king.

“Dark Body!”

The Portu King had his arm turned solid black and he used it to block the sword. It was possible for a warlock to reconstruct their body to strengthen their defensive ability. The king used his magic and health to temporarily strengthen himself.

“No way! Continuous Storm Slas.h.!.+”

Zahab twisted his sword. The king impeded the continuous attacks with his longer and thicker arms. Sparks flew as the sword collided with the arm.

“Iron-5, continue to remove the warlocks. Iron-6, interfere so that Chakujel can’t succeed in any magic.”


“I understand.”

The warlocks were killed by the surprise attack. This had an influence on weakening the demons as the mana summoning them decreased.

The Raum Knights now had a chance against the knights and soldiers of the Portu Kingdom thanks to Weed.

But things didn’t go that smoothly.

“There is internal trouble on that side. It is truly incredible. Frost Burn!”

Featherman and the magicians hurled their attacks.

Zahab was competing with the king while Iron-5 and Iron-6 took action. Weed, Iron-1, Iron-2, Iron-3 and Iron-4 were still within the Portu Kingdom’s camp so they were vulnerable to the magic attacks.

Weed had also betrayed them so there was a risk of being a.s.saulted by the other archers and soldiers.

Then the wide area magic flew!

“I knew it!”

When looking at it calmly, he was on the same side as the Raum Kingdom. However, Weed and the sculptural lifeforms were wearing the uniforms of the Portu Kingdom so they were still attacked.

Despite the magic exploding, Weed was safe thanks to the sculptural lifeforms protecting him.



Fortunately he still had the Fire Golem. It was fighting against the Portu Kingdom’s knights but could still afford to stop the warlock’s magic.

-Move to the right!


The Fire Golem moved and completely exposed the magicians.

“Iron-1 to Iron-4, you need to somehow hold out!”

Weed whispered a small command to them. He carried Seo-yoon on his back and ran towards the warlocks.

“He has betrayed us! A traitor of the Portu Kingdom!”

This treachery was exposed at the same time!


The warlocks that turned to attack Weed were immediately shot by the sculptural lifeforms. The soldiers and archers of the Portu Kingdom also attacked the sculptural lifeforms. The sculptural lifeforms were forced to interrupt the magic and block the shots aimed at them.

There was a level difference so they weren’t in danger right now. However, their profession was an archer so their low health meant they couldn’t deal with the Royal Knights. Especially with the Raum Kingdom forces being unable to distinguish them from the enemy.

However, Weed already had no interest in the subordinates left alone in the back.

‘I can only hope they survive somehow.’

Weed just focused on protecting himself and Seo-yoon. He hid in a back corner behind the Fire Golem and fired arrows towards the warlocks.

The battle of Zahab, Iron-5 and Iron-6 was taking place nearby. Zahab was in a tight confrontation with the king. Of course, Zahab’s sword was very strong but the knights escorting the king acted as diversions. The king was also persistent in his black magic.

Iron-5 was thrusting his spear among the warlocks while Iron-6 was attached to Chakujel. Chakujel was the strongest warlock who taught the king! Chakujel was but by the sword but he was still far from death.

He also completed his spell despite the damage.

“Reign of Chaos.”


Iron-6 missed and grabbed his head.


-Iron-6 has been hit by the magic of a master warlock.

Domination magic!

This magic causes confusion and obedience.

However, the subordinate has strong mentality and loyalty.

Iron-6 is absolutely loyal to you.

Iron-6 once again swung his sword at Chakujel. In the meantime, the warlocks in charge of the Gates of h.e.l.l died and the mana gathered formed into a fearsome whirlpool.

“Y.O.U. F.O.O.L. Y.O.U. A.R.E. N.O.T. H.U.M.A.N”

Chakujel who became angry that the Gates of h.e.l.l magic was cancelled gave a fearsome cry. And his mana started to get out of hand.

‘This is really dangerous.’

Weed immediately hid in the closet corner. A whirl of lack mana surrounded the warlocks nearby.



All the health and mana of the warlock was absorbed before moving somewhere else! The vortex of black mana moved randomly so it was hard to stop.

“Iron-5, get rid of the warlocks around the king.”

“I can’t approach.”

“Try everything you can!”

Iron-5 threw his spear towards the king.


The knights and king were distracted by Zahab and the swirl of black mana. The spear flew through the air and plunged into the king’s back.


But despite that, the king still didn’t die! Iron-5 picked up a weapon from the ground and flew towards the king like the wind. It was reckless courage caused by loyalty.

Zahab had a chance to win against the king with Iron-5 helping. But the king pulled the spear out and healed his injury.

“Black magic is really revolting. I should’ve chosen techniques like that.”

While Weed was full of admiration, Chakujel moved towards a magic gate.

“I. W.I.L.L. B.E. B.A.C.K. A.N.D. I. W.I.L.L. P.A.Y. Y.O.U. B.A.C.K. F.O.R. S.U.R.E.”

