The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor Volume 35 Chapter 7

7) War in the Past

Changing history!

The bulletin boards heated up as Weed’s adventures made significant changes on the Versailles Continent.

-6 castles and 12 cities are already gone.

-Yikes, that is awesome.

-4 castles vanished without a trace and 2 cities were damaged.

-The Fire Demon Weed fighting!

-But is the Weed who came out from the desert the same Weed as the G.o.d of War?

-Fits. It fits. Who else would do something like this?

-This isn’t the normal Weed that people encountered. It is rumoured that he had the personality from Continent of Magic.

-I’d like to be Weed’s friend.

-I’m okay with being Weed’s subordinate. I want to accompany him.

-But hasn’t the ‘Savage Weed’ been a hot topic in the history books lately? There is a ma.s.sacre everywhere he goes…. Isn’t Weed-nim being a bit too excessive?

-There is a reason. If you don’t know exactly what that is then you shouldn’t criticize him.

-They probably deserve to die.

-Why should we always live as good people? So we should just sit back and be subservient when the Hermes Guild attacks?

-You don’t know what type of quests he needs to do in the desert. I can understand the difference between a race and a tribe.

An argument was taking place on the bulletin boards. There was resentment from the users experiencing discomfort when the city or castle disappeared.

-Weed. I had a good home but it just flew away like dust. What should I do know?

-Then just move to Morata.

-This is a good opportunity for migration.

-To the north!

There were users who liked Weed’s adventures and those who were tired of the evil actions from the Hermes Guild. Their unconditional defense against the malicious comments!

Even the users in the Central Continent were struggling. Once the Haven Empire waged war, cities in a disadvantageous situation became broke.

-I was trying to trade in Hepen Castle in vain. It is completely annoying. Isn’t it common sense to avoid damage to innocent people like me?

-Are these taxes diligently funding the Hermes Guild’s war?

-Squabbling over money when you don’t know the really important matters. If you lost money then come to Vent Castle. Find Gamong.

-The legendary merchant of the north Gamong!

-Oh, Gamong-nim has appeared.

And an important post was also registered.

t.i.tle: I know what Weed’s adventure is.

Many people must be curious about Weed’s adventures!

Huhuhu, I came to the right answer with my superior reasoning power.

Just for your information, I ranked 1st in my country. My mother boasted about me every day to my relatives and neighbours.

First of all, let’s gather the clues.

Due to Weed’s adventure, some cities are built in the desert while other cities are eliminated. And all of a sudden, Weed is recorded in the history books as an old man.

A dream that everyone wants to fulfil!

Becoming a great hero of the Versailles Continent and building up achievements in the past to become a legendary hero.

No one has met Weed and the residents talking about him act like it is the story of an old man.

There is no choice but to think these changes are being made a long time ago.

In other words, Weed isn’t on the current Versailles Continent but is adventuring in the past.

If we consider the sudden appearance of the desert tribes in the north in a similar context then it makes sense.

Ah, I know a lot of people won’t believe this.

People based their ideas on the knowledge that they know.

But the thing I’m talking about doesn’t make sense.

Even if the Versailles Continent did exist in the past, it is common sense that it was just created to form the elaborate Versailles Continent now.

The vast amounts of data and resources used to support 1 person is economically absurd.

But this is Royal Road.

Based on the numerous legends and adventures available, I believe that it is possible despite the risk. Unicorn Corporation’s technology is beyond imagination.

Weed’s success will probably make the warring period fluctuate!

And for some reason, he is much stronger than we know. Based on the stores, he successfully hunted in the desert and led his men into the Central Continent to fight wars. Even the armed players who reached a high level wouldn’t dare do something like this.

There is no doubt that he is the middle of an important quest.

The degree of difficulty for this quest is far higher than anything else.

This is just my guess but I’m sure it will fit perfectly.

Weed returned to the past to change history and this will 100% affect the current world.

Weed will destroy cities and build more cities.

This is the interesting part.

Piling up many achievements over hundreds of years, I can’t imagine how it will change our current world.

It is like someone’s wildest dreams but we are watching the results of Weed’s actions.

How much fun is this?

He has become an enormous conqueror that is changing history.

Royal Road is enormous and fun.

My dream is to get a job at Unicorn Corporation in the investment or law areas.

