The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor Volume 35 Chapter 2

2) Metapeia Conquest

Weed and the Red Knife unit entered the dungeon.

The dungeon was underneath Metapeia. He had a.n.a.lysed it based on the information gathered so far and determined that it was a level 6 dungeon.

This was the habitat of the salamanders that grew over 1,000 years from the heat of the desert. It was an extremely dangerous area with natural treasures, magic artefacts and materials that could be obtained if the people who entered were talented enough. The floor was composed of solid rock but stepping onto any crack could cause someone to fall into a lava pit.

He couldn’t condemn anyone without the courage to stand at the front.

“The air here is certainly different. It reminds me of something I heard a while ago.”

It was the feeling of drinking hot coal. It was a place on the Versailles Continent where monsters with the highest degree of difficulty lived.

Nodulle’s quest meant he could conquer the monsters and dungeons. Weed really liked that.

Although creating artwork was fun, there was no greater pleasure than fighting monsters as a warrior. He felt a tingling in his chest and self-admiration every time he entered and conquered a dungeon. It was like that thrilling excitement the first time he stepped beyond the gates in Royal Road and saw the stars in the dark, night sky.

“Hul hul. It would’ve been nice if I could do something like this since I was young.”

“Isn’t this better than being a boring merchant or a child?”

“Yes. I’ve lived for a long, long time.”

Those type of words emerged from the old residents of Royal Road. The smile on Weed’s face was like he was looked at fresh fish in a seafood restaurant.

“There is nothing better than the taste of combat. Surging Flames, an battle cry from ancient times!”

Fearsome fire flowed form Weed’s body.

The Surging Flames skill that represented the highest level Desert Warrior! The aura of fire was normally sealed and this could be released in combat. The monsters close by would suffer fire damage while any attacked by him would have the aura of fire transferred to them. The fire magic would continuously flow out and explode, causing ma.s.s damage and even killing the monsters.

This was how Weed dared to bring regular soldiers and knights despite the risk of death! In addition, Surging Flames continuously supplied health and mana to Weed and also provided amazing defense to his subordinates.

It was the ancient war cry that wandering NPC warriors pa.s.sed on! The effect elevated his Dexterity, Agility and Resilience by 160% while giving 70% of the effect to his colleagues.

Of course, not all desert warriors wanted to teach this skill. It was the strong pride and fame of the warriors in the previous era. Their level was approximately the same as Oberon who had led the expedition to the north.

“Do you want to die or teach me? You only have 2 seconds to decide.”

However, the warriors gave away the technology in front of Weed’s intense charisma so they could live. He was a fearsome warrior he didn’t show fear even when the trees and mountains melted. No, it was because Nodulle’s quest sped up by 100 times that he could hunt like this.

Weed’s fame in the desert grew due to his bad actions.

“Desert Bravery!”

“Heart of Steel!”

Warrior-1 and the other sculptural lifeforms also used blessings. Warrior-1, Warrior-2 and Warrior-3 had grown into the strongest, elite warriors that not even knights could go against.

They were the first to jump at the monsters so their faces had many scars. They were over 2 metres tall and had thick forearms! There was an air of oppression around them but they were like mild sheep compared to Weed. Their level was lower than their king but fortunately they could become stronger by following Weed.

The desert warriors were arranged in an orderly manner and entered the dungeon. A tight military discipline! This discipline was due to Weed’s nagging and mistreatment.

“As you know, anybody left behind will be thrown away.”


“If you know then move forward.”

Alverun and Alveren gave blessings to the entire group.

“Divine Protection, Round s.h.i.+eld and Enhanced Fire Resistance.”

“Flame Armour, Burst of Strength, Deep Anger and Forgotten Pain.”

They were based on Alveron who was their candidate Pope so they had the divine power to heal. They were dressed in shabby uniforms but were useful helpers to increase the strength and heal his subordinates.

“Units 1-3 arm your bows. 4-5 will raise your s.h.i.+eld. The rest will advanced forward with your sword and spears. After the first attack, freely convert the weapons as necessary.”


Weed and his subordinates were experienced with dungeon hunting so there wasn’t much to say. They advanced without speaking to save time.

But this was a dangerous dungeon so it was important to command his subordinates. If he didn’t use his subordinates well then he wouldn’t be safe.

Weed’s archery was advanced level 8. It wasn’t long until it reached a master level. His subordinates also specialized in the bow so ranged combat was possible.

