The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor Volume 35 Chapter 1

1) Victory of the Haven Empire

[TL] I’ve change the name of the warrior completing his master quest from Paiton to Python. I did this because I think he is the warrior that Weed meet early in volume 1 or 2. I will go back and change it in previous chapters later.


Weed looked at the endless sandy desert.

His clothing had completely changed to that of a perfect desert warrior. A turban was wrapped around his head and his body was covered with luxurious fabric.

His features had changed and he looked much older than before. The wrinkles around his eyes had deepened and his hair fell out until he was bald. He was the cla.s.sic example of a freeloader!

He was doing this quest as Nodulle and subsequently aged 20 years.

“This is definitely different from reality.”

Weed muttered as the hot winds from the desert hit his bald head. It would be a shock to return to his original appearance after the quest was finished. Weed still hadn’t reached his prime age.

“Well, it doesn’t really matter because it’s not real. Actually, I think I’ve gracefully age when looking at myself. In particular, my scarred eyes and ripped mouth is hard to see in reality.”

On the surface he didn’t care about his appearance but he wore a golden mask with the face of a pharaoh on it. It was a 2,000 year old treasure with a level restriction of 700.

This was Nodulle’s body so he started from the beginning. However, he grew rapidly and obtained a lot after dominating the desert.

“This is much better.”

Weed wore ordinary white t-s.h.i.+rts and jeans compared to celebrities or models. However, the desert style clothing fit quite well with him. As the quest progressed, his smile became more rotten as more residents joined him.

“Great Emperor-nim, we have arrived.”

The sand around Weed blew as 1,000 warriors gathered around him. They were heroes and representatives of different desert tribes. Weed spoke in a low, solemn voice.

“Has everything been prepared?”

“It has finished.”

“Now is the time to destroy the last hurdle. I’m going to ask, who are we?”

The loyal sculptural lifeform Warrior-1 answered.

“Villains of the desert.”


The answer was completely contrary to what Weed expected!

Warrior-3 was honest.

“We are desert robbers.”

Sometimes they even committed wrong doings. Time was running out so he didn’t bother hiding anything. Once they accidentally encountered NPC adventurers from the Central Continent and the result ended cruelly.

“Huhuhu, good.”

Weed’s eyes shone as he saw the equipment and map belonging to the adventurers.

And after a few minutes, the adventurers were robbed and stuck in the desert in their underwear. The desert tribes were poor but they were experts in combat and ma.s.sacres.

Warrior-6 spoke some clear words.

“The desert is a harsh life involving sand and hot water so a ruler like Master is needed. He is someone who kindles the desert, His Majesty King Weed. Hooray, hooray, hooray!”

“Well, remember this well.”

“It is amazing that we can wear the colours of His Majesty.”

“Good. Let’s go!”

Weed’s cloak floated behind him as he rode Bactrian Camel over a pile of sand. They were heading towards the mysterious city Metapeia!

Once the sun had risen to its highest point, a huge city appeared in the desert like it was a mirage. Weed and the Red Knife desert warriors ran towards the mysterious city on their camels.

Nodulle’s quest required him to grow for 22 years! 100 days occurred in 1 day so time pa.s.sed fairly quickly. There was little time remaining so Weed was approaching the end of the quest.

After 21 years pa.s.sed in the desert, his level had now reached 783. Whether the final secret sculpting technique quest succeeded or failed, everything he gained would completely vanish. It was like winning the lottery only to be given an honour as the prize instead.

“I would rather get the money.”

Weed discovered all the important or hidden dungeons and hunting grounds in the desert and cleared them with the Red Knife warriors.

They went around the area close to the southern desert and defeated all the difficult dungeons. Therefore, they were now heading towards the mysterious city Metapeia in order to conquer it.

“I’ve returned.”

He had attacked the monsters in the mysterious city Metapeia several times when he was around level 400.


The monsters ran away or lay down on the ground pretending to be dead. The monsters fell down under the weight of Weed’s charisma! When he first came here, there were monsters with razor sharp teeth and a nasty smell called the Laukao.

“Hey, are you dead?”


“I’m going to peel your leather.”

Kuing king king king!

