The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor Volume 35 Chapter 5

l5) Warrior Saving the World

Weed and his men decided to arm themselves in Laos before leaving. It was because there might be an all-out war against the Embinyu Church.

“Don’t think about money and just freely choose.”

In the meantime, the desert warriors had handed over all the loot and weapons obtained to Weed. Although a significant number of armed warriors managed to get good weapons, some of them were using items barely fit for their level.

There were basic materials but the desert warriors had also mastered the bow and arrow.

Due to Weed’s blacksmith skill and the high level of monsters he fought on the quest, he could continually change his equipment. It would be fine if Weed obtained the good stuff alone but he emphasized a strong mind and body for his subordinates.

“I need a spear.”

“Buy it.”

“I need plenty of arrows.”

“Pick any.”

“I would like to pick elf arrows. It would be better if they were expensive.”

“Um, buy as much as you want. I will give it to you.”

Weed spent big.

He obtained a large number of jewels while hunting for his quest! The level of the his hunting grounds was high so the number of jewels was tremendous.

He felt like crying as he pulled out the opal jewels to pay for it. The flawless diamonds and emeralds were put aside in his backpack. Hopefully the processed jewels could become royal treasures!

“This is the time to dispose of it. Is this the feeling of lethargy a parent feels when they give away their children to marriage?”

Weed also chose items required to sculpt the jewels.

Anyway, he wouldn’t be able to return with his subordinates once he completed the quest and returned to his original world.


-Jewel sculpting has finished.

Your advanced sculpting skills have carved the jewel.

A rounded egg that expresses the gem!

It is transparent and inside are colourful flowers.

Looking at the diverse patterns and colours is enjoyable.

A marvellous sculpting skill that has no choice but to be admired.

-The value of the jewel has increased by 2.6 times.

Due to the scarcity, the value of the jewel will climb over time and if the person wearing it has high fame then the health will increase.

-The skill proficiency of Sculpting has improved.

You have obtained 154 jewel crafting fame.

Weed produced the jewels without hesitation.

In the meantime, the final secret sculpting technique quest had been adventuring and survival so he barely had time for leisurely work.

There was still a steep quest ahead but he continued carving the rest of the jewels.

“This time I’ll make a jewel look like a cup. It will contain pretty hues when the cup if filled with wine or water. This will be a very demanding task if I don’t want to lose the light. But it is still worth a try.”

The art of fine jewellery was born. The desert warriors and city residents were surprised every time Weed created a new work.

“For the Great Emperor to have this aspect…it is hard to imagine.”

“I could only stare silently the first time I saw it.”

“Truly a hero of the desert!”

He couldn’t hear any of the words due to his intense focus on the jewels. They were precious jewels. Of course the value of the jewels were important but Weed could easily obtained them at his level.

He endlessly worked on large and small gems of various colours. The light coming through the window hit a jewellery box and let loose a glistening of hues.

‘Come to think of it, I haven’t given a gift to Seo-yoon yet.’

Weed through the items would disappear when returning to their original time so he created sapphire and diamond earrings and necklaces. There was a total of 92 on the continent and Weed used 60 of the really precious diamonds on the jewellery.

He hadn’t forgotten his grat.i.tude to Seo-yoon for her help in the quest. The gems were going to disappear anyway so he didn’t mind using them for gifts.

“Take it.”

He had prepared words to persuade her once she refused.

“Thank you.”



“No, well, I burdened you with some difficult things…”

“I’ll wear it well.”


Regardless of the price, Seo-yoon considered any gift that Weed gave her as valuable.

She wore the necklace and earrings. The effect of the jewellery significantly enhanced her dignity and charm!

Her skin tone also improved, she became brighter and had less wrinkles. Her pores shrunk and blackheads were removed.

It had the same effect as magic items but female players were sensitive to jewels. Seo-yoon already had perfect skin and figure so the gorgeous necklace and earrings matched her well. The sheen of the jewels didn’t look awkward and was perfectly natural on her.

Seo-yoon looked like the precious princess of a rich kingdom. Her appearance was enough to be the protagonist of movies or dramas where bad guys would unconditionally advance on her.

‘It is fine.’

Weed had no regrets in giving it to her.

‘I can give a few jewels.’