It is okay if Unicorn Corporation realizes my brilliant mind and fine insight.

Now, have you listened to my explanation well?

You know where to ask if you have any questions. You are welcome to point out any doubting areas. Of course, I am certain of my claims.

And there were 3,900 ensuing comments.

-Go and eat rice.

-Do you have any friends?

-It is time to eat. Nurse, this is patient #205!

-I have to admire your brilliant mind. I’m in 5th grade of elementary school, please help me with my homework.

Although the comments were full of malicious remarks about the contents of the article, but most were sympathetic. In fact, by this time users already had a hunch about how Weed’s quest was progressing.

They couldn’t imagine that he was adventuring in the past of the Versailles Continent but they expected that he was experiencing a historic battle during the quest. But they only felt envy!

They also wanted to experience an adventure like Weed’s in Royal Road. They felt a tightness in their chest every time they watched it on television. Stories about adventures that emerged from the broadcasting stations reached a point where it became unbearable.


“Catch him. Earlier this week, he appeared and submitted his resignation!”

“Other stations have doubled their unconditional agreements! Alert people so that they can alert CTS Media conglomerate.”

“You’re not sure about the specifics? That is the important part! Have you been working in television for only one or two days? If the ratings climb then shouldn’t you quickly catch a bullet taxi towards the advertisers?”

KMC Media was like a profession like a professional gaming television program for Royal Road but it was under a larger conglomerate.

Apart from Royal Road, they also aired leisure, lifestyle, sports, adventure, business, etc. Renowned investment experts gave advice about commercials, sportsmen and unique adventures. Events like swimmers crossing a sea were also broadcasted.

But the company had the foresight to start broadcasting Royal Road early and their revenue and barrage of advertis.e.m.e.nts increased. It was beneficial for broadcasters of Royal Road to promote cutting edge and expensive premium products. If the image of the entire group was positive then they would use the capital to form new stations in other countries.

The amazing thing was that famous foreign broadcasters such as BBA, Wolf, ABCD also partic.i.p.ated. Royal Road was a hot craze in foreign countries.

When there was a long holiday season in Europe, people would connect to enjoy a cool wind or a resort. Foreigners also didn’t have to care about their appearance as they could select different species such as dark elf, orc, goblin, etc.

Therefore the representatives from each station resided in front of Lee Hyun’s house in order to form a contract! It had been a long time since the exploration of Roderick’s Labyrinth.

“Ahem, I’m glad to see you again.”

“Director Hyun-nim seems to have no work these days.”

“The adventure program being broadcasted on the weekdays is a success so I don’t need to directly handle it.”

“Haven’t your audience ratings been declining this year?”


The station officials growled at each other. They had respect for other broadcasters in media reports but in this situation, they were compet.i.tors for the contract.

‘I’ve come prepared.’

‘I will set aside a separate option for advertising costs. Do I need to tell the Head Director if he raises it more?’

The compet.i.tion between broadcasting stations was positive for Lee Hyun. In the past, he had gone directly to the stations to sign the contracts but now the atmosphere had heated up. This meant he had the upper hand!

The station officials stood outside his gate in the hot sun.

“By the way, today is going to be….”

“These days he hasn’t left the house at all.”

“Isn’t this evidence that his task is important? Today rumours about a tyrant Weed were spreading in Royal Road.”

If Lee Hyun entered the capsule then they would be forced to wait for hours in vain.

‘If only they ring the doorbell.’

‘I just want to go somewhere with a cool drink. If I don’t want here until evening then I’ll need to work late. My wife wasn’t thinking about this type of work when she was delighted about my promotion to director.’

‘Our broadcasting station has prepared good terms in the contract. If we sell it to overseas broadcasters then the royalty income alone….’

‘We will need him later on in Royal Road.’

It was around noon.

Lee Hyun opened the door and smiled warmly. This expression was joyful at the thought of more money incoming!

“Eh, did you come to our house for some reason?”

“Aigoo, h.e.l.lo. The previous audience ratings turned out well. I am ashamed to come here empty handed to congratulate you but…”

“I am Director Kang.”

“This face is a little old so I wanted to come in and share some stories. This is a new television with a 3 star rating in order to sure your time isn’t inconvenienced. I hope that you can watch our broadcasts in comfort.”