Weed was over level 700 so even ferocious monsters quivered in front of him. It was like they were standing in front of a bank robber asking to be robbed! He needed to hunt properly but there wasn’t much time remaining in the quest. He came to Metapeia to clear the dungeon present.

“This is no time to deal with these monsters. My aim is to reach level 800. Let’s go.”

“Understood, Great Emperor!”

Weed and his subordinates rode their camels towards the entrance of Metapeia.

‘The monsters inside are vicious fellows.’

He quickly looked from side to side.

At the entrance to the city were statues on both sides of a giant holding a trident and a golden fountain spouting water. It had the mystical beauty of the ruins of an ancient city.

He had been defeated by this dungeon myriad times. He obtained valuable knowledge that it couldn’t be beaten if his level was only in the 400s.

Seo-yoon gathered clues about Metapeia from residents of the desert and Weed gathered materials related to the battle.

Weed and his subordinates were around level 430 the first time they arrived. At that time, they fought the fierce monsters near the entrance and then the ghost clan that were present just inside the city.

There were countless riches preserved for a long time and the opponents wore the best equipment.

Weed didn’t have a lot of time to hunt and had lacked good items. But after sweeping through the first dungeon, he managed to arm himself with equipment. His subordinates called the Red Knife also had many good equipment.

Of course, they wore advanced equipment but there were many deaths among the new recruits. There was a lack of equipment so the desert tribes would s.n.a.t.c.h them when they appeared.

“Junior. That knife looks good.”

“The chief of my clan specially gave it to me when he heard I was going to join the Red Knife unit.”

“Give it to me.”


It was like the army where seniority was important! Also, the beatings from Weed were a daily routine. Many Red Knife warriors who already have achievements would handle the newcomers.

“The intruders have showed up again.”

“They have become scary. Don’t touch them.”

“The fate of the tribe is at stake.”

The ghost tribe entered their houses and didn’t come out as they allowed Weed and his subordinates to move.

Weed led his army of camels until they were in front of a large, stone door. It was Metapeia’s dungeon where the strongest monster ruled!

In the past, Weed had tried to enter but lost 100 desert warriors before running away. It was lucky his judgement retreated in time or else the damage would’ve been even larger. They might’ve suffered damage but it wasn’t a waste of time as he had gained 3~4 levels.

Weed asked his subordinates.

“Are you afraid?”


“I am afraid.”


The desert warriors and his sculptural lifeforms were silent. They absolutely couldn’t understand Weed’s words!

“Are you scared?”

“I’m scared.”

“Go home.”


Weed quickly looked over the faces of the desert warriors. The warriors here were outstanding warriors from each tribe that ran to dedicate their loyalty to Weed.

Weed and Seo-yoon had caused a lot of changes to the terrain and history of the desert. Due to the abundant rainfall, the desert cities thrived and many monsters and bandits came to invade them.

The desert tribes that lived in the desert fought against tens of thousands of monsters. Large scale battles occurred often and the levels and combat skills of the desert warriors and residents grew.

Of course, even the warriors Weed gave life to hadn’t reached level 740. Even so, most knights were able to beat berserkers with their bare fists. The quality of the army was exceptional and similar to knights.

“Great Emperor, we are willing to sacrifice our lives in this battle.”

“We will always stand in front of you.”

The desert warriors that met Weed’s eyes showed their bravery and determination. Weed would only go forward once the battle heated up. He never looked back and would fight the enemy blocking in front of him. As the fight went on, the warriors would start giving him more believing looks. The desert warriors would start showing him the respect worthy of a ruler of the desert.

Weed won difficult battles and this led to the revival of the desert. At the same time, he became a legendary leader! The warriors who followed thought of him like a G.o.d.

Weed was thinking about how to take advantage of this as he met the eyes of the desert warriors.

‘Kill that one… He isn’t useful and will just be a distraction.’

The unnecessary desert warriors were ruthlessly killed before a battle!

‘I used him as bait last time to survive the battle. I can throw him again.’

If they came back alive then he would throw them again as bait the next time.

‘It is good to have new tools. They have a lot of uses. It would be good to get someone with a docile personality who can be easily controlled.’