Seo-yoon matched perfectly well with the necklace. The s.h.i.+ning jewels would naturally catch attention. He then moved his eyes up to her face and sighed, simply feeling grateful that he could live together in the same air.

‘It is pretty and matched really well. Is this why presents are given to women? If Seo-yoon was my girlfriend… Uhh, it is unreasonable to have too much imagination. A pretty woman in a capitalist society will have too much expenses.’

Even a pure heart would find it difficult to overcome a modern, capitalist society! He was still in shock from the price of the food and coffee that Seo-yoon bought.

While Weed’s inner world was in turmoil, his subordinates had finished purchasing the goods.

“6.74 million gold.”


“Great Emperor, it all cost 6.74 million gold.”

“How did such a ridiculous price emerge? You have contempt for me!”

“The warriors preferred luxuries.”

Warrior-1 wore a shoulder protector that wasn’t there before and Warrior-3 had a new belt. The sculptural lifeforms were high level warriors with excellent equipment.

In fact, it was impossible for stores in the city to sell things worth 6 million gold. But Seo-yoon had developed the city of Laos. It was the headquarters of the Mercenary Guild in the desert so there was an enormous number of mercenaries and warriors gathered. Therefore the weapons and armour stores contained special magic items worth over 6 million gold.

“I’ve been careful not to be ripped off for my entire life yet my subordinates just bought things on impulse.”

He grumbled but he didn’t think he could get all the items for a much cheaper price.

Weed was the saviour of the desert so the merchants were already selling it for half of the official price. The merchants and blacksmiths who traded in imported goods were delighted to take a loss. Buying equipment for just one desert warrior would cost at least 10,000 gold.

“Wait a little bit.”

Weed used the remaining sapphires to make a circlet. The artistic value was 3,600. It had the effect of enhancing magic and gave a cooling effect to those in the desert.

“I don’t have much loose change so a transaction is difficult. Now, how much would this jewellery be worth?”

He eagerly waited for a high price. The store owner inspected the jewels and replied.

“Great Emperor, it is amazing that you crafted these jewels and honoured that you are showing it to me. The transaction price of these jewels will differ depending on the timing. But Great Emperor, the tens of thousands of gold pa.s.sed down through my desert tribe is insufficient to pay for this. This circlet is worth 3 million gold, no 3.35 million gold. It is a huge amount for an ornament but I will nevertheless buy it.”

He had saved a considerable amount of money from quests. They swept through the dungeons and found good items but most of them were used by the desert warriors. That’s why he couldn’t dispose of equipment to earn money.

If Seo-yoon hadn’t helped the mercenary guild then they would still be poor.

“I will sell this.”

Weed took out a jewel crafted wand. It was a wand that granted magic and the artistic value was 4,150 so it was much more desired than the sapphire circlet. It was a treasure that would fund an army on the Central Continent.

“This thing… This store is famous so many wealthy guests will visit. The value of that is 3.6 million gold. But since you are the Great Emperor, we can give you 3.87 gold.”

“This thing is priceless. Hum hum.”

He might lose face but he still tried to bargain.

“Of course I know that. But if the amount is any more than I might not be able to dispose of it in this store. I need to take my position into account.”

The bargaining failed! The merchant already increased the price as much as possible so Weed decided to just sell it.

He needed to pay for his subordinate’s items. It would be a problem if their loyalty fell.

“Then I will sell the sapphire circlet and jewel wand to you. I am giving you a great honour. And… If you could give me an extra 30 gold.”

“Understood, Great Emperor!”


-You have traded a large amount of jewellery.

The store owners will have a good impression of the person who succeeded in such a large deal.

You have become an important clientele of Laos.

You can order special items as needed.

Ordered goods will be obtained through Laos’s contacts.

You can hear information and rumours about goods.

-Charm has increased by 2.

A high amount of fame will increase the value of the jewels.

Thieves might target you after hearing rumours of riches.

Fame of the city Laos has increased by 2.

4.8 million and 30 gold has been received in minor jewels.

Warrior-7 looked at him with naive eyes and said.

“Great Emperor, I still want to buy more.”

“…Buy it. However, avoid spending excess money.”

The desert’s first legendary Sun Warrior was sad over something that could be regarded as a pittance.

‘But I am a little proud of my subordinates. If I have to compare it to walnut cookies, it is like buying a bag of 20 only to find it contains 21.’