“Look forward. Keep checking around and move quickly.”


The army moved as a whole and were prepared for the emergence of any enemy. The tension made it seem like the dungeon had a heavy atmosphere. Time was gold in this quest so there was no time to waste even if it was dangerous.

His subordinates contained thieves who dismantled the traps.

“Thank you for accepting me. I will offer my sword to you, Great Emperor.”

“Do you know how to open locks? You will be a thief. You are responsible for dismantling any traps in the future.”

“Huh? I was looking forward to life as a warrior….”

“Do you want to die? Think about your family.”


He recruited 5 rogue magicians 17 years ago and their employment costs were relatively cheap.

“Our ransom is expensive. Every year you need to pay a bag full of gold as a salary. This amount is non-negotiable due to our pride.”

“Ridiculous. Your abilities aren’t worth that much money. You’ve lost your pa.s.sion for pure magic.”

He scolded them when he had to make an offer of a salary!

“This isn’t fair compensation.”

“Hunt and give away any magic items that you obtained. Fling yourself into studying to learn a new spell. And only talk about employment if you manage to survive. This is the best that I can offer.”

The rogue magicians were upset but ended up accepting the offer. At that same time, Weed gained a reputation for making successful deals.

But unfortunately the magicians’ skills stayed at advanced level 3. It wasn’t easy to raise the skill proficiency of magic because they needed to learn a variety of magic. The amount of magic able to be learnt in a desert city was limited. There were limits to a magician’s knowledge if they didn’t wander.

“Believe in your colleagues. And I will lead you.”

“If I wander then mana will increase and I will gain a new enlightenment.”

“Are you trying to get away?”


“Are you planning to not come back to the desert? You can study magic in a great neighbourhood and do magic research for a pretty queen.”


“Work hard or else you won’t survive.”

The president forcefully pressed his insight into the minds of his employees. He couldn’t ignore the potential of the magicians until Nodulle’s quest was completed!


“Humans. Humans are here…”

“Hororororum. It is the one who fled last time. Hororum.”

7 Fire Salamanders appeared. They watched Weed and the Red Knife troops with hungry expressions. The two p.r.o.nged, elongated tongue stretched out 10 metres. Lava dissolved the land near them.

The Fire Salamander significantly resembled a dragon. The Fire Salamanders weren’t the top level fire attribute monster like the Red Dragon but they were still dangerous.

In the past, he fought the Fire Giants in Jigolaths and they were dull and had many blind spots. Of course, they were lower levelled than the Fire Salamanders and their aura of fire wasn’t even a comparison.

The rolling flames wouldn’t damage a monster with the fire attribute. For example, attacking the Fire Salamanders with fire would just increase their power.

“Chyu. Chyu. Chyu. Chyurum.”


The Fire Salamanders blocked the pa.s.sage in front of them. They had a habit of hunting so they were wary. However, this was weak because they didn’t have any natural enemies. The free and dangerous monsters arrogantly surveyed the humans.

Weed quickly took out his bow.


-You have equipped the Yurbusika Frost Bow.

This isn’t a plain, wooden bow but one that has an eerie chill emanating from it.

There will be an unconditional increase in rapid fire skills by 35%, ice damage by 65~194, freezing, unlimited magic arrows, skill effect of multiple arrows by 40%, arrows with hit 100% when using tracking skills, Agility +160 and sure-fire hit.

Even the bow’s default option was astounding. The ghosts in Metapeia used it to exterminate the salamanders who tried to go out aboveground. The desert warriors also obtained a large number of equipment from the ghost that helped them slay the Fire Salamanders. This was the rule of local procurement.

Weed pulled the bowstring and fired an ice arrow into the air..

“Dispersion Fire!”

The thick ice arrow turned into 10 arrows that flew towards the Fire Salamander. The special archery that hit the Fire Salamanders like magic!


“Cold. This is the first time I’ve felt like this!”

“Kuhek, so cold! My body is freezing.”

The salamanders suffered and struggled against the arrows. The arrows even plugged into chunks of lava and reduced the flames. The ground froze and emitted a freezing aura, damaging weak creatures and those with a fire attribute.

Now that the flames weakened them, the strong defense of the salamanders suffered significant damage.

“It is effective. Attack!”

The desert warriors aimed their bows at the Fire Salamanders. A simultaneous arrow attack!

The desert warriors had large physiques like a barbarian so they only needed to pull the bow with a weak force. Hundreds of arrows flew towards the Fire Salamanders.


