The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor Volume 34 Chapter 8

8) Person Who Calls Rain

The message window continued ringing in front of Weed.


-The nature sculpture has brought rain to the desert.

Thanks to the power of time, the nature sculpture as brought an enormous change to this region.

The growth rate of animals have increased by 850%.

The birth rate of the desert tribes has increased and they will expand their activities in this area.

The Desert of Tranquillity has been reduced. As a result of the nature sculpting, the desert area where lifeforms can’t live has been reduced.

-The t.i.tle ‘Person Who Calls Rain’ has been acquired.

You can obtain absolute respect in the desert.

Honour has increased by 36.

-Fame has increased by 6,394.
-Due to the wonders of the nature sculpture, all stats have increased by 41.
-Affinity to Nature has increased by 54.
-All stats have increased by 4.
-The skill proficiency of Sculpting has improved.
-The skill proficiency of Handicraft has improved.
-The skill proficiency of Nature Sculpting has reached level 10 and transformed into advanced Nature Sculpting!

The ability to harmonize with nature and your affinity to it has improved.

The accuracy of Great Disaster Nature Sculpting has increased.

A variety of benefits and good luck can be obtained from nature.


Weed felt all the fatigue in his body loosen as he read the message windows.

His sculpting skill proficiency also climbed by 4.7%. In a situation where only 20% was left to reach master level, 4.7% was a huge income. The Cloud Sculpting that he used because he was thirsty was a huge hit!

“This is beyond my expectations.”

Weed’s eyes shone.

“Suffering from thirst while crossing the desert. Rain falling on a desert. This sculpture can show the impressive aspects of nature. This is a result of my pa.s.sion for the arts.”

And he laughed lightly like he was expecting the whole thing.

“Huhuhuhu, well. This much isn’t enough to surprise me anymore.”

A sculptor crossing the desert. He suffered so much for the final sculpting technique that he felt like cursing for 3 hours.

The smile on his face became slightly rotten but he endured it because of Seo-yoon. He was happy just feeling the rain that hit his body.

Seo-yoon also lifted her head towards the rain with a joyful expression. Her hair and clothes were wet but her features were still beautiful.

“Wait, we should’t just lay here.”

Weed hastily covered their bodies with cloaks. Their physical strength was low in this time so they couldn’t afford to get a cold. Fortunately Seo-yoon was wearing a traveller’s robe that was good in the rain.

“We’ve finally escaped the Desert of Tranquillity so now we have to reach the Brukan Tribe’s oasis.”


“There are scorpions.”

Now that they’ve exited the Desert of Tranquillity, insects and lizard like animals were running around. With their current level, large animals could counterattack and they might die instead. But there was something he could believe in.

“Summon Sculpture!”

He could summon the recent sculptural lifeforms.

Iron-1, Iron-5. A skill to control them again!

-The amount of mana is lacking!

“Uhh, unbelievable….”

He needed 10 times more mana if he wanted to summon his sculptural lifeforms. Weed didn’t lose his hope.

“The sculptural lifeforms aren’t like tuna mayonnaise rice b.a.l.l.s that have a short expiration date….”

The sculptural lifeforms were created with expensive and precious materials so he didn’t want to separate from them.

Right now Iron-1 and Iron-5 were somewhere in the continent. They had accidentally gained their freedom really easily.


Iron-1 arrived at the gates of a castle ruled by Lord Balkad.

“Ohuhuk, if I can’t get food then my family can’t live.”

“Please give my child something to eat.”

“Please give my child something to eat.”

The residents were being beaten up with clubs and spears. It was a typical oppression from the lord of a territory in times of war.

“I absolutely can’t stand this.”

Iron-1 stood up resolutely with his bow. And he took care of the lord and n.o.bles with arrows.

“Hooray Iron-1!”

After taking care of the Nehallem Kingdom, he chased monsters into the deep forest. And Iron-1 didn’t appear again.

On the other hand, Iron-5 arrived at the Straud Kingdom.