It felt like his money was used well! Of course, they were heading to the Central Continent so it was unsure how many would return to the desert.

Then Seo-yoon opened her backpack.

“This is for your subordinates.”

“I don’t need it. I have enough to take care of my men.”

Weed wondered how much she would’ve earned since she hadn’t left the city the entire time. And she gave him money when he needed it.

“Still… How much money?”

“It is a little over 20 million gold.”


“This is the Mercenary Guild’s operating funds and the compensation received after managing them.”

Seo-yoon also bought land in every major road before developing a desert city. The land values would soar and then she would sell it. She was even firmly involved with trade so there were rumours that she had all the wealth in the desert. Those funds were used to expand the Mercenary Guild and help Weed.


The Arpen Kingdom’s Royal Palace attracted another guest.

Heavily armed men with a tanned appearance rode towards the gates on horseback. Swords were worn at their waist so they were obviously warriors.


The NPC knights of the Arpen Kingdom saw them coming and blocked the path. They lifted polished steel swords and s.h.i.+elds.

The s.h.i.+eld had a wyvern drawn on it to depict their affiliation. It was different from normal wyverns as it had the flat back appearance of Wy-3!

“Intruders! This is the glorious land of the north so you aren’t allowed to invade it.”

“Surrender your weapons. Otherwise you will be attacked.”

The guards protected the gates.

Cha cha chak!

Archers appeared on the walls and aimed their longbows. The knights and soldiers of the Arpen Kingdom continuously received the invitations from users to go hunting together. Users hunting with the soldiers could earn contribution towards the kingdom.

Now the Arpen Kingdom had widened its territory and more villages belonged to it. The high level users strengthened the economy and the military also expanded.

“What, is a guild coming to attack the Royal Palace?”

“No. Take a look at that. I’ve seen a similar outfit before. NPC?”

“So this is an event?”

Players gathered near the entrance of the Royal Palace revealed their curiosity.

Of course, they were also prepared for a fight. Swordsmen placed their hands on their scabbard while magicians chanted a spell that could strike at any time.

The users were alert when they suddenly sensed a b.l.o.o.d.y atmosphere.

“I don’t know if this is an event involving NPCs.”

“Why? An appearance like that isn’t common.”

“I’ve seen it before. Big and terrible people armed with swords.”

“Oh, they are similar to those people.”

“The atmosphere around them is more menacing. I instinctively sense that they are at least level 400!”

Geomchi and his students were kind to beginners and even gave them help when hunting. Yet their infamy spread! They didn’t do any bad things but just gave off an air of life in jail.

The warriors who came to the Arpen Kingdom just proudly looked around without paying attention to the atmosphere.

“In accordance with the law of the desert, we have come to keep the blood oath.”

The knights of the Arpen Kingdom were confused and asked for the whole story.

“What does that mean?”

“We will draw our sword for the Arpen Kingdom in the future.


“We won’t be complacent and we return the favour to the king of the Arpen Kingdom.”

The warriors from the southern desert had arrived. They were the later generations of the desert warriors that followed Weed in the past.

“One day the Arpen Kingdom will be built in the exact opposite place, the north. Desert brethren. When the time comes, send warriors to serve me as I will be the king of the Arpen Kingdom. All those who don’t comply will be taken away by the dusty winds.”

“Yes, Great Emperor!”

To the desert warriors, it was the same as G.o.d’s command. Weed’s presence was like a sun G.o.d and they unconditionally followed him. While in the past, Weed’s fame and high level earned him a huge number of slaves.


The number of Weed’s desert warriors surged to 3,000.

“The story of how you exterminated the Fire Salamander King is a huge story in my tribe.

I am lacking but am looking forward to following you.”


“I grew up at Rosco Lake. My body is yours. Please accept me.”

“I will give you plenty of opportunities to fight.”

Many desert warriors were sacrificed when facing the Fire Salamanders. In addition to accepting 1,000 warriors to replace them, he accepted warriors from each desert tribe into the Red Knife unit.

In the past, he found them annoying and deliberately fed them to monsters but now their presence was valuable for his quest.

Their levels were low compared to the direct subordinates he raised. However, they were still elite warriors of the desert so they had some degree of value.

“I can’t run in recklessly. I need to fight against the Embinyu Church.”

In the contents of the quest, Nodulle took a few colleagues from the desert and headed to the Central Continent with Hilderun to stop the Embinyu Church.