“No, that isn’t necessary.”

“It is the energy saving model.”

“Then I will accept your sincerity.”

Lee Hyun received a few presents from the station officials.

They had experience so a long talk wasn’t necessary after the flattering words.

The station officials felt more at ease after Lee Hyun received the gifts. In the meantime, they had been very honest about their bribes. If he received it then he was more favourable to their ideas. The difference in the sales amount would depend on the market!

Lee Hyun brought them into his house and offered coffee mix and barley tea.

“Your adventure these days…”

The current director of CTS Media tried to talk about the specifics.

“Wait a moment. I rarely have guests so I want to cook you a meal.”


The station officials were somewhat surprised. Lee Hyun was widely known among the broadcasting stations for his stingy personality. They had been prepared for just a quick cup of coffee and ate breakfast separately beforehand.

‘I must be instant noodles.’

‘Did he boil some jj.a.pegetti?’

Lee Hyun said before going out to his yard.

“This will take a bit of time. I need to obtain the ingredients.”

“Oh, of course we will wait.”

There was some noise in the yard before it became quiet. They had seen some dogs barking when they entered the house.

The silence of the dogs!

Soon there was the sound of Lee Hyun turning on a machine and the chickens making noise. Lee Hyun then entered the kitchen and started chopping and cooking. He used plenty of potatoes and vegetables and created spicy, braised chicken for the guests.

“Perhaps he…”

“Perhaps he used the chicken in the yard for the meal.”


The station officials felt like Lee Hyun was quite different from normal. Their expectations started to grow.

‘He is cooking for us which is different from his usual nature. Perhaps his adventure this time is a real hit.’

‘There is something. The a.n.a.lysis from our station has already figured out that this quest doesn’t have a normal scale of difficulty. It might be on a completely different level.’

‘This case must be quite big.’

Cooking wasn’t his usual sentiment so their expectations had no choice but to swell up. And perfectly cooked chicken!


“This is the first time I’ve tasted such a delicious chicken dish.”

The station officials said with a thumbs up. It wasn’t complete flattery as it really did have a sweet taste. It wasn’t wrong to say that Lee Hyun was a universal worker. The station officials ate 10 pieces of chicken with the dipping sauce, leaving only the bones behind.

“Then let’s talk about my adventure.”

Lee Hyun started to talk first.

He judged that it was time to start broadcasting. He had already reached the peak of the secret sculpting technique quests and the Hermes Guild couldn’t interfere anymore.

Furthermore, he could use the old contents of the adventure to hype the viewers. The result would be known through rumours on the Versailles Continent so he didn’t see any damages with forming a contract with the broadcasting stations.

“My adventure now is related to the final secret sculpting technique.”

“Final secret technique?”

“There is such a thing?”

The words were unfamiliar to the broadcasters. The director of KMC Media could figure out the details at a glance.

“The final secret technique exists but you have to gather all the profession related secret techniques first.”

“That’s right.”

“Then the sculpting secret techniques that you’ve collected…”

“All of them.”


It was difficult to obtain even one secret technique yet he collected the all! Weed was indeed worthy of admiration!

‘A scoop!’

‘I need to tell it!’

‘I have to return to the station earlier than these guys.’

But right now, it was more important to sign a contract with Lee Hyun than to leave first. They also couldn’t send a text with their phones.

Lee Hyun was young but still an important person. If they didn’t use manners while conversing then he might become annoyed!

“First of all, the adventure in Roderick’s Labyrinth was also related to the final sculpting secret technique. It is complicated so I can only briefly explain the contents of the quest… It is an adventure filled with love, dreams and courage with the backdrop of the vast Versailles Continent.”


The position of the station officials was that such things didn’t matter.

‘I need to accept it unconditionally.’

‘I will resign if I can’t sign a contract with him.’

‘I’ll receive a punishment from the executive personnel. Manager Noh is already aiming for my spot.’

All the broadcasting stations would bend over backwards to make him accept. Weed’s adventures were already determined to be a huge draw so they had no hesitation.

However, the still needed to ask the important questions.

“The quest. Have you already completed it?”

“It is still in progress. Such things such as the recent desert cities being built and the vanis.h.i.+ng cities are the aftermath of this quest. It is my fault since the sacrifices required for the final secret technique quest is so enormous. Hum hum.”