“Rude humans. I will turn you to ashes.”

“I will burn and eat you!”

The Fire Salamanders moved their 6 legs and moved forward while being hit by arrows. Weed shot arrows at least 3 more times before withdrawing. And took out his sword.

-You have equipped the Three Screaming Children Sword.

The leader of a southern dukedom became crazy due to greedy and threw his own three children into a fire pit to make this sword!

The sword contains a curse that lowers maximum stamina and health. It will also increase the cutting ability by 5 times.

Seo-yoon had given him convoy information and Weed obtained the sword after leading the desert warriors to ambush them. He was currently in the role of Nodulle so he didn’t care about Honour reducing.

“Moonlight Sculpting Blade!”

Weed swung his sword that had its strength amplified towards the Fire Salamanders. Although the desert warrior cla.s.s had many attack skills and absurd defensive strength, it was difficult for them to make continuous attacks.

That’s why the long ranged Moonlight Sculpting Blade was effective.

His subordinates wielded scimitars and spears in order to attack.

“There is almost no effect despite hitting the body directly. Attack the eyes!”

“Be careful not to let the sword touch the body too long. It will melt.”

The weapons of the desert warriors had flame resistance but the fire of the salamanders was incredibly powerful. If iron weapons were inserted into the body then they would melt in an instant. Furthermore, nearing the flames would cause sweat to trickle down their bodies.

“These ridiculous humans! I will let you experience your body melting.”

The Fire Salamanders emitted lava from their mouths while they were rus.h.i.+ng forward. The 6 feet kicked at the warriors and the line of defense immediately collapsed.


“Watch out for the lava emerging from their mouths.”

“Damage! Don’t do a frontal attack and go from the sides!”


The body of the warriors covered in lava melted. Warriors who had gone through all types of hards.h.i.+ps died in vain. The kicked warriors also flew back like a broken kite.

“Circle of Ice!”


Three magicians fired their spells! A ring of ice appeared over the head of a salamander and dealt a blow.

Weed took advantage of that opportunity.

“Warriors should boldly approach. The longer we stay here, the more damage we will receive. Don’t give them s.p.a.ce to move!”

“Yes, Great Emperor!”

The Fire Salamanders were fierce but they were surrounded by the warriors in several layers. Arrows. .h.i.t them and their thick bodies were struck with spears and swords. However, Weed and the desert warriors also suffered damage in those series of attacks.

This was different from the last time they entered the dungeon.

“Half of their health is remaining. Use all your power!”

“Flame Curtain!”

The Fire Salamanders felt the crisis and used their species magic. And flames quickly spread in all directions.


“Don’t be scared. Get rid of them!”

The warriors fearlessly entered inside the curtain and attacked the Fire Salamanders. It was only a few seconds but the lava coming from the Fire Salamander’s mouth was dangerous.

“Tail of death!”

The Fire Salamanders tail whipped from side to side to attack the warriors! The desert warriors wore s.h.i.+elds and belts with considerable fire resistance by default. He had made many preparations in order to conquer Metapeia’s dungeon before Nodulle’s quest finished.

But those struck by the tail became paralysed. After that, the salamanders brutally struck them with continuous attacks.

“Cycle of Life!”

“Wound Recovery!”

Alverun and Alveren immediately treated them before they were killed. However, they couldn’t save everyone.

Fortunately, the soldiers were high level so some treatment could sustain them while they were being beaten. Weed also gave his subordinates the signal to retreat.

“Humans, I was killed by human hands…”

In the end, the salamanders suffered from the warriors’ attacks and collapsed to the ground.

-A Fire Salamander has been killed.

It has lived for 1,141 years.

This is the first time in the history of the continent that humans have hunted this species of Fire Salamander.

-All those who partic.i.p.ated in the battle will have Strength increased by 1.

Fire resistance will increase by 0.6% for 30 days.

It was only one but Weed yelled in order to raise morale.

“Uhaaaaah! The hunt was a success.”

It was an ancient battle cry he learnt in the past that was subst.i.tuted for Lion’s Roar!

“Follow the Great Emperor!”

“We can do it!”

The desert warriors became heated up and wielded their swords and spears towards the salamanders. The salamanders moved their tail and feet but they didn’t give up. Those that fell immediately got up and partic.i.p.ated in the battle again.

This wasn’t due to the high level or any stat. This bravery was something Weed had conditioned in them through countless battle experiences. His subordinates would willingly jump down a pit for him!