An increase in troops was inefficient in the desert. He needed to narrow them down to only maintain the elite warriors with strong abilities. Weed looked at them with complex emotions in his eyes and charisma flowed from him.

“We are going to kill the strongest monster in the desert.”


“It will be a very dangerous challenge. But there is a reason we must do so….”

Weed hesitated for a moment.

Nodulle’s quest had a fixed time limit. There was no need to hunt the strongest monster in the desert for the quest. Of course, if he was successful then he would reach a much higher level.

“The first reason is to obtain all the treasure and the second reason is….”


The desert warriors swallowed their saliva. Unlike the proud knights, they didn’t cling to honour. They were downright greedy!

Desert cities developed rapidly and wandering bandits were the result of Weed calling rain. But one crucial reason to clear out the monsters in dungeons was to obtain the treasures inside.

“We are fighting the strongest creature in the desert.”


The delighted warriors cried out!

“Go get the treasure!”

Weed unabashedly led his subordinates into the dungeon. Weed had obtained the t.i.tle ‘Ruler of the Desert’ because of this recklessness and greed.


“The continent is now completely finished. It is obvious that the Hermes Guild, no the Haven Empire will unify the continent.”

“Ah, d.a.m.n. It seems like taxes will rise.”

“The Allied Forces on the continent can’t compare to the Hermes Guild in tactics. They just attacked.”

“The Hermes Guild showed their capabilities in this war.”

The Hermes Guild completely destroyed the Allied Forces on the Benzen Plains. The prestigious guilds were also tyrants and bad guys so some people were supporting the Hermes Guild.

The main guilds had been split up into many kingdoms but the Hermes Guild would enhance the persecution if they unified the continent. Therefore general users felt hopeless no matter the result from the Benzen Plains.

The prestigious guilds from the continent might be united in this place. They believed they would win if their power was concentrated. In order to get an overwhelming victory, they gathered a huge army on the Benzen Plains and surrounded Bardray’s troops in the Rubidom Mountains in front and behind.

The Allied Forces even actively promoted themselves ahead of the battle. Bardray’s army was crucial to the Hermes Guild so the broadcasting stations paid attention to whether they would be wiped out.

The Hermes Guild predicted this and placed a trap in advance. They mobilized all the knights and magic units of the Empire in order to shock and cause large damage to the Allied Forces at the very beginning.

Furthermore, the scale of a war has grown so big that the Allied Forces didn’t have a proper chain of command. The formation of the various guilds became a mess under the attacks of the Haven Empire and they couldn’t recover.

The Haven Empire didn’t miss this weakness and dealt large damage using magic attacks and the knights. Since then, the Allied Forces lost the will to fight.

‘I guess we won this fight.’

They tried to prevent the Hermes Guild’s dictators.h.i.+p but the loss to their guild is too big.’

‘We will be known as real warriors after winning this battle. There is no need to concentrate. Although we’ll have to fight others.’

‘Will the prestigious guilds continue to maintain their positions? The 5 prestigious guilds will fall and we will take their place.’

The guilds emerged with the expectation of victory. But once the situation became hard, they only thought about preserving their own power and gave the command to retreat.

“We can’t die here. Escape!”

“Everyone in the guild should slip away to the east.”

This was a deadly situation so the coalition army shook even more after some guilds escaped.

The result after that was completely obvious.

“Provide magic support!”

“Shoot arrows at the enemy.”

“Look at the s.h.i.+elds they are holding. The arrows of the archers won’t mean anything.”

“A frontal a.s.sault!”

“A mistake. Escape quickly!”

The combined forces were unable to endure and were defeated! The competence of the commanders were a problem and the lack of unity created a worst result. The brave knights lost their lives halfway through the battle and the NPC soldiers surrendered.

Under Bardray’s leaders.h.i.+p, the Haven Empire only consumed a small amount of energy and were filled with confidence as they routed the enemy.

“Gather the entire army. Now we will take care of the enemies left in the mountains.”


The Haven Empire army took a small break and treated the wounded soldiers.

And the Rubidom Mountains! There were magicians, trap setters, rangers and other users from the Black Lion Guild, Cloud Guild and 51 other guilds.