It was in the west of the continent and quiet far from the Portu Kingdom. It was a war zone so Iron-5 made a name as for himself as a spearman.

“Will you be forever loyal to this Straud Kingdom?”

“It isn’t possible since my master may someday come back.”

“I understand your loyal heart. So I want to get more. Can’t you follow me?”

“I will serve Your Majesty until I meet my master.”

Iron-5 didn’t lose his loyalty. However, he didn’t know that Weed was only disappointed because he couldn’t work Iron-5 as a slave!


The Brukan Tribe had a wide territory.

The desert territory was huge yet their population was quite low. Still, they were still one of the biggest powers among the 15 desert tribes. Weed and Seo-yoon received all types of conveniences from the desert tribes.

“It is unbelievable that you can summon rain.”

“Cloud Sculpting!”

“Ohhhh, a miraculous thing really happened! Our tribe has been suffering from a lack of rain.”

They were treated like kings by the desert tribes after calling the rain.

“Camel meat.”

“We’ll bring it straight away.”

“Make sure it is well cooked.”

“The best chef will make it.”

And they were given items and gold as gifts when they left.

-Warrior’s Necklace:

Durability 29/35 Defense 4

A bone necklace worn by warriors of the desert tribe. It can increase bravery.

Restrictions: Level 310 Strength 600

Shamans, Warriors only

Options: Strength +13%

Shamans who wear this will increase skill levels by 2.

When fighting with a strong enemy, Fighting Spirit will double for 4 minutes.

“It isn’t much but this is a gift we’ve prepared. I’d like you to take it.”

“It is really insufficient. Isn’t there anything with more money?”

He didn’t care about trying to obtain more from the poor desert tribes!

The tribal warriors were fierce when hunting but they didn’t really know the state of the world. That’s why the Brukan Tribe had the most luxurious oasis called Laos on the continent in the past.

A rare desert lake! Thousands of houses were built on poles in the centre of the lake. The scale of it made the sight exotic and mysterious.

Of course, Weed already knew about the Brukan Tribe.

‘They are the tribe that Belsos belongs to.’

The Master Sculptor Belsos!

He had already learnt Elemental Sculpting before meeting him. But this was the era before Belsos was born.


-Walk through the Desert of Tranquillity has been completed.

You have safely crossed the Desert of Tranquillity and arrived at the Brukan Tribe’s oasis.

“Phew, let’s go in.”

He had safely survived another final secret sculpting technique quest. Weed and Seo-yoon entered the city near the oasis.

In the meantime, he had progressed through quite a few final secret sculpting technique quests.

He travelled as a hummingbird and used Great Disaster Nature Sculpting. He fought with a devil in the labyrinth, searched for traces on Borota Island, escaped from Portu’s Royal Castle and walked through a desert.

He expected that it was now closer to the end. And the ringing sound of a message window!


-Nodulle’s Growth

Nodulle and Hilderun settled at the oasis.

It is impossible to escape the crowds tracking them! Nodulle could only escape from the enemies so he decided to become strong and overcome this weakness.

Become strong in the 22 years until the devil energy sleeping in Hilderun’s body becomes active.

Level of Difficulty: Final Secret Sculpting Technique Quest

Quest Restrictions: You must grow in the desert areas.

Time is accelerated so 1 day is equivalent to 100 days.

The quest will fail if you die.

The stats and skill proficiency obtained in this quest will disappear when it ends but compensation will be given based on the performance.

* Please Note

Skills, experience and fame will increase by 100 times when hunting.

Luck will increase so the likelihood of gaining special items will rise.

The additional effects will be given to your colleagues, subordinates or NPCs in your party

Originally, only his sculpting skills remained intact.

And the skill proficiency had risen like normal while he proceeded with the quests.

“Hrmm, this is a unique method.”

Weed considered the quest from various angles. Nodulle and Hilderun lived 22 years in a desert city.

‘My growth will be 100 times quicker. And if it is for 22 years then this quest will last 80 days.’

It was a long time for a quest! But 22 years of experience was being compressed so he couldn’t afford to waste even a single second.