Warrior-1, Warrior-2 and Warrior-3 showed an outstanding performance.

“The power to live.”

“Warrior-2, draw their attention. I will approach from the rear.”

“The rear is the most dangerous area, Hyung-nim! I should go with you.”

“Be careful!”

They rode camels when attacking in the desert like knights but now 3~4 people were holding off a salamander with spears. They stabbed recklessly with their spears.

-All 7 Fire Salamanders have been hunted.

All those who took part in the battle will have Perseverance increased by 3.

Through the experience of fighting the Fire Salamanders, fire resistance has increased by 0.6% for 45 days.

-Once heading into a deeper place, Fire Salamanders who have fed on fire for a long period of time will appear.
-Your level has risen.

“We won!”

Weed only had 23% health remaining after directly confronting the Fire Salamanders. The salamanders realized that Weed was the leader among the humans and attacked him the most. Alverun and Alveren were always treating him before the other warriors so his health managed to hold out.

When looking at it from afar, it was a heroic scene but those facing the spewing lava felt like they were going to die. However, there were still cheers of joy after the victory.

“The enemies have all fallen. Nevertheless this is….”

The warriors were in a hurry after hearing Weed’s words.

“As the Great Emperor of the desert and the caller of rain, this is a tribute to Weed-nim.”

“You understand it well.”

“Hooray, hooray, hooray!”

The warriors completely flattered him! Time was running out on the quest but if he won a large battle then he could obtain 100 times experience. Weed achieved his high level due to his recklessness and courage.

‘It is okay to enter deeper. I will earn fire resistance every time I hunt.’

The warriors would adapt while fighting! There were a huge number of Fire Salamanders in this dungeon. However, his resistance and perseverance would rise with each hunt so it was worth a try.

The salamanders also dropped items. Unfortunately, he didn’t have his blacksmith or tailoring skill to take advantage of the materials.

Weed asked Warrior-1.

“How many subordinates died?”

“There are 17 victims.”

“That…is a lot.”

“I’m sorry Great Emperor.”

Those who died were at least level 500 and even the level 700 subordinates received enormous damage. Weed had to control the morale of his subordinates.

“Only the weak ones died. Then get ready for the next battle.”


His men weren’t gently raised.

They fought strong enemies so the remaining troops gained experience but they became stronger as a whole. Currently Weed and his subordinates had spent 20 years on the Versailles Continent and became elite warriors.

Even the annoying Hestiger was constantly thrown at monsters and came back alive every time. Therefore, they were praised as great warriors in different kingdoms.

“Let’s go!”

Weed took the lead again. Their leader was always at the forefront and survived encounters with any enemy they met so the warriors moved forward with confidence.

‘I have to go to the front.’

It was natural for Weed to be the vanguard.


Jeong Deuk-soo met with the president of a bank.

There was an amicable atmosphere in the bank but it soon turned pessimistic when he tried to persuade them.

“Chairman Jeong-nim, our creditors have determined that Hosung Group’s crisis can’t be solved with a simple matter of funding.”

“A corporate management company is bound to have ups and downs. If you can postpone the loan repayment and approve additional funding then we can overcome the crisis with bold, new investments.”

“Chairman Jeong-nim, we have received a number of reports about Hosung Group, including Hosung Electronics.”

The two main creditors was the Commercial Bank and the Du Sangchul Bank. Hosung Group had their loans in these banks.

The president of the Commercial Bank Hyun Jin-won handed over a doc.u.ment and spoke.

“The creditors have come to the conclusion that Hosung Construction recovering is impossible.”

“It is difficult but there is still a chance. Once again, if new funds are donated then it can revive. The a.s.sets and manpower of Hosung Construction is compet.i.tive and sufficient. There are also overseas construction effort.

“Doesn’t Chairman-nim know already? New funds can’t be injected into Hosung Construction. We wouldn’t be having this discussion if that could happen.”


“And we believe that Hosung Electronics is precarious. Factories in the United States are in a c.u.mulative deficit so they might need to close.”

“The trend changes quickly but our technicians are working all night and bringing in famous designers. Sooner or later there should be a visible result.”

“It is too early to proceed with a ma.s.sive investment since the situation isn’t good. The cash flow of the Hosung Group isn’t good so you shouldn’t keep pounding on the market.”