“It isn’t possible to do this alone. I need to raise my subordinates.”

The scale was slowing growing out of control! Seo-yoon also had a network of contacts. She withdrew the funds invested into the desert city and directed it towards the Mercenary Guild.

“I’m saving the people. It will be dangerous.”

“Everything is available to Hilderun-nim. I don’t know what is going on but I will entrust the warriors to you.”

She recruited 8,000 elite desert warriors! The desert mercenaries were relatively cheap but they had extraordinary value. Due to the fact that Weed and Seo-yoon frequently integrated and developed the desert, the standards of the armed forces were significantly higher.

“We will enter the Central Continent. And we will take part in a n.o.ble battle to fix the continent.”


His troops now exceeded 11,000 people!

And the elders of the desert tribes gathered. Historically there was a lack of harmony among the tribes but this stopped for a considerable period of time due to their prosperity.

“The monsters threatening the desert have disappeared due to our warriors. The Great Emperor is heading towards the Central Continent to ensure that our children can grow up safely.”

“I don’t know what difficulties there could be in that fertile land but…it must be important if Great Emperor is willing to partic.i.p.ate.”

“Good. There can’t be a shortage of sand.”

9,000 warriors from the desert tribes came to help them. Weed’s expedition was composed of a ma.s.sive following.

And the message window that appeared!

These days Weed trembled at the sight of a message window. But this time the contents were positive.


-The subordinates have reached 20,000 people.

You have walked a different path from Nodulle and escaped the trajectory of destiny.

Fate can’t update and a new path has opened.

Many events will be changed when leading your troops to attack the Embinyu Church.

Will you accept the new destiny?


Weed pondered for a moment.

“Should I suffer alone or struggle with my subordinates?”

In other words, if he refused the new destiny then he would need to dismiss most of his subordinates. He could just take the Red Knife unit which had the best equipment and elite troops in the desert.

“I need them in case the Chaos Dragon wakes up.”

It didn’t matter if his men were killed or suffered.

“I will accept the new destiny.”

-The wheel of a new destiny has started rolling.

This is a special compensation due to the much greater performance in the quest that took 22 years.

You have changed professions to Hero Saving the World.

The first upgrade for Sun Warrior has been born.

The characteristics of the Sun Warrior will be enhanced by 30%.

It is the final profession in the knight series and only one person can have it at a time.

You have transcended the limits of the human armed forces and have been given an important divine duty.

The warrior’s hand can use all weapons.

Based on experience, you can easily learn combat skills.

Honour will be at the maximum value, regardless of the stats.

The meaning of fame will disappear. Once the profession is revealed, you will receive the avid respect of many people.

You will be able to save your colleagues using your honour, faith and charisma.

All acts will minimize the increase of infamy.

Warriors fighting for the world will receive profound interest from the G.o.ds.

The G.o.ds are willing to impart some of their strength to you.

-Tyr the G.o.d of Battle has blessed you.

“Young human, the weight of the continent on your shoulder is heavy.

But you will be able to win if you believe in yourself.”

Pick five techniques related to combat.

Tyr the G.o.d of Battle will give a skill with the effectiveness of advanced level 7 but the skill proficiency won’t grow. It is also impossible to be taught to others and will disappear after the war.

-Atrock the G.o.d of the Military has blessed you.

“Your leaders.h.i.+p abilities are amazing. Everyone can hear your words in battle and will gain courage.”

Leaders.h.i.+p has increased by 130.

The military commanding skill ‘Atrock’s Cry, Encouragement of the Brave’ has been acquired.

The growth of your subordinates has sped up.

-Mi-ne the G.o.ddess of the Earth has blessed you.

“Warriors, I remember everything on the land. In this tumultuous world, the souls will experience many wounds. You have a lot of work to do for this world in the distant future yet you also planted the seed of new life in the desert. Love the land and your life won’t collapse easily.”

Maximum health has increased by 3.7 times.

Once health is reduced to less than 20%, recovery rate will increased by 4 times.

When your hand is touching the ground, you will show a mysterious resilience surpa.s.sing that of a troll.

-Lugh that symbolizes the sun has blessed you.

“Brave warrior with a sword of light and an ardent heard, move forward and defeat evil with your sword.”

Damage a.s.sociated with the light attribute will rise by 55%.