He didn’t know what could happen to Nodulle in a few months or years so he couldn’t relax for a few hours. Even if the quest didn’t fail, he didn’t know what impact it would have on the following chain quests.

“You received the quest?”


Seo-yoon received a similar quest. She was given a condition to survive for 22 years but it wasn’t difficult if she stayed in the city.

“Let’s go!”

Weed ran with Seo-yoon into the desert city.

Rather than drop in at stores to examine the current price of goods, he went straight to the weapons store. A desert warrior with tattoos was running the business.

“A human hasn’t visited the desert in a long time. Where did you come from?”

Weed answered as he looked around at the weapons.

“The Desert of Tranquillity.”

“If you can travel through the desert then these weapons aren’t enough. Nevertheless, you can handle these weapons so look to your heart’s content.”

Weed’s current level after becoming Nodulle and giving life to the sculptures was 27. It was a level where a graze from a monster would cause death!

‘These weapons aren’t suitable. A simple knife is the best for me.’

The lowest was a sword from the Bansen Kingdom with a level of 62. Now he didn’t have the blacksmith skill so he couldn’t wear it even if there was a good weapon.

“This is good.”

Weed picked up a cimeter that children of the desert tribes used to play with.

-Cimeter that Frequently Changes Owners:

59/59 Attack 13~21

A cimeter that any child of the desert knows who to use.

A thick and heavy piece that won’t easily break. The flexible blade will show a high attack power.

Weight: 35

Restrictions: Level 15

More than 40 Strength

Options: The durability will reduce slowly.

Will degrade armour by 60% when attacking.

When striking a downward blow, attack power +5.

It wasn’t a sword but a bent knife! The weapons store owner frowned as he saw the weapon Weed selected.

“Isn’t this power insufficient for fighting?”

“It does not matter.”

“Good defense. If you want to live long then you should pick your own weapon.”

Weed didn’t want to engage in a long talk.

“I am a person who can call the rain. So just sell it to me.”

“Call the rain…um, I’ve heart about that. A person who can call rain in the desert is valuable. The ability to cause miracles is something I can’t fathom. I’ll sell it if that is what you want. The original price is 250 gold but you can receive it for 195 gold.”


These were precious goods in Laos.

Weed didn’t waste time bargaining and just bought it. He obtained quite a few jewels from Portu so he could afford to spend that money. He bought daggers, bows and even arrows.

“Sell me that sword of the Bansen Kingdom.”

“You want that as well?”


“I can’t understand it. Your level means you can’t use it. However, a person who calls rain is a miracle man. If you want it then I will sell.”

He purchased weapons and armour from the store. He bought clothing of the desert warriors that didn’t have a level limit.

It was due to the hot nature of the desert climate. This feature meant it was light but the defense was weak.


Weed exited Laos and searched for animals in the area.

“I need to catch a suitable opponent!”

He couldn’t find any herbivorous animals such as rabbits or deer. He even had to be careful of the weakest scorpions who were poisonous. But Weed had bought a complete set from the stores!

“Let’s test out this cimeter.”

Weed pulled out a sculpture.”

“Sculptural Destruction! Everything into Strength!”

All of his Art stat was converted into Strength.

-You have used Sculptural Destruction.

1 Art stat has permanently disappeared from the pain of destroying a sculpture. Fame has decreased by 3.

The Art stat has been converted to Strength for one day.

Your Art stat is too high. Strength stat is too low so the conversion won’t be completed all at once.

1,090 Strength has been converted to the level 8 advanced skill ‘Severe Blow.’

When hitting enemies with the exact amount of power, enemies will be blown away. Probability of causing paralysis and confusion has increased.

1,180 Strength has been converted to the level 8 advanced skill ‘Piercing Sword.’

The opponent’s s.h.i.+eld and armour will be smashed by the powerful attack.

1,430 Strength has been changed to the level 9 advanced skill ‘Momentary Herculean Strength.’ Power will triple for a short amount of time. Enormous vitality is required.