“That is baseless anxiety. Hosung Electronics is still a leading company worldwide. The group’s debt ratio is high but if there are investments then we can progress further. Hosung Electronics has a number of finished products and materials so it is still compet.i.tive.”

“But so far, haven’t you been in a deficit instead of a surplus despite your efforts? Production from the factories are dwindling and investment in these facilities would have to increase.”

Chairman Jeong Deuk-soo failed to convince the creditors.

The Hosung Group had too much debt due to the recession and unreasonable investments in the construction and electronics side.

However, the root cause of the crisis was Korea’s largest conglomerate Baekhwa. About 1 year ago, the chairman of the Baekhwa group came to have a secret conversation.

“The Hosung Group overlaps with a lot of our territory. This means the lost revenue will be much larger…

Isn’t this bad?”

“Being active in the research and development side causes headaches. Hosung Group’s construction business is in danger so you should consider the political and financial areas.”

“The media will pay attention when a new electronic product is launched.”

“A produce launch requires negotiation with the contractors and finished by the delivery date or else the launch will be delayed. And the sale price will lower, causing profit to decrease.”

“I can’t just get rid of Hosung Electronics.”

“We will still employ the executive director and team of Hosung Electronics.

I can also go through the creditors at the bank to obtain Hosung Electronics at a cheap price. You should release it calmly so that the media doesn’t become aware of it.”

“I will take care of it.”

A frequent business tactic for large companies was to kill the competing group!

The leading technological company in Korea, Hosung Group was about to collapse despite their challenging spirit.


“14 salamanders have been defeated! 9 Fire Salamanders have come running after hearing the disturbance.”

“Carry out a thorough defence formation.”

“A thorough defence formation!”

Weed’s subordinate got into a defense formation at his command.

Every dungeon had a different combat method. His men could be arranged in a line or circular defense formation. The Fire Salamanders typically bunched together in group so that their fire attacks would become hotter.

They had to isolate one Fire Salamander in a wide terrain and kill it. Once the battle dispersed, commanding them was more difficult so the warriors had to know how to fight well. The wounded warriors had no choice but to treat themselves.

Weed soon mastered the method to attack the Fire Salamanders.

“They throw out their 6 legs and tail from time to tail as well as capture humans with their tongue.”

The conclusion was that their whole body was dangerous! The warriors gave terrible screams as they were eaten alive.

However, Weed’s subordinates weren’t paralysed by fear and attacked even more aggressively. The desert warriors had blind faith in Weed. They endlessly challenged stronger enemies.

Weed used this method to significantly increase intimacy with his subordinates. The absolute affinity between a dictator and criminals!

The Fire Salamanders liked fire and were high levelled but if they were calm then there was a way to deal with them.

“Keep your eyes on them!”


“Look at them and feel the vibration and temperature differences. And this is the weak part of the tongue. Be careful of the flames. Or else the knife will melt!”

“Understood, Great Emperor!”

The desert warriors and Fire Salamanders had the same alignment! So despite attacking each other countless times, little damage was taken by both sides.

The result would be very extreme if they invaded a snowy glacier where Yeti lived. The Fire Salamanders would be freezing and couldn’t display their capabilities while the Yeti wouldn’t be able to approach or else they would melt. The desert warriors and Fire Salamanders both had similar abilities so the battles were slow.

The brave desert warriors jumped forward or fired their arrows. The tongue wasn’t protected no matter how high the defense of the salamander. Weed didn’t try to avoid some of the high level fire.

The salamanders collapsed more easily after their weaknesses were exposed.

“We won!”

“It is all thanks to following the Great Emperor.”

The fighting spirit and morale of the desert warriors were high. Naturally there were those injured or dead but the quality of the warriors might difficult battles were continuously won and the atmosphere was high.

Weed knocked down 2 Fire Salamanders directly and gained 3 levels.

“Hrmm, good!”

He took advantage of his sword mastery and various attack skills learnt to fight enemies and rise to the top of the desert. By taking advantage of various sculpting skills, he could raise his strength and use the best offensive skill to overwhelm the dungeons!

He occasionally met boss level monsters with high health and mana but his abilities meant he could take care of them without using his men.

In fact, he often chose not to use his subordinates when facing boss level monsters. He alone would eat all the experience, skill proficiency and loot! He displayed terrible destructive power when fighting with monsters over level 700 in the dungeons so the sculptural lifeforms and desert warriors couldn’t help falling behind.