Light will act as protection and will decrease dark damage by 60%.

The blessing will enhance the effect of magic.

-Freya the G.o.ddess of Blessing and Abundance has blessed you.

“Morata’s Master, you have already accomplished great things and carry a huge fate on your back. You have walked along a path of fruit and grain.

And this will continue in the future. You and your subordinates won’t starve and will not lost your dignity in any environment.”

Food will be extremely easy to find.

No matter how long you don’t wash, charm will not decrease.

Residents will easily gain a good impression of you.

Five divine blessings.

All stats will increase by 89 until the fight against the Embinyu Church is finished.

Tyr, Atrock, Mi-ne, Lugh and Freya!

The G.o.ds who sought justice gave Weed a new destiny and power. Weed felt a heavy sense of duty.

In this day and age, he was probably the strongest human. It was like eating a meal without having to spend money.

“Blessings of the G.o.ds and Warrior Saving the World. I’ve gained the best power in this day and age.”

A warm smile was on his face. This was the exact reason why Weed wanted to raise his level in the desert.

To be honest, he found that acting out the role of Nodulle was boring. He had to follow the trail of a good person. Despite many people worrying about him, he threw away a guaranteed future for the woman he loved.

“Maybe he just distributed all his money through the desert.”

In the future, he probably became widely known for justice on the continent after defeating the Embinyu Church. Of course, he was a different but Weed’s mindset was so different it was like comparing tuna and an eagle.

“I can properly face the Embinyu Church with this power.”

The G.o.ds trusted him to take care of the Embinyu Church.


-A huge force is coming from the south of the continent to stop you. Defeat them.

Get rid of all those who would interfere.

“Yes. I understand.”

The High Priest woke up the sleeping forces of evil earlier than planned. They also mobilized the other branches of the Embinyu Church.

High Priest Motuls of the 4th sect led the Bronze Army. High Priest Igrig of the 6th sect led the army consisting of fanatics.

“Tell me how to help my brothers wake up the dragon Ausollet.”

Pechet of the Embinyu Church was willing to help. Igrig had another opinion.

“Is this even worth it?”

“This is the most immediate work. We need to remove anyone who will interfere with our work of destroying the continent. G.o.d Embinyu has entrusted us with this so we have to handle it directly.”

“Good. Then I agree.”

Pechet was the strongest witch in this warring age and caused big headaches to the kingdoms she hara.s.sed. Pechet had eliminated countless elites from the Keltun Kingdom and the damage had caused of major decline of the kingdom’s military power.

The Embinyu Church in the past had been caught off guard. Nodulle adventured with 7 other friends and broke the Embinyu Church’s conspiracy. The friends in the desert that he met during that time included Hestiger, Luh.e.l.lun, Brevinsun, etc.

The lucky Hestiger was Nodulle’s most loyal ally. Four of those people became Weed’s subordinates but 3 of them died while he hadn’t met the rest yet because he was too busy touring the hunting grounds.

Weed didn’t know this fact and laughed happily.

“Huhuhu, there are differences in this quest. The poor Nodulle suffered while those who worked hard will receive something in return.”

He had less luck than Nodulle so the events became more complicated. The degree of difficulty for this quest was already high and it just increased one step further.

Weed decided on five combat skills.

“Absolute Defense!”

It increased the defensive power of the warrior’s armour by 3 times. When suffering from deadly or successive attacks, the body can still move to avoid it.

If he had Absolute Defense then he wouldn’t die even when surrounded by knights. Due to the ma.s.sive increase in health from Mi-ne the G.o.ddess of Earth’s blessing, he could withstand the concentrated attacks of strong enemies.

“And the following techniques… Sword Awakening that increases damage, Power of Birth, Black Knight’s Strike and Summon Another Sword!”

It was beneficial to take advantage of these skills. These were all skill that Bardray had.

Sword Awakening increased the damage of the weapon itself. The Power of Birth decreased the amount of vitality used and can enable him to use the maximum power. There was an extra effect of pus.h.i.+ng back the enemies.

The Black Knight’s Strike was a wide area attack skill. Summon Another Sword created a sword of mana that would fly by itself for offense and defense.

While fighting Bardray, Weed had determined that his composition of attack and defense skills was pretty good.