1,150 damage will be applied to the weapon’s basic attacks but the durability will decrease by 35%.

A rudimentary rise in strength! Weed was only armed with the cimeter as he ran towards a scorpion.


The scorpion raised its tail towards Weed but it was useless. Weed brought the cimeter down.


-The weak scorpion has been smashed by a devastating power.
-Your level has risen.
-Your level has risen.
-You have learnt projection.

Projection has increased to beginner level 2.

The destructiveness of the sword has increased by 120%.

The weight involved in the attack will increase by 6%.

Frontal attacks will have a chance of pus.h.i.+ng back the enemy.

His level instantly rose! The 100x increase in experience and skill proficiency was tremendous.

“Let’s try it!”

Weed smashed all the scorpions around him. He went over level 30 in a flash and gained many scorpion teeth and tails.

“The experience already isn’t that much.”

After that his goal was the snakes. The desert snakes were also easy prey for Weed. He had a wide variety of hunting experience so he could easily see through the simple behavioural patterns of animals.

-Charisma has increase by 1 due to winning with overwhelming power.

On that day his level even reached 55. It was a 100 times growth so he reached this extent despite only hunting for one day.


Seo-yoon toured the stores within Laos.

‘This place is trading ores. I should remember it in case it is needed.’

Information about stores selling food and equipment, quests and hunting grounds were remembered so that she could support Weed.

And the next day!

-The Mercenary Guild is seeking a person to work in the information department.

This person will work for the Red Sun Mercenary Guild.

Urgent: 30 Copper

Supplementary payment will be given depending on the career path.

The income was small but there was a possibility of obtaining good information. Seo-yoon headed towards the Mercenary Guild for an interview.

A mercenary with a wild atmosphere around him welcomed her.

“Have you done this type of work before?”


“You are interested in working for mercenaries?”

“Not at all.”

“Your honest is good. You can gradually learn the work.”

The mercenary guild’s job interview was a success!


Weed hunting near the city until morning and reached level 75.

“I’ve learnt Sword Mastery.”

Once he switched from a cimeter to a sword, he gained Sword Mastery and it reached intermediate level. He learnt Sword Mastery from the Desert Warriors Guild!

He obtained supplies and information about the next hunting ground from Seo-yoon.

“If you head to the north then the lake is inhabited by crocodiles.”

“It will be difficult to breathe and hunt in the water.”

“It will be fine if you stay on the shallow side. Make sure to bring a bow.”

“I bought a lot of arrows.”

Hunting the crocodiles in the lake to the north! Desert warriors were wandering around but they didn’t partic.i.p.ate in Weed’s work. His level was insufficient so the desert warriors were indifferent. They didn’t want to get involved with a weak warrior.

And Weed reached level 110!

“Stat window.”

Character Name Nodulle Alignment None
Level 110 Profession Desert Warrior
t.i.tle Person Who Calls Rain Fame 8,382
Health 13,982 Mana 7,383
Strength 273 Agility 216
Vitality 61 Wisdom 125
Intelligence 97 Leaders.h.i.+p 41
Art 3,141 Luck 79
Attack 819 Defence 198
Magic Resistance: 11%

“I’m happy but I can’t stop here.”

Weed worried while completing quests.

‘Level 110 is quite high.’

He had suffered so much difficult in the meantime due to Nodulle’s body so he felt like level 100 was quite high.

’22 years is quite long so to what extent can my level grow?’

It was really distant but he could soar to legendary heights. Sword Mastery was the default but he also often shot arrows using a bow. His Perseverance and other stats were able to become exceptionally high. But this was likely to be the foundation for the next quest.

‘It is really terrible to imagine but I might need to kill a dragon next for all I know.’

He felt like something huge was going to happen. A minor different in how strong he became might make a huge difference.

It was important to optimize information gathering but he also needed a strong body to jump at strong enemies. Extra stats and high levels meant that he could grow quickly while hunting.

“The hunting time is 80 days.”

Weed reduced his resting time and minimized his movements. His fast sweeping hunting was unsurpa.s.sed. Furthermore, he could take advantage of his secret sculpting techniques so the possibilities were endless.