However, Weed would lose his life when surrounded by so many Fire Salamanders so the help of his subordinates was certainly necessary.

Weed didn’t disclose all the stacked up combat footage. If the video of his hunt in the mysterious city Metapeia appeared in the Hall of Fame then it would become frantic.

Metapeia was widely known as a level 500 hunting ground. The monsters appeared and disappeared like fog. The entire city was their territory so Weed and his subordinates had to engage in a deadly struggle. People who saw their strength and speed would s.h.i.+ver from the electrifying feeling.

However, this was underneath Metapeia. The continent would become noisy if they saw the monsters being swept away in here. Audience ratings wouldn’t even matter with a scene like this.

The number of subordinates dying decreased and their level rose rapidly. His subordinates would be able to easily take over a country in his original time. They could also destroy the Haven Empire

“If I unify the continent then I could raise the taxes. If I can use these guys while ruling then there wouldn’t be a revolt.”

He still hadn’t thrown away his original dream of becoming a vicious king and raising the taxes.


Only a few people knew the details of Weed’s current adventure.

His sister, Seo-yoon and Yoo Byung-jin who watched it on his monitors. Their reaction was really great when Weed started the Nodulle’s Growth quest.

“Oppa is bound to do well.”

Yurin left it to Weed and just continued playing.

“I have to actively help.”

Seo-yoon looked for any work he could do.

“It will be difficult. I will watch whether you can grow again from the beginning. If the growth method is wrong… Now you need to prove that your abilities are due to more than luck.”

Yoo Byung-jin had many concerns about the events that would occur in the future. Weed’s situation wasn’t that good. And he looked forward to seeing how Weed would grow on this quest.

“I have to take care of this well.”

“You should find more people to help you. If you come back successful then I will give another request. The further development of the desert cities can wait.”

“How surprising. You are quite reckless.”

His sister and Seo-yoon believed in Weed. A family member or someone who liked him would know him better than most! He was the type of person who wouldn’t starve no matter where he went.

Yoo Byung-jin who was watching from the monitor was different and had doubts.

“You shouldn’t do that.”

Yoo Byung-jin couldn’t understand or accept Weed’s actions.

In the early days of the quest, he took advantage of sculpting. It was obviously the correct choice. He used Sculptural Destruction to improve his performance in the early days.

Although it was somewhat of a penalty, Nodulle’s growth was an essential part of the final secret sculpting technique quest. If he didn’t take advantage of this moment then future quests would be impossible.

But despite his weak body, he just jumped into dungeons with strong monsters without understanding anything.

“Why is he doing that? He should go step by step from the bottom up and steadily grow. No matter how fast his level is rising, this type of explosive growth is surprising.”

Weed didn’t seem to feel any tension despite this being the final secret sculpting technique quest. He didn’t choose to be timid or stable and boldly hunted dangerous dungeons. Weed was aware of this. The situation was important but he wasn’t going to cower!

His growth already jumped over what Yoo Byung-jin had imagined. During the course of this quest, his growth rate was multiplied by 100 times. But given that the environment was the desert, it was difficult to grow to the required amount in 80 days.

He could waste hours due to an unexpected mistake and the slightest slip could cause his death. Weed should be satisfied when reaching a suitable strong level. But if the connected quests were too difficult then he would continue to pay the price.

Thanks to Seo-yoon’s help, Weed managed to achieve dramatic adventures and rose to the height of the desert’s Great Emperor. Rather than stand around, he sought out the stronger monsters underneath Metapeia to hunt.

His wonderful survival skills and ability to adapt meant he could take risks and enjoy his adventures. Weed’s experience, judgement and combat skills was what made it possible to get this result.

“What part of his brain makes it so he doesn’t hesitate when making decisions?”

Weed gave off the impression of a stingy person yet his subordinates were eating meat all day. He was the type who would mourn for a few days after losing some loose change. Sometimes he would curse.

“That time I bought the 200 won more expensive salt!”

A common, ordinary person would suddenly show an heroic style. Like a hungry dog starving for days and nights, his weak body searched for any hunting grounds and attacked like demons. Weed’s growth rate in the desert could be called a miracle.

As the stage became bigger, he showed his capabilities without any cowardice.

“Maybe he really can obtain the final secret sculpting technique? He returned to the past due to the quest and might be able to produce huge changes.”

Yoo Byung-jin watched Weed defeat the Immortal Legion and found the Arpen Kingdom so the idea of obtained the final secret technique wasn’t absurd. When looking at it, Weed’s adventures were naturally immersive and exciting. And he could become thrilled at any moment!