The station officials were glad. It would be more exciting if he hadn’t finished the quest yet. A little bit of fun would drop if they knew the ending of a novel or movie beforehand.

The stations could do a more realistic relay and the viewers would be breathless. And the natural of the adventure meant it was risky but a real jackpot might occur in the future.

“Can you tell me about the skill for the final secret sculpting technique?”

“I can’t disclose that yet.”

“We expected it to be difficult but what is the difficulty level of the quest?”

“Well, it is quite hard to explain. But if I had to say a little bit, it involves the Embinyu Church and a Chaos Dragon?”


They were completely shocked!

Weed the G.o.d of War doing the final secret sculpting technique quest, facing the Embinyu Church and a Chaos Dragon. The t.i.tle along was enough and there would be no need for further promotion.


‘I absolutely have to broadcast it.’

‘I’ll make him sign a contract!’

The station officials were determined after seeing the size of the contract.

They came here expecting Weed’s adventure to have a S cla.s.s difficulty or to have it involve saving the continent. The contract agreement needed to consider the progress of the quest and set a specific schedule. Of course, Weed’s adventure was the highest priority so other programs would be pushed to the side.

“Here, this is a golf members.h.i.+p.”

“I’ll send you some 100 year old ginseng. It is really rare.”

“Tell me if you need home appliances like a sofa or sink.”

The bribes started again!

They had to furiously come up with things since this happened. There were several broadcasting stations but things like an exclusive interview would make a huge difference.

“These type of things… Please make sure to place a warranty. And I’ll ask for a natural leather couch. And doesn’t a sink installation require you knowing the exact measurements?”

Lee Hyun steadily received the bribes.

Recently, there was a trend for bribery to reduce or disappear. But it was a developed tradition in the east as an act of courtesy from generation to generation.

While everyone was acting especially sociable today, Director Kang of KMC Media finally pulled out his card.

“Take this paper.”

“What is it?”



“This land belongs to an area planned for redevelopment. Hum hum, the owner can legally be changed and you can receive a monthly rent. Of course, you can gain significant development profits later.”

The station knew in advance that this quest was extraordinary and secretly prepared this.


Lee Hyun grabbed Director Kang’s hand.

“As expected from KMS Media.”

“Hehehe, yes!”

A huge response! And Lee Hyun made a suggestion at the front door when the station officials were about to leave.

“I ate well.”

“You’re welcome. Indigenous chickens and 5 bottles of cider. 45,000 won.”



Hosung Group’s financial difficulties.

The creditors judged that it couldn’t be revived.

Hosung’s e-credit rating drop. Corporate bonds issued have failed.

Hosung group will collapse soon.

These were the recent headlines over the last month! Hosung Group focused on repaying their debt but it was difficult was an expiry date on their cash affiliates.

The real estate and apartments were sold at a large downturn. Hosung Group’s major affiliates were emerging in Eastern Europe or developing countries such as India and Africa. The foreign buyers involved in Hosung Group delayed their payments so their financial difficulties deepened even further!

The reports of Hosung’s critical situation in the television and newspapers meant there was nowhere to borrow money. In order to strength their compet.i.tiveness in political circles, they needed to actively restructure.

In the end, the creditor’s meeting decided that they should restructure and sell their flags.h.i.+p electronics company. Chairman Jeong Deuk-soo took responsibility from the group and decided to resign from a direct management position.


Bart was sitting down at a fountain in Royal Road.

“Life is free.”

As the chairman of a huge company, he always had urgent appointments and needed to worry about money. But his countless friends and contacts made it difficult for the company to allow him to retire. But the current situation meant he could resign.

Once he returned to his s.p.a.cious mansion with a relaxed mind, he logged into Royal Road.

“We should eat pomegranates. Gamong is selling it at a discount.

“Is that so? I ate the fruits from Mapan and they were delicious. Mapan’s prices are a bit expensive but the quality means it is worth it.”

The new users were running about.

Merchant carriages had colourful decorations and the warriors took pride in their bulging muscles. Smiles didn’t leave the faces of users as they stared at their flas.h.i.+ng weapons. It was the look of satisfaction when seeing new weapons bought or forged by blacksmiths! Many users also walked by with old and wrinkled leather armour. Morata was still receiving an influx of new users so it was common to see novices.