“Now Weed is making progress on the final secret sculpting technique quest.”

Yoo Byung-jin drank sweet cocoa as he looked at the monitor.

A few years had opened since Royal Road opened. In the meantime, users had grown from strangers to becoming masters on the continent.

Yoo Byung-jin had hoped that everyone in Royal Road would become crazy about money and power. Unicorn Corporation was giving an enormous prize money so people would become frantic trying to conquer the continent!

Of course, the guilds were systematically trample on the weak. But Royal Road offered a huge happiness to people.

“Heheheh, I’ve finally obtained the broken blade after searching for 3 months. Now I can complete the quests!”

An adventurer who received a F cla.s.s quest didn’t care and spent 3 months completing it. Some didn’t care about quests and just enjoyed adventures like Weed’s.

“Kyah, how cool! The taste of water after hunting is the real deal.”

“Do you want to go play in the valley?”

“That’s good. We can eat the baked meat from lizards in the valley.”

“We should quickly grab a good spot. It will be full of people from noon onwards.”

Beginners might be persecuted but they felt like the world of Royal Road was really fun. People could freely delight in hunting and going on adventures.

Yoo Byung-jin wished for people to kill in order to live.

The development of capitalism meant that more people were becoming lonely. Royal Road gave people happiness in their lives. They felt a great sense of achievement when hunting monsters or finis.h.i.+ng a quest! They could also experience a tingling of fear when going with colleagues in a dark dungeon.

All they needed to do was connect to the game in order to live another reality. Despite the behaviour of the prestigious guilds, new users were constantly starting in the Versailles Continent.

Of course, a vast majority of the new users were inhabitants of the Arpen Kingdom in the north. Weed’s adventures inspired feelings of challenge, hopes and dreams.

Yoo Byung-jin was accurately aware of all the situations occurring in the game.

“Weed’s adventures are becoming more difficult and he will probably fail….”

I’ve improved the prediction algorithm.Do you want me to calculate the probability?


I will not calculate the probability.

“Weed and Bardray are diverging in two extreme directions.”

Weed was experiencing the adventure of the final secret technique and was nearing the final stage.

His actions in the past would change the present.There were many areas where Weed’s adventure can fail. Weed could cause the current Versailles Continent to fall into a serious problem.

“If he doesn’t finish Nodulle’s work then the Dragon of Chaos will be revived and chaos will occur….how interesting.”

The large scale of the quest was becoming unimaginable.

And a time of darkness!

If Weed failed in the quest then the Versailles Continent would revert to the Dark Ages. But these opportunities couldn’t be known in advance and the adventurer would discover it too late. Therefore, the likelihood of success was slim.

In the end, all the responsibility would be laid on Weed. If he didn’t succeed here then all the fame he built up would be lost.

In comparison, Bardray was successfully governing the Hermes Guild. His strength was so high that he was undefeated! Moreover, the Haven Empire was the best on the continent. He was the user walking down the most successful path in Royal Road.

People might have a bad impression of Bardray but there was no denying his outstanding ability.

“Bardray is walking the traditional path of an Emperor. He wins due to his overwhelming charisma, political knowledge, power, confidence and the support of his subordinates.”

Bardray had all the necessary means to unite the continent.

“Anyone with common sense would give the victory to Bardray instead of Weed. It is absurd to compare Weed and Bardray. If I wait a little bit then Bardray will become master of the continent.”

He would learn the results not long in the future. If Bardray removed Weed who was his only obstacles, he would become the de facto ruler of the Versailles Continent.

Yoo Byung-jin acknowledged Bardray’s efforts to conquer the continent.

In contrast, it wasn’t an exaggeration to say that Weed reached this point through his dramatic adventures and skills. He was informed that there wasn’t much time until the Hermes Guild conquered the remaining guilds.

“If Bardray conquers the continent then Weed’s adventure might be buried forever.”


The representatives of the Roam Guild, Black Lion Guild, Lion Star Guild, and Cloud Guild had a private meeting.