He wasn’t taking small steps by leaping up the stairs towards the future.

Currently Weed’s level was approaching 800. Being able to reach this level despite the many disadvantages was unbelievable. He was already much stronger than Nodulle who had been a desert hero and defeated the Embinyu Church. He couldn’t speak as he continued to watch Weed’s achievements.

Weed was the hero who commanded the desert warriors and cleared the dungeons.

“Is he a real hero? A hero hiding in reality had appeared in the world of Royal Road?”

He didn’t want to admit it.

Anybody looking at Weed would see a hero. Humans with spirits of dedication and sacrifice were raising their heads defiantly while exploring the Versailles Continent. Yoo Byung-jin rarely saw someone like this.

But there were many people who weren’t like Weed in this world. Those who were always accompanied by woman, relied on their goods looks and became a hot topic when appearing on broadcasts so that the ratings of the program would be 1st.

The residents of the Arpen Kingdom respected their king. The Gra.s.s Porridge Cult was spreading through the whole continent.

“Hope is going down the drain.”

He had hoped for Weed and the Arpen Kingdom’s downfall due to the missing 100 won for the hot chocolate.


Earth Shadow.

The most famous adventuring party on the continent. Unring, Ben, Elliks! They were adventuring around the Prosuk area.

“Aigoo, this slab is fake. The map is also broken.”

“We’ve already been wandering for 4 months and haven’t made any progress.”

“I’ve dug up so many graves that it is like I’m a professional grave digger.”

“There is also a burial chamber at the shrine. We didn’t completely waste our time. But it will be lucky if we find even a little bit of money in the future.”

Unring gave a deep sigh.

“Why are we doing this quest…? I really doubt if this quest can succeed.”

“It is because of the marvellous experience.”

“But my mind can’t feel at ease when thinking about the people struggling on the continent.”

The adventurers were concerned about the result of this quest. They were performing a request from the Valhalla Temple about a significant event involving the Embinyu Church.

Of course, the Embinyu Church was a religion that built their power in the darkness so not everything could be attributed to them. Anyway, this quest involved the Embinyu Church so the party couldn’t help feeling guilty every time they heard about some devastation on the continent.

This quest stood on the side of justice and the Valhalla Church’s connected quest hadn’t ended. Surprisingly, the Valhalla Church led 30 of the best warriors on a quest to pull out the roots of the Embinyu Church.

The quest was ongoing and their linked quests required saving people from the Embinyu Church and bringing supplies. They successfully finished 6 quests in 1 year. And now the adventurers were looking for a treasure of the Embinyu Church.

They wandered around ruins and tombs but still couldn’t find the hidden treasure of the Embinyu Church.

-No more books with records about incidents in ancient times remain.

Once the world became occupied by human rulers, they burnt the records due to fears of stirring up nonsense like a conspiracy.

King Alexander the 3rd committed this action due to his ignorance and greed.

Scholars with knowledge of these incidents were also accused and were locked up, causing them to starve to death.

1 billion years ago before humans lived alongside dwarves, elves and orcs. The early days had the dragons, monsters and G.o.ds spread their enormous influence over the continent. At the time, there was talk that the G.o.ds descended directly and G.o.d Embinyu left behind several treasures.

Earth Shadow was completing a quest to obtain that treasure before the Embinyu Church! They didn’t know what progress the Embinyu Church made so they couldn’t help feeling anxious.

“Metapeia! We need the location. We can’t proceed with the quest without knowing where it is on the continent.”

“So far I haven’t been able to discover it.”

“It would be nice if someone could find it.”

The Earth Shadows were searching through Morata’s library. Earth Shadow gathered various records related to history and the quest so the library was a lot of help.

And one day.

“Do you know about the great hero Weed of the continent?”

One resident of Kulen Village said.

“Ah yes.”

Earth Shadow was pa.s.sing by.

They were adventurers so hearing about Weed was like having a nail stuck in their ear. Weed’s name was heard no matter what profession it was.

Good at sewing Weed, able to carve a meticulous armour pattern Weed, Weed who can pull a large fish, etc. Every time there was a successful adventure, the residents had no choice but to talk about Weed.

“He was the most dignified person in the history of the Southern Desert and no one could match him. But that is how it is. He is a person who lived hundreds of years ago.”


Unring was surprised. They said that he lived hundreds of years ago.