He didn’t learn Power Break that destroyed the opponent’s weapon or Heriam Fencing from the Tower of Heroes.

Bardray received the support of the Hermes Guild and reaped the benefits to obtain superior skills..

“One day I will aim to learn them.”

Weed’s current skills weren’t bad but it was like heaven and earth when comparing it to Bardray. Of course, he reached level 824 and mastered Swordsmans.h.i.+p so it couldn’t be compared. He also raised some skills in the desert that would supplement his weaknesses.

“Now I can march to the Central Continent to face the Embinyu Church.”

The quest had a time limit of 3 months. The backdrop was the entire continent so he couldn’t be too hasty.


The Noah Princ.i.p.ality.

It was a country on the Central Continent facing the sea and was active in trade. In times of war, supplies were traded through there and large fortunes could be earned.

Weed and his men rode on camels towards Noah. During the previous quest, he had been in a hurry so their camel riding skills were excellent. Weed and his troops ran forward like the wind. The warriors also had above basic horseback riding skill.

“There is a dust cloud coming from the south.”

“What is it?”

Noah’s defenders discovered something approaching them.

Deng! Deng! Deng!

The bell rang to inform of an emergency and Noah’s military force gathered. It numbered 32,000 soldiers!

This was a time of war so even a small princ.i.p.ality had many troops. On the other hand, it was mainly concentrated on defense with a lot of archers.

Noah’s army had a.s.sembled when Weed and the Red Knife troops arrived.

“The scale of a commerce city is considerably big.”

The city under the blue sky contained antique buildings made of red bricks. It was an old city so the result was complicated and narrow pa.s.sages. It was a city with the traditional look and elegance of medieval times.

“The enemy has appeared!”

“Prepare for a fight. There aren’t many enemies!”

The sound of the Noah soldiers shouting could be heard.

“We are just approaching but the army is already prepared for battle. It is natural since the desert warriors have an image of an invader.”

Of course, his subordinates hadn’t come with pure intentions.

“Now, what should I do?”

Weed had to make a choice at this time.

The desert warriors were heavily armed so they would encounter problems when moving around the Central Continent.

The movement of extensive troops wasn’t permitted even in peaceful times let alone now in a time of war! Leading the desert warriors towards the Central Continent would naturally be considered as an invasion of the south.

Weed thought for a moment after arriving at the Noah Princ.i.p.ality.

‘Can I solve this with an amicable conversation? It is also possible to use a suitable bribe. But convincing the leader of every city I have to pa.s.s through will become tedious. Then should I divide the desert warriors into smaller numbers in order to move? No, that is the worst method. Those impatient people will cause a fight anywhere they go.’

He couldn’t give up the 20,000 members of the desert warrior army. Noah’s military also wasn’t considered strong on the Central Continent. They paled in comparison to the monsters fought in the desert!

Weed made a decision.

“I’m glad. If they are obstructing us then we just need to shatter it And then we can obtain all the loot.”

The Noah Princ.i.p.ality was famous for its gold and spices trade! He discarded any thoughts of diplomacy and decided to thoroughly destroy them. Anyway, he was currently Nodulle so infamy wasn’t important.

“Being too good is boring. This will be fun.”

Weed was seeking the endlessly intense days of Continent of Magic. That’s why he had no trouble with punishment in the game. Living in a world of the sword was the ambition of a man!

He wanted to lead an army in a time of war. If he followed his head instead of his heart then he would regret it later.

But he had to fight very carefully. Weed and his troops could be called the strongest combat force. However, the desert warriors he belatedly accepted weren’t seasoned yet. They weren’t properly equipped for a large scale war so the 20,000 army might be destroyed in vain.

“We have to thoroughly avoid the crowd. Everybody prepare for battle.”

The desert warriors raised their bow and scimitars. He didn’t have any siege weapons so Weed needed to find a way to destroy the gates and walls.

If fact, if Weed used his power then Noah Castle wouldn’t be that difficult.

“I have to use the army properly.”

Users in Royal Road dreamed of facing against an army by themselves. Weed had the sufficient qualifications and abilities to do so. But it was difficult to control his power against ordinary soldiers and knights.

Then the Noah knights appeared on the wall.

“Some barbarians of the desert had come here to pillage.”

The Noah knights were naturally NPCs. The Noah soldiers shouted and laughed in mockery.

“Kilkil, they don’t know anything.”