The Allied Forces inside the Rubidom Mountains were puzzled. The magicians and rangers were there to grab the ankle of the army but the troops on the Benzen Plains were unexpectedly overwhelmed and defeated.

“But it isn’t over yet. We will catch the Haven Empire.”

The battle in the Rubidom Mountains wasn’t one-sided. The Allied Forces accounted for the overwhelming influence of the terrain and were waiting in a high position.

“Shoot! If they approach then send them to the underworld!”

“Don’t lose focus and concentrate your attacks on the enemies.”

“The magicians are climbing to a higher position to attack!”

They besieged the Hermes Guild located at the bottom and poured arrows and magic at them. But this battle situation soon changed.

The Hermes Guild had prepared leather armour and s.h.i.+elds that specialized in blocking arrow attacks.

“Act according to the plan. Rompelt’s unit in the high peaks, Drinfeld at Tochen Lake and Helcait’s unit hidden in the reed forest will ambush.”



Dozens of units split up in different directions and used important elements of the Rubidom Mountains to seize control. They took control of a few major strongholds and caught sight of the Allied Forces. were dispatched to quietly move through the reeds and easy terrain. Furthermore, the stamina of general soldiers fell rapidly when fighting in the mountains.

The Allied Forces had exhausted a lot of their stamina chasing after the Haven Empire in the Rubidom Mountains. There was a chance of battle so they also wore heavy armour and weapons, making them tire quickly.

Although the Haven Empire had the same conditions, they moved through fast and easy paths in the mountains that had been laid in advance. Before starting the fight, they had given a break to the ordinary soldiers, magicians and rangers who had the role of restraining the enemy.

The Rubidom Mountains became increasingly filled with the flags of the Haven Empire.


“Slay all the rabble. Attack. Attack. Attack!”

“The Haven Empire is invincible. March for His Majesty!”

Armies fighting in the mountains!

The Allied Forces and Haven Empire fought with swords and s.h.i.+elds. There were also a storm of arrows and magic attacks that caused flames. The wind spread the embers through the mountain. The large wildfire caused the battle to become more violent.

The battle in the Rubidom Mountains raged on and both sides fought fiercely as they lost their favourable terrain. And finally the Haven Empire’s weapon, the necromancer Krobidyun emerged.

“Huhuhu, this is the best stage to show the power of a necromancer.”

The necromancer was escorted by the best knights of the Haven Empire.

“What should I show first? My law of darkness governs this land. The power of eternal immortality is grasped. Dark Rule!”

A demonstration of Barkhan’s Immortal Legion.

One of his three spells! The Hermes Guild individually a.n.a.lysed Weed’s battle with Barkhan. His ability to summon the undead in combat was top-notch. So they embarked on an adventure and found an old laboratory belonging to Barkhan that contained his research and magic!

Dark Rule was a magic spell learnt from an unfinished book. Of course, Dark Rule wasn’t perfect so the level of the undead was a little low. And it kept consuming mana so other magic spells couldn’t be used. The weakness of Dark Rule was overcome by climbing to higher ground!

As expected, the power of a necromancer when fighting a large number of enemies was the best. It didn’t matter if it was friend or foe as the corpses woke up as skeletons, ghouls and zombies.

“Scratch them. Bite all of them!”

Within the territory of Dark Rule, all new dead bodies constantly got up. In addition, the summoned undead that collapsed would get up again. The zombies and skeletons were weak but they caused confusion among the soldiers and archers.

The skeletal archers also shot their bone arrows towards the enemy. The archers that died would then rise due to the power of immortality. Many people died in the Rubidom Mountains due to magic and arrows so Dark Rule had a significant impact.

“Echo of Terror!

Another necromancer used a different spell.


Ghosts flew around and shouted curses, lowering the morale of the enemy. The Allied Forces placed killing the necromancers as the top goal but the Imperial Knights were protecting the necromancers on the battlefield.

The Haven Empire’s troops placement, utilization of the magic units and their leaders.h.i.+p overwhelmed the Allied Forces. The Allied Forces had united into one army but internally they were separate guilds.