“Grandpa, just now were you talking about Weed who is the king of the Arpen Kingdom?”

“Of course he is great. But the desert king Weed was cold blooded. He was violent and merciless to his enemies but was responsible for the revival of the desert tribes.”

“That person was responsible for the desert development?”

“Yes. Have you seen the best city in the desert, Agusellia? He is responsible for the luxury villas and houses present in the sea of sand.”

“I see.”

They were adventurers so they had memorized most of the map of the continent. They also know the name and some information about the desert cities in the south.

“Agusellia is a place with a population of less than 3,000 people.”

“Ah, this person! You are talking nonsense. The desert is a place with only 100,000 warriors.

A place with only 3,000 people can’t be that rich.”


“Drop in on the city when there is the festival celebrating the Great Emperor Weed and the warriors of the sun. Millions of people head to Weed’s ruins every year.”

Unring, Ben and Elliks looked at each other after hearing the unfamiliar story.

Dori dori.

It was like they were talking to each other in their heads.

‘What is he talking about?’

‘Warriors of the sun, Great Emperor Weed? My intuition senses that this will be a huge adventure.’

‘Really, this isn’t fake? A fake rumour about an adventure isn’t going around?’

The old man continued speaking.

“He is a warrior who enjoyed adventures and rose to the top.”

Of course. Weed was a sculptor but he was also known as a tailor, blacksmith and chef. No matter how much effort they put in, it was difficult to push each skill to the advanced level like Weed. Even following in his footsteps was too hard.

Weed was an adventurer’s biggest rival! When they had a successful adventure, the residents only talked about them for a short period of time.

Weed had so much fame that the residents enthusiastically talked about him. He always succeeded despite not having the skills or benefits of the adventurer profession.

“Weed is a legend in the desert. He discovered the mystery city Metapeia. His achievements will forever remain on the continent.”

“Ah! Metapeia!”



“Yes, isn’t it really amazing?”

The Earth Shadow party was truly astonished.

They searched so much for the treasure related to the Embinyu Church! It was located at the place called Metapeia.

-A hidden place in the world.

A mysterious place that doesn’t give access to strangers unless they are walking the path of death.

“So it was the desert!”

“A mirage!”

The information they checked hadn’t revealed that. But the thing that would surprise them in the future…

“Do you know about the Fire Salamanders?”

“Yes. I’ve heard of them but never met them.”

A regular monster that lived in fire! Fire Salamanders existed in dungeons deep underground.

And the only thing remembered was a scene where they blew out fire from their mouth. The level 400 users died immediately! In order to find the lost items, they headed back to the place where they died. They wanted to risk secretly collecting it but it was impossible with the enemy monsters.

3~4 Dire Salamanders gathered together were enough to destroy a city.

“This is talk handed down among the desert warriors but…”

“What is it?”

“Weed-nim exterminated all the Fire Salamanders.”



“Isn’t that impossible?”

“Of course not. If it wasn’t true then I wouldn’t tell such a pointless story. And there’s even more. In order to stop the Fire Salamanders from growing, he destroyed all the eggs. The Warrior’s Guild went to take a look. They should know more about this story.”

Ben felt his neck and legs tremble after hearing those words. In the past, he regarded Weed as a compet.i.tor and sent a brave challenge to him. But that was just bravado.

Unring and Elliks also thought it was ridiculous.

“Are we dreaming?”

“It seems so. But we found Metapeia. And…the Fire Salamanders have already been destroyed.”

“Should we be glad or start crying?”


The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor

The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor

Dalbic Jogaksa, LMS, 달빛조각사
Score 8.6
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Artist: , Released: 2007 Native Language: Korean
The man forsaken by the world, the man a s*ave to money and the man known as the legendary God of War in the highly popular MMORPG Continent of Magic. With the coming of age, he decides to say goodbye, but the feeble attempt to earn a little something for his time and effort ripples into an effect none could ever have imagined. Through a series of coincidences, his legendary avatar is sold for 3 billion won, bringing great joy to him, only to plunge him into despair at losing almost all of it to vicious loan sharks. With revelation of money through gaming, he rises from the abyss with new found resolve and steps forward into the new age of games led by the first ever Virtual Reality MMORPG, Royal Road. This is the legend of Lee Hyun on his path to becoming Emperor with only his family’s loving heart, his boundless desire for money, his unexpected mind, his diligently forged body and the talent of hard work backing him.


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