And there were the avians who build apartments in trees like they were nests. Even if they didn’t purchase separate houses, it was easy to gather small branches to build a residence. The dignified eagle types or sleepy looking owls walked around unabashedly.

The colour of the fur or bulk signified their level but they had a minimum of at least level 120. Baby birds that were just started to fly stayed with their family and were mainly in the form of small chickens or sparrows.

“Tweet. Tweet.”

“Piyak. Piyak!”

Small birds were floating around the fountain.

It was difficult to distinguish between the NPC and users of the avians but there were some significant differences. The avians were familiar with a collective lifestyle so they looked and acted together.

The avians increased the number of attractions in Morata.

The avians immediately joined the military! Once it became evening, the avians would soar around Lavias while doing their training drills. Hundreds of birds were freely doing a unique dance in the sky.

NPCs and users also came up with a dance ch.o.r.eography to match the flapping of the wings. Those who joined the dance would have their charm and fame increased. Every evening, the humans, elves and dwarves would join in the large spectacle.

“They truly seem happy.”

Bart felt a bit of weight in his chest lessen as he watched the users. He had lost the company he devoted his life to but it wasn’t the end of his life. He had lost some property and needed to hand over his mansion but he still had enough money to live.

“This situation is like being able to have a 2nd life.”

Bart repaired his weapons and armour and tried to hunt. He was used to hunting in a party so he decided to seek a team at the nearby square.

“Weed-nim has destroyed the Fire Salamanders… It is really amazing, amazing.”

“Kyah! I hope Weed-nim finishes this quest quickly so he can return. Then we can have another festival.”

“He can also see how the Arpen Kingdom has developed.

Weed’s story was everywhere. The only worrisome thing about Bart living in Morata was Weed.

In the past, he once handed over money if Weed never met his daughter again. But now the situation had changed. His company had failed and Weed’s presence in Royal Road was like a sun in the sky. Bart was just a novice living in Morata.

‘I can never meet Weed here. I would be completely ashamed and embarra.s.sed.’

Morata was a vast city so it wasn’t easy to meet King Weed. Bart was in a vaguely bittersweet mood after that.

“A truly free life… I never thought I would become like this.”

“Excuse me, where are you tired?”

A sweet looking young lady walked over to him.

“It is nothing.”

“If you’ve received a curse… Is there a place where you are injured?”

“I am normal. I appreciate the concern but I’m just going hunting.”

“If you are going hunting then I will give you a blessing. Protection of the G.o.ddess!”

Protection of the G.o.ddess was a skill only available for priests level 420! If he had this protection then it would be difficult to die in level 200 hunting grounds. It was the reason why senior priests had great respect and influence in the city.

“Heok, this…”

Bart was shocked to see that the defense of his armour had climbed by 5 times.

“This should last for a day. Have a nice day and be careful.”

“Wait a minute….” Can you perhaps tell me your name?”


“Ah, this angel if called Irene.”

“You are praising me too much. Then I should go since there are visibly injured people over there.”

“Thank you.”

It was a great honour to see Irene who was famous in Morata. Bart sighed deeply as he watched her walk away.

“I wonder what my daughter is doing… I hope she is eating properly and isn’t suffering. My heart won’t feel at ease unless I know she has enough money.”


The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor

The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor

Dalbic Jogaksa, LMS, 달빛조각사
Score 8.6
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Artist: , Released: 2007 Native Language: Korean
The man forsaken by the world, the man a s*ave to money and the man known as the legendary God of War in the highly popular MMORPG Continent of Magic. With the coming of age, he decides to say goodbye, but the feeble attempt to earn a little something for his time and effort ripples into an effect none could ever have imagined. Through a series of coincidences, his legendary avatar is sold for 3 billion won, bringing great joy to him, only to plunge him into despair at losing almost all of it to vicious loan sharks. With revelation of money through gaming, he rises from the abyss with new found resolve and steps forward into the new age of games led by the first ever Virtual Reality MMORPG, Royal Road. This is the legend of Lee Hyun on his path to becoming Emperor with only his family’s loving heart, his boundless desire for money, his unexpected mind, his diligently forged body and the talent of hard work backing him.


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