Chakujel left through the magic gate. Chakujel knew that he made a mistake. The situation had become complicated due to Zahab, the sculptural lifeforms and the Fire Golem. The remaining obstacles were cleared up by the Raum Kingdom’s knights and magicians. Therefore he didn’t stay in the collapsing castle and left his apprentice behind.

And the king’s death!


The king turned grey and collapsed due to Zahab’s sword. An item that looked like a ball rolled out from his body. Zahab broke the ball with his sword.


-Save Hilderun has been completed.

Hilderun’s spirit and vitality sealed inside the bead has awoken.

As long as human will remains, the body won’t be easily taken over even if a devil descends.

-The descent of the devils has been disturbed.

All stats have increased by 8 due to the adventure.

Faith has increased by 40.

“That’s it!”

The quest was successful! However, there was no time to rejoice.

The Gates of h.e.l.l magic had been cancelled and the Raum Kingdom and their allies were sweeping away all the demons in the area.

In addition, the Fire Golem received the attacks from Featherman and the magicians and disappeared.

“Your Majesty!”


“This can’t be. Now everyone will die!”

The warlocks became desperate and irrational after the king was killed. They sacrificed their bodies using black magic so that demons would take over it for a short while.

Weed’s head was calm in the current situation.

‘The warlocks and knights of the Portu Kingdom are enemies and the Raum Kingdom won’t spare us.’

The Raum Kingdom would remove everything related to the warlocks without asking questions.

‘A clean person like me looking up at the heavens has nothing to be ashamed of.’

Enemies everywhere!

The castle would also crumble soon so he didn’t have a lot of time.

“Get out of here quickly. Follow me.”

Weed ran towards the back of the underground s.p.a.ce. Zahab, Iron-5, Iron-6, Iron-1 and Iron-3 chased after him.

Iron-1 had been injured and died in the battle while Iron-4 was surrounded by knights of the Raum Kingdom.

“Those two have been lost.”

Weed couldn’t hide his grief as he ran. But something like that didn’t last for long.

“The traitor who killed His Majesty! Die!”

The king’s knights jumped forward. Zahab and the sculptural lifeforms had to fend them off. They had already received the warlocks’ curses so their condition wasn’t good. And some warlocks sacrificed their flesh to throw magic at Iron-6.



Iron-6 was. .h.i.t by the continuous magic and collapsed. He wore armour picked up so his defense was less than ordinary soldiers.

“Unfair Curse!”

Weed found it hard to avoid the curse.

-Luck has been reduced.

Your body is heavy so movement will slow down.

Mana is not recovered.

You don’t have any blessings so there is no resistance against the darkness.


Iron-6 stood up and raised his sword.

“I will stop these guys.”

Weed stopped moving for a moment. He wanted to bring Iron-6 with him somehow. Even if he had to submit to a little danger!

But then Iron-5 said.

“We have to go. Please allow Iron-6 to die for Master!”

“We have to go quickly!”

“It is our mission to protect Master. We are prepared to give our lives at any time!”

Iron-1 and Iron-3 cried out as they fired arrows.


Weed’s heart wasn’t good as he turned his back and ran.

Many years ago, his younger sister was sick but couldn’t go to the hospital. His sister stayed up for 10 hours crying with a fever but wasn’t taken to hospital. He had no health insurance fee and didn’t have money to pay the hospital. The dreadful, helpless feeling that reached deep into his bones!

Now he earned profit and had quite a lot of savings but he never forgot that feeling. Numerous problems from growing up in poverty without parents couldn’t be easily settled.

Weed had feelings similar to then. The strongest and most violent person in Continent of Magic was miserable in reality. The reason he conditioned his body in reality before stepping foot in Royal Road was to stop feeling that helplessness.

Zahab exclaimed.

“If we follow this pa.s.sage then we can get outside?”

Weed panted as he looked around the area. His body was weak and it became tired faster after receiving the magic curse.

There was a pa.s.sage connected to the back of the underground s.p.a.ce.

“I do not know. But in the situation where the castle is collapsing, how else can we escape from the warlocks?”

“What if there isn’t an exit?”

“Then we’ll die.”

It was either lie down to be killed by the enemy or choose a chance of escaping.

And Iron-3 fell behind! He moved to block the pa.s.sage from those chasing them.

“If I survive this then I will serve you for the rest of my life.”

The loyal Iron-3 lured the knights of the Portu Kingdom.


Weed grieved as he kept on moving. The only ones left were Zahab, Iron-1 and Iron-5. Even if the quest succeeded, he would be filled with grief more than joy.

‘I need to make these guys work like a mountain.’

And the thing that showed up at the end of the path was a warp gate. But stones had fallen from the ceiling so some of the magic circle was damaged. The lights of the warp gate flickered.

Weed breathed a sigh of relief.

“This is a bit late but it has almost come to an end.”

It was possible for him to catch his breath. But the Portu King’s knights, the warlocks and the Raum Allied forces were chasing after him.

“You go first.”

Weed shook his head at Zahab’s invitation.

“No. Zahab-nim should enter first.”

The danger might not end here. If he entered the gate first then there might be unknown danger on the other side.

“Then I will go. Follow afterwards.”