“The time is approaching to counterattack against the Hermes Guild.”

Sherwood from the Cloud Guild presided over the meeting.

“What is the commencement date?”

Gunter from the Lion Star Guild asked. A map of the continent was spread over a wide desk.

“Bardray is leading some elite troops through the Rubidom Mountains. Once they come out of the mountains, troops from the Roam Guild and Black Sword Mercenaries will attack. And we will instantaneously start the Hermes Guild hunting on the continent.”

“Hrmm, this mission has to be a success…. What is the troop deployment and plan of attack?”

“This will confirm the details.”

Maps displaying castles, cities, roads, the southern desert area etc. were displayed. Flags were placed at the important gateways to the Haven Empire and they could see the extent of the Hermes Guild’s territory.


Michel the head of the Black Sword Mercenaries’ face turned red.

The Haven Empire had obtained quite a bit of land in the Gradian Kingdom. They failed to prevent the attack of Bardray and the elites and had to flee to the Norton Kingdom.

The original plan was to retreat in order to pull them into a war of attrition but the quick offensive surpa.s.sed their expectations. However, the Black Sword Mercenaries mobilized their forces remaining in the Norton and Masen Kingdoms in order to take back Gradian Kingdom.

If the other allies had helped then he wouldn’t have lost the territory so easily but he couldn’t blame them for not sending reinforcements.

‘I need to take back the Gradian Kingdom.’

His eyes were burning with desire to seize the territory of the Haven Empire. The reason why the allies joined together was to swallow up the Haven Empire.

‘This is our last chance.’

Carlise from the Black Lion Guild was sure of their unconditional victory. Their power had significantly reduced so they were barely able to obtain a place in this meeting.

They received a large injury due to the Hermes Guild and Beden Guild taking over the Tullen Kingdom and hadn’t been restored to their former glory.

Those that attended on behalf of the Roam Guild were silent.

‘This time we will be sure to win. It will be okay. We can be in charge once the Hermes Guild comes cras.h.i.+ng down. Our Roam Guild.’

The heads of the alliance made of prestigious guilds gathered to make final preparations for the war.


The day of the fight!

The coalition called it the Lion Hunting Day.

Bardray had 430,000 troops from the Haven Empire and collected prisoners of war for an army of 1.04 million people. This huge force was going through the Rubidom Mountains from the Norton Kingdom.

“We will win!”

Michel cried out loudly on the Benzen Plains.


Soldiers and mercenaries holding a variety of weapons shouted. The Black Sword Mercenaries mobilized the support of the Pram Guild, a professional mercenary coalition.

30,000 senior mercenaries! There were also 220,000 NPC soldiers from the Dale and Norton Kingdom.

The Roam Guild gathered a huge army consisting of 1,600,000 troops and waited on the plains. The allies gathered in a different spot depending on the guild they belonged to.

“Roam Guild.”


“Our goal this time is the Hermes Guild.”

“There is no problem.”

“We are different from the Hermes Guild. This time we will win.”

The Roam Guild consisted of the elite users.

The Hermes Guild possessed a lot of high ranking users but the Roam Guild was comparable to them. The Roam Guild gathered the influential people and their members could be called the continent’s strongest knights.

Among Royal Road’s top 20, 4 of them belonged to the Roam Guild and their combination of archers, mages and warriors exerted overwhelming tactics and destruction. And the Roam Guild generously gave expensive equipment to their 250,000 NPCs.

The Roam Guild had yet to fight against the Hermes Guild. But if they belonged to the Allied Guilds then they could use the troops to break through the Hermes Guild.

“We definitely have to control Bardray.”

“That guy has the myth of invincibility. We will break it perfectly.”

The high ranking users were greedy to beat Bardray. They wanted to gain the largest fame in the war by defeating the one who killed Weed. Some wanted to obtain Bardray’s equipment.

The Allied Forces that arrived on the Benzen Plains had no intention of retreating. The alliance of the Cloud Guild and Black Lion Guild blocked the rear of the Rubidom Mountains towards the Gradian Kingdom.