“They are just useless bodies that will be buried.”

“We will give those beggars bread crumbs before they die.”

Weed was the commander but didn’t feel the need to say excessive things.

‘There is no way the morale of my troops will reduce.’

His reputation in the desert hadn’t spread to here. The only people who knew Weed well were the warriors who accompanied him from the desert. He laughed at even the thought of surrendering voluntarily.

Sentiment was ignored in the east, west and south. The shabby clothes of the desert warriors meant they were ignored. The wealthy warriors of Noah were armed with steel armour. This was in comparison to the desert warriors who were wearing leather clothing.

The reason was that metal armour was impractical in the hot desert and it was difficult to find blacksmiths. The desert tribes produced leather armour and weapons but the quality wasn’t good compared to the Central Continent.

Weed was familiar with being ignored. From a young age, he was always wearing bad clothes and bags compared to the others at school.

“Come to think of it, I never once bought snacks or ice cream at elementary school.”

At that time, he was ashamed and embarra.s.sed around his friends. Now he was much more mature. But his stingy personality became worse as he got older!

“Kill everyone. Get rid of all the seeds. And take away the armour they are wearing. Warrior-3, take some troops and attack.”


Warrior-3 took 400 troops and approached the enemies.

“Fire! Don’t let those savage people climb up the walls!”

Noah’s army fired their arrows as soon as the desert warriors were in range. The archers let loose a huge storm of arrows that couldn’t be avoided.



“Block the top!”

Warrior-3’s troops moved forward and tried to protect their fallen colleagues. Of course, they just had the role of bait. Most of Warrior-3’s troops had high health despite not wearing good armour so they wouldn’t be killed by arrows shot from that distance.

This was to learn the power of the enemies and consume their arrows! Some even fell on purpose and acted dead.

The desert warriors would follow any instructions even if it was cowardly. They obediently followed any command merciless attacked the enemy without hesitation.

“They are tough to this extent. They are not as shallow as I thought. I guess we have to do this siege properly.”

Then Noah’s army leader shouted.

“This is nothing! The arrows are precious. Come out and smash these guys!”

The army naively opened the gates and exited the city to face the desert warriors. There were a few cavalry soldiers but they were mostly made up of infantry. The knights and Lord of Noah were conceited due to constantly repulsing the invaders in this time of war.

In Weed’s eyes, they were like little boys just entering the world.

“Wait until enough of them has emerged.”

“Yes, Great Emperor.”

The desert warriors continued waiting in place. They didn’t want to miss the opportunity to fight.

“Many times they will be swept away with me needing to fight.”

Weed knew how to patiently wait for the correct time and also had perseverance. And finally the enemy troops came close enough that they wouldn’t be able to return to the castle.

“Sword Awakening, Power of Birth.”

He used secondary skills to increase his damage. His level was already enough to not die against fearsome monsters when getting distracted in a terrible dungeon.

He felt an electrifying thrill when facing the Noah soldiers.

“Sword of Deep Collapse!”

This was a skill he gained as a Sun Warrior.

Numerous coloured emerged from Weed’s sword before radiating in every direction. The sharp point of the sword then pointed down and entered the ground. The sword hilt became deeply lodged in the ground.


The earth suddenly became barren like the desert terrain. The gra.s.s and rocks broke down into small grains of sand. The land became eroded and cracked.

The soldiers of the Noah army that stepped onto the ground sank into the sand. It was a wide area attack skill!

The ground that the enemy stepped on became a skill instead.


“I’m falling. Help!”

There were more than 2,000 casualties once the dust settled! It was originally a great skill but the range expanded since he reached level 800.

The enemy troops were buried in a 20 metre deep pit. Those alive in the pit clamoured for someone to save them but they couldn’t climb up.

“The blessings of the G.o.ds is definitely effective. This isn’t even the best power yet.”

It was difficult to imagine so the huge Noah army froze. They stopped in shock from the a.s.sault and yelled.


“Black magic, it is a human devil!”

The word ‘bully’ was insufficient to describe him. He had scared the entire army with a single attack.

But the desert warriors didn’t move despite the good opportunity. Weed ordered them to pick up the j.a.ptem first!

Weed gradually cast his second skill. The collapse of the ground gave him considerable time to prepare. The mana consumption was quite large but it could be used three or four more times.