Weed would’ve followed immediately afterwards anyway. If he wasted a lot of time then the magic gate might disappear because it was damaged.

Zahab entered the magic gate and disappeared.

Weed then spoke to the remaining sculptural lifeforms.

“You follow immediately as well.”


“I understand.”

Weed plunged through the gate with Seo-yoon.


The architects who partic.i.p.ated in the construction of the Haven Empire’s Imperial Palace gathered and gave a toast.


“Drink heartily. I will pay for the costs of drinks today.”

“Well, let’s get properly drunk.”

The architects drank the beer and commemorated that the construction of the Imperial Palace finished.

In fact, the Imperial Palace had already been built but they needed to arrange the interior. The interior needed additional reinforcement but it was finally completed. The ceiling of the Imperial Palace was flas.h.i.+ng gold and the height was also amazing.

The architects didn’t worry about the funds and made a lavish palace. The grand of majestic appearance of the Imperial Palace and the vast grounds naturally caused admiration among the people who saw it.

“This building will become the most famous in the Versailles Continent.”

“Our names will be remembered for decades for partic.i.p.ating in this work.”

“This will become the symbol of the Haven Empire.”

The architects continued boasting among themselves. These architects specialized in renovating castles and building walls. Due to the war, many architects couldn’t help specializing in building reconstruction.

It wasn’t a small challenge but they succeeded in the construction of the Haven Empire’s Imperial Palace. The Imperial Palace would raise the loyalty of NPC knights, residents and n.o.bles.

The Arpen Kingdom’s palace was being built at the same time but it couldn’ compare to the vastness and flas.h.i.+ness of the Imperial Palace. Many more residents, artists, sculptors etc. partic.i.p.ated in the Arpen Kingdom.

But the artwork and antiques plundered from the entire continent was placed in the Haven Empire’s Imperial Palace. There were also jewellery and gold so it was hard for an architect to ever complete such an extravagant piece of work again.

The architect Mibullo partic.i.p.ated in the construction and was finally able to successfully complete it. But he didn’t partic.i.p.ate in the celebration when it was finished.

He disguised himself and secretly left Aren Castle.

“All the work in the Central Continent is completed so I need to go to the north now. It will be fascinating to build a city from the ground up.”

His eyes glanced at the Imperial Palace. It was so huge that he couldn’t see the top despite raising his head. The towers and palace were s.p.a.cious and had marble floors. The Imperial Palace flashed in the bright light of the sun and could be considered the best building on the continent.

The Hermes Guild were busy with the Conquest War but they were glad the Imperial Palace was completed.

“I can’t see this view again. I will be gone for the next few months.”

Mibullo muttered those words to himself.

He was a leading architect. And his various construction experience meant he knew how to weaken a building without leaving a trace.

Subtract the cornerstones! Bogus materials! Frequent design changes!

These things would lead to shoddy construction!

The Imperial Palace wasn’t as strong as most people thought. The heavy pillars placed enormous pressure on it.

Mibullo had techniques to collapse buildings. Building materials weakened and corroded early. The foundation would sink. Then it would come cras.h.i.+ng down. The towers that were connected to the Imperial Palace!

All of this wasn’t building something up.

The Imperial Palace was sitting on structure that could cause it to collapse the moment the structure was destroyed.

“If this falls then it won’t be cheap for the Hermes Guild. Then they will experience difficulty on the continent.”

Mibullo continued making changes to the design and piled up the construction costs for the Hermes Guild.

He used the Grand Buildings in the north as excuses for increasing the budget. Naturally he was welcomed by the Hermes Guild everywhere he travelled.

Materials were also stolen from the construction. The thinly spread gold was actually covering cheap copper.

Anyway, no one would know. They wouldn’t know unless they peeled off the interior of the building.

“This is why people have to careful of bad construction.”

Mibullo hummed as he headed towards the north.


As Yurin became twenty years old, she became increasingly more beautiful.

Men flocked like clouds whenever she drew on canvas. She went around the continent in the morning and drew landscapes and people at night.

“It really is fun to draw paintings.”

The colours were used to freely draw the beautiful world. Her favourite thing was the Tower of Light in the Morata. The light show constantly had many spectators. Yurin was happiest when drawing at this time.

Her painting progressed steadily so she wasn’t ashamed of her skills. It was fascinating to discuss the composition of paintings with other painters.

Yurin enjoyed the fine arts.

“I might really become an artist in the future. Should I change my specialty in school to fine arts?”

In fact, there were many similar cases.

Some people used the experience in Royal Road to pick their future career. They were typically cooks, merchants, farmers and cattle ranchers!

“This isn’t possible. The amount of dishes to wash is never-ending.”

“This occupation really makes my hand tired. This business…I give up!”

“This land! This year has a poor harvest. The price of the agricultural products have fallen again as well as the income from other areas. I want to set it on fire and abandon the barns.”

“Why do pigs eat so much? I thought they would be cheap….”

Those who chose the profession ended up giving up and changing their dreams.

Weed would shudder when thinking about the moneymaking potential of a painter.


The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor

The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor

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