The army going through the steep mountains was due to suffer severe fatigue! They might choose to turn around rather than continue on to the Benzen Plains and fight.

Of course, even if the Hermes Guild went forward then they would need to fight the Cloud Guild, Black Lion Guild and the other allies on the Benzen Plains.

Other than the 4 prestigious guilds, there were another 100 allied guilds gathered to fight the Hermes Guild. In order to complete the complete encirclement, the Allied Forces put a lot of effort in to hide the movement of their troops.

The Haven Empire had gained a vast amount of territory in the meantime so defeating Bardray wasn’t enough to break their army.

Bardray was the Haven Empire’s emperor! His death would be the start of the Haven Empire’s collapse. They would deal an unrecoverable blow to their mindset. The offensive of the Allied Forces would then cut across the territories of the Haven Empire.

“Huhuhu, we will be a rat poison.”

“If we miss this opportunity then who knows when it will appear again. We can’t afford to let Bardray escape.”

“Reliable users are prepared to pursue them.”


Bardray received a report while travelling through the Rubidom Mountains.

“There really is a large army.”

The Black Sword Mercenaries had squeezed as much troops as possible. The Hermes Guild’s movement through the Rubidom Mountains was actually a trap for their enemies.

“This time the Black Sword Mercenaries won’t be able to rise again. We can easily occupy the Norton Kingdom. Soo Ra-im.”


“Let the weary soldiers rest. They will wait until we appear so we can get sufficient rest.”

“I understand.”

The Haven Empire’s movements stopped and started resting.

The alliance who saw this was at a loss.

“Knights? We will be moving on.”

The Rubidom Mountains was a deep place with hidden caves and many tress. The scattered knights of the Haven Empire started gathering. Lafaye dispatched the rangers and magician units inside the caves. The teleport gate in big cities and castles were expensive but they had been prepared in advance in order to win the war.

“The Persek Knights have finished gathering.”

“The Vermik Knights are arriving now.”

“The Chavillin Knights are preparing to move.”

“The Teberun Knights are gathering.”

The Haven Empire boasted 24 units of knights and they gathered in the Rubidom Mountains.

“It is taking a long time.”

“When will the battle start?”

“Let’s drink alcohol after today’s win.”

There was a smile on the faces of those gathered around. The Hermes Guild had won every victory in this war. This was the pride of a guild that overcame every struggle.

“We are complete beggars.”

“There is no helping it. We were defeated once. The Hermes Guild isn’t that lenient.”

Pollon and Rensullot.

Commanders who experienced defeat to Weed also came to the Rubidom Mountains. In the past, the guild members would flatter them but now they were ignored. They were strong but the respect of the Hermes Guild was low after their loss to Weed.

Pollon clicked his tongue.

‘The environment in this type of guild isn’t good.’

The Hermes Guild that was trying to conquer the continent had fierce, internal compet.i.tion. They competed over becoming the lord of a vast territory with a high population. The Hermes Guild would no doubt conquer the continent and they would be trying to pick the best egg yolk.

It was a situation where the conquest of the continent seemed close at hand.

‘We are the dominant power so it will be stupid if we don’t win.’

Pollon thought the war was easily won.

The Hermes Guild’s troops and tactics made it so obvious that it was boring. And he was an army commander so there was no need to envy others.

The really difficult battle was when he fought Weed! Pollon caught of glimpse of Weed’s scary side when faced with waves after waves of undead.

‘He knew exactly how to organize the troops. And persistently aimed at weak spots.’

The ability to see through things and command capabilities were different. It was the first time Pollon felt like that.

Every time a weak spot was aimed at, a link between the troops would be cut. The process was accomplished so naturally that they received a lot of damage. And the troops were too fast. Weed quickly grasped the status of the opponent and gained control over the battlefield. Although he resented it at first, he a.n.a.lysed every reason for his defeat and felt better.