“End of the Day!”

Hot flames spread out like a tsunami. The cruel and greedy flames that would burn everything! It was like the lava slowly flowing down when a volcano erupted.

Once the fire reached the ordinary soldiers, they were covered in flames until only the bones fell to the ground.

The stricken soldiers started trying to escape to the rear.

“N-no! I can’t possibly die here. My mother, wife and children at home… And the neighbour’s wife Helen is waiting for me!”

“We have angered the G.o.d of the desert. We will live if we can enter the castle!”

“The embodiment of fire. The Lord of Noah has done something bad and this is the punishment.”

“Red Dragon! The Red Dragon has found us!”

The soldiers shouted as they fell into a state of panic. The Noah’s army that received a serious blow had their morale fell sharply. If a commander had outstanding power then the entire strength of the army could double.

However, Weed was capable enough to control victory or defeat on his own. His power surpa.s.sed the limitation of a human so the knights and magicians ran for the castle.

This was the dignity of a level 800 Sun Warrior! The level 200, 300 and 400 had their combat spirit collapsed when confronted with Weed. Their limbs instinctively trembled from a fear that grew out of control.

It was like a real G.o.d of War was there.

“It is like young children twisting in my palm. Black Knight’s Strike!”

Weed took advantage of the attack skill to jump over the pit. His agility was high and he wasn’t wearing full plate armour so it was almost like he was flying. Even so, it was reckless for him to face the Noah army alone. But there was no one who could stop Weed’s attack.

“One, two, three, four!”

Enemies disappeared every time he swung a sword. And after a series of continuous attacks, he would use a wide area skill.

-Black Knight’s Strike

An irreversible attack against the surrounding enemies.

The soldiers who pretended to resist were hit by the shock waves and changed to grey. The archers with low health and vitality were easy game. Although arrows were fired, they were swept away with the wide area skills. The knights and soldiers were mercilessly hunted by Weed!

In the past, he thought that coordinate and organizing his subordinates were important. The entire unit would act to optimize their combat capabilities. But now he was in the vanguard and earned the most achievements.

During dungeon hunts, Weed also charged at the front while his subordinates swept up the remnants from behind. The presence of his subordinates weren’t necessary so there was no need to take care of them.

Now the battlefield was just like a playground.

He was like a lion among a flock of sheep. Weed leapt into enemy lines and made a mess of the Noah army. Attacks. .h.i.t his body but he just ignored them. His resilience and perseverance was already like an absolute defense.

But he had no need to take care of the weak Noah army alone. He had already piled up the achievements from the beginning of the battle. Weed sent a command towards his bloodthirsty men.

“Step on them. There is no need for prisoners. Kill and plunder!”

-Atrock’s Cry has been used.

49,050 mana is consumed.

The duration is 30 minutes.

Your subordinates have blind confidence in their victory.

Every time they kill an enemy, they will feel less pain and gain more experience.

Resistance to magic curses will increase.

Even a generous offer by the enemies won’t lead to betrayal.

“Great Emperor has given permission. Let’s start hunting!”

The desert warriors were all riding camels and horses. They had been waiting for a while so they ran at full speed towards the Noah soldiers. Only the dead bodies of the soldiers remained everywhere they pa.s.sed.

One-sided slaughter!

These soldiers and knights had a high standard in the age of war.

Weed and his troops destroyed the wealth Noah Princ.i.p.ality as they took their first steps into the Central Continent.


The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor

The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor

Dalbic Jogaksa, LMS, 달빛조각사
Score 8.6
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Artist: , Released: 2007 Native Language: Korean
The man forsaken by the world, the man a s*ave to money and the man known as the legendary God of War in the highly popular MMORPG Continent of Magic. With the coming of age, he decides to say goodbye, but the feeble attempt to earn a little something for his time and effort ripples into an effect none could ever have imagined. Through a series of coincidences, his legendary avatar is sold for 3 billion won, bringing great joy to him, only to plunge him into despair at losing almost all of it to vicious loan sharks. With revelation of money through gaming, he rises from the abyss with new found resolve and steps forward into the new age of games led by the first ever Virtual Reality MMORPG, Royal Road. This is the legend of Lee Hyun on his path to becoming Emperor with only his family’s loving heart, his boundless desire for money, his unexpected mind, his diligently forged body and the talent of hard work backing him.


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