The Haven Empire was able to use the high terrain to amplify their magic attacks better than the coalition. The Allied Forces initially held out but they couldn’t properly attack or defend. Bardray and the Imperial Knights broke through and devastated the knights, magicians and NPCs of the Allied Forces.

In no time, the Allied Forces lost all the favourable peaks and were attacked on adverse terrains. They tried to escape but the Haven Empire and the undead had already controlled the ridges.

The Rubidom Mountains became like h.e.l.l to the Allied Forces. This was the result of the leaders of the Hermes Guild staying up several days and nights to place the troops and create the movement paths.

The leaders of the Allied Forces showed the worst incompetency and the Hermes Guild thoroughly beat them! It was rare for anyone who took part in the battle to survive.

CTS Media and other broadcasting stations like LK Games delivered the news.

“The Haven Empire has gained a large victory for the second time.”

“The Haven Empire has achieved an overwhelming victory in their war to gain control of the continent.

“I can a.s.sure you. Bardray, maybe everyone will be calling him Emperor in the future.”

KMC Media aired a special ‘Versailles Continent Story’ and talked about the battles.

“Ah, I never expected this type of fighting to occur. The Haven Empire’s fighting ability is really amazing!”

“Numerous heroes and kingdoms have attempted to conquer the world.

Alexander the Great, , Genghis Khan, Napoleon. Their actions were considered excessive for the era they lived in!”

“Oh Joo-wan, we need to rea.s.sess the Haven Empire’s power.”

“After a.n.a.lysing today’s battle, they seem to have no weakness in the overall power, abilities and performance in battle. No, the Allied Forces used simple tacts and couldn’t fight against them. Anyway, the Haven Empire is stronger!”

The commentators of the broadcasting stations only had praise for the Haven Empire. The ability to execute large scale joint tactics!

The charm of Royal Road was commanding tens of thousands of soldiers. However, leading various while considering the terrain wasn’t easy. The Haven Empire won the battles based on their skills and achievements. Videos of battles with that level of beauty could be counted on one hand.

This contrasted with the incompetency of the Allied Forces.

In the meantime, the PDs of the broadcasting stations were anxious about something else.

“Won’t the Hermes Guild get ahead of the other lords?”

“Today makes it seem like the conquest of the Versailles Continent is almost over. Will the allies in this debacle be able to recover and catch up? The Hermes Guild has now got their hands on the Central Continent.”

“The broadcast ratings for the next war in the future will be a problem. It depends on Kim’s appearance.”

“The Haven Empire is preparing to conquer the continent.”

“I’m already concerned about the ratings.”

The Hermes Guild gained a large number of anti-fans as their power became greater. They destroyed cities and taxes were enormous in order to pay for the costs of war. Therefore a large number of residents and users disliked them.

After they conquered the continent and the large battles became rare, the interest of the users would fall. These signs were already appearing everywhere.

The interest for the stations to play adventures other than the Haven Empire was spreading like wildfire. While the Haven Empire were winning their battles, Weed’s name constantly appeared on the bulletin boards.

-Why aren’t you showing Weed?

-Broadcast Weed the G.o.d of War’s quest! Even reruns are good.

-Isn’t he still doing the Sculpting Master Quest in the south? Broadcasting stations, don’t you know about this?

-I want to see Weed sweat.

The situation deteriorated as the viewers made the same request until the broadcasting stations couldn’t stand it anymore. But no matter how they tried to get in touch with Weed, all contact was cut off. His phones were disabled and there was no response when they rang the doorbell. He had unplugged the electrical cord.

KMC Media obtained some information from s.h.i.+n Hye-min.

“Tell us if you know anything, Hye-min ssi. We will keep it between us and not broadcast it. And absolute secrecy will be maintained.

“Director-nim, I don’t know the details.”

“Just tell me this. Why has no one seen him if he is doing a quest in the south?

Users went to the south to meet Weed but none of them have been able to find him.”

“It is a really special quest.”

“Is the last part of the Master Quest that hard? I feel like he should’ve finished it by now.”

“It is not that much.”

“Then is he fighting an army of immortals? Perhaps there is an army that keeps on resurrecting somewhere in the desert?”

Director Kang would be satisfied with even that much. If Weed was fighting an immortal army then the broadcast ratings would be shocking and the viewers would be full of praise! Even the ratings of the reruns were higher than normal programs.