Rensullot hadn’t accepted it yet. He was a tactician who went to the north and faced a miserable defeat. He was wiped out without fighting well and was waiting to meet Weed again.

“I will thoroughly win. In a real battle I will win.”

Pollen listened but didn’t say anything.

If Weed commanded the army of northern users then the Northern Expedition might’ve suffered worse losses. Pollen and Rensullot scattered and arrived at their respective camps.

Knights of the Haven Empire arrived at the Rubidom Mountains under the pretence of a supplies troop. In order to reduce fatigue, the infantry had chopped at the trees on their way in.

“Rangers are placed at the locations specified for ambushes.”

“Magicians inspect the traps!”

Knights, magicians and soldiers of the Haven Empire continuously arrived through the teleport gate. The elite troops of the Haven Empire were all here.

“Now we will march to the Benzen Plains to defeat them. This surprise attack will cause despair.”

The army marched towards the Benzen Plains after a suitable rest. As the leader, Lafaye showed shocking and brutal tactics.

The Rubidom Mountains were perfect for luring the enemies into a trap. Bardray would defeat their enemies on the Benzen Plains and then march through the Norton Kingdom The rangers would also delay the Black Lion Guild and Cloud Guild behind them.

After finis.h.i.+ng the troops on the Benzen Plains, the enemies arriving through the Rubidom Mountains would be too late.

The variable terrain of the Rubidom Mountains would cause even the prestigious guilds to feel frustration.

Lafaye and the other leaders called this plan Hunting the Lion Hunters.


The Roam Guild, Black Sword Mercenaries and other allies smiled with satisfaction as time pa.s.sed.

“Those fellows aren’t retreating and are heading towards the Benzen Plains….”

“Is the Hermes Guild so proud that they won’t retreat in the face of defeat? Then we will give them the taste of losing. Anyway, it is good. The Haven Empire’s huge loss today will be irreversible.”

“Get in battle formations!”

The Allied Forces were confident in winning over the Haven Empire. They firmly believed that the Benzen Plain would act as a road towards conquering the rest of the Haven Empire.

The wide empire would be eaten up. The Allied Forces stood at the locations a.s.signed in advance.

Many guilds decided to attack through the units system created by the Gra.s.s Porridge Cult in the north. There were a few differences but these units had much higher ranking users and a larger size.

“They have appeared!”

“Continue waiting!”

“Stop. Do not jump at the enemy!”

The Allied Forces waited for the Haven Empire to enter the Benzen Plains. There was no need to fight in a hurry. The Black Lion Guild and Cloud Guild would appear on the other side so they just waited.

Prior to the start of the battle, Michel gave a loud speech.

“Today! It is the day that the Haven Empire will decline!”

“Roam Guild! We will become the strongest guild on the continent!”

It was difficult to hide their excitement at the thought of the Hermes Guild in ruins.

After a long time pa.s.sed, the troops of the Haven Empire completely entered. The Benzen Plains was flat and s.p.a.cious with a lot of room for troops to fight. But any who retreated to the Rubidom Mountains would suffer damage.


“Sweep them all away!”


A horn sounded and the Allied Forces started marching.

The knights began to charge. Every flag representing a guild, castle or kingdom moved in unison, causing a grand spectacle. The distance to the Haven Empire’s army was getting closer.

“Death to all those b.a.s.t.a.r.ds!”


According to Bardray’s commands, the magicians of the Haven Empire had already prepared various spells.

“Steps of Fire.”

“Overturn the Earth!”

“Group Fire!”

“Flame Vortex.”

“Chain Explosion!”

Different types of magic and arrows rained down on the Allied Forces. A tremendous site of destruction! The subsequent light and noise transcended imagination.

The Allied Forces in the front suffered horrifying damage and collapsed. When the dust cleared, the users had already disappeared without a trace. The Allied Forces stopped moving and groaned.

“Unbelievable…why are there so many magic attacks?”

“No matter how great the magicians in the Hermes Guild are, such destructive power is impossible. No!”

The Haven Empire started their a.s.sault while the Allied Forces were hesitating.


The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor

The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor

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