Weed had the most videos in the top 10 of the Royal Road Hall of Fame.

1_ Orc Karichwi and the Immortal Legion.

2_ Skeleton Soldier Weed and the Bone Dragon.

3_Weed and Bardray’s meeting in the Melbourne Mine.

4_Jigolaths adventure.

5_Warrior Python and the Averian Forest.

6_ 26th siege of Fort Odin.

7_Immortal Legion led by Barkhan.

8_Escape from Serabourg Castle.

9_Lich Weed

10_ Weed and the Embinyu Church at the River of Lamentation.

The videos number 1 to 10 in the Hall of Fame were based on number of views so the early adventures had a higher view count. But even videos by other users that filmed Weed fis.h.i.+ng reached at least 3 million views. He was so popular that even the worst video of him fis.h.i.+ng would be received highly.

“Oh, it isn’t an immortal army. Well, only something like an ocean of undead would be interesting after Weed destroyed Barkhan. Other undead would just be like dust that appears when Weed-nim empties his pocket.”

“Then what is it? Not long ago, the desert completely changed. Why have the cities in the desert suddenly become so big? What type of quest is he doing that would cause such things?”

“I don’t know.”

“Desert revival? Prosperity of the desert? Then why is Weed developing the southern desert and not the north?”

“Aren’t you seeing him later?”

“No, but it doesn’t matter what is happening. Doesn’t he have another contract with the other station as well? Didn’t CTS Media even offer a luxury car?”

“He might not have made the deal yet. If we offer him an apartment or land then you never know.”

“We recently got enough to offer that.”

The popularity of Royal Road was spreading over the whole world so KMS Media gained many benefits as the ratings leader. Weed’s appearance alone would cause a barrage of advertising money to be given to the stations.

Children even wanted the toys of Bingryong and the wyverns. A benefit of getting Weed’s adventures on one station was also being a.s.sociated with the booming toy business.

He would become significantly rich like a celebrity. However, the amazing thing was that Weed didn’t look like he had money every time they saw him.

“In my opinion, he would dislike an apartment. It requires paying monthly utility bills.”

“As expected, he would want a piece of land?”


“Should it be for business or housing?”

“That won’t cover it.”

“Indeed, it needs to be a really wide piece of land. Quickly find a suitable land.”


The Royal Palace of the Arpen Kingdom was built along 7 mountains.

Thanks to the effort of the players, the construction was able to connect to the top of the highest mountain peaks.

“Kkung! Today I will just carry this one. If the rock is too heavy then I won’t be able to carry it. This degree is possible.”

“Aigoo, my back! My legs!”

The users carried the materials to the top of the mountain. The height and slope were rough but they were majestic mountains. It looked like a swarm of ants covering the mountain.

“I think we are really amazing. I’m glad we partic.i.p.ated in this.”

“Yes. But the labour doesn’t seem to be decreasing.”

“This is the original deal.”

“I partic.i.p.ated in the building of the pyramid in the Rosenheim Kingdom. I who studied at Seoul University.”

“Do you remember when we hunted in the dungeons?”

“I am becoming more familiar with construction workers.”

Many users gathered on top of the mountains so procuring the materials were completed quickly. The architectural design was the form of a crown draping over the top of the 7 mountains. The architects were considerably worried before executing this idea.

“I think the cost of construction will be quite expensive.”

“Widening the interior of the building will be difficult. The construction will also be quite hard.”

“The Royal Palace needs to be visible from distant places. We have to complete the buildings one by one so they harmonize with each other and become perfect. But the form of the buildings, the width and height of the palace and the amount of flat ground needs to be considered.”

“However, we have to try it once. Should we give up just because it is too difficult?”

“If the Royal Palace forms a crown on top of these high mountain peaks then it will give people an unforgettable memory.”

“The spirit to take on challenges! This is why the north thrives. There will be hards.h.i.+ps during the construction but our challenging spirit will overcome it. If we complete it then it will be the pride of the Arpen Kingdom.”

“Let’s do it. We will try. Nothing is impossible for an architect!”

The architects working on the Royal Palace had the most outstanding skills. This was the best location that would allow the form of the crown to be seen when looking at the entire northern plains.

An optimal design was necessary. The Royal Palace was like a crown on top of the mountains and it would be great if a city naturally formed around it.

They needed to create a large road from the Royal Palace to the bottom of the mountain. Horses and carriages would take a long time to travel up the mountain to the Royal Palace on the road. But the scenery from the mountains in the north was beautiful so it wasn’t a waste of time.

And users wrote phrases on single stones on the stone walls of the mountains.

-I have expectations for Weed’s adventures every day -Morata’s Ham Hock a.s.sociation

-I’m happy I started in the north -Swordsman Ying

-This is the best soil – Elementalist Lin.

-This is food to eat on adventures -Jewel Candy

The stone walls were filled with the happiness of the northern users. The Arpen Kingdom was evolving together to give the users pleasure, dreams and hopes due to the efforts of those that belong to it.

Sculptures and paintings were displayed at regular intervals so it wasn’t boring. Those with an art profession were also involved. Everyone walking on this road had no choice but to think favourably of the Arpen Kingdom.

The best commercial establishments, guilds, laboratories and adventurer facilities were also being built near the Royal Palace so it was a driving force behind further development of the north.

The users already gave a nickname to the Arpen Kingdom’s Royal Palace.

The Earth Palace. The crown design on the mountaintop made it seem like a king ruling over the earth. But they thought it suited King Weed even more.

“It would be good if our king is comfortable.”

“That’s right. Sometimes it is easy to forget that Weed is the king.”

“The legendary adventurer and sculptor! In fact, it might be a good thing that he travels all the time.”

And the users flocked there en as the time for the Royal Palace’s completion approached. The users intentionally came to see the final moments of the palace being completed.

“Oh, the Steel Knights have finally arrived. This is the palace ruled by our eternal master Weed-nim.”

Like magic, knights appeared on the road to the palace.

“What, group teleport?”

“No. There isn’t the garish effect of teleportation like fog rising from the ground.”

“Then are they ghosts?”

“No ghosts would appear so sharp and clear in daytime. But look at the equipment. It is like the armour of the Arpen Kingdom’s Royal Knights.”

“Arpen Royal Knights? They wouldn’t be able to wear armour of that level.”

Users started in amazement as the knight in front kneeled down.

“I have arrived after a long time has pa.s.sed in order to pay back the life given to me.”

The knights behind then continuously kneeled down.

They were the descendants of Iron-5. Despite settling down in the Straud Kingdom, Iron-5 never forgot the eternal loyalty that he swore to Weed.

He gave birth to children, had a fulfilling life and died comfortable after a long time. Since then, the descendants pa.s.sed down stories of Weed from generation to generation and also swore eternal loyalty to him.

Weed had thoroughly brainwashed Iron-5 after only spending one day together.

-You have my loyalty forever. In some cases, it even surpa.s.sed the child’s love for their parents. That love was stronger than a dragon swimming in the deep ocean.

-You gave me life so I will spend my lifetime repaying you.

-You gave the expensive and good food to me first. That is the happiness of a knight.

Iron-5 conveyed his deep loyalty to his children through these words and that was pa.s.sed down until his descendants appeared in the Arpen Kingdom.


The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor

The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor

Dalbic Jogaksa, LMS, 달빛조각사
Score 8.6
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Artist: , Released: 2007 Native Language: Korean
The man forsaken by the world, the man a s*ave to money and the man known as the legendary God of War in the highly popular MMORPG Continent of Magic. With the coming of age, he decides to say goodbye, but the feeble attempt to earn a little something for his time and effort ripples into an effect none could ever have imagined. Through a series of coincidences, his legendary avatar is sold for 3 billion won, bringing great joy to him, only to plunge him into despair at losing almost all of it to vicious loan sharks. With revelation of money through gaming, he rises from the abyss with new found resolve and steps forward into the new age of games led by the first ever Virtual Reality MMORPG, Royal Road. This is the legend of Lee Hyun on his path to becoming Emperor with only his family’s loving heart, his boundless desire for money, his unexpected mind, his diligently forged body and the talent of hard work backing him.


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